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Seasons: 7
Episodes: 93
User ratings: 3,507
Average rating: 8.6

Adventure, Drama, Family, Mystery, Romance

A young rich girl is sent to live with relatives on Prince Edward Island in the early 1900s.

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The Journey Begins
When Montreal industrialist Blair Stanley is indicted for embezzlement, he sends his 10-year-old daughter Sara to the small town of Avonlea on Prince Edward Island, where she lives with her two aunts, Hetty and Olivia King.
User ratings: 68
Average rating: 7.7
The Story Girl Earns Her Name
The school's library fund-raiser, a magic lantern show, goes awry when Mr. Beatty, the lantern showman, absconds with the ticket money before the show. When Hetty's next idea for a fund-raiser is to get the students to be creative and entrepreneurial in raising money, Sara does whatever she can to raise the most as she feels in part responsible for assisting Mr. Beatty's escape and she wants to win the favor of the townsfolk. Snobbish Sally Potts will do anything to beat Sara. First, Sara decides to ask for a donation from wealthy Wellington Campbell, a former islander who has just returned to Avonlea. When that doesn't work, Sara comes up with another idea after she meets the town's recluse, Jasper Dale. Jasper had a troubled personal life, which resulted in his shyness. Sara finds out that Jasper has his own magic lantern, and asks him to put on a show with her, he to project his photographs with his lantern, while Sara does a recitation. This fund-raiser does not go according to Sara's plan due to a mischievous Sally, but it does have some positive consequences.
User ratings: 37
Average rating: 7.6
The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's
Young Jimmy Spencer has been missing Sunday School of late, this situation not sitting well with the new volunteer Sunday School teacher, Rachel Lynde. She learns that he has been missing because he has been working for Alexander Abraham, known to be one of the meanest men in Avonlea. Alexander is also known not to like women in particular. When Rachel goes to Alexander's house to look for Jimmy, she learns that Jimmy is not there, but is in hospital with smallpox. As such, the house is under quarantine for two weeks, which means that Rachel, along with Alexander, are also under quarantine. But before they learn this information, Sara and Felix sneak into the house and thus are also now under quarantine. If the smallpox does not get the four, they may kill each other before the two weeks are up.
User ratings: 39
Average rating: 8.1
The Materializing of Duncan McTavish
As usual, tongues are wagging at the latest sewing circle, this time about the possible courtship between Rachel Lynde and Alexander Abraham. Because of the mean spirited talk about the lack of love in her life past and present, Marilla Cuthbert fabricates a story of a long lost beau named Duncan McTavish. Exaggerated versions of Marilla's story quickly spread around town, no one knowing if they should believe whatever version they hear. Later, Sara is beside herself when she meets a traveling salesman recently arrived in Avonlea, his name being Duncan McTavish whose history sounds remarkably similar to the story Marilla told. Despite extreme pressure from all, Marilla resists meeting with this Duncan McTavish, but she has to decide what to do while he's in town. Ultimately, other forces may be in play in the matter that are outside of her control.
User ratings: 40
Average rating: 7.9
Old Lady Lloyd
Aspiring concert singer Sylvia Gray, a childhood friend of Olivia's, returns to Avonlea for a visit. When Sylvia misses a lucrative opportunity to advance her career, Sara believes that recluse Margaret Lloyd - Old Lady Lloyd to most - can assist, she who has an old connection to the Gray family. The singing opportunity was through Andrew Cameron, Old Lady Lloyd's cousin, with who she has had a one sided feud for years. Andrew Cameron has lived in wealth, while Old Lady Lloyd - whose family founded Avonlea - has lived in poverty in the once grand but now dilapidated family mansion. Old Lady Lloyd has to relive some painful memories if she is to help. Meanwhile, a feud erupts between Sara and Felix over some harsh words spoken between the two.
User ratings: 32
Average rating: 7.5
Proof of the Pudding
While Alec and Janet are away, Felicity is in charge of the house. Sara stays with them while Hetty is in Charlottetown settling a water rights dispute with the owners of a neighboring farm.
User ratings: 35
Average rating: 8.4
Aunt Abigail's Beau
Instead of taking care of a husband, Janet's spinster sister, Abigail Ward, has funneled her energies into being a meticulous homemaker despite not really enjoying it. Things may change when into her life returns Malcolm McEwan, an old beau who has been away from Avonlea for seven years. He has returned to make good on a promise: Abigail's father would not allow the two to marry until Malcolm made a fortune, which he has now done in Yukon gold. He now wants to marry Abby as he calls her. Abby is in a quandary. She likes having the attention of a man, but realizes that she and Malcolm are extremes in personality (he loud and brash, she overly meticulous). But mostly, she fears two things: that she will lose her independence, and if she truly does fall in love with him all over again that he may run off much like he did seven years ago. Malcolm's return not only affects Abby, but also Alec, who is feeling restless about the choices he's made in life.
User ratings: 31
Average rating: 7.5
Malcolm and the Baby
Markdale residents Jane and Robert Morris have just passed away from scarlet fever, leaving behind a three month old offspring named Robert Jr. Continuing their forty year old feud, Hetty and Rachel argue about which of the two of them is responsible for that child, Rachel a distant relative by marriage, Hetty a close friend (as she sees it). Felicity and Sara, not wanting the child to be sent to an orphanage or to have Rachel or Hetty take care of him, decide to steal the baby. Their plan is to drop him off anonymously with their Aunt Abigail. Abigail and Malcolm just returned from their honeymoon in Boston, the honeymoon definitely over as they are back to arguing about their differences. The latest argument is whether to have a baby, Malcolm wanting one, Abigail not, she thinking that she is both past the age and not the mothering type. However, Sara and Felicity think that Abigail will change her mind once she holds a baby in her arms. Regardless of what happens to Robert in the long run, Abigail and Malcolm's time with him, however long or short, may make them decide if they really want children.
User ratings: 28
Average rating: 7.4
Sara wants to get more involved in Peter's life as she sees his sole focus of farm work around Rose Cottage no life for a boy. First, she convinces him to attend church services with the family, despite he not being brought up with formal religion, and despite having no Sunday clothes. Second, she wants him to have some play time with the rest of the children. These two items do not sit well with Hetty, who already feels that Peter is too young to do the farm work at Rose Cottage, and who does not feel clothing Peter is her job but that of his poor mother, Maude Craig. And third, she thinks he should return to school. Some of the children - particularly Edward Ray and Felicity - tease Peter not only because he is a poor farmhand but because his father is in jail. One person who does relate to what Peter is going through is Peg Bowen, also an outsider. It isn't until Peter does a selfless deed that these negative attitudes start to change.
User ratings: 26
Average rating: 7.3
The Witch of Avonlea
An upcoming spelling bee shows that there is more than one definition for the word "witch" ... and that Peg Bowen isn't as much of a witch as some of Avonlea's prominent citizens - Hetty and Janet King.
