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Cougar Town

Seasons: 6
Episodes: 102
User ratings: 38,633
Average rating: 7.0

Comedy, Romance

A recently divorced woman decides to find some excitement in her dating life.

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Episodes details table

After her recent divorce, Jules decides to put herself "out there" again, much to the embarrassment of her teenage son.
User ratings: 399
Average rating: 7.2
Into the Great Wide Open
After lamenting she did not have any "war stories" from partying in her 20's, Laurie takes Jules out to make up for lost time.
User ratings: 299
Average rating: 7.0
Don't Do Me Like That
Jules and Josh arrive at their 10th date, but the night is a disaster. Meanwhile, Travis is embarrassed when his dad starts living in a boat in a parking lot.
User ratings: 278
Average rating: 7.3
I Won't Back Down
Bobby and Travis try to find common ground. Jules is upset that Grayson doesn't think she's attractive, and Ellie is upset that being a mother has changed what guys think of her.
User ratings: 257
Average rating: 7.4
You Wreck Me
Jules organizes a golf outing to help Bobby. Laurie woos a new client at the office.
User ratings: 235
Average rating: 7.1
A Woman in Love (It's Not Me)
Jules freaks out when Josh tells her he's in love with her, and Bobby tries to find a way to make some fast money to pay some debts.
User ratings: 239
Average rating: 7.2
Don't Come Around Here No More
Travis enjoys helping his father, Bobby, preparing a Saturday barbecue. Grayson has another foxy young date and sees Jules dating much older Larry. He dares her for $20 she can't spend a single day alone. It's far shorter until he catches her at the second sin, hosting the 'quiet barbecue'. Andy helps Jules chasing a stray alligator, but she still sides with his wife. Jules is desperate to prove Grayson craves company too.
User ratings: 238
Average rating: 7.3
Two Gunslingers
Ellie and Laurie threaten to ruin Jules' birthday vacation because they refuse to get along. Back at home, Travis plays a trick on Grayson after he breaks up a visit from a female companion.
User ratings: 229
Average rating: 7.5
Here Comes My Girl
It's Thanksgiving Day, and Bobby and Grayson awkwardly discover that they share the same ideal mate--Jules, while Jules is busy accidentally sabotaging Travis' plans with his Thanksgiving date.
User ratings: 231
Average rating: 7.8
Mystery Man
Jules gets a date with a sexy topless jeans model, but she also develops unlikely feelings for an obnoxious client. Meanwhile, Bobby tries to bond with Grayson, and Ellie lets Andy take care of their baby for the day.
User ratings: 228
Average rating: 7.1
Rhino Skin
Jules becomes jealous when she learns that her cruel dermatologist is seeing Bobby, Andy gives Travis a lesson about understanding women, and Laurie lets politics get in the way of a potential hookup.
User ratings: 235
Average rating: 7.5
Scare Easy
Jules freaks out when she decides to be exclusive with Jeff, which makes Bobby and Grayson jealous, Meanwhile, Laurie seeks revenge sex with an unsuspecting stranger, and Travis and Grayson try to save her.
User ratings: 210
Average rating: 7.4
Stop Dragging My Heart Around
Travis finally lost his virginity, in a tent with Kylie. Alas he overslept and ignored his ma was out to, having comfort sex with Bobby after Jeff dumped her. So Kylie thinks he doesn't care for her, and neighbor Andy meanly blackmails the boy into slavish chores to keep his secret from ma. Bobby hopes he'll get his family back and moves his boat into the front garden, but Jules works up to breaking his heart again. Grayson enjoyed sex with Laurie, who somehow feels guilty even after he they agree to remain discrete.
User ratings: 208
Average rating: 7.3
All the Wrong Reasons
A hot tennis instructor gets between Ellie and Jules, Laurie turns to Travis to be her conscience, and Andy and Grayson try to comfort Bobby who is nursing a fresh heartbreak over his ex-wife.
User ratings: 206
Average rating: 7.3
When a Kid Goes Bad
Jules and Bobby debate on whether to let Travis go to a party where alcohol will be served. Laurie meets Smith's father.
User ratings: 201
Average rating: 7.4
What Are You Doin' in My Life?
Laurie's free-spending mom shows up just as she prepares to buy a house and needs a co-signer, Bobby is teased after he is robbed by a woman, while Travis helps take care of Barbara after a procedure from her dermatologist.
User ratings: 209
Average rating: 7.2
Counting on You
Ellie starts a fight with Andy after he buys a motorcycle, but it doesn't end the way she planned. Meanwhile, Grayson and Jules argue over whether men and women can just be friends, and Bobby takes Travis on an unusual fishing trip.
