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Seasons: 6
Episodes: 62
User ratings: 60,653
Average rating: 7.3

Comedy, Drama

A comedy about the experiences of a group of girls in their early 20s.

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Hannah searches for a job in New York City after she is cut off financially by her parents.
User ratings: 958
Average rating: 7.1
Vagina Panic
Hannah reveals her "Forrest Gump"-induced AIDS phobia when she realizes Adam might not be practicing monogamy. Marnie lives in denial of her growing boredom with her long-term boyfriend, Charlie; Jessa avoids Marnie's meticulously planned day at a womenʼs health clinic, where Shoshanna confesses a humiliating secret.
User ratings: 739
Average rating: 7.3
All Adventurous Women Do
Hannah meets up with her erstwhile college flame to find out how she contracted HPV, uncovering much more in the process. Marnie's art-gallery boss introduces her to a cocky artist who piques her interest, while Jessa gets a babysitting gig.
User ratings: 704
Average rating: 7.6
Hannah's Diary
Hannah takes up 'sexting'; Shoshanna runs into a boy from summer camp; Jessa gets distracted on the job; Ray and Charlie snoop.
User ratings: 669
Average rating: 7.6
Hard Being Easy
The revelations in Hannah's diary about what Marnie thinks about her and Charlie's relationship places a slight strain between Marnie and Hannah. But it's Charlie's desire to break up with her because of those revelations that has Marnie the most concerned. In trying to make amends with Charlie to retain their boyfriend/girlfriend status, Marnie comes to the realization that there are many things about Charlie she doesn't really know about him even after all these years. She seemingly will do anything to make it up to Charlie, but is a relationship with him what she truly wants? Jessa is meeting up with Mark, an old boyfriend, the one and only guy who ever broke up with her. He is in a serious relationship, and their meeting from his perspective is in no way meant to embark on their former relationship. Jessa, however, has her own ulterior motives in meeting with him. After speaking to her friends, Hannah comes to new insights about her relationship with Adam as well as what she believes she should do about Rich's inappropriate touching of her and the other female staffers.
User ratings: 609
Average rating: 7.2
The Return
Hannah goes home to Michigan for her parents' anniversary. She goes to a benefit with a local pharmacist. But after Adam, she has trouble adjusting to regular dating.
User ratings: 611
Average rating: 7.2
Welcome to Bushwick a.k.a. The Crackcident
The girls go to a warehouse party in Brooklyn. Marnie discovers Charlie has a new girlfriend. Hannah meets Adam and learns something new about him. Jeff comes to see Jessa, but ends up in the ER. Shoshanna accidentally smokes crack.
User ratings: 668
Average rating: 7.9
Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too
Ever since the revelations about what the other really wants from their relationship, Hannah and Adam have been spending more time together in an effort truly to get to know each other. This time includes Hannah attending a tech rehearsal for an experimental play in which Adam is appearing. This time ends up being far more difficult than Hannah imagined. As Marnie feels she needs someone to talk to about her feelings about Charlie already having another girlfriend, she finds an unexpected ear in Jessa, who she never really considered a close friend until now. Marnie and Jessa decide they need to hit the town together, which results in a come-on in a bar by a venture capitalist named Thomas-John, to who each Marnie and Jessa have a differing reaction. Marnie's reaction includes trying to break out of her role as the uptight one of their group, which ends up surprising Jessa.
User ratings: 603
Average rating: 7.6
Leave Me Alone
The girls attend a book launch for Hannah's college nemesis. Hannah meets her old professor, who invites her to a reading. In need of money, she also tries out for a job at Ray's café. Hannah and Marnie get into a fight.
User ratings: 558
Average rating: 7.2
She Did
Marnie moves out of the apartment. Hannah considers the idea of Adam moving in. Jessa invites everyone to a mystery party.
