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Seasons: 11
Episodes: 263
User ratings: 65,891
Average rating: 8.1


Dr. Frasier Crane moves back to his hometown of Seattle, where he lives with his father, and works as a radio psychiatrist.

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Episodes details table

The Good Son
Psychiatrist Frasier Crane returns to his hometown of Seattle to host a radio talk show, but soon discovers he could use a shrink himself when his disabled father moves in.
User ratings: 876
Average rating: 8.7
Space Quest
Still adjusting to his new home life with Martin, Daphne, and Eddie, Frasier spends a day searching for a quiet place to read his book alone.
User ratings: 627
Average rating: 8.1
Dinner at Eight
Frasier and Niles's plan to "improve" their father's tastes by taking him to a fancy restaurant rebounds on them when he takes them to his favorite place, a rustic steakhouse.
User ratings: 634
Average rating: 8.2
I Hate Frasier Crane
Frasier gets drawn into a war of words with columnist Derek Mann, leading to Mann challenging Frasier to a fight.
User ratings: 589
Average rating: 7.9
Here's Looking at You
Frasier buys Martin a telescope as a gift, leading to a long-distance relationship with a woman named Irene.
User ratings: 576
Average rating: 8.0
The Crucible
Frasier throws a cocktail party to exhibit a new painting he has bought, but is humiliated when the artist shows up and declares it a forgery.
User ratings: 555
Average rating: 7.8
Call Me Irresponsible
After Frasier advises an unfaithful man to break off with his girlfriend, the girlfriend herself angrily confronts Frasier at the station. They start dating, but Niles insists that Frasier is ethically barred from getting involved with his "patient's" girlfriend.
User ratings: 551
Average rating: 8.0
Beloved Infidel
After seeing an emotional meeting between Martin and an old family friend, Frasier and Niles begin to suspect that their father had an affair when they were boys.
User ratings: 538
Average rating: 8.1
Selling Out
Frasier signs with Bulldog Briscoe's agent, Bebe Glaser, who convinces him to do commercial endorsements.
User ratings: 528
Average rating: 8.0
Frasier hears an office rumor that Bulldog is going to be fired; while he is repeating it to someone, Bulldog overhears, flies off the handle and quits his job, insulting the station manager. When it turns out the rumor wasn't true, Frasier must plead with the manager on Bulldog's behalf.
User ratings: 522
Average rating: 8.0
Death Becomes Him
Frasier becomes obsessed with his own mortality after a doctor his own age dies of a sudden heart attack. He begins making plans for his own funeral, and trying to discover how the man died.
User ratings: 511
Average rating: 7.7
Miracle on Third or Fourth Street
Frasier is looking forward to his first visit from Frederick in time for Christmas, but when the visit is canceled, Frasier takes out his disappointment on his family. He and Martin end up having a vicious argument, and Frasier chooses to spend Christmas Day at the station rather than with Martin. After spending a day listening to Seattle's loneliest and most depressed people, Frasier trudges to a seedy diner for his Christmas dinner, but gets an unexpected boost of Christmas spirit from the regulars.
User ratings: 627
Average rating: 8.6
Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast
Frasier is surprised and flustered when a neighbor spends the night with Martin, and quickly makes a fool of himself talking about it over the air.
User ratings: 525
Average rating: 8.0
Can't Buy Me Love
Frasier and Bulldog participate in a bachelor auction to benefit Martin's police association. Frasier is "bought" by a model, but spends the night of their date babysitting her 12-year-old daughter. Daphne, meanwhile, is trapped in a date with Bulldog.
User ratings: 519
Average rating: 7.8
You Can't Tell a Crook by His Cover
When Roz gets scammed by a con artist, Frasier boasts that he's too smart for such tricks. Martin challenges him to figure out which of his three poker buddies is an ex-convict. Frasier loses the bet, but Martin is appalled to hear that Daphne has made a date with the man (as is Niles).
User ratings: 507
Average rating: 7.8
The Show Where Lilith Comes Back
Lilith visits Frasier in Seattle, wondering if there's any chance of reconciliation.
User ratings: 582
Average rating: 8.5
A Mid-Winter Night's Dream
Worried that Niles's infatuation with Daphne is getting out of control, Frasier suggests that he try spicing up his sex life with Maris. Niles's attempt at role playing leads to him being kicked out of the house. Martin suggests a romantic dinner to reconcile her, and Daphne offers to prepare it. On the night of the dinner, an electrical storm traps her and Niles together in his mansion.
User ratings: 597
Average rating: 8.7
And the Whimper Is...
Frasier and Roz are nominated for a Seattle Broadcasting (SeaBea) Award, and go to extreme lengths to influence the members of the committee. On the night of the awards ceremony, Frasier is discomfited to find that his fellow nominee is Seattle radio legend Fletcher Gray, nominated eleven times before, without success.
User ratings: 487
Average rating: 7.9
Give Him the Chair!
Frasier gets rid of Martin's loathsome armchair, convincing himself that Martin will be happier with a vibrating leather recliner. When Martin angrily demands his old chair back, Frasier tracks it to an elementary school production of "Ten Little Indians," in which he must take a part in order to get the chair back.
User ratings: 519
Average rating: 8.1
Frasier becomes suddenly aware of his age, and so is not sure how to react when a young woman asks him out.
User ratings: 491
Average rating: 7.6
Travels with Martin
The Cranes and Daphne go on a road trip in a Winnebago, but a quick trip across the Canadian border causes certain complications.
User ratings: 628
Average rating: 8.9
Author, Author
Frasier and Niles try to collaborate on a book about sibling relationships.
User ratings: 553
Average rating: 8.4
Frasier Crane's Day Off
Dr. Frasier Crane takes a much-needed day off from his radio psychiatry broadcast.
User ratings: 602
Average rating: 8.7
My Coffee with Niles
Frasier and Niles spend the entire episode in conversation at Cafe Nervosa.
User ratings: 641
Average rating: 8.9
Slow Tango in South Seattle
Frasier is outraged to learn that Thomas Jay Fallow, an author acquaintance from his days in Boston, has used the story of Frasier's first sexual experience as the basis for his best-selling romance novel.
User ratings: 509
Average rating: 7.9
The Unkindest Cut of All
An irate neighbor presents Frasier with a litter of puppies which she claims are Eddie's. Frasier insists that Martin have Eddie fixed, which touches off an argument between the two over Frasier's house rules.
User ratings: 461
Average rating: 7.7
The Matchmaker
Frasier's plan to "fix up" Daphne with his new boss goes awry when Frasier learns his secret.
User ratings: 866
Average rating: 9.3
Flour Child
Frasier, Niles, and Martin help to deliver a baby when their taxi driver goes into labor in the middle of the road. Niles decides to experiment with fatherhood by carrying around a sack of flour as an imaginary baby. Frasier's ill-considered message on an ailing employee's get-well card leads him to steal it from the man's hospital room.
User ratings: 529
Average rating: 8.3
Duke's, We Hardly Knew Ye
Frasier and Niles are surprised and pleased when Martin invites them to share a drink at Duke's, his favorite bar. Guilt overcomes them, however, when they realize that they are investors in the developer that has targeted Duke's for demolition.
User ratings: 448
Average rating: 7.8
The Botched Language of Cranes
When an on-air gaffe tarnishes Frasier's public image, he tries to rebuild it by emceeing a charity event.
User ratings: 470
Average rating: 8.1
The Candidate
Frasier and Niles disapprove of Martin endorsing a right-wing political candidate.
User ratings: 538
Average rating: 8.5
Adventures in Paradise: Part 1
Frasier starts dating Madeline Marshall, a businesswoman profiled in "Seattle" magazine. As their relationship gets more serious, he proposes a weekend trip to Bora Bora.
User ratings: 466
Average rating: 8.0
Adventures in Paradise: Part 2
After Lilith's presence on Bora Bora causes Frasier to lose control, he returns to Seattle and tries to patch up things with Madeline.
User ratings: 485
Average rating: 8.3
Burying a Grudge
Artie Walsh, Martin's estranged old partner, is in the hospital, and Frasier tries to heal the rift between them.
User ratings: 426
Average rating: 7.6
Seat of Power
Niles becomes agitated when the plumber called over to fix Frasier's toilet turns out to be Danny Kriezel, his nemesis from junior high. Frasier encourages Niles to speak to Danny as one adult to another, but finds his own resolve tested when confronted with Danny's older brother Billy.
User ratings: 511
Average rating: 8.5
Roz in the Doghouse
Bulldog asks Roz to produce his show; Frasier scornfully dismisses the offer as yet another attempt to get Roz into bed. Feeling unappreciated, Roz angrily quits and works for Bulldog. Bulldog's ratings soar while Frasier's plummet, but he refuses to swallow his pride, certain that it's only a matter of time before Bulldog makes his move.
User ratings: 421
Average rating: 8.0
Retirement Is Murder
Frasier is excited when he believes that he's cracked Martin's long-unsolved case, the "Weeping Lotus" murder.
User ratings: 476
Average rating: 8.5
Fool Me Once, Shame on You, Fool Me Twice...
Frasier's gullibility makes him a target twice over for an identity thief.
User ratings: 418
Average rating: 7.9
You Scratch My Book...
Frasier dates pop psychologist Dr. Honey Snow, trying to conceal his low opinion of her work. Niles strings Daphne along with phony stock payoffs to earn hugs and kisses from her.
User ratings: 447
Average rating: 8.0
The Show Where Sam Shows Up
Sam Malone visits Frasier in Seattle; it turns out he needs advice on whether to go through with his wedding. Complications arise when Frasier realizes that he had an affair with Sam's fiancée, Sheila.
User ratings: 493
Average rating: 8.1
Daphne's Room
Frasier casually wanders into Daphne's bedroom, making her furious with him. He apologizes, but inadvertently does it again, this time catching her naked in the shower. Meanwhile, Niles desperately tries to soften Maris after he foolishly believes her declaration that she wants no birthday party or presents.
