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Charlie's Angels

Seasons: 5
Episodes: 110
User ratings: 8,715
Average rating: 6.5

Action, Adventure, Crime, Mystery

The adventures of three sexy female private eyes.

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Charlie's Angels
Beautiful Sabrina Duncan, Jill Munroe and Kelly Garrett, attended the Los Angeles Police Academy, and upon graduation were each given menial jobs in the force. To get them away from that life, the mysterious and very private Charles Townsend, who owns a private investigation agency, hired the three to work for him, along with officious Scott Woodville, and slightly bumbling John Bosley, who is generally relegated to tasks at the office. Charlie calls the three women his "angels". The issue is that none of them, except Woodville, have ever met Charlie, who conducts his business with them via telephone. All they know about Charlie is that he is rich, has his own bevy of beautiful women in his private life, and will protect them with every fiber of his being. The next case which Charlie sends his team on for a client he does not specify is the disappearance of wealthy California vintner Vincent LeMaire. On the seventh anniversary of his disappearance this upcoming Saturday, he will be declared legally dead, at which time, his vast estate, most specifically 15,000 acre Samarra - the vineyard which includes its lavish mansion - will go to his second wife, Rachel LeMaire. Their task is not only to find out what happened to LeMaire, but to locate his presumed dead body to implicate his killers. They are fairly certain that Rachel and Beau Creel, who has worked his way from a farm hand to manager of the vineyard and Rachel's bedroom, killed LeMaire, and that his body is probably somewhere in the large swamp on the property. The angels' plan is for one of them to masquerade as Janet LeMaire, Vincent LeMaire and his long deceased first wife's long missing daughter who has come back to reclaim her inheritance. In carrying out their plan, the angels are aware of the dangers posed by Creel, Rachel and their associates, who have already killed for money. What the angels are unaware of is the dangers of unknown people, most specifically a pickup driving local with a collie who knows the real Janet LeMaire.
User ratings: 561
Average rating: 6.8
An investigation to determine whether sabotage was behind the death of a race car driver finds Sabrina behind the wheel in a dangerous, high stakes race, Jill and Bosley posing as traveling preachers and Kelly getting in good with their lead suspect.
User ratings: 149
Average rating: 7.3
The Mexican Connection
The Angels head to Mexico to infiltrate a heroin smuggling ring & unearth the identity of a mysterious smuggler known as Escobar; Sabrina poses as a stewardess, Jill as a swimming coach and Kelly as a vacationing schoolmarm.
User ratings: 124
Average rating: 7.4
Night of the Strangler
Dana Cameron, a fashion model who bears an uncanny resemblance to Kelly, falls victim to the so called 'Rag-doll Strangler'. Kelly and Jill join the St. Clair Model Agency and Sabrina cons herself into a job as a photo stylist. Each time they think they suspect someone of being the killer, the strangler strikes again, leaving the suspect with an alibi (usually one of the Angels themselves).
User ratings: 128
Average rating: 7.5
Angels in Chains
The Angels are hired by a young woman to find out what happened to her sister who was an inmate at a women's prison. They decide to go undercover at the prison to find out what happened to her and they eventually find out that the local sheriff who runs the prison has been forcing the inmates into prostitution.
User ratings: 200
Average rating: 8.2
Target: Angels
A series of attempts on the Angels' lives lead them to seek refuge in Charles Townsend's palatial home (where Bosley has already removed any evidence of Charlie's appearance). However, the three girls discover just in time to save their boss's life that he is the true target - allowing Charlie to once again slip away into obscurity.
User ratings: 117
Average rating: 7.5
The Killing Kind
The Angels investigate the death of a young reporter named Brooke Anderson, who had written a manuscript containing evidence of a major scandal going on at the Moonshadow resort. Jill poses as a tennis instructor, Kelly a fashion photographer and Sabrina as a fashion designer. Bosley is supposed to be her model, only his wife packed the wrong kind of shoes to go with his tux.
User ratings: 107
Average rating: 7.2
To Kill an Angel
A young autistic boy named Skip that Kelly has been acting as a volunteer big sister to finds a gun and accidentally shoots her with it. He then panics and runs away. Sabrina and Jill try to find the boy, who is collecting various items that he thinks will awaken Kelly. Also on the boy's trail are a pair of killers who think that Skip might have witnessed their crime.
User ratings: 108
Average rating: 7.2
Lady Killer
Two Centerfolds from Tony Mann's Feline Club have been killed, so the Angels are called in to investigate. Jill draws the short straw (or pencil to be more precise) and gets to be a Feline cocktail waitress. Kelly joins the club as a singer (although she does in fact lip-sync) while Sabrina poses as Mann's latest flame (even though he usually only dates women under twenty).