User ratings: 606
Average rating: 7.6
It's About Time
The new men in Hannah's life are Elijah, the two who have settled quickly into roommate bliss, and Sandy, her new boyfriend. Hannah vows not to make the same mistakes with Sandy that she did with Adam, especially as the connection with Sandy doesn't seem as complicated. She just has to find the right time to tell Adam, who she is nursing after his accident. Marnie, who has just been let go from the art gallery due to downsizing, has to figure out what to do with her life, some advice which she gets from her mother. Out of the situation and opportunity, she may fall back into Charlie's life, and reestablish a new framework of her friendship with Hannah for comfort. If those don't work, she may try to find anyone else for that sympathy. Shoshanna adjusts to her new deflowered status and what that actually means with regard to the relationship with her deflowerer, Ray. And Jessa and Thomas-John return from their honeymoon, still not knowing much about the other.
User ratings: 586
Average rating: 7.3
I Get Ideas
While she deals with trying to get Adam out of her life, Hannah is relishing her new relationship with Sandy. Jessa, who is still in the honeymoon phase of her marriage to Thomas-John even though they are home after their official honeymoon, believes that something that Sandy has not done says a lot about his and Hannah's relationship, while Elijah can't get over Hannah dating a Republican. George breaks it off with Elijah following the revelation of his sexual indiscretion with Marnie, while Elijah and Marnie discuss whether they should tell Hannah about it. Marnie has a less than successful job interview. After speaking to Shoshanna and Ray about it, Marnie contemplates taking her career in a different direction.
User ratings: 526
Average rating: 7.3
Bad Friend
Hannah decides to do freelance writing for an online magazine, and on their advice, decides to approach her first story by snorting cocaine for the first time before having a threesome, about which she will write. She first has to find where to buy some coke, then never having snorted before, wants to know the proper protocol. But she has some help from Elijah, the two who go on an evening high together. But in their frenzied state, they may say or do something they ultimately will regret. Meanwhile, at her new hostess job, Marnie runs into artist Booth Jonathan, who she knew from the art gallery. Against Marnie's sensibilities, he is able to whisk her away for the evening. In many respects, Marnie feels like she is in one of his conceptual art pieces.
User ratings: 587
Average rating: 7.6
It's a Shame About Ray
Hannah and Elijah have an acrimonious roommate break-up following the cocaine fueled revelation that Elijah had sex with Marnie. The result of their break-up is that Hannah kicks him out as her roommate. Regardless, Hannah feels that she has to include "friend" Marnie among the invitees to her party to celebrate her article, she not expecting Marnie to show. Marnie does end up showing up. Others invited include Shoshana and Ray, and Charlie, who brings his girlfriend Audrey. The party doesn't end up the way anyone wanted as the Marnie/Charlie relationship issue comes to a head as does Hannah's side in the matter. And Shoshana comes to a realization about Ray, the situation which he failed to disclose. People not attending are Jessa and Thomas-John, who are having dinner with his parents, this being the first time Jessa would have met them. Thomas-John wants Jessa to be on her best behavior, meaning not being herself, which could cause problems.
User ratings: 604
Average rating: 8.0
One Man's Trash
Hannah is dismayed to learn that she did not invent the word "sexit", and that its actual use is not as she wants it to be. Meanwhile, a man named Joshua, who lives two blocks from Grumpy's, comes into the coffee shop to complain to Ray about an issue which Ray believes he has no control - people from the coffee shop filling Joshua's home trash cans, so that Joshua himself doesn't have enough room to empty his own trash. Joshua has not seen anyone do it, but can tell by the type of trash it is that it is coming from Grumpy's. Hannah uses the opportunity of Joshua's visit to unburden herself, both of her emotional commitment to a job she has no interest in, as well as a secret she has been keeping about one specific aspect of that job with relation to Ray and the trash. Based on her time with Joshua, Hannah ends up unburdening herself in more ways that she was anticipating, which leads to a catharsis about her current life.
User ratings: 836
Average rating: 7.5
Hannah is hired to write an e-book, but has trouble finding inspiration. Booth asks Marnie to host a party with him for a gallery opening. Ray goes to see Adam, and they end up traveling to Staten Island to return a stolen dog.
