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Seasons: 3
Episodes: 36
User ratings: 81,297
Average rating: 8.7

Crime, Drama, History, Western

A show set in the late 1800s, revolving around the characters of Deadwood, South Dakota; a town of deep corruption and crime.

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Deadwood is a rough and tumble gold mining town in the American West where, in 1876, there is no law enforcement. Seth Bullock, a former Marshal in Montana Territory and his partner, Sol Star, relocate to Deadwood to open a hardware store. There's lots of money around and business is quite brisk. Also relocating to Deadwood is the legendary Wild Bill Hickok, whose reputation strikes fear in most men. Lastly, there is the local wheeler-dealer, a relocated Brit named Al Swearengen. He runs the saloon which includes a healthy dose of gambling and prostitution. Al doesn't put up with much nonsense, whether it be one of his whores who shoots a client for beating her up or a drunk he's used to swindle money from a rich easterner who is desperate to get his hands on a gold mining claim. When a man comes into town claiming that Indians killed a family just out of town Hickok, Bullock and others investigate and find a survivor. Al's biggest concern is that his saloon patrons will leave to go see for themselves.
User ratings: 1,740
Average rating: 8.4
Deep Water
Word spreads pretty quickly through Deadwood about Seth Bullock and Wild Bill Hickok's shooting incident in the night. Neither of them believe it was Indians who attacked the family and that proves to be correct when Al Swearengen gets it out of some of his underlings that they attacked them to get whatever gold they might have had. Al is none too pleased and is worried about just what Hickok in particular is up to. He decides Hickok has to go and wants ones of his flunky, Jack MaCall to As for the little girl, Doc has him under his care but he too knows what would happen if the culprits learned she survived so he makes the point of telling everyone that she is not likely to recover. Seth and business partner Sol Star also want to buy the property they've been renting from Al but he drives a hard bargain, one that Seth refuses to accept. Brom Garret meanwhile doesn't have much luck on his first day panning for gold on the claim he bought for $20,000 from Al.
User ratings: 1,297
Average rating: 8.4
Reconnoitering the Rim
Al Swearengen is none too pleased when an outfit from Chicago comes to Deadwood and opens the Bella Underwood saloon run by Cy Tolliver. Also at the new saloon is a new madam, Joanie Stubbs and her prostitutes. It turns out that Tolliver already has his own spies in the camp. The new saloon does a booming business on its opening night. Hickok continues his non-stop all-night poker playing and has to put up his revolvers to meet Jack McCall's bet. They break at dawn but Hickok is back at the table that evening. Calamity returns to Deadwood with the little girl, who is now running a fever. Brom Garret is now convinced that he was swindled in his land claim purchase and asks Hickok for help. He's on his own however and confronts Al who gives him a suggestion on where to look and a promise of restitution if it doesn't pan out. Sol and Seth finally strike a deal on the property and set to building their new store.
User ratings: 1,199
Average rating: 8.4
Here Was a Man
With her husband dead, Alma Garret gets Doc Cochran to examine the body for foul play. He confirms there is no evidence of murder and that his injuries are consistent with a fall. Knowing there is a huge gold find in what he thought was a panned out claim, Al Swearengen now wants it back and gets E.B. Farnum to buy it. Alma turns down his offer and asks Wild Bill Hickok to help determine what really happened and why it is exactly they are now trying to buy it back. He's certain that Swearengen is up to no good and asks Seth Bullock to take over and estimate the value of the claim. Hickok goes back to playing poker for him it's the day for aces and eights, all black. Meanwhile, a new arrival at the Bella Union saloon is quite ill.
User ratings: 1,250
Average rating: 8.9
The Trial of Jack McCall
As camp residents file past Wild Bill Hickok's dead body, Al Swearengen decides that the trial of Jack McCall will take place in the Gem. At the suggestion of his lawyer, McCall claims revenge as a motivation. After McCall rides out of town a free man, Seth goes after him. Alma Garret signs the proxy with Seth Bullock as Hickok as recommended. She's also decided to stop taking laudanum. Calamity Jane has also disappeared, presumably on a bender, and now someone now has to take care of the little girl. Al sends Trixie to give Alma a hand and also to feed her drug habit. Cy Tolliver orders that that their sick colleague, Andy Cramed, be dumped in the woods for whatever fate may be in store for him. Doc Cochran tells Tolliver in no uncertain terms that he had better get some vaccine before the epidemic breaks out.
