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Desperate Housewives

Seasons: 8
Episodes: 180
User ratings: 106,202
Average rating: 7.5

Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Romance

Secrets and truths unfold through the lives of female friends in one suburban neighborhood, after the mysterious suicide of a neighbor.

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Mary Alice takes her own life, taking us into the lives of her family, friends and neighbors; At Mary Alice's funeral, Susan meets Mike, a new neighbour.
User ratings: 868
Average rating: 8.7
Ah, But Underneath
Gabrielle goes to great lengths to hide her affair with her gardener, John; Lynette tries to discipline her twin boys with tough love; Bree and Rex try marriage counseling.
User ratings: 563
Average rating: 8.2
Pretty Little Picture
The housewives decides to organize the dinner Mary Alice was organizing; Gabrielle is blackmailed by a 9 year old girl; Bree tries to hide her broken marriage; Karl returns to discuss terms with Susan.
User ratings: 532
Average rating: 8.2
Who's That Woman?
Martha Huber learns that Susan had something to do with Edie's house fire and tries to blackmail her. Carlos is suspicious of Gabrielle cheating on him but gets the wrong guy; the cable guy.
User ratings: 491
Average rating: 8.2
Come in, Stranger
A break in on Wisteria Lane leaves everyone feeling vulnerable and unsafe, especially Susan, who accepts a date with a young policeman. Lynette and Tom try to enrol their twin boys; Porter and Preston, after being kicked out of their old school.
User ratings: 472
Average rating: 8.0
Running to Stand Still
Gabrielle fains limited sexual stamina to frustrate Juanita's suggestion to save on the maid. Seeing secret boy-lover John go study in Bree's daughter Danielle's room, she reminds him of her sexual superiority; learning about Juanita's gambling history, she makes sure that temptation is irresistible- ma-in-law loses above Carlos's $15,000 credit card limit... Paul pretends his son Zack stays with relatives, but actually has him interned for borderline personality therapy, but Susan tailed dad to the juvenile rehabilitation center and sends daughter Julie in, whom the boy tells something terrible happened to Dana, no details... Now her twins are in Barcliffe, Lynette defeats Maisy Gibbons in a vote on abandoning the absurd 'political corrections' to the Little Riding Hood school play; as revenge her boys's oak tree parts are threatened unless she finishes the costumes, undoable unless... Rex complains about Bree's sexual disconnection to their marriage counselor who recommends a sex surrogate, she proves her seductive value to both men, only to succumb to her cleaning compulsion in bed, then insists he finally tells his sexual fantasy...
User ratings: 459
Average rating: 8.1
Anything You Can Do
Susan is miffed when Mike gets an unexpected house guest named Kendra; Andrew gets into a serious car accident that puts Mama Solis in the hospital; Mr. Shaw comes closer to solving who was blackmailing Mary Alice.
User ratings: 452
Average rating: 8.2
Bree and Rex cover up Andrew's accident; Susan grows suspicious of Mike's real reason for moving to Wisteria Lane; Gabrielle questions the priest, who John confessed her adulterous affair ...
User ratings: 477
Average rating: 8.6
Suspicious Minds
Gabrielle decides to organize a glamorous Halston fashion show; Bree and Rex are now at odds with each other on how to punish Andrew; The police investigate the skeletal body in a toy chest that Paul Young dumped in the river, and begin to close in on his secret.
User ratings: 427
Average rating: 8.2
Come Back to Me
Bree finds out that Rex is cheating, and he has a heart attack; Susan plans to take her relationship with Mike to the next level; Lynette, suspicious of her new nanny Claire, decides to secretly videotape her.
User ratings: 418
Average rating: 8.2
Move On
Edie organizes a neighborhood search for Mrs. Huber, just as her sister arrives on Wisteria Lane; Bree agrees to a separation and asks an attractive pharmacist on a date; Susan's ex-husband, Karl, suddenly returns for a visit; Lynette's fears Tom is attracted to their nanny.
User ratings: 416
Average rating: 8.2
Every Day a Little Death
The residents of Wisteria Lane learn the fate of Martha Huber; Susan confesses to Edie about her role in her house fire; Bree finds George getting a little too close for comfort; Carlos is released on bail, and placed under house arrest.
User ratings: 419
Average rating: 8.2
Your Fault
Lynette learns Tom's father secret; Susan is disturbed by Julie's relationship with Zach; Rex attempts to reconcile with Bree; John's parents demand Gabrielle for help.
User ratings: 405
Average rating: 8.1
Love Is in the Air
Felicia Tilman claims a photo of Paul and his late wife Mary Alice is of her Utah colleague 14 years ago, Angela Forrest, even digs up from her own album a photo of both of them as Dorothy Drake recovery house volunteer staff. Lynette was happy the boys gave her a pot of flowers she finally could be proud of as a presentable gift, but neighbor Karen McCluskey claims it was stolen from her. Susan learns Mike wants children 'some day' when he convinces the scamp trio to go face the maternal music. The threat of spanking ensures written apologies, but McCluskey even sneakily searches the boys' room for a missing clock; only after open warfare between the women Tom discovers it in the boys' scarily full meg-pie stash... Gabrielle's maid Yao Lin no longer considers the mistress superior and is fired. She takes a lowly job in the beauty-shop, where Yao Lin enjoys demanding service. Former fashion model Gabrielle is booked to pose in lingerie on "Siesta King" Charles Skouras's mattresses, with clients, but gets fired for diva attitude. Bree tries to get Rex's secret from her or their therapist Dr. Albert Goldfine. When Rex finally tells he secretly wants one try at his SM fantasy, she just slaps him instead, then changes her mind. Mike gets shot snooping in vain, is patched up by his secret employer, collapses dripping blood at his Valentine's dinner with Susan after she told him to want no more kids, she realizes shooting himself is a lie, the police questions him.
User ratings: 412
Average rating: 8.1
Bree is shocked at first to find condoms when shamelessly searching adolescent son Andrew's room, but sees reason when realist Rex asks if she prefers becoming a grandmother, before they learn it's not his for use with Lisa, but Danielle's, for John, who however assures her he only loves 'another', and is encouraged to make that brutally clear. John's roommate Justin offers to do Gabrielle's garden for free and 'anything he did', she expects to scare him off with 'angry criminal' Carlos- who actually welcomes the shirtless lawn-boy, which in his absence reports for 'intimate service', even threatens to divulge her affair otherwise; when she turns up at their place to tell John, the kid confesses in tears he only wants sex with a 'safe' married hottie to find out if he's really gay; she tells him after an expert straight siren-kiss he must be. Susan agrees to Bree informing the police, but lies in order to be Mike's alibi about Mrs. Huber's murder, helped by Julie, yet the police keeps questioning her, even makes her doubt and slap him after seeing Delfino's police-record as convicted dealer and killer. Mike's terminal employer Noah Taylor uses his fortune to buy- Detective Sullivan, in charge of the case. Zach throws a teenager pool-party, just so he can invite Julie, who comes despite Susan still forbidding her seeing him ever, but is spooked by his gun-references; when ma bursts in, she finds there dropped boxers, actually belonging to two otherwise embarrassed young swimmers... Lynette always prodded Tom to be ruthless for his career, but when Tim Duggan, his rival for VP promotion, is hospitalized so Tom gets it, at an age he considers 'now or never', decides the raise isn't worth even more late hours and traveling all over the West coast, so when she finds out the boss's wife inspired the choice while visiting Tom's new office with the boys...
User ratings: 402
Average rating: 8.2
The Ladies Who Lunch
Maisy Gibbons' series of unfortunate events shocks Wisteria Lane; Gabrielle and Carlos' sewer system goes out; Lynette learns of a rumour that her twins started a head lice epidemic; Susan finds a surprising ally after her breakup with Mike.
User ratings: 402
Average rating: 8.1
There Won't Be Trumpets
Juanita Solis awakes from her long coma with the sole desire to tell son Carlos about Gabrielle's secret infidelity with John, but dies in a staircase accident without anyone hearing the truth. Carlos was so unwise to tell his wife thanks to crafty lawyers there is a way to keep the house if he goes to jail a few months, so now the gold-digger claims she shouldn't suffer, and takes her objections to spending a fortune on a 'queen's funeral' as far as to walk out on the grand Catholic burial procession -Bree takes the lead- when she sees he bought a monumental tomb, but afterward she gets her way just for the promise to control her 'needs' while he's imprisoned. Furthermore, the hospital pays her off to keep quiet about the staff's part in the fatal accident. After Andrew, caught smoking weed with friends, drives away rather then face the music, loving dad Rex is relieved the owner doesn't press charges, but Bree digs up brochures of hell-camps for troubled teenagers she collected and arranges for Rex to witness Andrew at his rudest so he'll let her call the staff to literally drag the poor boy away to the one with the toughest security. When the Scavos find out their boys' schoolfriend Lily's father foulmouths his deaf wife literally behind her back, Tom would wisely stay out, but Lynette attacks Dennis Stevens openly, only to be scolded herself by 'not helpless' Alicia in sign-language translated by little Lily. When man-eater Edie's clearly 'desired' contractor asks Susan out, she still asks permission, but despite confirmation those two aren't a romantic item, Edie just forbids it, and publicly acts on her jealousy by principle. Meanwhile Mike gives Susan an envelop to explain his past, but she ends up returning it unopened.