User ratings: 205
Average rating: 7.4
Turn This Car Around
A wine rep is interested in Grayson. Andy's friendship with Bobby is curtailed by Bobby's new dog, and Jules tries to convince Ellie she can stop drinking wine for a month.
User ratings: 209
Average rating: 7.2
Everything Man
Sarah helps Grayson write a new song, but Jules advises him not to act so needy around her. Jules' new bathroom gets rave reviews.
User ratings: 209
Average rating: 7.4
Wake Up Time
Jules helps Travis when his relationship with Kylie hits a rough patch, while Sara is starting to wonder about Grayson's relationship to Jules. Andy is worried about his son not looking like him.
User ratings: 203
Average rating: 7.2
Letting You Go
Laurie seeks to reunite with Smith when he returns from law school. Jules is conflicted when Travis gets accepted to two different colleges: one close by and one far away.
User ratings: 203
Average rating: 7.6
Feel a Whole Lot Better
Jules and Grayson try to be "friends with benefits." Bobby's newest money-making scheme inadvertently helps Travis. Andy hires a nanny.
User ratings: 194
Average rating: 7.6
At Travis' graduation, Bobby tries not to make a scene, but Jules makes one when Travis doesn't mention her in his speech.
User ratings: 194
Average rating: 7.5
Finding Out
Jules and Grayson must figure out a way to tell Bobby they're a couple. Travis misses an important anniversary with Kylie.
User ratings: 201
Average rating: 7.7
All Mixed Up
Bobby struggles with the reality of Jules being in a relationship with Grayson. Jules has issues with her new psychiatrist when she discovers the truth behind her methods.
User ratings: 248
Average rating: 7.7
Let Yourself Go
Jules becomes more emotional as the day Travis leaves for college approaches. Laurie teaches Bobby how to use a computer.
User ratings: 173
Average rating: 7.3
Makin' Some Noise
Grayson encourages Jules to start a neighborhood watch so that she will stop smothering him with Travis gone. Meanwhile, Travis tries to redefine himself in college, and Ellie has problems with her friendly new nanny.
User ratings: 169
Average rating: 7.3
The Damage You've Done
Grayson and Laurie tell Jules that they slept together before Grayson got together with Jules, and the gang anxiously awaits her response. Meanwhile, Travis learns that Kylie has been seeing other guys while he's been away.
User ratings: 171
Average rating: 7.3
Keeping Me Alive
Jules schemes to continue giving Bobby money when he stops taking alimony payments. Ellie ticks off the gang by being arrogant about her intelligence.
User ratings: 163
Average rating: 7.4
You Don't Know How It Feels
Jules isn't happy when her father pays a visit. Travis gets a surprise at Halloween, and Bobby campaigns to be Stan's guardian should something happen to Ellie and Andy.
User ratings: 171
Average rating: 7.6
Fooled Again: I Don't Like It
Laurie and Grayson attempt to dethrone Ellie as the gang competes for giving Jules the best birthday present.
User ratings: 172
Average rating: 7.6
Little Girl Blues
Jules feels threatened when Travis begins dating a grad student, and the gang--including Tom--begins hanging out at Grayson's house and he can't get them to leave.
User ratings: 161
Average rating: 7.6
When the Time Comes
Things become awkward at Thanksgiving when Grayson doesn't return Jules' "I love you," Ellie and Laurie conspire to kill Andy's optimism, and Bobby changes his speech pattern because nobody knows what he's saying.
User ratings: 165
Average rating: 7.5
The Same Old You
Kirsten has issues concerning Travis' relationship with Laurie. Bobby hires Andy to caddy for him in a golf tournament, and Jules decides to make Bobby's boat seaworthy to boost his confidence.
User ratings: 156
Average rating: 7.6
No Reason to Cry
Jules thinks her relationship is in trouble after she accidentally kills some animals, Ellie gets upset with Andy when he shares "their thing" with Laurie, and Travis's girlfriend Kirsten accidentally ruins Bobby's golf concentration.
User ratings: 157
Average rating: 7.4
A Thing About You
While the guys argue that men are loyal friends and women will abandon their pals at the drop of a hat, one thing is certain -- everyone has each other's backs in the cul-de-sac crew. Although Laurie may be the worst houseguest ever, Jules is there for her when she needs a place to stay; Laurie helps Jules to realize she doesn't need to change for others; and when Bobby is jealous that Travis has gone to Grayson for advice, Grayson comes through for his buddy.
User ratings: 160
Average rating: 7.4
Lost Children
Ellie protests Jules's control of the "cul-de-sac crew" and gets the rest of the gang to play along, Grayson wonders why Andy has a problem with him, and Bobby waits for the gang to harass him over his new girlfriend.