User ratings: 106
Average rating: 7.2
The Angels go green when they slip on fatigues and fall in at boot camp at Fort Jameson to uncover the killer of WAC recruit Mary Jo Walker.
User ratings: 100
Average rating: 7.1
Consenting Adults
Spunky Maggie Cunningham hires the Angels to find her son Clifton, but the routine missing person's case turns out to be only the tip of an iceberg involving prostitution, smuggling and murder.
User ratings: 108
Average rating: 7.4
The Seance
After incurring pressure from her insurance agency, wealthy widow Grace Rodeheaver hires the Angels to investigate her case of jewelry missing, and upon discovering that she consults with a medium to handle her affairs, Kelly unwittingly offers damning information.
User ratings: 109
Average rating: 7.4
Angels on Wheels
After Roller Derby champ Karen Jason is killed in a competition, her sister Barbara hires the Angels to investigate, believing the death was intentional. The girls go undercover as a journalist, insurance investigator & a team member.
User ratings: 111
Average rating: 7.5
Angel Trap
The Angels are assigned to stop Jericho, an assassin systematically murdering the aging members of a World War II intelligence unit. Jill is the bait to lure him into the open, but will she be compromised by his continental charm?
User ratings: 95
Average rating: 7.2
The Big Tap-Out
The Angels lay an elaborate trap for compulsive high stakes gambler Roy David, who bets with stolen money.
User ratings: 89
Average rating: 7.3
Angels on a String
Charlie gives the girls three days off with pay as a reward for their hard work. But the Angels put their vacation on hold due to the kidnapping of a politician that Sabrina idolizes.
User ratings: 91
Average rating: 7.2
Dirty Business
A film laboratory is the target of an arson attempt, but the victim Marvin Goldman is reluctant to disclose details that the Angels need to discover who is behind it and why. The cover-up could cost Jill her life.
User ratings: 96
Average rating: 6.5
The Vegas Connection
The Angels investigate Cass Harper, who hires girls for a Las Vegas nightclub chorus line as a front for a prostitution ring, & he lures them by saying his clients are extremely wealthy & may be looking for marriage.
User ratings: 87
Average rating: 7.2
Terror on Ward One
The Angels & Bosley work undercover at a mental health facility as student nurses, a magazine writer & a patient to investigate a suspicious death, & they learn that someone of high rank at the facility could be charged with malpractice.
User ratings: 86
Average rating: 7.2
Dancing in the Dark
The Angels are assigned to break up a blackmail scheme operating out of a dance studio. Jill secures a spot teaching disco dancing to seniors while Kelly poses as a 'hard-boiled' private eye and Sabrina as a wealthy but socially inept ingénue interested in dancing lessons.
User ratings: 94
Average rating: 7.3
I Will Be Remembered
Aging actress Gloria Gibson, who is staging a comeback, is the target of a "gaslight number" intended to drive her insane. The Angels go undercover at the movie studio to protect their client and squash the plot against her.
User ratings: 98
Average rating: 7.3
Angels at Sea
The Angels & Bosley work together on a case involving a series of supposed accidental deaths taking place aboard a luxury cruise ship, & when they discover who is responsible for the deaths, the situation becomes explosive.
User ratings: 101
Average rating: 7.2
The Blue Angels
Suspecting corruption on the vice squad, the Angels go undercover to rout out the rotten cops. Jill poses as a masseuse, Sabrina as a transferred vice officer and Kelly returns to the Police Academy.
User ratings: 100
Average rating: 7.3
Angels in Paradise
Sabrina and Kelly welcome a new Angel in the person of Jill's little sister Kris. However, the celebration is short lived as the Angels receive word that Charlie, who was on vacation in Hawaii, has been kidnapped by Leilani Sako, who wants the Angels to break her husband Billy out of prison or else she will kill Charlie. The girls succeed in getting Billy out, but before they can make the exchange, Charlie is taken hostage by the even more vicious Mr. Blue, who wants Billy dead.
User ratings: 102
Average rating: 7.7
Angels on Ice
Personnel keep disappearing from Max Brown's ice show, so he hires Charlie and the angels to investigate. Kelly and Kris fill in for the missing skaters and find that the kidnappings are linked to political unrest in an Arab nation.
User ratings: 74
Average rating: 7.5
Pretty Angels All in a Row
When someone is terrorizing contestants in a beauty pageant, the host Ben Pawl goes to Charlie for help. So Kelly and Kris join the pageant. Sabrina goes as a reporter. And they try to find out what's going on.