User ratings: 27
Average rating: 7.2
Felicity's Challenge
Judson Parker is passing through Avonlea, he a candidate for the provincial election being held the following week. He is trying to buy his way to an election win. Some of the Avonlea voters see through his tricks, however some out of circumstance get caught up in his manipulation. Meanwhile, it's Harvest Festival time, and the children in particular are looking forward to the party. Felicity is sure she will win best costume as she does every year. Clemmie, who does like harvest time, doesn't seem to allow herself to enjoy the party due to her shyness. Sally and Jane have been talking negatively about Clemmie behind her back to Felicity and Sara, Felicity who doesn't stand up for her friend just to stay in Sally and Jane's good books. Thinking she's doing Clemmie a favor, Felicity takes up a bet from Sally about transforming Clemmie into the belle of the party. Despite Sara's vows that Felicity's plan will ultimately end up hurting Clemmie, Felicity goes ahead with her transformation without letting Clemmie know its real purpose.
User ratings: 30
Average rating: 7.4
The Blue Chest of Arabella King
The King's Aunt Arabella has just passed away. For fifty years in the King's attic sat her blue chest, which she asked to be opened only after her death. She left it there when she left Avonlea for good shortly after her fiancé committed suicide the day before their planned wedding. There is great anticipation amongst the family of treasures in the chest, but they find primarily moth eaten wedding mementos. Sara is certain that there is more - why would Arabella forbid the chest to be opened otherwise - and she indeed does find something hidden in the chest, something that most would not consider a treasure except someone like romantic Sara. Meanwhile, Olivia, who has been badmouthed by Hetty for frittering away her life, applies for a job writing for the Avonlea District Chronicle newspaper. The newspaper is in financial straits, but Mr. Tyler, the newspaper's owner, hires her on a trial basis on the condition that she make good on her promise to find exciting local stories and find an in-kind photographer to take photographs to accompany her stories, photographs missing from the newspaper in its current version. Sara can see the interest that Jasper Dale is showing in Olivia and is certain he will do Olivia the favor of being her photographer despite his shyness. Indeed, he does agree. Jasper thinks that Sara's find in the blue chest is newsworthy, but Olivia and Sara will have to do some more investigative work to uncover the full story. Mr. Tyler, however, seems to have a problem with this specific story, the reason he is reluctant to divulge.
User ratings: 29
Average rating: 7.6
Nothing Endures But Change
Blair Stanley makes an unexpected visit to Avonlea. He brings good news: the trial has concluded, and he has been acquitted. However, the business has to be rebuilt so he has much work to do. His plan is to take Sara back to Montréal tomorrow morning, his haste due to his strained relationship with Hetty. Upon meeting again, time has not healed any wounds between the two. Sara is happy to see her papa, but is saddened to leave Avonlea, especially that she will be missing the skating festival. But what's worse is that if she and Blair leave with Blair still on strained terms with Hetty, Sara will never return to Avonlea and never see her King relations ever again. Sara decides that she should have some say into what happens to her own life. Meanwhile, a bond seems to be forming between Olivia and Jasper beyond their professional collaboration at the newspaper. Hetty is afraid that she will lose both Olivia and Sara in one fell swoop.
User ratings: 28
Average rating: 7.6
Sara's Homecoming
After the death of her father, Sara comes back to King Farm.
User ratings: 26
Average rating: 7.5
How Kissing Was Discovered
Several changes are happening at the King farm. First, Janet's judgmental and demanding Aunt Eliza comes for a visit. Much to Alec's chagrin, they learn that Aunt Eliza's stay at the last relation's lasted eight months. Second, Janet herself is feeling strange, not knowing the cause. Third, a pipe-smoking, fiddle-playing young man named Gus Pike is staying temporarily in their hayloft. All alone in the world, Gus, recently arrived on the island looking for work, is uneducated but world traveled, having sailed the seas on merchant and fishing ships. And fourth, Felicity, aged 13¾, is feeling no longer like a child but a young woman. First and foremost on her mind is wanting the affection of young man and to be kissed before the summer is out. She believes she's found that man when she meets David Hawes, the bowler of a visiting cricket team and who Sara thinks is at least 18 years old. Felicity does whatever she can to spend time with David while he's in Avonlea. She sees an opportunity with him at the post-cricket match ball, which is only for adults. Thus she will need her parent's permission to attend, something which is not a foregone conclusion. Through Felicity's attempts to be grown up, Gus unexpectedly acts as her guardian and protector.
User ratings: 38
Average rating: 8.5
Aunt Hetty's Ordeal
Muriel Stacey, former teacher at Avonlea School and Hetty's colleague at teachers college, has just been promoted to Provincial Superintendent of Schools. This promotion irks Hetty, who has always finished second to Miss Stacey and who was expecting the promotion herself. Miss Stacey is coming to Avonlea for a visit, which further irks Hetty, who sees the visit as an inspection. To prove her success as a teacher especially at this important time just before a school presentation to the Lieutenant Governor, Hetty vows to increase school enrollment. Thinking the workers at the cannery a good source for possible students, Hetty manages to recruit one: Gus Pike, but Gus agrees only on the stipulation that he can continue working. Despite Gus' rough edges, Hetty admires the quest for betterment that Gus displays. In turn, Gus respects everything that Hetty has to teach and say to him. However unwittingly through a discussion with Hetty, Gus is convinced that many of his old habits, including his fiddle playing, are a path straight toward being just like his convict father. This news makes Gus miserable as music is an integral part of who he is. When Miss Stacey arrives in Avonlea, she sees Gus' internal conflict when she herself meets and gets to know him.
User ratings: 38
Average rating: 8.4
Of Corsets and Secrets and True, True Love
Marilla takes in two rambunctious young cousins of hers, Davey and Dora Keith, to live at Green Gables.
User ratings: 26
Average rating: 7.2
Old Quarrels, Old Love
Hetty and Rachel recently reconciled after their thirty-six year old feud that started in the seventh grade over a boy named Romney Penhallow. Hetty broke up with Romney, the two having a love/hate relationship, when Romney asked Rachel to a dance to make Hetty jealous. Hetty's feud specifically with Romney may erupt all over again since Romney, now a famous artist, has returned to Avonlea for a family wedding. After initially wanting to avoid Romney while he's in town, Hetty instead decides to confront him head on, this tactic with unexpected results. But in their confrontation, Romney purposely withholds some important information from her. Meanwhile, the Avonlea District Chronicle may shut down for good since all the businesses are now advertising in the less expensive Carmody newspaper. With the shut down, Olivia's promising career will go down with it. She decides to do whatever she needs to to save her career.