User ratings: 589
Average rating: 9.0
The Club
Frasier and Niles put themselves forward as candidates for two vacant memberships in Seattle's exclusive Empire Club; upon learning that there is only one vacancy, they try to sabotage each other at the opening cocktail party.
User ratings: 435
Average rating: 8.2
Someone to Watch Over Me
Frasier becomes increasingly paranoid when it appears that one of his callers is stalking him. He hires a bodyguard to accompany him to the SeaBea awards.
User ratings: 442
Average rating: 8.3
Breaking the Ice
Martin prepares for his annual ice-fishing trip, but when Duke cancels, Niles volunteers to go along, wanting a chance to bond with his father. Frasier does so too, ruminating that his father has never in his life said "I love you" to him.
User ratings: 477
Average rating: 8.5
An Affair to Forget
One of Frasier's callers, a German woman named Gretchen, suspects that her husband is having an affair with his client. Frasier suspects that the woman is Maris. When Niles finds out, he challenges the (very large) man to a duel.
User ratings: 604
Average rating: 9.0
Agents in America: Part 3
Bebe, Frasier's agent, convinces him to sham sick during his contract negotiations. After she issues an ultimatum to the station manager, the two spend a tense night at his apartment, and sleep together. The next morning, he tries to let her down gently, but then hears that she is threatening to jump from the station window.
User ratings: 492
Average rating: 8.6
The Innkeepers
Visiting a venerable old Seattle restaurant before its final closing, Frasier and Niles decide to buy the place. Disasters ensue on their opening night, including a mass walk-out by the staff, the fire sprinklers going off, and a car crashing through the wall.
User ratings: 688
Average rating: 9.1
Dark Victory
Frasier comes home in the mood to celebrate Martin's birthday, only to find he and Daphne arguing over doing his exercises for the umpteenth time, and Niles furious at him for "stealing" one of his patients. When a blackout traps the family and Roz in the apartment, Frasier gamely tries to carry on the party atmosphere.
User ratings: 479
Average rating: 8.4
She's the Boss
Kate Costas takes over as KACL's station manager; when Frasier angrily rejects her suggestions to improve his show, she banishes him to the midnight-4AM time slot.
User ratings: 502
Average rating: 8.3
Shrink Rap
Frasier and Niles go to a couples' therapist after their sibling rivalry makes a disaster of their attempt to run a psychiatry practice together.
User ratings: 427
Average rating: 8.1
Martin Does It His Way
The boys discover a box full of song lyrics that Martin wrote for Frank Sinatra; with their help, he sets one to music and sends it off. Frasier tries to compose a sincere eulogy for a despised late aunt, while Niles tries to find the perfect place to scatter her ashes.
User ratings: 451
Average rating: 8.0
Leapin' Lizards
Bulldog, with Kate's encouragement, plays a series of practical jokes on Frasier. Frasier tries to retaliate, but his first and last attempt sends Kate to the emergency room.
User ratings: 412
Average rating: 7.7
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
While Frasier frantically prepares to host an important party, Niles tries to dissuade Daphne from pursuing a romance with Frasier's contractor.
User ratings: 401
Average rating: 8.1
Sleeping with the Enemy
Kate cancels the annual raise for the station staff; with Roz's encouragement, Frasier organizes the on-air talent to strike, and is elected to negotiate with Kate. Their negotiation turns into a vicious argument, which turns into a passionate affair.
User ratings: 439
Average rating: 8.3
The Adventures of Bad Boy and Dirty Girl
During a late-night broadcast, Kate and Frasier's overwhelming attraction to each other gets the better of them, and they are heard having sex over the air.
User ratings: 508
Average rating: 8.7
The Last Time I Saw Maris
Maris disappears without a trace for two days; when a frantic Niles finds out that she has simply flown to New York for a shopping trip, he angrily confronts her, leading to their separation.
User ratings: 444
Average rating: 8.5
Frasier Grinch
Frasier eagerly awaits a visit from Frederick for Christmas, but a crisis occurs when the gifts he has mail-ordered go astray. He has no choice but to fight his way into the mall on Christmas Eve.
User ratings: 450
Average rating: 8.1
It's Hard to Say Goodbye If You Won't Leave
When Kate announces that she is leaving to manage a station in Chicago, Frasier tries to explore the possibility of a deeper relationship with her. He follows her to the airport for a romantic goodbye, but her flight is delayed, leaving them time to find out whether they really have anything in common.
User ratings: 391
Average rating: 7.6
The Friend
Frasier sends out a radio call for a new friend, and ends up meeting Bob, a barbecue-obsessed photographer. Frasier can't stand the man's company, but because Bob is in a wheelchair, feels too guilty to dump him.
User ratings: 426
Average rating: 7.3
Come Lie with Me
After Joe spends the night with Daphne, Frasier feels uncomfortable and asks her not to entertain guests in his home. Daphne proposes that she take an apartment of her own. Frasier eagerly agrees to this, looking forward to getting his study back, but changes his mind when a weekend without Daphne leads to he and Martin nearly killing each other. Niles sinks deeper and deeper into denial as his separation from Maris leads to his shutout from his circle of high-society friends.
User ratings: 398
Average rating: 7.8
Moon Dance
Realizing that it's time he started dating again, Niles takes Daphne to a society ball.
User ratings: 722
Average rating: 9.2
The Show Where Diane Comes Back
The arrival of Diane Chambers in Seattle puts Frasier on an emotional rollercoaster ride.
User ratings: 462
Average rating: 8.0
A Word to the Wiseguy
The police issue a warrant for Maris's arrest after she fails to pay a stack of unpaid parking tickets. To help their reconciliation, Niles goes to a local "fixer," Jerome Belasco. Jerome solves the problem, but wants a favor in return: Frasier must advise Jerome's fiancée, Brandy, to marry him right away.
User ratings: 434
Average rating: 8.1
Look Before You Leap
In honor of February 29th, Frasier encourages the people around him to "take a leap" and do something outside their comfort zone. Unfortunately, their attempts result in failures and make him have doubts about his own leap.
User ratings: 489
Average rating: 8.5
High Crane Drifter
After a day and a half of experiencing other people's rude and inconsiderate behavior, Frasier reaches saturation point when a man casually steals his and Niles's table at Cafe Nervosa. Frasier ejects the man from the café. Next day, he is hailed as a hero in the paper, but is horrified when his act sparks off a series of "etiquette lessons" by people all over Seattle.
User ratings: 504
Average rating: 8.8
Chess Pains
Frasier buys an elaborate antique chess set, but becomes obsessed by his inability to win against Martin.
User ratings: 470
Average rating: 8.5
Crane vs. Crane
Niles eagerly agrees to appear as an expert witness at the capacity hearing of an elderly timber baron, knowing that the proceedings will be televised. The man approaches Frasier for a second opinion. Frasier agrees to meet with the man, and finds him perfectly sane, leaving him no choice but to testify against Niles in court.
User ratings: 411
Average rating: 7.9
Police Story
Frasier pursues an attractive police officer who pulls him over. When he and Martin track her down to a cop bar, she comes on to Martin.
User ratings: 386
Average rating: 7.8
Where There's Smoke, There's Fired
KACL's new owner, an eighty-five year old Texan with a nationwide chain of radio stations, has a job for Frasier: make his fiancée quit smoking. Frasier reels when he realizes the woman is Frasier's agent, Bebe Glaser.
User ratings: 456
Average rating: 8.1
Frasier Loves Roz
When Roz is depressed about her love-life, Frasier advises her to look for a less-flashy, more substantial kind of man. He is alarmed when she starts dating one of Niles's patients, a compulsive womanizer. Frasier can't tell her the truth without violating doctor-patient confidentiality, but his oblique hints about the subject lead Roz to conclude that Frasier is romantically interested in her.
User ratings: 393
Average rating: 7.9
The Focus Group
Frasier's show is aired to a focus group. Eleven out of twelve people have nothing but good things to say, but Frasier becomes obsessed with the twelfth man. Niles repeatedly tries to provoke Daphne after getting turned on by a fierce argument with her.
User ratings: 422
Average rating: 8.1
You Can Go Home Again
On the third-year anniversary of Frasier's show, Roz gives him a tape of their first broadcast. Frasier listens to it, flashing back to his rough first day on the job, and his rougher attempt on the same day to reconnect with Martin.
User ratings: 438
Average rating: 8.5
The Two Mrs. Cranes
Daphne's ex-fiancé, Clive, visits her in Seattle to declare his continuing love for her. Rather than tell him the truth, that she can't see a future for them, she pretends to be married to Niles.
User ratings: 752
Average rating: 9.2
Love Bites Dog
Roz sets Frasier up with her friend Sharon, but Bulldog steals her away. After spending the weekend with her, Bulldog shocks both Frasier and Roz by falling in love with her. Martin searches for the maker of his classic shoes.
User ratings: 418
Average rating: 8.1
The Impossible Dream
Frasier is tormented by a recurring erotic dream in which he wakes up in a cheap hotel bed with Gil Chesterton. He desperately searches for any psychological explanation besides the obvious one.
User ratings: 478
Average rating: 8.4
A Crane's Critique
Frasier and Niles are thrilled to catch sight of T.H. Houghton, a reclusive author from their youth. They are aggravated, however, when Martin forms a friendship with the man but they are consistently unable to meet him.
User ratings: 409
Average rating: 8.1
Head Game
Frasier takes a leave of absence, and Niles fills in on his show for a week. Giving some brief advice to one of Bulldog's guests, a basketball player, Niles turns his game around. Niles is elated to be the center of attention from fans, and from Martin. He later realizes that the player's improvement has less to do with Niles's advice than a belief that ruffling his hair brings good luck.
User ratings: 459
Average rating: 8.5
Mixed Doubles
Joe breaks up with Daphne, and Niles eagerly decides to make his move. Frasier advises him to wait a day. Niles does, but is crushed when Roz takes Daphne to a singles bar and she meets a man. What makes it weird is that the man, Rodney, looks, dresses, talks, and acts exactly like Niles.
