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Seasons: 5
Episodes: 59
User ratings: 26,336
Average rating: 8.1

Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

A law school graduate becomes the protégée of a successful high-stakes litigator.

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Get Me a Lawyer
Patty Hewes is a high-risk litigation attorney who takes on only the toughest and most high profile cases. Her latest case is against Arthur Frobisher on behalf of the 5,000 employees who lost their pensions and investments when the firm went bankrupt. Frobisher had been encouraging his employees to invest in the company he secretly sold off his own shares. Although found not guilty of any criminal misconduct, Hewes believes there is a case to proceed. Into this mix comes Ellen Parsons, a new associate who joins the firm in spite of warnings from others in the legal community that she is making a serious mistake. When Ellen learns that Frobisher is financing a new restaurant owned by her future sister-in-law, Katie Connor, she is sure that Katie must have information relevant to the case. She also begins to wonder if Patty Hewes might have hired because of her connection to Katie. In a flash forward, a bloodied and half-naked Ellen is found wandering the streets, suspected of having committed a murder.
User ratings: 579
Average rating: 8.6
Jesus, Mary and Joe Cocker
Convinced that Frobisher is responsible for killing her dog, Katie Connor resolves to fight him and work with Patty Hewes in the case against him. She isn't prepared however for the reception she gets when Hewes accuses her of lying and omitting some key facts from her statement. Frobisher's security officer offers him a permanent solution to the threat posed by Katie. At home, Frobisher's wife is reaching the breaking point and he has to face the possibility that his marriage will fall apart. In the flash-forward, the police continue to gather evidence in David's death and Ellen refuses to make a statement without her lawyer present.
User ratings: 429
Average rating: 8.2
And My Paralyzing Fear of Death
The judge in charge of the Frobisher case, Sanford Toomey, suggests to Patty Hewes that her case is weak and gives her until the end of the week to submit a brief arguing why the case should be allowed to proceed. Things get complicated when she receives a parcel at the office containing a hand grenade. Patty and her husband have to deal with their son after he has hacked into his school's computer system and may now be expelled. Ellen is tasked with writing a key portion of the brief for Judge Toomey but clears her absence on Friday evening to attend her engagement party. Patty decides to test her by having her perform a last minute task on Friday that will force her to choose between her personal life and the firm. Although Tom Shayes is still secretly on Patty's payroll, he is being pressured by another firm to take a job with them. When Patty learns who sent her the hand grenade, she takes rapid and drastic action. In the flash-forward, Ellen retains Hollis Nye as her attorney and denies having killed her ex-fiancé.
User ratings: 377
Average rating: 8.2
Tastes Like a Ho-Ho
Patty Hewes knows that Katie Connor is still seeing Greg Malina, but has yet to figure out if he is somehow connected to Frobisher. As the lawyers take Katie through her statement, we see through flashbacks some of what happened the fateful weekend in 2002 when Frobisher sold his stock. She clearly cannot recall or identify the mysterious third party getting into Frobisher's limo but when Greg tells Katie that he recognized the mysterious man in the parking lot as Luke Richards, Katie tells the lawyers that she recognized him. Her subsequent deposition with Ray Fiske does not go well. Lila DiMeo, the attractive granddaughter of one of David's patients hits on him.
User ratings: 370
Average rating: 8.2
A Regular Earl Anthony
Frobisher plays into Patty Hewes hands and withdraws his settlement offer but Frobisher arranges for the employee group to drop her as their lawyer. Tom Shayes gets a partnership offer from Martin Cutler but weighs his other options. Katie confronts Gregory Malina over his lies and he in turn gets a not too subtle reminder to keep his mouth shut. David and Ellen have a falling out over the way Katie was treated and David decides to visit his sister for a few days. In the flash forward, Ellen tells her lawyer Hollis Nye that someone tried to kill her.