User ratings: 90
Average rating: 6.9
Angel Flight
A stewardess who's a friend of Sabrina's being terrorized by someone. To help her Kris and Kelly go work a Stewardesses to find out who's terrorizing her. When they're about to try the airline's new plane the person tells her what he wants.
User ratings: 74
Average rating: 7.3
Circus of Terror
A circus owned and operated by an old fashioned thinking gypsy, has been plagued by some unexplained accidents. His son turns to Charlie for help and so the girls go undercover, Kris working for the knife thrower, Kelly as a stunt motorcycle rider, and Sabrina working for a mime.
User ratings: 82
Average rating: 7.5
Angel in Love
Hildy Slater runs Utopia West, a human potential enterprise/resort. When her nephew Frank, a Vietnam vet, is murdered on site, she calls the Townsend Agency to solve the crime. Sabrina falls in love with a potential suspect.
User ratings: 72
Average rating: 7.2
Unidentified Flying Angels
UFOs, mysterious disappearances and the murder of a wealthy old lady put the Angels on the trail of a killer...from another world? Sabrina acts as a pushy Bronx reporter, Boz and Kris as a Sugardaddy and his bubble headed wife, and Kelly impersonates an alien.
User ratings: 63
Average rating: 7.4
Angels on the Air
When someone tries to kill a radio reporter who works in the field, she turns to Charlie for help. Charlie then decides to have one of the girls take her place and the one chosen is Kelly because her voice is almost similar to the reporter's. So while Kelly takes her place, the others try to figure out who's trying to kill her but it won't be easy since the reporter does dozens of stories at a given time.
User ratings: 59
Average rating: 7.3
Angel Baby
A young man whom Kelly knew when she was a cop is arrested for making a disturbance at his girlfriend's place. He calls Kelly telling her that he was looking for her, she offers to help. Kelly then talks to her friends who tells Kelly that she's pregnant and is planning to give the baby up for adoption. So Kelly goes in as an expectant mother and makes contact with her. In the meantime they discover that the brokers might not be all that legitimate because one of the them has a criminal record and they learn that one of the expectant mothers died under mysterious circumstances after giving birth.
User ratings: 71
Average rating: 7.4
Angels in the Wings
A musical production is constantly being terrorized by a deranged phantom who cannot speak, & after the Angels go undercover by joining the cast & crew of the production, they find the real reason the man is causing so much trouble.
User ratings: 69
Average rating: 7.2
Magic Fire
An arsonist known as the Magic Man, whose methods lead people to believe that he's a magician, although has been inactive for years is apparently active again. A magician friend of Charlie's is being investigated so he asks them to help clear his name. Kris, Kely and Bosley go undercover at a magic club thinking that the arsonist is there. While Sabrina goes to the man whose business is being attacked by the arsonist. And the man is not cooperating with the investigation.
User ratings: 60
Average rating: 7.2
Sammy Davis, Jr. Kidnap Caper
Sammy Davis Jr is hosting a charity event at the Beverly Seville hotel, which coincides with a celebrity look-alike contest. When attempts are made to kidnap him, the Angels go to work as his bodyguards and Bosley acts as his chauffeur.
User ratings: 66
Average rating: 7.2
Angels on Horseback
Some people go to a dude ranch, they arrive in the evening and they're brought there in a van. When they arrive one of the guests is killed. Obviously one of the guests killed him. So Charlie is hired to find out who so he sends the girls and Bosley to the ranch. When they arrive Charlie informs them that the dead man was involved in some kind of scam and some of the guests and a ranch employee worked with him. And one of these persons, a woman who was involved with the man, appears to have hooked up with another guest.
User ratings: 66
Average rating: 7.1
Game, Set, Death
At the La Hermosa Women's Tennis Match, player Sandy Keller almost dies when someone tampers with the shower door. This is one of several incidents plaguing women's tennis tourneys, so Bosley and the angels investigate.
User ratings: 62
Average rating: 7.3
Hours of Desperation
Three men rob a jewelry house and make off with some valuable gems. One of them grabs the jewels and tries to make a break for it. The other two show up at the office and pulls their guns and one of them makes Sabrina wear a belt that has explosives in it. They tells them that they want them to find their partner and bring the jewels to them. So Kris and Kelly search for the man. They start with the hospital because they say that when he was making his getaway they shot him and that he could have been hit. When they find him but he gets away, Kris and Kelly decide to seek out the guards who helped them with the robbery. Eventually with their help they find him but he's dead and the gems are gone. Kris and Kelly along with Charlie devise a scheme to get the ones holding Sabrina and Bosley out of the office so they can save them.
