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Seasons: 15
Episodes: 331
User ratings: 46,038
Average rating: 7.7

Drama, Romance

The lives, loves and losses of the doctors and nurses of Chicago's County General Hospital.

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Episodes details table

24 Hours
In the introductory episode to the long-running series, the doctors, nurses and students at County General Hospital Emergency Room are introduced. Dr. Mark Greene is the Chief Resident and, like other residents, works long hours in a highly stressful environment. He has difficulty balancing his work and home life and his wife, Jenn, a law student, urges him to take a better paying job in private practice that will result in a more balanced lifestyle. Mark, however, realizes that he loves his work too much to join a quiet practice. Doug Ross is the ER pediatrician, and something of a ladies' man who is prone to drink on his days off. During his shift he has to deal with a severely beaten baby. Dr. Susan Lewis has to tell a 40-year old patient that he likely has cancer and only few months to live. Dr. Peter Benton is a brilliant surgical resident who feels restrained by his more senior colleagues. He gets an opportunity to shine, however, when a patient requires immediate surgery and he is the only person available to do it. The staff is shocked when well-liked head nurse Carol Hathaway is brought in after a suicide attempt. Into this mix comes third year medical student John Carter, for whom everything is a new experience.
User ratings: 1,749
Average rating: 8.1
Day One
The day kicks off early when Dr. Lewis is woken up to help a suffocating baby. A drunk driver is brought in together with the severely injured family he hit. Mark urges Doug to look in on nurse Hathaway, which he eventually does. Mark's wife Jennifer has passed her bar exam and wants to celebrate. Carter has to start with getting stool samples from a room full of tourists with food poisoning, but ends up with being invited back home by the cute girl with the interesting rash.
User ratings: 437
Average rating: 8.1
Going Home
Nurse Hathaway plucks up the courage to go back to work after her suicide attempt and gets a warm reception. And while an unidentified singing lady keeps the staff busy, Dr. Lewis is overruled on a cardiac case. A Chinese woman with a bruised eye might be the victim of battery but refuses to speak up. The owner of the liquor store is back, as well as Carter's interesting girl.
User ratings: 328
Average rating: 8.1
Hit and Run
Carter is woken up by Benton and it isn't long before he is confronted with his first death. He gets the job of identifying him and contacting his parents, which proves to be difficult. His day ends well with a childbirth in the parking lot. In the background Carol confronts Doug with his immaturity.
User ratings: 304
Average rating: 8.1
Into That Good Night
Ross and Carter are woken up at 16:00 to continue their long-haul shift. Dr. Green's wife Jennifer has found a job in Milwaukee, and Carter feels the memory of the girl with the interesting rash. While the night drags on they have to deal with a premature baby and a man with a weak heart who will probably not see the light of day.
User ratings: 297
Average rating: 8.0
Chicago Heat
On an excruciatingly hot day - with the hospital air conditioning on the fritz - Mark finds himself unexpectedly called into work with his young daughter in tow. Doug Ross deals with the case of a young girl suffering from a cocaine overdose. He automatically assumes that the girl's father is to blame. He is also feeling sheepish about showing up unannounced at Carol's apartment but things are looking up when he meets a new pharmaceutical sales representative. Susan Lewis' sister Chloe shows up broke and homeless. Against her better judgment, she lets her move into her apartment, but with unfortunate results. Ivan the liquor store owner shoots a young man who had recently robbed him and Peter Benton tries to save his life.
User ratings: 286
Average rating: 8.0
Another Perfect Day
Doug Ross' hopes of renewing his relationship with Carol Hathaway take a positive turn after the two of them kiss following a particularly stressful trauma, but his hopes are dashed when she decides to move in with boyfriend Tag. John Carter has a particularly good day when Dr. Green successfully walks him through a complex procedure. Haleh takes Dr. Benton to task when he refuses to act as a role model for a young gangbanger she has an interest in. Benton is also competing with Dr. Langworthy for a prestigious fellowship. It's Susan Lewis' birthday and her sister Chloe shows up at the ER drunk.
User ratings: 283
Average rating: 7.9
9 1/2 Hours
Susan Lewis' boyfriend Div Cvetic, a psychiatric resident at County General, seems to be under a great deal of stress regularly lashing out at everyone. Doug Ross takes over for Mark Greene who takes a day off to be with his wife. He has a hard time keeping up with all the paperwork. John Carter is increasingly frustrated with Peter Benton who never seems to invite him to participate in surgeries. Benton learns the result of the fellowship he applied for and his mother shows up in the ER with a sprained ankle. Carol Hathaway treats a patient who was raped. A new ER aide, Bob, start work.
User ratings: 275
Average rating: 7.9
ER Confidential
Carol Hathaway faces an ethical dilemma when a patient admits that he, and not his friend, was driving the car that ran a red light and killed a pedestrian. She decides to tell Tag about kissing Doug Ross. It's Thanksgiving and the doctors treat an animal rights activist who was attacked by the turkey he was trying to save. Doug Ross is going to the Bahamas with Linda Farrell and he is very much feeling like a kept man. Carter has to treat a transgender woman who has now reached an age where she can no longer pass as a woman. Carter's indifference is the final straw. Susan Lewis continues to worry about Div Cvetic, whose condition seems to be worsening.
User ratings: 288
Average rating: 8.1
The ER staff's slow snow day becomes chaotically hectic when the casualties of a 40 car traffic accident flood in.
User ratings: 475
Average rating: 7.8
The Gift
It's Christmas-time and the expected range of emotions is to be found among the ER staffers. Susan Lewis treats a middle-aged woman who is overjoyed at finally getting pregnant. Susan is also shocked to hear that her boyfriend Div Cvetic has quit his job and moved out of his apartment. Mark Greene treats a young drowning victim. Doug Ross takes Greene's advice and decides to tell Carol Hathaway that he loves her; unfortunately he chooses to do so at her engagement party. Peter Benton jumps the gun and arranges for transplant teams to harvest an accident victims organs but the man's wife is now refusing to give consent. Susan's sister Chloe announces that she is pregnant.
User ratings: 316
Average rating: 7.5
Happy New Year
Susan Lewis has a run-in with Dr. Jack Kayson, the cardiology attending, when he accuses her of not providing him with all necessary information on a patient who subsequently died. He makes it very clear that Susan will bear all responsibility for his death. Her sister Chloe informs her that she and her boyfriend are moving to Texas. John Carter is still frustrated by Peter Benton's apparent lack of interest in teaching him anything but a new go for it attitude leads to an invitation to assist in a surgical procedure. Benton's sister suggests to him that the time has come for them to put their mother in a care home.
User ratings: 249
Average rating: 7.9
Luck of the Draw
Benton is called out of surgery to find his senile mother.
User ratings: 244
Average rating: 7.9
Long Day's Journey
Dr. Kayson becomes Lewis' patient.
User ratings: 254
Average rating: 7.9
Feb 5, '95
Dr. Greene gets offered a new job by Morgenstern.
User ratings: 242
Average rating: 8.0
Make of Two Hearts
Kayson, a married man, tries to start a romance with Susan by asking her to dinner. Deb unknowingly eats LSD-laced chocolates. Carol takes an interest in a Russian girl abandoned in the ER.
User ratings: 237
Average rating: 8.0
The Birthday Party
It's a day of birthdays. Peter Benton's mother is celebrating a birthday and he tries desperately to find someone to cover his shift. He makes a choice however when Dr. Hicks suggests that he's been absent too often and may wish to consider a leave of absence until his mother's situation is resolved. Carter thinks it's Benton birthday and has a surprise for him. Mark Greene's daughter is also having a birthday but he misses that due to an emergency at the hospital. An elderly, solitary man in the final stages of cancer arrives in the ER on his birthday. Carol Hathaway suggests to her fiancé that they adopt little Tatiana, the AIDS patient abandoned in the ER. Ross has to deal with a young child who was kicked out of a window.
User ratings: 244
Average rating: 7.9
Sleepless in Chicago
Carol Hathaway goes ahead with her plans to adopt Tatiana, but her past history makes her ineligible. Benton continues to trade shifts so he can spend time with his mother but it all catches up with him and he has a run-in with Dr. Hicks. Doug Ross treats an abused child. Green, Benton and Carter take extraordinary measures to save a man they later learned had signed a DNR. A consultant arrives to study procedures in the ER, but all is not quite what it seems. Mark Green's wife Jen has an important announcement. Benton's mother has a serious accident when he falls asleep on the couch.
User ratings: 255
Average rating: 8.1
Love's Labor Lost
Dr. Benton has to deal with the aftermath of his mother's fall and crosses the line with the surgical attending when he insists on scrubbing in for her operation. Dr. Greene deals with Jodi O'Brien who is two weeks away from giving birth. With the obstetrics attending unavailable, he decides to try to deliver her baby in the ER, with tragic results.
User ratings: 826
Average rating: 7.9
Full Moon, Saturday Night
Dr. Greene is still haunted by the death of Jodi O'Brien and isn't sure he can function as a doctor. At Susan's urging, he takes the night off but unfortunately for him, the new head of the ER Dr. 'Wild Willy' Swift arrives unannounced. Susan impresses Swift with her handling of many cases on a busy night. She also has to deal with the case of a young man who has had the hiccups for two days but may in fact be suffering from something far more serious. Nurse Hathaway and fiancée Tag are still working out the details of their wedding. Peter Benton's mother is still hospitalized and he will not accept that her age and her injuries mean that she will need permanent nursing care. Dr. Ross is now dating Diane Leeds. John Carter and Deb Chen's attempts at oneupmanship is starting to take on ridiculous proportions.
User ratings: 343
Average rating: 7.8
House of Cards
Dr. Greene is still having trouble dealing with cases in the ER and the new Chief of Staff is growing increasingly concerned. Greene also faces a difficult peer review to examine his handling of the Jodi O'Brien case. Dr. Benton takes on the difficult task of telling his mother that she must be placed in a home with full-time care. Susan's very pregnant sister Chloe returns to live with her. Dr Ross deals with the case of a young girl with a heart condition while Ross and Carter encounter a patient who refuses treatment for tuberculosis. When Benton asks Deb Chen and Carter to submit their procedures book in a few days, Deb feels she has to get a few more procedures under her belt if she's to best her fellow student. Unfortunately, her eagerness leads to near tragedy for a patient.
User ratings: 231
Average rating: 7.9
Men Plan, God Laughs
Greene finds his marriage falling apart and is concerned at how little time he's spending with his daughter. He also treats an eight week old child with a heart murmur who requires surgery. Susan tries to get her pregnant sister Chloe to take her pregnancy seriously, but her head isn't quite into it. Benton tries desperately to find a surgeon who will operate on a 16 year-old with a severe brain aneurysm that could burst at any time. He's also concerned at his mother's care and is growing ever more attracted to Jeanie Boulet. Doug Ross' commitment to Diane Leeds gets more serious when he agrees to be an assistant coach for her son's little league baseball team.
User ratings: 230
Average rating: 7.9
Love Among the Ruins
Doug Ross and Nurse Hathaway treat a girls' basketball team from a local catholic school for meningitis. Their teachers also need to be tested but one of them confides in Hathaway that she may have a particular problem. Green and the Chief of Staff have a disagreement in the middle of a procedure. With the wedding only two weeks away, Tag and Carol Hathaway have to deal with all of the final preparations, not the least of which is writing their own marriage vows. Susan deals with a suicide victim who is using emotional blackmail to keep his girlfriend from leaving him. Susan reaches the breaking point with her sister Chloe and tells her she has to move out.
User ratings: 232
Average rating: 8.1
On a fateful Mother's Day, several staffers in the ER face possible life-changing events. Susan Lewis' sister Chloe gives birth to a beautiful - and healthy - baby girl. Things start to go wrong however when their mother Cookie - who had agreed to take in Chloe and the baby - suddenly decides she's done enough and Susan will have to take care of it. Carter turns down an offer for an ER sub-internship in the hopes that he'll get an offer in surgery. Dr. Hicks has news for him however. Benton's mother takes a turn for the worse. Carol Hathaway is overwhelmed with the final preparations as her wedding day approaches.
User ratings: 415
Average rating: 7.7
Everything Old Is New Again
It's Carter's last day in the ER and finally fed up with Dr. Benton's apparent indifference, rejoices when he learns that he gets to write an appraisal on him. He subsequently regrets his negative input when he gets offered the surgical sub-internship he'd hoped for and learns that Benton gave him a glowing appraisal. He also spends a good part of the day with young leukemia victim who is fed up with life. Benton and Jeanie Boulet's relationship reaches a crossroads. Mark Greene is offered an attending position at the hospital but also learns that he is being sued for malpractice over his handling of the Jodi O'Brien case. The big day for Carol Hathaway and Tag is here but doubts creep in and one of them gets left standing at the altar.
User ratings: 267
Average rating: 8.3
Welcome Back Carter!
While victims of a gang shootout are being brought in, Carter is late and a new group of third year medical students arrives.
User ratings: 257
Average rating: 7.9
Summer Run
It's Weaver's first day and she doesn't exactly make a lot of friends. Carol rides along with the paramedics.