User ratings: 427
Average rating: 8.1
Children Will Listen
When the police asks Paul about a toy chest he had made, Zach says they threw it away, learns it was found with a chipped-up woman's corps in; dad swears it was the P.I. he would have taken him away as a kid. Gabrielle ignores Carlos successfully sabotaged her birth-control and defends not telling him about the hospital's fat check, refusing a post-nuptial and threatening to make his secret Cayman Islands account public, he makes her sign claiming he already cleared the account. Seeing John shirtless inspires her perfect revenge: more adultery. Susan is embarrassed when her obnoxiously neurotic ma Sophie Bremmer hugs Mike, ignoring they broke up, he just smiles that explains her weird sides. Felicia Tilman lures in Zach with banana-bread and tells him she knew his ma when he was a baby, originally named- Dana. Susan is astonished ma broke up with Morty, convinces him to make up, but she beats him again and lands at Susan's, a nightmare coming true early. Bree refuses to join Rex visiting Andrew's boot-camp Hennessy, is forced to babysit Lynette's boys so she can have cocktails and executes her first spanking threat on Porter's trousers-seat, earning ridicule for 'raising failure' Andrew, but after a balanced view from Tom given the three rascals are getting smarting and stronger, so Lynette changes her idle threat to sending them to Bree and makes up with her. Rex gets Bree to come along, now she realizes being a bad ma- because she doesn't know which color to pack for the boy; Andrew only wants to see his dear dad, she agrees to wait outside but hearing how others boys go completely astray storms in just to demand her men acknowledge her maternal efforts, but when Rex tells Andrew just outed himself coldly replies she'll wait in the car.
User ratings: 404
Average rating: 8.1
Live Alone and Like It
Lynette always wanted her nasty widowed neighbor, Mrs. Karen McClusky, to drop dead and be replaced by an ideal young Swedish family, but when the old bag collapses before her eyes still calls an ambulance, only to find it was just self-OD on rheumatism pills, and be haunted with unwanted 'gratitude', rather an invasion and imposed 'friendship', yet ends up setting terms for a neighborly modus vivendi. When sex-starvation doesn't seem to make Carlos tear up the post-nuptial she dreads, Gabrielle accepts sweet John's generous offer to spend his meager gardening earnings, but finds his credit card canceled by his ma, so she seduced within minutes old rich Sam to pay her restaurant bill, then bluffs Carlos 'pretty girls don't need a single provider at all'. Terminal employer Noah Taylor informs Mike the hacked-up remains in the toy chest are his Deirde's, ordering Mike to pick up the case's police file from the corrupt detective Sullivan, who squashed his own charges- and takes that professional frustration out on 'unredeemed' ex-con Delfino's hide right there. While Susan's mother Sofia happily turns her attentions to local ice cream vendor Hector, getting more intimate then could be decent for Julie to see at night, and even practically imposes his mate Lamont for daughter Susan 'to help out your love-life', Susan makes clear she's not that flippant and still not interested in anyone but Mike. Andrew's self-outing in boot camp makes Bree decide he must return home, away from 200 immoral boys, and despite dad Rex's loving support for his happiness tries everything from inviting to dinner reverend Sikes, who runs a church program for 'conversion from unnatural aversions' to absurd emotional blackmail until her son accepts to go talk to him- under the seal of confidence, Andrew reveals instead he saw the light -without believing in God- to revenge himself by luring Bree into thinking she gave birth to an angel before showing himself all the more shocking devil-seed in ma's deceptive image...
User ratings: 400
Average rating: 7.9
Fear No More
Gabrielle plans a festive 'send-off' neighborhood barbecue for Carlos who is about to go to jail, including a Maserati 'for the driveway', but vomits in it; at George's pharmacy she curses loudly: tested pregnant! Worse, during the party she accidentally discovers her birth control pills were switched by all-too-catholic would-be-father Carlos, yet the baby could well be John's and motherhood is the man-eater's worst nightmare... The bachelor-chemist turns his attention to Bree though, but to circumvent her marital fidelity pretends to be steady with his baffled salesclerk, so he can take Bree instead of uninterested Rex to cultural events and flower shows, but taunts the 'philistine' husband too openly... When Lynette discovers by accident Tom's boss has engaged Annabel Foster, the colleague he only dumped to marry her and moved to Chicago, she's desperate enough to ask even Edie's advice, yet threatening hubby Tom to chaperon them systematically has no effect at all... Since naive courter Zach won't be told off by dad or the Mayer girls themselves -who were warned for Paul by Mike, but who to believe anymore?-, it must be made clear his attentions for Julie aren't even considered romantic anymore, even publicly.
User ratings: 392
Average rating: 8.1
Sunday in the Park with George
George continues to worm his way into Bree's life; Lynette tries to spice up her sex life; Susan hires Mr. Shaw to investigate the Young family; Felicia takes action to help Zach.
User ratings: 398
Average rating: 8.0
Goodbye for Now
Susan and Mike decide to move in together; Lynette takes steps to make sure Annabel doesn't come between her and Tom; Bree comes to a realization about George; Carlos' legal problems take a turn for the worse; Martha Huber's journal falls into the hands of Susan and Julie.
User ratings: 399
Average rating: 8.3
One Wonderful Day
Tensions and conflicts endure between the different characters as the season comes to an end but leaves you hanging for what is to come.
User ratings: 484
Average rating: 8.9
Lynette goes back to work; Gabrielle struggles with her pregnancy and Carlos in jail; Bree deals with Rex's death; Susan learns more about Mike's past.
User ratings: 401
Average rating: 8.2
You Could Drive a Person Crazy
Susan discovers that Karl is seeing Edie. Tom can't keep up with housework. Carlos needs Gabby's help surviving in jail. Bree's mother-in-law feels the need to share her grief with the world.
User ratings: 364
Average rating: 8.0
You'll Never Get Away from Me
Bree throws Phyllis out of her house; Susan tries bravely to accept Edie's new role in Julie's life; Lynette's demanding boss, Nina, makes her miss Parker's first day of kindergarten; Gabrielle finally breaks after seeing John with an older woman; Felicia persuades Mike to watch his back for the missing Zach and Paul might come after him; Betty and Matthew try to keep their mysterious captive's presence a secret when he nearly escapes.
User ratings: 343
Average rating: 7.9
My Heart Belongs to Daddy
Lynette's son has an imaginary friend, George and Andrew fight over Bree's attention, Susan struggles with the Zach situation, and Gabby has lawyer problems.
User ratings: 349
Average rating: 7.9
They Asked Me Why I Believe in You
In prison relation group therapy Gabrielle sneers at Carlos for rejecting her choice of a new, fancy lawyer David Bradley, which he "doesn't trust", i.e. fears she'll commit adultery with. David, however, comes up with a sick but efficient way to look at things. Susan plays "Let he who is without sin throw the first stone" with Mike in order to justify even considering to sign a new contract with her artistic agent Lonny Moon. Lonny, sort of an old friend, after a fraud scandal wiped him out financially, but when she talks to him finds out something even more disturbing than his cheating. Boss Nina is addicted to alcohol and the night life, and forces Lynette to join her 'working late' in a bar, where she's already approached as a 'regular', so presumably in the dating market, while Nina wants her to attract the men, but with Lynette gets more then she bargained for. Bree hoped arranging an autopsy and reburial would put an end to the allegations that Rex was murdered. The Applewhites try to balance son Caleb's safety and also prevent an innocent being convicted in his place. Paul is also back and hidden, but his intentions don't look anything like innocent.
User ratings: 339
Average rating: 7.9
I Wish I Could Forget You
Susan tries to get Paul Young arrested, while her mother pays another visit; Carlos continues serving his jail sentence, while Gabrielle tries to free him, but his lawyer refuses to represent him; Bree gets a bad rash every time she tries to be intimate with George; Lynette gets into a minor argument with Tom over her purchase of a number of very expensive business suits to impress Nina.
User ratings: 345
Average rating: 7.9
Color and Light
Lynette and Tom find a like-minded couple to watch their kids, Susan strikes up a romance with her ex-husband, and Gabby tries to hide her pregnancy.
User ratings: 339
Average rating: 8.1
The Sun Won't Set
The residents stress about security; Lynette fears Tom doesn't keep his eye close enough on their offspring; Susan decides to meet her biological father; Bree later gets a visit from a mysterious woman; Gabrielle learns to face her feelings.
User ratings: 337
Average rating: 8.0
That's Good, That's Bad
George stalks Bree; Lynette uses some leverage against Nina; Carlos is released from prison; Susan finally meets her birth father, and tries to form a relationship.
User ratings: 348
Average rating: 8.6
Coming Home
Bree has to deal with George's death, Lynette tries to get daycare at work, Susan has problems with her father's wife, Gabrielle fights for her husband and the Applewhites get Caleb back.
User ratings: 343
Average rating: 8.0
One More Kiss
Gabrielle kisses Tom; Andrew tries to blackmail Bree; Mike tries to spend a little time with Zach, which angers Paul.
User ratings: 348
Average rating: 8.4
We're Gonna Be All Right
When one of her present -old, married- gardeners coyly shows Gabrielle photographer Scott Tollman's website displays her model figure utterly openly, she works out that's the work of a former boyfriend who got the shots only for private use, Carlos is pushed to take action; to overcome his reluctance to risk breaking his parole, she even resorts to even more explicit self-exposure on their porch, so riveting as to make a gardener loose control of the hedge-saw dramatically. When Tollman assures Carlos he was about to remove her pictures anyway as 'unfit' by comparison, the unintentionally wounded marital pride is matched pungently... Tom panics when the kids catch chicken pox, which he never had himself; Lynette is furious she must spare him contagion by staying home on nurse-duty, to avoid having to nurse him 'you know how I get', but objects irrationally to Tom's 'irrational' fear of (rarely resulting) sterility, as if he could otherwise be posthumously unfaithful, even insists till he consents to a vasectomy, but... Bree is delighted detective Barton accepts to discuss over dinner her suspicions concerning the Applewhites, unamused to find his interest is in her romantically, not the case, acts offended when he warns her against driving drunk as he counted her glasses but gets a better reason as a predictable result, a taste of real humiliation... Susan finds her new GP doctor Ron McCreadie attractive, and impulsively invents serious symptoms requiring his personal attention, but thereby infuriates him professionally... While Zach just learns Mike has his rare blood type during the local blood-drive, his pa protects his secret and step-dad Paul even on his last intended visit at the deathbed of his filthy rich, now cancer-terminal former employer and father-in-law Noah Taylor, who unknowingly gets another informant after arrogantly firing his nurse...