User ratings: 67
Average rating: 7.6
Diamond in the Rough
Past associates of ex-jewel thief Freddie Brander think he stole a valuable gem, but he knows that Faris Salim has it in his Caribbean home. So Freddie, Bosley, and the angels go there to get it, but Freddie's former associates follow.
User ratings: 61
Average rating: 7.3
Angels in the Backfield
When one member of the Ducks female football team is attacked by masked bikers, quarterback Amy Jarvis recruits the Angels to join the team and solve the mystery. Could members of the rival Panthers team be guilty?
User ratings: 70
Average rating: 6.8
The Sandcastle Murders
The seaside community where Kris lives is menaced by a strangler who buries his victims in the sand. The investigating officer Lieutenant Francona is a longtime rival of Charlie Townsend. Bosley and the Angels are on the case.
User ratings: 63
Average rating: 7.8
Angel Blues
A singer who had a breakdown while performing then walked off and disappeared for a few hours. She would then call her father telling him, she's on her way home. But after calling him, some men grab her and then kill her by giving her drugs. Her father then hires Charlie to find out what happened to her. First the girls learn that she overdosed on heroin which is not the drug she's known to take. They learn that she spent those hours she was away riding around in a cab. So Kris pretends to be a reporter and asks the cabbie who drove her around to take her where the singer went and once he shows them where she went; Kelly or Sabrina will find out what happened. After showing Kris her first stop and after talking to the man she saw, the one who killed the singer asks the man why someone is talking to him. That's when there's a struggle and the man is killed.
User ratings: 64
Average rating: 7.3
Mother Goose Is Running for His Life
When a toymaker has a few close calls, he calls Charlie who then has the girls on it. Sabrina pretends to be the daughter of a foreign toymaker who wants to go into business with the toymaker. Gordon, one of the toymaker's designers, wants to make toys that are a bit eerie and hopes that Sabrina can help him. Later a man breaks into the toymaker's office and gets killed. So the girls try to find out who he is and they learn he works for one of the toymaker's competitors who wants his new designs.
User ratings: 56
Average rating: 7.4
Little Angels of the Night
In an apartment building where many of the tenants are prostitutes, someone is killing them, so the owner calls Charlie. Kris and Kelly move in and they have their eye on the creepy guy who works at the nearby restaurant who delivers the food there.
User ratings: 68
Average rating: 7.4
The Jade Trap
When a wealthy resident of a high class apartment building is killed, suspicion falls on the cat burglar who's been plaguing the building for years. So the owner calls Charlie for help. They set a trap using Charlie's valuable jade as bait. What they don't know is that the cat burglar is not the killer but saw the murder being committed.
User ratings: 75
Average rating: 7.8
Angels on the Run
Kelly is chloroformed by diamond thieves who mistake her for another man's wife. Kris and Sabrina have to rescue Kelly before the thieves discover they've drugged the wrong woman and decide not to keep her alive.
User ratings: 55
Average rating: 7.3
Antique Angels
An antique car rally serves as the backdrop when a company is raided by criminals masquerading as a film crew to steal radioactive fuel cores and smuggle them out of the country.
User ratings: 57
Average rating: 6.9
Angels in Vegas
Tropicana Casino owner Frank Howell (a non-singing Dean Martin) calls Bosley and the Angels to Las Vegas to investigate some suspicious deaths that he believes are part of a plot to gaslight him.
User ratings: 88
Average rating: 7.5
Angel Come Home
Jill Munroe's friend Paul Ferrino wants her to drive his new car in the Grand Prix, but it's vandalized right after he shows it to her. Could Jill's fiancé Steve Carmody be the culprit?
User ratings: 78
Average rating: 7.4
Angel on High
A man learns that a woman he knew years ago died in an accident. He also learns that she has a son, whom he believes could be his. So he hires the girls to find out. Kelly finds him and gets close to him and is waiting for the right time to tell him because he's fragile. Sabrina learns that his mother is the daughter of a criminal and that the people who are now in charge of his business are wary that her son might come and take over. At the same time, someone is trying to keep them from finding out the truth.
User ratings: 61
Average rating: 7.0
Angels in Springtime
When famous actress Eve LeDeux is electrocuted at an exclusive women's spa, the Angels go undercover to capture the killer and find the missing manuscript of Eve's memoirs, which may reveal information some would rather be forgotten.