User ratings: 360
Average rating: 8.0
She Spat at Me
Ellen makes contact with Gregory Malina and gives him 24 hours to come forward or he will be subpoenaed. Malina has good reason to be afraid when a hit man tries to take him out. Outraged at being spat upon at a basketball game, Frobisher decides that a public relations offensive would help, so he hires someone to write his biography. Ray Fiske is suffering from a severe bout of insomnia but when he does manage to nod off, has terrible nightmares. Lila DiMeo asks David for his help after her grandfather dies. In the flash forward, Ellen is told there is no evidence she was attacked. She tells her lawyer that the attack is connected to the Frobisher case. The police learn that David had been having an affair with Lila while still engaged to Ellen.
User ratings: 345
Average rating: 8.2
We Are Not Animals
Relations between Ellen and Tom get frosty when Patty asks her if Tom offered her a job. Ellen says he didn't but then becomes paranoid at the thought that either Patty already knew or that Tom might tell her that he had. She and Tom agree to keep it a secret, but Ellen has her doubts. Ray Fiske is trying to keep Greg Malina from being deposed and launches an effort to quash Patty Hewes' subpoena. Patty continues to protect Greg but he decides to disappear. Patty is still dealing with her son's situation. She is surprised that he wants to remain at his special "school" and at the major changes in his personality. In the flash forward, Ellen reveals why she was staying at Patty Hewes' apartment when she was attacked, but the police doubt her story when they are unable to find the man she claims she killed in self-defense. Patty has disappeared and Ellen begs Tom to find her as she is convinced that all of these events are connected to the Frobisher case. The police formally charge Ellen with murder.
User ratings: 330
Average rating: 8.2
Blame the Victim
Patty Hewes learns that Larry Popler has been passing information on to Frobisher and decides to turn the tables on both of them. Greg Malina is still missing and Patty suggests to Larry that he may have been killed. Ellen and Tom interview a former SEC Commissioner who had spent a good deal of time going after Frobisher during the criminal trial. Ellen learns that her father had a serious car accident but he hasn't hired a lawyer and is resistant to her advice about his upcoming deposition. In the flash-forward, we learn that Ellen and David broke up just prior to him being killed. Ellen is arraigned and pleads not guilty. Her bail is set at $1.5 million.
User ratings: 329
Average rating: 8.1
Do You Regret What We Did?
Lila DiMeo visits Ellen at the office and tells her that she and David have been sleeping together and that he no longer loves her. Ellen and David get to spend the weekend at Patty's beach house. Gregory Malina re-appears to explain himself to Katie Connor and makes a videotape confession in case anything should happen to him. Ray Fiske hires a pro to prepare Frobisher for his deposition. George Moore is feeding Ellen information, some of it true, in a bid to force Frobisher to settle. In the flash-forward, Tom tells a still incarcerated Ellen that he still can't find Patty; she tells him to go to Patty's beach house. Patty is having a mental breakdown of some sort.
User ratings: 332
Average rating: 8.2
Sort of Like a Family
Patty Hewes and Frobisher prepare for his deposition but he beats her to the punch by holding a press conference and telling all about the car accident he had 25 years ago. Patty tells Tom that Ellen is only useful to them as long as Gregory Malina is alive. When she learns he is dead she tells Ellen she is off the Frobisher case. When Ellen ignores Patty's direct orders not to contact George Moore, she finds herself out of a job. In the flash forward, Tom is still unable to locate Patty and Ellen tells him the identity of the person who tried to have her killed.
User ratings: 323
Average rating: 8.5
I Hate These People
Patty Hewes likes Ellen's theory that George Moore is working for Frobisher but also trying to get him to settle the lawsuit. Ellen turns down Patty's offer to return to work but agrees to continue working on the case for the clients' sake. Ellen also gives Patty the evidence that Ray Fiske was involved in insider trading. Patty tried to blackmail him into throwing the case, but with unexpected results. David continues to be stalked by Lila DiMeo. In the flash forward, Patty is still running away and out of contact.