User ratings: 332
Average rating: 8.0
There's Something About a War
Bree sees a stranger at the Applewhite's house, Gabby has a fight with Sister Mary for interfering, and Susan's budding relationship gets a little confusing.
User ratings: 337
Average rating: 8.2
Silly People
While Tom tries to bond with his new boss, Karl makes Susan an offer she can't refuse. Meanwhile, Bree plays sleuth at Betty's house, and Gaby puts her house in order.
User ratings: 344
Average rating: 8.0
Thank You So Much
When Gabrielle's estranged, gold-digging mother, Lucia, arrives for a visit and announces she has broken up with her super-rich partner. Lucia offers to become the surrogate mother now Gabrielle is diagnosed infertile because of her recent miscarriage, but only Carlos wants to accept. Then the women's past with Lucia's second ex Alejandro is dragged in... After Lynette fires Mrs. McClusky who Tom got to babysit her four kids, she drops them off unannounced with Bree. But Bree's escalating depression has got her drinking heavily despite the interaction with her allergy medicine, Andrew enjoys seeing her passed out on the lawn- and turns the sprinklers on, the scamps wonder off with Penny's pram while Bree dozed of, so she lies and gets the boys punished twice, but... While Paul Young ignores Zach's questions about his family, the boy finally learns that Mike is his biological father when he overhears Mike's warning to Paul that the dying Noah Taylor has put a price on Paul's head and the hitman, the corrupt detective Sullivan, is on his way to kill Paul, who says 'your son' to Delfino... Susan and Karl persist in their fake marriage to have his insurance pay for her operation -insurance fraud-, but his real fiancée Edie finds the ring and pre-nuptial, presuming he'll finally propose to her...
User ratings: 332
Average rating: 7.9
There Is No Other Way
Carlos and Gabrielle decide to adopt, but the process comes to be a lot more difficult than either had expected when they find out they have to be perfect roll models. But things get even worse when they find out that John Rowland's vindictive mother, Helen, is an employee of the agency. Susan checks herself into the hospital for her surgery, but she makes the mistake of confiding in a nurse about her infatuation with Dr. Ron. Meanwhile, a showdown between Bree and Andrew leads to a full out war between mother and son when the twisted Andrew plots to become legally emaciated from his mother so he can set eyes on his trust fund, and he resorts to having his boyfriend, James, beat him up and then hires a lawyer to claim that Bree attacked him. Also, the dying Noah Taylor attempts to have Paul Young killed, but when the attempt is unsuccessful, Zach persuades Mike to let him meet his biological grandfather. Also, Tom is having more difficulty at his job when he begins to resent having to take orders Lynette which stings his ego of superiority.
User ratings: 328
Average rating: 8.0
Could I Leave You?
With Andrew's emancipation case hanging over her head, Bree is on best behavior at AA, even sort of befriends a wino, just in time to have someone to call when the frustration over Andrew taking Justin shopping with the family credit-card and threatening to tell the judge about her abysmal abuse wrecking his youth, adding as much as needed, even 'intimately', drove her to take too much solace in the bottle and cloths shop, so she passed out in the fitting boot after close-up... Gabrielle has accepted to select a birth mother, but drives Carlos and adoption lawyer near despair by refusing to accept anyone without a body like hers, reasoning such genes should spare them having to cuddle an ogre for twenty years. Only attractive, limber pole-dancer Libby passes muster, quite literally as they check her out in the night-club, but she seems picky in turn on hearing Solis is a Mexican name, so Gabrielle starts flaunting what their US dollars can buy... Lynette has hired a fellow young mother using the daycare and pro-breastfeeding policy as decisive arguments to recruit Veronica from a rival agency, but when 'sucker' is seen 'drinking' still at age five needs to ween the wanton by conviction as Veronica sees it as healthy and as good for the figure as a gym... When Susan invites both 'paper' husband and desired real one Dr. Ron for dinner, her crafty ex makes sure a leaky pipe -his work- allows Mike to join them, and Ron to storm out seeing she lied not to know any Mike... Caleb intrudes, taking an even less welcome interest in Danielle then Matthew.
User ratings: 338
Average rating: 8.0
Everybody Says Don't
Bree overcomes her alcohol addiction by falling in love with her AA-sponsor Peter, only to find he's also a recovering sex-addict, so he passes her on to a woman. Meanwhile, Lynette is torn between testifying at Andrew's emancipation trial in his favor, as he claims to be systematically abused by Bree, or in hers. So, she tests his eagerness to become able (trough his trust-fund) to afford an expensive car. If only he had learned from Bree appearances must be kept up always and everywhere! When Edie finds out from Dr. Ron McCreadie about Susan and Karl's re-marriage behind her back, Edie demands Karl to pay her a wedding that he cannot afford and forces Susan to organize it all. When Gabrielle and Carlos learn that Libby, the girl who promised them her unborn baby, is engaged to the bouncer in the strip-club where she waitresses, they try to pay her off as well as get Libby's boyfriend, Frank, to waive paternity rights prior to birth, but the sale still has a hidden defect... Felicia Tilman returns to Wisteria Lane seeking revenge against Paul Young, starting when she hints at and blatantly him being Martha's murder at a ladies meeting.
User ratings: 341
Average rating: 8.0
Don't Look at Me
On the day Bree's lawyer Karl agreed for Andrew's emancipation trial, Bree's father Henry appears and obtains an instant delay, intending to settle out of court using a Dutch therapist's simplistic technique- son and mother go trough the motions, no more. Andrew convinces his grandparents living with an abusive lush isn't safe enough, toppling Bree's life-long frustration over her stepmother Eleanor's stubborn refusal to admit or pretend the control-freak being perfect, and is promised they'll rescue them by taking him home to Rhode Island. After consulting Justin, who broke with his own bigot family for and at Andrew's instigation but now feels suddenly and shatteringly abandoned by his gay lover, Bree confronts her old-school folks with the boy's 'sodomite' porn, enough to send them off end have their trust fund for him canceled; the only consolation prize is sweet Justin henceforward being welcome... While Tom is on business trip, Lynette alone faces the shame of Parker's teacher pointing out his latest obnoxious obsession is not dinosaurs but, far worse, female anatomy, equally persistent and according to old-fashioned baby-sitter Karen McCluskey best cured by instilling a crushing sense of shame, but Lynette finds a better way... Carlos fulfills his dream of (adoptive) fatherhood gaining custody rather then the birth mother and birth father Dale Helm (19) who is on Spring Break. The Solis's bundle of joy is named Lily, after Gabrielle's ma, but the starlet only means to shine as mother, not do the work, so housekeeper Xiao-Mei is pushed out of bed for her, literally holding the baby... Paul resolved not to fall for Felicia's provocations, but her war-of-harassment only escalates to ordering an extermination tent over the young home 'by address mistake'... Susan was satisfied Karl doesn't really love Edie, welcoming her back in bed, but finding out he never told her rival throws him out in his boxers. In the movie theater she abuses dentist Orson Hodge to avoid admitting being alone again to Mike, but soon confides in him, gets attracted but also confronted with his...
User ratings: 340
Average rating: 8.2
It Wasn't Meant to Happen
The teenage father of Gabrielle and Carlos' adoptive baby wants to lay claims; Edie is heartbroken after Karl breaks off their engagement; Lynette helps coach Ed's online love life, which backfires; Bree puts her mind to keep Peter in her life.
User ratings: 395
Average rating: 8.3
I Know Things Now
Bree and Andrew finally end their conflict; Lynette learns that Tom hasn't been honest about his trips to Atlantic City; Edie's private detective begins to uncover numerous details of Karl and Susan's relationship; Gabrielle is having a tough time keeping her Chinese servant in the country; Betty plans to poison Caleb, but not until uncovering a secret.
User ratings: 350
Average rating: 8.4
No One Is Alone
When Susan hears from Edie she took revenge by burning down her house, Mike accepts to help Susan by planting a wire to tape a confession. Now Andrew is out of the picture, Bree is determined to make up for forgetting Danielle's 17th birthday, which was six weeks ago, with the 'perfect' party, with an opposite effect. Matthew is locked up in the cellar after Betty learns that he set up Caleb so they would have a normal life again, but Danielle finds and frees him. Now their Chinese maid and surrogate mother, Xiao Mei, has pregnancy symptoms, taking care of her needs causes tension between the Solis's after Carlos gives all his attention to Xiao Mei and not Gabrielle. Lynette doesn't believe Tom's story about his trips to Atlantic City, and she secretly follows him to another woman's home. Felicia's personal war with Paul Young reaches the final battle with her having him arrested, for her murder.
User ratings: 361
Average rating: 8.4
Remember: Part 1
Perodic flashbacks to moving-in day on Wisteria Lane and how the control-freak Bree, the ambitious Lynette, the neurotic Susan, and the narcissistic Gabrielle met Mary Alice Young for the first time and how she brought them all together. Other flashbacks show the day that Melanie Foster was murdered back in Chicago and the real reason behind her death, and how Betty decided to live a life on the lam rather than turn in her simpleton son Caleb. Meanwhile in the present, Bree checks herself into a psychiatric hospital, and later gets some frightening news when she learns that Danielle has run away with Matthew. Susan moves into a trailer after her house was burnt down, much to Julie's annoyance. Lynette takes her kids to stay at a motel after finding about Tom's 'other woman' in Atlantic City, but unaware to the real reason behind the woman's history. Elsewhere, Gabrielle briefly thinks that Carlos died after hearing a news report of an auto accident, but it turns on her suspicion's to his caring for Xiao Mei. Also, the imprisoned Paul begs Zach to get him a good lawyer via the dying Noah Taylor. But the unbalanced teenager instead decides to take matters into his own hands in order to sever all ties with his father, and his past life on Wisteria Lane for good.
