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Blue Bloods

Seasons: 9
Episodes: 196
User ratings: 28,462
Average rating: 7.6

Crime, Drama

Revolves around a family of New York cops.

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Harvard Law School graduate Jamie Reagan's family, patriarch grandfather Henry's cop dynasty, proudly attends his graduation from the New York police academy, presided over by his father, chief commissioner Frank Reagan. Jamie's brother, Iraq veteran Danny Reagan, cleverly makes the best of his sole clue, a prototype doll, to find and liberate kidnapped Latino girl Teresa Campos. Alas, Danny blatantly breaks procedure, violating prime suspect Donald Banse's rights. A conviction thus seems impossible to obtain for sister Erin, in the D.A.'s office, unless new, non-poisoned evidence can be obtained. Jamie is approached by FBI agents to succeed his late brother as secret informer on the Blue Templars, a legendary NYPD vigilante order.
User ratings: 525
Average rating: 7.7
The Reagans weigh the rights and wrongs of vigilantism when a good Samaritan who has a police record takes action against a terrorizing subway criminal.
User ratings: 402
Average rating: 7.8
Erin, Frank and Danny work together within the system to find justice when a rape case's primary suspect is protected by diplomatic immunity.
User ratings: 381
Average rating: 8.2
Officer Down
Frank mobilizes the entire NYPD to find the killer of an off-duty police officer who was murdered during a diamond heist.
User ratings: 367
Average rating: 8.1
What You See
The Reagans argue the pros and cons of profiling as Frank, Danny and the rest of the NYPD search for a bomb that is about to detonate in Manhattan.
User ratings: 357
Average rating: 8.1
Smack Attack
Danny works to discover the source of a deadly narcotic after three teenagers die from a drug overdose.
User ratings: 336
Average rating: 7.8
When Erin tries to take down a gang leader using his law-abiding brother as bait, the family debates her methods.
User ratings: 321
Average rating: 7.9
After Jamie secretly meets FBI agent Anderson in Chinatown, after hours, to decline succeeding late brother Joe as spy in the search for the Blue Templars, he sees triad goons attack a woman, as turns out an illegal prostitute, and intervenes. In the ensuing chase, one of them gets hit by a car and dies. I.A. is instructed to conduct a rigorous investigation as the press might suggest the commissioner's son is getting special treatment, although he merely omitted calling in colleagues on duty, for which there was too little time. Meanwhile Danny, who remembers having needed spankings unlike his golden kid brother, finds a way round the reluctance of potential witnesses and links the case, in which the surviving triad abuser is murdered to shut him up, to prostitution and baby trade for adoption. Jamie's girl friend Syd dumps him for a promotion to London.
User ratings: 305
Average rating: 8.0
The life of a Reagan is put in danger when three dangerous criminals are released from prison.
User ratings: 322
Average rating: 8.3
After Hours
When a doorman at a New York City hot spot is murdered, Danny returns to investigate the nightclub scene he left behind years ago. Meanwhile, Frank makes a decision about an ex-partner's future.
User ratings: 320
Average rating: 7.8
Little Fish
Danny and Jackie investigate the murder of a high-end escort found floating in the river. Meanwhile, Frank vows to bring a killer to justice when a missing boy's remains are found from a case that he was emotionally invested in 25 years ago.
User ratings: 301
Average rating: 8.0
Family Ties
When the son of a Russian gangster is killed at his own engagement party, Danny delves into the world of the Russian mob and the family politics that exist. Meanwhile, Erin is thrown into a high-profile corruption case.
User ratings: 299
Average rating: 7.7
Hall of Mirrors
When an undercover counter-terrorism agent is shot, Frank assigns Danny to the case because he is the only officer he can trust given the victim's involvement with infiltrating a sleeper cell; however, Danny is sworn to secrecy as to not disrupt the police activity in that cell.
User ratings: 285
Average rating: 8.0
My Funny Valentine
When a young girl is kidnapped and held for ransom, Danny and Jackie place her drug-addicted boyfriend at the top of their suspect list. Meanwhile, Erin and her boss, Charles Rossellini, take their flirtatious banter a step further.
User ratings: 291
Average rating: 7.7
When an assassination attempt is made on Frank's life, Danny goes on a hunt to track down the shooter and find out if the attack was random or by someone with a vendetta against the Commissioner.
User ratings: 294
Average rating: 8.2
Age of Innocence
When an unidentified young girl is found murdered at a debutante ball, Danny and Jackie look to the prostitute found giving her a hard time on the hotel's surveillance camera for clues. Meanwhile, Nicky gets a glimpse of her first murder victim as she rides along with Danny when he gets the call to investigate.
User ratings: 278
Average rating: 7.6
Silver Star
When a former U.S. Marine and war hero-turned-homeless man is found murdered, Danny, a former Marine himself, feels a personal connection and is determined to find the killer. Meanwhile, erroneous information about Frank running for mayor is leaked to the press.
User ratings: 300
Average rating: 8.3
To Tell the Truth
Danny happens to witness the murder Peruvian-born philanthropist Salazar's ex, Sylvia's present lover. Salazar actually runs a ruthless Latino gang and systematically escapes convictions by killing of blackmailing key witnesses. When waves his lawyer's implicit death threat, his wife Linda is kidnapped by fake cops impersonating her bodyguard. Luckily the unsuspecting boys were safe with grandpa. Prosecutor Lyle Greene praises the NYPD's efforts in the case, but his office leaks information. Frank has to curb in person Danny's unprecedented tendency to compromise the case with illegal methods.
User ratings: 292
Average rating: 8.2
Model Behavior
When Linda's runway model niece and a reporter both collapse at a fashion show, Danny and Jackie immerse themselves in the cut-throat world of fashion to find the culprit who poisoned them.
User ratings: 274
Average rating: 7.4
All That Glitters
When a tourist from Iowa who is visiting the city with his wife gets mugged and shot, the press soon puts the pressure on the police to solve the case, fearing for New York's reputation with tourists.
User ratings: 275
Average rating: 7.9
Cellar Boy
An elderly couple known to the Reagans is murdered in their house in the neighborhood, Jamie's service weapon gets stolen from his locker and Frank fights the mayor about the police budget.
User ratings: 271
Average rating: 8.0
The Blue Templar
After his car, inherited from Joe, was sabotaged and damaged in a crash, Jamie tells his father and Danny about the Blue Templar spy status he 'inherited' unwillingly. Grandpa chips in to sketch how the secret society started to clean up NYPD from within where IA failed, but soon started turning bad with new blood. Together, they trace suspect cops like detective Sonny Malevsky and a dirty IA inspector to the present generation, which will stop at nothing to cover up its lucrative crimes, and can't be officially handled.
User ratings: 374
Average rating: 8.8
When a supporter for the mayor elect is found dead, Frank is put on the spot when the mayor wants him to position it to the public as a random act of violence. Meanwhile, Jamie goes undercover at a bar and meets a suspicious patron.
User ratings: 272
Average rating: 7.7
Friendly Fire
When Danny shoots a cop who failed to identify himself, he is put on modified assignment and must face an Internal Affairs investigation, which delves into his personal state of mind that day.
User ratings: 282
Average rating: 8.3
Critical Condition
When a bank robbery turns into a hostage situation, Frank realizes that the perp is a former cop and old friend who has resorted to crime because of his daughter's desperate illness.
User ratings: 262
Average rating: 8.0
Erin reopens an 18-year-old rape case, in which Frank was the arresting officer. Meanwhile, Danny and Jackie investigate the murder of three teenagers in a park, who seemed to have been killed for no reason.
User ratings: 249
Average rating: 7.9
A Night on the Town
Danny tries to juggle investigating a case with trying to have a romantic weekend with Linda. Meanwhile, Jamie goes deep undercover into a crime family.
User ratings: 247
Average rating: 7.7
Black and Blue
Frank deals with a political crisis after Jamie and Renzulli enter a religious center in response to a 911 call and are injured by the church's security team who prohibits them from entering.