User ratings: 556
Average rating: 9.0
A Lilith Thanksgiving
Frasier, Martin, and Niles fly to Boston for Thanksgiving. Frasier and Lilith go together for an interview with the principal of an exclusive boarding school, hoping to gain a spot for Frederick. They are so dogged that the principal agrees to admit Frederick if they both promise that he'll never lay eyes on either of them again.
User ratings: 485
Average rating: 8.5
Our Father Whose Art Ain't Heaven
Martin accompanies Frasier and Niles to their favorite restaurant, where Frasier heaps praise on the hideous paintings that the owner has bought to secure a good table. Martin and the boys get into a fight over who should pay the check. Later, Martin feels bad and makes up by buying Frasier one of the paintings. Frasier can't bear to tell him the truth. Meanwhile, Niles's spineless side is on display in response to Maris's underhanded tactics to draw guests away from a party he's throwing on the same night as hers.
User ratings: 415
Average rating: 7.9
Dad Loves Sherry, the Boys Just Whine
Maureen, Martin's policewoman girlfriend, breaks up with him. Martin is delighted, and takes up with Sherry, a barmaid at McGinty's. Frasier and Niles can't stand the woman, but neither has the guts to say so.
User ratings: 396
Average rating: 8.1
Liar! Liar!
Frasier feels guilty when he finds out that a prank they played in prep school led to a bully being expelled. Frasier tracks the man down, and finds out he is in prison.
User ratings: 375
Average rating: 7.6
Three Days of the Condo
Frasier runs for condo board president, against the tyrannical Ms. Langer. Niles lends his apartment to Martin for a romantic evening with Sherry, but inadvertently walks in on the two of them in flagrante.
User ratings: 389
Average rating: 8.1
Death and the Dog
Eddie is feeling depressed, and Martin calls a dog psychiatrist. Frasier and Niles make fun of the idea, but ruminating about the possible reasons for Eddie's funk leads them to dwell on all the reasons to be unhappy with their own lives.
User ratings: 469
Average rating: 8.5
Four for the Seesaw
Frasier and Niles, on a whim, share a table at Cafe Nervosa with two attractive women, which develops into a double date and then a weekend trip to the country.
User ratings: 458
Average rating: 8.5
To Kill a Talking Bird
Niles invites his new neighbors over for a dinner party, but has trouble removing his new pet bird from the top of his head.
User ratings: 519
Average rating: 8.7
Roz's Krantz & Gouldenstein Are Dead
Roz is sentenced to community service for a speeding ticket. Visiting elderly people in a retirement home, she panics when one, and then another of her charges dies suddenly.
User ratings: 440
Average rating: 8.4
The Unnatural
Frederick comes to visit Seattle. Hearing Bulldog planning the station team's softball game, Frederick wonders why Frasier isn't playing. Bulldog covers and says Frasier is a great athlete. Frederick wants to see his dad play, and Frasier, rather than let him down, tries to learn to hit a ball in two days. Niles is eaten up with jealousy when Daphne's innocent fondness for Frederick allows for more intimate contact than he's ever experienced.
User ratings: 371
Average rating: 7.8
Roz's Turn
A vacant time slot opens at the radio station, and Roz applies for a job hosting her own show. Frasier muses aloud that he'll be sorry to lose her as his producer. Unfortunately, Bebe overhears, and sabotages Roz. In contrition, Frasier asks Roz what he can do to make it up to her. She tells him to fire Bebe.
User ratings: 379
Average rating: 7.9
Ham Radio
Frasier tries to direct an old-time radio drama for KACL, but his over-directing turns the show into a complete disaster - just as Niles predicted.
User ratings: 1,011
Average rating: 9.5
Three Dates and a Breakup
Frasier hosts a benefit party at his apartment, and is ecstatic when three women come on to him. However, his first date is ruined by Sherry's obnoxious intrusion. The next morning, he is surprised to see Martin and Sherry fighting, and then break up. Daphne tries to adopt an American accent. After a chance meeting with a gossipy high school friend, during which she looks less than her best, Roz becomes obsessed with trying to find him again and impress him.
User ratings: 461
Average rating: 8.5
Daphne Hates Sherry
During a heat wave, Sherry's constant presence at the apartment gets on Daphne's nerves. They get into a serious fight, and she storms out of the apartment. Unable to find another place, she asks to spend the night with Niles. Frasier tries to fight off the flu.
User ratings: 461
Average rating: 8.8
Are You Being Served?
Niles suggests to Maris that they go into marriage counseling; she responds by serving him with divorce papers. Daphne tries to throw out a box of Martin's unused junk. Frasier and Niles look through it and find an old scientific journal by their mother. She observes that Frasier has a fear of physical contact, and Niles is easily cowed by females. Niles confesses that he returned the divorce papers with a groveling note begging Maris to take him back. While Maris is away, he and Frasier sneak into her mansion to steal them back.
User ratings: 458
Average rating: 8.7
Ask Me No Questions
Over coffee at Cafe Nervosa, Niles asks Frasier if he thinks Niles and Maris are meant to be together. Frasier typically over-analyzes the question, turning to everyone for advice, and obsessing about the proper answer to the point of obliviousness to anything else.
User ratings: 364
Average rating: 7.6
Odd Man Out
Frasier's loneliness is brought into sharp focus during an evening when all his family and friends have a date except him; eating alone in a restaurant, the last straw comes when a man at the next table proposes to his fiancée, to the applause of everyone. Frasier finds himself drawn to a mysterious woman's voice when she leaves a wrong-number message on his machine. He goes to meet her at the airport. She is pleased to meet him, but confesses that she's married. Though he is disappointed, Frasier is still pleased with his own adventurousness, and on a whim he boards a plane for Acapulco.
User ratings: 387
Average rating: 8.0
Frasier's Imaginary Friend
Frasier brings back a supermodel girlfriend from his trip to Acapulco. Unfortunately, he has some trouble convincing his friends and family that she is real.
User ratings: 523
Average rating: 8.9
The Gift Horse
For Martin's 65th birthday, Frasier and Niles engage in their yearly competition to buy him the better gift. They keep one-upping each other, until Frasier makes the ultimate sacrifice and buys Martin a humongous big screen TV. Niles, however, trumps him by buying Martin his old patrol horse, Agides.
User ratings: 445
Average rating: 8.7
Roz confesses to Frasier that she thinks she's pregnant. Niles hosts a costume party for the Library Association, with everyone dressed as literary characters. Frasier lets the news slip at the party. Niles, who is getting drunk, overhears it and misconstrues it to mean that Frasier has impregnated Daphne.
User ratings: 630
Average rating: 9.2
The Kid
Learning she is pregnant, Roz breaks the news to the baby's father, a 20-year-old waiter at Cafe Nervosa.
User ratings: 397
Average rating: 8.1
The 1000th Show
Frasier's show marks its 1,000th broadcast. In celebration, the mayor declares "Frasier Crane Day" and arranges a public rally at the Space Needle. Frasier acts embarrassed by the fuss, but his true feelings are revealed when a series of mishaps frustrates his and Niles's attempts to get to the rally.
User ratings: 390
Average rating: 7.9
Voyage of the Damned
Frasier agrees to give a celebrity lecture on a cruise to Alaska, and invites Niles and Martin along. Trouble ensues when Maris also comes along, and spots a flirtatious society friend coming on to Niles.
User ratings: 438
Average rating: 8.3
My Fair Frasier
Frasier dates Samantha, a high-powered attorney. He and his family become confused when it is clear that he is not the one "wearing the pants" in their relationship.
User ratings: 377
Average rating: 8.0
Desperately Seeking Closure
After Sam breaks up with Frasier, he obsesses over her possible reasons.
User ratings: 349
Average rating: 7.4
Perspectives on Christmas
While receiving massages for their holiday stress, each member of the Crane family relates the story of the last few days, with subtle differences based on their own perspectives. Martin rehearsed a song with an impossibly high note to appear in a Christmas pageant; Daphne overheard him talking about it and mistakenly thought he was dying; Niles ruined his brand-new suit while trying to escape from a stuck elevator; and Frasier mistakenly let slip to Roz's mother that she was pregnant just before they appeared together as Santa and Mrs. Claus.
User ratings: 473
Average rating: 8.8
Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name
Bored with his usual routine, Frasier shuns Niles's company and becomes taken with the "Fox and Whistle," a British pub Daphne frequents.
User ratings: 376
Average rating: 7.8
Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do
Daphne finds an engagement ring in Martin's drawer. Appalled at the prospect of having Sherry for a stepmother, Niles hires a private detective to check out her background. Furious, Frasier orders the investigation called off, but not before the detective reports that Sherry has no less than six ex-husbands. Worried that she is unable to maintain a relationship, the boys try to drop hints to Martin. Martin angrily informs them that he's known about her other marriages from the beginning. It turns out, though, that Martin has decided to break up with her because he knows she isn't interested in marrying again.
User ratings: 349
Average rating: 7.7
The Zoo Story
While the station is re-negotiating everyone's contract, Frasier refuses to re-sign with Bebe, and instead chooses as his agent an earnest do-gooder named Ben. He finds his resolve tested when Ben's angle, to connect Frasier's public image with a rare crane at the zoo, goes embarrassingly wrong.
User ratings: 373
Average rating: 8.0
The Maris Counselor
Niles is optimistic about his progress with Maris under their new marriage counselor, Dr. Schenkman. Deciding to surprise Maris with a nooner at her house, he is devastated to find Schenkman already waiting in her bed. He tells Niles they plan to get married. Niles finally decides to end his marriage. Martin looks forward to a date with an attractive neighbor, but it turns out his date is with her 86-year-old mother.
User ratings: 420
Average rating: 8.3
The Ski Lodge
Roz wins a weekend at a ski lodge, and trades it to Frasier. Daphne invites along her friend Annie, a swimsuit model. Frasier is taken with her, but she is interested in Niles. Added to the mix is their very handsome French ski instructor, Guy. Daphne is taken with him, but he is interested in Niles. That night, confusion runs rampant.
