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Seasons: 4
Episodes: 42
User ratings: 52,516
Average rating: 8.4


U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades goes after hedge fund king Bobby "Axe" Axelrod in a battle between two powerful New York figures.

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When an inside tip is received it sets off a high stakes game of cat and mouse.
User ratings: 1,530
Average rating: 8.2
Naming Rights
Chuck's probe is derailed temporarily; Axe makes an aggressive move.
User ratings: 1,058
Average rating: 8.1
Axe makes an activist play, and the move reverberates back to Chuck.
User ratings: 987
Average rating: 7.9
Short Squeeze
After getting one of his Portfolio Managers out of trouble with the police, Axe takes a spontaneous trip to see Metallica in concert with his childhood friends. While there, he meets a free spirited young woman who makes him face the limits of his own freedom. He also must fend off a short squeeze-an attack on one of his important holdings-led by Chuck's father. Back in New York, Chuck has an epic day-long proffer session with Pete Decker, learning important facts about the inner workings of Axe Capital. But Chuck must also take action against his own father for his stock manipulation. Axe reckons with a cold betrayal by one of his old friends, and upon his return, Axe makes a momentous decision about the direction of his firm.
User ratings: 990
Average rating: 8.4
The Good Life
Axe orders his traders to unload their positions, and he unceremoniously disappears from Axe Capital, plunging the firm into chaos. As Axe questions his life choices and plans a trip on his new yacht, Wags and Wendy struggle to maintain order and morale. In response to Axe's disappearance, Chuck intensifies his investigation, which leads him to a farm in Iowa, where he discovers a key witness to a questionable trade. Armed with the damning evidence, Chuck sends the FBI into Axe Capital to make a surprising arrest.
User ratings: 881
Average rating: 8.2
The Deal
The repercussions of the raid on Axe Capital ripple outward. Axe is spoiling for a fight, and plans a scorched-earth defense against this very public attack on his company-threatening his relationship with Wendy in the process. Chuck's interrogation of Dollar Bill does not go as planned, and political pressure mounts for Chuck to recuse himself in the face of a protracted legal battle. Wendy, caught in the middle, engages in deft shuttle diplomacy to facilitate a deal in the best interests of both men. But everything hinges on a fraught face-to-face meeting between Chuck and Axe to finalize the agreement.
User ratings: 951
Average rating: 8.8
The Punch
Wendy tries to sniff out how Axe's plea deal broke down, while Lara shows her sons some tough love. All the stops are pulled as Axe and team try to avoid undue media attention from a less than flattering viral video. Chuck reasserts himself with both Spyros and the investigation.
User ratings: 772
Average rating: 8.0
Boasts and Rails
News of an informant reaches Axe. Connerty struggles with the moral landscape of the case. Chuck contemplates cashing in. June's redacted chapter is leaked, releasing skeletons from Bobby's closet.
User ratings: 745
Average rating: 8.4
Where the F*ck Is Donnie?
A sudden and mysterious disappearance sends both Axe and Chuck spinning.
User ratings: 730
Average rating: 8.2
Quality of Life
Following a death, Axe and Wendy do some soul-searching; Chuck suffers a setback; a corrupt judge dismisses the case; Axe takes his revenge.
User ratings: 886
Average rating: 8.8
Magical Thinking
Axe deals with emotional turbulence after misreading a potential trade.
User ratings: 763
Average rating: 8.2
The Conversation
Chuck goes in search of Axe, which results in an explosive situation.
User ratings: 1,290
Average rating: 9.3
Risk Management
Chuck faces scrutiny from the Attorney General; Axe considers options for retaliation; Wendy entertains an offer from a rival manager; Lara intervenes during a school emergency.
User ratings: 673
Average rating: 8.4
Dead Cat Bounce
Axe spars with a rival hedge fund manager; Chuck deploys a team to find a high-profile case; Wendy is questioned.
User ratings: 605
Average rating: 8.2
Optimal Play
Axelrod considers buying an NFL team in order to diversify, doing whatever it takes to avoid his fate. Rhoades cultivates a low-level informant.
User ratings: 617
Average rating: 8.5
The Oath
Rhoades develops a new strategy. Axelrod considers a major charitable pledge.
User ratings: 600
Average rating: 8.3
Chuck, Connerty and Sacker must rely on an anxious insider who's willing to wear a wire. Meanwhile, Axe's numbers take a big hit, leaving him to scout ideas for a quick play with a huge payoff. Wendy rediscovers her passion for her former job at Axe Capital through an old colleague. The reality of Lara's business starts to affect her marriage.
User ratings: 622
Average rating: 8.6
Indian Four
Axe negotiates with a timid seller. Chuck's deal with a defendant fails.
User ratings: 575
Average rating: 8.6
Victory Lap
Axe mulls future of Sandicott. Chuck's team discusses their future. Chuck looks to a political future.
User ratings: 532
Average rating: 8.1
The Kingmaker
Axe investigates who was behind the breakdown in his Sandicot dealings but faces formidable opposition. Chuck digs up dirt on a political rival. Lara makes a PR trip to Sandicot to ease tensions between the town and the Axelrods. Wendy helps Taylor solve a problem at Axe Capital. Chuck and Senior curry favor with a powerful ally.