User ratings: 404
Average rating: 8.7
Remember: Part 2
More frequent flashbacks featuring Rex, John Rowland, and George Williams, take us back to key moments in time for Bree, Lynette, Susan and Gabrielle and how they connect to the present. Back in the present, after hearing Betty's message on her cell phone about Matthew being a murder suspect, that he was the one who murdered Melanie Foster, Bree realizes she needs to escape from the psychiatric hospital and help Danielle, who has run away with Matthew. When he sees Mike buying an engagement ring, Karl buys Susan a house, leading to more conflict between Mike and Karl. Meanwhile, Lynette finds out that Tom has an illegitimate daughter from before they were married, and has an unpleasant meeting with the woman, named Nora. Gabrielle discovers a shocking secret her husband has been keeping from her that Carlos really has been having a tryst with Xiao Mei. Also, Mike meets Orson Hodge (Susan's dentist friend) for the first time while getting a tooth filled, in which Orson recognizes Mike as someone from his past. But Mike does not know or remember Orson, leading to a shocking confrontation. Orson also has a meeting of minds with Bree when they meet for the first time at the psychiatric hospital where Orson pays regular visits to a mysterious catatonic woman.
User ratings: 433
Average rating: 8.8
Listen to the Rain on the Roof
While visiting Mike, who is in a coma, Susan is invited on a date by another man; Gabrielle and Carlos are getting divorced, but briefly reunite when their surrogate runs away; Lynette realizes Kayla is more than she can handle.
User ratings: 475
Average rating: 8.3
It Takes Two
Bree and Orson's wedding doesn't go as planned; Trouble ensures when Ian's in-laws show up; Xiao-Mel goes into labor
User ratings: 387
Average rating: 8.3
A Weekend in the Country
Bree and Orson's honeymoon is interrupted when Bree discovers Andrew is homeless; Tom's camping trip with the kids ends with an emergency; Gabrielle runs into John; Susan's quiet romantic getaway with Ian doesn't go as planned.
User ratings: 365
Average rating: 8.2
Like It Was
Mike wakes up from his coma, with no memory of the last two years; Lynette persuades Tom to look for a new job; Carlos moving back into the house escalates his and Gabrielle's personal war.
User ratings: 362
Average rating: 8.2
Nice She Ain't
The Solis' divorce reaches new levels of bitterness; Susan is determined to jog Mike's memory; Mike's phone number is discovered on a dead woman's body.
User ratings: 366
Average rating: 8.1
Sweetheart, I Have to Confess
Susan professes her love for Ian; Gabrielle and Carlos try to rekindle their love; Bree learns more about Orson's past; Nora and Lynette go to war; Mike starts to remember things.
User ratings: 377
Average rating: 8.2
The day begins just as every other... Except today, there will be a deadly hostage situation in a local supermarket.
User ratings: 1,264
Average rating: 9.6
Children and Art
Bree stubbornly ignores Orson's obviously deep-rooted desire to be spared any contact with his mother Gloria, even sending a Christmas-card was beyond his intentions. Bree brings her home, as in her 'perfect' world mothers are unconditionally honored. Gloria blackmails Orson with his darkest secret to let her stay as Bree unilaterally offered. Talking to a startled door-to-door selling cub scout about her modeling past makes Gabrielle realize it's her only alternative to independent wealth. However, her former agent is vexed to have been stood-up years ago, and those years haven't been kind enough by industry standards, so the former Vogue cover star is reduced to being some teenage airhead-star's extra. Susan finds shirtless Austin all over Julie behind her couch. The police reopen Monique's case and search Mike's home. Lynette is grateful to her new neighbor Art for his help in the supermarket. She gets him to play imaginary superhero "Protector-man" to help her son Parker who, unlike the undaunted twins, is too scared to let his mammy go out again. When the kid's innocent wanderings lead him to his basement, his hero turns out rather too friendly.
User ratings: 370
Average rating: 8.2
Beautiful Girls
Mother Gloria Hodge is openly resistant for Bree to see to her doctor's diet instructions. Gloria gives Andrew's game away, and blackmails Orson again into buying her another house. When Bree stubbornly rejects the run-down house she blurts out his secret: he was adulterous with the mysteriously disappeared Monique, who two-timed him too with Carolyn Bigsby's husband, supermarket manager Harvey. The Solis divorce decree is through. Homeless Carlos' money gets him residency with his 'best fiend' Mike, who wonders what kind of man he is. The police are not impressed by Lynette's theory about bachelor neighbor Art Shepherd; she implies that the stuff in his basement makes him an obvious pedophile. When her personal shopper Vern announces he's starting his own beauty consulting firm, Gabrielle accepts to share her once glorious experience, and although shocked how ugly, fat and off-age the would-be pageant contestants are manages to motivate them. However, her anecdotes about obsessive thinness techniques inspire the young girls unacceptably. Susan finds her Prince Ian's castle comes with an old butler, Rupert Cavanaugh, whose old-fashioned loyalty to the comatose mistress even prevents him from finding her a single drawer in the palatial mansion.
User ratings: 361
Average rating: 8.1
The Miracle Song
When Ian tells Susan that his parents will be visiting them for Christmas, Susan dumps the news to him that she can't cook. Gabrielle is willing to drop Amy, the worst child in her modeling consulting class, by getting between her and the girl's father... hunky Bill Pearce. Bree is having misgivings about dumping Orson at the curb after learning about his past with Monique, but begins to see him in a new light when he reveals how his mother conspired with Alma to trick him into marriage. However, Orson's mother Gloria is revealed all this time to be conspiring with Orson's ex-wife Alma, to destroy him. Edie dumps Mike when he gets arrested for the murder of Monique, leading to him to finally see the selfish tramp that Edie really is. Susan tries to help Mike, but Ian resents Susan's meddling with her former boyfriend. The whole neighborhood dumps on Art Shepherd when Lynette spreads the word that she thinks he's a pedophile, which puts a fatal strain on Art's crippled sister Rebbecca's heart.
User ratings: 383
Average rating: 8.3
No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds
Alma reveals to the world she wasn't dead, and Bree ends her friendship with Susan. Lynette has a hard time making Kayla feel she is part of the family.
User ratings: 361
Average rating: 8.1
Not While I'm Around
Bree freaks about the security of her home life when she learns Orson's ex-wife, Alma, is moving in down the street in the old Applewhite house. Meanwhile, Gabrielle freaks about her own home security when she learns she has a stalker, and goes even further when she learns the identity of her secret admirer: the natty and unbalanced-as-ever Zach Young, who has inherited Noah Taylor's entire estate, while Carlos is just plain amused by Gabby's new admirer. Elsewhere, Tom becomes angry when he learns Lynette helped him secure the liquor license after he told her that he did not want any help to open his restaurant. In prison, Mike is approached by Paul Young (whom he does not remember), who tries to get on Mike's good side by pretending to be an old friend so he can seek revenge. Also, Susan freaks when she learns that Julie has secured birth control pills to consummate more her growing romance with Austin, who finally gets caught with Danielle by Susan and Edie.
User ratings: 354
Average rating: 8.2
Come Play Wiz Me
Susan and Gabrielle hatch a plan to bail Mike out of jail, which means Gabby has to spend more time with her psychotic secret admirer, Zach Young, who agrees to post Mike's bail and hire him another lawyer after the one Ian hires persuades Mike to plead guilty to Monique's murder. Susan also learns that Ian's comatose wife, Jane, has taken a turn for the worse and spends time at the hospital with a friend of Jane's. In prison, Paul Young confides in Mike about his past and persuades him to try get his troubled son to visit him. Meanwhile, Orson becomes victim to a plot between his vicious mother Gloria, and his scheming ex-wife Alma who drugs and attempts to seduce Orson to bring him back into her life... until Bree finds out. Also, Lynnette gets pressured to skip another day of work to help Tom set up a street fair for some additional advertisement prior to the opening of his new pizzeria.
User ratings: 379
Average rating: 8.0
I Remember That
Mike begins to remember parts of his past while visiting a hypnosis therapist in his attempt to remember the night that Monique Pollier was murdered. Meanwhile, Susan attends Jane's funeral where she, unwisely as always, tells the attendees about her romantic relationship with Ian to throw them off his course. Lynnette crosses swords with Tom over who has the last word as to who's hired/who's fired from his pizzeria when she fires the loafing and troublesome Austin without his permission. Orson finally reveals the truth about his involvement with Monique Pollier's murder to Bree. When Alma thinks about giving up on trying to break up Orson and Bree, Gloria imprisons Alma in her own house to carry out her revenge plan on her own by attempting to murder Bree with a fall off a ladder. Also, the unbalanced and quick-tempered Zach interferes with Gabrielle's life when she has a date with a lawyer friend of Zach's.
User ratings: 368
Average rating: 8.3
The Little Things You Do Together
A drunk Gabirelle finds herself in bed with Zach; Tom prepares for Scavo's Pizzeria grand opening; A surprise proposal is made; The truth about Monique's murder is finally revealed.
User ratings: 420
Average rating: 8.8
My Husband, the Pig
In narration, Bree's deceased husband gives his own account of what's going on in the neighborhood and how he feels about it.
User ratings: 389
Average rating: 8.3
Dress Big
Lynette's unhappy with the new uniforms for the wait staff at Scavo Pizzeria. Gabrielle meets Victor's ex-wife, Penelope. Ian's parents, Graham and Liz, come for a visit.
User ratings: 385
Average rating: 8.2
When a new employee at the pizzeria takes an unexpected interest in Lynette, Tom feels threatened, and Susan considers moving away from Wisteria Lane.
User ratings: 378
Average rating: 8.3
God, That's Good
Incriminating, indiscreet photos of Gaby and her new boyfriend Victor surface, causing problems with his mayoral campaign. And two residents of Wisteria Lane share an unexpected moment of passion.
