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Designated Survivor

Seasons: 2
Episodes: 43
User ratings: 56,472
Average rating: 7.7

Action, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

A low-level Cabinet member becomes President of the United States after a catastrophic attack kills everyone above him in the line of succession.

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A low-level Cabinet member becomes President of the United States after a catastrophic attack kills everyone above him in the Presidential line of succession.
User ratings: 2,518
Average rating: 8.2
The First Day
Hours after the attack on the Capitol, President Kirkman steps into his role as Commander-in-Chief in the midst of chaos and confusion.
User ratings: 1,898
Average rating: 8.1
The Confession
Tom juggles dealing with a security breach and preparing for his first television interview as the FBI continues to investigate the Capitol bombing.
User ratings: 1,570
Average rating: 7.8
The Enemy
Because of his admission in an interview that President Richmond had fired/demoted him, Tom is facing a crisis in Michigan once again with Governor Royce, who has reinstituted a police state targeting Muslims, and who is no longer recognizing Tom's presidency. After discussing the issue with his staff, Tom decides to take Emily up on her offer to act as his observer on the ground in Michigan, despite the poor reception they know she will receive. Emily landing on the ground in Michigan may not solve all their problems with Governor Royce and his beliefs, which they may have to take drastic measures with which to deal. Meanwhile, a CIA operative has discovered that Majid Nassar, who took responsibility for the bombing, is holed up in Algeria. Although Cochrane wants Tom to take decisive action in bombing Algeria in retaliation, Tom isn't sure he is ready to do so, either without the blessing of the Algerian government - allies - or before he knows that the CIA agent has made his way to safety. Tom is also facing another staffing issue in that Carter Donovan, who has assumed the role of White House Press Secretary, is proving that he is both ill equipped to handle the job and that it is a job he truly doesn't want. Tom needs someone in the job that can pass along some confidence in Tom's administration, something that Carter is not doing. Hannah continues her investigation of Congressman MacLeish, she believing that he being away from his seat at the exact time the bomb exploded not an accident. And Alex finds that she can't leave her professional life as a lawyer behind her. She will have to decide how much she will use her role as First Lady to aid a client, those political favors which always have strings attached.
User ratings: 1,494
Average rating: 8.0
The Mission
After realizing that diplomacy isn't going to work with Algeria, President Kirkman decides the send the Navy SEALs on a mission; the probe into the Capitol bombing continues.
User ratings: 1,383
Average rating: 7.9
The Interrogation
A shooting at the White House during a Governors' Summit throws President Kirkman's plans to elect a new Congress into turmoil. Hannah makes a shocking discovery in her investigation of the capitol bombing.
User ratings: 1,271
Average rating: 7.6
The Traitor
An American track-and-field coach's trip to Russia forces Kirkman into a hostage exchange involving the CIA and the Russian government; Agent Wells and Deputy Director Atwood's investigation uncovers dangerous information.
User ratings: 1,208
Average rating: 7.7
The Results
It's the day before the elections for the House of Representatives, the act which Tom sees as an important step in getting the running of government back in proper working order, both in reality and in the public mindset. However, something that happens in the Kansas City area threatens the elections. Even if the investigators at the Department of Homeland Security are able to discover the person or organization behind what is happening in Kansas City, Tom has to weigh the pros and cons of holding the elections based on the perception and reality of public safety. Meanwhile, the White House press corps has gotten wind that Majid Nassar was murdered in custody, something that Tom told Seth to confirm if the question was ever directly asked. Part of the fallout of that news for Tom is dealing with Kimble, who Tom had not previously told, as he wanted to have the details behind the assassination first. That places Jason on the hot seat, he who is dealing with what to do about his meeting with the mysterious and calculating dark-haired woman, who has Luke and is threatening to kill him if Jason doesn't follow her orders. Hannah, who can tell that Jason is dealing with something out of the ordinary, latches on to what she believes is Jason's code for help. Hannah hopes to provide that help with Chuck's assistance. She believes the key is the unknown person who first pointed her in the direction of Room 105 and MacLeish working for the other side. And rumor gets to Leo about Tom possibly not being his biological father. This rumor may threaten the Kirkman family, as well as Seth's professional and burgeoning personal relationship with Lisa Jordan.