User ratings: 1,119
Average rating: 8.3
Smallpox is in the camp and the business owners, led by Al Swearengen, agree to foot the bill for the vaccine and the opening of pest tents where those who are ill can be quarantined. Doc Cochran recruits a still grieving Calamity Jane after she tells him she spent time with Andy Cramed in the woods without being infected. Alma Garret is still undergoing withdrawal symptoms from her dependency on laudanum but Al begins to wonder if Trixie is doing as she was told. At the Bella Union, Joanie Stubbs teaches the finer points of craps to Ellesworth but tries to give him a break, something that doesn't sit well with Cy Tolliver. On the trail of Jack McCall meanwhile, Seth Bullock has a violent encounter with an Indian.
User ratings: 1,080
Average rating: 8.4
Bullock Returns to the Camp
A teenage brother and sister, Miles and Flora Anderson, arrive in Deadwood looking for their father. He is supposed to be prospecting in the Black Hills and to have sent for them by now. No one knows where their father might be but both Al and Cy are interested in the pretty Flora, for obvious reasons. Al gives Miles a job sweeping up in the Gem while Cy puts Flora into the hands of Joanie. Flora proves to be quite willing. Alma Garret has beaten her addiction to laudanum and now arranges her husband's funeral. Al Swearengen is none too pleased, seeing as Trixie was supposed to introduce her to opium. Seth Bullock catches up with Jack McCall and delivers him to US Federal authorities. He returns to Deadwood just in time for the Garret funeral and agrees to continue the work of having Alma's claim assayed. Andy Cramed recovers from smallpox but let's Cy Tolliver know just what he thinks of being dumped in the woods.
User ratings: 1,163
Average rating: 8.0
Suffer the Little Children
Some of the riders sent out to get the smallpox vaccine return with the precious medication but also with other news: a treaty has been signed with Indians. The news leads Al Swearengen to decide on a new tack as far as Alma Garret's claim is concerned. Whitney Ellsworth assays Alma Garret's claim and determines that it's a bonanza and she decides to stay in Deadwood. Trixie tries an alternative to returning to work at the Gem. Flora seems upset at the killing in the Gem and turns to Joanie for comfort. It turns out Flora and Miles aren't exactly the innocents they've made themselves out to be. Cy Tolliver knows exactly what to do.
User ratings: 1,192
Average rating: 8.2
No Other Sons or Daughters
With formal annexation to the Territory looming, Al Swearengen decides that some form of local government will strengthen any claim to their current holdings. E.B Farnum is selected Mayor while Seth Bullock finds himself health commissioner and Charlie Utter is fire commissioner. No one is taking too seriously. Al has some personal concerns about the possibility that the law may be coming to Deadwood. Farnum gets his hands on Wild Bill Hickok's last letter, addressed to his wife. Charlie Utter sets up his new freight and postal business while Joanie Stubbs takes up Cy's offer to open her own brothel. Eddie Sawyer wants out as well after what he saw Cy do to the young thieves.
User ratings: 1,005
Average rating: 8.3
Mister Wu
Mister Wu reports to Al Swearengen that his opium courier was attacked and that Al's supply was stolen by two white men. He has a pretty good idea who is responsible. He negotiates a solution with Wu. In his capacity as health commissioner, Seth decides to do something about sanitation conditions in the camp including garbage dump and an infirmary. Silas Adams arrives to collect the bribes for the Legislature but also has a letter for Al from the magistrate there. A.W. Merrick suggests to some of the men that they form a club, freeing them from having to meet in the crowded hotel dining room. Rev. H.W. Smith, his seizures growing in frequency and severity, takes to spending time in the Gem listening to the piano which, he says, relieves his headache. Joanie Stubbs wants to end her ties with Cy and Eddie may have the solution.
User ratings: 1,062
Average rating: 8.7
Jewel's Boot Is Made for Walking
Alma Garret's father, Otis Russell, arrives in Deadwood. He tells her that Brom's parents think she is responsible for his death. It's pretty obvious to those who meet him that he is a ne'er do well who is out to protect his own interests. Con Stapleton wrangles an appointment for himself as the new Sheriff, making it quite clear that his first loyalty will be to those who appointed him. It doesn't sit well with Seth Bullock who thinks the position is too important for one of the camp's hangers-on to occupy. Magistrate Clagett's bagman, Silas Adams, pays the camp a visit to collect the bribes and Al makes him an offer to make the warrant for his arrest disappear. Eddie Sawyer returns to the Bella Union intent on keeping his promise to Joanie Stubss to help her our financially. Trixie and Sol have clearly taken a liking to one another and she drops in on Sol Star at the hardware store for some personal time. Al has other ideas however and expects Sol to pay. Jewel asks Doc Cochrane to build a brace for her leg. The local paper goes upscale when Merrick receives the camera he ordered.