User ratings: 1,031
Average rating: 9.6
Room Service
An unexpected visit from Lilith stirs old passions in Frasier and new ones in Niles.
User ratings: 572
Average rating: 9.0
Beware of Greeks
Frasier's cousin, Nikos, is getting married. His mother Zora, Frasier's aunt-by-marriage, has blacklisted the Crane family since Frasier advised Nikos to follow his heart in choosing his career (which meant dropping out of medical school to be a street juggler). Knowing that Martin misses his brother, Walt, Frasier begs Zora for forgiveness, and she joyfully invites them to the wedding. Niles is less than thrilled, knowing that it means seeing their man-hungry Cousin Yvonne again. At the rehearsal dinner, Frasier is troubled. To him it is obvious that Nikos misses his old girlfriend, and that his wealthy fiancée is only aiming a barb at her snobbish parents. He is hesitant to speak out, knowing that Zora will dismember him if he does.
User ratings: 423
Average rating: 7.6
The Perfect Guy
Dr. Clint Webber, the station's new host on health issues, is not only dazzlingly handsome, but also an Oxford graduate, a gourmet chef, a star athlete, and a polyglot. Frasier makes a pretense of friendliness, but after a while admits his jealousy and searches for a flaw, any flaw, in Clint's seeming perfection. Martin makes fun of a gourmet foods store that Niles frequents, and its French proprietor, Robert, but is forced to apologize when Eddie becomes hooked on the store's dog food.
User ratings: 443
Average rating: 8.3
Bad Dog
Bulldog becomes a hero when he appears to thwart an attempted armed robbery at the café. Only Frasier saw what really happened: mistaking a different man for the robber, he pulled Roz in front of him as a human shield, inadvertently spilling his coffee on the actual robber. When Bulldog basks in his acclaim and refuses to confess, Frasier prepares an elaborate surprise to draw out his conscience at the SeaBea awards.
User ratings: 367
Average rating: 7.8
Frasier Gotta Have It
Frasier has a torrid affair with Caitlin, a young artist. Their physical chemistry is perfect, but Frasier feels guilty when he realizes they have nothing else in common. Overpowering lust distracts his attempts to break up with her, until a night at her apartment when she reveals some of her crazier habits.
User ratings: 375
Average rating: 7.5
First Date
Daphne overhears Niles talking about the woman he loves without realizing it is her. When she asks him who it is, his courage fails and he randomly names a neighbor woman, Phyllis. Daphne offers to prepare dinner for both of them at his apartment. While working together, they enjoy each other's company so much that Niles is prepared to tell her the truth, until the real Phyllis shows up at the door.
User ratings: 468
Average rating: 8.9
Roz and the Schnoz
Roz stays with Frasier while her new apartment is being painted, and panics when she receives a message from Rick's parents, her baby's future grandparents. Frasier invites them for dinner. Both parents have enormous noses, and the Crane family spends the whole evening desperately trying to hide their laughter.
User ratings: 524
Average rating: 8.7
The Life of the Party
Fed up with their pathetic love lives, Frasier and Niles throw a singles party at Niles's apartment. They are soon at odds over the same woman. Martin tries dyeing his hair to appear younger for the party.
User ratings: 425
Average rating: 8.5
Party, Party
Frasier tries repeatedly to arrange a date with a young woman he met at the opera, but is late time and again because of some accidents. On the last night before she leaves Seattle, she agrees to meet him, but Frasier must find a way to escape from his own surprise birthday party. Niles preens over his new relationship with Allison, Frasier's attractive neighbor, but panics when he finds out that Allison is married, to a gun-crazy big game hunter.
User ratings: 347
Average rating: 7.8
Sweet Dreams
On their way home, Frasier and Daphne join a protest outside a condemned bookstore. When the police start arresting the protesters, including Daphne, Frasier panics and flees. Feeling guilty, he impetuously takes a stand against the station's new policy of reading on-air advertisements. The new station manager, Kenny Daly, takes his cause to a higher authority, and is fired. Frasier and a group of the on-air talent protest directly to Mr. Martin, the station owner. Frasier gives a speech on believing in principles and following one's heart. Inspired, Mr. Martin announces that he is changing the station's format from talk to salsa music, leading to the firing of all the on-air talent.
User ratings: 343
Average rating: 7.9
Good Grief
Frasier deals with the loss of his job as though it were a loved one, moving through the five traditional stages: denial, anger, bargaining, grief and acceptance, each with some weird results.
User ratings: 384
Average rating: 7.8
Frasier's Curse
Frasier's high school reunion comes around, but he has come to believe that a curse will hit him with some fresh misfortune, as it has for every previous reunion.
User ratings: 363
Average rating: 7.7
Dial M for Martin
With Frasier home all day, he and Martin get into explosive arguments. Roz suggests that Martin move in with Niles for a while. Niles is as enthused at the idea as Frasier was six years before, but changes his mind rapidly when he realizes Daphne will be coming too. Then she announces that Martin's hip has improved enough for her to find another job. After a series of minor accidents, Martin becomes afraid that Niles is trying to injure him on purpose.
User ratings: 493
Average rating: 8.8
Hot Ticket
Frasier and Niles are obsessed with getting tickets to the final performance of a sold-out play. Since they are less concerned with seeing the play than with being *seen* seeing the play, they are too embarrassed to take tickets from the cancellation line, and instead try to fake having seen it, at a society party where the play's lead is the guest of honor.
User ratings: 372
Average rating: 7.6
First Do No Harm
Martin sets Frasier up with Duke's gorgeous daughter, Marie. Their relationship blooms, but after a while he becomes suspicious that she is only interested in free therapy.
User ratings: 361
Average rating: 7.4
Secret Admirer
An anonymous person leaves an expensive gift in Frasier's squash bag, with a note pleading for a second chance. Thinking he has a secret admirer, Frasier excitedly calls a host of old girlfriends, in spite of the fact that he's already in a promising new relationship with Nancy, a former co-worker. A second gift arrives, and it turns out the woman is Maris. Dr. Schenkman has dumped her, and she wants Niles back. Frasier finds out the truth, but too late; a string of return messages arrives in the middle of his date, destroying his relationship with Nancy. Niles tells Maris their marriage is over for good, and she vows to bleed him penniless in their divorce proceedings.
User ratings: 351
Average rating: 7.9
How to Bury a Millionaire
Maris repossesses Niles's car and his legal bills exceed his salary. He is forced to drive a hatchback and give up his apartment at the Montana for a tiny studio at the "Shangri-La."
User ratings: 406
Average rating: 8.4
The Seal Who Came to Dinner
When Niles' Gourmet Club has its annual "Golden Apron Awards", Niles decides to throw a dinner party in hopes of obtaining the illustrious apron. He and Frasier break into Maris' beach-side cottage to hold the festivities, but an unexpected guest makes matters rather difficult for the two of them.
User ratings: 458
Average rating: 8.5
Roz, a Loan
While in between jobs, new-mother Roz finds herself in financial trouble and Frasier allows her a loan of fifteen hundred dollars. But Frasier soon begins to suspect that her spending of the money is somewhat irresponsible and decides to confront Roz about it. Meanwhile, KACL dumps their all-Salsa format and rehires the old team.
User ratings: 338
Average rating: 7.5
Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moskowitz
A Jewish woman sets Frasier up with her daughter because she thinks he's Jewish as well.
User ratings: 548
Average rating: 8.9
Good Samaritan
Frasier has become fed up with the way the modern world treats good Samaritans. His son Freddie comes to visit and one night, while driving home, Frasier stops to help a woman stuck in the rain, only to discover that she is a prostitute.
User ratings: 373
Average rating: 7.9
Our Parents, Ourselves
Frasier and Roz set his father Martin up with her mother Joanna on a "blind date". Afterwards, Martin announces that he never wants to see her again while Joanna cannot wait to see Martin a second time. It all comes to a head when Frasier invites Roz and Joanna over to watch the Superbowl, but Martin has invited Bonnie, a waitress from McGinty's, whom he is interested in dating.
User ratings: 360
Average rating: 7.6
The Show Where Woody Shows Up
Frasier's old bartender at Cheers in Boston, Woody, shows up in Seattle to visit his old friend. Things turn bad after their first night reunion when Frasier realizes that he has moved on with his life and left Woody in the past.
User ratings: 381
Average rating: 7.3
Three Valentines
Three different act long stories following Frasier, Daphne, Niles and Martin on Valentine's Day. Niles prepares for a date at Frasier's apartment, but ends up lighting the apartment on fire. Martin and Daphne, both dateless, head out for dinner. Frasier is confused as to whether or not his date with Cassandra, a promotional manager at KACL is just a business meeting or actually a date.
User ratings: 666
Average rating: 9.1
To Tell the Truth
Niles' and Maris' divorce proceedings heat up and Niles hires Roz's ex-boyfriend Donny Douglas, a cut-throat lawyer who soon has Maris' legal team on the ropes. However, when Maris claims that Niles was in love with another woman through their marriage, Niles fears he may have to come clean about his crush on Daphne.
User ratings: 407
Average rating: 8.5
Niles, still reeling from Daphne and Donny's new relationship, wins Maris' old cottage in the woods from the divorce. In an attempt to win Daphne from Donny, he invites Roz and Donny up to the cabin in hopes that their old relationship might spark some new feelings.
User ratings: 431
Average rating: 8.7
The Dinner Party
Frasier and Niles decide to host a dinner party at Frasier's apartment. It becomes more complicated than either of them could have imagined and it leads them to think that maybe the brothers are spending too much of their time together.
User ratings: 426
Average rating: 8.5
Taps at the Montana
With the divorce with Maris finally settled, Niles moves back into his luxurious apartment in the Montana. But when the tenant Frasier chose to let the apartment comes under attack, Niles is subject to severe scrutiny from the Montana Board, who tell Niles that they are considering kicking him out of the building once and for all. In an attempt to wrangle the support of the Board back to his side, Niles decides to throw a dinner party for the members, but with disastrous results.