User ratings: 1,153
Average rating: 7.7
The Blueprint
The House elections have concluded, Kimble has been confirmed Speaker, and the Congressional hearings have begun to confirm Peter MacLeish as Vice-President. Internal Affairs is leading an investigation on Jason, which places Hannah in a difficult position as being implicated along with him. With Chuck the only other person that she trusts, Hannah, with Chuck's help, continues to delve into MacLeish's background, the key to his connection to the Capitol bombing, as told to her by her unknown source, being something to do with 11:14pm. Kimble, who wants to take down both Kirkman and MacLeish in her quest for power, may prove to be useful to Hannah. Meanwhile, a man named Gabriel Thompson has managed to smuggle out some classified NSA documents. He slowly starts to post some of those documents on Wikileaks, those documents which discredit many members of the previous administration, but not Tom. As such, Thompson's motives are unclear. When more documents are released, it hits Tom a little closer to home home, albeit indirectly, although it could have profound effects on the running of his administration. By this time, Thompson has taken asylum in the Venezuelan Embassy, it a country that has no extradition treaty with the US. However, Aaron thinks he knows at least what Thompson is after by the nature of the documents that he has released.
User ratings: 1,174
Average rating: 8.0
The Oath
As Kimble is unable to receive any incriminating information concerning Peter MacLeish (as Hannah has gone MIA just before her scheduled appointment with Kimble), the House Committee sits to confirm him as the Vice-Presidential appointee. What Kimble is unaware of is that Hannah has been involved in a car accident, which was no accident. With her evidence against MacLeish stolen in the process, Hannah again turns to Chuck as the only person she trusts. Hannah again believes the key is the mysterious woman caller who has provided all these leads thus far. Hannah is also aware that the closer she gets to MacLeish, the more his side will be doing whatever in its power to silence or incriminate her. At the White House, Tom learns of Kimble's concerns around MacLeish and the fact that Hannah was supposed to meet with her to provide what proof she has. As such, Tom asks Mike to locate Hannah, to determine if what she has may be indeed something against MacLeish, or if she is the one who has an unwarranted vendetta, much like Jason did. Until then, Tom has no reason to delay the upcoming ceremony to swear in MacLeish as VP. Tom also starts his own investigation of the DOD produced simulation of the Capitol bombing, which he is certain someone sold or gave to Al-Sakar as the blueprint for the actual bombing. In getting to a certain point, it looks as if only a handful of people in the White House at the time would have had access to the material. Tom asks Emily to investigate further, she not to tell anyone of this assignment. A specific name on the list of people she is to investigate and not being able to tell anyone may place a damper on what is Emily and Aaron's burgeoning romance.
User ratings: 1,533
Average rating: 8.7
The nation reels from the aftermath of the shooting; Emily struggles with the knowledge there may be a traitor in the White House; Wells wrestles with her decision to reveal what she knows about the conspiracy.
User ratings: 1,136
Average rating: 8.3
The End of the Beginning
Circles must tighten as a new discovery within the conspiracy emerges. Meanwhile, tension rises between Aaron and Emily as suspicions loom in the White House. Finally, a new lead places Agent Wells closer than before to the truth.
User ratings: 1,218
Average rating: 8.4
An investigative journalist shocks the White House when he reveals classified information during a press briefing; Hannah discovers a connection between MacLeish and the conspiracy.
User ratings: 991
Average rating: 7.5
Tom meets with one of his predecessors, President Cornelius Moss, as Moss has offered to provide whatever assistance or advice he can. Tom's expectation is that the offer is primarily to provide a list of names for key positions and to use his moral suasion to convince those people to accept the positions that Tom decides. Tom is therefore taken aback by the overall tone of the meeting. Moss' arrival at the White House coincides with a growing problematic situation in the African country of Neruba, which if something is not done Tom predicts will be another genocide. Without UN support due to current geopolitical differences among security council members, the US may have to go it alone to prevent that genocide. The tensions are increased when it is discovered that a handful of American lives are at jeopardy. Moss' presence in the war room may demonstrate to Tom how much of his assistance Tom should accept or request in its entirety. Meanwhile, Langdon is sighted in meeting with Aaron. Langdon is eventually apprehended and brought in for questioning, most of the world still having believed that he died in the Capitol bombing. Despite having some hand in what happened the fateful Capitol bombing day, Langdon professes that he did not have any intentional complicity in the matter. Tom, with professional advice from Hannah, John and Mike, has to decide how much of Langdon's story to believe and how to move forward. The Langdon situation and rumors among some of the White House press corps prove to be difficult for Aaron, who makes a unilateral decision as to his immediate future.