User ratings: 230
Average rating: 7.7
Do One, Teach One, Kill One
Carter gets his first official patient while Doug treats a four-year-old Asian boy who has AIDS.
User ratings: 229
Average rating: 7.9
What Life?
The feud between Susan and Weaver gets to the point where Mark has to step in.
User ratings: 226
Average rating: 8.0
And Baby Makes Two
Doug treats dying Chia-Chia. Mark however feels he's not doing the right thing for Chia-Chia.
User ratings: 223
Average rating: 7.9
Days Like This
Doug and Harper had sex. Mark finds out about this. So does Carter.
User ratings: 220
Average rating: 7.9
Hell and High Water
Doug saves a kid who's stuck in a flooded culvert and becomes a local hero when a TV helicopter films part of the rescue operation.
User ratings: 713
Average rating: 7.5
The Secret Sharer
Doug gets the opportunity to stay at the ER thanks to the publicity surrounding his rescue of a drowning boy the week before.
User ratings: 227
Average rating: 7.9
Jennifer and Rachel have been involved in a car accident and Mark rushes to Milwaukee where they're in the hospital.
User ratings: 231
Average rating: 7.8
A Miracle Happens Here
Mark has to deal with the fact he can't see Rachel during the holidays and takes care of a Holocaust surviver whose grandchild is missing.
User ratings: 236
Average rating: 8.2
Dead of Winter
Shep and Raul enter a house with about a dozen abandoned and ill-fed children and bring them to the ER.
User ratings: 218
Average rating: 7.9
True Lies
Benton has to attend a banquet at Vucelich's home and asks Jeanie to go with him. Mark hesitates to tell Rachel about the divorce.
User ratings: 215
Average rating: 7.7
It's Not Easy Being Greene
It's his day off, but Mark shows up for work anyway. After a patient dies and Morgenstern wants to speak to him, Mark soon regrets coming in after all.
User ratings: 218
Average rating: 7.9
The Right Thing
Rumour has it there's something going on between Mark and Susan while Benton questions Vucelich's study and confronts him.
User ratings: 212
Average rating: 7.9
Baby Shower
Benton tries to save someone who, according to the other surgeons, can't be saved while the ER gets crammed with pregnant women.
User ratings: 225
Average rating: 8.1
The Healers
Shep and Raul go in a burning house without the proper equipment to save three children.
User ratings: 402
Average rating: 7.6
The Match Game
Carter is very nervous because he's about to get his residency match. Mark changes his look.
User ratings: 223
Average rating: 7.8
A Shift in the Night
Mark has to work for the fourth night in a row while a lot of the staff are absent and the number of patients is towering.
User ratings: 359
Average rating: 7.8
Fire in the Belly
Benton dismisses a patient he hasn't seen who should have been admitted. Carter competes with Dale, a new surgical resident-in-training who once slept with Harper.
User ratings: 211
Average rating: 7.8
Fevers of Unknown Origin
In order to avoid having to deal with her personal problems regarding little Susie, Susan wholly absorbs herself in her work.
User ratings: 218
Average rating: 7.9
Take These Broken Wings
Susan has therapy to get over losing little Susie and Jeanie's ex-husband is brought in.
User ratings: 233
Average rating: 7.9
John Carter, M.D.
Mark Greene strikes a deal with Kerry Weaver - he will support her application for an ER attending position if she in turn will support Susan Lewis for Chief Resident. When Susan doesn't get the job, Mark is told to go ask her why. Carter is finally going to graduate and wants Benton to attend the party his family is throwing for him. Unfortunately, Carter decides to sit with a young patient awaiting a liver transplant and misses his own graduation ceremony. With the news she has received about her former husband Al's health, Jeanie Boulet decides to have herself tested. Doug Ross' girlfriend Karen forges his prescription for percodan. Hathaway's boyfriend, Shep, is refusing to undergo his anger management treatment. Mark's ex-wife Jen tells him that she is going to re-marry. Loretta Sweet asks Greene if he would become guardian to her kids.
User ratings: 247
Average rating: 8.2
Doctor Carter, I Presume
It's the first day of Carter's internship. He has a 36 hour shift and overnight he has to cover the ER, the ICU as well as the surgical patients.
User ratings: 227
Average rating: 8.1
Let the Games Begin
While the whole staff is worried the ER might close, Jeanie has her own problems in dealing with being HIV-positive.
User ratings: 214
Average rating: 7.8
Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Donald Anspaugh has a new method to increase the staff's efficiency, new intern Maggie Doyle joins the ER and Susan asks Mark to come along to Hawaii.
User ratings: 218
Average rating: 8.0
Last Call
Doug's one-night-stand has a seizure and he brings her to the ER.
User ratings: 225
Average rating: 7.9
While Mark is anxious about Susan's return from her holiday, Doug and Carol ride along with the health mobile.
User ratings: 217
Average rating: 7.8
Fear of Flying
While on their helicopter flight rotation, Mark and Susan find an injured family of four who they bring to the ER.
User ratings: 310
Average rating: 7.7
No Brain, No Gain
Encouraged by Carol, Mark finally asks Susan out. Benton tries to save a boy, despite the fact Doug thinks he's brain dead.
User ratings: 212
Average rating: 7.9
Union Station
It's Susan's last day. Carol stands up for her nurses when one of them is being rotated to another department.
User ratings: 329
Average rating: 7.8
Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies
Carol worries about her physics exam while Mark is heart-broken about Susan's departure and focuses solely on his job.
User ratings: 215
Average rating: 7.8
Homeless for the Holidays
Mark and Kerry have to create a policy regarding HIV-positive employees, which leads to gossip amongst the nurses.
User ratings: 274
Average rating: 7.3
Night Shift
Carol has to fire two of the nurses. Meanwhile, Gant feels Benton is too hard on him.
User ratings: 344
Average rating: 7.9
Post Mortem
Carter feels guilty about Gant's death. Benton doesn't want to talk about it.
User ratings: 306
Average rating: 7.8
Fortune's Fools
Benton can't keep his mind on the job, Mark and Chuny break up and Carol does what she needs to do regarding the fatal error she has made.
User ratings: 212
Average rating: 7.9
Whose Appy Now?
Doug treats a dying 17-year old cystic fibrosis patient who doesn't want to be resuscitated. Carter gets to operate on Benton.
User ratings: 314
Average rating: 7.8
The Long Way Around
Nurse Carol Hathaway is held hostage during a convenience store robbery, then befriends one of the gunmen.
User ratings: 583
Average rating: 7.4
Carol will hear whether her suspension is permanent or not. Mark and Doyle do what they can to get a patient with Down syndrome on a heart transplant list.
User ratings: 204
Average rating: 8.0
Race relations become an issue in the ER when Mark Greene treats two injured teenagers, one black and the other white, and assumes the black kid was a drug dealer. It turns the white kid was the drug dealer and the black kid is a high school basketball star and an innocent bystander. When the black student's older brother confronts him, he begins to question his own impartiality. Carol Hathaway helps a young woman who was drugged with Rohipnol and raped. Benton gets an interesting offer from Dr. Hicks. He also learns that Carla Reece has been admitted to the hospital. Dr. Carter treats a woman with a serious condition but he seems to be the only one who sees it. Mark Greene's daughter ends up spending the day in the ER when her mom has to rush to Florida to deal with a family emergency.
User ratings: 214
Average rating: 7.9
You Bet Your Life
Benton tries to find out if everything's OK with Carla's baby. Carter tries to get a man operated, despite the fact Anspaugh thinks he will die no matter what.
User ratings: 202
Average rating: 7.9
Calling Dr. Hathaway
Benton takes a day off to help Carla. Carter finds out Edson falsified a chart.
User ratings: 202
Average rating: 7.9
Random Acts
Jeanie asks Greg to help Al get into a special AIDS-program at the hospital. Olbes brings in her grandfather, who had a stroke.
User ratings: 302
Average rating: 7.7
Make a Wish
It's Carol's birthday, Mark is returning to work after being assaulted and Carla goes into premature labor.
User ratings: 212
Average rating: 7.9
One More for the Road
Anspaugh is furious when Carter tells him he wants to quit surgery. Charlie is brought in with an overdose. Mark keeps struggling with his beating.
User ratings: 232
Average rating: 8.1
While a film crew is filming in the ER, it's Elizabeth Corday's first day.
User ratings: 382
Average rating: 7.9
Something New
Carter is excited about getting his own med student, and Mark and Carol interview candidates for the desk clerk position.
User ratings: 219
Average rating: 7.7
Friendly Fire
Cynthia Hooper starts as the new desk clerk. Benton and Carla disagree over whether or not their son should be circumcised. Al gets in an accident at work.
User ratings: 217
Average rating: 7.9
When the Bough Breaks
His ex-wife Jennifer tells Mark he can't see Rachel until he's got his act together. Reece gets to go home. Al has lost his job.
User ratings: 207
Average rating: 8.1
Good Touch, Bad Touch
Carol would like to have a women's and children's health care clinic within the ER. Benton has trouble combining work and fatherhood.
User ratings: 198
Average rating: 7.8
Ground Zero
Al wants to move to Atlanta where he got a job offer. Jeanie however isn't keen on moving. Carol talks to Carter's grandmother about the clinic.
User ratings: 204
Average rating: 7.8
Fathers and Sons
Ross and Greene travel to a near-deserted stretch of California to investigate circumstances surrounding a death in Doug's family.
User ratings: 419
Average rating: 7.3
Freak Show
Benton has a very extraordinary and interesting case when he comes across a boy with reversed internal organs.
User ratings: 208
Average rating: 8.0
Obstruction of Justice
Jeanie believes she's been fired because she has HIV and fights her dismissal.
User ratings: 211
Average rating: 8.0
Do You See What I See?
Mark treats an old lady who has been brutally raped. Carter's grandmother visits Carol's clinic. After he's touched by Benton, a blind man can see again!
User ratings: 306
Average rating: 7.7
Think Warm Thoughts
Dr. Anspaugh's 13-year-old son is brought in and Anspaugh asks Mark to look after him. Another old lady who has been raped is brought in.
User ratings: 210
Average rating: 7.9
Sharp Relief
Kerry starts to doubt the methods of Synergix. Carter tries to help his cousin beat his drug addiction. Jeanie becomes Scott Anspaugh's part-time caregiver.
User ratings: 205
Average rating: 7.9
Carter's Choice
Another elderly rape victim is brought in. So is the rapist.
User ratings: 267
Average rating: 7.3
Family Practice
Mark rushes out to San Diego when his mother has a serious fall and is hospitalized. When he gets there he finds her suffering from mild dementia and questions the care she is receiving. To his surprise Cynthia Hooper follows him unannounced and uninvited, leading his parents to form a conclusion about their relationship. Mark also learns a lot about his parents' relationship and while he continues to struggle with his difficult relationship with his father, he also learns of some of the sacrifices the man made for his family.
User ratings: 212
Average rating: 7.8
Because of benzene that's been spread, the ER has to close. Weaver gets felled and Carter has to take the lead.
User ratings: 474
Average rating: 8.3
My Brother's Keeper
Mark finds out Cynthia has moved. Carter's cousin Chase is brought in because of a heroin overdose. Doug and Kerry clash after she found a flaw in his study.
User ratings: 204
Average rating: 7.9
A Bloody Mess
Dr. David Morgenstern returns after a six-month absence recovering from his heart attack. His new outlook on life however has Kerry Weaver questioning his abilities. Elizabeth Corday decides to start a study on the use of artificial blood in the ER, but the only problem is that she fails to discuss it first with Rocket Romano. Doug Ross decides to apply for an ER attending position. Scott Anspaugh suffers a major relapse. Anna Del Amico is confronted by an irate husband who wants his ill wife to terminate her pregnancy. At the free clinic, Carol Hathaway has to deal with the case of an underage high school student who is sleeping with her 40-year-old teacher. Peter Benton hits a pedestrian with a car but Carter helps him out with an important piece of information.
User ratings: 200
Average rating: 7.8
Gut Reaction
When a compatible bone marrow donor cannot be located, Scott Anspaugh agrees to undergo a new round of chemotherapy, even though there appears to be little point. Doug Ross suggests to Jeanie Boulet that Scott may have agreed to the therapy because of her. Mark Greene has taken on the task of organizing the annual ER banquet only to find that Jerry, on whom he had been relying for much of the preparation, hasn't quite delivered. John Carter confronts his grandmother when he learns that she has cut off funding for Carol Hathaway's free clinic. In the OR, Peter Benton has a major confrontation with Dr. Morgenstern, pushing him aside and taking over an operation. Greene and Weaver criticize Doug Ross over his handling of a sick child and her mother.
User ratings: 200
Average rating: 8.1
Shades of Gray
Following the incident in the OR, Dr. Morgenstern and Dr. Benton present the case to their colleagues. As a result, Peter Benton finds himself suspended for insubordination pending a full inquiry. Jeanie attends Scott Anspaugh's funeral and has some information to share with the boy's father. Anna Del Amico finds herself ethically unable to perform an abortion and is taken to task by Dr. Weaver. John Carter gets the hospital to take legal guardianship of a patient he feels has been subjected to elder abuse, but subsequently doubts that he made the right decision.