User ratings: 358
Average rating: 8.1
Frasier and Niles' long time competitiveness is reawakened at a silence auction where the two spend eight thousand dollars for a lunch with three Nobel Prize winners. Determined to find the root of the fierce competition, the two remember an old IQ test they took to which they never found out the results. The brothers dig through their childhood papers and find the IQ test. Now the only question is which one of them has the higher points?
User ratings: 385
Average rating: 8.3
Dr. Nora
Frasier's radio show is doing well in its ratings, and KACL has decided that another show in the same genre would do well. They ask Frasier to hire another doctor to fill the slot and he is immediately taken with an intelligent woman named Dr. Nora. Frasier is suddenly shocked to realize that Dr. Nora is not all that she appeared to be.
User ratings: 465
Average rating: 8.3
When a Man Loves Two Women
Fraiser has begun dating Cassandra Stone, the beautiful woman whom he spent Valentine's Day. Everything is going well until Faye Moskowitz comes back to town and Frasier remembers how much he enjoyed spending time with her. He begins to date both women, but soon discovers the prestigious dating level is not all it is cracked up to be.
User ratings: 365
Average rating: 8.1
Visions of Daphne
Martin sees Donny buying an engagement ring for Daphne and, while relaying the information to Frasier, accidentally tells the bride-to-be herself. When Niles finds out, he is absolutely devastated. The next day, Daphne comes to Niles' office saying that she had a vision that she should not marry Donny and that the man of her dreams is waiting for her somewhere.
User ratings: 411
Average rating: 8.6
Shutout in Seattle: Part 1
In the wake of Daphne's engagement to Donny, Niles becomes frequently distant, leading Martin and Frasier to believe that he has run back to his ex-wife Maris. Meanwhile, Martin begins dating Bonny the waitress, and as his relationship with Faye deepens, Frasier begins having Freudian slips, continuously referring to her as Cassandra, the woman Frasier was dating before Faye.
User ratings: 379
Average rating: 8.3
Shutout in Seattle: Part 2
Niles has started dating Kit, a wild waitress from Cafe Nervosa. Frasier becomes increasingly worried about Niles when he begins to adopt Kit's wild, free-spirited approach to life. Meanwhile, Martin is upset with Bonny when her dog, Lady, begins dominating Eddie and Frasier is even more worried about his situation with Faye when Cassandra begins popping back into his life.
User ratings: 405
Average rating: 8.7
Momma Mia
Frasier starts dating Mia Preston, a children's book author. Everyone except him realizes she is the spitting image of his and Niles's mother, Hester.
User ratings: 414
Average rating: 8.2
Father of the Bride
Daphne complains about her mother's pushiness in planning her wedding. Frasier makes a Freudian slip that leads her to think that he and Martin are offering to pay for her wedding, which she joyfully accepts. Before long, Frasier becomes even more domineering than her mother. Niles, depressed about Daphne's impending nuptials, decides to try a dating service and is elated to be matched with an attractive blonde named Sabrina. But Frasier learns from Donny that the service in question is actually a call girl ring.
User ratings: 339
Average rating: 7.7
Radio Wars
Frasier is repeatedly made the butt of phone pranks by KACL's new comedy team, "Carlos and the Chicken." When the team announces a contest for a covert photo of Frasier's hindquarters, he decides to retaliate by composing an oration, a move ridiculed by his family and friends.
User ratings: 399
Average rating: 8.1
Everyone's a Critic
When Niles lands a job as a magazine art critic, Frasier is jealous.
User ratings: 342
Average rating: 7.7
The Dog That Rocks the Cradle
After losing his job at KACL, Bulldog is delivering pizzas. Seeing how well he gets along with Alice, Roz offers him a job as a babysitter. After a while, she finds that he is driving away her dates so he can declare his own feelings for her. Martin, pressured by his sons, makes arrangements for his own burial.
User ratings: 336
Average rating: 7.7
No one at the station can stand the owner's airhead daughter, Poppy, but Niles finds himself taken with her. Frasier finds a half-naked woman in his apartment, and she introduces herself as his new neighbor. Both brothers start dating, but a misunderstanding leads both of them to conclude that they are competing for the same woman.
User ratings: 356
Average rating: 7.7
A Tsar Is Born
The rift between Martin and his sons' tastes is bridged when they find they are all fans of "The Antique Roadshow." The boys have a great time watching it on TV, and when the Roadshow comes to Seattle, they all go. Martin takes along an old family heirloom, a rather ugly pewter clock. Frasier and Niles are stunned to hear that it was originally made for the Romanovs (the Russian royal dynasty). Believing the clock is a link to their own royal blood, Frasier and Niles launch an investigation into its origins.
User ratings: 435
Average rating: 8.7
The Late Dr. Crane
A minor fender-bender sends Frasier to the hospital. While waiting, Niles hears the name of Maris's plastic surgeon, Mel Karnofsky, and decides to confront him about a billing error. An annoying man bores Frasier into leaving the office, and the man uses Frasier's name to jump the line. Niles is surprised to find that Mel is actually a woman, with whom he has a lot in common. The man at the hospital dies suddenly, and Frasier is mistakenly thought dead for a day. He takes it as a wake-up call, doing his best to live life to the fullest every day. Niles doesn't have the nerve to ask Mel for a date, so instead he has repeated cosmetic surgeries from her.
User ratings: 342
Average rating: 8.1
The Apparent Trap
Lilith and Frederick come to Seattle for Thanksgiving dinner with the Cranes. Frederick maneuvers Frasier and Lilith into spending an evening together, and they begin to suspect that he is trying to get them back together. Or is he just trying to guilt them into buying him a moped?
User ratings: 347
Average rating: 7.9
Back Talk
On his birthday, Frasier is seized with crippling back pain. Niles wonders if he's stressed, and while recovering at home, Frasier muses aloud about why he's unhappy. One reason is that he's still single, and he will miss Daphne's companionship after she gets married. Daphne, overhearing, misunderstands him to mean that he has feelings for her. Frasier resolves the confusion, but while he's doped up on painkillers, lets slip to Daphne the truth about Niles's feelings for her.
User ratings: 449
Average rating: 9.0
The Fight Before Christmas
Daphne is unsure how to deal with Niles's feelings for her. Roz assures her there's nothing to worry about: Niles has a girlfriend now, and she's engaged to Donny. However, Niles has a meeting with Maris to console her over the loss of a friend, a meeting that he keeps secret from Mel. Frasier lets slip the secret, and Mel angrily breaks up with Niles, making Daphne very nervous. Frasier's Christmas party competes with one thrown by his rival neighbor, Cam Winston.
User ratings: 398
Average rating: 8.6
Frasier tells Roz about his family's adventure on the New Year. Chez Henri, where they planned to spend it, burned down, so they drove toward Sun Valley in Martin's Winnebago, for a party thrown by a wine club friend. Hijinks ensue en route, starting when a drowsy Niles boards the wrong Winnebago at a truck stop.
User ratings: 444
Average rating: 8.5
They're Playing Our Song
All the on-air personalities are writing jingles to introduce their shows. Frasier typically overdoes when crafting his.
User ratings: 414
Average rating: 8.3
Big Crane on Campus
At Cafe Nervosa, Frasier runs into his unrequited high school crush and former prom queen, Lorna Lynley. The courtship gives Frasier a chance to live up the high school glory days that he never had.
User ratings: 357
Average rating: 7.7
Out with Dad
Fraiser's new girlfriend thinks Martin is gay and tries to set him up with her uncle.
User ratings: 629
Average rating: 9.2
Something About Dr. Mary
When Roz takes a vacation, Frasier hires Mary, a producer fresh out of of training, to fill in for the week. Soon, Mary starts taking over Frasier's show, but Frasier is hesitant to say anything because she's black. Meanwhile, Niles shows off his new kick-boxing skills with disastrous results.
User ratings: 364
Average rating: 7.7
Whine Club
Frasier begins to think that Niles' new girlfriend may be slightly manipulative, a suspicion that is brought to the forefront when Niles suddenly announces he wants to run against Frasier to be the prestigious Corkmaster of their wine club.
User ratings: 346
Average rating: 7.9
Hot Pursuit
Frasier and Roz share a room at a broadcasting conference, which is notorious for being a meet market. However, both strikeout miserably and return to the room dejected. The combined effects of both their recent dating dry spells and their respective new looks (Frasier has beard stubble and Roz tries on a blonde wig) cause them to seek each other for companionship. Martin takes on a stakeout job at Donny's request, but Niles has his concerns.
User ratings: 329
Average rating: 7.7
Morning Becomes Entertainment
Frasier's show is pulled off the air for a week, supposedly to give a new talk show a try, but Frasier has figured out the real reason: leverage against him in his contract negotiations with the station. Thinking two can play that game, Bebe lines up a one-week guest spot on AM Seattle, a morning TV talk show, for him and Roz. When Roz shows up on Monday with a raging fever, Bebe steps in as his co-host. They're such a hit that the TV station wants them on a permanent basis, which fame-struck Bebe desperately wants while Frasier wrestles with decision. Meanwhile, Martin begrudgingly accepts that his vision is failing and agrees to get glasses, but embarrassingly chooses women's frames.
User ratings: 335
Average rating: 7.7
To Thine Old Self Be True
Frasier learns that comely neighbor Regan Shaw has recently become available again, but is shy about approaching her because his previous encounters with her resulted in him looking foolish. Meanwhile, Donnie is looking for someone to organize his bachelor party, but balks when Frasier offers, due to his stuffy perception. Out to prove he can be "just one of the guys", Frasier auditions a stripper for the event, only to become handcuffed to her. Unable to get them off, he desperately tries to hide his predicament from both Daphne, who is against a raunchy bachelor party, and Regan.
User ratings: 407
Average rating: 8.5
The Three Faces of Frasier
Frasier is honored to have his caricature hung on the wall of his favorite Italian restaurant, but is less than pleased with the likeness.
User ratings: 342
Average rating: 7.7
Dark Side of the Moon
In a session with her therapist, Daphne recalls (through flashbacks) a series of unfortunate events following the surprise shower that her fiancé, Donny, threw for her.