User ratings: 964
Average rating: 7.8
One Hundred Days
Based partly on his chat with President Moss, Tom decides to become a more proactive president than a reactive one. As such, he goes back to the people to ask to reset his presidency to this day so that he can outline a first one hundred days agenda, something that most presidents are able to do during "normal" times. Emily's idea is to include a town hall so that he can speak to everyday Americans about the issues that are facing them and what they would like to see. Tom, Emily and Seth realize that the first one hundred days should not include hot button/divisive items so that they can implement their agenda over the long run. That one hundred days agenda has the potential to be derailed with off-the-cuff but public comments Alex makes at a luncheon at which she was asked to speak. The team has to figure out how to do damage control in light of Alex's comments while allowing Alex to stay true to herself as a citizen. In the process, Tom will learn that there are other career politicians out there who have ambitions and will use whatever means necessary to achieve their end goals. Meanwhile, Aaron, feeling like his time in DC is effectively over, decides to move back "home" to Texas. However, a discussion he has with his cousin Nadia and an unexpected offer may make him change his mind. And Hannah, with Chuck's assistance, believes she is narrowing in on the identity and location of the mysterious and calculating dark-haired woman, who they only know as Claudine Poyé, which is most likely an alias. Hannah hopes that this news will bring Jason back into the fold. However, an action by Jason may show Hannah that he may still be a little too volatile in the matter in wanting to avenge his son's death. What Hannah and her team are unaware of is that their unknown adversaries may have plans of their own in monitoring and thus protecting "Claudine".
User ratings: 1,019
Average rating: 7.3
Party Lines
President Kirkman forms an unlikely alliance in the hopes of passing his first bill while Agent Ritter is briefed by FBI Agent Hannah Wells about a new alarming threat to the nation.
User ratings: 969
Average rating: 7.3
The Ninth Seat
The gun control bill looks like it will pass in the House with Kimble's help, she who is expecting to be appointed Vice-President in return. If she isn't, the damage in the relationships between Tom and Kimble, and Emily and Aaron, could be irreparable despite neither Tom or Emily having guaranteed Kimble or Aaron anything but gratitude and a favor in return. The next step for the administration is to appoint a new Supreme Court to deal with the backlog of cases, meaning that the process needs to be swift. The administration has convened a bipartisan committee headed by Tom's former boss at Columbia, Julia Rombauer, to come up with nine names, their approved mandate for four Republicans, four Democrats with the ninth, the Chief Justice, being an Independent. With those nine names approved within Committee, Jack threatens a last minute move just prior to the Senate confirmation hearings to block the Independent in favor of a more conservative judge, he using the Republican majority in the Senate to do so. An angry Tom settles on a compromise of coming up with another Independent for Chief Justice that both sides can live with. While Tom ultimately believes he has come up with the perfect person, Julia, disclosing some personal information, comes up with what she thinks is a better, workable compromise. Elsewhere, Abe Leonard has been fishing around for information on the Capitol bombing, he believing he having discovered information, which he takes to both Seth and his old "friend" Kimble for confirmation. This news makes its way back to Tom via John, they who have to decide what to do about Abe's fishing expedition which could threaten national security. Abe himself is unaware what danger he has placed himself in as he gets closer to the truth. And Hannah and Jason are still in North Dakota, they knowing that people in the know concerning the stockpile of bombs in the bunker are located in the town nearest to the site. Who they find are a well organized but seemingly rudimentary militia of sorts, they willing to kill to protect their mission. Hannah and Jason get closer to discovering what that mission is when they get a hold of what looks to be their "bible", a document titled Pax Americana.