User ratings: 251
Average rating: 8.1
Of Past Regret and Future Fear
Benton and Elizabeth Corday spend the night together. Corday is shocked when Rocket Romano suggests that they go out on a date. John Carter and his grandmother clash over the future of Chase Carter; she wants him cared for at home while John feels he should remain institutionalized where he can continue to receive therapy. Carol Hathaway finally gets around to inviting her mother to a Sunday brunch with her and Doug but is a bit surprised when she shows up with her boyfriend. In the ER, Hathaway comforts a man who is going to die from chemical burns.
User ratings: 216
Average rating: 8.0
Suffer the Little Children
Assisted by Carol Hathaway, Doug Ross decides to detoxify a drug-addicted infant in the ER without telling anyone. Jeanie Boulet is feeling rundown and fears that her health may be deteriorating. John Carter is less than pleased when Anna Del Amico's former boyfriend shows up in the ER conducting a study on the need for a pediatric attending physician. Del Amico also has to treat a televangelist who is using her health issues to raise money. Elizabeth Corday is worried that Rocket Romano may be aware of her affair with Peter Benton and that it will affect her fellowship.
User ratings: 251
Average rating: 7.2
A Hole in the Heart
At the hospital daycare, one of the child-care workers suggests to Peter Benton that he may want to have baby Reece's hearing checked. Doug Ross dodges a bullet by admitting upfront his error in detoxifying a baby without permission. Having been acting Chief for over 6 months, Kerry Weaver puts her name forward to replace David Morgenstern as Chief of Emergency Medicine only to be told she will have to compete for the job. The doctors treat a couple of Elvis impersonators who sky dive into Lake Superior. When drugs go missing from the ER, John Carter suspects Anna Del Amico's ex-boyfriend.
User ratings: 218
Average rating: 8.1
Day for Knight
Third-year med student Lucy Knight reports to the ER for the first day of her rotation. Greene takes a paternal interest in her, helping her get acquainted, but she gets off to a bad start with the irritable Carter. The rest of the day finds her informing a wife of her husband's terminal condition, comforting a pregnant woman, getting locked on the roof and trying to figure out Weaver's "Tour on Tape."
User ratings: 202
Average rating: 8.0
Split Second
Dr. Corday's father visits from overseas in an attempt to convince her to join his medical practice. Lucy continues learning, earning more respect from Carter, who is having trouble being an RA in the dorms. Meanwhile, Peter takes Reese in for another hearing test, Carol hires a nurse practitioner to help out in the clinic, and Weaver continues to remind Doug of the way he bypassed her authority.
User ratings: 192
Average rating: 7.8
They Treat Horses, Don't They?
Benton performs dangerous surgery on a bomb-carrying man who was shot at a factory. Dr. Ross receives some good news that Dr. Weaver doesn't embrace, but she has no recourse. Rachel encourages Dr. Greene to help a horse that is in pain. Jeanie Boulet returns from her vacation.
User ratings: 190
Average rating: 7.8
Vanishing Act
Lucy finally admits to Carter that she doesn't know how to start an IV. Weaver interviews for the job as the ER Chief. Benton keeps his son's disease a secret. Jeanie intervenes when she finds out a liver transplant candidate is drinking again, and later asks Doug if she can be assigned to work for his pedes project in the ER. Corday gets stuck as the intern of dismissive and insulting Dr. Dale Edson.
User ratings: 185
Average rating: 7.8
It's Halloween in the ER, and the medical students throw a party; as a result, Carter decides that Lucy isn't mature enough to take responsibilities. A candidate for the ER Chief position arrives from New York and drives home disappointment for Kerry. Mark screws up when he doesn't recognize a homeless schizophrenic woman is pregnant before treating her. Benton treats Corday to a fun Halloween.
User ratings: 191
Average rating: 8.0
Stuck on You
The board decides to extend the search for a new ER Chief, leaving Kerry waiting for a decision. Benton visits a doctor who is deaf and he realizes that there is nothing "wrong" with his son. Mark saves the life of a gay prostitute and then tries to get the kid to avoid reckless behavior. Carter loses his Resident Advisor job because of Lucy, then blames her for not going along with his plan to defraud an insurance company, but she inadvertently leads him to shave off a nasty-looking beard he'd been growing. Corday saves two lives and impresses Benton enough that he decides to request she be his intern instead of Dale's. Carol tries to help an elderly Jewish guy find a place to live.
User ratings: 186
Average rating: 7.9
Hazed and Confused
Carter and Weaver become unlikely roommates. Lucy is having problems with Carter, and Greene picks up on their squabbling. Corday works long shifts which leads to her exhaustion and a critical medical error, causing a rift with Dr. Anspaugh and problems for Benton. Greene has unpleasant flashbacks when he's hazed by the well-meaning paramedics. Jeanie worries when she and Doug treat a young boy whose childlike mother clearly depends on his 6-year sister to make all decisions. Kerry rediscovers her joy of practicing medicine and decides not to pursue the open ER Chief job, which goes instead to a Dr. Amanda Lee.
User ratings: 187
Average rating: 7.8
The Good Fight
A man arrives at the ER with his daughter who is gravely injured, then leaves the ER leaving his daughter in a critical situation because her father is the only one who is a match for her blood type. Carter and Lucy alternately bicker and work well together as they try to track down the father, and put their problems behind them at the end of the day. Meanwhile, snafus involving the blood supply lead Benton to perform an unprecedented operation to save the little girl.
User ratings: 225
Average rating: 8.1
Good Luck, Ruth Johnson
Corday faces M&M where the board was discussing the mistake that Corday made after she gave the wrong dosage to a patient. She decides to take the offensive and let the board know how wrong it is for her or any other doctor to work 36 hours. The board decides to do nothing about it, and she later decides to amicably end her relationship with Benton. At the hospital arrives Ruth Johnson who was born 100 years ago in that same hospital and shares some experiences with Carter. Carol is horrified by the truth behind a young boy's fatal shooting.
User ratings: 192
Average rating: 7.8
The Miracle Worker
It's Christmas day in the ER. An 18-year-old boy arrives brain-dead, and Carter has to convince his parents to donate his organs, since a 16-year-old girl needs a liver. Benton risks his career by preventing Romano from operating under the influence. Ross and Hathaway have a religious dispute over how to deal with a pregnant 13-year-old. Corday is charmed by a musician who is facing surgery for prostate cancer. Dr. Lee flirts with Mark but turns out to have some major issues and strange story-telling habits.
User ratings: 191
Average rating: 8.1
Nobody Doesn't Like Amanda Lee
Dr. Greene discovers that Amanda Lee is a fake and Anspaugh never saw through her credentials. When Lee finds out that Greene is suspicious, she locks him with a patient inside. An old friend of Greene's recommends him for a NASA mission. Benton's son is having difficulties in day care. Doug and Carol help the exhausted mother named Joi of a little boy named Ricky who has a terminal illness. Carter is jealous when Lucy goes on a date with Dale.
User ratings: 189
Average rating: 8.0
Double Blind
Lucy begins her surgical rotation under Benton and Corday. Romano offers to get Corday's fellowship reinstated and asks her to assist him in surgery. Weaver interrogates Corday, asking if Romano ever sexually harassed her. Corday denies it and concludes that Doyle must have filed charges. Ross jeopardizes a liquid pain medicine study by surreptitiously giving some of the drug to Joi's son, Ricky. Greene discovers the secret and informs Weaver. They decide not to tell Anspaugh because, by violating protocol on a federally-funded trial, the hospital would be unable to obtain research money and Medicare payments for years.
User ratings: 178
Average rating: 7.8
Choosing Joi
Ross helps the mother of a dying boy; Benton attends a parent/child signing class. Corday doesn't give her account in the case against Dr. Romano. Romano blackmails Corday into dropping her support for Doyle's harassment lawsuit against Romano, but Kerry gets Romano to rewrite his insulting and inaccurate review of Doyle's job performance. The ER unites to help an injured woman who needs to find temporary homes for her many dogs as she gets treatment. Mark treats the hospital janitor, Mobalage, whose injuries suggest he has been tortured in the past. Carter discovers something with one of the med students he is mentoring.
User ratings: 183
Average rating: 7.9
The Storm: Part 1
Doug faces possible criminal charges after Ricky Abbott dies when Ross shows Joi how to give Ricky a lethal dosage of medication. Doug is delegated to desk duty, Carol's clinic is shut down for acquiring the P.C.A. machine for Ricky, and Greene and Weaver face future disciplinary action for not reporting Doug's earlier mistakes. Meanwhile, Carter and Lucy discover a mutual attraction, Benton studies with a sign language instructor, and Romano begins his first day as acting ER chief.
User ratings: 318
Average rating: 7.7
The Storm: Part 2
When a school bus becomes involved in an accident, Mark assists paramedics with treating injured children; Weaver makes a discovery regarding a colleague.
User ratings: 327
Average rating: 7.8
Middle of Nowhere
Benton travels to a Mississippi clinic during his vacation time to earn money for his son's therapy, and becomes a local hero when he uses his medical knowledge to help several residents.
User ratings: 219
Average rating: 7.9
Sticks and Stones
Carter deals with tenant drama at an apartment tower during a ride-along that later has deadly consequences, Lucy has to hide a cancer diagnosis from an ill woman at the behest of the patient's family, Carol finds out she is pregnant, Kerry reflects on her own family issues when an injured wrestler comes to the ER, and Greene continues to help Mobalage, who may be deported if he can't tell the INS about the abuse he suffered in Nigeria.
User ratings: 182
Average rating: 7.8
Point of Origin
Greene uses a past trauma to help Mobalage save himself from deportation. Carter applies for chief resident and spends the day in charge of the ER, where he misunderstands a case involving the many broken bones of a baby, while Lucy begins her first psych rotation. Weaver may have found her biological mother, but defies a DNR order to find out for sure. Benton and Corday clash over a surgical fellowship.
User ratings: 179
Average rating: 7.9
Rites of Spring
Carter mentors a talented teen from a very rough neighborhood. Romano is upset about Benton's interest in the fellowship. Lucy continues impressive work in her Psych rotation, treating a law student with homicidal impulses and an angry youngster who is being severely over-medicated. Jeanie continues to grapple with her Hepatitis-C but gets a huge boost from a kindly minister. Hathaway reveals she is pregnant after a kid kicks her in the stomach, risking her baby. Greene and Corday attempt to go to a ball for trauma physicians but end up getting lost repeatedly while having a lot of fun hanging out together.
User ratings: 177
Average rating: 7.9
Romano observes the ER, and rubs the staff the wrong way. Lucy finds out that an elderly patient's bedsore is really much more. Carter breaks up with his girlfriend. The power goes out at County General, and the doctors must keep critical patients alive. Corday investigates the rape of a comatose patient.
User ratings: 274
Average rating: 7.7
Responsible Parties
The ER has to deal with a stripper and some shady dealings from apparent FBI agents. Lucy reveals to Carter that she's still on Ritalin. Hathaway begins to reveal her pregnancy to those closest to her, including a fax to Doug. Dr. Anspaugh decides that the trauma fellowship will go to Benton, who then faces anger from Romano and Corday. A car accident involving teenagers may have been alcohol-related and leaves one teenager with grievous third-degree burns.
User ratings: 275
Average rating: 7.6
Getting to Know You
The rest of the staff finds out that Hathaway is pregnant. Benton begins a custody battle for his son when Carla Reese reveals an intention to marry Roger and take the child to Germany. Weaver rescues a toddler that has been drugged. Carter's protégé is mugged and beaten up. Greene and Corday fall in love.
User ratings: 186
Average rating: 8.0
Leave It to Weaver
When Anspaugh decides to retire as chief of staff and return to surgery, he appoints Romano as his replacement. Greene expresses reservations about the decision, but Weaver does not support Greene. Romano makes Weaver the new chief of emergency medicine.
User ratings: 196
Average rating: 8.1
Last Rites
After his mother's funeral, Dr. Greene comforts his father (JOHN CULLUM) in San Diego. In Chicago, Romano surprises Corday by appointing her associate chief of surgery. Corday treats Elaine, Carter's lover, for breast cancer.
User ratings: 181
Average rating: 8.1
Greene with Envy
A recommendation from Weaver allows Jeanie to have temporary approval as a foster parent for baby Carlos. Reggie and Jeanie get married. Lucy and Kovac talk with a young woman whose husband they believe is very dangerous.
User ratings: 179
Average rating: 8.0
Sins of the Fathers
Hathaway befriends an out-of-work waitress, Meg. Seven-months pregnant, Meg cannot afford prenatal care. Hathaway invites her to the hospital, performs free tests and helps her interview for a job in the cafeteria.
User ratings: 172
Average rating: 7.9
Truth & Consequences
A prank in a high school science class goes terribly awry, injuring a teacher and several students. Hathaway discovers Meg's drug addiction. Weaver and Greene notice Lawrence gets easily confused.