User ratings: 438
Average rating: 8.8
Something Borrowed, Someone Blue: Part 1
Just when Daphne decides to profess her love for Niles, he drops a stunning bombshell.
User ratings: 469
Average rating: 8.9
Something Borrowed, Someone Blue: Part 2
On the eve of her wedding, Daphne's torn between the man she loves and the man she's engaged to marry.
User ratings: 531
Average rating: 9.3
And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon: Part 1
After Niles and Daphne run out on her wedding, they return to do the honorable thing and face their jilted lovers. Donnie and Mel each seek some sort of revenge: Donnie sues Daphne, and then threatens to sue Frasier as well for his part in the affair; Mel promises Niles his divorce, but only after he agrees to put in some public appearances with her as newlyweds.
User ratings: 378
Average rating: 8.3
And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon: Part 2
The tension of Donnie's lawsuit and Mel's demand that Niles and Daphne not be seen in public together (which nixes their planned first date) erupts in a major fight among Frasier, Niles and Daphne. Frasier vows never again to meddle in their affairs, but comes up with a plan to help smooth things over.
User ratings: 410
Average rating: 8.6
The Bad Son
Frasier uses his father as a pawn in order to date the attractive owner of a home for senior citizens. Niles and Daphne plan a picnic during which to watch a meteor shower, but are accidentally separated at the crucial moment.
User ratings: 333
Average rating: 7.6
The Great Crane Robbery
Frasier adopts the role of cultural mentor to Todd Peterson, a Silicon Valley billionaire who's just become the station's new owner. Unfortunately, Peterson simply copies Frasier's tastes - and worse, gets all the credit. Meanwhile, Mel makes fresh demands upon Niles before agreeing to their divorce.
User ratings: 333
Average rating: 7.5
Taking Liberties
Frasier hires a butler to take over for Daphne's housekeeping duties, now that she is Niles' girlfriend. However, Mel continues to forbid them to be seen in public, and when she unexpectedly shows up at a party at Frasier's house and ruins Niles and Daphne's planned evening out, it proves to be the last straw.
User ratings: 466
Average rating: 8.8
Legal Tender Love and Care
Frasier hires an attractive lawyer, Abigail Michaels, to handle his lawsuit with Donnie, but he suddenly drops the lawsuit. To celebrate, the Cranes all take Abby out to dinner, where they happen to run into Donnie. He explains that he dropped the case because he has become engaged to a client of his, but Daphne fears that he might just be on the rebound, and checks in on him for his wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, Frasier's budding relationship with Abby is going great, except for the exorbitant legal bill she charged him for her minimal services.
User ratings: 329
Average rating: 7.5
The New Friend
Roz introduces Frasier to her new boyfriend, Luke, and the two men hit it off as well. When she catches Luke cheating on her, she dumps him. Frasier, however, hides his continuing friendship with him while supporting Roz during her heartbreak. Then when Roz gets back together with Luke, she hides that fact from Frasier as well.
User ratings: 319
Average rating: 7.7
Mary Christmas
Frasier butters up the local morning TV host to let him co-host the Seattle Christmas parade with her, but when she comes down with food poisoning (from his cooking, perhaps?), he learns that Dr. Mary will be his new partner.
User ratings: 355
Average rating: 7.1
Frasier's Edge
Frasier receives the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Seattle Broadcasting Awards. His mentor from Harvard, Professor William Tewksbury, sends him a congratulatory basket of flowers, with a note attached. Frasier over-analyzes the wording of the note and visits Tewksbury, who unearths that Frasier is experiencing deeper emotional problems. Meanwhile, Daphne is literally gaining weight by the minute, which is obvious to everyone but herself and Niles.
User ratings: 383
Average rating: 8.1
Cranes Unplugged
Frasier decides that three generations of Crane men head out to the woods for some family bonding, despite their protests.
User ratings: 326
Average rating: 7.4
Motor Skills
Frasier and Niles realize their helplessness when Frasier's car stalls, so they enroll in an auto repair night class. They quickly fall behind, and understand what it's like to be remedial students. They then take the part too far and degenerate into class clowns and become disruptive. Martin helps Roz pick out a new puppy, but after dog-sitting a few times, he starts to take over the puppy as his own.
User ratings: 368
Average rating: 7.7
The Show Must Go Off
Frasier and Niles try to reawaken the career of Jackson Hedley, an old actor they saw perform Hamlet when they were young. When they see him perform again, however, they realize that he is talentless and will humiliate himself.
User ratings: 474
Average rating: 8.6
Sliding Frasiers
Frasier is supposed to go to a speed-dating event and asks Roz if he should wear a suit or sweater, remarking that the slightest decision can have far-reaching effects. We are shown what would have happened in each circumstance: wearing the suit, he is knocked to the floor at Nervosa by a cute girl named Monica, and they hit it off, while Roz meets a handsome co-worker named Mike; wearing the sweater, Mike is the one knocked to the floor by Monica, and Frasier goes to the speed-dating event, which ends up a disaster.
User ratings: 353
Average rating: 8.0
Hungry Heart
Kenny arrives at Frasier's place in a panic after unwittingly making a date with a woman even though he's married. Frasier agrees to go and cancel the date, not knowing that Kenny's wife has already chased his date away and is waiting there in her place. Thinking she's a single woman, Frasier asks her out, and she says yes. Daphne's eating problem comes to a head when she starts hiding food throughout the house and Niles finally notices her weight gain.
User ratings: 407
Average rating: 8.6
Hooping Cranes
Frasier receives tickets to the Sonics game and goes with Martin and Niles (even though he and Niles actually had other plans). Niles is selected to attempt the halftime half-court shot, and miraculously makes it. He shamelessly drinks in the adoration of Martin and the rest of Seattle, much to Frasier's chagrin.
User ratings: 404
Average rating: 8.5
Roz gets the green light to put on a special radio show about outer space, and agrees to let Frasier narrate. However, the two fail to come to grips with their reversed roles (Roz calling the shots instead of Frasier) and he leaves the show. She replaces him with the astronaut John Glenn, and Frasier tries to use him to get his rejected ideas into the program.
User ratings: 316
Average rating: 7.6
It Takes Two to Tangle
Frasier and Niles throw a fancy party to try to convince Penelope, the trustee of a foundation, to donate money to the failing prep school they attended as children. Martin hits it off with her and they go on a date, but afterward he meets another woman named Estelle and decides to date her as well. He's confident in his juggling abilities, but isn't nearly as good as he thinks. The sons race to try to get the money before Martin drops the balls.
User ratings: 305
Average rating: 7.4
Forgotten But Not Gone
Frasier resigns from the wine club.
User ratings: 316
Average rating: 7.6
Daphne Returns
Niles and Daphne "get real" about their romance.
User ratings: 428
Average rating: 8.7
The Wizard and Roz
Even after Daphne's premonition of Niles getting hurt comes true, he says he needs scientific proof before he will believe in her abilities. So they hire a psychic evaluator to put her skills to the test. Meanwhile, Roz has started dating Frasier's mentor, Dr. Tewksbury, but Frasier has a major hang-up with their relationship.
User ratings: 326
Average rating: 7.7
Semi-Decent Proposal
Frasier meets Claire French, a friend of his previous girlfriend Lana Gardner. She is exactly what he is looking for in a woman, but he loses out to another suitor at Lana's birthday party. Lana agrees to try to hook him up with Claire, but it's gonna cost him.
User ratings: 309
Average rating: 7.5
A Passing Fancy
Frasier's study sessions with Lana's son Kirby are not going well, which threatens his chances of ever seeing Claire again. He learns that Kirby isn't studying because he's still not over breaking up with his girlfriend just days before the senior prom. After Kirby shows interest in Roz during a Nervosa study session, Frasier promises to get Roz to be his prom date if he gets to studying.
User ratings: 306
Average rating: 7.8
A Day in May
Frasier spends the day with Lana helping her sell a house. Niles spends the day with Daphne and Eddie in the dog park. And Martin spends the day dealing with an old problem.
User ratings: 336
Average rating: 7.5
Cranes Go Caribbean
Frasier books a romantic weekend in Belize with Claire. On the drive to the airport, Lana suggests that he doesn't know how to be happy, but he completely disagrees with her. That sparks a series of events that utterly ruin his weekend, and he now wonders if maybe she is right.
User ratings: 312
Average rating: 7.8
Don Juan in Hell: Part 1
Frasier is torn about whether Claire or Lana is right for him, and asks everybody under the sun about what he should do. He even gives counsel to a fan, who happens to be facing a similarly difficult decision, and makes his decision based on what the fan decides. Little does he know the ramifications this chance encounter will have.
User ratings: 334
Average rating: 7.6
Don Juan in Hell: Part 2
Lana is less than happy when her ex, Bob (the man Frasier counseled in Part 1) returns. She throws him out and looks to Frasier for advice. He swallows his feelings and advises her to take him back, leaving Frasier alone again. He takes a trip to clear his head and figure out his problems with women, which go back much farther than he ever dreamed.
User ratings: 403
Average rating: 8.3
The First Temptation of Daphne
Daphne stumbles across a file of one of Niles' patients, who is in love with him via "transference". Niles refuses to talk about her, citing patient-therapist confidentiality. Daphne's paranoia sends her to extreme lengths to learn anything she can about her. Meanwhile, Frasier is taunted by a rather chirpy cricket.
User ratings: 334
Average rating: 7.8
The Return of Martin Crane
Martin goes back to work as a security guard, and reflects on his last day as a cop, when he was shot.
User ratings: 359
Average rating: 8.4
Love Stinks
Roz starts dating a garbage man, but has a hang-up with his profession. Frasier tries to change his co-workers' image of him as a snob by throwing a huge party for the entire station at his place.
User ratings: 318
Average rating: 7.8
Room Full of Heroes
Frasier throws a Halloween party where the guests come dressed as their personal heroes: Frasier of course is Sigmund Freud, Martin is Joe DiMaggio, Daphne is Elton John, and Roz comes as Wonder Woman. However, Niles' choice of Martin as his hero gets under Frasier's skin.