User ratings: 31
Average rating: 7.7
May the Best Man Win
Olivia is getting tired of Hetty interfering in her life, especially Hetty's continual bad mouthing of Jasper. It is much like the bad mouthing Hetty did of Edwin Clark, Olivia's beau ten years earlier. It was because of Hetty that Edwin and Olivia broke up and that Edwin left Avonlea for good. Now a wealthy widower, Edwin is back in town and wants to reacquaint himself with Olivia. Hetty has a change of heart about Edwin - in her view, anyone is better than Jasper. Sara on the other hand doesn't much like Edwin and she tries to convince Jasper to sweep Olivia off her feet despite Edwin's return. Sara does whatever she can, including using a little witchcraft by Peg Bowen, to assist Jasper. Meanwhile, recently widowed Jim Armstrong is feeling cheated in life, and has become sullen and reclusive, even pulling his son, Teddy, out of school to work on the farm. Teddy wants to go back to school to be with his friends, but he wants his father to be happy even more.
User ratings: 29
Average rating: 8.1
Family Rivalry
Sibling rivalries flare up between Alec and his brother, Roger.
User ratings: 25
Average rating: 7.3
Sea Ghost
After dark one evening, Sara, Felicity, Felix and Gus see a clipper off shore with no flag identifying its origin. They aren't sure if it's real or a figment of their imagination. Initially they believe it is a ghost ship that's come to take away reclusive Ezekiel Crane, a former sea captain who currently is the lighthouse operator. Ezekiel shows specific interest in Gus. Gus soon learns a secret that Ezekiel has been keeping, and the real reason why he has taken Gus into his confidence. Based on a later encounter, Sara and Felix then believe that the ship's purpose is for rum running. Rumors take Avonlea by storm when evidence is found that someone has been camping in the local cemetery, that evidence which includes a jug of rum and shackles. Most of the townsfolk believe the rum running story, and that Ezekiel and Gus are part of the smuggling ring. Sara tries to protect her new friend Gus from this witch-hunt, she who knows that even if there are rum runners that Gus is not involved.
User ratings: 34
Average rating: 8.1
All That Glitters
Rumors of Spanish treasure on the island abound. They are fostered by the fact that Sara finds what looks to be a Spanish doubloon close to the lighthouse, and that some know that Ezekiel has half of a treasure map. Coinciding with these rumors is the arrival on the island of Captain Stanhope Borden, an acquaintance of Ezekiel's. Borden, a scoundrel of a man, purportedly has the other half of the map. Gus, Ezekiel's new roommate, vows to help Ezekiel get Borden's other half and find the treasure. Elsewhere, Hetty and Sara find a treasure map of their own in the journals of Josiah King, Hetty and Alex's great great uncle, the map which marks the Falcon Treasure located somewhere on the King property. This sparks an argument amongst the King women as to whom the map and the resulting treasure belong. Meanwhile, Rachel Lynde and Reverend Leonard also have Falcon Treasure on their mind, they following old wives tales that it is buried in the church basement. Although everyone is anxious to find the treasure, Borden in particular will go to any length to get it.
User ratings: 29
Average rating: 7.9
Dreamer of Dreams
With Olivia's encouragement, Jasper is demonstrating some of his inventions in the hopes of making it big. Jasper enjoys the creative aspect of inventing, but not the notoriety. Two of his latest inventions for demonstration are a kitchen tool that toasts multiple slices of bread at one time and a flying bicycle, the public demonstrations of which figuratively and literally go up in smoke. After secretly overhearing some gossip, Jasper feels dejected not because of the public failures of his demonstrations but the embarrassment he is causing Olivia and the King family by his association with them. Meanwhile, Olivia is in charge of editing the Avonlea Chronicle while Mr. Tyler is away on a business trip. Getting in the way of Olivia doing a good job in this important role is her preoccupation of why Jasper is ignoring her, which may cause problems for her and the newspaper. Elsewhere, Sara and Felicity are producing a community newspaper of their own. Their front page will consist of made up letters requesting advice based on real life community gossip they overhear. However, the letters get into the wrong hands with possible dire consequences.
User ratings: 27
Average rating: 7.4
It's Just a Stage
While her cousin, the world-famous actress Pigeon Plumtree, is visiting, Sara teaches social graces to a shy pig farmer.
User ratings: 24
Average rating: 7.4
A Mother's Love
Mother's Own magazine is holding a regional essay contest on the topic "Mother of the Year". Initially Sara feels left out, until she decides to write about her Aunt Hetty. Some of the local girls, including Felicity, ridicule Sara for even thinking that Hetty King is Sara's mother in any form. Regardless, Felicity, feeling and sounding superior, is certain that she herself is going to win. Similarly, the mothers all disregard the work that Hetty does with Sara as any kind of mothering. Once the essays are written and ready to be mailed, Felicity and the other girls steal Sara's essay before it can be mailed. With Felix's help, Sara vows revenge against Felicity, ultimately using some information she learns about Felicity and Sally Potts' identical birthdates as the basis for her revenge. The ruse works, however Sara is uncertain how to undo the prank once it gets out of hand. Once Hetty learns what Sara has done, her reaction is somewhat surprising. After all is said and done, Sara's prank has some unexpected consequences.
User ratings: 28
Average rating: 8.1
Misfits and Miracles
Hockey is on the minds of Avonlea residents. In her role as Superintendent of Schools, Muriel Stacey, bringing news from the Board of Education, institutes a mandatory Physical Education class, the suggested sport of choice being hockey. The Physical Education class is against the wishes of Hetty, who sees the class as taking away other more important academically inclined subjects, and Sara, who doesn't know how to skate. Meanwhile, sawmill owner, Archie Gillis, is holding tryouts for his hockey team, the Avonlea Avengers. He has instituted some arbitrary standards for team members, which excludes many, including perhaps some of the best hockey players in Avonlea, such as Andrew. As such, Alec, upholding the King name, decides to challenge the Avengers with his own team, named the Misfits (as the team is comprised of those people Archie considered not good enough for his own team). In addition to upholding the King name, the Misfits also have to support Peg Bowen, who, in a long standing professional feud with Archie, has made a bet with him on the game's outcome. Meanwhile, Janet, nearing the end of her pregnancy, is having major mood swings. On the down side, she is doubting her ability to take care of another child.
User ratings: 24
Average rating: 7.7
The Ties That Bind
Tempers flare as the King family prepare for Olivia's wedding to Jasper Dale.
User ratings: 23
Average rating: 8.1
When She Was Bad, She Was Horrid: Part 1
Felix starts a delivery business using a beat-up cart pulled by the family's old horse, Blackie.
User ratings: 29
Average rating: 8.0
When She Was Bad, She Was Horrid: Part 2
Alastair Dimple is an out-of-work actor posing as a substitute teacher. His unorthodox teaching methods impress the children but bother Hetty.
User ratings: 29
Average rating: 7.9
Felix and Blackie
Sara resents Aunt Hetty for not letting her pick out her own clothes. When she meets a young runaway named Jo Pitts (who happens to looks just like her), she decides to trick her aunt by trading places with the girl.