User ratings: 69
Average rating: 7.5
Winning Is for Losers
Several attempts are made on the life of golf pro Linda Frey, who is an old friend of Kris. The Angels investigate suspects in and around the tournament, while Linda's manager Bill Montclair tries to woo Kelly.
User ratings: 66
Average rating: 7.2
Haunted Angels
Bosley's bridge partner Claire Rossmore donated her estate to a local Institute for Psychic Research so that she could contact her dead nephew Martin. Bosley thinks she's being swindled, so he and the Angels investigate.
User ratings: 54
Average rating: 7.5
Pom Pom Angels
Three cheerleaders for the Los Angeles Bulldogs football team have disappeared. The main clue is the fact after each disappearance the team's owner receives a message from a religious fanatic condemning him for displaying women in an immoral manner. Charlie then sends the Angels undercover; Kelly and Kris as cheerleaders and Sabrina as a choreographer, to find out who is responsible. They soon come up with two main suspects, a former member of the team who was obsessed with one of the girls and the creepy son of a talent scout. However, Kris winds up getting herself captured by the kidnapper and now Kelly and Sabrina must find her.
User ratings: 62
Average rating: 7.3
Angels Ahoy
On a cruise ship, one of the passengers recognizes another passenger as a man who killed his wife, but originally disappeared. Later the passenger is found dead. The owner then calls Charlie. They believe that someone is smuggling fugitives out of the country on the ship. And they suspect one man, Sanchez of being involved. But they know that there others so to find out who they are they need to provide them with another fugitive. So Sabrina poses as a woman on the run and approaches Sanchez who offers to help her for a price. Kelly is hired as the ship's new recreation director and Kris goes on board as another passenger. So they figure out which members of the crew are involved but somehow they know who they are.
User ratings: 60
Average rating: 7.3
Mother Angel
After a precocious girl, Samantha, witnesses her neighbor murdering a man, Charlie asks the Angels to look into the case, & despite the angels disbelief in the little girls story, her aunt begins to uncover new evidence pointing to an unexpected figure.
User ratings: 75
Average rating: 7.6
Angel on My Mind
The Angels must work together to locate Kris who is suffering from amnesia after being struck by a vehicle in a parking lot of a restaurant, where she had the misfortune of witnessing the owner get robbed & murdered.
User ratings: 68
Average rating: 8.0
Angels Belong in Heaven
Tom Norton, who Charlie once helped out of a jam, calls the office to inform Charlie that one of the Angels is being targeted for murder. Unfortunately, he is killed before he has a chance to tell him whether it's Sabrina, Kelly or Kris. Now they must find out which one is targeted before it is too late.
User ratings: 60
Average rating: 6.8
Angels in the Stretch
Gambler Les Ferrar is murdered while investigating peculiar activity in regards to a horse race on which he had money. The Angels research the case and find that someone manipulated the winning horse.
User ratings: 55
Average rating: 6.8
Angels on Vacation
After Kris invites Bosley & the Angels to a small town for a vacation, their arrival is marred by a lack of rooms & gangsters who have broken their headlights, & they develop a plan to rescue the women kidnapped by the gang.
User ratings: 60
Average rating: 7.7
Counterfeit Angels
The Agency's in trouble when three women who claim to be "the angels" rob a place. The owner claims that Charlie called him up and said that his establishment's security needs to be checked out so he sends "the angels". But Charlie somehow gives the girls the heads up so they go hide while they try to sort the whole things out. It seems the whole things was engineered by an impersonator, who was the one who called the owner. It seems he owes a bookie a lot of money when what they got was not enough to cover what he owes he plans another job. But when the bookie learns of what he's been doing, he tells him to pull another job but it seems one of the girls was injured in the last job. But when the girls learn the impostors are actors, so Sabrina goes to the agent and when he sees that she resembles their Sabrina--the one that was hurt, they ask to join them.
User ratings: 70
Average rating: 8.1
Disco Angels
The Angels work together to investigate a case involving someone who was strangled to death at a disco by putting on clever disguises at the popular disco club in order to stop another crime from taking place & save innocent victims.
User ratings: 71
Average rating: 6.8
Terror on Skis
The government hires the Angels to find people responsible for killing the President's special aide at a ski resort in Vail, Colorado. The government warns the Angels that the identities of all their federal agents may have been revealed. During their investigation of the guests at the hotel of the President's murdered aide, the Angels discover that an extremist Italian Radical Group is there. When Sabrina is captured by them, she learns of their violent past.