User ratings: 933
Average rating: 7.5
The passing of the gun control bill marks a major accomplishment of the administration, one that could not have happened without Kimble's support. As such, Tom seriously considers appointing her Vice-President. However, a story regarding an incident from twelve years ago pointing to she being involved in possible graft hits the media, claims which she vigorously denies to Tom. The leading candidate for leaking such a story is Jack, her main rival to lead the Republican Party. However, Kimble may have more political enemies within her party - of which she is aware - that may want to see her leadership of the party end. Regardless if she can discover who is gunning after her with the story, the political damage may already be done, which Tom has to consider in his appointment. Meanwhile, Hannah and Jason are able to make it out of their tenuous situation in North Dakota alive, albeit with Jason being injured in the process. Lozano being alive is the key which they now have to follow, which includes who the authorities killed instead of Lozano and how Lozano and this John Doe were able to switch places. Although this lead points to a somewhat expected person, Hannah, Jason and John still have to be concerned about the mole within the White House. And, Abe continues to receive leads from an anonymous source as to the Capitol bombing, that source who seems to know the answers but who refuses to give Abe the entire story, he needing to discover that on his own. The latest person the source points Abe to is Jason.
User ratings: 890
Average rating: 7.3
Tom, Cornelius and Seth are preparing for an imminent NATO summit in Toronto, the former president who informs Tom that an emerging issue, initiated by the French, will be the deescalation of nuclear arms globally. Tom and Cornelius have to devise a workable solution to proceeding, especially in ensuring that the Russians follow through if the west collectively decides to go ahead. However, things within the White House are causing Tom and by association some of his supporters some issue. Tom still has every intention of appointing Kimble Vice-President regardless of her appearance before the Ethics Committee on charges of graft against her. Tyler Richmond, former President Richmond's son, returns to the White House, requesting refunding for a public school arts grant program, which has to be renewed every five years under the original terms, those original terms which expire in one month. However Kimble may not have the clout to get this done for Tom in Congress in that it has to go through the Ways and Means Committee, which is headed by Owen Saldua, who is also the head of the Ethics Committee and who seems to be gunning after her. Kimble has to come up with a creative way to save her long standing political career from this general smear campaign, with the arts funding a possible casualty. And Tom also learns of Hannah's disappearance, which is eventually determined to be a kidnapping. While John and Mike follow the leads specifically related to Hannah to try and find her, Jason acts on his own under Hannah's previous direction to follow Patrick Lloyd. Elsewhere, Alex and Tyler have a heart-to-heart about leading a White House life, that talk which makes Alex reconsider her decision to have the kids at Camp David away from her and Tom.
User ratings: 875
Average rating: 7.4
President Kirkman's first international summit is derailed when journalist Abe Leonard publishes an explosive article. Meanwhile, Hannah Wells uncovers the conspiracy's next target.
User ratings: 838
Average rating: 7.6
Brace for Impact
Hannah Wells must stop the conspiracy from carrying out a final attack while President Kirkman authorizes a nationwide manhunt for the mastermind behind it all.
User ratings: 944
Average rating: 7.9
One Year In
It's one year into Tom presidency, and he is down in the polls, the big issues being the overall cost and the cost overruns in getting the Capitol rebuilt within the year, and Patrick Lloyd still not being apprehended. To help get legislation passed in light of the polls and thus a potentially uncooperative Congress, Emily has long tried to convince Tom to hire a political director, most specifically Lyor Boone, who she considers the most brilliant person with who she has ever worked, that experience eight years ago. Despite not being swayed by poll numbers, Tom hires Lyor on a trial basis. Emily may regret the suggestion as although Lyor does know what he is doing, his idiosyncrasies, which pervade the way he works and deals with associates, may be too much for Aaron and Seth to handle. Lyor may be the final straw for Seth, who questions his own usefulness to the administration. Tom faces new pressures as a Russian passenger jet has been hijacked on the field at Chicago Metro Airport. The one hundred sixty-five hostages aboard are primarily American, with a contingent of aide workers who were destined for the Ukraine. The hijackers eventually identify themselves as Ukrainian nationalists, information which the Russians will probably use to take further military action in the Ukraine. Tom eventually discovers that an old friend is aboard the flight, which, if known, the hijackers could use as a further bargaining chip. With both the Ukrainian and Russian diplomatic corps digging in their heels over the matter, Tom has to make some difficult decisions to avert hostage fatalities, especially Americans, and that crisis in the Ukraine. The answer may be found in following the money. Tom also has to juggle a scheduled meeting with political satirist Elias Grandi, the only National Medal for the Arts recipient with who Tom has not yet met. Putting Grandi off may be political suicide as Grandi is already not a fan of the establishment, his poison pen which may be directed at Tom and his already struggling administration. Meanwhile, Hannah is in Amsterdam following a lead as to Patrick Lloyd's whereabouts. She finds that MI6 is also interested in finding Lloyd, agent Damian Rennett who is following those same leads.