User ratings: 358
Average rating: 8.4
Angry and frustrated over learning that both Ian and Mike have been competing with each other to win her affections, Susan goes to a therapist and realizes she must choose between Ian and Mike. Gabrielle's engagement party at the Scarva Pizzaria is upstaged by an unexpected announcement from Edie who tells her about her dating Carlos. Gabrielle tries to persuade both Lynette and Susan not to speak to Edie. But Edie yet again outsmarts everyone by hiring Lynette to cater to Travers 10th birthday party and to show off Carlos to the rest of the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Lynette continues spending more time after hours at the pizzeria talking with Rick to avoid going home her noisy and dysfunctional home life, while Tom thinks about returning to work to keep a closer eye on Lynette and Rick. Elsewhere, the rest of the neighborhood is full of gossip about the dead body of Mrs. McClusky's husband found in her basement freezer on Wisteria Lane, and only Parker seems to know the truth about her husband's demise.
User ratings: 359
Average rating: 8.4
Into the Woods
Rick completely impresses Lynette as well as the clientèle, but after they are locked all night into the meat locker by robbers, jealous Tom pulls all stops to dispose of his 'rival', even if that chases they pizzeria's only excellent chef ever. Mike comes to the rescue when Susan gets lost trying to find him during a hiking trip and shakes off the insufferably insightful mandatory ranger. Carlos enjoys acting as surrogate father for Edie's boy Travis, so when his father objects to her sudden eagerness to share custody, she lures the kid by means of a puppy. Fresh mayor Victor Lang is all but amused when his bride Gabi rudely refuses to pay her traffic fines, yet has goons beat up the ticket collector she abused verbally.
User ratings: 374
Average rating: 8.3
What Would We Do Without You?
Susan nearly despairs by the time Mike finally proposes again, then proudly announces she's finally getting married and fast. Gabrielle can't make it because of her own wedding to mayor Victor Lange. It soon appears that it's on the very same day. She 'stole' most of the arrangements for Susan's long-planned and fast-canceled wedding. After some fighting and some wedding gibbers with Susan, the brides make up and impulsively agree on a double wedding, but after the wine wears out regret it in the morning. Mike offers to play the bad guy so Susan doesn't have to come clean herself. Victor refuses to reschedule and would rather pay for Mike and Susan to do so. Carlos finds himself evicted at 24 hours notice by Mr. Sims' son who mumbled something about his 'spiritual recovery'. Edie sees a chance to reel her lover in by putting him up temporarily and pretending she has a positive pregnancy test. Seeing how excited he gets about their future son offers to start trying to conceive one. Tom invites his college buddy Scott McKinney, now a relational therapist, to help his marriage through the Rick crisis (which Lynette still denies), without telling her. However, she sees through the ploy within a minute and gives him the silent treatment. His "it's talking or sex" is answered with a most loveless, unhealthy 'rape' which lands them in doctor Shiller's hospital office, where they start talking again but get a new troublesome subject: Lynette is diagnosed with two forms of a serious disease.
User ratings: 361
Average rating: 8.3
Getting Married Today
Bree returns from her honeymoon with Orson. Lynette's mother comes to town, as Lynette faces the possibility of cancer. Gabrielle's and Susan's weddings both take place.
User ratings: 463
Average rating: 8.8
Now You Know
Edie only staged her suicide attempt to convince Carlos dramatically of her love, but his arrival got delayed so she really landed in hospital. Gaby would otherwise have dumped fresh husband Victor for her ex Carlos, now finds herself trapped in a marriage where she must make an appointment months in advance to spend some quality time. Lynette insists, to worried Tom and her own in-moved ma, her pride can only handle therapy if it's kept secret. So she soldiers on, even if that means vomiting in a purse during Parker's school play performance as Friar Tuck, but when scolded for failing to do her part in the PTA lifts her wig. Wisteria Lane has a new household. Although mother Katherine Mayfair lived here before with her now teenage daughter Dylan, once Julie's best friend, yet neither is still close with the neighbors, they even want Bree to cut down an esthetically crucial tree. One room in their old/new house is key to their dark family secret. Dylan's step-dad, Dr. Adam Mayfair, is a gynecologist making his entry as practice temp. He's too sexy for patient Susan not to get excited during an intimate examination, let alone accept he hints at a menopause by the time she discussed her biological clock with him; Mike gets confirmation nature has already changed their lives forever. Bree finds it difficult to fake a pregnancy, instead of Danielle, despite her typical drastic methods.
User ratings: 497
Average rating: 8.6
Smiles of a Summer Night
Susan and Mike squabble over letting Julie go out to a party; Tom is banned from Lynette's chemotherapy sessions; Bree is upset to learn Katherine is a better dessert cook; Edie blackmails Carlos into getting engaged.
User ratings: 388
Average rating: 8.3
The Game
A game of charades brings out some of the worst in the attending guests; Bree reveals what she overheard in Katherine's house; Gabrielle is unhappy to learn about Carlos and Edie's engagement.
User ratings: 394
Average rating: 8.5
If There's Anything I Can't Stand
Edie receives unexpected news; Susan's act of friendliness towards her new gay neighbors is mistaken for homophobia; Bree receives an unexpected visit from Phyllis.
User ratings: 375
Average rating: 8.3
Art Isn't Easy
Katherine and Lynette fight for the vacant position of Association President; Bree's former mother-in-law draws battle lines over Danielle's unborn child.
User ratings: 368
Average rating: 8.3
Now I Know, Don't Be Scared
As Halloween approaches, Edie's biggest fear comes true; Susan discovers Mike's father, who he claimed was dead, is actually alive; Danielle goes into labor during Bob and Lee's Halloween costume party.
User ratings: 402
Average rating: 8.6
You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover
Lynette's estranged sisters, Lydia and Lucy, come to visit where they argue over taking in their irresponsible mother, Stella, who continues to be a nuisance to everyone. While having dinner with Susan and Mike, Bree and Orson realize they share different views on whether Danielle's newborn baby should be circumcised. On a boat, Victor confronts Gabrielle about her affair with Carlos, and she responds by throwing him into the ocean after thinking that he is going to murder her. Later, Bree informs Susan that she thinks Mike is a drug addict. Elsewhere, Dylan asks her mother about information about her father, in which Katherine continues to avoid talking about the issue.
User ratings: 368
Average rating: 8.2
Distant Past
A mysterious stalker from Adam Mayfair's past, named Sylvia, shows up on Wisteria Lane. Police detectives question Gabrielle about Victor's whereabouts while Carlos argues with her about reporting Victor's attempt on their lives. Danielle's crying baby puts stress on Bree and Orson's marriage, as well as on Andrew who decides to move out. Meanwhile, Lynette has a reunion with her long-lost stepfather, Glen, over wanting to find her mother now living on the streets. Susan notices Mike is behaving strangely and soon realizes that he is still hiding his painkiller addiction after she has a meeting with his dealer Barrett.
User ratings: 369
Average rating: 8.2
Something's Coming
Things take an unexpected turn when a large tornado hits Wisteria Lane, forcing the residents to seek shelter; Katherine comes clean about her and Adam's past.
User ratings: 774
Average rating: 9.3
Welcome to Kanagawa
In the aftermath of the tornado, Lynette's learns of her family's fate; An incriminating letter, left by Katherine's late aunt, forces her and Adam to come to terms with a dark secret.
User ratings: 432
Average rating: 8.7
A few skeletons in Kathryn Mayfair's abundant closets are sneaking out, and a surprise wedding ceremony takes place.
User ratings: 371
Average rating: 8.2
In Buddy's Eyes
Lynette gets a surprise when a person from her past shows up at the pizzeria.
User ratings: 339
Average rating: 8.2
Hello, Little Girl
Bree and Katherine decide to become business partners, and Mike discovers the truth about the accident that almost killed him.
User ratings: 327
Average rating: 8.2
Opening Doors
Lynette discovers who started the fire at Rick's restaurant; Bree gives Orson an ultimatum to turn himself in; Susan reconnects with Karl; Katherine finds out that Dylan is secretly meeting with her father.
User ratings: 329
Average rating: 8.1
Mother Said
Gabrielle and Carlos finally learn the truth about Ellie's "work", and they also discover the police are already onto Ellie and her drug-selling ring, and have been staking out the Solis home for some time and want to use the Solis' to arrest Ellie in a sting operation. Meanwhile, Bree declares an all-out war against Edie after learning that she's now after Orson for her latest man conquest. But when Edie does something shocking involving Orson who makes the mistake of revealing the origins of Bree's baby Benjamin, Bree is forced to come clean to the rest of the housewives the secret about "her" baby, and this leads to a the end of Edie's time on Wisteria Lane. Adele Delfino, Susan's overbearing and meddlesome Southern Belle mother-in-law, arrives for a visit. Elsewhere, Katherine continues to try to persuade Dylan that her ex-husband, Wayne, is not who he claims to be, and she reveals a surprising twist to him about Dylan. Also, Tom tries to persuade Lynette to give Kayla another chance to respect her, but Lynette soon regrets it.
User ratings: 328
Average rating: 8.2
The Gun Song
Susan gives birth; Bree and Katherine do some self-defense shooting; Kayla pushes her plan to destroy the Scavo family into full force.
User ratings: 359
Average rating: 8.5
Several residents are faced with deadly threats; Adam is held captive by Wayne; Katherine's secret past is finally revealed, after she and Bree are held hostage.
User ratings: 500
Average rating: 9.0
You're Gonna Love Tomorrow
Susan flirts with her painter; Bree denies all help from business partner Katherine; Lynette tries to get Tom to see the light with their trouble-making twins; Edie moves back to Wisteria Lane with a new husband; Gabrielle deals with a blind Carlos and their two overweight daughters.