User ratings: 64
Average rating: 6.9
Angel in a Box
Kris is kidnapped by someone claiming that they want to hire the Angels. A few hours later they get a note saying that it was big sister Jill that was kidnapped. Jill then flies in from Montreal, where she was scheduled to race, and joins the Angels in the search for her sister. Jill herself is later taken captive and it is soon revealed that Kris was kidnapped by the father of a young man who was infatuated with Jill and whom he holds responsible for his son's death. Now Sabrina, Kelly and Boz must track down the Monroe sisters and their captors before it is too late.
User ratings: 55
Average rating: 7.6
Teen Angels
After a murder takes place at a prestigious school for girls, the Angels investigate the case by going undercover to find answers about the death, & they soon discover that some of the girls are selling & abusing drugs & alcohol.
User ratings: 66
Average rating: 7.6
Marathon Angels
After the mysterious disappearances of two women who were participating in a marathon as a promotional tool, Kris & Kelly enter the race as a part of their investigation & wind up having to chase the suspects on foot.
User ratings: 64
Average rating: 6.0
Angels in Waiting
Bosley meets attractive Ellen Miles and takes time off from work to get to know her, unaware that Lawrence Wellman, whom Charlie and Bosley helped send to prison years earlier, has been released and is following Bosley for revenge.
User ratings: 53
Average rating: 7.3
Rosemary, for Remembrance
Rosemary Garfield's 1935 murder remains unsolved after 44 years. Her widower Jake was wrongly sent to prison for it, but has been released. The Angels try to solve her murder and find out who is trying to kill him.
User ratings: 53
Average rating: 7.7
Angels Remembered
The girls and Bosley gather in the office and Charlie calls them and they talk about their adventures.
User ratings: 57
Average rating: 5.9
Love Boat Angels
Tiffany Welles joins the Townsend Agency after Sabrina has quit to get married and start a family. Charlie tells his girls to take a cruise on the Pacific Princess to catch art thief Paul Hollister. Kris offers to get close to their target, but soon begins to feel an attraction to him.
User ratings: 79
Average rating: 7.9
Angels Go Truckin'
Kris and Tiffany go to Trucking school to investigate an all-female trucking line whose cargo has been stolen under their very noses. Kelly goes undercover as a waitress.
User ratings: 65
Average rating: 7.9
Avenging Angel
Frank Desmond is released from prison and proceeds to revenge himself on his jailer, Kelly Garrett, by injecting her with heroin. This leads the men he stole the drugs from to think Desmond and Kelly are partners in crime.
User ratings: 61
Average rating: 7.8
Angels at the Altar
Kelly is maid of honor at her friend Sharon's wedding. But there are several attempts to murder the groom. Tiffany goes undercover as a violinist, Bosly tends bar and Kris joins the wedding party as a maid.
User ratings: 64
Average rating: 7.7
Fallen Angel
The Angels are hired to catch Damien 'Ice Cat' Roth, a millionaire playboy/jewel thief, who also happens to be in love with former Angel Jill Munroe.
User ratings: 89
Average rating: 7.8
Caged Angel
Kris goes undercover as an inmate in Colejo prison to ferret out a gang of jewel thieves operating from there.
User ratings: 73
Average rating: 8.1
Angels on the Street
When a young music teacher gets beaten up by a local pimp, Kelly and Tiff join his stable as undercover streetwalkers to investigate.
User ratings: 66
Average rating: 7.4
The Prince and the Angel
Jill is wooed by a European crown prince while shopping for Charlie's birthday party and immediately gets in the way of an assassin's line of fire. The Angels help out, even though Bosley objects since they are not being paid.
User ratings: 69
Average rating: 7.4
Angels on Skates
A young girl is kidnapped while performing as a skater on Venice Beach. The Angels investigate Freddie Fortune's rink, where Kris joins the skating chorus line.
User ratings: 66
Average rating: 6.7
Angels on Campus
Two young girls from Tiffany's old sorority Kappa Omega Psi have been kidnapped to be sold as white slaves to a sheik, so Tiff and Kris return to college.
User ratings: 73
Average rating: 7.7
Angel Hunt
The Angels are lured to Diablo Island by an old enemy of Charlie's who plans to hunt them down and kill them to avenge himself on their boss.
User ratings: 73
Average rating: 7.9
Cruising Angels
While Bosley is romancing the interior decorator of Charlie's brand new yacht, criminals plan on using the "Wayward Angel" to transport a load of gold bouillon out of the country. As the Angels investigate, the gold's previous owner is also on the smugglers trail.
User ratings: 58
Average rating: 7.3
Of Ghosts and Angels
Tiffany is having psychic premonitions about history repeating itself during a costume party at the mansion of a recently married friend of hers.