User ratings: 884
Average rating: 7.2
Sting of the Tail
FBI Agent Hannah Wells finally closes in on Patrick Lloyd, but when the president decides to take action during the White House Correspondents Dinner, members of the Homeland Security Council threaten to derail their plans.
User ratings: 772
Average rating: 7.3
President and the team try to fight a virus outbreak while Hannah investigate the breadcrumb left behind by Patrick Lloyd.
User ratings: 771
Average rating: 7.1
Tensions rise between America and Mexico when a Mexican citizen is shot during a border dispute regarding Mexican trade imports; and Kirkman and his staff must work quickly to resolve the situation and create a new trade deal.
User ratings: 710
Average rating: 6.8
Tom and those at the White House are facing two crises. First, British MP Charlotte Thorn, in DC for a G20 meeting, is shot dead while jogging in a local park. In addition to Hannah, Damian returns on behalf of the British government to investigate. Because Thorn was scheduled to make a damning speech on the illegal arms trade, Hannah and Damian, stemming from a discussion with the Brits, turn to Darius Cray as their first suspect, he an arms dealer who coincidentally also happens to be in town. And second, Tom is looking for bipartisan support for a pension bailout package sponsored by the Democrats. He turns to a friend, Republican Senator Alan Rouse with who he plays recreational hockey, for that support from the other side of the aisle. Despite believing such a bailout is charity in which the government should not be involved, Rouse gives Tom his support behind closed doors. However, Rouse goes to the media speaking against the bailout, but more importantly makes a statement of fact of something Tom said in that behind closed door discussion which makes it sound like Tom believes the American public is a bunch of suckers as Rouse takes the statement out of context. Previously seen as being an advocate for the average Joe and Jane, this statement by Rouse could derail Tom's entire agenda as his base begins to desert him. Hannah and Damian finding Thorn's killer could help change the channel to a positive message. Beyond discovering why Rouse, a supposed friend, turned on him, Tom, with Lyor and Emily's advice, has to decide what to do, and whether he should shoot below the belt against Rouse as a defense as Lyor wants. Meanwhile, Alex is looking for the appropriate legal counsel to represent her mother in the bribery case, which John has launched. Alex is not totally comfortable with who she eventually chooses based on Tom's suggestion. She does not realize that she may harm her mother's case more than help it as she becomes too emotionally involved in the proceedings.
User ratings: 675
Average rating: 7.1
Two Ships
The USS Verona, a naval destroyer, runs off course in bad weather and ventures three miles off the coast of Kunami, considered an unfriendly regime to the US, in the Persian Gulf. There, the ship collides with a Kunami garbage barge, rendering the Verona disabled, the Captain killed in the process in being sucked out of one of the resulting holes. The ship, regardless of the reason for it being in enemy waters, is seen by the Kunami government as a hostile act by the US. Tom, whose first priority to is bring the sailors home safely, wants to take a diplomatic approach so as not to escalate the rhetoric and thus the potential for war. Tom has to decide how far to go with diplomacy, especially if it doesn't seem to get them anywhere, before taking a more drastic approach. Things could change if Tom finds out the reason for the destroyer being where it is, and the true nature of the accident. Thrown into the mix are the actions of the acting Captain, Will Griffin. Meanwhile, Emily is overly preoccupied with the thought of reuniting with someone she has not seen in twenty-three years. That reunion switches between being bitter and sweet as that reunion extends to a tour of the White House. Despite Kendra quashing the subpoena against Eva, the legal battle for her continues, which Tom understands in John's need to seem impartial in his work for the FBI. Kendra thus wants unfettered access to Eva. The discussions between the two take a turn when Eva divulges some information which could place the Kirkmans in a bad light in the matter. And Hannah and Damian focus their attentions on Catherine Cray as the probable mastermind within the family of illegal arms deals and thus the chief suspect in Charlotte Thorn's murder. An incident outside of Hannah and Damian's interrogation of her may change the course of that interrogation.