User ratings: 163
Average rating: 7.5
Cry to Me
It's Valentine's Day and Jules wants nothing more than for Grayson to open up to her about his feelings. Meanwhile, when Ellie is adamant about not wanting to do anything for Valentine's Day, Andy makes a date with Bobby, and Travis looks to Laurie for help in creating his "sexy" gift for Kirsten.
User ratings: 154
Average rating: 7.4
Jules freaks out when she discovers that Travis may be ready to propose to Kirsten. Meanwhile, Laurie helps Bobby start up his Penny Can game business, but Grayson is skeptical.
User ratings: 161
Average rating: 7.6
Baby's a Rock 'N' Roller
Jules and Grayson babysit for Ellie, Travis tries to help Bobby wake up to practice for his golf tournament, and Andy serves as Laurie's wingman as she tries to get back on the market after her breakup with Smith.
User ratings: 157
Average rating: 7.3
You're Gonna Get It!
Jules is embarrassed while leading the Pledge of Allegiance at an elementary school, but it's not as humiliating by Bobby's moment of infamy in his golf tournament. Meanwhile, Laurie schools Grayson and Ellie in a bar trivia contest.
User ratings: 155
Average rating: 7.3
Lonesome Sundown
Laurie creates a new "council" for the crew to hand out punishments, Jules spends the weekend on Bobby's boat to win a bet, and Grayson tries to stop Travis from proposing.
User ratings: 149
Average rating: 7.7
Damaged by Love
Jules's dad comes to town and wants to cheer up Travis by sending him to a strip club, and Ellie gets upset because Andy's brother's wife won't stop flirting with him.
User ratings: 149
Average rating: 7.2
Free Fallin'
Jules and Bobby try to get Travis out of his funk and get him to return to college, Bobby contemplates selling his Penny Can business to a big corporation, and Grayson deals with the creepy neighborhood "chalk children."
User ratings: 154
Average rating: 7.7
Something Good Coming: Part 1
After Travis abruptly moves to Hawaii, the gang decides to go on vacation there; Grayson tells Jules that he wants to have kids; Laurie tries to lure Travis back home.
User ratings: 192
Average rating: 8.2
Something Good Coming: Part 2
After Travis abruptly moves to Hawaii, the gang decides to go on vacation there; Grayson tells Jules he want to have kids; Laurie tries to lure Travis back home.
User ratings: 46
Average rating: 7.8
Ain't Love Strange
Jules tries to prove that she is not predictable, Ellie and Andy worry that their child is the spawn of the Devil, and Bobby tries to persuade Travis to take his dog.
User ratings: 183
Average rating: 7.8
A Mind with a Heart of Its Own
Ellie gets mad when Jules appoints two Maids of Honor, Grayson goes with Travis to get Jules' dad's blessing, and Bobby gives Jules a zip line to Grayson's house as an engagement present.
User ratings: 146
Average rating: 7.5
Lover's Touch
Jules' wedding preparations are put on hold after Travis is sent to the hospital, and Grayson becomes lonely for her affection. Meanwhile, Bobby invents a new ball game that the women suddenly take to a new level.
User ratings: 133
Average rating: 7.4
Full Moon Fever
When bicycle teens invade the cul-de-sac, Jules and Andy fight over who is "king" of the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Bobby has the hots for Travis's photography teacher, and Laurie begins an online relationship.
User ratings: 134
Average rating: 7.5
A One Story Town
Jules and the gang decide Bobby needs some help romancing Angie so they launch "operation kiss-the-girl." Meanwhile, other former "Scrubs" cast turn up, as Ted and the Peons pass through on their way to audition at Disney World.
User ratings: 179
Average rating: 8.1
Something Big
Grayson and Jules find out that Grayson is a father, Bobby tries to teach Ellie how to surf, and Travis finally gets the courage to tell Laurie no.
User ratings: 134
Average rating: 7.4
You Can Still Change Your Mind
Jules tries to talk Travis out of being her wedding photographer, Bobby finds out that his new girlfriend is seeing someone else, and Laurie faces a new mental challenge from a Simon game.
User ratings: 126
Average rating: 7.3
Ways to be Wicked
Ellie gets a visit from her mean-spirited mother, Grayson tries to help Laurie with her cake business, and Bobby tries to help Travis with a college prank.
User ratings: 122
Average rating: 7.3
Money Becomes King
Jules needs to find a way to cut expenses at her business, Laurie gets volunteers to help her cake business, and Ellie convinces Andy to play a trick on Bobby.