User ratings: 80
Average rating: 7.3
Angel's Child
Kelly discovers the police sergeant she is working with has a tendency to take out his rage on his young son and tries to get custody of the boy. Meanwhile the masterminds of the case they are investigating have their own plans for Kelly, the cop and his son.
User ratings: 59
Average rating: 7.3
One of Our Angels Is Missing
Kris poses as a rich divorcée to find out why Rick Devlin has skipped parole. When the Angels proceed to lure him back to California, it turns out he is more dangerous than they first thought.
User ratings: 64
Average rating: 7.6
Catch a Falling Angel
The Angels investigate the disappearance of a young man whose ex girlfriend, Bess Hemsdale, has moved to the big city and joined the adult film industry under the name of 'Sally Storm'. Kris goes undercover as a potential starlet.
User ratings: 55
Average rating: 7.5
Homes $weet Homes
The Kingsbrook Realty Company, which has been linked to several robberies is the subject of the girls' latest case. Kris joins the all female agency, while Tiffany pretends to be selling a house (as well as being the owner of several valuable letters written by America's founding fathers). Bosley poses as a potential buyer.
User ratings: 55
Average rating: 7.4
Dancin' Angels
After a disappearance and a murder at an old fashioned ballroom dance contest, Bosley and Tiffany team up as a dancing couple. Meanwhile Kris and Kelly try to get information from the club owners who seem to think they are living in a Bogart movie.
User ratings: 63
Average rating: 6.6
Harrigan's Angel
The Angels team up with alcoholic private eye Harrigan to investigate the robbery of an electronics plant. Kris takes a liking to the old man and tries to get him back on track.
User ratings: 60
Average rating: 7.8
An Angel's Trail
Jill drives up to a robbery in progress at Pioneer Gasoline/The Rock Store. The perpetrator, along with his two sons as accomplices, decides he wants to take her as a hostage into the hills of the nearby isolated desert on their way to Canada.
User ratings: 67
Average rating: 7.3
Nips and Tucks
When a renowned cosmetic surgeon is suspected of giving criminals a new face, Tiffany joins his staff as a nurse while Bosley poses as a rich patient whose wife, played by Kris, wants him to improve his looks.
User ratings: 63
Average rating: 7.6
Three for the Money
The Townsend Agency is hired by three people who have been separately conned by Harley Dexter. In order to get they money back, the Angels counterattack with three cons of their own: one involving Mayan art, another centered around a Rolls-Royce and the third concerning bribe money.
User ratings: 58
Average rating: 8.3
Toni's Boys
After an attempt is made on the Angels' lives, Charlie hires a rival detective agency run by his old friend, Antonia Blake, to keep an eye on his employees. Blake, who likes to be called 'Toni', assigns her three boys to the case. They are: former U.S. Olympic champion Bob Sorenson, master of disguise Matt Parrish and champion rodeo rider, roper and tracker Cotton Harper. The Angels, feeling they can solve the case themselves, try to ditch the men as soon as possible.
User ratings: 82
Average rating: 7.5
One Love... Two Angels: Part I
Kelly is contacted by an attorney who tells her she may be the long lost daughter of millionaire Oliver Barrows. When Barrows sees the resemblance between Kelly and his late wife, he is convinced she is his daughter, Margaret Ellen, but Kelly remains skeptical and asks Charlie and the other Angels to look into it.
User ratings: 59
Average rating: 7.9
One Love... Two Angels: Part II
Bill Cord has fallen in love with both Kelly and Kris, driving a wedge between the two detectives. When Bill finds out Glenn Staley stands to gain from Kelly's death, he forfeits his own life. Now it's up to Tiffany and Bosley to hold the team together and solve the case.
User ratings: 50
Average rating: 7.9
Angel in Hiding
The angels are hired to find a model by her father but she turns up murdered. The angels go undercover as models for a modeling agency to find out why she was murdered and by whom.
User ratings: 63
Average rating: 8.0
To See an Angel Die
Bosley and the angels go to the Hawaiian branch of the Townsend agency. Whilst there Kris is kidnapped by a man and his two children who believe she killed their wife and mother three years ago. A psychic helps them solve the crime.
User ratings: 46
Average rating: 7.5
Angels of the Deep
Julie has taken up scuba diving. Unbeknownst to her, her diving partner Bianca is looking for a boatload of sunken grass. Two parties are also looking for the grass: Marvin and Claude, a pair of leftover hippies who sunk the boat, and Tony Kramer and his goons, for whom the shipment was meant. When Marvin and Claude contact Tony's buyer, Bianca forces them to take her on as a partner. Meanwhile Julie and the other Angels have become targets without even knowing what the case is all about.