User ratings: 471
Average rating: 8.3
We're So Happy You're So Happy
Bree's long working hours effects her home life; Susan worries about her ex Mike, and her new painter boyfriend Jackson becoming friendly; Lynette fails to notice the impending doom regarding the new way she's bonded with Porter; Gabrielle fails in social status due to her life change; Suspicions grows regarding Edie's new husband, and his mysterious past.
User ratings: 351
Average rating: 8.2
Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else
Danielle returns to Wisteria Lane, and faces psychological warfare from Bree; Susan tries to protect her son, MJ, from a bully; Gabrielle tries to deal with cutting costs; Lynette continues to deal with Tom's decision of curing his midlife crisis by starting up a garage band with Dave; Karen and Katherine continue to investigate Dave.
User ratings: 348
Average rating: 8.1
Back in Business
Bree's success has the women feeling jealous; Mike feels he's not apart of M.J's life; Gabrielle hatches a plan to have more sex with Carlos; Dave's motives for moving to Wistera Lane continues to take shape.
User ratings: 329
Average rating: 8.1
Mirror, Mirror
Periodic flashbacks to the past five years explain the missing pieces left unanswered; Each of the housewives begin to encounter problems in their love lives.
User ratings: 351
Average rating: 8.5
There's Always a Woman
One of Carlos's wealthy massage clients makes his family an offer they can't refuse; Lynette suspects Tom of cheating; Bree tries to set Katherine up on a date; Karen enlists the help of her shady younger sister, Roberta, to dig up dirt on Dave.
User ratings: 339
Average rating: 8.2
What More Do I Need?
Lynette and Tom uncover an unpleasant truth about Porter; Gabrielle suspects Virginia has ulterior motives; Bree's moment of weakness with her cookbook could bring her great embarrassment and shame; Katherine's not-so-little secret is unveiled; Karen's sister, Roberta, unearths a disturbing fact about Dave.
User ratings: 322
Average rating: 8.1
City on Fire
Everyone gathers at a nightclub for the annual "Battle of the Bands," until a fire breaks out, threatening the lives of those inside.
User ratings: 375
Average rating: 8.8
Me and My Town
Susan deals with Mike being involved with Katherine; Porter is accused of setting the fire; Bree deals with Orson's snoring habit; Carlos learns he could get his sight back; Dave struggles with hiding his guilt.
User ratings: 318
Average rating: 8.3
A Vision's Just a Vision
Carlos' sight begins to return; Porter is arrested for the nightclub fire; Bree deals with the revelation of Andrew's latest beau; Dave starts hallucinating, seeing a mysterious woman holding a young girl.
User ratings: 332
Average rating: 8.3
Home Is the Place
Susan turns to Lee for companionship over Jackson moving away. Lynette deals with the consequences when the secret is out that Preston has been taking the heat for Porter over the fire. Gabrielle turns up the heat on Carlos to get a "real job" which leads to them inviting over his former co-worker Bradley, and his wife over hoping they will land Carlos a white-collar job. Meanwhile, Bree feels the heat when Andrew's future mother-in-law, Melina, comes to Wisteria Lane for a visit and wants to plan Andrew and Alex's commitment ceremony. Also, Edie feels Dave slipping away while Mrs. McClusky and her sister, Roberta, continue to investigate Dave by tracking down Dave's therapist in Boston, unaware that he has already been murdered.
User ratings: 319
Average rating: 8.2
Connect! Connect!
Having thrown Dave out of her house after he partly reveals that he used to be married, Edie contemplates divorce. But in another turn of events, both Edie and Susan get locked in a basement storage room where the two man-angry women, the blond sociopath Edie and the brunette neurotic Susan, swap stories about the men in their lives over Edie's uncertainty with Dave, and Susan's uncertainty over moving away to live with Jackson. Meanwhile, Lynette gets a lead in searching for the fugitive Porter when she finds him hiding out at her estranged mother, Stella's, apartment in which the two of them face off over Porter's well being. With Carlos away at his new job, Gabrielle seeks outside help to control her unruly daughters. Bree continues to try to win over Andrew's sympathy by trying to find a house that he and Alex will live in Fairview. Elsewhere, Dave gets a step closer to executing his revenge against Mike while Dave plots to drive a wedge between Mike and Katherine to further escalate his twisted play.
User ratings: 311
Average rating: 8.2
The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened
Local handyman Eli Scruggs dies from a heart attack on his last day of work and the housewives remember moments when he affected their lives.
User ratings: 843
Average rating: 9.3
Mama Spent Money When She Had None
Bree reaps the success of her new book; Susan is determined to send M.J. to the best school; Gabrielle joins Edie's boot camp to get back into shape; Lee is conflicted over disturbing facts about Dave.
User ratings: 308
Average rating: 8.1
In a World Where the Kings Are Employers
Susan starts her new job as a teacher's aide to MJ's school in order to give her son the best that she never had. But when Mike leaves their son in Katherine's care while he works, naturally in Susan's case, anger and jealousy pervade. Meanwhile, Lynette tells Tom that they may have to sell the Scavo's Pizzeria since business continues to go bad, but he stubbornly refuses to cave in. Carlos receives a generous bonus when Gabrielle discovers Carlos' boss' dirty little secret of him cheating on his wife. Also, Orson confronts Bree when he learns she's given Andrew a raise without consulting him first. After his confrontation with Tom, Dave begins to get more nervous when he thinks that the his neighbors are beginning to suspect he's up to no good. But it's Edie who begins to suspect Dave's intentions the most.
User ratings: 297
Average rating: 8.0
Crime Doesn't Pay
A dinner engagement results in Lynette and Tom competing for Bree's job offer; Gabrielle finds herself in a precarious position with Carlos' cheating boss; Susan becomes more unsettled after Katherine moves in with Mike; Edie begins to investigate more into Dave's past.
User ratings: 304
Average rating: 8.2
The Story of Lucy and Jessie
As Susan continues to work as a teachers' aide, she tries to stay on the reading teacher and her employer's, Jessie's, good side since she will be evaluating Susan's performance. But Jessie, who happens to be a closeted lesbian, mistakes Susan's stuttering and lame attempts to be friendly as come-ons. Meanwhile, Edie begins looking for more information at a local newspaper office on information on the people who died in Mike's car accident years earlier, and discovers the connection between the victims, and Dave, who continues to badger Mike into taking him and Katherine out on a camping trip. Lynette interviews for an ad job for herself, and soon answers one. Bree forces Orson to attend therapy sessions for their marital troubles, as well as his kleptomania. Following the death of his boss, Carlos gets a promotion, which will lead to him working with Lucy, an overweight, but attractive woman in her late 30s... and who happens to be Carlos's ex-roommate and very first love interest which sparks both surprise and jealousy in Gabrielle.
User ratings: 298
Average rating: 8.1
A Spark. To Pierce the Dark.
Bree considers selling her business to save her marriage; Lynette is threatened by Lucy; Gabrielle and Carlos cross boundaries; Karl enrols his son in Susan's class; Edie finally learns about Dave's connection to Mike.
User ratings: 338
Average rating: 8.6
Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know
The ladies travel out of town to visit Edie's estranged son, Travers, to deliver her ashes, thinking back to their most significant time in Edie's life along the way.
User ratings: 433
Average rating: 8.9
Rose's Turn
Orson is admitted to the hospital after attempting to rob an old woman; Tom and Gabrielle square-off against one another; Dave goes into a decline, Susan pays him a visit, discovering the handgun he's plotting to kill with; Katherine pressures Mike to move forward with their romance.
User ratings: 298
Average rating: 8.2
Mike becomes more uncertain about his future with Katherine when M.J. asks if he is going to marry Katherine. Tom and Lynnette try out an experiment of having sex for 30 days straight to spruce up their troubled marriage. Bree asks Susan's ex-husband Karl, now a divorce lawyer, for representation for her divorce from Orson in order to deny him any percent of her catering business. Karl agrees to be Bree's lawyer, but only if she tries to get his trouble-making son, Evan, invited to M.J.'s sleepover. Elsewhere, Jackson suddenly returns in Susan life where he proposes marriage to her. But his proposal is not the kind Susan is expecting. Carlos asks Gabrielle not to wear make-up for one night during an business award ceremony to make their eldest daughter, Juanita, appreciate her own unattractive appearance. Also, Dave now focuses his energies on Susan to murder her son as well as her beau, and decides to accelerate his plans when the police pay him a visit asking questions about his murdered psychiatrist.
User ratings: 312
Average rating: 8.1
Marry Me a Little
Susan and Jackson announce their engagement to everyone, which has Mike feeling uneasy about it and debates with himself a future with Katherine on proposing marriage as well. Dave becomes worried when he figures out that Jackson may have witnessed him setting the fire at the nightclub. He also gets worried when he accidentally overhears Susan confiding in Katherine that the upcoming marriage is fake in order to let Jackson stay in the country. Dave plots to remove Jackson with an anonymous phone call to the NRS authorities. Meanwhile, Karl persuades Bree to stage a break-in of her own house to steal items to keep them from Orson, in her latest underhanded attempt to hide her assets from him. Gabrielle, feeling that Juanita may he a bit spoiled, forces her to volunteer at a local soup kitchen with her where Gabby meets an old friend, named Fran, who is now homeless herself. Elsewhere, Tom wishes to have plastic surgery to not only keep his youth intact, but to use his new appearance to find a new job, in which Lynette disapproves.