User ratings: 118
Average rating: 7.3
Southern Accents
Jules freaks out when Travis starts dating Holly, Ellie tries to keep Andy from running for mayor, and Laurie tries to help Bobby overcome his prejudices.
User ratings: 119
Average rating: 7.4
Down South
As Jules prepares for her hurricane party, she and Bobby fight over whether Travis should pursue Laurie, who is having long-distance relationship troubles of her own.
User ratings: 119
Average rating: 7.4
Square One
Jules and Grayson run into trouble when they are forced prematurely to move in together, Jules and Bobby have a "white shirt challenge," and Ellie tries to prove that she's sexier than Laurie.
User ratings: 118
Average rating: 7.6
It'll All Work Out
As the crew prepares to celebrate "Fake Thanksgiving," Ellie tries to butter up Jules so that Stan can be in the wedding, Jules tries to come up with her wedding vows, and Andy has to learn how to toss pizza dough.
User ratings: 118
Average rating: 7.6
My Life/Your World: Part 1
Jules spends her bachelorette party watching "Groundhog Day" with Ellie and Laurie, Grayson gets fed up over his lack of privacy, and Travis ruins Penny Can for Bobby and Andy.
User ratings: 117
Average rating: 7.8
My Life/Your World: Part 2
Grayson convinces Jules to elope by themselves to Napa, but the crew still manages to find a way to tag along. Meanwhile, Travis is heartbroken when Laurie's boyfriend surprises her.
User ratings: 143
Average rating: 8.2
Blue Sunday
Grayson tries to acclimate himself to being married to Jules but won't apologize for something he did in one of her dreams. Bobby tries to give advice to Travis, who just turned 21.
User ratings: 136
Average rating: 7.4
I Need to Know
Jules becomes crazed when Travis stays away too long from game night.
User ratings: 114
Average rating: 7.5
Between Two Worlds
Trying to infuse passion into her marriage, Jules enlists Ellie.
User ratings: 112
Average rating: 7.6
I Should Have Known It
The girls investigate Tom's new girlfriend; Bobby works on table manners.
User ratings: 122
Average rating: 7.9
Runnin' Down a Dream
Jules decides that she's done with real estate.
User ratings: 113
Average rating: 7.6
Jules has trouble sleeping.
User ratings: 112
Average rating: 7.7
Flirting with Time
When buyers show interest in Grayson's house, the crew is quick to judge their potential new neighbors. They also become nostalgic about when redneck Bobby and Jules first moved into the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Wade returns home from Afghanistan early, but Laurie's initial excitement quickly turns to fear when he becomes too clingy.
User ratings: 121
Average rating: 8.2
You and I Will Meet Again
Laurie and Wade decide to move in together.
User ratings: 105
Average rating: 7.4
Make It Better
Jules' dad arrives to recover from an injury.
User ratings: 99
Average rating: 7.3
You Tell Me
Laurie's mixed emotions over Travis causes a destructive streak that Andy must deal with. Jules spends time with her therapist when she discovers her friends have been keeping secrets. Bobby meets a woman at a superstore.
User ratings: 107
Average rating: 7.5
Saving Grace
The Cul-de-Sac Crew wreak havoc when they take up dodgeball. Grayson and Jules have a spat over a prayer she makes. Travis and Andy see less of Bobby thanks to the woman he met.
User ratings: 121
Average rating: 7.8
This Old Town
An elderly couple offers to buy Grayson's house in exchange for becoming part of the gang. Bobby renames his boat, and Travis looks for a new Penny Can partner.
User ratings: 109
Average rating: 7.6
The Criminal Kind
Grayson is crushed after seeing harsh reviews on Yelp.
User ratings: 110
Average rating: 7.8
Don't Fade on Me
Jules insists on taking her father to the doctor; Laurie and Travis go on their first date; Bobby discovers Dog Travis is just using him for food.
User ratings: 111
Average rating: 7.5
Have Love Will Travel
The gang takes Chick to Hollywood after learning of his health issues; Laurie and Travis try to set up the perfect first kiss.
User ratings: 119
Average rating: 7.5
All or Nothing
Penny Can becomes a global sensation, prompting Grayson to ask Bobby to pay up his bar tab. Andy must deal with Stan not sleeping after watching a horror flick, and the gang is still not used to Laurie and Travis being together.
User ratings: 119
Average rating: 7.4
Like a Diamond
Bobby is paranoid about a blizzard hitting town. Jules gets into an auto accident with a man, who is attracted to her.
User ratings: 172
Average rating: 8.5
Depending on You
Jules and Grayson are invited to a wedding the same day as Grayson's roller hockey game. Bobby is shocked to find out Dog Travis is pregnant. Tom has created an all-too-accurate model of the neighborhood.