User ratings: 633
Average rating: 7.5
Family Ties
When a Turkish activist ignites protests in the U.S., Turkey's president demands his extradition while the first family unknowingly finds themselves in the center of a battle that could threaten Leo's future.
User ratings: 696
Average rating: 6.9
Tom, accompanied by a small contingent - Aaron as assistant/strategist, and Mike as security - is on a secret two day mission to Afghanistan, specifically Bagram. Outwardly, the trip is for Tom to thank personally on behalf of the American people the troops serving the country. The concurrent secret mission, with strategic issues handled by Hannah, is to meet individually with two feuding Afghan warlords, Mullah Bahri and Mullah Fayad, arguably the two most powerful in the region. Tom wants to set up a strategic alliance with one in an effort to take control of the conflict and hopefully bring the American troops home in the thus far close to twenty year American involvement. However, Hannah and her team have discovered through monitoring of chatter that one of the two is planning an attack on US soil, it uncertain which one. If Tom makes the wrong choice of with who to set up the alliance, he could be handing that person a free pass for that attack to happen. When a major incident occurs on the trip, further circumstantial evidence begins to point to the one planning the terrorist attack, which is one more factor but not a decisive piece on which to make a definitive decision. Hannah and Mike are tasked with another aspect of dealing with the incident, which may not be a comfortable working relationship in their differing views of how holistically to serve and protect the President. Meanwhile, Emily is in charge at the White House, her main task, with Seth and Lyor's assistance, to ensure that the goings-on in the President's absence run smoothly, but perhaps more importantly that the press corps and thus the American people do not know that Tom is away at all. Emily's tasks end up being made all the more difficult as issues arise concerning both Seth and Lyor, legal issues which require Kendra's expertise to mitigate. While Lyor's is more a personal one that would cost him financially and be more of an embarrassment than anything, Seth's is one, if it comes to light, which could cost him his job, that specific incident which includes being stopped by a DC police officer while out with his visiting brother, Mike, the two celebrating Mike's recent MCAT results.
User ratings: 580
Average rating: 7.4
Three-Letter Day
It's three-letter day at the White House, the day every month the President chooses three from among the thousands of letters addressed to him from the public for senior staff to investigate directly to advise him in how to proceed in answering the letter. Emily and Aaron are assigned to investigate a letter by Allison Goff, the widow of Sergeant First Class Daniel Goff, asking why her husband was denied the Medal of Honor despite a fellow soldier informing Allison of Daniel's heroics during his final mission. Mike, as former special ops, may have some insight into this letter and what Emily and Aaron find on the surface. Seth and Lyor are assigned to investigate the letter of beekeeper Eddie Adamson, who believes the actions of the FAA are killing his bees, an indicator species. While Lyor relishes this assignment, Seth reads something into why he was assigned this seemingly low level letter. And Kendra, on what is her first three letter day, is assigned to investigate an anonymous letter requesting the pardon in the death penalty case of pharmacist Chandler Dern, convicted of killing a DEA agent who suspected him of selling ketamine on the black market. The unusual aspect of that letter is that is Dern previously appealed the sentence but not the conviction. Kendra has an extra discussion with both the President and First Lady about the FBI's case against her, where Forstell is willing to seal the proceedings in exchange for Alex not moving to quash the subpoena. The only damning evidence against her is the St. Lucia bank account, which Hannah is assigned to investigate. They may find that Forstell has ulterior motives in all his recent actions. With all three letters, Tom has to find a balance between justice and the what is best for the innocent, which may not be justice in a legal sense.