User ratings: 342
Average rating: 8.8
There's No 'We' Anymore
In the aftermath of her encounter with Ray Fiske, Patty Hewes finally takes Tom's call and is told Ellen has accused her of attempted murder. She returns to the city and posts Ellen's bail. Frobisher learns of Greg Malina's video confession and instructs his men to do whatever it takes to retrieve it. Ellen offers the video to Patty only if she agrees to take on her case.
User ratings: 342
Average rating: 8.8
Because I Know Patty
The season comes to its shocking conclusion.
User ratings: 387
Average rating: 8.9
I Lied, Too.
A month has now passed and Ellen has returned to work for Patty Hewes. On the outside, Ellen is putting up a brave face but remains convinced that Patty tried to have her killed. She is in therapy several times a week and is out for revenge. She is working for the FBI in a sting operation and they plant a phony case hoping Patty will snap it up. Arthur Frobisher is recovering in the hospital. Patty is trying to set up a charitable foundation but the main benefactor is having second thoughts now that he has decided to enter politics. She also receives a phone call and a package of documents from Daniel Purcell, someone she has not heard from in over 10 years. In a flash forward six months into the future, Ellen has acquired a gun.
User ratings: 303
Average rating: 8.4
Burn It, Shred It, I Don't Care.
Patty decides to take the child mortality case which, unbeknown to her, has been planted by the FBI. She passes the case to Tom Shayes who may be prepared to engage in unethical conduct to get the plaintiff to sign up with them. When his daughter is arrested for cocaine possession, Sam Arsenault decides his chances at a political career have been ruined and asks Patty if he can still invest in the foundation. She manipulates him into upping his donation. Daniel Purcell reveals to Patty that data produced by his company for a client has been doctored and that it involves a highly toxic substance. When Purcell is attacked in his home and his wife killed, Patty decides to represent him. Purcell hasn't been entirely truthful about his relationships, however.
User ratings: 259
Average rating: 8.1
I Knew You Were a Pig
Ellen begins to explore Patty's relationship with Daniel Purcell. He was a witness in a big case 10 years before and Patty tore him to shreds during his deposition. Ellen begins to wonder if Patty paid him off but their relationship goes back much further and is much more meaningful than that of client and solicitor. As Patty has decided not to take on the child medical care case, the FBI want Ellen to slow down a bit as they are afraid Patty might get wind of what is going on. They also remind Ellen that this kind of sting may take years to come to fruition. Purcell finds himself in jail when the police arrest him trying to leave the country.
User ratings: 252
Average rating: 8.0
Hey! Mr. Pibb!
Patty's investigators track down the missing ring and a security camera provides them with a photo of the man who pawned it. The police soon make an arrest and Daniel Purcell identifies him as the man who attacked him and killed his wife. Patty's hopes of forcing the company to reveal its doctored environmental reports are dashed when Purcell, under oath, inexplicably refuses to accuse them of fraud. Tom and Ellen travel south to find journalist Josh Reston. They soon realize that they are dealing with powerful foes that will use every opportunity to stop them.
User ratings: 257
Average rating: 8.5
I Agree, It Wasn't Funny
Having been humiliated in open court when Daniel Purcell recanted his testimony, Patty decides she is going to go after Walter Kendrick and UNR. The first step is to stop a merger UNR is contemplating. Patty has a good case to put to Federal officials but she is outmaneuvered. Ellen weighs accepting a dinner invitation at Patty's apartment; this would be her first time there since the attempt on her life. Her FBI handlers want her to go and wear a wire. When Ellen later tells them she is being followed, they tell her the sting may be over. Uncle Pete believes that Ellen is the biggest threat against Patty suggests that she something about it. He also gets her more information about the infant mortality case. We learn the identity of Ellen's attacker. Daniel Purcell puts his house up for sale and in flashbacks, the identity of his wife's killer is revealed.