User ratings: 51
Average rating: 7.1
Island Angels
Julie identifies a member of the Red Circle terrorist group arriving in Hawaii to attempt the assassination of diplomat Eric Nillson. The Angels and Lt. Torres soon become convinced the assassin was not working alone, and go undercover at the Club Aloha resort to find the killer's cohort. Bosley and Julie pose as a reporter and photographer, Kris works at the bar and Kelly assists Torres at the station.
User ratings: 61
Average rating: 8.0
Waikiki Angels
The Angels go undercover as lifeguards to catch a gang of dune buggy drivers who are terrorizing a local beach and who are likely to be behind the disappearance of a congressman's daughter.
User ratings: 55
Average rating: 7.2
Hula Angels
Steve Moss is kidnapped in his own nightclub. His wife can't come up with the ransom in time and hires the Angels. Each day Mrs. Moss keeps the kidnappers waiting, another dancing girl from the club disappears. Kris and Julie both audition to join the hula dancers while Kelly and Bos try to figure out why a successful club owner like Moss is lacking cash.
User ratings: 46
Average rating: 7.5
Moonshinin' Angels
The Angels are asked to find out why the old feud between two rival moonshiners in Gifford county is heating up again. Kris joins the Catlin's as their new still master. Kelly becomes the Bartlett's new driver. Julie gets a job as a waitress at Etta's Diner. Bosley, posing as a rich Texan, offers both parties a deal to buy their liquor.
User ratings: 53
Average rating: 7.2
He Married an Angel
John Thornwood is a con man. He conned a couple of sisters out of $100,000. They go to Charlie and asks them to get their money back and to punish him. They find out where he is and Kris poses as a con artist and he tries to get her to work with him. His latest mark is a woman who is taken with him. Kelly tries to get close to her. Julie learns that her father is a mobster. They try to get him to pull out of the con by making him think that he has to marry her but instead he decides to go through with it. But he assumes that Kris is setting her up for a false marriage. She in turns decides to turn the tables on him by making him marry her for real, hoping her father will keep him in check.
User ratings: 46
Average rating: 7.7
Taxi Angels
Investigating a murder attempt at a small taxi cab company, Kelly reluctantly poses as a driver, Julie as the dispatcher and Kris as a roller-skating waitress at the local diner.
User ratings: 46
Average rating: 7.0
Angel on the Line
When the Angels investigate a murder at the dating establishment 'The Hot Line Club', Kelly becomes the killer's next target.
User ratings: 57
Average rating: 7.1
Chorus Line Angels
Dancers are disappearing during rehearsals for a new musical. A reluctant Kelly auditions as a new dancer, Julie poses as her agent/manager and Kris pretends to be a reporter.
User ratings: 66
Average rating: 6.7
Stuntwomen Angels
A man dressed as an archer is causing accidents at Mammoth studios. The Angels go undercover as stunt women (after taking a crash course at Big Teddy's stunt school). The main target seems to be the stunt coordinator working on 'Lady West' and 'Marian and her Merry Maidens', the latter being a remake of an Errol Flynn classic.
User ratings: 54
Average rating: 6.6
Attack Angels
When the Angels investigate a couple of suspicious deaths at Western Techtronics, Julie falls under the trance of a hypnotist who specializes in using brainwashed young women as killers.
User ratings: 55
Average rating: 7.7
Angel on a Roll
Ted Markham has opened 12 different bank accounts under different names and wearing disguises, only to rob their ATM's in one fell stroke. Kris volunteers to get close to Markham and let him 'spend some of that money' on her in order to catch him. When Ted invites her to go to Vegas with him Kris accepts, and starts to grow fond of the charming thief. Meanwhile, an angry casino owner and his goon follow Marham and Kris, thinking they are are double act out to rob more casino's.
User ratings: 52
Average rating: 7.9
Mr. Galaxy
When several attempts are made on body builder Ron Gates' life, the Angels are hired to investigate. Kris stays close to Ron and protects him from several more deadly traps. Kelly poses is a reporter from a bodybuilding magazine, Julie goes to work at the Mid-Valley Club, and Bosley starts working out there.
User ratings: 56
Average rating: 7.4
Let Our Angel Live
Kelly is shot at point blank by a suspect she had been watching during a stakeout. A very emotional Bosley, Kris and Julie spend the night at the hospital reminiscing about past cases while Kelly's life hangs in the balance.
User ratings: 60
Average rating: 7.2
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