User ratings: 25
Average rating: 7.3
Another Point of View
Sara escapes to the mainland where street toughs believe she is Jo Pitts. Meanwhile, Hetty is still unaware that Sara and Jo switched places, while Janet suspects Felix of keeping a secret from her.
User ratings: 29
Average rating: 8.0
Aunt Janet Rebels
Janet stirs up the townspeople with her support for the Woman's Suffrage movement.
User ratings: 22
Average rating: 7.5
A Dark and Stormy Night
An impoverished heiress gives Gus the last thing left of her family fortune, several expensive jewels.
User ratings: 30
Average rating: 7.4
Friends and Relations
The men go on an ice fishing expedition while the women go to an auction at the White Sands hotel.
User ratings: 19
Average rating: 7.4
Vows of Silence
Reverend Fitzsimmons is the new preacher at the church. He has a dramatic flair and the belief that the louder he preaches, the closer to God he and his congregation will be. The higher decibel level in the church bothers most. But the children believe that the forcefulness of the sermons do make them more believable (at least scarier), which leads to a discussion between them about the end of the world. Because of recent events, Felix and Sara make Felicity believe that the end is near, and the one thing that is a black mark in her life that will prevent her from going to heaven is that she took her mother's new hair comb - a King family heirloom - without permission and lost it. She is in a desperate search to find it before the end. To find it, the children go to the closest thing they have in Avonlea to a mystic: Peg Bowen. Peg cannot locate the comb but tells them that they have to confess their sins as the end approaches, and if the balance of good outweighs the bad, the end will not occur. By all signs, the end is tomorrow evening which makes Felicity's search even more frantic. Meanwhile, Janet is being harassed by Hetty, Olivia and Alec for not wearing the comb, the three siblings believing the comb is a symbol of the King family honor. The problems: Janet cannot find it (she not knowing that Felicity lost it), and worse, she wouldn't want to wear it anyway because she thinks it looks terrible, King family honor or not.
User ratings: 21
Average rating: 7.2
After the Honeymoon
Jasper's latest project is something called a vampire spectrum, which does involve the use of live bats. Olivia wants to support Jasper in any way she can despite not liking bats. However when Sydney Carver, the head of the journal "The Royal Society of Naturalists", comes to Avonlea to support Jasper's work, Olivia is less than excited when she discovers that Sydney is a woman, something that Jasper also didn't known until Sydney's arrival. Because Sydney is in many ways a female version of Jasper, Olivia, who doesn't want to admit it, is jealous of her since she feels that Sydney has more in common with her husband. The townsfolk are also gossiping about Sydney in the same vein. Meanwhile, Felix suspects that Jasper may be a vampire himself. His suspicions are strengthened with Sydney's arrival, Felix thinking she too is a vampire. Felix and Sara believe Sydney the head vampiress, who they need to get out of Avonlea to save Jasper.
User ratings: 21
Average rating: 7.5
High Society
Because of her high marks on provincial exams, Felicity has been invited to apply to the prestigious Kingsport Ladies College on a full scholarship. As she is one of three students competing for only one spot, Felicity wants to make the best impression she can on the admissions committee. She decides to learn about the finer things in life, such as proper high society etiquette, fancy cuisine and Italian opera. After her time at Kingsport for her interview, Felicity returns to Avonlea a different person, one that Sara and Gus don't much like. Meanwhile, the White Sands Hotel has a new chef, Pierre Jean Lapierre, a Quebecker, who is dismayed at the uneducated palate of the Avonlea residents. The one exception that Pierre finds is Felix.
User ratings: 28
Average rating: 8.3
The Calamitous Courting of Hetty King
A traveling salesman falls in love with Hetty. Meanwhile, Felicity wonders why Gus won't ask her to the winter carnival.
User ratings: 22
Average rating: 7.9
Old Friends, Old Wounds
Marilla Cuthbert dies suddenly, meaning Rachel, Davey, and Dora may have to leave Green Gables unless Gilbert Blythe can find a way that they can stay.
User ratings: 27
Average rating: 7.6
Tug of War
As Olivia prepares for the birth of her first child, Jasper's eccentric relatives invade the King farm.
User ratings: 19
Average rating: 7.4
The Lady and the Blade
Hetty takes a sabbatical to take care of Olivia and her newborn son, Montgomery. During this time, retired Colonel Clive Pettibone becomes the school's new teacher, and Hetty finds success writing short stories.
User ratings: 22
Average rating: 8.2
Incident at Vernon River
Felix wants a rifle for his birthday but he gets a telescope instead. So he takes his father's rifle without asking, goes to the woods, aims at a deer, but accidentally shoots the family's dog Digger.
User ratings: 27
Average rating: 8.4
A clash of egos between Clive Pettibone and Alec King affects Avonlea's newly-formed volunteer fire department.
User ratings: 25
Average rating: 8.1
Moving On
When US Marshal Zak Morgan brings his wild west show to Avonlea, Sara develops a crush on him.
User ratings: 23
Average rating: 7.4
Boys Will Be Boys
When an old friend dies in a boating explosion, Alec takes care of his widow.
User ratings: 21
Average rating: 7.5
The Dinner
Felicity's attempt to invite Gus Pike to dinner with no one else around ends in disaster.
User ratings: 31
Average rating: 8.8
Heirs and Graces
The Duke of Arranagh plans to visit several PEI villages, but not Avonlea. The new owner of the White Sands hotel, Simon Tremayne, refuses to invite him, and refuses to say why.
User ratings: 23
Average rating: 8.0
Hearts and Flowers
As Valentine's Day approaches, Hetty buys a half-interest in the White Sands hotel, and Chef Pierre LaPierre's niece takes an interest in Gus.
User ratings: 25
Average rating: 8.2
Felicity's Perfect Beau
Clive Pettibone's oldest son Arthur shows an interest in Felicity, much to Gus's dismay. Felicity seems to enjoy having two men fight over her.
User ratings: 22
Average rating: 8.2
The Disappearance
While Hetty presses Sara to take more interest in her finances, a wealthy young man named Jonathan Ravenhurst Blackwell breezes into town to get away from his overbearing Aunt Edith. Posing as antiques appraiser Gerald McDougal Young, he soon creates a ruckus amongst the townspeople, and foul play is suspected when he disappears.
User ratings: 24
Average rating: 7.6
Home Movie
While an American developer comes to town with big plans for Avonlea's future, Sara goes behind Aunt Hetty's back and uses part of her trust fund to buy a movie camera for Jasper.