User ratings: 255
Average rating: 8.0
Lonely Hearts Club
Jackie goes undercover as an escort when she and Danny track down a serial killer who is murdering prostitutes in hotel rooms. Meanwhile, Erin meets a potential suitor at an art gallery who shares her interests.
User ratings: 252
Average rating: 7.8
When a young woman commits suicide, Danny and Jackie suspect it was forced. Meanwhile, Frank and Mayor Poole butt heads over a threat to the city, and when Henry suffers a heart attack, the Reagans must face the possibility of losing their patriarch.
User ratings: 255
Average rating: 8.1
Danny accompanies a dangerous ex-mobster who is helping him find bodies on cold cases in exchange for leniency for his son on grand theft auto. Meanwhile, Jamie works undercover in a boiler room operation, looking for a secret about the Sanfino family.
User ratings: 247
Average rating: 8.2
Whistle Blower
Construction labor union leader Ray Milo is fatally shot by a motor biker at his anniversary dinner just after starting a major strike against contractor Dennis Driscoll. He was also a justice informer, and his wife Jenna, who blames Erin, had a serious affair. Promising beat cop Acosta is seen beating a senior civilian on a cellphone video propagated on the Internet.
User ratings: 236
Average rating: 8.2
The Uniform
Danny and Jackie investigate a murder scene at a diner, where a witness claims a uniformed officer fled the scene after shots were fired.
User ratings: 233
Average rating: 7.8
The Job
On the way home with his family, Danny hits a man with his car who is fleeing from a gunman, and his family gets caught in the crossfire when Danny fires his weapon at the gunman. Frank deals with 9/11 guilt from impending loss of a friend whom he worked alongside at Ground Zero.
User ratings: 267
Average rating: 8.3
Leap of Faith
When a rich woman dies of a heart attack, her eccentric daughter claims that she received a message from God, who told her that her stepfather actually murdered her. Meanwhile, the archbishop wants Frank's support for the canonization of a local priest, but a reluctant Frank takes it upon himself to investigate a rumor that the priest went too far when protesting the Vietnam War.
User ratings: 270
Average rating: 7.6
When a man's family is robbed and beaten in front of him, and the assailant is shot and killed, the Reagan's debate about how far they would go to protect their family. Meanwhile, when a college student is arrested at a rally, Frank wrestles with her sentence due to her identity.
User ratings: 238
Average rating: 8.1
The Life We Chose
When a Reagan family friend, an undercover detective, is killed, Linda and the boys worry about Danny, as his relentless search for the killer takes a toll on his emotional state.
User ratings: 239
Average rating: 8.4
Women with Guns
Hearing Johhnny Tessla disappeared from Bianca Sanfino, Jamie wants to quit undercover work, but as the corpse is found in the Caribbean, agrees to revive his Jimmie Riordan alias to brave Noble and his godfather Phil, who may suspect Jimmie, while it's probably a mob families war revival. Frank is delighted to find at a dull society evening that his regular flirt, investigative TV reporter Melanie Maines, in in town. Barely able to prevent a d-shady man from throwing acid in her face, Frank puts Danny in charge. The most credible suspect from the list of those who threatened her after embarrassing broadcasts has a rock-solid alibi. Studio politics provide alternative suspects.
User ratings: 238
Average rating: 8.2
Reagan V. Reagan
As Erin prosecutes a woman accused of killing her husband, the defendant's attorney is murdered and Danny is assigned to the investigation. When Danny is put on the stand and questioned, things get heated between the brother and sister.
User ratings: 228
Average rating: 8.1
No Questions Asked
Frank finds himself working with the Mayor and Reverend Potter from a previous episode, in a program to buy guns which may have been used in a crime but will not be used against them. But when a gun which was believed to have been used in a robbery wherein someone got shot, is turned in the officer who got it takes a photo of the one who turned it in and gives it to Danny. But Danny tries not to use it. But when he hits a road block; when the man who was shot was trying to describe the shooter to a sketch artist, Danny tries to lean him towards the man in the photo and comes up with a sketch of the man in the photo. He arrests him but he claims he didn't do anything. Eventually Frank learns of what happened and tells Danny to let the man go and start from scratch. Something happened to Nicky at school and turns to Jaime for advise.
User ratings: 223
Average rating: 7.9
Some Kind of Hero
Jamie's undercover identity would be ruined if he takes public credit for saving a baby boy from a fire on patrol, so uniformed partner and mentor sergeant Anthony Renzulli is asked to do so. Voluntary fireman and construction worker Chris Keenan's hanging was ruled a suicide, plausibly for life insurance given his financial peril, but his son Michael (11) gets Danny to investigate informally. This yields enough to get the officially closed case reopened. Keenan's construction and fire department partner admits they were in a pickle with the corrupt building inspector.
User ratings: 243
Average rating: 8.3
Working Girls
Boris Ostrovsky, key witness in the murder trial against Russian mob lord Uri Denko, is murdered after he left witness protection due to a threat against his family. Now shy alternative witness Sophia Babikov, a maid, is convinced to testify in his place. Danny takes charge of her 'safe' hotel protection, but a well-prepared attempt on their lives by a repairman forces them to hide in partner Curatola's home and chase the obvious but unidentified NYPD mole. The high-profile trial contributes to making the mayor offer Erin the job of deputy mayor in charge of law and rescue services, which would mean a very delicate report with her father as police chief.
User ratings: 229
Average rating: 8.4
Collateral Damage
Jamie is informed that the mob has hired men to kill his alter-ego as well as 'buddy' Noble Sanfino. Jamie is ordered to hide in the Reagan home, but can't in conscience just stand by as Noble is murdered, only tipping him off may compromise an impending major mob bust. Bringing his partner to a clinic, Danny stumbles upon the suspicious death of talented Wall Street broking firm junior Gibson. He finds the man has just boxed in an illegal fighting club for brokers. Possible motives regard dodgy business practices and gambling, the method tampering with his gloves.
User ratings: 223
Average rating: 8.3
Mother's Day
It's Mother's Day. Frank learns of a possible attack using a biological weapon. The mayor wants to tell the people but Frank who doesn't want to alarm the people, wants to wait and see if it can be handled. Danny asks patrolmen to look out for a man he is looking for. Jamie finds him and says it's his collar but Danny says it's his, which makes things tense between them.
User ratings: 244
Average rating: 8.4
Family Business
A dangerous criminal from Danny's past comes back to seek revenge and kidnaps Jackie. Meanwhile, Jamie meets his new partner. Michael Madsen and Corbin Bleu guest star.
User ratings: 268
Average rating: 8.3
Domestic Disturbance
Danny and Jackie respond to a call about a domestic disturbance. When they get there the girl who is supposedly the victim claims she had an accident. But when they take her to the hospital Linda confirms her injuries don't appear to be of an accident. They do some checking and discover that she was with a councilman who is an ex-cop and a friend of Frank's. The man denies that anything happened. But later there's another incident at the girl's place and this time it's the councilman who's the victim. They take the girl in who later admits that he was abusing her but because she didn't admit it at first, she's not very credible. And as of the moment it appears that she attacked him. And there's not much they can do. Frank thinks he should stay out of it but finds it hard to.
User ratings: 241
Average rating: 8.0
Old Wounds
Danny races against the clock as one by one, four men who got off on a technicality although found guilty of child murder are killed themselves. Danny must collaborate with the inspector who got the four arrested, prime suspect is a victim's relative who openly swore bloody revenge. Erin's ex is back in court and plans to move back to Manhattan and their delighted daughter Nicky's life, which now also includes a charming preppy lover.