User ratings: 259
Average rating: 8.2
A Pretty Girl in a Leotard
Patty goes on the offensive in her battle with Ultima National Resources and its CEO Walter Kendrick. She goes on television and accuses him not only of polluting with his West Virginia coal mine but of having arranged the murder of Daniel Purcell's wife. Her goal is to drive the stock price down and so justify a shareholder lawsuit. Kendrick and his lawyer, Claire Maddox, file a $200 million libel suit. Arthur Frobisher has some advice for Kendrick on how to deal with Hewes. Ellen may have a break in the investigation of her fiancé David's murder when his sister, Katie Connor, recognizes the man who was following her - wearing a police uniform. She asks her FBI contacts for help but when they refuse, she turns to Patty for help.
User ratings: 233
Average rating: 8.4
New York Sucks
Ellen's hopes of a resolution to her fiancé David's murder are dashed when the policeman Katie Connor recognized is found dead. She's also shocked to learn that Arthur Frobisher is their new client in the shareholder lawsuit against UNR. Working late one night, she sees Uncle Pete coming out of her office. The FBI is also interested in his activities. Pete is Patty's real uncle and has a lengthy criminal record for petty offenses, though nothing since he started working for Patty 20 years ago. The FBI nab him in a sting operation and give him a choice: provide information they can use against Patty or go to jail leaving his dying wife to cope alone. Pete is genuinely torn at the prospect of betraying Patty and pretends to go along with FBI - but in fact has his own way of extricating himself from the situation he finds himself in.
User ratings: 242
Average rating: 8.4
They Had to Tweeze That Out of My Kidney
With Uncle Pete in hospital recovering from his suicide attempt, Patty is spending a good deal of time at his bedside. In flashbacks, Patty remembers her family situation and the important role Pete played in protecting her from her hard-drinking and abusive father. The FBI still plan on putting pressure on Pete if and when he comes out of the coma. Pete gets a surprise visit from Patrick, the man he hired to kill Ellen. Arthur Frobisher comes under pressure from the henchman he hired to ransack Ellen and David's apartment. He is concerned that Frobisher's continued cooperation with Patty Hewes will lead him to reveal his role in David's death. In a flash forward to three months in the future, Pete's wife gives Ellen a folder she found with Ellen's name on it.
User ratings: 244
Average rating: 8.4
You Got Your Prom Date Pregnant
With Uncle Pete now dead, Patty finally tells Tom Shayes that she is under investigation by the FBI. However, when Tom asks his sister, who has access to Justice Department files, just what the investigation is about she reports that there is no record or an FBI file to be found. Patty declares war of sorts on the FBI and visits their office to make it clear that she holds them responsible for Uncle Pete's death and will stop at nothing to ensure justice is done. Wes decides to ask Katie Connor out on a date but asks Ellen if she has any objection. Ellen says she doesn't but her response is less than convincing. In a flash forward to two months into the future, we learn where Ellen gets her gun. We also learn that Patty has had a major falling out with someone.
User ratings: 238
Average rating: 8.1
Uh Oh, Out Come the Skeletons
Patty's husband is still under consideration for the position of Energy Secretary without realizing that his possible nomination is meant to create a conflict. The stress is getting to Ellen and she confides in Wes, telling him about the work she has been doing for the FBI. It's not enough to get the hit called off however. Claire Maddox begins to realize the extent to which Walter Kendrick has kept her in the dark about some of his more nefarious activities after Daniel Purcell admits that he falsified his report following a deal with Kendrick. At home, Patty and her husband are pleased when 18 year-old Michael decides the time has come for them to meet his girlfriend. She's not quite what they were expecting.
User ratings: 240
Average rating: 8.4
London. Of Course
When Patty tells Ellen to stop investigating Arthur Frobisher's connection to Calder Security, she decides to hire a private investigator on her own. When she sees Phil, Patty's husband, leaving her hotel she suspects he may be having an affair. When her investigator provides her with the incriminating photos, Ellen makes sure Patty gets them. Claire Maddox is disgusted with Walter Kendrick's underhanded dealings and starts planting seeds of doubt about his leadership with a member of the Board. When it's suggested that she take over the company Claire accepts but learns just how tough Kendrick can be. The FBI inform Ellen of Agent Harrison's death.