User ratings: 184
Average rating: 8.0
The Peace of Wild Things
Benton struggles with the idea of taking a DNA test to determine whether or not Reese is actually his son. As the signs continue to pile up, Kerry and Mark use a fake patient to convince Dr. Lawrence of his Alzheimer's. Carter has trouble persuading a woman from a nursing home fire to sign a DNR for her husband and later is asked to forge charts for a family with no insurance. Carol continues to meddle in Meg's life, having her arrested so that she can be detoxed. Cleo is blamed for an explosion in the suture room but it may actually be Dr. Dave's fault.
User ratings: 266
Average rating: 7.6
Humpty Dumpty
Weaver tries to save the life of a rape victim while Corday struggles with feelings of disdain as she is forced to save the rapist. Cleo treats a teenage alcoholic boy whose alcoholic mother refuses to recognize her problem or his.
User ratings: 184
Average rating: 8.1
Great Expectations
On Thanksgiving Day Carol goes into labor. She's able to get to the ER only thanks to Luka's help. She delivers the first baby in the ER, but the second causes some trouble. Greene leaves Elizabeth to deal with his father and daughter, as he rushes to assist Carol.
User ratings: 287
Average rating: 7.9
How the Finch Stole Christmas
Kovac and Haleh take care of Hathaway's twins so the new mother can finally get some rest. The job transfer for Carla's husband does not get approved allowing Reese to stay in Chicago. Lucy endeavors to get a heart transplant for a young woman and goes to Romano's house begging him to perform the surgery.
User ratings: 185
Average rating: 8.0
Family Matters
In order to get her patient to tell her the location of a missing body, Corday agrees to grant him a fatal wish. Kovac befriends two brothers. He tells Weaver that his wife and children died in the Bosnian war. Former medical student Deb Chen returns to County General as a resident, using her Chinese name, Jing-Mei Chen.
User ratings: 176
Average rating: 8.0
The Domino Heart
Lucy's patient finally gets a heart transplant but does not survive. The transplanted heart will now go to another recipient. Greene interferes in a gay domestic situation. Corday tricked her patient who murdered several women and now he's being transferred to a county jail.
User ratings: 183
Average rating: 8.1
Abby Road
Two boys brought in after a fight at school leads Cleo to discover that one of them has been injecting himself with hormones. Hathaway's obstetrics nurse, Abby Lockhart, joins the ER as a third year medical student on an ER rotation.
User ratings: 209
Average rating: 8.0
Be Still My Heart
Dr. Greene and Corday bond with their parents, Lucy cares for a patient with a psychotic break, and Valentine's Day celebrations in the ER end tragically for one of the students.
User ratings: 713
Average rating: 7.4
All in the Family
Carter and Lucy are discovered and the staff struggles to save them and go on with normal patient care.
User ratings: 945
Average rating: 8.1
Be Patient
Kovac witnesses an accident and saves the young victim's life. Carter slowly recovers from his brutal attack and undergoes excruciating physical therapy. Hathaway helps two sexually active 14-year-old girls.
User ratings: 186
Average rating: 8.1
Under Control
Even though he suffers from intense pain due to his stabbing injuries, Carter returns to work and prescribes a controversial procedure for a suicidal patient. Greene tries to convince his father to undergo cancer treatment.
User ratings: 184
Average rating: 7.9
Viable Options
Chen's patient refuses to reveal to his daughter that she might have inherited a terrible disease from him. Weaver defies Romano's authority and performs a procedure that gets her suspended. An available kidney causes friction between Corday and Kovac as they decide which one of their patients will get it.
User ratings: 181
Average rating: 7.8
Match Made in Heaven
After Corday refuses to perform exploratory surgery on Cleo's patient, Cleo enlists Benton's help, infuriating Corday. Abby cares for a pregnant woman with five children who wants an abortion. Greene lovingly tends to his dying father at home.
User ratings: 179
Average rating: 7.8
The Fastest Year
Carter seeks psychiatric help because he can't sleep. He then visits the wife of his attacker. Weaver returns to work after her suspension. Hathaway and Kovac share a kiss.
User ratings: 194
Average rating: 8.1
Loose Ends
Weaver reprimands Carter for doing a dangerous procedure without consulting Kovac. She also talks to Hathaway about Hathaway's lack of focus on the job. And while treating a 6-year-old patient involved in a minor car accident, Malucci and Cleo discover the girl has been sexually molested recently by her father.
User ratings: 195
Average rating: 8.1
Such Sweet Sorrow
Greene prepares to bury his father. Chen worries about Carter's mood swings. After witnessing the interaction between a dying woman and her family, Hathaway realizes she wants her family together and flies to Seattle to join Ross.
User ratings: 398
Average rating: 7.7
May Day
As the result of a school shooting, Kovac and Benton care for the gunman and his victims. Abby discovers that Carter has been illegally injecting pain relievers. Greene and Weaver confront Carter about his problem, and Weaver orders him to enter a drug rehabilitation center or leave the hospital permanently.
User ratings: 293
Average rating: 7.9
Dr. Carter struggles with his drug dependency; a custodial strike leaves the ER cluttered with garbage; a riot at a high-school football game leaves several wounded.
User ratings: 281
Average rating: 7.7
Sand and Water
A young couple cope with their baby being premature; Greene and Corday struggle with their relationship.
User ratings: 173
Average rating: 8.2
Mars Attacks
Dr. Carter is allowed a cautious restart with small steps. An extremely blond Dr. Malucci is very curious who's made Dr. Chen pregnant. Dr. Benton has been written out of all the hospital's systems and is stunned by Dr. Romano. An unfortunate incident at a Science Fiction convention makes it look like scenes from the movie 'Mars Attacks'.
User ratings: 177
Average rating: 7.9
Benton Backwards
Benton is unable to find a job after Romano negatively influences local hospitals. He reluctantly agrees to accept Romano's demeaning offer of a per diem job at County with no benefits. Kovac and Abby are attacked by a mugger with a steel pipe. Injured, Kovac protects Abby and smashes the robber's head on the ground repeatedly.
User ratings: 170
Average rating: 8.1
Flight of Fancy
Greene flies in a helicopter to a remote area of Indiana to rescue a heart transplant patient. The helicopter develops problems, and Greene arranges for paramedics to transport the patient to County. Because Weaver is gone for the day, Romano appoints Benton in charge of the ER. Kovac is plagued by the death of the mugger.
User ratings: 163
Average rating: 8.1
The Visit
Corday rushes through a surgical procedure in order to take off on a romantic weekend with Greene. She is later called back to the hospital after her patient suffers complications. Abby's mother, Maggie, who suffers from bipolar disorder (manic-depressive) and refuses to take her medication, unexpectedly visits Abby at the hospital and wreaks havoc on Abby's life.
User ratings: 204
Average rating: 8.1
Rescue Me
Abby's mother decides to stay in town; Carter attempts to find a drug addict who left the hospital: Greene discovers his health is failing.
User ratings: 278
Average rating: 7.5
The Dance We Do
Maggie's emotional instability worsens. She refuses her medication, becomes combative and flees the hospital. Abby finds solace with Kovac. The gang member girlfriend of Benton's deceased nephew knows who killed the dead boy who was hated for his antigang stance.
User ratings: 202
Average rating: 8.0
The Greatest of Gifts
Chen gives birth, but insists on breastfeeding the infant before she gives it to the adoptive parents. Greene and Corday consult a brain specialist in New York City who believes the tumor can be safely removed. Stressed and tired, Carter impulsively swallows two painkiller pills but intentionally vomits them. He confesses to Abby.
User ratings: 177
Average rating: 8.1
Piece of Mind
Mark Green is in New York on New Years eve for cancer surgery. Meanwhile a father and son are involved in a car crash.
User ratings: 287
Average rating: 7.8
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Benton and Cleo clash over his deceased nephew's girlfriend. They finally agree to call a social worker. Benton confesses his love to Cleo. The spinal surgery malpractice suit is settled by employing a technicality: the equipment used was later recalled by the manufacturer. But Corday now doubts her abilities as a surgeon.
User ratings: 172
Average rating: 7.7
Greene returns to work but confuses words and displays uncharacteristic anger. Eager to get out of his per diem situation, Benton agrees to a full time position. Carter visits his cousin, who became paralyzed after a drug overdose. A workplace disaster results in numerous injuries and fatalities among illegal immigrants.
User ratings: 172
Average rating: 7.9
Thy Will Be Done
Weaver becomes concerned about Greene's cognitive skills and surreptitiously calls for an official evaluation of his competency. Corday plans her wedding to Greene. Bishop Stewart returns, and Kovac realizes the man has a terrible disease. Dateless for a charity function, Carter invites Abby to attend with him.
User ratings: 171
Average rating: 7.8
A Walk in the Woods
As the new director of diversity, Benton studies medical school applications and discovers that his own academic record did not qualify him--he was admitted because of affirmative action. Weaver feels uncomfortable amongst Legaspi's lesbian friends. Carter treats an unvaccinated child who contracted measles.
User ratings: 185
Average rating: 7.8
The Crossing
In the series' 150th episode, a massive train wreck mobilizes the emergency room doctors. Corday, Carter and Kovac rush to the scene. Corday falls and injures her back, bringing on contractions in only her 25th week of pregnancy. While amputating the legs of a fallen firefighter, Corday stops because of her pain.
User ratings: 213
Average rating: 8.1
Witch Hunt
Weaver fears for her own reputation when Legaspi is accused of sexual harassment. Afraid to reveal her relationship with Legaspi--for both personal and professional reasons--Weaver fails to support her during the investigation. An infant is abducted from the hospital and later found on a train platform.
User ratings: 167
Average rating: 7.9
Survival of the Fittest
A demented patient causes a shootout in the emergency room. After terrorizing people in the ER with a gun, she gets shot by a policeman. She soon dies. Benton later discover her dementia was caused by an aftereffect of his surgery that he and Cleo should have detected. Carter pursues a cute intern.
User ratings: 166
Average rating: 7.9
April Showers
Numerous mishaps threaten to mar Corday and Greene's wedding day. As the very pregnant Corday becomes increasingly agitated, the presence of her bickering divorced parents does little to improve her mood. With the intense rain, Greene has a difficult time making it to the church. But, evenutally, he arrives and they joyfully wed.
User ratings: 169
Average rating: 8.1
Sailing Away
Abby and Carter travel to Oklahoma to rescue Abby's mentally ill mother and bring her back to Chicago. In Chicago, Maggie suffers from a sleeping pills overdose. At County General, Kovac frantically revives her. Benton treats a college student injured in a fraternity prank.
User ratings: 179
Average rating: 8.1
Fear of Commitment
Maggie contests Abby's attempt to institutionalize her. Weaver treats a few bizarre patients. When Legaspi returns to work after being exonerated of sexual harassment, Weaver tries to reconcile with her. Benton injures his hand while transporting his former teacher to the hospital and must contend with the teacher's wisecracking elderly buddies (TOM BOSLEY and TOM POSTON).
User ratings: 171
Average rating: 7.8
Where the Heart Is
Cleo and Carla clash after Reese gets hurt while in Cleo's care. Weaver and Kovac cannot save the life of a developmentally challenged woman's only caregiver. Abby goes to a therapy session with Maggie. Later, Abby confesses to Maggie that she is afraid to bear children because they might be bipolar like her mother.
User ratings: 169
Average rating: 7.9
The ER is flooded with foster care home residents, attacked by a shooter bent on tracking down his son, who , with the help of Dr. Green, was put into the foster care system amid allegations he was being abused by his father.
User ratings: 362
Average rating: 7.5
Four Corners
Weaver returns to the emergency room after a self-imposed sabbatical of three weeks, wondering how her newfound lesbian identity will affect her workplace relationships. Having purposely allowed a mass murderer to die, Greene must keep the secret amidst the scrutiny of his superiors.
User ratings: 181
Average rating: 7.9
The Longer You Stay
Carter is overwhelmed by patients from a rock concert riot. Benton's former girlfriend and Reece's mother is killed in a car accident. Newly promoted to chief resident, Chen panics and misdiagnoses a patient. Kovac angers Abby by flirting with a waitress.
User ratings: 173
Average rating: 8.1
Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic
Greene's daughter comes to live with him and Corday. Carter and Abby become more intimate. Chen must prove her skills while saving a baby. Weaver terminates Malucci after witnessing him having sex in an ambulance.
User ratings: 254
Average rating: 7.6
Never Say Never
Dr. Susan Lewis arrives, looking for work in the Chicago area again. Greene hires her, over Weaver's objection. Chen nervously attends a risk management review, accompanied by the unforgiving Weaver, to discuss a patient who recently died under Chen's supervision.
User ratings: 172
Average rating: 8.0
Start All Over Again
Lewis faces a hectic first day back at County General. Benton and Roger become frantic when they can't locate Reese. Carter's grandmother is brought to the emergency room. Carter and Abby deal with inept medical students.
User ratings: 159
Average rating: 7.9
Supplies and Demands
Corday's ordeal, caused by the recent infection-related deaths of several of her patients, worsens when she is closely observed by a stern taskmaster. Corday is outraged when a county investigator accuses her of deliberately euthanizing the patients, who all happened to be elderly.