User ratings: 237
Average rating: 8.2
Scorched Earth
When Johnny Evans drives his bride to city hall, she's fatally hit by fire from a drug gang's car. Nobody in the neighborhood dares be a snitch, so Jamie's partner Vinny Cruz, who noticed eye contact with black teenager Andre Bell performs a questionable search, which yields weed and a link to the gang. Jamie wrestles with his conscience, torn between loyalty to the letter of the law and protecting well-meaning Vinny during an investigations by the D.A.'s office. Meanwhile Frank reluctantly takes charge of the protection of Latino dictator Valverde, who enjoys diplomatic immunity for surgery, while his country rebels. Danny now regrets his protection detail training, forcing him to serve as escort, which proves as perilous as misguided. He informally continues the bride killing investigation, which is complicated by groom Evans's abduction.
User ratings: 225
Average rating: 8.0
Risk and Reward
Jamie agrees to celebrate Henry's 60 years since police graduation by taking him along on patrol for two days, but isn't amused when grandpa gangs up with partner Vinny to promote a hard hard in handling domestic trouble between the sibling heirs of pizza restaurant Salducci's, and proves his smart way works best. Malaysian drug cartel lord Omar Sayid demands the release of his brother Abdul, who runs their American branch, in exchanged for recently decorated NYPD undercover officer Bobby Mulrow, who helped CIA and Malaysian authorities fight the terrorism-linked cartel. Frank refuses to negotiate with terrorists, so he orders Danny and Sam Croft to find the hostage cop before he's executed as many before him.
User ratings: 222
Average rating: 8.2
Greener Grass
When Erin's key witness, an infamous photographer, is nearly killed in a hit and run, she arranges for Danny to work protection detail to safeguard him.
User ratings: 219
Average rating: 8.1
Jamie proves more patient then Vinny with Malcolm, a confused senior who keeps intruding a building in search of non-resident 'Dr. No', works out his fine past before Alzheimer struck and wins his confidence. Press secretary Garrett Moore tends his resignation to spare the NYPD a scandal as he's falsely accused of sexual abuse, but Frank 'deliberates', hoping it can be informally fixed by Henry's ex-cops network. Danny and Kate Lansing, transferred from IA while frustrated Curatola takes personal leave, examine the case of Haitian Brooklyn college student Toussaint Lazard who fatally stabbed a Halloween-reveler dressed as a Catholic priest, while the pectoral cross he carries belongs to archdiocese-summoned exorcist Francis Xavier Ainsworth.
User ratings: 251
Average rating: 7.8
Higher Education
Danny arrives at a college campus to find a murdered student, who was thought to be dealing drugs.
User ratings: 234
Average rating: 7.9
Secrets and Lies
Jamie, shocked like the whole family when grandpa becomes a victim of a serial ATM mugger, is so eager to go after the fiend that he can't wait for Cruz to give chase. Catching up, he's tempted to let the reckless fugitive fall to his death, yet risks his life to save and arrest him, and still incurs a suspension. Dining with friendly mob lawyer Angelo Gallo, Frank is tipped off about a rivaling families hit but suspects a hidden agenda. Danny is frustrated by priest Quinn's confession seal obsession, even posthumously and after being shot himself.
User ratings: 228
Average rating: 8.1
Fathers and Sons
When two motorists driving gas-guzzling cars die at the hands of a sniper, Danny and Kate are put on the case of what the city believes is the work of a radical environmental serial killer.
User ratings: 237
Average rating: 8.0
Front Page News
Jamie must deal with the emotional consequences of his actions on the job. Susie Essman and Annabella Sciorra guest star.
User ratings: 227
Average rating: 8.1
There's a long list of plausible criminal suspects when Danny is arrested by a tipped-off uniformed cop who actually finds cocaine in his car. It must have been planted while he came pick up a birthday treat for the boy at Wojcik's bakery, but the Polish owner rudely tells Jamie not to have seen Danny. The family can't be seen favoring one of their own, but Erin's ex Jack accepts the defense at grandpa's request. Danny first suspects his ex-IA partner of being in a plot, then the few others he knew enough to tip off the next, related murder.
User ratings: 255
Average rating: 8.5
Inside Jobs
When a man with multiple rat bites is thrown from a moving car, Danny works the case to find out why and who was trying to send a message. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Mark Moses guest star.
User ratings: 266
Average rating: 8.0
Men in Black
The former mayor gingerly approaches Frank after Jamie arrested his spoiled-rotten brat daughter, by the book, for drug possession and gross disrespect, which continues even in court. While Henry attends the funeral of his Hassidic friend, the New York grand rabbi, his junior son and designated successor is fatally stabbed just outdoors. Thus the firstborn, traditional successor becomes grand rabbi and prime suspect, or his bodyguard. Investigating, Danny and ex-Hassidic fellow detective Wolf Landsman find further possible motives in the rabbinical family's secret love life and consider further strong-armed acolytes opportunities.
User ratings: 251
Average rating: 7.9
When a 10-year-old boy is the victim of an incident in the projects, Danny's heated approach to the case lands him in anger management class.
User ratings: 225
Average rating: 8.0
Quid Pro Quo
During a basketball game that Danny and Jamie are playing with some friends Danny's friend gets into it with one of Jamie's Harvard friends. Danny's guy smacks the guy Jamie knows, who has to be hospitalized. The Harvard friend decides to press charges and Danny is forced to reluctantly arrest his friend. Erin is approached by a man who asks her to re investigate his daughter's 15 year old cold-case murder. Erin goes to Danny and asks him to investigate and Danny agrees to, if she helps his friend. Frank and Garrett have a disagreement when Frank is interviewed and a very touchy question is asked.
User ratings: 228
Average rating: 8.2
Protest Too Much
Amid protests over the NYPD's new "stop, question and search" policy, Erin and the entire Reagan family are targeted by a protest group's photographer, who is publishing the photos to a website. When a rape victim that Erin is preparing for trial appears in some of the photos, Erin confronts the photographer. Danny and Detective Maria Baez investigate a young "Bonnie and Clyde" type couple who rob a bank and steal an off-duty police officer's gun in the process, but the intrusion of the FBI threatens their progress. Elsewhere, Frank considers getting romantically involved with an ACLU representative named Whitney, who is an acquaintance of Erin's and close to Erin's age.
User ratings: 223
Average rating: 8.0
No Regrets
Jamie finds a scared little Kyle with blood spatters, whose parents had a scary row, then learns the blood types prove his daddy Raul can't be his biological parent, but luckily steps in when the man plans to leave his adulterous wife. Frank resolves to help his friend, a retired Air Force colonel and astronaut, who has an alcohol problem. Danny and Erin race against a series of at first sight unrelated killings on people who actually are all involved in messed-up murder trials bugging prosecuting officer Trevor Holt, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
User ratings: 212
Average rating: 8.1
Loss of Faith
Pedro Mendoza, a fired hothead beat cop from Jamie's precinct, has killed two Miami cops and may be heading back for bloody revenge on the NYPD brass which he blames for wrecking his career. Small entrepreneur and widower Vince D'Amato presents his murdered daughter Kathleen as a saintly model art student and devout catholic like him and practically engaged to his 'virtual son' Joe Ferraro, but she actually switched to Arabic studies and fell in love with Salem Haddad, the perfectly integrated brother of violently frustrated intolerant Muslim and former islamophobic bashing victim Mustafa.
User ratings: 217
Average rating: 7.8
Ends and Means
Jamie accepts, as last Reagan winner of the annual soap box derby, a bitter matter of honor for grandpa Henry, who holds an ancient grudges against the Bonniello firemen family, to coach present competitor Sean, actually a mate of the present Boniello, Ethan. Frank however discovers and refuses to accept that grandpa systematically 'doctors' their cart 'Henry Special'. Danny's prime suspect in Manhattan hot shots drug dealer Christopher Dean's 'exemplary' murder case dies unquestioned because Linda gave priority to hospital policy, and more killings follow.