User ratings: 102
Average rating: 7.3
The Trip to Pirate's Cove
When Buccaneer Week descends on Gulf Haven, Andy tries to get Ellie to use her more charming alter-ego while Laurie drums up business by designing very risqué cakes in her shop.
User ratings: 102
Average rating: 7.5
Hard on Me
When Andy organizes a 5K run to help repair his reputation as Mayor, Jules asks her father to get the Cul-de-Sac Crew into shape for the event. Grayson's dream of appearing in a commercial is not what he expected.
User ratings: 105
Average rating: 7.5
Learning to Fly
Bobby takes on his fear of roller coasters to honor his dying grandfather. Laurie is afraid Karma will come back to haunt Jules, and Andy bets Ellie she can't be nice for an entire day.
User ratings: 104
Average rating: 7.3
Time to Move On
Jules worries about Travis' job prospects when he graduates from college. Laurie pretends to be Ellie's life partner to get Stan into an elite school.
User ratings: 92
Average rating: 7.5
Mystery of Love
Upset when Travis and Laurie pull off a brunch at their place, Jules must prove Grayson and she are a better couple. Tom helps Ellie finish a novel she started as a teenager, and Andy takes Stan to the beach for the day.
User ratings: 93
Average rating: 7.3
Too Much Ain't Enough
Jules and Andy devise a scheme to get rich. Grayson tries to act hip when he meets some of Travis' friends.
User ratings: 97
Average rating: 7.2
Too Good to Be True
Travis regrets organizing an Open Mike night at the coffeehouse when Andy decides to do stand-up comedy. Tom's daughter pays him a visit.
User ratings: 101
Average rating: 7.5
Jules and Bobby become private detectives when his boat disappears. Laurie and Travis decorate their apartment, and Grayson tries to teach Andy how to get along with his new supervisor.
User ratings: 98
Average rating: 7.1
Love Is a Long Road
Jules wants her father to move into the neighborhood, but Grayson's idea might be a bit too much. Travis' impending graduation from college reignites an old feud between Ellie and Laurie.
User ratings: 101
Average rating: 7.2
We Stand a Chance
Tom's choice for a group vacation does not meet with everyone's approval. Bobby and Grayson mistakenly sign up for a break-dancing contest, and Jules receives some news from her doctor when she goes in for a check-up.
User ratings: 108
Average rating: 7.7
American Dream Plan B
Jules vows to not drink wine during Laurie's pregnancy but can't get anybody to join in. Travis regrets seeking parenting advice from Grayson.
User ratings: 98
Average rating: 7.1
Full Grown Boy
Jules worries about Chick going to his Civil War reenactment. Bobby's new job takes him out of the state. Travis and Laurie argue over names for their baby.
User ratings: 89
Average rating: 7.3
To Find a Friend
While Grayson helps Andy audition a replacement best friend, Jules and Ellie run the bar. Travis and Laurie spend their first weekend alone with their new baby.
User ratings: 90
Average rating: 6.9
Waiting for Tonight
Andy rents a costume for Stan's birthday party. Jules and Grayson are determined to keep a restaurant reservation, and Ellie tweets on behalf of Laurie.
User ratings: 93
Average rating: 6.9
Even the Losers
Travis takes the money Jules loans him and starts a new business. When Andy is unseated as mayor, Ellie helps him get payback. Grayson becomes a music teacher at Stan's school.
User ratings: 90
Average rating: 7.0
The Wrong Thing to Do
Jules agrees to coach Andy through his interviews; Ellie goes to Bobby's boat to escape Andy.
User ratings: 86
Average rating: 7.1
The Wild One, Forever
A hurricane floods a local high school gym; Jules volunteers Gray's Pub as a venue for their prom.
User ratings: 86
Average rating: 7.0
This One's for Me
Jules finds a bag of peculiar items Grayson has been hiding; Travis uses a baby gift for himself.
User ratings: 84
Average rating: 7.0
Two Men Talking
Jules tries to set her father up with Grayson as a best friend; a cool mom group.
User ratings: 83
Average rating: 7.3
Yer So Bad
Jules' dinner guests aren't exactly who she expected; staking out a cupcake thief; Tom's patient.
User ratings: 92
Average rating: 7.5
Climb That Hill
Jules tries to read a book for the first time; Grayson tries to remember what his friends say.
User ratings: 83
Average rating: 7.3
A Two Story Town
Everyone pitches in to help Tom with his new crush with disastrous results.
User ratings: 93
Average rating: 7.6
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Grayson tries to prevent Jules from running her birthday; everyone experiences major life changes.
User ratings: 171
Average rating: 8.6
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