User ratings: 303
Average rating: 8.2
Everybody Says Don't
Gabrielle becomes upset when Carlos' family invites them over at his Aunt Connie's house where she asks them to look after Carlos' niece, Ana, for a while which the not-so-innocent youngster disrupts the Solises daily routine. Meanwhile, Lynette becomes angry at Tom when tells her that he wants to go back to college to seek more education for his job hunting when she thinks he desperately does not want to let go of his youth. The brutal battle of the sexes between Orson and Bree gets nasty when Orson discovers the storage locker, in Bree's name, with all of the stolen merchandise from their house and blackmails her by demanding EVERYTHING of hers when she finally serves him with divorce papers. Elsewhere, Susan, still unaware about Dave's true nature, accepts his friendly gesture towards her over losing Jackson. Also, Detectives Lyons and Collins make headway in the arson fire which leads them to finding Dr. Heller's identity and that he was the one responsible for the fire after they have a talk with the imprisoned Jackson who confirms their story. When the news of Dr. Heller's murder gets back to Karen McClusky's sister Roberta from his receptionist, it puts Mrs. McCluskey and Roberta back on their case of investigating Dave.
User ratings: 306
Average rating: 8.2
If It's Only in Your Head
Lynette receives surprising news; Bree must decide how to rid herself of Orson; Ana moves in with Gabrielle and Carlos; Dave puts his final plan of revenge in full force.
User ratings: 360
Average rating: 8.5
Nice Is Different Than Good
Lynette faces the reality of another pregnancy; Bree struggles to break free from Orson; Ana continues to put Gabrielle to the test; The identity of Mike's new wife is revealed; A new family move into the former Young house.
User ratings: 381
Average rating: 8.1
Being Alive
Following her assault, Julie falls into a coma; Angie and Nick continue to argue about a dark secret; Orson begins to see that Katherine is becoming increasingly deranged.
User ratings: 328
Average rating: 8.1
Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover
Bree becomes jealous when she sees Karl with another woman; Susan sparks a war with the Bolen family; Ana plans on seducing John.
User ratings: 318
Average rating: 8.1
The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues
Katherine becomes emotional after Bree uses her wedding cake; Gabrielle continues dealing with Ana, who continues dating John; Julie comes out of her coma; More secrets of the Bolen family's past is revealed.
User ratings: 313
Average rating: 8.1
Everybody Ought to Have a Maid
Bree finds herself in a dilemma with a motel maid; Gabrielle inadvertently makes a business deal of Carlos' bad; Susan accidentally shoots Katherine.
User ratings: 305
Average rating: 7.9
Don't Walk on the Grass
Lynette discovers what Tom is really doing in university; Gabrielle objects to the school principal removing Juanita from the Thanksgiving beauty pageant; Katherine continues her attempts to seduce Mike; Angie continues to hide her past life.
User ratings: 282
Average rating: 8.0
Careful the Things You Say
Susan believes Katherine attacked Julie; Lynette begins to hide her pregnancy from the Solis'; Bree and Katherine are asked to serve food which isn't their specialty; Gabrielle struggles to home school Juanita.
User ratings: 297
Average rating: 7.7
The Coffee Cup
Susan is sentenced to community service; Angie finds out about Bree's affair; Gabrielle tries to get Juanita into a Catholic school; Lynette's pregnancy becomes impossible to hide, but continues lying to Carlos, knowing it will affect her job.
User ratings: 294
Average rating: 8.0
Would I Think of Suicide?
An attack in the coffee shop leaves Nick and Angie in a disagreement; Lynette sues Carlos and his company; Bree bribes an ex-con to spend time with Orson; Susan discovers Bree's affair.
User ratings: 303
Average rating: 8.1
Boom Crunch
The Bolens are blackmailed for money; Lynnette's lawsuit against Carlos further escalates; A small plane crashes into the Wistera Lane block party.
User ratings: 386
Average rating: 8.6
In the aftermath of the plane crash, the residents reflect on what their lives might have been, had they made different choices.
User ratings: 445
Average rating: 8.1
You Gotta Get a Gimmick
Susan turns up the heat on Mike; Orson's injury leaves Bree with reverend shame; Lynette discovers Tom's true intentions; Gabrielle is forced to examine feelings about her heritage.
User ratings: 288
Average rating: 7.9
How About a Friendly Shrink?
Lynette balks at the idea of seeing a couples' therapist. Meanwhile, Katherine is seeing her own psychiatrist, Gaby and Susan are determined to find out which of if their kids are in the smartest group at school, and Angie disapproves of Danny's new girlfriend.
User ratings: 284
Average rating: 7.9
The Glamorous Life
Tom's psychotherapist may not turn out to be expected when Tom and Lynette attend a theatre production that Dr. Graham appears in. Robin, a stripper with an Education degree whom works as Susan's club, tells Susan that she hopes to find another job. Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Angie show hostility toward each other over Danny dating Ana. Also, Bree tries to cheer up the Orson after he manipulates her further by play-acting as depressed and hints to her that he wants to take his own life.
User ratings: 302
Average rating: 8.0
Robin and Katherine go on a double date with two men, who both like Robin; Bree picks up a few tricks to engage Orson; Gabrielle looks for help with troublesome Ana.
User ratings: 335
Average rating: 8.5
The Chase
To avoid Celia's chicken pox, Gabrielle stays with Bob and Lee, and is reminded of the single life; Lynette and Tom forget Penny's birthday; Bree hires a promising new employee; Katherine makes a surprising discovery.
User ratings: 291
Average rating: 8.1
Chromolume No. 7
A chance encounter with supermodels leads Gabrielle to an unexpected revelation; Preston returns from Europe, with some excess baggage; Bree discovers a shocking connection to her new employee.
User ratings: 290
Average rating: 7.9
My Two Young Men
Patrick Logan finally reveals himself; Gabrielle and Susan go to shameless lengths to top each other's kids in school; Andrew doesn't approve of Sam; Katherine finally comes out of the closet.
User ratings: 295
Average rating: 7.9
We All Deserve to Die
Lynette is more determined to break up Preston's marriage; Bree begins to question Sam's motives; Susan gets creative to help Mike with his finances; Patrick Logan secretly arrives in Fairview.
User ratings: 299
Average rating: 8.1
The identity of the Fairview Strangler is finally revealed, and they've been interacting with the women of Wisteria Lane for the past several years.
User ratings: 329
Average rating: 8.4
A Little Night Music
Angie comes face to face with Patrick; Gabrielle and Susan scheme their husbands; Lynette discovers Eddie's dark side; Bree meets someone who knows Sam all too well.
User ratings: 293
Average rating: 8.2
The Ballad of Booth
Bree invites two cop friends to scare Sam; Angie is forced to help Patrick; Susan uses all her female charms and tricks to collect Mike's due payments; Preston is suspected as the Fairview Strangler.
User ratings: 285
Average rating: 8.3
I Guess This Is Goodbye
Gabrielle risks her safety to help Angie; Lynette and her baby's fate lie in Eddie's hands; Susan comes to grips with financial woes; Bree considers confessing a secret; Angie must submit to Patrick's demands to protect Danny.
User ratings: 393
Average rating: 8.7
Remember Paul?
Felicia is found out; Paul moves back to Wisteria Lane; Lynette's old friend comes for a visit; Susan takes a job from her land-lady; Carlos gets disturbing news; Gabby hears an unpleasant story from Bree.
User ratings: 359
Average rating: 8.2
You Must Meet My Wife
Lynette feels Renee is trying to sabotage her marriage; Bree accidentally hits Juanita with her car; Paul introduces the women to his new wife.
User ratings: 295
Average rating: 8.1
Truly Content
Susan discovers a copy cat in her line of work; Gabrielle hires a private detective; Lynette is shocked over Tom's doctor's remedy decision; Renee invites Bree to engage in man-hunting.
User ratings: 285
Average rating: 8.1
The Thing That Counts Is What's Inside
Susan is horrified to discover she's a cover model on outdoor billboard ads; Bree and Renee compete for Keith; Lynette takes advantage of Penny's generous offer to help look after Paige; Paul purchases his old house.
User ratings: 278
Average rating: 8.1
Let Me Entertain You
Susan angers an important client and incurs the wrath of Maxine; Renee and Gabrielle reveal intimate secrets to the wrong people; Housewife Emma Graham puts on a cabaret show, with surprising results.
User ratings: 293
Average rating: 8.1
Excited and Scared
As Halloween approaches, Susan is forced to reveal her secret; Juanita becomes suspicious of Gabrielle's sudden interest in Grace; Paul takes Beth out to light a spark in their unromantic relationship.
User ratings: 282
Average rating: 8.2
A Humiliating Business
Bree is embarrassed to tell Keith she's going through menopause; Renee makes a tempting job proposition to Lynette; Gabrielle fears that Bob is trying to seduce Carlos; Beth begins to question Paul's motives.
User ratings: 285
Average rating: 8.0
Sorry Grateful
A Thanksgiving feast at the Solis' results in discovering surprising news about the Sanchez's; Bree learns some of Keith's family secrets; Beth tries to uncover more about Paul's past misdeeds.
User ratings: 276
Average rating: 7.9
Pleasant Little Kingdom
Gabrielle fights to keep Grace in her life; Keith plans a special dinner with Bree; Tom gets peeved at Lynette; Renee opens up to Susan about a dark secret.
User ratings: 295
Average rating: 8.1
Down the Block There's a Riot
Paul's nefarious plan for Wisteria Lane is put into full effect; Juanita discovers Gabrielle's secret; Tom is confronted about his past indiscretion with Renee.
User ratings: 444
Average rating: 9.0
Susan is in the hospital after being trampled in the riot; Orson makes a surprise visit; Renee wrestles with what to tell Lynette.
User ratings: 282
Average rating: 8.0
Where Do I Belong?
Susan continues to undergo dialysis, receiving a visit from her mother and aunt; Lynette seeks revenge against Tom; Bree tries to befriend a friendless Beth Young.
User ratings: 288
Average rating: 8.0
I'm Still Here
Lynette feels her mother is marrying for the wrong reasons; Susan tries to befriend a fellow patient; Carlos gets concerned over Gabrielle's interactions with her doll.