User ratings: 23
Average rating: 8.0
Hearth and Home
Although she swears she wrote of her plans, Janet's cantankerous and demanding Aunt Eliza has come to Avonlea for an unexpected visit, the duration of which is unknown. It is not good timing as it's lambing season meaning there is much work to do on the farm, and it's also influenza season in Avonlea. But from Aunt Eliza's comment "time is all we have", Janet infers that she has come to Avonlea to die. Despite Aunt Eliza's unreasonable demands, Janet is at her beck and call. But underneath the surface, Janet is seething as she has always felt that Aunt Eliza just plain does not like her. Felix, however, is not as openly hospitable toward his great aunt as he seems to be taking the brunt of her demands after Janet. In addition to all the work around the farm, the children have a major science project due in a week. Things change at the King farm when a bout of influenza goes through the house, leaving the children to do the bulk of the lambing work, which is not going well due to a cold snap going through Prince Edward Island. Alec feels they may lose the bulk of the newborn. Everyone has to band together and with understanding to work through the current problems at the farm.
User ratings: 21
Average rating: 7.2
Fathers and Sons
Felix is showing a great aptitude and enjoyment of his work at the White Sands Hotel, which is noticed and appreciated by his boss, Simon Tremayne. Felix's feelings are despite the recent problems he has had with one of the hotel's important guests, wealthy but miserly and impossible to please Samuel Boddin. Since the hotel has to turn away many of its guests at tea time due to over demand, Felix sees a business opportunity: open his own tea room. He envisions this happening at an abandoned farmhouse he passes by everyday. Meanwhile, Great Aunt Eliza is dealing with her estate, which gets Alec to openly discuss his. Like tradition in the King family dictates, he will ultimately bequeath the King farm to the oldest male heir to operate, that being Felix. This act goes against Felix's wishes, which he initially does not tell his family, as well as the wishes of some of the other family members. Felix wants to please his father but also wants to pursue his dream. Ultimately Alec will have to learn about Felix's dreams and the two will have to come to an understanding to bridge their differing views of the future.
User ratings: 23
Average rating: 7.3
Memento Mori
On Hetty's 50th birthday, the King family plan a surprise birthday party.
User ratings: 30
Average rating: 8.8
Modern Times
Hetty purchases the cannery to prevent it from being turned into a liquor distillery, and she reluctantly allows Jasper and Olivia to run it.
User ratings: 20
Average rating: 7.7
A Friend in Need
Rachel Lynde is called away on an emergency trip to visit her son, William. Rumors spread around town that it is because William has been incarcerated, the story becoming more and more exaggerated with each telling. Davey and Dora Keith are staying at Rose Cottage during Rachel's trip. It's not a good time for Rachel to leave as it's the start of the school year and Davey is getting into his fair share of trouble in skipping school and not doing his school work. Clive Pettibone is even going to recommend to Rachel that Davey be sent to military school to improve both his behavior and his school work. Sara however finds out the true reason behind Davey's delinquency. Another student facing some changes is Izzy Pettibone. She being a tomboy is not unexpected, since she only had male and military based influences while growing up. The military influences are getting stronger as Clive is continually praising son Morgan, who has just joined the army. Izzy, however, is growing into a young woman and dreams of dressing like one. She is reluctant to tell anyone, let alone her ex-military father, of her dreams. Meanwhile, the Lawsons have moved to Fredericton and are selling the general store, with Felicity minding it in their absence. If there are no buyers, it will close permanently after its remaining inventory is sold, leaving Avonlea with no general store.
User ratings: 24
Average rating: 7.8
Strictly Melodrama
Alec struggles to finish harvesting the hay before the rain comes, and is assisted by a mysterious young stranger named Caleb. Other strangers enter the plot as the truth about Caleb's past unfolds.
User ratings: 19
Average rating: 7.3
The Great Race
Felix competes against the more experienced Clive Pettibone in a horse race.
User ratings: 20
Average rating: 7.1
Stranger in the Night
Member of Parliament John Hodgson, who Alec believes will be the next Prime Minister, is stopping by Avonlea on an official visit and will be staying at the White Sands Hotel. It's not a good time for the visit as a cold is going through the area (Mr. Tremayne and Gus being among the many who are currently afflicted), resulting in the hotel being short staffed, which in turn leaves Felix to assume many additional duties. But Felix becomes preoccupied with another guest, namely John's pretty young daughter, Adeline. She likes the attention as she is feeling neglected by her always busy father. While on the island, John is looking for a potential candidate to run for the party locally. He thinks Alec is the perfect choice. Despite never having had political aspirations, Alec thinks about the good he may be able to do for the people of the island as a Member of Parliament. Alec's deliberations ultimately have to take into consideration the rigidity of party politics and what he may deem as unscrupulous pork barrel politics. Meanwhile, there have been a rash of thefts of late at the hotel. Top on the suspect list is new staff member, Elbert Werts, who comes from a poor background. But Felix thinks the real thief is someone else, and he has to figure out what to do when he finds out the truth.
User ratings: 26
Average rating: 8.3
Someone to Believe In
A drama competition causes tempers to flare when Hetty replaces Janet as the lead in her play with the well-known (but arrogant) actress Isabelle Carrington.
User ratings: 17
Average rating: 7.4
Thursday's Child
When Cecily is diagnosed with tuberculosis, Alec and Janet must make a difficult decision regarding her care.
User ratings: 18
Average rating: 7.7
Best Laid Plans
As penance for a careless accident he caused, Hetty orders Davey (he and Dora who Hetty is looking after for the afternoon) to perform three good deeds. The first is directed toward Jasper. Davey is the cause of yet another accident in Jasper's laboratory, but one that helps Jasper create a new unbreakable ceramic-like material. Olivia thinks that Jasper should patent it and use it for widespread purposes. The only person who Jasper believes could assist financially and with business expertise is his black-sheep cousin Jeremiah Dale - he being the black sheep because he went into business. However Jasper does not want to ask as he has not spoken to Jeremiah in over twenty years since Jeremiah made his life miserable when they were growing up. Looking remarkably similar to each other, Jeremiah used to pretend to be Jasper while wreaking havoc. Without telling Jasper, Olivia decides to ask Jeremiah on Jasper's behalf, a move which doesn't sit well with Jasper. Olivia, Jasper and Jeremiah have to reconcile their feelings if there is any chance of Jasper's invention making a mark in the world. Jeremiah's plans are to seek investments of $8,000 to make the business fly. But Jasper and Olivia have no idea what Jeremiah's exploits have been in the past twenty years. Those exploits ultimately direct the success or failure for Jasper, Olivia and the investors of what Jeremiah has coined "Jasperon Incorporated".
User ratings: 15
Average rating: 7.0
Otherwise Engaged
Certain people in Avonlea are hoping for a progression in romance. Ever since Morgan went away to military school, Izzy has been Clive's singular focus. She feels he needs a wife, and searches through the list of spinster women in Avonlea for a suitable candidate. Izzy sets her sights on either Hetty or Muriel. With an established relationship, Gus and Felicity each have news which could affect their future. Gus has been promoted to Assistant Manager at the White Sands Hotel, meaning that he now has the financial means to ask Felicity to marry him, which meets with Alec's approval. Felicity however has just been accepted into Dalhousie University's medical school in a fast tracked process. Because Gus wants to get married now, whereas Felicity wants to wait until she finishes school - which could be upwards of seven years - Gus and Felicity have to decide what to do about the possibility of a future together. Gus' thoughts are affected by Matt O'Donnell, an old sailor colleague who is passing through Prince Edward Island, while Felicity's are directed by Dr. Jones' practice as well as the financial ability of the Kings to send her to school for seven years.