User ratings: 1,014
Average rating: 8.6
Sold Under Sin
Magistrate Clagett shows up in the camp, along with the US military, but Al isn't too pleased with the message he has concerning the warrant. He makes his expectations known but Claggett doesn't seem to get it. Doc is at a loss as to what to do with Rev. Smith, whose situation has deteriorated considerably. He turns to Al for a solution. Cy Tolliver has been vocal about the Chinese community in Deadwood. He's less concerned about racial differences than he is in getting his hands on what is now prime property. Alma's father, Otis Russell, admits to her that he is once again heavily in debt - to the tune of $47,000 - and in need of her assistance. She bailed him out once before and he promised her that it would never happen again. Distraught, she turns to Seth Bullock who doesn't hesitate to take charge of the situation. Seth also has to deal with the buffoon who has been named Sheriff and there seems to be only one solution available.
User ratings: 1,201
Average rating: 9.2
A Lie Agreed Upon: Part I
Seven months have now passed and Deadwood is inching closer to being incorporated into the United States. Seth Bullock and Alma Garret's love affair is now pretty common knowledge in the camp and the subject of much conversation. Some ill-chosen words from Al Swearengen leads to a major confrontation with Bullock and they end up giving each other a severe beating while two others are severely wounded. To Bullock's surprise his wife Martha and stepson William arrive in Deadwood unannounced. The stage also brings in some new girls allowing Joanie Stubbs to set up her own business. Cy Tolliver isn't too pleased when he hears that she also has a business partner in the form of a an experienced madam, Maddie. Calamity Jane meanwhile returns to Deadwood, drunk as always and obviously intent on drinking herself to death.
User ratings: 992
Average rating: 8.8
A Lie Agreed Upon: Part II
Seth Bullock has much on his mind since his most recent encounter with Al Swearengen and the arrival of his family. His wife Martha is his dead brother's widow and the boy is actually his nephew. He did the right thing by marrying her but there doesn't appear to be much emotion there. He's clearly in love with Alma but needs her to decide on what she wants to do. He also has to retrieve his gun and badge from Al Swearengen, where he left them before their fight. Most expect there will be a bloodbath but Swearengen has a surprising response. Meanwhile, dissension is growing at the Gem with Dan and Silas Adams ready to go at each other any time. Cy Tolliver isn't quite prepared to let Joanie Stubbs have her own way either.
User ratings: 907
Average rating: 8.5
New Money
Al Swearengen has locked himself in his office and refuses to let anyone in. He's in extreme pain and unable to urinate. Eventually Doc Cochran orders them to break down the door. Trixie is beside herself with worry over Al's condition leading to harsh words with Sol Star. Seth Bullock is establishing himself in his new home with his wife. Tongues are wagging when Francis Wolcott, an surveyor and engineer for the Hearst empire, arrives in camp. Whitney Ellsworth knows exactly the kind of operations they run and orders Wolcott off Alma Garret's claim. Joanie Stubbs and her new partner open their house, the Chez Ami, to their first customer who happens to have peculiar tastes and interests.
User ratings: 883
Average rating: 8.3
Requiem for a Gleet
Al Swearengen is suffering dearly as Doc Cochran tries to remove his kidney stones. The only solution left is to cut him open, a procedure that only two out of ten men can survive. Elsewhere panic sets it when the County Commissioner arrives to review all mining claims. Many are assuming their claims will be rejected and are prepared to sell out at any price. E.B. Farnum tries to buy out Alma Garret but she shows that she's made of stern stuff. Cy Tolliver and Francis Wolcott make sure they're in on the ground floor as far as mining rights are concerned. Wolcott's favorite whore arrives to work at Chez Ami.
