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Better Off Ted

Seasons: 2
Episodes: 26
User ratings: 23,447
Average rating: 8.2

Comedy, Sci-Fi

In a science-based company, a manager tries to keep control of his scientists while being pressured by his shrewd boss.

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Ted Crisp is the head of Research & Development at Veridian Dynamics, a top-line corporation, striving to make it to the top. Ted has an uneasy friendship with his boss, Veronica Palmer - she is always wanting something from him to add to the business, from bio-warfare pumpkins, to uncomfortable leather chairs. Dr. Lem Hewitt and Dr. Phil Myman are two research analysts that work in Ted's group and are always competing against one another to get ahead. Linda Zwordling is a young intern and test consultant to office-test the various experiments the lab puts out. Ted is a recent divorcée raising a 10-year-old daughter, named Rose, after his wife left him to find herself as well as to "save the world". Ted's latest assignment involves recruiting Phil to be cryogenetically frozen as a public relations experiment for the company's research purposes.
User ratings: 290
Average rating: 7.6
While Phil and Lem work in the lab to create "beef without cows," Veronica takes steps to ensure that Phil won't sue the company for his botched freezing.
User ratings: 231
Average rating: 7.7
Through Rose Colored HAZMAT Suits
When Ted's nanny calls out sick, he is forced to take his 10-year-old daughter, Rose, to work with him. There Veronica bonds with her and shows the youngster first-hand about running a corporation in the mean-spirited way. Meanwhile, Ted tries to find out where he stands with whatever romance he has with Linda. Linda's ex-boyfriend arrives in town and shows up at the office wanting to spend the day with her.
User ratings: 212
Average rating: 8.1
Racial Sensitivity
Veridian comes up with an extremely insensitive solution to a problem with its motion sensors that do not detect black people, and Ted finds out that Linda now has a boyfriend who is extremely likable.
User ratings: 286
Average rating: 8.8
Win Some, Dose Some
Ted throws his daughter's wrapping paper-selling contest when he finds out a handicapped girl is in the competition and to purposely lose a bet with Veronica. Meanwhile, Linda gets mad at Phil and Lem when they accidentally dose her.
User ratings: 191
Average rating: 7.9
Goodbye, Mr. Chips
A computer error may cost Ted his job, but Linda and the scientists in the lab come up with a plan to save him.
User ratings: 197
Average rating: 7.9
Get Happy
Veronica tries to not be so cold and Ted tries to befriend the older men at Veridian after the results of an office study are revealed, and Linda's request for individuality in the office has unexpected results.
User ratings: 199
Average rating: 8.1
You Are the Boss of Me
Phil and Lem invite Ted to Medieval Fight Club while his daughter is away with his ex-wife, but come to regret their decision. In addition, Linda comes to regret becoming Veronica's friend.
User ratings: 177
Average rating: 8.0
A toxic leak from a biocomputer creates tension between Linda and Ted when they are forced to share Ted's office. Meanwhile, the new shared workspaces creates a potential romantic interest for Lem.
User ratings: 195
Average rating: 8.3
Trust and Consequence
Veronica tries to convince Linda to be the scapegoat after Veridian is sued for a faulty product, and Lem finds out that Phil lied to him about going to M.I.T..
User ratings: 174
Average rating: 8.2
Father, Can You Hair Me?
Veronica has an awkward reconciliation with her father after she finds out that he has a year to live, and Ted wants Phil and Lem to rush testing for a hair-growing formula so he can give it to his dad for his birthday.
User ratings: 173
Average rating: 7.8
Ted steals money to give Linda a secret "green" project. When Veronica asks about the missing money, Ted tells her about a fictional, "revolutionary" project, which soon becomes the talk of the company.
User ratings: 212
Average rating: 8.8
Secrets and Lives
The office finds out that Veronica is secretly working as a magician's assistant, Linda sets up a date for Ted, and Phil tries to improve his self-confidence.
User ratings: 176
Average rating: 8.1
Love Blurts
Veridian tries to play matchmaker for its employees, but the motives are less than altruistic. Ted's and Linda's matches cause friction between the two, and Veronica finds out that she's matched up with Lem.
User ratings: 177
Average rating: 8.0
The Lawyer, the Lemur and the Little Listener
Ted and Veronica use Ted's daughter Rose to find out who's getting fired in their department, Linda creates a children's book character based on Phil, and Lem finds out he's being billed for having sex with an office lawyer on company time.
User ratings: 159
Average rating: 7.9
Battle of the Bulbs
Ted becomes jealous when Linda upstages him and desperately seeks another way to receive Veridian's approval, and Lem becomes upset when a colleague in the lab begins sleeping with his mom--a famous scientist who despises Veridian's work.
User ratings: 152
Average rating: 7.9
It's Nothing Business, It's Just Personal
Ted gets in trouble with Veronica when he provides relationship advice to her new lover, and Phil and Lem compete over a new red lab coat that has mysteriously surfaced in Lem's locker.
User ratings: 149
Average rating: 7.8
The Great Repression
Linda and Ted face sexual harassment charges from an overreacting coworker, but Veronica's solution to the problem creates unexpected complications. Meanwhile, Lem and Phil try to save a robot that is replaced by a human.
User ratings: 159
Average rating: 8.4
Beating a Dead Workforce
Veronica exploits the death of an overworked Veridian employee in order to motivate the rest of its overworked workforce to work even harder to meet an important deadline.
User ratings: 144
Average rating: 7.9
Change We Can't Believe In
Ted struggles with an overly talkative security guard who worships him and wants to be his best friend. Meanwhile, a terrified Phil and Lem face the prospect of working alone with Veronica for the first time.
User ratings: 155
Average rating: 7.9
The Impertence of Communicationizing
A new corporate memo causes all Veridian employees to insult their colleagues, Ted tries to prove that he's not over-controlling on an MRE project, and Veronica suddenly feels uncontrollable guilt over her last promotion.
User ratings: 161
Average rating: 8.1
The Long and Winding High Road
Ted tries to take the high road with one of his bitter rivals in Research and Development after they come up with competing products, while Phil and Lem search for a scapegoat after they break the lab thermostat.
User ratings: 139
Average rating: 7.5
Lust in Translation
Ted dates a German businesswoman whose company wants to buy a translating device from Veridian, but a minor adjustment by Phil threatens to kill the romance and the deal. Meanwhile, Linda invents a new game and defeats Veronica.
User ratings: 164
Average rating: 8.2
Mess of a Salesman
Ted gets his brother a job selling lab supplies, and Phil and Lem go overboard buying items they don't need. Veronica is set to receive an award from the Veridian Foundation to help raise money for a charity she doesn't know about.
User ratings: 161
Average rating: 7.9
It's a Party and I'll Lie If I Want To
Phil and Lem create a new lie detector device which ends up creating havoc for Linda and her family. Meanwhile, Ted and Veronica use their respective daughter and niece as pawns to gain favor with Chet, the boss upstairs.
User ratings: 128
Average rating: 8.4
Swag the Dog
The Company implements a new reward system which Phil and Lem take advantage of. Ted and Linda try to stop office rumors that they are sleeping together, while Veronica gets stuck occupying the former CEO of Veridian.
User ratings: 134
Average rating: 8.4
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