User ratings: 22
Average rating: 8.2
Enter Prince Charming
The townspeople are put off by the free-spirited ways of the new minister and his family. Aunt Hetty is especially perturbed when Sara takes an interest in the minister's son.
User ratings: 21
Average rating: 7.3
The Minister's Wife
Janet becomes friendly with Mrs. Elliot, while Hetty tries to spy on Sara and Booth Elliot.
User ratings: 21
Average rating: 7.1
The Return of Gus Pike
While Felicity is at university in Halifax, she and Felix are reunited with Gus Pike. They run into a raggedy flower girl named Eliza, and Gus thinks that this woman may be his mother, who was presumed dead.
User ratings: 25
Average rating: 8.5
Lonely Hearts
As a fund-raiser for the hospital, Avonlea is hosting a Fair and Bachelor Auction at the White Sands Hotel. For the auction, the men are preparing picnic baskets, for which the women will be bidding and sharing with their preparer at a social following the auction. Beside Simon Tremayane who doesn't like the fact of the activities taking over the hotel, most townsfolk are abuzz about this event, the women thinking about on whose basket they want to bid, and the men dreaming about who will bid on theirs. On the female side, Muriel Stacey convinces Hetty King that love is not solely the domain of the young; Izzy Pettibone has her eye on a particular basket, despite she believing that that basket is already accounted for; and adolescent Becky Lester, who comes from a poor family, wants to attend the auction and bid on a basket, but she has little money to bid let alone get a new dress to look presentable at the event. On the male side, Felix King is hoping that a certain female will bid on his basket despite knowing that another has her eye on it; and Simon Tremayne, the self-professed life long bachelor, is made to believe that if he puts together a basket that a certain woman will bid on it. Little is spoken openly about who wants who to bid on each basket, although one can only hope that the men and women who want to be together do end up together.
User ratings: 18
Average rating: 7.1
Christmas in June
At the sanitarium, Cecily befriends a streetwise paperboy from Brooklyn who gets her into trouble with the administrators.
User ratings: 18
Average rating: 6.3
Fools and Kings
Sara wants to go to school in Paris, but both Hetty and Nanny Louisa have other plans for her.
User ratings: 17
Average rating: 6.6
Comings and Goings
Hetty takes in Davey and Dora after Rachel Lynde suffers a stroke.
User ratings: 18
Average rating: 7.1
The Trouble with Davey
Davey has once again gotten into trouble at school, this time for copying Dora's homework assignment. He is beginning to dislike school more and more. After hearing that Wiley Lester, a boy his own age, is working instead of going to school, Davey thinks that he himself would like to work instead of attending school. On Olivia's advice, Hetty, Davey's guardian in Rachel's absence, decides that perhaps Davey should get a job to show him that working is not as glamorous as he may believe it to be, which in turn would make him want to go back to school. Olivia talks a reluctant Jasper into hiring Davey to work at the cannery. Jasper's reluctance is due in part to the most recent Davey caused accident in Jasper's workshop. But Jasper's thoughts of what Davey should get out of this work experience differs from Hetty's. It also shows Lionel Lester what may be best for his own son.
User ratings: 20
Average rating: 6.5
Great Expectations
Felix and Izzy want to start a fox breeding business, but they don't qualify for a bank loan to expand it unless someone over the age of 21 co-signs it. Felix asks Nat Lester, the self-centered soda jerk at the general store, to co-sign the loan, but Nat's refusal to split the business three ways leaves Izzy out of the deal.
User ratings: 16
Average rating: 6.4
A Fox Tale
With Felicity at university and Cecily still in the sanitarium, Janet feels alone. She decides to fill her time with a business venture that turns out to be a scam. Meanwhile, a misunderstanding at the White Sands leads the staff to believe that the Prince of Wales is visiting the island.
User ratings: 17
Average rating: 6.9
The More Things Change
Izzy is upset when she learns that her father plans to marry Muriel Stacey.
User ratings: 16
Average rating: 7.5
Home Is Where the Heart Is
Rachel Lynde suffers another stroke on her way back to Avonlea. Robbed of the ability to speak, Hetty takes her in at Rose Cottage while Rachel's sons come to town to discuss her future care.
User ratings: 19
Average rating: 7.6
What a Tangled Web We Weave
Pierre has been writing to his mother that he owns the White Sands. When she comes to visit, he finally admits that he is only the chef. Still, they must keep up this charade when an impoverished Polish countess holds her son's wedding (to Pierre's sister Adele) at the hotel.
User ratings: 21
Average rating: 7.0
A Time to Every Purpose
Felicity loses her space for the next term at university, so she takes a job as assistant to a doctor.
User ratings: 18
Average rating: 7.6
As Cecily returns home from the sanitarium, she comes to feel that her family treats her like an invalid. Meanwhile, Felicity awaits news of Gus Pike's return from Jamaica.
User ratings: 17
Average rating: 8.0
Out of the Ashes
Felicity feels like she's in limbo. In all likelihood, Gus is dead, but she is clinging to that faint hope that he is still alive. As such, she's placed her life on hold. Although Felicity feels it is too soon and is a slight to Colleen Pritchard's memory, Seth Pritchard got remarried - in part, doing so to provide a mother for his baby - which places into others' minds, which they try to convince her of, that she too should move on without Gus. Meanwhile, the town has been deeded the old Lloyd mansion. When a bunch of orphaned sibling runaways are found squatting in the run down and otherwise unoccupied mansion, Felicity has the idea of turning the mansion into a foundling home. Although the motion does have some objection, the town does decide to move forward with Felicity's idea. This project provides a new focus in Felicity's life. Stuart McRae, the new bank manager who only recently arrived in Avonlea, is another distraction for her as a potential suitor. Felicity has to decide if she is indeed ready to have Gus only as a memory, and if so if Stuart is the one to take at least a small part of her heart.
User ratings: 16
Average rating: 8.2
Love May Be Blind... But the Neighbours Ain't
It's summer break, when the minds of many in Avonlea wander to carefree pursuits and love. In the lead up to the July 1st Dominion Day celebrations, three relationships are under examination. Stuart has asked Felicity to marry him, she who still isn't sure if she is ready to leave the memory of Gus behind her. The proposal is an open one, for her to say yes whenever she feels ready. But will that day ever come? Olivia feels that her marriage to Jasper is at a crossroads. They had always talked about having a large family, which has not happened. She believes he is feeling discontented with her and their marriage because of it. But Jasper has some other things on his mind, which may cause Olivia to feel differently. And Felix wants his friendship with Izzy to be more than just friends, but he's not sure how to go about it. An action by Felix fueled by town gossip may not only jeopardize their relationship moving to the next level but threaten their friendship altogether.