User ratings: 213
Average rating: 8.0
Devil's Breath
When a man is found wandering the street with blood all over his clothes, Danny and Baez tries to find out what happened. But the man says he doesn't remember. He says he's from out of town and he's with his girlfriend and that he's planning to propose to her. They go back to his hotel room and find his girlfriend dead and blood all over the room. While the guy still maintains not to know anything, Danny has no choice but to take him in. Danny's not sure what to believe. An off duty cop who was drinking comes across a robbery and stops it. Later Jamie shows up and smells that he's been drinking and tries to help him but the Captain sees what he's doing and orders that the cop be tested. And when he comes out positive, he has to face a hearing. Frank who admires what he did, but believes in following the rules. And Erin gets a call from her daughter's school who informs her that her daughter is planning some kind of protest and if she goes through with it, she'll face suspension.
User ratings: 214
Average rating: 8.4
The Bitter End
Jamie and his local patrol buddy Vinny Cruz are shocked when even charming smooth talker Will can't talk young Latino mother Nona Palmeira out of jumping to death from a skyscraper with her infant son. She's refusing to see the kid fatally dragged, like his father, into ruthless, provocative Hector Santiago's street gang Los Lordes for life. Dany takes the case personally when he finds out he once interviewed Nona and her sister as kid victims and goes after the father. While Jamie tries, near hopelessly, to find courageous witnesses, his buddy is fatally shot. Frank refuses to accept that the DA won't prosecute even such violence without some solid evidence, so he tries to lean on the mayor trough his campaign key aid and politically ambitious people's advocate.
User ratings: 243
Average rating: 8.6
This Way Out
As the Reagans rally together to take down the leader of the gang responsible for the murder of someone close to them, Danny looks to the gang leader's girlfriend to lead them to him.
User ratings: 244
Average rating: 8.7
Unwritten Rules
When an armed robbery ends with the death of a police officer, Frank makes it a mission for the NYPD to bring the suspect to justice.
User ratings: 256
Average rating: 8.3
The City That Never Sleeps
When a famous movie star, Russell Berke, who shadowed Danny for research on his next role, is stabbed, Danny goes to his aid, but must keep the crime on the down-low due to Russell's celebrity status. Marc Blucas guest stars.
User ratings: 240
Average rating: 8.4
To Protect and Serve
Danny becomes the lead hostage negotiator when a prime informant in a large drug case holds Erin at gunpoint inside the courtroom.
User ratings: 261
Average rating: 8.7
The Truth About Lying
Danny and Baez investigate the death of a teenage girl who appears to have been pushed in front of a subway car by a homeless man. Bebe Neuwirth guest stars.
User ratings: 225
Average rating: 8.3
Lost and Found
When Danny and Baez suspect a little girl might be the victim of a kidnapping, the girl's mother denies it, but her story doesn't add up.
User ratings: 894
Average rating: 8.7
Growing Boys
When a gangbanger dies after Jamie chases him away from the boy he is mentoring, Jamie's conduct is called into question. Meanwhile, Baez goes undercover to get information on Danny's ex-girlfriend's fiancé who is dealing drugs from his gym.
User ratings: 229
Average rating: 8.2
Drawing Dead
When an officer is accused of using excessive force on a suspect, Frank finds his department under scrutiny from the community and the mayor.
User ratings: 207
Average rating: 8.3
Justice Served
Following Frank's dinner with mob lawyer Angelo Gallo, Gallo is shot, and Frank narrowly escapes with his own life. Meanwhile, Danny is called for jury duty, and winds up being the sole dissenting opinion in a murder trial.
User ratings: 229
Average rating: 8.4
Bad Blood
Danny and Baez are investigating the death of a young man. They check the surveillance video in the area and they see someone, and it appears that Baez knows him. She says he's a drug addict. When they get him, it's revealed that he's Baez's brother. He claims that he didn't kill the man and that he's been clean. Baez doesn't believe him but Danny does. They later learn that her brother may have been the target and the one who was killed was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Frank learns of a lawsuit that alleges that a dog from the K-9 unit attacked a boy. Garrett wants Frank not to get involved but he does. And when a friend of Henry dies after battling cancer, he goes to the funeral and the man's daughter tells him that she thinks her mother, did a mercy killing on her father. Henry decides to look into it.
User ratings: 220
Average rating: 8.3
Mistaken Identity
Danny and Maria investigate a local bombing, but are met with tension and resistance from the community during the investigation. Meanwhile, Frank must deal with the political fallout when a man punches an officer who was overly aggressive in his questioning.
User ratings: 220
Average rating: 7.8
Ties That Bind
Danny's friend, Mickey comes back to New York. He notices someone keeping an eye on him. When he goes to work, he finds out that the man he saw is a cop who tells him that he's investigating Mickey. It seems like he does business with criminals. He asks Danny if he's willing to help. But Danny doesn't want to stab his friend in the back. Danny checks him out and learns that it's true so he agrees to help. When a cop is shot while trying to stop a robbery, Frank goes to see the cop and his partner. His partner tells him that he could have stopped it because he saw the man earlier and he appeared to be carrying but a court ruling forbids him to approach the man. Frank doesn't want to challenge the ruling but tries to find a way to help his men.
User ratings: 206
Average rating: 8.2
The Bogeyman
When Danny learns from Nicky that there's a deadly new brand of heroin hitting the streets, he begins an all-out manhunt for the distributor. Meanwhile, Frank pulls out all the stops to assist in getting the drugs off the street.
User ratings: 225
Average rating: 8.4
Unfinished Business
Danny and Maria must track down an Army veteran who Danny thinks is suffering from PTSD. Meanwhile, Frank is caught off-guard during a press conference by a woman who is seeking justice for her murdered daughter.
User ratings: 215
Average rating: 8.4
Manhattan Queens
Danny and Baez investigate the murder of Tiffany Lamp, a popular drag queen from a reality television show who was found murdered in a local park. Meanwhile, Erin reexamines a drug case scheduled for trial after she is abducted by the accused man's mother.
User ratings: 299
Average rating: 6.9
Open Secrets
A young girl's abduction reminds Danny of an unsolved case he worked on years ago. Elsewhere, Frank angers the inspector general when he won't reveal info about a program involving intelligence officers overseas.
User ratings: 222
Average rating: 8.2
Insult to Injury
Jamie get a fake phone number from a sexy bicycle messenger who he later discovers is using counterfeit $50s. A woman named Jill calls Danny threatening to end her life. Frank chaperones Sean's school field trip to a museum.
User ratings: 209
Average rating: 8.3
Knockout Game
The city is besieged by people attacking other people. When one of these attacks injures a pregnant woman causing her to lose her baby, Danny investigates and is determined to find the one who attacked her. Later he gets a lead on the one who did and when he goes to being him in, the man is dead. Danny finds evidence that leads him to think the husband killed him. But is reluctant to arrest him. Frank learns that Henry asked Garrett to help a cop who is the son of a friend get promoted. But Frank doesn't believe in doing things that way.
User ratings: 203
Average rating: 8.1
Righting Wrongs
Danny and Baez investigate the death of a woman, who told her husband that she was on vacation but in actuality was having plastic surgery. They learn she died from a reaction to medication. They learn that her husband, a doctor was having an affair which make them think it was him. Erin losing a bet with Linda goes to a speed dating event, and one of the guys she meets insults her so she leaves. She later learns he's the lawyer representing a woman she's prosecuting. And he asks her for some leniency but she refuses. Frank asks Jamie to investigate a murder which was officially closed as the victim being one of the victims of a serial killer, but the victim's mother doesn't believe the serial killer killed her daughter. And when word reaches the prosecutor who prosecuted the serial killer he warns Frank that if he does this, he could be letting the serial killer out but Frank stands his ground.
User ratings: 201
Average rating: 8.2
Secret Arrangements
Danny and Baez are investigating the death of a man who they learn has spent a lot of time on a website that pairs men with young women. When they find the one he was seeing, she tells them that she fears her former boyfriend, who upon learning of their relationship threatened him. Danny finds him but when he asks him if he carried out his threat, he has a solid alibi. Erin tells Frank that the D.A. is investigating certain detectives over how they interrogate people, and one of them is Danny. She tells him to keep this to himself. When a man goes to Danny after being questioned by men who looked like cops and tells him about them. Danny goes to Frank, who refuses to say anything. This refusal causes tension between Danny and Frank.