User ratings: 155
Average rating: 7.8
If I Should Fall from Grace
A new medical student, Michael Gallant, arrives in the ER. He's supposed to be working under Dr. Carter's supervision but John's grandmother is unwell. Elizabeth Corday is convinced that other doctors are refusing to work with her as a result of the mysterious deaths. Mark Green thinks she's overreacting but she's determined to find out what happened to her patients. Abby and Luka argue over the attention he is paying to a trainee nurse's aide. Dr. Benton finds himself in court to retain custody of his son, Reese. Carter and Susan Lewis treat a young woman who is both a law and a medical student. Green has to collect his daughter at school when she is suspended.
User ratings: 167
Average rating: 8.0
Partly Cloudy, Chance of Rain
When a torrential rainstorm pounds Chicago, patients deluge the emergency room while Weaver speeds to an accident site. There, she finds a pregnant woman, Vicki, lying injured inside a wrecked ambulance while live power lines spark. Fourth-year student Michael Gallant makes a dangerous decision in order to help.
User ratings: 274
Average rating: 7.5
Quo Vadis?
Peter Benton continues his court fight against Reese's stepfather, Roger, who seems to have the upper hand. When a woman is accidentally shot during a gas station robbery, Dr. Corday tries to convince the husband to let them harvest her organs. A 15 year old boxer is brought in with a head trauma after sparring with his older brother. Newlyweds are having trouble when she constantly breaks out in a rash; Carter thinks he knows the cause. Luka tells Abby that he may marry Nicole, who has told him she is pregnant. Dr. Green lays down the law when the police bring in a high school student and he learns that his daughter is outside sitting in the police car.
User ratings: 162
Average rating: 7.8
I'll Be Home for Christmas
Dr. Benton is awarded full custody and Roger receives visitation every other weekend.
User ratings: 268
Average rating: 7.7
Beyond Repair
Abby helps a distraught boy whose mother died of a stroke; a man with schizophrenia, who once stabbed Carter and killed a doctor checks into the ER.
User ratings: 181
Average rating: 8.1
A River in Egypt
An injured and condemned murderer wants to die in the ER rather than await execution; Abby advises a neighbor to seek shelter from her abusive husband.
User ratings: 165
Average rating: 7.8
Damage Is Done
An accidental overdose brings Drs. Green and Corday's baby into the ER.
User ratings: 199
Average rating: 8.0
A Simple Twist of Fate
Greene confronts Corday when she orders Rachel out of their home; Abby tries to protect a battered neighbor who refuses to press charges against her husband.
User ratings: 197
Average rating: 8.0
It's All in Your Head
After Dr. Corday moves out, Dr. Green fights loneliness and pain by immersing himself into his work. Dr. Chen discovers that a comatose teen is ready to give birth.
User ratings: 160
Average rating: 8.2
Secrets and Lies
After some staff members are caught going through a dominatrix's bag, Weaver makes them attend a sexual harassment seminar, where they learn about each other.
User ratings: 331
Average rating: 8.0
Drs. Corday and Greene are awkward when working together in the ER. Dr. Weaver treats victims of an intense fire that may take the life of a dear friend.
User ratings: 219
Average rating: 7.0
Orion in the Sky
As Dr. Greene's brain tumor begins affecting his coordination, he becomes concerned that his fate will be similar to the terminally ill patients he treats.
User ratings: 408
Average rating: 7.7
Brothers and Sisters
When Dr. Lewis gets a hysterical call from her niece, Susie, she hurries to New York to search for the child and her sister Chloe.
User ratings: 181
Average rating: 7.9
The Letter
Dr. Carter reads a letter from terminally ill Dr. Green to the ER staff. Dr. Weaver lashes out at a mentally challenged patient. A terminal, homeless man continues asking for Dr. Green.
User ratings: 423
Average rating: 7.7
On the Beach
Dr. Greene's final days are spent in Hawaii with Rachel, teaching her to drive and surf. When he suffers a seizure, Elizabeth is called. Mark refuses to go home. He manages to make amends with his daughter before his eventual death.
User ratings: 1,039
Average rating: 8.0
Just when the ER is understaffed and swamped, two children who were brought in turn out to have full blown smallpox. The entire ER must be locked down. The staff needs to improvise while they battle not only the disease but also frayed tempers.
User ratings: 382
Average rating: 7.6
Chaos Theory
Dr. Carter, Abby and other staff of the ER are quarantined as the CDC investigate a mysterious, deadly outbreak.
User ratings: 300
Average rating: 7.6
Dead Again
After another hospital shuts down, the ER is flooded with patients. Dr. Pratt resuscitates a heart-attack victim who had been pronounced dead.
User ratings: 161
Average rating: 7.8
Dr. Carter leads a walk-out of staff protesting lack of security in the ER.
User ratings: 171
Average rating: 8.0
Walk Like a Man
Carter is concerned when he learns that Abby is drinking socially when the girls from work get together. Abby however doesn't appreciate his concern. Dr. Weaver embarrasses herself on television. Michael Gallant is frustrated when the resident cardiac specialist, Dr. Kayson, dismisses his diagnosis of a patient who subsequently dies. Dr. Pratt decides to report an Army Ranger who tried to commit suicide even though Gallant had decided to give the soldier the benefit of the doubt. Dr. Corday has deal with a severely injured woman who is more concerned about her Alzheimer's afflicted husband. Dr. Kovac's sex-addiction extends to having sex in a supply room with a young patient's mother.
User ratings: 164
Average rating: 7.7
A Hopeless Wound
It's a busy Halloween night when over 30 victims of an apartment fire are brought into the ER. A new medical student, Paul Nathan, starts a surgical rotation under Dr. Corday but the staff question whether he should be there when they learn he has Parkinsons. Dr. Kovac's womanizing starts to affect his work when he and Chuny constantly bicker. A woman who chose to give birth at home is brought to the ER with her seriously ill newborn. Dr. Romano, unable to perform surgery, is driving everyone crazy by constantly looking over their shoulder and commenting on their work. Abby and Carter find they are the only one's to have shown up for work in costume.
User ratings: 184
Average rating: 7.9
One Can Only Hope
Dr. Corday's new medical student, Paul Nathan, complains to Dr. Romano that she will not let him undertake a full surgical rotation due to his Parkinson's. Corday doesn't appreciate his action but realizes that in all other respects, is quite competent. Dr. Carter treats a 26 year-old patient who doesn't want any further treatment but Nathan tries to talk her out of it. The nurses sign a petition complaining about Dr. Kovac's behavior. Abby's brother Eric shows up with a young girlfriend who may be pregnant. Abby is concerned about his erratic behavior. Corday treats a 14 year-old who may have been drugged and raped but the girl's father doesn't want anyone to tell her what happened.
User ratings: 169
Average rating: 7.8
Tell Me Where It Hurts
Abby is concerned when her brother's girlfriend tells her he has disappeared. More worrisome is the fact that he is away without permission from his Air Force post and she is convinced that he is suffering from the same condition as her mother. Medical student Paul Nathan again interferes with Dr. Corday's decision regarding an elderly patient when he convinces the man to undergo a serious operation from which he may not survive. Afterwards, she informs Nathan that at his current rate, he will not get a positive evaluation. Drs. Carter and Chen treat a nanny who has been impregnated by her employer but has a special reason for not leaving her employment. Dr. Kovac returns to work after his suspension. Dr. Lewis is having a bad run having lost several patients.
User ratings: 160
Average rating: 7.7
First Snowfall
Abby travels to Omaha, Nebraska after she learns hat her brother Eric has been sent back to his Air Force base. Carter can't accompany her so he suggests that Gallant go with her. On arrival she learns that her brother has been hospitalized and is shocked to find that her mother is already there. Carl also refuses to see her. Back in Chicago, a huge snow storm shuts down most of the city. They have to move quickly when a drunk driver runs down a family making a snowman. The mother is severely injured and the uninjured father has to make a choice for his two sons. Medical student Paul Nathan's surgical rotation comes to an end and Dr. Corday gives him his evaluation.
User ratings: 1,232
Average rating: 7.7
Next of Kin
Now back in Chicago with her brother and mother staying with her, Abby is having difficulty coping with the fact that her brother won't recognize his disability. She arranges for him to be enrolled in a well-known and reputable program but her mother decides to take his care into her own hands. A teen mother deposits her one hour old baby at the ER and runs off. Dr. Chen has to deal with the memory of her own past decisions. Dr. Pratt and medical student Erin Harkins treat a father and daughter who were involved in a car crash but discover something surprising about the younger victim. Dr. Pratt leaves the hospital for a lengthy period to deal with a personal matter leaving Carter to decide what to do with the young car crash victim. Dr. Kovac is given a rather large sum of money by a dying patient.
User ratings: 158
Average rating: 7.6
Dr. Kovac's speeding causes a crash on an icy road. The ER staff treats angry elves and a female hockey player with a head injury.
User ratings: 177
Average rating: 7.9
A Little Help from My Friends
Dr. Pratt brings a gun into the ER; Dr. Weaver tries to conceal her pregnancy; a woman plots against her dying husband; Dr. Chen treats math students who overdosed on an unknown stimulant.
User ratings: 162
Average rating: 7.8
A Saint in the City
Dr. Weaver is in a difficult situation when an alderman tests positive for syphilis. Dr. Carter is impressed when he meets a man who runs an inner city clinic.
User ratings: 154
Average rating: 7.6
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Dr. Pratt's disabled roommate leads him to a wounded thief. Dr Carter decides to practice medicine in Chechnya. A doctor makes a pass at Dr. Corday.
User ratings: 158
Average rating: 7.8
No Strings Attached
Abby's troubled brother is missing. A car runs into a crowd of teen girls. The alderman with syphilis gives Dr. Weaver a promotion. Dr. Lewis looks forward to a blind date.
User ratings: 157
Average rating: 7.6
A Boy Falling Out of the Sky
Abby comes close to breaking down trying to deal with her mother. Dr. Pratt goes for his required paramedic ride-along. Dr. Weaver confronts the man who stole her purse. Dr. Lewis has a teen admirer.
User ratings: 159
Average rating: 7.9
A Thousand Cranes
The police question Drs. Pratt and Gallant about a rampage at the diner across from the ER. Dr. Lewis befriends her teen admirer, a cancer patient.
User ratings: 163
Average rating: 7.9
The Advocate
Dr. Weaver bends the rules and treats the Alderman's lover for syphilis. Dr. Kovac's patient claims she was sexually abused at a boot camp for troubled youth. Dr. Carter treats a women with a nasty personality.
User ratings: 151
Average rating: 7.8
Finders Keepers
Dr. Romano seizes control of the ER and manages to offend everyone. Dr. Kovac asks Dr. Corday's help in the quest to bring a sickly Croatian boy to the U.S. for medical treatment.
User ratings: 158
Average rating: 8.2
Things Change
A psychotic patient threatens Abby. Dr. Weaver suspects a woman poisoned her own baby. Dr. Romano continues to make rash judgments.
User ratings: 152
Average rating: 8.0
Foreign Affairs
Dr. Carter tries to prevent a grieving gang member from going after vengeance. Dr. Kovac races against time to save a Croatian boy's life. A baseball player gets treatment for a heart problem.
User ratings: 158
Average rating: 7.8
When Night Meets Day
It's Greg Pratt's last shift at County General and he treats a number of cases that were started by John Carter on the day shift. They treat a 12 year-old near drowning victim who has little chance of recovery; a Buddhist nun who has a special gift of seeing another's inner self; a woman who is convinced that the day's solar eclipse signals the end of the world; a drug addict who scams both of them for pain medication; and a pregnant woman who had her baby torn out of her womb. Dr. Romano has his re-attached arm amputated. Carter receives a call from Luka Kovac asking if he can come to the Congo and help out. Abby is none too pleased. Meanwhile, Doc Magoo's burns to the ground.
User ratings: 181
Average rating: 8.2
John Carter arrives in the Congo to find that Luka Kovac is away at a distant clinic administering vaccinations to the local population. He also finds appalling medical conditions. Too few nurses and doctors, limited equipment and few medical supplies are par for the course. That aside, he gets s great deal of satisfaction from the work he does. He meets Gillian, a Canadian nurse, and learns that she and Luka have become close. He tries desperately to save the life of a severely wounded man which pays later dividends when their camp is invaded by rebel troops and their lives are threatened.
User ratings: 235
Average rating: 7.9
Now What?
On his return to Chicago, Carter gets a downright chilly reaction from Abby who asks him to return her apartment key. At work, they tip toe around one another, neither really willing to discuss their feelings. A new med student, Neela Rasgotra arrives for her ER rotation. Dr. Pratt is paying too much attention to her for Dr. Chen's taste. A woman passes out at the wheel of her car severely injuring herself and the three children in the car with her. Neela makes a good call in the case. Carter treats a man whose HIV has become full-blown AIDS. The ER itself is a bit chaotic due to major reconstruction. The ER desk receives a call from Africa saying that Luka Kovac has been killed. Carter decides to return to the Congo to retrieve his body.