User ratings: 883
Average rating: 8.5
Alma is suffering from morning sickness and she approaches Trixie for help. She's reluctant to speak to Doc Cochrane after the way he spoke to her during her withdrawal but Trixie helps them out. Al Swearengen seems to have survived his surgery but Doc Cochrane thinks he may have had a small stroke. Al doesn't want word to get out. When he hears that the Commissioner is staying at Cy Tolliver's saloon, he realizes that Cy is a step ahead of him. Tolliver thinks he's not getting his share from Maddie and Joanie's new enterprise. He does learn something interesting about Francis Wolcott. Silas Adams and Miss Isringhausen spend some time together. The County Commissioner gets Merrick to post a notice on the mining claims and it has a lot of the miners riled up. Samuel Fields comes back to the camp and is inadvertently drawn into the dispute.
User ratings: 858
Average rating: 8.4
Something Very Expensive
Al Swearengen leaves his sick bed and realizes that Cy Tolliver is buying claims on behalf of Hearst's representative, Francis Wolcott. The Commissioner however feels Cy Tolliver has abandoned him to the mob but Cy has what he wants and couldn't care less. When Tolliver tells Wolcott that he's aware of his sexual peccadilloes, Wolcott goes off the deep end and takes it out on some of the girls at the Chez Ami. Tolliver brings in a group of Chinese whores leading Mr Wu to complain to Al. Alma Garret meanwhile wants to open a bank and wants Sol Star to run it but he's not sure that's what he wants. Mary Stokes, a new school teacher for the camp's children, arrives in Deadwood and Merrick is more than pleased to show her around. Whitney Ellsworth learns from Trixie that Alma is pregnant and she him asks whether he will help her out.
User ratings: 870
Average rating: 8.7
E.B. Was Left Out
Merrick is in despair and isn't sure he wants to start up his newspaper again after his office was ransacked. Al has a talk with him. In the aftermath of Francis Wolcott's killing spree, Joanie has sent her remaining girls away with Charlie Utter having safely transported them. Cy Tolliver isn't very forthcoming about what happened and Joanie makes it clear she won't be any problem but turns to Charlie Utter with her secret. Since Joanie approached him as a friend, he will respect her wishes but he gives Wolcott a thorough beating. Al visits Alma Garret to tell her that Miss Isringhausen is a Pinkerton's detective and point out they have common interests in sticking together. Cy starts a marketing campaign of sorts for his new Chinese whores. E.B Farnum is upset at being left of a meeting of the town's leaders.
User ratings: 832
Average rating: 8.6
Childish Things
Wolcott continues buying up as many claims as possible and he reports to his employer, George Hearst, that with the exception of the Alma Garret claim, they now own all of the major properties in the area. Martha Bullock pays a surprise call on Alma Garret to propose taking over the teaching of the children in the camp. Alma has no objection to her becoming the new teacher and including Sofia, but the rancor between them over Seth gets in the way. Alma is somewhat taken aback by Whitney Ellsworth's proposal of marriage. Merrick is pleased that the telegraph operator named Blazanov has arrived. Al Swearengen sees it as an advantage over his competitors and expects Merrick to use the fact that the telegraph is located in the newspaper office to their advantage. Tom Nuttall receives his long awaited bicycle much to the amusement of everyone in the camp, especially young William Bullock. At nightfall, Wolcott visits Joanie Stubbs who is now alone at the Chez Ami.
User ratings: 817
Average rating: 8.4
Amalgamation and Capital
Al Swearingen decides the time has come to stir things up a little and has Merrick put an article in the newspaper that Deadwood is likely to be annexed to Montana. With the Commissioner back in the camp, the article gets his as well as Cy Tolliver and Francis Wolcott's attention. Wolcott meanwhile continues buying up properties and persuades Mose Manual to sell out. Manuel's brother isn't too keen but Mose has a solution for that. Now that Mose is a rich man, Cy has every intention of helping him spend it, preferably at the Bella Union. With the arrival of the safe and a large amount of cash, the new bank is ready to open in Seth and Sol's hardware store. Martha suggests that Alma Garret be invited and seems more than prepared to mend fences. Al also makes a deal with Miss Isringhausen that will not only give her a good sum of money but her life. She insists that Seth Bullock be present for the deal but as Seth looks on, a terrible tragedy befalls him and his wife Martha.