User ratings: 18
Average rating: 7.2
Davey and the Mermaid
Rachel has now fully recovered from her stroke, and her outlook on life has taken a whole new direction where she is more carefree and is enjoying the small pleasures that life has to offer her. Meanwhile, the townsfolk are preparing for the 1911 version of the annual Avonlea Fair. Simon, the fair chairperson, has taken it upon himself to hire a midway, much to the chagrin of some of the more traditional members of the organizing committee, such as Hetty. But based on stories that Rachel has told him, Davey is enthralled by the midway attractions, specifically the live mermaid named Melusina, again much to the chagrin of Hetty, who has forbid him or Dora to go to the midway. But the more enthralled Davey becomes with Melusina, the more he learns about her and the midway owner, Mr. Snibb, and the main purpose of their business. In the end, Davey and Hetty learn that Rachel's new outlook on life has something to teach them.
User ratings: 32
Average rating: 8.1
Woman of Importance
Things are not going well in the Pettibone house beyond the one bright light of Arthur being home having graduated from veterinary school and about to take over the local practice. Izzy is still feeling uncomfortable with the new feminine influence of Muriel in their family, Izzy thinking that Muriel has taken her place in the home. Izzy is also still not speaking to Felix, who tries repeatedly to apologize and Morgan is home unexpectedly having been expelled from military college, which he hated. The final straw in his expulsion was a bookful of caricatures, albeit well done ones, he drew of his superiors, including one of Clive. Feeling the need for some fonder times, Izzy takes it upon herself to invite her maternal aunt, Lillian Hepworth, to visit from Boston. Lillian has not seen the family in years since she and Clive do not get along as she felt her sister Jessica settled for a life of domestic drudgery in marrying Clive, whereas Lillian went into business as a women's milliner. Upon Lillian's arrival in Avonlea, she impresses her feelings about her sister's life to Izzy, which further places a strain between herself and Clive but she also fails to tell the Pettibones that her business has failed, leaving her penniless. Instead, she pretends still to be a woman of means and regales stories of the rich and famous that she knows and of high society. Izzy,wanting to escape what she sees as her problems, wants a life much like her aunt's and as such wants to live in Boston with Lillian and Morgan wants not to return to military college but enroll in a liberal arts program at Dalhousie. Arthur and Muriel act as the mediators in the family issues, the latter who knows of Lillian's precarious financial situation.
User ratings: 31
Average rating: 5.5
Secrets and Sacrifices
After four years away living in the Yukon, Abigail and Malcolm MacEwan and their son Lucky move back to Avonlea. Janet is trusting that her relationship with her sister will be on better terms than they have been in the past. When the MacEwans move into the King house temporarily and unexpectedly while their own house is undergoing necessary renovations and clean-up, Janet and Abigail's relationship strains under the close quarters. Abigail's criticisms also extend to Cecily and Alec. Abigail has always felt that Janet has sacrificed much to Alec and the farm over their married life. Meanwhile, the Kings may have come into a windfall when Cecily finds an old stock certificate in Alec's toolbox, which originally belonged to his grandfather. With the money, he initially thinks about buying new farm equipment. But after he speaks to Cecily who overheard one of Abigail and Janet's discussions about Janet's sacrifices, Alec decides instead to buy her a family birthstone ring, which he believes Janet wants. To get the ring sized properly, those in the know have to steal Janet's engagement ring to bring to the jeweler, which should be easily done as although she has never lost it, Janet is continually removing the ring while she does her housework. This ring purchasing process brings about a series of misunderstandings and errors as Janet truly believes she has lost her only ring, and supposes where she lost it. But the comedy of errors gets worse when Alec discovers the worth of the stock.
User ratings: 16
Average rating: 6.4
King of the Great White Way
Husband and wife Rudy and Betty Blaine, music writer and lyricist respectively for Broadway impresario Florenz Ziegfeld Jr., are staying at the White Sands to rejuvenate their creative juices, which have not been flowing of late especially for Rudy. Simon and Hetty share the view of most townsfolk that show business people are vulgar, and indeed the Blaines are more liberal and urban in their views than Simon and Hetty like. They feel the Blaine's stay at the hotel will ruin its reputation. But Hetty changes her mind about them when she learns the urban legend (i.e. the story in truth being false) that the Blaines have played to great aplomb for King George V, a story which the Blaines don't correct. Hetty tries to get the Blaines involved in a local musical production associated with the King. Meanwhile, Jasper's cousin Selena is in town helping Olivia with Jasper's projects while Jasper is away in England. Jasper sends a recording device home which he asks Olivia and Selena to patent for him. Seeing its potential, Felix believes this machine really could be the invention that makes Jasper rich and famous, and believes the Blaines are the perfect type of people who could promote its use. But in the demonstration, it's not the device but the voice associated with the recording with which the Blaines are captivated, that voice being Alec's. They offer him a try-out on Broadway at their own expense. Each in the King household have their own true feeling about whether Alec should pursue this opportunity, which in turn gets many to think about following their true dream in life.
User ratings: 17
Average rating: 6.3
Total Eclipse
A total eclipse of the sun will be visible from Avonlea in a week's time. The White Sands is booked solid with all the people coming to view the eclipse. Felix sees this as a good opportunity to ask for a promotion to Assistant Manager, but Simon feels Felix is still too inexperienced. Two people who won't be viewing the eclipse are Janet and Alec, who, with Daniel, are visiting out of town, leaving Felix, Cecily and Aunt Eliza at home. An incident between a skunk and Cecily and Izzy leads to a mishap where money Cecily was suppose to deliver to a charity on Janet's behalf gets accidentally burnt. Felix sees this mishap as an opportunity both for himself and to help Cecily: he will overbook the hotel, on the premise that he will kindly take in those looking for accommodation at the King house while Alec and Janet are away. He wants to show Simon that he is Assistant Manager material in this venture. Despite accommodating those in need, Felix could get into much trouble if Simon finds out that Felix purposefully overbooked the hotel, and/or if Janet and Alec find out that their house was used as a guest-house. Two of the guests who end up at the King house are the wealthy and demanding Mrs. Sandborn-Ellis who equates the eclipse with the apocalypse, and publicity-shy Italian eclipse expert Professor Antonio Rizelli who may end up having a more womanly fascination while in town.