User ratings: 173
Average rating: 8.1
The Lost
John Carter returns to the Congo to retrieve Luka Kovac's body. He finds however that the area where was killed is still too dangerous to enter. He and Gillian finally manage to hitch a ride with a Red Cross worker, Debbie, who is going to the area. In flashbacks, we learn how Kovac and his fellow aid workers were taken prisoner by rebel troops. They are shot, one at a time, until only Luka is left. Amid the destruction of the eastern Congo, we learn his fate. Carter also makes a fateful decision.
User ratings: 285
Average rating: 7.5
Dear Abby
Luka Kovac arrives safely at County General and is hospitalized for treatment. His friend Gillian delivers John Carter's letter to Abby. Pretty much everyone gets to read it when Frank retrieves it from the garbage and passes it around. Greg Pratt has dinner with Chen and her parents. The dinner goes well but they have a serious argument afterward. Dr. Romano is unhappy with his prosthetic arm which makes him even more difficult to deal with. Some of the more senior nurses find their hours being reduced as a cost-saving measure and stage a walkout. Romano's response is to fire them all. Dr. Lewis treats a teenager with a serious heart problem but her parents insist that she not be told immediately. A new group of second year residents arrive.
User ratings: 181
Average rating: 8.1
Shifts Happen
Confident second-year resident Pratt wants to prove his abilities when he works the graveyard shift (11 p.m. to 7 a.m.), but his heroics sometimes backfire. Pratt shows contempt for a man, Ed Gamble, who presents no symptoms of disease but temporarily loses his speech.
User ratings: 155
Average rating: 7.8
Out of Africa
Emmy nominee Bob Newhart guests as Ben Hollander, a distraught architect whose degenerating eyesight causes him to be despondent while a spirited new nurse, Samantha Taggart, joins the staff. Elsewhere, disaster strikes when the doctors suspect a mother is abusing her child while Dr. Corday learns something shocking about the charismatic Dr. Dorset, and Dr. Archie Morris is overwhelmed by the chaos and grisly conditions of life in the E.R.
User ratings: 162
Average rating: 8.1
The Greater Good
Pratt and Kovac clash over a miscarriage-prone young woman who arrives to deliver a premature baby. Pratt wants to make heroic efforts to save the unborn child, while Kovac is adamantly against spending vast amounts of money to keep the forever sickly baby alive.
User ratings: 147
Average rating: 7.7
Death and Taxes
To everyone's amazement, Lewis makes a date to share a home-cooked dinner with the elderly Ben Hollander, her depressed patient who is going blind.
User ratings: 158
Average rating: 8.1
On Thanksgiving Day, a helicopter crash outside the ER leaves several injured. Alex tries to bring Sam and Luka together.
User ratings: 270
Average rating: 8.1
Neela helps treat two Amish teens who were in a car crash. Sam argues with Dr. Kovac when he pays too much attention to her son.
User ratings: 150
Average rating: 7.8
Dr. Carter celebrates Christmas at a clinic in the Congo dealing with low supplies and anti-Americanism, but in the meantime, falling for an AIDS worker named Makemba.
User ratings: 164
Average rating: 8.1
Touch & Go
Carter returns from Africa full of surprises including a new love, Makemba ("Kem"). Pratt accidentally breaks a patient's neck while doing an unsupervised intubation. A whole nursing shift cannot go home until they find one missing Valium.
User ratings: 146
Average rating: 7.8
Abby and Neela are assigned to a month-long rotation in the neonatal intensive care unit where they experience emotional roller coasters while caring for the sick infants.
User ratings: 168
Average rating: 8.1
Get Carter
Dr. Carter's girlfriend makes an impression as she observes ER operations. Dr. Gallant is almost shot during a domestic incident. Dr. Weaver dedicates a center to the memory of Dr. Romano.
User ratings: 155
Average rating: 7.8
Impulse Control
Sam treats an abused, pregnant teen. Dr. Carter introduces African girlfriend Makemba to wintertime. ER chaos shocks a risk-assessment expert. Dr. Pratt and Abby restrain a man who has tuberculosis.
User ratings: 145
Average rating: 8.0
Blood Relations
Carter misses his pregnant girlfriend who has returned to Africa. A family of four is rushed to the emergency room after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning from their faulty furnace--forcing the claustrophobic Neela to accompany a newborn baby into an extremely uncomfortable hyperbaric chamber.
User ratings: 142
Average rating: 7.9
Forgive and Forget
Dr Morris agitates a patient who then leaves, steals a tank, and rampages through Chicago on his way to County General. He makes it all the way to the ambulance bay before the CPD finally stops him. Sam tries to figure out her relationship with Kovac while Gillian shows up at the ER to cement plans for dinner with Carter, Kem and Kovac - making things that much more difficult. Neela confronts Frank about his arrogant bigotry, bluntly telling him she wants nothing from him but silence from this point forward. During the initial onrush of patients due to the tank rampage, Frank has a heart attack which is, thankfully, caught. Frank's wife and daughter show up and are rushed up to the cath lab where Dr. Pratt is helping Dr. Kayson keep Frank alive. In the end, Neela winds up in the family room with Frank's family listening to them describe a side of Frank that no one has ever seen. Meanwhile Kovac treats a 13 year old with chlamydia and counsels him to contact his sexual partner - which turns out to be quite a few teenage girls.
User ratings: 163
Average rating: 8.1
The Student
Carter defends his protégé Neela when Weaver and other doctors rate the residents. Carter urges his student to be more proactive in the emergency room, but Neela goes too far in treating a patient with a brain injury--and sympathetic Gallant errs further by falsifying a medical report. Meanwhile, Chuck protects pregnant Lewis from a pervert who is harassing her. Kovac treats a disoriented young boy whose dad fears that tests will reveal he is not the boy's biological father. Chen is unable to find a caretaker for her combative father. And Corday is uneasy about dating two men at once.
User ratings: 148
Average rating: 7.8
Where There's Smoke
Weaver rushes to the aid of her female life partner, Sandy Lopez, when the firefighter is severely injured while working and must now battle for her life. Frightened Weaver whispers hope to Sandy by reminding the victim of their newborn child.
User ratings: 240
Average rating: 7.6
Just a Touch
Pratt struggles to diagnose a woman who suffers mysterious chronic seizures. An attractive woman, Campbell, informally accuses flirtatious Pratt of sexual harassment. Abby ponders how to get her contentious patients' attention during her psychiatric department rotation.
User ratings: 147
Average rating: 7.8
Abby Normal
Carter greets the returning Kem, but their meeting with his father, Jack, gets tense after Carter announces plans for his grandmother's estate.
User ratings: 149
Average rating: 8.0
Carter takes Kem to the hospital to check on their baby since it's not kicking anymore.
User ratings: 191
Average rating: 7.8
Kovacs stops to help a woman and her son whose car broke down. Steve is getting close to Alex, and Sam panics. Abby is looking for her letter whether to see she passed her boards. Pratt shows off his new Chrysler. Elgin tries to build a connection between him and Pratt. Jing-Mei might be battered by her senile father.
User ratings: 157
Average rating: 8.2
One for the Road
After being shot at, Pratt, Jing-Mei and Elgin are trying to get of their sinking car. Sam took Alex with her while fleeing from Steve, Kovac is considering going after them. Abby wants to go to bed since tomorrow is her first day as a doctor, but is thwarted by Weaver, whose custody battle might take a dramatic turn. A young drug-dealer is brought in with "a foreign object" in her tunnel of life.
User ratings: 155
Average rating: 8.1
Neela is still struggling with her decision not to continue becoming a doctor. We discover that Ray is in a band. Kovac and Sam are in love, but where does that leave them? Carter takes Abby to dinner in a restaurant he hired off for the evening.
User ratings: 166
Average rating: 8.0
Try Carter
It's a busy Fourth of July and Carter is the only attending working.
User ratings: 167
Average rating: 8.0
Carter, Pratt, Kovac and Abby are dealing with a woman and her three children who've jumped from the third floor of an apartment building to escape from the violent husband/father. Meanwhile Dr. Lewis becomes Chief of Emergency Medicine, Howard quits his internship and Dr. Corday is facing dismissal.
User ratings: 165
Average rating: 8.1
Intern's Guide to the Galaxy
Neela starts a new job in the emergency room after working at the convenience store near the hospital. On Neela's first day, Pratt expects the interns, Abby, Ray and Neela, to take on a large patient load during their shifts. Pratt turns processing the patients into a competition, in which Ray is clearly going to be the winner.
User ratings: 152
Average rating: 7.7
Time of Death
From 11:22 to 12:06 we can follow everything that happens to Charlie Metcalf (played by Ray Liotta), a patient who is at death's door. We are shown the minutiae of a treatment which are usually glossed over in the "regular" episodes, interlaced with images from Charlie's delusions which give an insight into the regrets he has about his wasted life.
User ratings: 627
Average rating: 7.5
White Guy, Dark Hair
A rape victim, barely able to speak, does all she can to help police find her attacker.
User ratings: 146
Average rating: 8.0
Shot in the Dark
A wounded police officer's teenage son must make a life or death decision. Abby tries to convince a girl needing appendicitis surgery's parents not to transfer her and do the operation at County, but her father wants her transferred to another hospital due to his own trauma with surgery complications from years before.
User ratings: 145
Average rating: 7.7
Twas the Night
Abby has a dialysis patient in critical condition, but she cannot find his physician, who does not want to be bothered during the holidays.
User ratings: 154
Average rating: 7.7
Gang members kidnap Abby hoping she can save one of their members with a gunshot wound. Ray starts treating a patient, but when she requests a new doctor, he gets offended.
User ratings: 152
Average rating: 7.9
Only Connect
Two teens enter the ER with gunshot wounds. When one dies, Neela botches telling the next of kin, making the woman hysterical.
User ratings: 154
Average rating: 7.8
The Providers
When a 16-year-old girl who had received a kidney transplant from her father arrives at the emergency room feeling dizzy, Carter traces the problem to a new drug that the girl was taking to control seizures related to her kidney dysfunction.
User ratings: 148
Average rating: 8.2
While examining a young boy, Pratt finds a suspicious gash across his chest and calls Wendall for a consult. Kovac and Pratt examine a man who was shot when he confronted his boss with a gun. Jake tries to convince Abby to date him despite his being a student.
User ratings: 142
Average rating: 7.8
Just as I Am
Dr. Weaver meets her birth mother, but their relationship changes when Kerry reveals she is gay. Dr. Carter causes a commotion when he confronts a couple hoping to scam some painkillers.
User ratings: 155
Average rating: 7.8
Alone in a Crowd
A soccer mom finds herself completely aware of everything going on around her, but is unable to move or speak after suffering a stroke.
User ratings: 297
Average rating: 7.5
Here and There
Neela (who's in Chicago) and Gallant (who's in Iraq) miss each other and write letters. Gallant also tries to save the life of a little girl.
User ratings: 172
Average rating: 8.0
Back in the World
Sam's ex-husband shows up and wants to take Alex on a trip. Gallant is back and Neela hopes to see him before he goes back to Iraq.
User ratings: 155
Average rating: 7.9
Refusal of Care
A woman on a hunger strike refuses treatment until the INS give her son another deportation hearing. Abby searches for proof when she suspects a patient is the victim of elder abuse.
User ratings: 144
Average rating: 7.7
Ruby Redux
Jules 'Ruby' Rubadoux is back in the ER. He's still angry with Carter about the death of his wife.
User ratings: 158
Average rating: 8.1
You Are Here
Morris is named the new chief resident, which makes nobody really happy, except Morris. Meanwhile Luka and Sam are having communication problems, Carter gets a promotion Susan really wanted and Ray finds out a 14-year old who always comes in for free drugs has been raped.
User ratings: 150
Average rating: 7.8
Carter est Amoureux
After Carter finds out Kem's mother is hospitalized in Paris he decides to go there to tell Kem how he feels about her. Meanwhile, Ray makes a fatal error.
User ratings: 163
Average rating: 7.9
The Show Must Go On
Casualties of a disaster flood the ER, which is short-handed because everyone is at Dr. Carter's going-away party because he's leaving the ER after 11 years. Dr. Pratt looks for the courage to confront his father, Charlie.
User ratings: 286
Average rating: 8.1
Cañon City
Sam and Luka go on the search for her runaway son, Alex. Meanwhile, Pratt and Lewis guide Abby, Neela and Ray, who have become R2's, on how to teach the new interns.
User ratings: 161
Average rating: 7.3
Nobody's Baby
Ray steps up and tries to convince a surrogate mother to get a C-section to save the life of an endangered unborn baby. Pratt gets a visit from his estranged father. And Luka is surprised to find out that Sam is moving out of his apartment.
User ratings: 153
Average rating: 7.8
Man with No Name
Luka has a very bad day: New nurse manager Eve Peyton notices he doesn't want to work with Sam and tells him so. At the end of the day he's drunk and Abby takes him home.