User ratings: 282
Average rating: 7.8
Lynette fights back when her mother, Stella, tries to force the Scavos to pose for a family portrait with her obnoxious new husband, Frank. Meanwhile, Susan is presented with a kidney donation from an unlikely source, Gaby refuses to confront her past while undergoing therapy to discover what's causing her underlying obsession with her doll, Bree continues to keep the existence of Keith's son a secret from him, and Mike reaches out to biological son Zach to see if he was involved in adopted father Paul's shooting.
User ratings: 276
Average rating: 7.9
Farewell Letter
Lynette and Tom try to get the twins to move out; Carlos helps Gabrielle confront her past; Susan uses her kidney ailment to garner special treatment; Paul makes a decision about his life with Beth.
User ratings: 278
Average rating: 8.0
Susan vows to get the most out of life; Jealous of Bob and Lee's adopted daughter, Gabrielle pressures Juanita; Lynette tries to discourage Renee from adopting a baby; Paul kicks Beth out.
User ratings: 280
Average rating: 8.2
Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed
Paul causes problems for Susan and her kidney transplant; Bree becomes concerned over Andrew's escalating alcohol consumption; Renee continues with her neighbourhood party, following a resident's tragic suicide.
User ratings: 262
Average rating: 8.1
Moments in the Woods
A shocking secret is accidentally revealed; Tom's new job means little time for Lynette; Susan learns that lucky streaks never last; Paul is shocked to find Felicia inherited his home.
User ratings: 266
Average rating: 8.1
The Lies Ill-Concealed
Gabrielle covertly meets Bree when Carlos forbids them; Susan begins to have some inappropriate dreams about Paul; Felicia tries to regain Karen's trust in her campaign to bring down Paul.
User ratings: 261
Average rating: 8.0
I'll Swallow Poison on Sunday
With Gaby and the girls temporarily staying at Bree's house, Bree must lay down the law and demand discipline before Juanita and Celia destroy her home. Meanwhile Tom hires Lynette and Renee to redecorate his office - but Lynette has her own ideas of what she thinks Tom needs as opposed to wants; and while continuing to help nurse Paul back to health, Susan discovers that Felicia has been released from prison and is back on Wisteria Lane.
User ratings: 258
Average rating: 8.0
Then I Really Got Scared
Paul begins to suspect that Susan is responsible for his rapidly declining health; Lynette and Tom butt heads over where to go on their family vacation.
User ratings: 261
Average rating: 8.3
And Lots of Security...
A progressive dinner party thrown for Susan to celebrate her move back onto the lane leads to a shocking murder. Meanwhile, Gaby is stunned to learn the identity of the mysterious man who has been stalking her; Lynette and Tom attempt to put the spark back into their marriage by spending a few days alone together at a romantic B&B; after being placed under arrest for allegedly poisoning Paul, Susan must convince the police that she was being framed for the deed by Felicia; Bree begins to suspect that her new boyfriend may be gay; and Renee is devastated when she learns that her ex-husband is getting re-married.
User ratings: 281
Average rating: 8.4
Come on Over for Dinner
The residents each enjoy a progressive dinner, but the evening turns fatal when Gabrielle's stepfather appears.
User ratings: 345
Average rating: 8.7
Secrets That I Never Want to Know
Tom and Lynette still pretend to be spouses for the kids; Susan avoids all contact with the ladies; Bree is confident she can use Detective Chuck as a warning system.
User ratings: 415
Average rating: 8.4
Making the Connection
Bree pays a visit to Paul Young; Guilt-crushed Susan keeps volunteering herself for full punishment for the smallest faults; Ben cleverly sees through Renee's cheap ploy.
User ratings: 310
Average rating: 7.9
Watch While I Revise the World
Carlos and Susan start talking, which they never did before, making Mike think they're having an affair; Lee turns Renée into an unlikely mother figure for Jenny; Lynette grows suspicious of Lydia and her fiancée.
User ratings: 293
Average rating: 7.9
School of Hard Knocks
Lynette begins spying on Tom; Danielle moves back home with her son; Gabrielle tries to affect change at a PTA meeting; Susan battles with her art teacher.
User ratings: 286
Average rating: 7.8
The Art of Making Art
Susan is mortified when the students are asked to show up in art class nude; Lynette struggles with dating again; Carlos finds himself hitting rock bottom.
User ratings: 290
Average rating: 8.0
Witch's Lament
As Halloween approaches, Gaby, Bree and Lynette must attempt to exhume and move the body of Gaby's murdered stepfather after learning that Ben's real estate development excavation is taking place on that very spot. Meanwhile, Susan discovers that being art teacher Andre's intern involves tending to matters that don't involve art; not to be outdone by Tom's new girlfriend, Lynette tries to construct a homemade Halloween costume for Penny; and Renee uses a little enticement to help spice up her first night of romance with Ben.
User ratings: 293
Average rating: 8.0
Always in Control
Bree is stunned to learn who dug up Alejandro; Lynette spreads untruths about Jane to Penny; Gabrielle and Carlos must convince Lee and Bob that Juanita and Celia aren't the bad seeds that they used to be; Susan desperately searches her inner self.
User ratings: 278
Average rating: 8.2
Suspicion Song
Detective Chuck Vance begins harassing Bree as his suspicions about her involvement in the disappearance of Alejandro grow; after using the murder of Gaby's stepfather as inspiration for her art school projects, Susan must find a way to graciously decline art school teacher Andre's invitation to display and sell her paintings at a gallery showing; when Carlos's drinking gets in the way of his ability to work, Gaby goes to the office in an effort to save his business from losing a multi-million dollar account; and on the occasion of their 22-year anniversary, Lynette comes up with a plan to try to salvage her marriage to Tom.
User ratings: 287
Average rating: 8.3
Putting It Together
Gaby, Susan and Lynette are questioned; Bree's life begins to spiral into despair; Lynette's favor could ruin Tom's relationship with Jane.
User ratings: 315
Average rating: 8.5
What's to Discuss, Old Friend
Bree prepares to end it all; Gabrielle begins to suspect Carlos of murder; Lynette confesses a dark secret to Tom.
User ratings: 308
Average rating: 8.3
Who Can Say What's True?
With Carlos still in rehab, Gaby asks for Lynette's help in wooing a high-stakes company to sign with her husband's firm; Renee talks Bree into getting out of the house and having some fun at a pickup bar; in an attempt to ease her guilt, Susan pays a covert visit to Alejandro's family to see how they've been holding up since he went missing; and Mike discovers some inconsistencies with Ben's real estate project.
User ratings: 281
Average rating: 7.7
What's the Good of Being Good
Bree's life continues to spiral as her alcohol consumption rises -- as does her lust for men; Lynette goes out on her first date since separating with Tom -- with Renee's hairdresser; Alejandro's current wife suspects foul play is afoot and has a confrontation with Susan; Gaby discovers that Alejandro's step-daughter was also abused by this wretched man; and Ben has special plans in store for Renee.
User ratings: 283
Average rating: 7.9
Is This What You Call Love?
Susan is in for a shock when daughter Julie pays a visit and shows up six months pregnant; Bree's alcohol consumption and lust for men continues to dominate and ruin her life; Lynette's first sexual encounter since separating from Tom doesn't quite end in fireworks; and Gaby's attempt to sooth Juanita when she doesn't receive a Valentine's Day card from a boy she has a crush on backfires.
User ratings: 273
Average rating: 7.9
Get Out of My Life
Susan discovers the identity Julie's baby's father; Orson makes it his duty to nurse Bree back to health; Mike informs Renee of Ben's dire circumstances with a loan shark.
User ratings: 283
Average rating: 8.2
She Needs Me
Susan tells Porter that she'll set up a nursery and watch over his and Julie's baby after Lynette firmly tells her son that she will not help raise her future granddaughter; Orson convinces Bree to go away with him to the Maine countryside - perhaps never returning to Wisteria Lane; Karen pleads with Gaby not to tell Roy about her condition; and good deeds never go unpunished when, after paying off Ben's loan shark, the thug sets his eyes on destroying Renee's life.
User ratings: 280
Average rating: 8.1
You Take for Granted
Susan convinces Mike to go to the police when she discovers that Ben's loanshark is out to get him; Gaby is justifiably concerned when Carlos exhibits some strange behavior on his first day back to work; Tom's girlfriend, Jane, drops a bombshell on Lynette during Penny's birthday party; and Mrs. McCluskey, who is suffering from terminal cancer, asks Bree to help put an end to her life.
User ratings: 357
Average rating: 8.2
Women and Death
On the day of the funeral of a beloved Wisteria Lane resident, each of the ladies thinks back on how this person had affected their lives; Bree is called in for questioning about Alejandro's murder.
User ratings: 368
Average rating: 8.4
Any Moment
Julie questions Susan's parenting skills; Bree's unsure of Andrew's marriage; Lynette plans to win Tom back; Gabrielle tries to teach her family a lesson.
User ratings: 298
Average rating: 7.9
With So Little to Be Sure Of
Susan learns Mike had been keeping a secret; Bree needs a lawyer to get her murder charges cleared; Carlos is concerned with Gabrielle's job.
User ratings: 297
Average rating: 8.1
Lost My Power
Susan tries to build a car for M.J.'s soapbox derby; Trip learns of Bree's past history, and must come clean; Renee discovers Ben is keeping a secret.
User ratings: 306
Average rating: 8.1
The People Will Hear
Bree starts to develop feelings for Trip; Susan becomes concerned when Julie doubts Porter's commitment; The ladies are shocked with Gabrielle's nonchalant attitude.
User ratings: 294
Average rating: 8.2
Give Me the Blame
Bree's trial finally comes to an end with a surprise confession; Tom takes steps to finalize his divorce.
User ratings: 436
Average rating: 8.9
Finishing the Hat
Everything that begins must eventually end, as the beginnings and endings walk us both forwards and backwards, taking our final stroll down Wistera Lane.
User ratings: 574
Average rating: 9.2
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