User ratings: 212
Average rating: 8.2
Custody Battle
When a man who was arrested dies while in custody, the cop who was with him is under scrutiny. Frank is caught off guard when he learns that Erin is assigned to investigate. Frank hopes Erin will be fair but she believes that even cops are not above the law. When the coroner rules the man's death as a homicide, she questions the cop who says the man attacked him, and his partner backs him up. Meanwhile Jamie tries to get Jenko to come to terms with her father who is in prison.
User ratings: 215
Average rating: 8.4
Above and Beyond
An undercover cop is shot. An investigation shows that the cop had personal secrets. A junkie approaches Erin asking for help, but when Erin recognizes him as a friend of Nickys he runs away.Nicky asks Erin and Jamie to help find him again.
User ratings: 201
Average rating: 8.4
Danny gets himself into trouble after being told not to pursue a suicide case of a C.I. of the D.As. Jamie and Jenko get involved in an immigration case of couple wanting to get married, but the brides father is against them.
User ratings: 223
Average rating: 8.5
Baez gets injured while escorting confiscated drugs, so Danny goes after the drug cartel responsible. Elsewhere, a lieutenant with a commendable record engages in controversial behavior, putting Frank in a difficult situation.
User ratings: 262
Average rating: 8.6
Forgive and Forget
Jamie stands up for an officer who is harassed for testifying against her partner. Erin learns her lover may be her boss at the DA's office. Danny asks Erin to file murder charges against a man who shot a 15 year old girl who ended up dying 8 years later.
User ratings: 251
Average rating: 8.6
Burning Bridges
Danny and Baez respond to a reported gay bashing. The officer on the scene tells Danny that someone tried to help the victim and may have seen the ones who attacked him. The man tries to walk away but Danny stops him and discovers the man is a cop who is in the closet. The man prefers not to be involved but Danny says he needs his help. And it isn't long before the man is outed and his partner doesn't want to work with him, so Danny is teamed up with the partner and they work the case. Frank is approached by a nun who works at the school his family went to who tells him the the archdiocese is considering closing the school and she hopes he can talk to the cardinal. And when the cop's sexuality comes up Frank responds in a manner that doesn't endear him to the cardinal. Jamie is upset that a detective who once poached one of his collars, did it again. So he decides to get back at him.
User ratings: 299
Average rating: 6.6
Excessive Force
Danny Reagan is accused of police brutality. Frank has to walk a fine line in the investigation and find the truth. Jamie meets a female doctor, and it makes Janko uneasy.
User ratings: 280
Average rating: 8.6
Loose Lips
A woman's abusive boyfriend targets Jamie after he intercedes in a domestic dispute. Elsewhere, the press get ahold of an illegal tape capturing Henry's insensitive comments, and Frank must deal with the ensuing scandal.
User ratings: 299
Average rating: 8.6
Most Wanted
Danny and Frank will join forces to put an international criminal behind bars for good.
User ratings: 249
Average rating: 8.2
Shoot the Messenger
Frank is taken by surprise during an on-air interview with Erin's boss; Danny and his new boss clash as they investigate a drive-by shooting. Meanwhile, Jamie and Jenko help out detectives with an apparent suicide.
User ratings: 241
Average rating: 8.6
Power of the Press
Frank faces public backlash after an officer's body camera malfunctions during an altercation with a civilian.
User ratings: 248
Average rating: 7.6
Under the Gun
Two men are killed by apparently the same man and all what they have in common is that they're Jewish. Danny investigates. While Frank has to deal with the Jewish community who fear that someone is killing Jews. Frank says there's no evidence to say that's what's going on but they decide to take precautions which Frank doesn't agree with. Erin is in the middle of a murder trial when a key piece of evidence is tampered with and only someone in her office could have done that. So she begins an investigation. Linda while working at a mobile clinic is mugged. When Danny learns of it, he doesn't react in a way that she agrees with. And she takes desperate measures.
User ratings: 240
Average rating: 8.4
Sins of the Father
Frank pushes to find evidence against a suspected cop killer who shot one of Henry's fellow officers years ago. Meanwhile Danny and Baez investigate a string of murders involving adult film stars.
User ratings: 243
Average rating: 7.3
When a group of highly trained Army veterans robs a bank, Danny feels conflicted; a street artist is responsible for a bomb scare.
User ratings: 262
Average rating: 7.8
Home Sweet Home
Jamie gets Danny involved when he finds a homeless teen who claims his aunt was killed by her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Erin is angered when McCoy replaces her as the prosecutor on a case involving a corrections officer.
User ratings: 256
Average rating: 7.4
Love Stories
When a homeowner shoots an intruder, Danny and Baez' investigation finds the intruder is a hitman. A 12-year old murder case of Erin's is reopened as an attorney tries to find justice for his mother.
User ratings: 239
Average rating: 7.9
The Poor Door
Danny and Baez look into the murder of a lower income resident living in a luxury building where a percentage of units are available for lower income housing. Frank disagrees with a detective friend of Gormleys.
User ratings: 261
Average rating: 8.1
Power Players
A mob informant returns to the city to testify in a case for Erin, and Danny and Baez are tasked with protecting him. Elsewhere, Frank and Mayor Poole get into heated negotiations regarding benefits for police officers.
User ratings: 267
Average rating: 7.8
In the Box
Baez informs a man whom she and Danny have been dealing with because she's been harassing his ex-wife, that a restraining on him has been ordered which means he can't go near his wife and his daughter. When he learns of this he pulls a gun and takes Baez hostage. Danny tries to work with the SWAT commander. Danny talks to the man and he wants to see his daughter. Danny calls the wife but she doesn't want him near his daughter. Garrett asks Frank to help his step-son who's been arrested. He claims that this is his first arrest but Frank learns it's not true and that Garrett has used his authority to help him before. Jamie and Jenko inform a woman whose husband was killed by a street gang war, that no one is willing to say what happened. They also learn she doesn't have money to bury her husband and he will be buried in a potter's field where there will be no marker. Jenko decides to start a collection and it's during this that they meet someone who might know something about her husband's death but is afraid to come forward.
User ratings: 264
Average rating: 7.4
Occupational Hazards
Erin suspects someone broke into her apartment and doesn't tell anyone in her family. Danny finds out and tries to find out who did it. Evidence leads to a gang leader Erin is prosecuting. Danny questions the man and he denies it. Later one of her co-workers is attacked. Jamie and Jenko find a pipe bomb in an elderly woman's apartment. They discover that she has someone living with her and they learn he's unbalanced. They try to get info form her, problem is that her mind is no OK. It seems like she thinks Jenko is someone she knows so they have Jenko stay with her hopefully she'll say something about the man. Frank discovers a charity that collects for families of victims of 911. He meets the person in charge and tries to find if she's legit.
User ratings: 254
Average rating: 8.2
Bad Company
When several girls from Europe come to New York and disappear after arriving. One of them calls 911 and Danny works the case. They have very little go on so Danny wants to send someone undercover and he asks Jenko because she speaks Serbian. It seems like they learn the girls who disappeared were approached online to come to New York and were offered accommodations at a hostel that a hostel that doesn't exist. Jenko agrees and is prepped by the FBI. Erin learns that Henry is seeing someone and she checks her out and finds some discrepancies. Frank is approached by a girl whose family's murder he investigated, who tells him that the man who killed her family wrote to her. She wants Frank to read the letter and he asks her to come see him. Frank is skeptical of his intentions.
User ratings: 282
Average rating: 8.4
Through the Looking Glass
An investigative journalist refuses to give up a source who admitted to committing murder.