User ratings: 162
Average rating: 7.9
Blame It on the Rain
The rainy night brings in diverse patients including a mother involved in a car accident with her baby, a man with a satisfaction facilitator, and a comatose patient who suddenly wakes up. Also, Sam steps up to Eve and her strict ways and Jerry gets struck by lightning.
User ratings: 153
Average rating: 8.1
Wake Up
A new attending, Dr. Victor Clemente, comes aboard and quickly makes a stir on the ER. Abby's breast cancer patient convinces her to take a long awaited test. Luka befriends a young woman who awakes from a six-year coma. Also, Weaver shows Clemente who runs the ER.
User ratings: 179
Average rating: 8.1
Dream House
Pratt's half-brother tries to get him to make amends with his estranged father. Clemente treats an infant chimpanzee and involves Abby and Neela on the secret case. Eve promotes Sam and her first tasks is to fire a beloved nurse.
User ratings: 156
Average rating: 7.7
The Human Shield
A kidnapped girl is the victim of police shooting. Abby is stuck in the middle of a disagreement between Luka and Clemente. Neela receives a phone call from Iraq. Later, Luka and Abby share a kiss.
User ratings: 166
Average rating: 8.1
Two Ships
The ER prepares to take in victims from a plane crash while Neela and Pratt head out to the crash site where Neela makes heroic efforts. At the end of the day Neela gets a surprising visit.
User ratings: 183
Average rating: 7.9
I Do
Gallant impulsively asks Neela to marry him that exact day; she says I do but soon gets cold feet. Morris stands up to Weaver on a patient's course of treatment. Luka, Sam and Clemente treat a boy who contracted HIV from his mother. Also, Abby and Luka redefine their relationship and Luka is named the new Chief of Emergency Medicine.
User ratings: 148
Average rating: 7.9
All About Christmas Eve
Pratt and Weaver try to create a Christmas miracle when they work to save a girl wounded from gunfire. Eve gets into trouble after punching a disruptive patient. Also, Abby has a special gift for Luka.
User ratings: 162
Average rating: 8.1
If Not Now
Neela treats a religious teenage girl who turns out to be pregnant. Abby and Kovac struggle to figure out what to do with her unexpected pregnancy.
User ratings: 160
Average rating: 7.7
Split Decisions
Ray helps an old friend escape from her abusive father. Dubenko volunteers in the ER but can't seem to handle a slow day. Abby and Kovac go baby shopping, while Neela gets unexpected and upsetting news from Gallant.
User ratings: 162
Average rating: 8.1
Body & Soul
Dr. Nate Lennox, a former professor with ALS, is brought in as the progression of his disease is chronicled through his own flashbacks as he is treated by each of the doctors at one point. As Lennox wants to give up, Abby fights to convince him to keep on fighting.
User ratings: 282
Average rating: 7.4
Quintessence of Dust
An unexpected visitor puts Clemente in the middle of a domestic dispute. Meanwhile, Luka and Abby await test results on their unborn child; Neela struggles with her surgical elective and Pratt ends up with an unexpected suitor when he participates in a charity bachelor auction.
User ratings: 145
Average rating: 7.8
In Sudan, Carter and a colleague struggle to save a woman who was raped by a band of militants. Back in the ER, Clemente asks to return to work after the shooting incident, but Kovac refuses. Meanwhile, Neela and Pratt have a work dispute, and, in a related incident, K.J.'s father shows up again in the ER.
User ratings: 157
Average rating: 7.7
Out on a Limb
Weaver contemplates hip replacement surgery after she finds it hard to do her labor-intensive job. Meanwhile, Kovac tries to ease Abby's fears about raising a child together. Neela decides to attend a support group for military spouses but when she offers her opinions on the war, the meeting turns into a debate. And after Sam treats a fainting victim, she finds herself with an intriguing job offer.
User ratings: 139
Average rating: 7.7
Lost in America
Abby and Luka desperately try to keep a young woman brought into the ER with stab wounds to the neck alive. As her condition begins to worsen, Clemente steps in and tries a risky procedure on the girl in order to save her life. Meanwhile, Neela pulls an all-nighter in preparation for a speech at a surgeon's convention, Ray treats a man claiming to have swallowed a bottle of pills, and Sam decides to take a part-time job with Richard to help her with childcare expenses.
User ratings: 141
Average rating: 7.8
Strange Bedfellows
When two teens are in a car accident, Abby and Morris struggle to figure out what is wrong with the unconscious girl. Meanwhile, Neela gets a visit from her in-laws and discovers some troubling news. Kovac tells Abby that he plans to go to Africa and help Carter, but when he realizes Abby is not crazy about the idea, he decides to send someone else in his place. Sam starts her new job with Elliot and quickly starts to love the the perks.
User ratings: 144
Average rating: 7.8
No Place to Hide
Dr. Clemente's paranoia spirals out of control after he receives threatening mail from his girlfriend's husband. Abby senses something not right when a grandmother and granddaughter are brought into the ER. Sam's jailed ex-husband Steve is brought into the ER and everyone but Neela assumes he is faking sick. Meanwhile, tensions grow when Morris and Albright argue over a patient, Pratt heads to Africa to help Carter and quickly realizes how difficult life will be; Weaver finishes physical therapy.
User ratings: 161
Average rating: 8.0
There Are No Angels Here
Pratt gets to work in Darfur alongside Carter and his co-workers, but is troubled by great number of people needing care and finds himself making a dangerous journey.
User ratings: 182
Average rating: 7.9
The Gallant Hero & the Tragic Victor
Pratt struggles to get a straight story when two abused boys come into the ER with their father. Two U.S. Army officers enter the ER.
User ratings: 207
Average rating: 8.0
Twenty-One Guns
Chaos reigns in the ER when two prisoners are brought in for treatment, but instead plot a violent escape. Their desperate actions place one doctor in harm's way, and forces one nurse to become a tool in their plan.
User ratings: 457
Average rating: 7.6
Weaver, Kovac, and the other doctors work frantically to try to save Jerry and a pregnant Abby, who were both critically injured during the shootout that left the ER in shambles. Meanwhile, Sam tries to escape from her ex-boyfriend and his criminal accomplices as they head north, but things quickly turn violent.
User ratings: 272
Average rating: 8.0
Graduation Day
As Abby and Luka cope with their newborn's life and death struggle, the couple is shocked to receive a surprise visitor: Abby's mother Maggie. Meanwhile, Sam fears the prospect of criminal charges; Neela discovers that Tony Gates will be joining the ER team as an intern and Morris gets his job back while Weaver gets demoted.
User ratings: 187
Average rating: 8.1
Somebody to Love
Gates is assigned to the case of a closeted gay man whose partner clashes with his family; Neela meets her new surgical chief, Dr. Crenshaw; and Pratt must cope with the flood of new interns.
User ratings: 167
Average rating: 7.8
Abby and Kovac discover both the joys and difficulties of raising a newborn; Morris is wrongfully accused of being a child molester; Pratt has his trial-by-fire when he has to handle the ER alone, juggling multiple traumas, teaching duties and a troublesome intern. Neela continues to be the target of her difficult supervisor, and Sam discovers her sons latest extra-curricular activity.
User ratings: 160
Average rating: 7.7
Ames v. Kovac
Curtis Ames, a carpenter who suffered a stroke under Kovac's care, sues him for malpractice. Kovac and Ames square off in court as each man's recollections of Ames' treatment are recounted via testimony and flashbacks. Meanwhile, Abby returns to work and must adjust to the dramatic changes in her life, and Pratt's early morning trip to the barbershop results in a new awareness of community need. Also, Abby and Pratt try an unconventional method for treating a heart patient and Neela tries a risky procedure which doesn't sit well with her chief.
User ratings: 171
Average rating: 7.8
Heart of the Matter
Kovac anxiously awaits the verdict between himself and Curtis Ames but fears the worst. Meanwhile, Neela disobeys her chief's orders and also questions her feelings for Gates, and Weaver unwittingly steals the spotlight from Morris in his big television debut.
User ratings: 149
Average rating: 7.7
A belligerent young man who claims to have the flu turns out to be more than he seems, and presents a challenge to Morris and Sam when he refuses treatment. Abby's chance encounter with Curtis Ames leaves Kovac uneasy. Meanwhile, Pratt discovers a local church's risky drug exchange program, Neela and Gates square off, and Weaver gets an interesting offer.
User ratings: 260
Average rating: 7.6
Reason to Believe
A mysterious illness leaves little hope when a group of homeless kids enter the ER and one of them believes that Neela is a guardian angel in blue; Abby and Kovac clash over a possible case of domestic abuse; Pratt makes a shocking discovery about his brother, and Weaver is unexpectedly called into action when her television appearance becomes a real emergency.
User ratings: 159
Average rating: 7.7
Scoop and Run
Thanksgiving at County is quiet, with the normal number of routine (or nearly so) emergencies. But Abby makes up for the lack of excitement while returning to the hospital as the doctor on a helicopter transport.
User ratings: 177
Average rating: 8.1
Tell Me No Secrets...
Kovac and Gates treat a girl who appears to have been assaulted. When the police are no help with Ames, Kovac decides to confront the problem himself; Morris and other doctors work on a patient with an ice pick in his ear. Meanwhile, Ray tries to keep his new relationship a secret and Pratt can't fully deal when his half-brother officially comes out. Also, a new male nurse arrives.
User ratings: 152
Average rating: 8.2
City of Mercy
It's Christmas in the ER. A homeless boy sends Gates and Ray on a mission. Meanwhile, in the ER, Neela oversees an unusual kidney transplant case; Sam takes a stand when a patient is dumped in an alley by another hospital; and Morris plays Santa for a special girl and learns the meaning of Christmas.
User ratings: 157
Average rating: 8.0
Breach of Trust
Weaver cares for a Katrina survivor who's reluctant to have surgery on her foot; budget cuts force Luka to make a difficult personnel decision. Also, Gates' home life intrudes on the ER; and Pratt and Hope are shaken after a patient in their care dies needlessly.
User ratings: 149
Average rating: 8.1
A House Divided
Kovac reacts negatively when he sees Abby giving extra attention to a patient; Ray and Gates clash over a patient, pinning Neela in the middle; and Ben takes things to the next level with Sam. Meanwhile, Pratt is under investigation and Weaver says a final goodbye to the ER.
User ratings: 157
Average rating: 7.9
Murmurs of the Heart
Kovac finds himself in a tense confrontation with Curtis Ames, and Abby must act to protect her family. Meanwhile, Neela and Gates rush to get Meg to the hospital while Sam's new home is soon under threat from fire.
User ratings: 270
Average rating: 7.3
Dying Is Easy...
Abby and Sam try to treat an aspiring comedian with mysterious symptoms; Pratt must defend his actions in front of the medical board; Neela scrubs in on a kidney donor transplant; and Morris, as the lone attending, must run a busy ER. Also, Kovac gets a surprising proposal from Abby.
User ratings: 151
Average rating: 7.9
Crisis of Conscience
Kovac and Gates find themselves with a moral dilemma when a woman comes into the ER with acute liver failure; Neela finds herself questioning what is right when Manish decides to give up a kidney to a complete stranger. Meanwhile, Ray fights to get to the bottom of a cheerleader's accidental fall; Abby gets a prediction for her future; and Alex's troubles continue to intrude on Sam's work life.
User ratings: 154
Average rating: 7.7
From Here to Paternity
A blizzard strands a family in the snow and Abby and Pratt quickly try to save the family. A gang shooting challenges Morris and Pratt. Meanwhile, Kovac and Abby begin making wedding plans, but their engagement might not be very secret; Gates struggles with the reappearance of his father and the possibility of losing Sarah; and Neela becomes jealous when Dubenko brings in a new surgical intern.
User ratings: 143
Average rating: 7.8
Photographs and Memories
It's Sam's birthday, but she finds it hard to be away from her son Alex. Meanwhile, Sam meets a photographer taking pictures of a terminal patient and she gives Sam a new perspective on life. Dubenko's new surgical intern unsettles Neela during a trauma; Gates is shadowed by a new and nerdy intern and later must tell Sarah the truth that he may be her biological father. Also, Morris and Hope annoy Kovac and Abby when they try to help with their wedding preparations.
User ratings: 162
Average rating: 7.8
Family Business
Kovac and Gates deal with a hopeless father whose son succumbs to heart failure; Pratt tries to resolve the tension between him and his brother; an Armenian man tries to be a good samaritan but ends up crashing near the ER; Abby sneaks in baby Joe when she worries his sickness may be worse than it seems; Also, Sam injures the instructor of a self-defense seminar.
User ratings: 147
Average rating: 7.7
Lights Out
In 12 hours, the ER will shut down. As Kovac is under pressure to take care of the patients before the final hours, he makes a pivotal decision about his future. Meanwhile, Sam befriends a photojournalist who returns only this time she's terminally ill; Pratt is concerned when his brother ends up in the ER drunk; Morris confronts Gates when he ignores his orders and angrily sends him home while Gates tries to defend his actions.