User ratings: 831
Average rating: 8.8
Advances, None Miraculous
Doc Cochrane offers Seth and Martha Bullock little hope that William, who was trampled by a runaway horse, has any chance of surviving. As they sit by his bedside talking to him and awaiting the inevitable, a pall descends over the entire camp. Charlie Utter, fed up with the dead and the dying, has already left camp and Tom Nuttall, who had spent a good part of the day with the boy who was fascinated with the new bicycle, now can't stand the sight of it. In the midst of it all, a new preacher arrives in Deadwood. Meanwhile, Cy Tolliver has sent the still breathing Mose Manuel to Joanie Stubbs' bordello where Doc Cochrane will try to operate on him. Al Swearengen gets a visit from the Commissioner who is trying to find out more about the information in the Deadwood Reporter. Things seem to be going Al's way.
User ratings: 802
Average rating: 8.6
The Whores Can Come
A pall has descended on the Deadwood camp as it's the day for William Bullock's funeral. Most of the townsfolk attend and pay their respects, even the whores from the Gem. Andy Cramed, who had brought smallpox to the camp but survived, has returned and is now a preacher. His old partner Cy Tolliver isn't buying it but Andy has offered to officiate at the burial and the Bullocks agree. Martha seems intent on leaving Deadwood but Seth would like to reconsider. Al continues to negotiate with the Commissioner, trying to get the best deal for himself and his allies as possible. He takes Wu into protective custody of a sort after he gets into a argument with Mr. Lee who has brought Chinese whores to the camp. Wu thinks that Swearengen no longer supports him and causes trouble.
User ratings: 814
Average rating: 8.6
A marriage occurs against a backdrop of murder and negotiations for elections and the camp.
User ratings: 908
Average rating: 9.1
Tell Your God to Ready for Blood
Elections are just days away, and Bullock lets his temper get away from him. Alma's pregnancy is not progressing as expected, and Swearengen baits Hearst.
User ratings: 830
Average rating: 8.6
I Am Not the Fine Man You Take Me For
Campaign speeches are rescheduled, Sol makes an investment, Alma's condition worsens, and Hearst starts a deadly game with Swearengen.
User ratings: 784
Average rating: 8.6
True Colors
A dandy arrives by stage coach and immediately begins exploring how to bring culture to the camp, Alma and Hearst negotiate business, and Hearst's Aunt Lou comes to camp.
User ratings: 736
Average rating: 8.5
Full Faith and Credit
Alma opens Deadwood's first bank. Doc administers to Tolliver, but it's unclear who's now more ill. Hostetler and Fields return to Deadwood, looking to settle scores and move on. Hearst has a stand-up sit-down with Swearengen and Tolliver to explore long-term business allegiances. Joanie counters Langrishe's offer to buy the Chez Ami. Looking to avoid all hell breaking loose, Bullock brokers a deal with Hostetler and Steve the Drunk for the livery.
User ratings: 742
Average rating: 8.4
A Two-Headed Beast
Tolliver looks for a representative, the Captain calls Dan out, Swearengen continues to be perplexed by Hearst's moves, and Alma and Ellsworth's relationship takes a turn.
User ratings: 858
Average rating: 9.1
A Rich Find
Hearst's feathers are ruffled, Aunt Lou's son comes to town, and Bullock and Swearengen make a decision.
User ratings: 718
Average rating: 8.5
Unauthorized Cinnamon
A meeting of the elders occurs with surprising results, Doc's absence is noted by Swearengen, Alma battles her addiction, and Sol offers Trixie something she never expected.
User ratings: 730
Average rating: 8.4
Leviathan Smiles
The letter is published, Wyatt Earp hits town, delays continue with the theater, and Hearst makes a move.
User ratings: 729
Average rating: 8.3
Amateur Night
An Amateur Night is organized by the new theater troupe, Pinkertons hit town, the students move to their new school, and Hearst makes another move regarding the elections.
User ratings: 735
Average rating: 8.6
A Constant Throb
Swearengen is spurred to action when a prominent camp member is attacked, Langrishe makes arrangements for his theater, and Jane has an epiphany.
User ratings: 739
Average rating: 8.8
The Catbird Seat
Another attack is made at Hearst's behest, Harry and Bullock travel to Sturgis for campaigning, and there's unrest in Langrishe's troupe.
User ratings: 773
Average rating: 8.9
Tell Him Something Pretty
Election day arrives, Hearst has his revenge, Sol and Trixie have it out, and Tolliver releases rage at his impotence.
User ratings: 879
Average rating: 8.7
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