User ratings: 17
Average rating: 7.2
Ah... Sweet Mystery of Life
Modernization is overtaking Avonlea, with some of its residents fighting the changes. Simon and Hetty require an influx of capital to make repairs to the White Sands, but Edward Osborne, a hotel consultant and financier they contact, will only invest if they make some modernizations in operation, with which both Simon and Hetty disagree. And Hetty learns that Avonlea School will close after this school year, students residing in Avonlea who will go to the 20-room school in Carmody, which has several teachers, each teaching different subjects. Hetty is offered a job there. If she doesn't accept, she will be forced to retire. Through these trials and tribulations, both Simon and Hetty come to the realization that they have more in common than they thought when they first met two years ago. They decide to get married. But in their new found love for each other, they forget that they have both been single for over half a century apiece, each with a long established way of living. They each also have their own professional priorities, Hetty's being to save her way of teaching and Avonlea School, and Simon's being to save the White Sands from being turned into a chain-like hotel. They'll need to overcome these differences if a marriage between the two is truly destined.
User ratings: 20
Average rating: 7.2
From Away
Davey has grown up to be a responsible young man. He is working hard and wants to use his earnings to buy a microscope for himself. Since he doesn't have enough money yet for one, Hetty unilaterally decides on something else she feels he should have instead, which places the two at odds with each other. Meanwhile, two British youth, brothers Bret and Ian McNulty, are being brought to the Avonlea Foundling Home. They were brought over from Britain on the pretense of being adopted, but were instead treated solely as slaves by their wards, who really had no intention of adopting them. As such, Bret and Ian ran away and were found on the streets of Charlottetown, living through petty theft. Bret and Ian are seemingly tough and streetwise, and hate everyone around them in Avonlea, especially Davey. The older Bret even goads the younger boys of Avonlea into games of chicken resulting in some illegal acts. But when Davey learns of a secret Bret is hiding, Davey vows to help the brothers on their ultimate mission, which is to find their older, of-age brother, Jim McNulty, who they suspect is somewhere in Nova Scotia. This act may get Davey into more trouble not only with Hetty, but also with the authorities.
User ratings: 22
Average rating: 6.7
After the Ball Is Over
Great Aunt Eliza's ninetieth birthday is approaching. She is still in good health for her age. She is also young at heart. In the continuing disagreements between the Ward sisters, Janet wants to hold an intimate family dinner to mark the occasion, whereas Abigail wants a more formal and dignified tea for a larger group. Abigail unilaterally makes arrangements for such at the White Sands. The sisters also disagree about inviting Eliza's cousin, Winifred Ward. With Winifred being even older than Eliza, Janet feels the trip for Winifred from Charlottetown will be too difficult for her to handle, but again Abigail unilaterally decides to invite her, she who does come to Avonlea. Upon Winifred's arrival, it is obvious to all that she is verging on dementia, which Dr. Snow confirms. Stories emerge of a man named Owen Briar, who Winifred and Eliza both loved when they were younger. Winifred still owns a silver keepsake box from him. Although Eliza and Winifred have always loved each other, the issue of Owen has always placed a wedge between them. Regardless, Eliza vows to keep a pledge to Winifred that someday the two will go back to England together.
User ratings: 17
Average rating: 6.2
Return to Me
Felicity and Stuart's wedding is fast approaching. The one person who is not happy about it is Hetty. Despite harboring no ill feeling toward Stuart, Hetty believes that Felicity is still in mourning over Gus. Felicity does admit that Gus is still in her thoughts every day. Felicity receives a largely inaudible telephone call from Charleston, South Carolina, the woman telephoner stating something to the effect that someone in some medical distress is asking for her. Felicity is certain that person is Gus. Although everyone but Felicity believes that going to Charleston without any additional information is an ill thought out proposition, Hetty agrees to accompany her. On the cargo ship from New York to Charleston that Felicity and Hetty are sailing, they are befriended by the only other passenger, a Charleston resident named Horace Beck, who wants to help the two women in distress. They also meet one of the deck hands named Jimmy, who was on the same ship when Gus was supposedly killed. Jimmy confirms the fact that Gus did perish on that sailing. Once in Charleston, Felicity and Hetty plan to go from hospital to hospital trying to find out information specifically about Gus. At their first stop - the marine mission - Felicity is certain that two women who stated that they didn't recognize Gus from the photograph that Felicity showed them are hiding some information from her. When Felicity uncovers the truth, she and Hetty, with Horace's assistance, have to figure out how best to keep true to Felicity's past and future love.
User ratings: 22
Average rating: 8.2
The Last Hurrah
The Town of Carmody is planning on amalgamating several surrounding communities, including Avonlea, into their town, all in the name of progress due to economies of scale. Although modernization has never been a selling point to most Avonlea residents, Eulalie Bugle and Archie Gillis lead the charge for amalgamation since they individually would gain monetarily from the move. While many in Avonlea work against amalgamation, including the Kings, the tide seems to be working for amalgamation with the showy and expensive propaganda provided by the pro-amalgamation forces, led by Carmody's mayor and officials of the railroad. A microcosm of the battle is the Dale Cannery. Many smaller canneries like the Dale's are closing due to the mega-cannery in Carmody being able to offer higher prices to the fishermen for the raw materials while undercutting prices to consumers. Lottie Cooper, a young single mother of a newborn, worked at one of those closed canneries. She comes to Olivia looking for work. Olivia, seeing a woman in dire straights, agrees. When Olivia finds that Lottie has no home and is barely surviving, Olivia additionally offers her home as a place to live temporarily. Lottie's stay coincides with Jasper's return to Avonlea. Lottie's child and Jasper's return renews thoughts within Olivia of wanting another child but probably not being able to have one.
User ratings: 17
Average rating: 6.1
So Dear to My Heart
Hetty, Felicity and a blind Gus return to Avonlea finding out about the Dale Cannery burning down, and a newborn in the Dale home. But Gus yet knows nothing about anyone named Stuart McRae, let alone that he is Felicity's fiancé. Conversely, no one in Avonlea has any idea that Gus is alive, albeit blind, before he arrives back in town. With the cannery, Olivia and Jasper's request for financing to rebuild has been turned down in light of the time to rebuild and the new modern cannery in Carmody always putting such a venture on uneconomical footing. Olivia and Jasper have to decide what to do, especially with all their old employees still waiting to start work. Hetty takes the news harder than anyone, she who sees the cannery as the lifeblood of the town, and without it the town's possible demise. With Felicity, Gus and Stuart, each also has some hard decisions to make. Stuart received Felicity's agreement to marry him in good faith and he still expects her to do so. Gus loves Felicity but knows that Stuart will be a better provider than he can be. He learns of a new but extremely dangerous surgical procedure that may restore his eyesight, with which he must think long and hard about proceeding. And Felicity knows that deep in her heart Gus is her one true love, but she did agree to marry Stuart and may not be able to hurt him especially in all that he sacrificed for her in her time of need.
User ratings: 31
Average rating: 8.5
Do Not Fail Me Part 1
User ratings: 9
Average rating: 7.3
Do Not Fail Me Part 2
User ratings: 10
Average rating: 6.3
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