User ratings: 389
Average rating: 8.3
On their 8th anniversary of living together, Frasier accidentally destroys Martin's recliner. Niles discovers Daphne has no talent for music.
User ratings: 423
Average rating: 8.6
The Two Hundredth
Frasier has just completed his 2000th radio show, but discovers that one of the tapes of his collection of his broadcasts is missing. His quest to replace it borders on obsession, sending him spiraling into depression.
User ratings: 336
Average rating: 7.7
Sharing Kirby
Kirby stops by KACL looking for a job, but Frasier gives him the brush-off. Niles comes across a case of rare wine, and reneges on his standing agreement to split such finds with Frasier. As revenge, Frasier dupes Niles into taking on Kirby to rearrange his library. Niles learns that Kirby has access to a reclusive man's wine collection, and tries to weasel his way in. Once Frasier also learns about it, they one-up each other trying to buy Kirby's favor for the one and only invite to the cellar.
User ratings: 304
Average rating: 7.4
Junior Agent
Frasier's show has been losing the ratings to a hot new program, Dr. Zach, which has a heavy advertising budget. KACL refuses to match their exposure, so Frasier calls on Bebe to turn the screws. When she tries to turn him over to her assistant/junior agent Portia, he discovers that she's been representing Dr. Zach personally. Frasier severs ties with her agency, or so he thinks. Portia proves to be more forceful than her tiny stature would indicate. Martin runs out of cholesterol pills and asks Niles to write a quickie prescription, but he refuses on principle.
User ratings: 320
Average rating: 7.3
Bully for Martin
After Frasier witnesses Martin get chewed out by his boss, Frasier feels obligated to say something on his behalf. However, it only serves to make things worse.
User ratings: 325
Average rating: 7.4
Mother Load: Part 1
The arrival of Daphne's mother derails her plans to move in with Niles. Frasier gets into a war with his upstairs neighbor over a parking spot.
User ratings: 314
Average rating: 7.3
Mother Load: Part 2
Now that Daphne's father has left Mrs. Moon, she can't bear to return home, so she decides to stay with Niles, while Daphne and Simon are staying at Frasier's. Simon's boorish behavior is too much for Frasier, and he throws him out. With nowhere else to go, Simon abandons Mrs. Moon and goes to California. Daphne tires of her mother's incessant nitpicking and angrily asserts herself to her and announces her decision to live with Niles. Mrs. Moon threatens to return to England, but when she realizes that no one cares, she fakes an injury to get sympathy to stay. Meanwhile, after his attempt to get Cam's flag removed fails, Frasier cuts a deal with him to get his view back.
User ratings: 322
Average rating: 7.2
Frasier agrees to be the guest on "Teen Scene", a radio show of high school interviewers, to try to draw much-needed younger listeners to his show. His meeting with one of the interviewers before the program seems innocent enough, but he has no idea of the ambush awaiting him.
User ratings: 339
Average rating: 7.7
The Proposal
Niles plans an elaborate night to pop the question to Daphne, including hiring Wolfgang Puck to prepare the dinner. However, when she arrives home sick as a dog, Frasier has to coordinate the great evacuation without her finding out.
User ratings: 366
Average rating: 8.3
Wheels of Fortune
Michael Keaton guest-stars as Blaine Sternin, Lilith's half-brother. Frasier loathes him, as over the years Blaine has come up with numerous schemes to bilk Frasier out of his hard-earned money. Blaine arrives at Frasier's house in a wheelchair, claiming that his accident has made him a changed man, a man of God. Frasier doesn't believe it for a second, but the others are outraged at his accusations and the lengths that he will go to prove Blaine to be nothing but a con man.
User ratings: 420
Average rating: 8.1
Three Blind Dates
It's been a few months since Frasier has been out on a date, so Niles & Daphne, Roz and Martin each take a shot at setting him up with someone. However, perhaps fate is the best matchmaker.
User ratings: 332
Average rating: 7.7
War of the Words
Frederick is in town for the National Spelling Bee Championship, and Niles is reminded of his days a competitor in the bee himself.
User ratings: 364
Average rating: 7.3
While Frasier and Niles uncover a human skull under the floor of their childhood home and let their imagination get the better of them, Roz's daughter's hamster has died and she is uncertain how to break it to her.
User ratings: 346
Average rating: 7.9
The Love You Fake
Frasier and Cam Winston are still feuding. When Cam's mother Cora, a vet, treats Eddie, she and Martin forge a friendship that neither Frasier nor Cam can bear to stand. So the parents pretend to start dating to really get under their sons' skins. Niles agrees to ride on a Segway full-time as part of an experiment, and is quite annoying doing so.
User ratings: 325
Average rating: 8.0
Cheerful Goodbyes
Frasier is going to Boston and brings Niles, Daphne, and Martin along and has big plans. But when they arrive at the airport, they run into Cliff Clavin and he assumes that Frasier is there for his retirement party. Frasier finds it hard to tell him he's not. So they go. And Niles was looking forward to what Frasier had planned. And they go and meet some of the other people Frasier knew when he lived in Boston.
User ratings: 380
Average rating: 7.9
Frasier Has Spokane
Frasier's show has branched out to Spokane, and he goes to the station in Spokane to meet the press. He learns that he is replacing Sully, a well-beloved 35-year staple of Spokane radio. He quickly finds out that Sully will be a tough act to follow, when first the press and then his callers refuse to warm up to him.
User ratings: 303
Average rating: 7.5
The Guilt Trippers
It's Daphne's birthday, and Niles' gift to her is a romantic Hawaiian vacation. That reminds both Daphne's mother and Roz of the men they've recently lost. After the party, Frasier comforts Roz as a friend, but they wind up in bed together, for the first time after numerous close calls. When Roz runs off the next morning to Wisconsin for a family reunion that she previously had been dreading to attend, Frasier fears their friendship might be permanently damaged. He goes to Wisconsin after her to make sure they're still friends. Meanwhile, Niles decides to give his half of the vacation to Mrs. Moon, so that he can secretly fly to England to try to convince her husband to come back to her.
User ratings: 308
Average rating: 7.8
Moons Over Seattle
Niles' persistence finally convinces Daphne's father to come to Seattle to reconcile with his wife. Daphne is disappointed that Niles didn't consult her first, but is on board with the plan. Ultimately, it just doesn't work out, and Mr. Moon plans to return home. Daphne is disillusioned at how they could be married for forty years, only for it to fall apart in a flash, and wonders if that might happen to her and Niles some day. Mr. Moon convinces her that Niles is the perfect man to spend the rest of her life with.
User ratings: 323
Average rating: 7.6
The Ring Cycle
Niles and Daphne elope in Reno. Realizing that their families will be hurt that they were not included, they stage a series of fake ceremonies.
User ratings: 340
Average rating: 8.1
Enemy at the Gate
A very bad-tempered Frasier takes out his frustration through an act of civil disobedience, refusing to pay a small parking fee and blocking the exit lane of the garage.
User ratings: 374
Average rating: 8.0
Proxy Prexy
After several failed runs for condo board president, Frasier nominates his more popular father as a figurehead. However, Martin becomes increasingly independent of Frasier's control.
User ratings: 325
Average rating: 7.7
Kissing Cousin
Roz's pushy and opinionated young cousin visits her in town, managing to alienate everybody except Kenny.
User ratings: 366
Average rating: 7.4
Tales from the Crypt
Two battles of pranks are touched off at Halloween: one between Frasier and Bulldog, and another between Gertrude and a neighbor's son.
User ratings: 347
Average rating: 7.8
Star Mitzvah
Frasier wants to impress everyone by giving his sons Barmitzvah blessing in Hebrew. He recruits his co-worker Noel to teach it to him, but in exchange Noel asks Frasier to get an autograph for him at a Star Trek convention. When Frasier fails to do so, Noel teaches him the blessing in Klingon to get revenge.
User ratings: 447
Average rating: 8.5
Bristle While You Work
Frasier and Martin interview several candidates to replace Daphne as their housekeeper. Martin complains about Frasier's pushiness, accusing Frasier of not trusting him. Frasier gives in and hires Martin's choice, a sports fan named Trish Haney. When Trish turns out to be totally irresponsible, Martin secretly handles the apartment's cleaning duties himself, rather than face Frasier's I-told-you-so. Meanwhile, a series of one-in-a-million chance events happen to Niles, the last being diagnosed with a critical heart condition.
User ratings: 313
Average rating: 7.5
Rooms with a View
The Crane family keeps a tense vigil while Niles has open-heart surgery, each remembering various experiences they've had in hospitals.
User ratings: 513
Average rating: 8.6
Don't Go Breaking My Heart
After recovering from his heart surgery, Niles adopts a new zest for life, with a pomposity that drives everyone else up the wall.
User ratings: 299
Average rating: 7.8
We Two Kings
Frasier and Niles bicker over which of their two households should host Christmas dinner for the Crane family. When Martin is appointed the tie-breaker, each brother tries to bribe him.
User ratings: 314
Average rating: 7.6
Door Jam
Frasier and Niles become obsessed by a new day spa, first with gaining entry, then gaining access to the spa's exclusive areas.
User ratings: 409
Average rating: 8.4
The Harassed
The station hires financial analyst Julia Wilcox, an abrasive and sharp-tongued woman with no time for anyone. During a particularly vicious argument with her, Frasier becomes aroused and makes an advance, leading to a mandatory sexual harassment training session for the entire staff.
User ratings: 316
Average rating: 7.4
Lilith Needs a Favor
Lilith asks Frasier to donate his sperm so she can conceive another child; Niles treasures an erotic photograph which he thinks Daphne took for him.
User ratings: 326
Average rating: 7.7
Daphne Does Dinner
Daphne attempts to throw a dinner party, with a reclusive artist as the guest of honor, but fails to escape the Crane family curse which always shows up at such events.