User ratings: 257
Average rating: 8.4
Danny's investigating the death of a celebrity chef. He learns the man was in financial trouble. He talks to the man's landlord who tells him of a boy he had trouble with. Danny goes to see the boy who says he killed the chef. When Danny questions him, he doesn't think he's the killer. So Danny checks out the landlord and learns he's connected. So he could have coerced the boy to confessing. Danny tries to find a way to get proof. Jamie and Jenko find a girl drugged and not fully clothed. They take her to the hospital. When she regains consciousness she thinks her ex did this to her because he couldn't take the break up. But when they talk to the guy he says she's the one who had a problem with the break up. Jamie is not sure who to believe. A Senator who's a friend of Frank was in a car that was pulled over for a traffic violation. The officer thinks the driver, a woman is intoxicated and wants to bring her in but the Senator pulls out his exemption card but the officer still wants to bring her in. The Senator then goes to frank and wants the thing to go away but Frank wants to do things by the book. That's when the Senator reminds Frank of a favor he did for him years ago which Frank didn't know about.
User ratings: 240
Average rating: 8.0
New Rules
When NYPD Deputy Chief Donald Kent and his wife are gunned down in an apparent gang hit, Frank orders the whole department to scour the city for his friend's killer.
User ratings: 260
Average rating: 8.3
The Art of War
When the witness who can identify the man who shot Chief Kent is shot in the hospital. They try to save him but can't. And Linda is also shot. When they all show up Linda tells them to go back to work. Danny tries to find the shooter who turns out is the son of her co-worker whom she was trying to keep out of the gang. Evidently they got to him. Danny finds him but he refuses to talk. Danny goes to Frank frustrated but Frank tells him about Chief Kent and how he did things which inspires Danny to find a way to get the shooter.
User ratings: 369
Average rating: 8.8
Worst Case Scenario
Frank goes on high alert when a threat to New York City may be imminent following a terrorist attack in the Middle East.
User ratings: 300
Average rating: 7.4
Absolute Power
A possible serial-killer case is assigned to Danny and Baez. Erin considers becoming a judge; a mayoral candidate claims that Frank has been secretly investigating her spouse; and Eddie confronts her dad.
User ratings: 260
Average rating: 7.7
All the News That's Fit to Click
When a newspaper reporter is targeted while wearing NYPD gear during a ride-along, Frank thinks the shooter is targeting cops.
User ratings: 288
Average rating: 8.6
With Friends Like These
One of Erin's informants leaves witness protection to give his former boss an alibi; Frank and the New York City fire department commissioner get into a war.
User ratings: 250
Average rating: 7.6
Danny joins the search for two escaped convicts after learning that one is someone he helped wrongfully imprison.
User ratings: 231
Average rating: 7.5
Rush to Judgment
Camera footage appears to show Jamie committing police brutality at a demonstration; a civil rights attorney claims a rape case includes drummed up charges.
User ratings: 242
Average rating: 8.3
The Bullitt Mustang
The only remaining Mustang driven by Steve McQueen in "Bullitt" is stolen; an order from the acting district attorney puts Frank and Erin at odds.
User ratings: 241
Average rating: 7.4
Unsung Heroes
Linda is concerned when an elusive serial killer starts threatening her, Danny and their kids; during a hostage situation, Jamie challenges a superior officer.
User ratings: 241
Average rating: 8.6
Hold Outs
DA Investigator Anthony Abetemarco helps Erin when she is forced to take a case from a colleague, ADA Kelly Blake; Eddie and Jamie pose as an elderly couple in order to catch a gang.
User ratings: 234
Average rating: 7.7
A mobster is found shot in his car and his low-level errand boy is tied up in the trunk; an NYPD officer asks for a new shield number -- the same number as Frank's deceased son Joe.
User ratings: 214
Average rating: 7.9
Flags of Our Fathers
Danny is informed by Erin that a cop whom he worked with is being charged with evidence tampering and one of the cases being questioned is a case they worked together wherein they pursued a murderer. Erin informs Danny because of this, the man might be released. Danny wants to see if he can find evidence against the man. Jamie and Jenko speak at a school. One of the students says cops are killers because her father was killed by a cop and it was unjustified. Jamie looks into it and learns what happened to the girl's father and tells her but it doesn't help. If anything it pushes her over the edge. Frank is informed that some protesters plan to burn the American flag so he meets with one in charge who maintains his position.
User ratings: 226
Average rating: 8.3
Back in the Day
Frank worries that a tell-all book about his old cop days will affect his career as PC. Meanwhile, Erin and DA Investigator Abetemarco investigate the murder of another DA Investigator in a bar where they wind up in a conspiracy.
User ratings: 228
Average rating: 8.4
Stomping Grounds
Frank deals with the aftermath of a retired cop who shot his mugger. A trainer flouts authority, mingling with Janko. A man Baez saw kill her friend to death 25 yrs. ago has returned; she and Danny figure out how to bring him to justice.
User ratings: 237
Average rating: 7.9
The Road to Hell
Danny and Baez investigate the murder of a man. They learn he was keeping several women captive and forcing them into prostitution. When he asks the women who killed him, they all say they did. Danny doesn't exactly want to know who the killer is. And it becomes very touchy for Erin to prosecute. Erin later learns that Nicky while out with her friends were pulled over in the Bronx and drugs were found, so they are all arrested. Erin knows the drugs are not Nicky's but she refuses to say whom they belong to. And the Bronx D.A. is out to get her. And Frank learns that there was a robbery at the church and the priest is not interested in having the robber found. And even when Frank learns who the robber is, he tries to get the priest to change his mind but he is adamant about his position.
User ratings: 222
Average rating: 8.5
Fresh Start
Danny's tasked with trying to locate a cop who's AWOL. He learns the man has been dealing with his son's death. Danny also learns the man might be using drugs. And while he has no sympathy for him, Baez does. Erin learns that a cop was killed and the one who killed him was a guy whom she gave a break to as part of the mayor's fresh start program. As a result Erin is hated by everyone especially the cop's wife. The guy is found and he claims that he didn't kill. the cop. Erin doesn't believe him but evidence surfaces that proves he didn't kill the cop. Frank is still refusing to accept the mayor asking him to staying on as commissioner unless the mayor does it the way he wants.
User ratings: 198
Average rating: 8.0
Help Me, Help You
Linda asks Danny to help a friend of hers who is being harassed by her ex-husband. Danny tries to talk to hmm but it doesn't do anything he continues to harass her. Eventually her new boyfriend goes missing and Danny thinks the ex has something to do with it. Erin can't help but notice that a judge she admires is behaving erratically especially when it comes to the sentences he dispenses. She tries to talk to him and in the end Erin finds herself having to deal with the ethics committee. The new speaker of the City Council tells Frank she wants to do something about one of the department's policies which she thinks is offensive. Frank says there's nothing wrong with it but she disagrees.
User ratings: 210
Average rating: 7.9
Friends in Need
Jamie and Danny disagree about how to handle a reckless NYPD rookie, Marcus, who is the son of Dannys friend. Also, when Erins investigator, Anthony, gets roped into a bad investment by his cousin, she offers to look into it.
User ratings: 215
Average rating: 8.2
Town Without Pity
Frank and Danny Try to help a rehabilitated ex-con when he becomes involved in the murder of an enemy; a former prosecutor withholds the location of an alleged killer from Erin as she prepares for the trial.
User ratings: 187
Average rating: 8.1
Blast from the Past
An officer involved in the controversial shooting of an unarmed person 14 years prior, is up for a promotion which brings up mixed feelings from various NYPD officers, in addition to forcing Frank Regan to make a difficult decision.
User ratings: 193
Average rating: 7.9
Down the Rabbit Hole
When serial killer Thomas Wilder (Louis Cancelmi) attaches a message to his latest victim that taunts Danny, their deadly game of cat and mouse becomes personal for Danny.
User ratings: 200
Average rating: 8.0
The Extra Mile
Erin Reagan searches for a missing trial witness who is on the run because of fear of retaliation.