User ratings: 239
Average rating: 8.4
Look What He Dug Up This Time
As Daniel Purcell struggles to conceal his involvement in his wife's murder, Ellen and the F.B.I. set out to catch Patty bribing a judge.
User ratings: 243
Average rating: 8.5
Trust Me
As she looks to finally have Patty jailed, Ellen's plan unravels amid a series of complex double crosses.
User ratings: 299
Average rating: 8.8
Your Secrets Are Safe
Almost a year has passed since Ellen Parsons left Hewes and Associates. She is now working in the District Attorney's office and is dealing with a fairly important drug case, trying to get a dealer to reveal the identity of his supplier. Patty Hewes is now acting on behalf of a group of investors trying to recover money they had entrusted to Louis Tobin and who, it turns out, was running a Ponzi scheme. With billions of dollars unaccounted for, Patty is trying to find any funds that may have been hidden by the Tobin family. Patty and Ellen have had no contact since her departure but Patty has been reluctant to re-assign her office, convinced that Ellen will return. She even sends her an expensive handbag. Ellen wants nothing to do with her however and when she thinks Patty may be interfering with her drug case, tells her she doesn't need any help. She also tells her that any secrets she may have are perfectly safe. In a flash-forward 6 months into the future, Patty Hewes is in a serious accident when another car broadsides her vehicle in an intersection. The occupant of the other vehicle has fled but it is registered to someone she knows.
User ratings: 265
Average rating: 8.3
The Dog Is Happier Without Her
Having been told by his father that some money from investors has been hidden for the family's use, Joe Tobin struggles with whether he should tell Patty Hewes or conspire with his father. Tom Shayes tracks the telephone number given them by Joe Tobin to a cellphone now in possession of a homeless man who found it in a dumpster. He also finds a pair of expensive boots belonging to Louis Tobin and a trail of expenses suggesting the man had a mistress with the initials DMM. He turns to Ellen for help in identifying the her. Shayes also receives some devastating news about his own investment portfolio. Meanwhile, Patty Hewes and Phil Grey's divorce is not going well; he has an interesting proposition for her however. In a flash forward to six months into the future, it is revealed that one of the principal characters has died.
User ratings: 226
Average rating: 8.0
Flight's at 11:08
Patty Hewes races to prevent a key witness in the Tobin case from fleeing the country. Ellen learns a dark family secret.
User ratings: 219
Average rating: 8.0
Don't Throw That at the Chicken
Patty Hewes grills Louis Tobin about his fraud, while Joe Tobin is faced with a decision that will determine his family's fate forever.
User ratings: 223
Average rating: 8.0
It's Not My Birthday
Louis Tobin's suicide is ruled a heart attack though no one really believes that to be the case. Danielle Marchetti is now out of her coma and the DA and Ellen offer her immunity from prosecution if she tells all that she knows about Tobin. Joe Tobin tells her in no uncertain terms what he expects of her. Patty suggests that she plead the 5th. Louis' daughter Carol doesn't take the news that her father committed suicide very well and pays Danielle a visit. Louis' relationship with Danielle is explained as is his reason for wanting to get her out of the country. Ellen meets her old friend Josh who is now a crime reporter. Meanwhile, Patty interviews a candidate, Alex Benjamin, for an associate position and suggests she should speak to Ellen first. In a flash forward 5 months into the future, more of Tom Shayes situation is revealed.
User ratings: 227
Average rating: 7.9
Don't Forget to Thank Mr. Zedeck
The judge in the Tobin case puts pressure on Patty to start producing results in recovering the funds from the Ponzi scheme or face being replaced. She seeks information from who an expert resource who has a particular quid pro quo in mind. Patty's solution involves the ambitious Alex Benjamin, who is ever more desperate to join the firm. For Tom Shayes, the impact of his own financial losses are heavy. The post-mortem on Danielle Marchetti reveals heart failure but Ellen has her doubts. The DA puts in charge of investigating Marchetti's death. Tobin finally meets the mysterious Mr. Zedeck, his father's partner who may have access to the hidden cash. In a flashforward 4 months into the future, the police have evidence that it could have been Tom Shayes driving the car that struck Patty's car in the intersection. They also find something interesting in the trunk of his car.