User ratings: 557
Average rating: 7.4
Line of Fire
It's the Christmas season. There's a group of young carolers trying to bring cheer to those at the White House, the President and staff who are all too preoccupied to enjoy the festivities as of yet. Tom and the senior staff are dealing with a wildfire in Virginia that has been burning now for close to a month. The decision has been made to let the fire burn itself out as the most ecologically friendly course of action. However, there is a group of Christian religious extremists in the path of the fire, they who refuse to leave their forest retreat as a pseudo means of protest against the court decision to let the authorities take custody of Grace Morgan, the six-month old daughter of congregant Carey Morgan. Grace requires a surgery to save her life which involves a blood transfusion in which the church does not believe. The small group of twenty will voluntarily leave once Grace is returned to Carey's custody before any medical intervention is done that goes against their teachings. Tom and his staff have to find the right balance between respecting religious freedoms, respecting the role of a parent and wanting to do what's "right" for a baby who otherwise has no power in the matter, all the while trying to save lives, whether it be the twenty holed up in the woods, those on the front line who are dealing with the twenty and are risking their lives in the process, or baby Grace. And Kendra and Alex continue to deal with the subpoena for Alex to appear before the FBI, with the two and Tom also continuing to differ on the best approach to take. Alex's main priority in the matter is to end it all as quickly as possible. These competing priorities flavor their proposal to Forstell and what they do about Forstell's counter-proposal to them. Meanwhile, Hannah begins to suspect that it was Damian who tipped off Lang and thus may be working against her and the White House in the investigation against the First Lady. Hannah needs to bring Aaron into the fray. She, however, wants to lead the investigation against Damian as the one person in authority closest to him and who he may trust the most, and as she has a more personal stake herself.
User ratings: 758
Average rating: 7.6
After 10 weeks of grief, the President's senior staff insists he a therapist to help deal with his loss. Hanna and Aaron are part of a trade delegation to Cuba but the trip doesn't go well.
User ratings: 545
Average rating: 7.2
The Final Frontier
After a missile intending to bring water to the stranded astronauts in space is hacked, the President must work with the Russians to help save their lives and find the culprit.
User ratings: 495
Average rating: 7.0
Original Sin
The team must minimize the fallout of the President visiting a prison. A surprise White House demonstration has a closer tie to the President than anyone first realizes.
User ratings: 473
Average rating: 7.1
In the Dark
President Kirkman enlists the aid of D.C. mayor Eleanor Darby to help curb panic when a blackout threatens to shutdown the government. But, is that the extent of the relationship?
User ratings: 480
Average rating: 7.1
President Kirkman travels to Camp David to broker a peace treaty between East and West Hun Chiu, while Seth and Emily take a look at their relationship and decide how and if to move forward as a couple.
User ratings: 457
Average rating: 7.1
President Kirkman and his team receive credible intelligence that a dirty bomb is on U.S. soil, Emily asks Chuck to help her with something that has dangerous and illegal consequences.
User ratings: 453
Average rating: 7.7
President Kirkman declares war on Kunami after a deadly explosion, while Hannah Wells finds that the Kunami ambassador is hiding something that could have deadly consequences.
User ratings: 439
Average rating: 7.3
Kirkman Agonistes
As more leaks surface from President Kirkman's confidential therapy sessions, Vice President Darby meets secretly with the Cabinet, leading to attorney Ethan West looking into the president's past.
User ratings: 445
Average rating: 7.7
As attorney Ethan West's investigation begins, he calls upon President Kirkman's closest advisers and staff.
User ratings: 437
Average rating: 7.6
Bad Reception
President Kirkman negotiates with a foreign government to release an American being held overseas while the investigation of the hacker continues.
User ratings: 419
Average rating: 7.6
White House Counsel Kendra Daynes ends up in a dangerous situation putting another staffer's life at risk, while Hannah Wells unexpectedly takes a trip to find answers.
User ratings: 395
Average rating: 7.3
A natural disaster endangers two White House staffers while President Kirkman makes an announcement no one saw coming, as well as dealing with turmoil from the hacker and congressional investigation.
User ratings: 437
Average rating: 7.7
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