User ratings: 180
Average rating: 7.7
Jamie, Jenko and two other cops approach some people and they run away. Jamie and Jenko catches one of them and discovers he has some jewels which were stolen. One of the other cops shoots the one he was chasing. His body cam shows that the person he was chasing pulled out a knife and wouldn't put in down. Frank meets with the mayor who is not convinced the cop was justified. Erin brings the cop before the grand jury and they choose not to indict. The public is outraged by the whole thing and adding fuel to the fire is the video being released. Later the cop's partner is shot and Danny investigates no one says they saw anything. Frank thinks the Mayor or someone working for him released the video and asks Erin to find out for sure. But she refuses.
User ratings: 172
Average rating: 7.9
The Greater Good
The Attorney General's Office gets new evidence against Danny for shooting Thomas Wilder in self-defense, while the wife of a slain police officer asks Frank to talk her son out of joining the force.
User ratings: 230
Average rating: 8.0
Good Cop Bad Cop
an elderly woman is shot in her home while minding her own business, the commissioner has to discipline a disrespectful cop for smoking a cigarette while on the beat
User ratings: 214
Average rating: 7.6
The Price Of Justice
A woman who is brutally raped by a rich friend is reluctant to press charges. Saul Rubinek portrays a prominent donor to the NYPD who asks Frank for a favor he's reluctant to give. Jamie works for a television production about police.
User ratings: 189
Average rating: 7.6
Mob Rules
Intent on bringing justice to Lieutenant Gormley after he is beaten by a mob outside his home, Danny and Frank enlist the aid of Detective Anthony Abetemarco, who has a personal connection to the neighborhood where the attack occurred. Also, Eddie and Jamie witness a dishonest arrest, and Danny searches for a witness to testify against a dangerous gang leader.
User ratings: 208
Average rating: 7.6
For the Community
Erin and Anthony try to prevent the deportation of a prominent community activist, Coryna Garza (Judy Reyes), who isn't a citizen, and Frank must decide if the NYPD will participate in the U.S. Marshals' high-profile raid of a local gang.
User ratings: 191
Average rating: 7.2
As Frank contends with a whistleblower within the NYPD who claims to have evidence of abuse of power in the organization, Danny and Baez investigate the case of a woman who was struck by a car under suspicious circumstances.
User ratings: 186
Average rating: 7.3
Guilt by Association
When a key witness in Danny's case is killed just before testifying, Erin angers Danny by enlisting Anthony (Steve Schrippa) to help him find the killer. Also, Robert Lewis (Michael Imperioli) tries to force Frank to publicly support the Attorney General's investigation of the use of excessive force by police, and Eddie and Jamie get the call for an attempted suicide.
User ratings: 191
Average rating: 7.9
Personal Business
After Emily Harrison (Danielle Savre) tells Danny and Baez she's concerned her abusive ex-boyfriend will repeat his behavior with his new girlfriend, Emily becomes the prime suspect when he's murdered. Also, Eddie gets jealous when Jamie lets a young woman crash at his apartment, and Frank must decide how to discipline a sergeant after he fails to intercede during an armed robbery while off duty.
User ratings: 190
Average rating: 8.0
Frank has very little information when a conflicted priest who could help find a missing boy refuses to break the seal of confession. In the meantime, Danny and Baez investigate the death of a New York socialite.
User ratings: 181
Average rating: 7.7
Unbearable Loss
When the son of Frank's most outspoken critic is murdered, Frank and the boy's father must put aside their differences to seek justice.
User ratings: 195
Average rating: 8.3
When Eddie and Jamie become overly involved in a complicated adoption case between the birth and adoptive parents, they ask Erin to help them settle the dispute without going to court. Also, Frank looks into reports of NYPD cadets cheating on their psychological exams, and Danny learns that Jack plans to enlist in the Marines after graduation.
User ratings: 178
Average rating: 7.8
Not Fade Away
Danny Regan is moonlighting as a private security for an ex convict who wants to see his son. Jamie and Eddie have to break up an arguement on the street between two partners.
User ratings: 178
Average rating: 7.8
The One That Got Away
When diplomatic immunity complicates a child abuse case for Danny and Baez, Frank intervenes, despite not having jurisdiction on the case. Also, a robbery occurs while Eddie and Jamie are on a double date with Eddie's boyfriend and his sister, and they are forced to step in.
User ratings: 183
Average rating: 8.1
In and Out
Danny and Baez investigate the murder of a gang leader where the accused shooter is an ex-con romantically linked to his parole officer.
User ratings: 176
Average rating: 7.8
Lost Souls
Danny and Baez investigate the murder of a man who killed a mother and son years ago while driving drunk; Anthony is torn when Erin asks him to wear a wire to incriminate a friend.
User ratings: 180
Average rating: 8.0
Hard Bargain
Linda's brother gets in trouble with the mob and asks Danny to keep him safe.
User ratings: 188
Average rating: 7.5
Shadow of a Doubt
Jamie and Eddie suspect foul play when the husband of a dying woman doesn't respond to her 911 call.
User ratings: 166
Average rating: 7.7
A Deep Blue Goodbye
An ex-NYPD officer goes missing after telling Danny of her plans to make amends to the woman she and her partner wrongfully convicted.
User ratings: 163
Average rating: 7.9
Love Lost
Erin's ex-husband represents the person she's trying to convict of murder.
User ratings: 155
Average rating: 7.7
No Retreat, No Surrender
Erin helps a former witness shut down a drug operation in his apartment building.
User ratings: 153
Average rating: 7.9
Foreign Interference
Danny and Baez team up with two Russian operatives to search for a dangerous Russian man who entered the U.S. on a diplomatic visa. Also, Frank gets involved in a sensitive case involving Archbishop Kevin Kearns, and Erin and Anthony scramble to find out who tampered with evidence in one of their cases.
User ratings: 162
Average rating: 7.5
The Thin Blue Line
A Mexican drug cartel targets Danny when he intercepts a shipment of several million dollars; Jaime goes after a serial killer who preys on the elderly; Mayor Poole confides in Frank that he plans to retire.
User ratings: 174
Average rating: 8.2
Cutting Losses
Danny contemplates retiring until Erin enlists him to help her with a case involving her ex-husband.
User ratings: 244
Average rating: 7.9
Ghosts of the Past
Danny and Baez investigate the reappearance of a runaway, who isn't quite who she seems. Frank battles with the mayor about a community parade that is honoring a once convicted cop bomber. Jamie and Eddy stumble upon a misleading congressman.
User ratings: 163
Average rating: 7.9
The Enemy Of My Enemy
Erin's trial against a human trafficker is jeopardized when the presiding judge is found dead.
User ratings: 177
Average rating: 8.1
Out of the Blue
A detective in a mob case is killed. Garrett is accosted outside his home by a SWAT team after a false report. Erin is approached by an acquaintance of Anthony who offers to help in an organized crime case over Anthony's objections.
User ratings: 160
Average rating: 7.9
The Forgotten
Cases of the week include (Frank) prison riots due to a social experiment the mayor is trying, (Jamie) an 18 year old that overdoses, and (Danny) a wife and mother found murdered in her home.
User ratings: 164
Average rating: 8.1
Brushed Off
When a famous basketball player is found dead in his apartment of an apparent drug overdose, Danny looks into ties to old friends in a local gang. Erin is forced to re-examine the case of a man she convicted years ago who may be innocent.
User ratings: 174
Average rating: 8.2
Common Ground
Cases this week involve (Danny) a widowed nurse that is the victim of domestic violence, (Frank) a woman that alleges corruption at the jail, and (Jamie/Janko) an illegal alien that gives birth and lives in a condemned home.
User ratings: 163
Average rating: 8.1
Pick Your Poison
Eddie's judgment is clouded by her past when she arrests a loathed college acquaintance; Frank is hesitant to mar the spotless record of a member of the force who tested positive for marijuana.
User ratings: 163
Average rating: 7.6
Pain Killers
Danny and Baez join a narcotics task force to track a drug supplier; Baez comes into contact with drugs and gets an accidental overdose; Jamie and Eddie work to protect a rehabilitated sex offender; Frank forms an unlikely alliance with Mayor Dutton.