User ratings: 658
Average rating: 8.7
Sic Transit Imperium
Axe is offered inside information from a former employee and considers whether to use it. Chuck faces external pressure to drop an ongoing investigation. Lara plans a lavish birthday celebration for Axe only to discover he's lied to her about his relationship with Wendy. Chuck is willing to support Ira and Senior's investment in a company about to go public.
User ratings: 514
Average rating: 8.1
With or Without You
Axe deals with a family disturbance. Chuck gets vetted for advancement.
User ratings: 606
Average rating: 8.6
Golden Frog Time
Chuck finds he has much at stake in Ice Juice; Axe takes out a huge short.
User ratings: 2,098
Average rating: 9.7
Ball in Hand
Axe receives unexpected news; Chuck finalizes his long game. Season finale.
User ratings: 1,006
Average rating: 9.2
Tie Goes to the Runner
Chuck receives a mandate from a new boss. Axe braves a hard choice following his recent indictment. Taylor generates a monster strategy. Lara threatens to pull her money from Axe Capital. Sacker strives to prove herself as Chief of Crim
User ratings: 688
Average rating: 8.2
The Wrong Maria Gonzalez
Chuck tries to cash in a favor owed to him by an honorable judge. Axe orchestrates creative new avenues for conducting trades. Wendy helps Taylor weather their first major crisis. Connerty continues chasing down Ice Juice leads.
User ratings: 539
Average rating: 8.1
A Generation Too Late
Chuck faces a dilemma when he's given a perverse directive. Axe expands upon a secret venture. Taylor and Wags interview a different type of Axe Capital employee. Connerty and Dake close in on key witness in the Ice Juice sabotage. Axe and Lara consider an unexpected agreement.
User ratings: 564
Average rating: 8.4
Hell of a Ride
Axe explores the new arena of venture philanthropy and looks to neutralize old accomplices. Connerty's scrutiny of Chuck intensifies. Chuck tries to reconcile with his father. Wags pursues an intensely personal real estate acquisition.
User ratings: 559
Average rating: 8.5
Flaw in the Death Star
Chuck trades favors with a co-conspirator. Axe and Chuck fight for the loyalty of the same witness. Connerty gets closer to the truth. Axe sends Taylor to Silicon Valley to explore new business opportunities. Dollar Bill plans a big short position on a pharmaceutical company stock, but not everyone at Axe Cap approves.
User ratings: 538
Average rating: 8.5
The Third Ortolan
Spyros decides on a move that changes the game completely - for everyone.
User ratings: 818
Average rating: 9.2
Not You, Mr. Dake
Axe and Chuck face mounting evidence of their involvement in the Ice Juice sabotage. Taylor questions Wendy's authority and motivations at Axe Capital. Connerty makes his case in court but comes up against unexpected witness testimony.
User ratings: 685
Average rating: 8.9
All the Wilburys
Axe tries for a fresh start at Axe Capital. Chuck wrestles with whether to honor his word to a friend. Taylor asks for more independence. Lara and Axe negotiate a new arrangement regarding Lara's money.
User ratings: 529
Average rating: 8.6
Axe makes a bold play to secure capital from a controversial source. Taylor chafes against Axe's recent moves. Chuck recruits the allies he needs to move forward with a new plan. Connerty seeks out a career opportunity.
User ratings: 489
Average rating: 8.1
Ben has an idea for a quick play. Chuck and Wendy play host to an unexpected guest. Axe meets with an eccentric potential investor. Chuck opens a risky new investigation. Axe and Lara make a new arrangement.
User ratings: 495
Average rating: 8.4
It's bonus time at Axe Cap and Bobby has an iron fist around all things compensation, which has Taylor wondering if she is in the right place. Chuck goes out on a limb to save his closest friend, and tries a new tactic to build momentum with the destruction of his boss!
User ratings: 502
Average rating: 8.6
Elmsley Count
Axe dominates a capital raise event, but is soon challenged by an unexpected competitor. Chuck looks to strike the ultimate blow on an enemy. Wendy reckons with past decisions, and chooses a side. Connerty confronts Sacker about Chuck's activities. Taylor takes a big position.
User ratings: 1,082
Average rating: 9.4
Chucky Rhoades's Greatest Game
Season 4 begins with Axe closing ranks, determined to destroy Taylor. No longer U.S. Attorney, Chuck struggles to regain power. Taylor does what it takes to keep their new company afloat.
User ratings: 428
Average rating: 8.7
Arousal Template
Axe, still focused on wrecking Taylor and their new company, hits it off with a venture capitalist. Chuck sets his sights on a new position. Wendy asks Chuck to make a change.
User ratings: 296
Average rating: 8.4
Axe has to step in when a tip from Dollar Bill goes south quickly. Chuck faces a threat to his new career aspirations. Wendy and Axe develop a plan to derail Taylor's business. Taylor receives an important guest.
User ratings: 245
Average rating: 8.5
Overton Window
Axe Cap suffers an attack at a crucial moment. Taylor considers going into business with an unexpected partner. Axe asks for Chuck's help. Chuck makes a bold move to advance his own career.
User ratings: 424
Average rating: 9.3
A Proper Sendoff
Chuck begins work in a new position. Axe is surprised by a visitor from his past. Wendy deals with the consequences of Chuck's actions. Taylor goes after an organization that has a history with Axe.
User ratings: 217
Average rating: 8.8
Maximum Recreational Depth
User ratings: 23
Average rating: 9.0
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