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The Highly Contested Election for Payette County Sheriff ratings (Movie, 2009)

Rank185,142 / 190,268
Total votes6
Average rating5.7 / 10

Tells the tale of a shooting war that breaks out between rural Idaho neighbors-Sheriff Thompson and the Tucker family-over pent up frustrations regarding water rights. The Sheriff strikes first by secretly hiring the Bad Ass Chicks-a gang of roving outlaws--to drive the Tuckers from their ranch. When Pa Tucker refuses to leave his ranch, the Bad Ass Chicks gun him down in cold blood and issue an ultimatum to the rest of the Tucker Family that they have two days to depart or suffer a similar fate. The Tuckers-unaware of the Sheriff's role in Pa's death-appeal to the Sheriff for help, who promises protection. But Ma Tuckers is dubious about the Sheriff's competence, so the Tuckers hire a mercenary gunslinger named Delroy off the Internet to come defend their interests. Delroy arrives in Payette County and the stage is set for the climatic show-down in the Tucker corral. Stumbling unawares into the midst of this brouhaha is the hapless Delbert, the ex-husband of Lucille Tucker. Freshly ...

Writers: Will Schmeckpeper
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