User ratings: 217
Average rating: 8.1
You Haven't Replaced Me
Patty sends Tom out of the country to follow the money trail of the Tobin fraud. Ellen must choose between her new boss and Patty. Leonard Winstone leaves the city under mysterious circumstances.
User ratings: 217
Average rating: 8.1
I Look Like Frankenstein
Patty and Tom run into a brick wall when trying to get information from the Antiguan bank. Working with Ellen, they focus on trying to find Carol Tobin, who has mysteriously vanished. Tom turns to Barry the homeless man who lives in the neighborhood where Carol was last seen. Having run into Michael Hewes and his pregnant girlfriend in a department store, Ellen innocently congratulates Patty on her soon becoming a grandmother. Patty is soon after her son's companion. Arthur Frobisher tries to get a well-known movie star to be the front man for his new renewable energy venture. In a flash-forward 3 months into the future, Ellen is interrogated by the police where she reveals her and Tom's personal plans.
User ratings: 217
Average rating: 8.1
Drive It Through Hardcore
Patty and Tom focus on getting in touch with Carol Tobin to see if they can learn from her what may have happened on that fateful Thanksgiving day when her father Louis confessed to them that his financial empire was a Ponzi scheme. Her brother Joe and family lawyer Leonard Winstone have her tucked away in an apartment and have convinced her not to leave. A visit to her psychiatrist however gives them the opening to contact her. Her information reveals someone is lying. Ellen meanwhile has to deal with a family crisis when she learns that her sister Carrie has been arrested and charged with a serious drug offence. Her boss makes it quite clear that she is to remain clear of the case and avoid any hint of favoritism. In a flash forward two months into the future, Tom Shayes gives Patty his resignation.
User ratings: 212
Average rating: 8.0
Tell Me I'm Not Racist
Ellen visits the woman in her dreams to learn if she is her birth mother but actually learns something far different about her family. Just as Patty decides to move against Tessa, the DA arrests the young woman. Ellen convinces her to turn to Patty for help but finds herself suspended when her boss finds out what she has been up to. Patty however thinks she now knows what was going on with Tessa's regular visits to Antigua and convinces the DA to let Tessa make one more trip to the island. Ray Winstone has to deal with his own problems when his father shows up at his office unexpectedly, threatening to reveal his secrets.
User ratings: 211
Average rating: 8.1
All That Crap About Your Family
Ellen visits the woman in her dreams to learn if she is her birth mother but actually learns something far different about her family. Just as Patty decides to move against Tessa, the DA arrests the young woman. Ellen convinces her to turn to Patty for help but finds herself suspended when her boss finds out what she has been up to. Patty however thinks she now knows what was going on with Tessa's regular visits to Antigua and convinces the DA to let Tessa make one more trip to the island. Leonard Winstone has to deal with his own problems when his father shows up at his office unexpectedly, threatening to reveal his secrets.
User ratings: 222
Average rating: 8.4
You Were His Little Monkey
Patty Hewes meets with Judge Reilly who, given the events in Antigua, decides she is making enough progress to keep her on the Tobin case. While she is very appreciative of his decision, he goes on to tell her about Tom Shayes' financial situation and the loss of all his assets in Louis Tobin's Ponzi scheme. She tells Tom there is only one thing he can do. Ellen meanwhile is surprised when her boss tells that she will be co-prosecuting Carol Tobin for the murder of Danielle Marchetti. Arthur Frobisher oversteps the line when he alludes to the actor portraying him in a film that he once arranged to have someone murdered. When Patty gets hold of the information she goes straight to the DA and Ellen is now hopeful that the murder of her late fiancée David, will now be solved. Leonard Winstone's past comes to light and Ellen makes sure that Joe Tobin knows the details.