User ratings: 160
Average rating: 7.9
Heavy is the Head
Jamie and Eddie ask Erin to drop the charges against a man who bravely rescued a woman from a local hostage situation; Danny and Baez work a case involving car thieves and discover the leader is a mobster they've dealt with before.
User ratings: 163
Average rating: 8.2
Second Chances
When a journalist disappears while working on an exposé about an innocent man serving time for murder, Danny and Baez hope that re-examining the original case will help them find her.
User ratings: 161
Average rating: 7.8
The Brave
Erin enlists Danny to find out who shot Anthony during an interview with a witness for an upcoming murder trial.
User ratings: 154
Average rating: 8.2
Erasing History
When Henry is the key witness on Danny and Baez's case, his meddling eventually leads them to valuable information. Nicky shocks the family by siding with an activist friend of hers. Jamie and Eddie learn a parole officer is taking advantage of his power.
User ratings: 154
Average rating: 7.7
School of Hard Knocks
A student is shot bu a rival gang member in his high school courtyard; Danny and Baez try to prevent further violence, the principal recklessly takes matters into his own hands.
User ratings: 153
Average rating: 7.8
Danny considers taking a new job that would ease his financial struggles after investigating the death of a wealthy man. Also, Nicky tries to avoid involving her family when she is sexually harassed by her boss at her new internship, and Garrett advises Frank to regain the public's trust after a rookie cop is caught on video questioning a pedestrian's immigration status.
User ratings: 219
Average rating: 7.0
Tale of Two Cities
A man living a double life with two separate families is murdered; Erin asks Anthony to help investigate his former partner; Frank deliberates between two candidates for the chief of transit position.
User ratings: 165
Average rating: 7.8
Close Calls
Danny forces his brother-in-law to help Baez take down the mobsters he's mixed up with; Frank suspects his old partner is guilty of a crime; Jamie is approached by an officer who wants help getting reassigned from his undercover assignment.
User ratings: 154
Average rating: 8.0
Friendship, Love, and Loyalty
A woman voices outrage over her son's unsolved murder and Danny re-examines the case. Eddie is shot while on duty. Erin and her ex-husband face off in court. Frank deals with an angry police force after the mayor fails to defend it.
User ratings: 167
Average rating: 8.5
Risk Management
Danny and Baez race to find a girl who will die without her medication; Jamie and Eddie are on the wrong side of an investigation after engaging in a car chase; Sean wins an essay contest.
User ratings: 153
Average rating: 8.6
Your Six
Danny is forced to ask his incarcerated archenemy for help when a convict escapes from prison; Frank tries to talk Jamie to take the sergeant's exam; Erin's plan to go on a date with her ex-husband creates friction between her and Anthony.
User ratings: 145
Average rating: 8.3
The Devil You Know
Frank locks horns with a data-tracking company when it refuses to unlock terrorist's phone that may hold information regarding upcoming targets; Erin obtains information about an impending murder from a shady source; a woman kidnaps a baby.
User ratings: 145
Average rating: 8.1
My Aim Is True
Danny and Baez investigate a series of drive-by shootings they think may be connected to six wrongly convicted men who were just released from prison.
User ratings: 307
Average rating: 9.2
Playing with Fire
Danny takes a case involving a drug cartel member he believes set his house on fire; Erin is given a promotion but finds herself in a challenging situation when both Danny and Jamie ask her for help with their investigation.
User ratings: 138
Average rating: 8.4
Meet the New Boss
Gormley tries to locate a former NYPD detective he believes may be a threat to Frank's safety; Erin navigates office politics when she chooses to reopen a closed case; Jamie is transferred to a new precinct with a lot of problems.
User ratings: 121
Average rating: 8.5
Mind Games
Danny investigates a case involving a woman who shot her husband while she was drunk; Anthony defies Erin's orders to drop an assault case; Frank holds an emergency drill for his inner circle.
User ratings: 123
Average rating: 8.3
When New York City experiences a major blackout, police officers scramble to contain the resulting chaos; Frank uncovers some unpleasant truths about his department; Jamie and Eddie question the line between work and their relationship.
User ratings: 112
Average rating: 8.1
Thicker Than Water
Danny and Baez investigate a murder attempt of a celebrated fertility doctor with a seemingly pristine reputation; Eddie must intervene in a Regan family matter involving Danny's boys; Erin helps Anthony find justice after a date goes wrong.
User ratings: 111
Average rating: 8.3
Jamie clashes with Eddie and her new partner when they fail to intervene in a dispute at a convenience store; Danny and Baez investigate the death of a college freshman at a fraternity party; a sergeant accuses the department of reverse racism.
User ratings: 111
Average rating: 8.1
By Hook or by Crook
Things get personal for Danny when the drug cartel hit man responsible for torching his house resurfaces; an attack on an officer in the line of duty directly impacts a member of Frank's team; Eddie reluctantly introduces Jamie to her mother.
User ratings: 121
Average rating: 8.6
Stirring the Pot
Erin and Frank clash over new legislation from the district attorney's office that undermines Frank's policies; Erin is at odds with Governor Mendez over questionable sex-trafficking laws; Danny risks his badge to protect a friend from losing his.
User ratings: 105
Average rating: 8.3
When a video surfaces of cops being harassed by a group of people at a housing complex, Frank orders a raid to round up anyone with an outstanding warrant, against Garrett's advice.
User ratings: 115
Average rating: 8.5
Authority Figures
A video surfaces of officers partaking in a clear case of entrapment; Frank searches for the leaker; Eddie retaliates against a co-worker who is pranking Jamie; Danny and Baez investigate the murder of a tabloid writer.
User ratings: 99
Average rating: 8.3
Frank questions whether a run-in with community activists was an accident or a setup; Jamie strives to rely less on Frank's input to make decisions; Erin helps Anthony protect his daughter and ex-wife from a dangerous psychiatric patient.
User ratings: 101
Average rating: 7.8
After a former officer waits on Frank at a restaurant, he feels guilty about the circumstances surrounding why she was fired, and he tries to reinstate her.
User ratings: 94
Average rating: 8.0
Ripple Effect
A medium claims to know what happened to a woman who was found dead of an apparent suicide; Jamie and Eddie help a woman who bought cheap insulin online that nearly killed her son; Frank goes after a man he thinks is laundering money from a charity.
User ratings: 103
Average rating: 8.2
My Brother's Keeper
Danny goes against a direct order during a hostage negotiation; Nicky asks Erin for help when her friend is in jeopardy of losing his scholarship because of a crime he didn't commit; Frank helps a distraught officer who accidentally shot a girl.
User ratings: 94
Average rating: 8.4
While off duty, Danny encounters a gas station robbery in progress and is forced to use his weapon, leaving him shaken and his family and co-workers concerned; Frank learns that a top officer in his department has a dark past.
User ratings: 100
Average rating: 8.6
Past Tense
After a woman is murdered in her apartment, Danny and Baez turn to her daughter for help, but instead she complicates the investigation; someone from Jamie and Eddie's past launches a smear campaign against them.
User ratings: 81
Average rating: 8.4
Frank's longtime friend Lenny reveals than an upcoming exposé will air some of the NYPD's dirty laundry; Erin must decide how to charge a doctor whose experimental treatments led to the death of his terminally ill daughter.
User ratings: 76
Average rating: 8.2
Frank considers implementing a more rigorous fitness test after an officer has trouble keeping up with his partner; Danny is hesitant to pursue a cold case after learning who the original detective was; Anthony begs Erin to stall a trial.
User ratings: 52
Average rating: 7.9
Common Enemies
After someone breaks into Luis Delgado's home and kills his wife, Luis and Danny team up to take down the vicious murderer who may also be responsible for Linda's death; Frank finally meets Eddie's mother; Jamie and Erin are at odds.
User ratings: 55
Average rating: 8.5
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