User ratings: 139
Average rating: 7.8
I Don't
What is supposed to be a departmental dinner organized by Kovac turns out to be the surprise of a lifetime for Abby when she learns it's a surprise wedding, secretly planned by the eager groom. Meanwhile, at the wedding, ER staffers enjoy themselves with music and booze while Neela finds herself the center of unexpected attention between Gates and Ray, which leads to a drunken fight and a shocking conclusion.
User ratings: 203
Average rating: 7.9
Sea Change
The ER reopens with new changes. However, the ER is not the only thing that's changed; Kovac and Abby adjust to being newlyweds; Morris and Hope enjoy themselves at the honeymoon suite; Pratt attempts a change for a woman; Neela worries when Ray goes missing; Meanwhile, there's a new doctor in the ER and he means business; and another change may come when Kovac receives a phone call.
User ratings: 137
Average rating: 8.0
The Honeymoon Is Over
The ER is now in the hands of a new chief, Dr. Kevin Moretti, who is bent on major changes. Meanwhile, a phone call leads Neela to a hospital where a major shock awaits her, and a final farewell from a friend and colleague. Gates urgently goes home to stop Sarah from being taken away from him. A drug-addicted Iraq War veteran baffles Morris and Sam. Also, Kovac postpones the honeymoon and says goodbye to Abby and his son, for the meantime, while he travels to Croatia to visit his ailing father.
User ratings: 223
Average rating: 6.7
The War Comes Home
Abby, Pratt and Morris try to figure out how to handle Dr. Morretti's strict new ER procedures. As the injured arrive at the ER from the anti-war rally, Gates frantically tries to find out what happened to Neela. Later, Gates takes matters into his own hands when he finds out that a patient was responsible for the explosion at the rally.
User ratings: 168
Average rating: 8.1
In a Different Light
Moretti continues to implement new measures that cause the doctors to dislike him. Abby treats a patient with a stomachache only to find he's hiding a bullet that detectives need. Morris and Sam treat a teacher and student who were involved in a car accident and they are shocked to discover why they were together. Pratt speaks out on his dislike for Moretti to Anspaugh and suggests himself for the Chief position. Gates befriends a precocious boy in the ICU, who is hiding a deadly illness from his mother. Meanwhile, a recovering Neela is anxious to be discharged.
User ratings: 157
Average rating: 7.8
Officer Down
Abby and a distracted Morris work to save two auxiliary cops brought in with gunshot wounds. Pratt treats a teen wrestler with severe vomiting, but the problem is much more serious. Sam worries over her new beau Litchman. Gates tries to help a young boy in the ICU with a deadly disease. Also, Dubenko visits Neela while she babysits baby Joe.
User ratings: 130
Average rating: 7.9
When Baby Joe is injured by a fall at the playground and rushed to the hospital, Abby is unable to reach Luka to tell him.
User ratings: 134
Average rating: 7.9
Under the Influence
Moretti reassigns Gates back to the ER and treats a couple involved in a car accident. Morris prepares to take his written board exams. Neela is assigned a young genius intern. Kovac plans to extend his stay in Croatia while Abby struggles with single parenthood.
User ratings: 122
Average rating: 7.9
The Test
Moretti brings in new attending Skye Wexler to help with the patient load. Morris and Pratt cram for the medical board exam. Gates treats a returning patient from the ICU whose condition has worsen. Sam tends to a teenage girl who is feeling neglected by the staff. Neela's intern, Harold, seeks her advice on a personal matter. Abby struggles with her relapse.
User ratings: 143
Average rating: 7.8
The city suffers power outages during an unseasonably hot spell. Nursing-home patients are brought into the ER suffering from hyperthermia. Abby and Pratt disagree on the diagnosis of a fussy baby. Abby falls back to old habits and quickly down spirals to rock bottom on a night she'll forever regret.
User ratings: 138
Average rating: 8.1
Coming Home
Gates and Julia nurture their newfound romance but are soon interrupted by a troubled phone call from Gates' ward, Sarah.
User ratings: 122
Average rating: 7.8
Skye's the Limit
Dr Wexlar is made interim ER chief while staff deals with an industrial accident that leads to a hate crime.
User ratings: 126
Average rating: 7.8
300 Patients
Morning shift begins. The night shift treated 142 patients - a new record. Dr. Morris is confident that by the end of the day the ER can set a new record of 300 patients. Frank reminds him that there has never been more than 250 patients in a day. Dr. Morris bets $300 that they can reach 300 by the end of the shift. Frank, Dr. Gates and Dr. Pratt each bet $100 against him. But will the game be fair? Also, when chaplain Dupree arrives announcing that she's doing a round of the hospital, holding blessing ceremonies and memorials, the guys are against it, except for Dr. Gates, which makes the others suspicious. Frank goes straight to the point. Then there is the accident involving a camel.
User ratings: 140
Average rating: 8.0
Status Quo
Jeanie Boulet returns to the ER when her young son is injured at school. She is a stranger to most of the staff but several of the nurses remember her. She is now separated from her policeman husband and works full-time counseling HIV patients. Dr. Pratt has bad news for her however when he analyzes the results of her son's CT scan. Pratt is still upset at not being named interim head of the ER and with Dr. Anspaugh's assessment of his leadership skills, he considers leaving. A colleague suggests he fight on.
User ratings: 151
Average rating: 7.9
Believe the Unseen
A firefighter is brought in after being injured at a fire that is blamed on a young girl with genetic problems. Abby decides to prove the girl did not cause the fire. A disfigured man saves his anti-social neighbor. An old woman dies unattended at the ER while the staff are waiting for a psychiatrist. Pratt backs up Abby in an administration meeting. Neela's cousin apparently chooses Harold.
User ratings: 117
Average rating: 7.8
Pratt gets cold feet when Bettina tries to take their relationship to the next level. Neela joins the Ortho's hockey team and is shocked to see who their opponents are in the first game.
User ratings: 134
Average rating: 7.7
Owner of a Broken Heart
Abby deals with her upcoming reunion with Luka in Croatia, a heart transplant patient is admitted when her body rejects the new heart, and a new doctor ruffles feathers.
User ratings: 130
Average rating: 7.5
...As the Day She Was Born
Neela's marathon shift begins to affect her, and her demeanor isn't helped when she learns the med student she is mentoring is abandoning her specialty.
User ratings: 126
Average rating: 7.6
Truth Will Out
Abby returns to work; Luka applies for a job elsewhere; the reason behind a brash doctor's being at County is revealed.
User ratings: 125
Average rating: 7.7
Under Pressure
A young couple is choppered to County after a car accident, and one of them has a gun. A boy who wants to be a clown is injured in a unicycle mishap, but his father considers him a mathlete and wants him to go to MIT. Pratt visits Bettina in the hospital, but she tells him off.
User ratings: 150
Average rating: 8.0
Tandem Repeats
A young woman with a failing liver has a difficult reunion with her parents, whom she has not seen in six years. Abby receives a job offer. Brenner isn't nice to Laverne after they sleep together.
User ratings: 128
Average rating: 8.0
The Chicago Way
In the season finale, an ER patient with a mysterious past is afraid that people are trying to kill him. Dr. Moretti returns, trying to make amends for wrecking the marriage of Abby and Luka. Neela makes her way through a difficult M&M conference. Morris treats a woman with lupus who has an attractive daughter.
User ratings: 238
Average rating: 7.3
Life After Death
The ER staff deals with the aftermath of the explosion including a severely injured doctor.
User ratings: 396
Average rating: 7.4
Another Thursday at County
The ER is on guard as Gates gathers the new interns to treat a terrorist, but it's the new doctor and her tough disposition that has everyone on the defensive.
User ratings: 139
Average rating: 7.9
The Book of Abby
When a gunshot wound victim arrives, the new chief and Abby butt heads on how to treat the patient. Abby comes to Sam's defense when she goes before a nurses disciplinary board.
User ratings: 275
Average rating: 8.0
Parental Guidance
When a thirteen-year-old gymnast is brought into the hospital after having supposedly fallen off a wall, Dr. Banfield and Dr. Gates must sort out whether abuse is involved.
User ratings: 137
Average rating: 7.9
Patients include an 18-year-old who was stabbed with a fork at his school, and a man shot by a cop at a Halloween party. Meanwhile Sam is annoyed by Gates and Daria.
User ratings: 144
Average rating: 7.8
Oh, Brother
Both Morris and Neela have authority issues with Dr. Banfield and Gates upsets Sam.
User ratings: 227
Average rating: 7.8
Heal Thyself
Trying to rescue a three-year-old girl from drowning in a nearby lake, Banfield is reminded of her own experience at County with Dr. Greene (ANTHONY EDWARDS) caring for her son.
User ratings: 305
Average rating: 8.0
Age of Innocence
A woman who broke her leg while trying to escape a house fire is brought in with her husband. The husband, Mr. Lotery did not let the paramedics to check him over. Then his brother-in-law arrives, saying that he predicted that something like the house fire would happen - it was actually an arson. Mr. Lotery's brother-in-law becomes aggressive and accuses him of being a pervert, specifically a pedophile. Mr. Lotery denies the accusations. He was sued but found not guilty. When Mr. Lotery is waiting for his wife who's in line for X-ray, he has the chance to calm down a young girl who is afraid of needles. When his brother-in-law sees this, he brutally assaults him, while Dr. Brenner calmly watches nearby... Meanwhile, Neela gets sued for malpractice.
User ratings: 157
Average rating: 8.1
Let It Snow
As a snowstorm hits Chicago, Sam's son Alex crashes a car and ends up in critical condition in the ER. Neela gives a deposition in the malpractice suit against her. Dr. Morris and Dr. Banfield are both at a medical conference in Omaha, and when the snow cancels all flights out they share a memorable and surprising evening.
User ratings: 135
Average rating: 7.8
The High Holiday
Alex remains in hospital after the accident, and the doctors have trouble extubating him. Sam realizes she'll have trouble trusting Tony again. Jerry returns to the ER looking for a job and also finds time to help Archie get rid of a container full of his late father's belongings. A Latino woman giving birth in the ER turns out to be on the run from immigration services, and Neela is conflicted about her obligations as a doctor. Several staff members are incapacitated after eating cannabis brownies. And, oh yeah, there's also a Christmas party.
User ratings: 135
Average rating: 7.8
Separation Anxiety
Dr. Banfield and her husband are trying to have a child, but the tests keep coming out negative. Tony helps Max straighten out his life, but he is struggling to win back Sam's respect. The parties in a drug shootout are brought into the ER.
User ratings: 120
Average rating: 7.9
Dream Runner
Neela experiences alternate versions of the same day.
User ratings: 167
Average rating: 8.1
Love Is a Battlefield
A girl who was hit by a car while driving a bicycle is treated in the ER. When her boyfriend turns up it turns out it may not have been an accident. While a lottery has made millionaires of several nearby convenience store workers, Dr. Banfield and her husband are at the fertilization clinic hoping for their one in a million chance. And as an older woman is brought in assisted by her on-and-off husband, three love stories continue in the ER: Dr. Morris meets policewoman Diaz again, Sam discovers that Tony has been seeing Daria, and Neela plays it cool with the returning Dr. Brenner.
User ratings: 133
Average rating: 7.9
A Long, Strange Trip
An elderly man is brought into the ER after being mugged, and sees things as if it were the 1960s.
User ratings: 239
Average rating: 7.9
The Family Man
A single mother is hurt in a car accident, and must find someone to take care of her daughter. Gates treats a 78-year-old man who refuses surgery that would save his life. Meanwhile Morris's afternoon date with Claudia is not what he expected.
User ratings: 134
Average rating: 8.0
The Beginning of the End
Dr. Carter returns to Chicago and talks Dr. Banfield into allowing him to pick up a number of shifts (without pay). Other happenings include Banfield's dogged pursuit of motherhood, Neela's intensifying personal relationship, and Archie's involvement with a patient who was probably beaten while in police custody - with his new girlfriend the detective standing by.
User ratings: 219
Average rating: 7.9
Banfield and her husband look into adoption, while Carter adjusts to a changed ER. Sam's mother (guest star AMY MADIGAN) comes into the ER in an altered state of mind.
User ratings: 154
Average rating: 8.1
What We Do
Carter's illness overtakes him during a critical procedure in a trauma room as a documentary film crew spends the day interviewing the health care givers.
User ratings: 235
Average rating: 7.2
Old Times
A girl drops off a sick baby at the ER and then leaves; Carter may get a kidney transplant; Gates and Daria care for an elderly woman with multiple sclerosis; Neela and Sam are in Seattle to transport a heart for Joanie Moore, while Doug and Carol are concerned that the donor's grandmother might not consent.
User ratings: 582
Average rating: 7.7
Shifting Equilibrium
On Neela's last day at County, she has doubts as to whether she is making the right decision.
User ratings: 174
Average rating: 8.1
I Feel Good
The ER doctors and nurses help out at Camp Del Corazon, a camp for kids who have had open-heart surgery, working alongside the camp counselor (guest star TOM ARNOLD).
User ratings: 251
Average rating: 7.4
And in the End...
As Carter prepares to open a new facility for the underprivileged, some old friends/colleagues gather. Rachel Greene, Mark Greene's daughter, applies for an internship at County.
User ratings: 901
Average rating: 7.7
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