User ratings: 208
Average rating: 8.5
The Next One's Gonna Go in Your Throat
Tom and Ellen continue with their plan to get information on the Tobin family's Ponzi scheme from Leonard Winstone even though Patty has inexplicably told them to stop. It all starts to go wrong when Stuart Zedeck learns that someone impersonated him and withdrew money from the charity's account. He sends his henchman to find out what is going on which leads to a confrontation with Tom. Marilyn Tobin meanwhile goes to Patty and agrees to confess to knowing about the Ponzi scheme and to murder if only they will leave her son Joe alone. Patty makes her views on that point quite clear. Patty is surprised when she runs into her son Michael's pregnant girlfriend. She let's Patty know in no uncertain terms that she has no intention of leaving town and that she and Michael are very much enjoying the money Patty gave her. Patty gets her revenge. Ellen's old boyfriend tells her who was responsible for the death of her fiancé David.
User ratings: 278
Average rating: 8.7
There's Only One Way to Try a Case
Three years have passed since Patty and Ellen last worked together. Ellen reconnects with her high school friend, Chris Sanchez, who has recently returned from a stint at High Star, a private contractor in the Middle East. Unable to get assistance from the corporation or the government, Ellen decides to look into his case. Both her new boss and Patty warn Ellen about building a case against High Star Security Corp.
User ratings: 242
Average rating: 8.0
I've Done Way Too Much for This Girl
Ellen presents the High Star case to senior partners at Nye, Everett and Polk. After the gas explosion, Chris's paranoia heightens as he believes he's being targeted. Patty counsels Ellen on her case. Erickson and Boorman scheme to make the lawsuit go away.
User ratings: 186
Average rating: 8.0
I'd Prefer My Old Office
Ellen files the High Star case. She also discovers the motive behind Chris' missions after taking his deposition. Meanwhile, Erickson offers Patty a settlement. And Patty searches for Michael in Boston with the help of Detective Victor Huntley.
User ratings: 183
Average rating: 8.0
Next One's on Me, Blondie
Ellen meets Nasim Marwat, the son of Chris' Afghan contact. Erickson decides to torture Chris for information about the possibility of an intelligence breach. Patty discovers important information that High Star extracts terror suspects for the CIA and recruits her mentor Bill Herndon (Judd Hirsch) to investigate the company.
User ratings: 173
Average rating: 8.0
We'll Just Have to Find Another Way to Cut the Balls Off of This Thing
Patty and Ellen prepare Marwat for his deposition while a flu-ridden Boorman sets out to keep it from happening; Erickson works his contacts to ensure that his CIA contracts remain secret. Meanwhile, Catherine Hewes is extremely ill.
User ratings: 170
Average rating: 8.1
Add That Little Hopper to Your Stew
Patty and Ellen scramble to gain access to Nasim, while Boorman scrambles to keep that from happening. Ellen enlists a reporter (Griffin Dunne) to find Chris in Afghanistan. Erickson and another businessman (John Cullum) negotiate a land deal; and Michael Hewes surfaces in New York looking for Catherine.
User ratings: 170
Average rating: 7.9
I'm Worried About My Dog
Patty uses her drug company case to gain information on High Star. A journalist tries to embed with High Star mercenaries in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Michael demands to see his daughter.
User ratings: 166
Average rating: 8.0
The War Will Go on Forever
Dean, the Times reporter that Ellen has been talking to, meets with a contact in Afghanistan and tells him he's looking for Chris Sanchez. Boorman arrives at the safe house to find his girlfriend. She confronts him about the boy. Patty and Ellen depose Howard Erickson.
User ratings: 172
Average rating: 8.2
There's a Whole Slew of Ladies with Bad Things to Say About the Taliban
Afghan men hired by one of Erickson's men transport Sanchez in the trunk of a vehicle without AC's knowledge. Jerry Boorman meets with Patty to explain his history with with Erickson and the company. Patty and Ellen don't believe him and they decide they need to speak with the boy Jerry is holding captive.