User ratings: 441
Average rating: 8.7
Trophy Girlfriend
After winning a squash tournament partnered with gym teacher Chelsea, Frasier starts dating her. Seeing her on the job one day, however, brings back nightmares of an abusive coach from his childhood.
User ratings: 368
Average rating: 8.0
Fraternal Schwinns
Frasier and Niles must learn to ride bicycles for the first time in their lives, to participate in the KACL Bike-a-thon.
User ratings: 340
Average rating: 8.0
Kenny on the Couch
Now that Kenny's divorce is final, the realization that his wife is never coming back hits him hard. Frasier suggests he see a psychiatrist, and Kenny asks him to be his "shrink". Frasier reluctantly agrees, but then is energized by the thrill of deeply analyzing a patient again. Kenny, on the other hand, doesn't care for the long sessions. After going out for a drink with Martin, he realizes that he just wants to have some fun and ends his sessions with Frasier, much to his disappointment.
User ratings: 309
Average rating: 7.2
Roe to Perdition
Frasier and Niles acquire an inside source of top-quality caviar, and become "dealers" to the rest of Seattle's elite, dramatically improving their status. Martin wrestles with a bank's bureaucratic procedures, trying to return a trivial overpayment on his account.
User ratings: 405
Average rating: 8.5
Some Assembly Required
After the KACL staff participate in a low-income house-building project, Frasier becomes a nuisance to the family, offering incessant advice for its decor. Martin and Eddie score a success with a safety assembly at an elementary school, but Niles must fill in at the next one when Martin gets sick.
User ratings: 314
Average rating: 7.2
Farewell, Nervosa
Cafe Nervosa isn't the same after it hires a guitarist named Ben to play ambient music, sending Frasier and Niles on a search for a new coffee bar.
User ratings: 332
Average rating: 7.5
The Devil & Dr. Phil
Bebe lures Frasier into dark pathways after revealing that she is also agent to Dr. Phil McGraw.
User ratings: 323
Average rating: 7.3
Fathers and Sons
Leland Barton, Hester Crane's old research assistant, visits Seattle. He is so alike in personality to Frasier and Niles that Martin starts to wonder who is the boys' real father.
User ratings: 427
Average rating: 8.8
Analyzed Kiss
Julia breaks off her affair with Avery, Frasier's accountant. She breaks into his office to steal back some of her work. Frasier follows her, and as he constantly urges her to do the right thing, she succumbs to a sudden attraction and kisses him. Roz is offered a plum position at another radio station. Niles develops a passion for target shooting.
User ratings: 299
Average rating: 7.5
A New Position for Roz
Unsettled by Frasier's burgeoning relationship with Julia, Roz reverses her decision to leave KACL, but issues an ultimatum to Frasier: dump Julia, or they are no longer friends. Frasier refuses, and Roz takes the new job after all. Niles and Daphne decide it is time to try and conceive, and work up the nerve to order Gertrude out of the house.
User ratings: 317
Average rating: 7.7
No Sex Please, We're Skittish
Roz is unsatisfied with her new job, and comes back to KACL, acting as though nothing has changed. Frasier believes her attachment is based on deep attraction to him stemming from their one-night stand. Roz disabuses him of this notion, and they go back to being friends. Recalling that he once donated sperm, Niles returns to the bank to see whether it was ever used, and is told that he suffers from low motility. He tries a variety of weird medical remedies.
User ratings: 351
Average rating: 8.1
A Man, a Plan and a Gal: Julia
After breaking up with Julia, Frasier lapses into his usual self-pitying funk. Niles reminds him that he has a fear of commitment that leads him to sabotage all his relationships with women. Frasier typically overdoes things, committing to commitment with Julia, even during an evening with his family when she rubs everyone the wrong way, and steps on Niles and Daphne's surprise announcement that she is pregnant.
User ratings: 367
Average rating: 8.2
The Doctor Is Out
A misunderstanding leads the town to believe that Frasier is gay.
User ratings: 721
Average rating: 9.3
The Babysitter
Frasier decides to resume private practice. While shopping for a suitable couch, he and Niles catch sight of Ronee Lawrence, their old babysitter. Frasier invites her for a drink, but it quickly becomes apparent that she is interested in Martin.
User ratings: 325
Average rating: 7.9
The Placeholder
Roz sets Frasier up with her friend, Ann, advising Frasier that he should keep his dating skills in shape, even if it means going out with someone he's not interested in. Frasier agrees, but their first date is a night in Hell, made worse by the fact that Kenny is dining in the same restaurant with his attractive and eminently suitable cousin. Niles and Daphne have a fastidious cleaning lady whom Niles adores, but Daphne believes is stealing.
User ratings: 324
Average rating: 7.6
I'm Listening
Frasier inadvertently eavesdrops on Ronee making a date with another man. Martin takes the news badly, accusing him of spying and inventing a fictitious girlfriend to spark Ronee's jealousy. Niles tries to win the attention of a reclusive nursery painter.
User ratings: 344
Average rating: 8.3
Maris Returns
Maris meets with Niles, seeking protection from her violent new boyfriend. Because of Daphne's mood swings, Niles tries to keep his meeting secret, which fails when the boyfriend shows up at a fake baby shower and punches Frasier. Frasier's first day back in private practice goes less smoothly than he hoped.
User ratings: 429
Average rating: 8.8
Murder Most Maris
Maris is arrested for the murder of her boyfriend. The press goes wild when they find out that Niles inadvertently loaned her the crossbow that was used as the murder weapon. Niles slowly goes to pieces under the unrelenting media scrutiny and Daphne's anger.
User ratings: 392
Average rating: 8.8
Guns 'N Neuroses
Lilith is in town for a psychiatric conference, and Frasier reluctantly assumes his obligation to meet with her. Before he does so, an interested colleague of Lilith's sets him up on a blind date with her, not knowing who he really is. Martin's pistol accidentally discharges inside the apartment, creating a trail of destruction that he, Daphne and Niles try to hide from Frasier.
User ratings: 382
Average rating: 8.5
Sea Bee Jeebies
For once, Niles is the famous one, as media attention to Maris's case makes him and Daphne the center of Seattle's attention. Frasier is left to contemplate his falling ratings and his dating woes. In a funk, he agrees to emcee the SeaBea Awards and give an interview to a newspaper reporter, neither of which goes well. Roz seethes during a visit from her "perfect" sister, Denise.
User ratings: 321
Average rating: 7.7
High Holidays
Frederick visits Frasier in Seattle, and the family is shocked to see him going through a "Goth" phase. The family talks about the rebellious phase of a child's life, and Niles is stung to hear Martin say that he was always one of the good kids. He decides to rebel by consuming a pot brownie supplied by Roz, but hijinks ensue when Martin eats it.
User ratings: 478
Average rating: 8.9
A KACL team competes in a weight-loss marathon with another radio station for a trip to Las Vegas. Niles and Martin nurse an ailing pigeon back to health.
User ratings: 329
Average rating: 7.5
The Ann Who Came to Dinner
Ann Hodges grudgingly agrees to assess Frasier's apartment for a home insurance quote; when she falls and breaks her leg, he decides to take her in and buddy her up, afraid she will sue. Maris is released from jail but kept under house arrest; she draws Niles, Martin, and Daphne into an elaborate scheme to escape the country.
User ratings: 320
Average rating: 7.2
Freudian Sleep
The Cranes are plagued by bizarre nightmares on a trip to the mountains.
User ratings: 390
Average rating: 7.1
Caught in the Act
Frasier's libido fights a losing battle with his conscience when his (married) ex-wife, children's entertainer Nanny G, comes to town and invites him backstage for a rendezvous.
User ratings: 456
Average rating: 8.5
Frasier accidentally gives Martin a mild heart attack by scaring him dressed as a clown, holding a knife.
User ratings: 415
Average rating: 8.7
Coots and Ladders
Through a series of unnecessarily detailed flashbacks, Frasier confesses to Niles that, bored with his job and jealous of his family's happiness, he has stolen a small trinket from an elderly neighbor's apartment. He and Niles crash her surprise birthday party to try and return it in secret.
User ratings: 331
Average rating: 7.5
Match Game
Exiting the elevator on the wrong floor of his office building, Frasier runs into Charlotte, a matchmaker looking eagerly for new clients. Frasier declines her help, but changes his mind after a disastrous encounter with an ex-girlfriend. His confidence does not improve when Charlotte sends him on a series of dates from hell. An impressionable Niles and Daphne follow the advice of another couple from their Lamaze class, and hire a midwife who insists on a drug-free birth.
User ratings: 325
Average rating: 7.8
Miss Right Now
Frasier is taken with Charlotte, but she already has a boyfriend, a ruggedly handsome man named Frank. To try and get his mind off her, Roz takes him to a singles bar, where he meets a sexy and eager young woman named Kim. Martin tries to make a good impression on Ronee's very conservative mother.
User ratings: 358
Average rating: 8.3
And Frasier Makes Three
Frasier plans elaborate dates to try to win Charlotte away from her boyfriend, but ends up being a third wheel when Frank continually shows up, who is oblivious of his intentions.
User ratings: 369
Average rating: 8.5
Charlotte has to go to a conference and Frasier offers to drive her to the train station. However, they miss the train (numerous times at numerous stations) and end up stranded in the middle of nowhere. They take shelter at the home of an eccentric family, who believe they are married, which causes them to re-assess their relationship. Daphne, Martin and Niles schedule interviews for a nanny, a new physical therapist, and a stripper for Martin's bachelor party, but they confuse which candidate is for which position.
User ratings: 346
Average rating: 8.0
Crock Tales
Frasier re-breaks an old earthenware crock that has been in his condo since day one, and reminisces about some events through the years that included it.
User ratings: 343
Average rating: 7.9
Goodnight, Seattle: Part 1
Frasier's life is in a state of flux.
User ratings: 538
Average rating: 8.9
Goodnight, Seattle: Part 2
Frasier, Niles, Daphne, Martin, and Roz move on to new chapters in their lives.
User ratings: 708
Average rating: 9.3
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