User ratings: 167
Average rating: 8.0
Failure is Lonely
As Ellen (Rose Byrne) moves to settle her lawsuit against High Star in exchange for Chris Sanchez's (Chris Messina) safe return, her plans are upended by Patty's (Glenn Close) surprise legal action against Howard Erickson (John Goodman). And while Ellen wants to put the suit behind her, rogue CIA agent Jerry Boorman (Dylan Baker) redoubles his efforts to destroy Erickson as he fights to hang on to his Afghan son.
User ratings: 198
Average rating: 8.4
You Want to End This Once and for All?
Already on opposite sides of Michael Hewes's custody suit against his mother, Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) and Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) prepare to face off in court after a cyber-hacker's revelations about insider trading expose damaging personal information that push an informant over the edge.
User ratings: 259
Average rating: 8.6
Have You Met the Eel Yet?
As they square off in a wrongful death lawsuit against cyber-hacker Channing McClaren, Ellen (Rose Byrne) worries that her mentor's close relationship with the judge will give Patty (Glenn Close) an unfair advantage. But while she tries to level the playing field even as she begins to doubt McClaren's honesty, Ellen is reminded of how manipulative Patty can be.
User ratings: 201
Average rating: 8.5
Failure Is Failure
Patty (Glenn Close) looks to prove that Rachel Walling's late mother committed suicide after meeting with cyber-hacker Channing McClaren. And as Ellen (Rose Byrne) struggles to defend the shadowy McClaren, she's surprised to learn of her mother's problems at home.
User ratings: 177
Average rating: 8.5
I Love You, Mommy
Ellen (Rose Byrne) and Patty (Glenn Close) face off in a bidding war after a mysterious computer hacker offers them information pertaining to the McClaren wrongful death lawsuit. Meanwhile, family drama dogs Ellen after her mother leaves her husband.
User ratings: 171
Average rating: 8.3
There's Something Wrong with Me
As she and Ellen (Rose Byrne) look to exploit the documents offered by a computer hacker, Patty (Glenn Close) secretly pressures a government investigator to provide confidential information to help her case. Meanwhile, Channing McClaren's shadowy past returns to haunt him.
User ratings: 166
Average rating: 8.0
I Need to Win
A surprise witness threatens to call into question Channing McClaren's account of the night Naomi Walling committed suicide. Meanwhile, Ellen's (Rose Byrne) assistant approaches Patty (Glenn Close) with an unwelcome development in a case they argued years ago.
User ratings: 157
Average rating: 8.3
The Storm's Moving In
As Channing McClaren learns that a murdered computer hacker was paid for information about the late Naomi Walling, Patty (Glenn Close) and Ellen (Rose Byrne) take a tense trip to Maine to interview an expert witness whom they hope can shed some light on insider trading practices at Princefield Investments. Meanwhile, Chris Sanchez (Chris Messina) discovers that the Army is redeploying mentally unstable soldiers to Afghanistan.
User ratings: 170
Average rating: 8.4
I'm Afraid of What I'll Find
As Patty (Glenn Close) threatens to expose the insider trading by Channing McClaren's leading financier, Chris Sanchez (Chris Messina) uses McClarenTruth to release information charging the Army with redeploying mentally ill soldiers. Meanwhile, Ellen (Rose Byrne) gets closer to identifying the man she suspects Patty sent to kill her.
User ratings: 159
Average rating: 8.4
I Like Your Chair
As they prepare to face off in court, Ellen (Rose Byrne) seeks protection from the hit man she believes Patty (Glenn Close) sent to kill her. While Ellen is forced to intervene in the collapse of her parents' troubled marriage, the case against Channing McClaren threatens to destroy both McClarenTruth and Princefield Investments.
User ratings: 165
Average rating: 8.6
But You Don't Do That Anymore
But You Don't Do That Anymore
User ratings: 266
Average rating: 8.8
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