User ratings: 529
Average rating: 7.5
Video Games
Hannah accompanies Jessa on a visit upstate to see Jessa's estranged father, his new-age wife and Frank, their virginal teenage son.
User ratings: 521
Average rating: 6.9
It's Back
Hannah is feeling much stress in her life, from the book, to the break up with Adam to her parents' impending visit. She doesn't realize that this stress is manifesting itself in a way that she has not experienced since high school. Marnie learns that Charlie has become a successful businessman, having developed an app. She can't help but be curious about Charlie's life, the app itself which may further make Marnie feel like Charlie is moving on without her faster than she is moving on without him. Ray helps her come to an understanding of what she should do to make herself feel better. Shoshana runs into an old friend, Radhika. Shoshana's encounters with her may directly and indirectly show her the true state of her and Ray's relationship. And Adam deals with his break up with Hannah in what he believes is a proactive manner. That process leads to a blind date set up by someone he just met with the woman's daughter, Natalia.
User ratings: 484
Average rating: 7.4
On All Fours
Marnie takes a first step in publicly exhibiting the musical side of her life, which is in part a response to Charlie's app. After Charlie misses a lunch engagement with her, she hopes to use the opportunity of a business party at Charlie's office to make her stand. Shoshanna overcompensates to Ray for her liaison with the doorman, Ray who can see that something unusual is going on with Shoshanna's mindset. Hannah is feeling even more stress after the latest meeting with her publisher, David, who questions the nature of what she has submitted to him thus far. That meeting results in Hannah's OCD moving to another level which in turn takes Hannah to the hospital emergency room. Adam's relationship with Natalia is progressing quickly, Natalia who is clear and concise about what she wants and likes. A chance meeting between Adam and Hannah changes the course of one of their current lives.
User ratings: 517
Average rating: 7.3
Season Two Finale. In order to avoid being sued by her publisher, Hannah must write her book in a single day. Marnie misinterprets Charlie's intentions; Ray makes a career move which he hopes will impress Shoshanna.
User ratings: 593
Average rating: 7.9
Females Only
Hannah attempts to ease Adam into her social circle as Marnie recovers from a second breakup with Charlie and Shoshanna establishes her priorities after her split with Ray. Meanwhile, Jessa is secretly in rehab, but finds herself an unpopular fixture due to her careless attitude with the other patients.
User ratings: 511
Average rating: 7.3
Truth or Dare
While Marnie gets a place of her own, Adam takes Shoshanna and Hannah on a road trip.
User ratings: 453
Average rating: 7.3
She Said OK
Ray gets used to being a restaurant manager and Marnie takes control of Hannah's 25th birthday party. Meanwhile, Adam gets an unexpected visitor.
User ratings: 421
Average rating: 7.1
Dead Inside
Hannah's editor, David, dies, but Hannah's more concerned with what will happen to her e-book. Jessa finds out that a friend from the past faked her own death. Marnie quits her job at Ray's coffee shop.
User ratings: 436
Average rating: 6.9
Only Child
Caroline is creating tension in the apartment. Hannah finds a new editor, but her previous publisher will not release her book. Marnie asks Ray's opinion of her, but her response is pathetic and desperate, and ultimately proves Ray's point.
User ratings: 390
Average rating: 7.1
Free Snacks
Hannah starts a new job doing advertorial work for GQ magazine, but finds it difficult to fit in. Meanwhile, Marnie and Ray make a connection, but soon clash, and Shoshanna takes her relationship with Parker to the next level.
User ratings: 410
Average rating: 7.6
Beach House
Marnie invites the girls to her mother's friend's beach house for the weekend. While there, Hannah runs into Elijah and the girls learn a lot about themselves through each other.
User ratings: 564
Average rating: 8.2
After conducting an interview with Patti LuPone, Hannah becomes scared that Adam will change due to his being cast in a Broadway play. Meanwhile, Jessa receives an unexpected visit, and Marnie is depressed about her lack of success.
User ratings: 386
Average rating: 7.3
While visiting her ailing grandmother in hospital, Hannah is surprised by a strange request from her mother. Later, she shares an uncomfortable drink with her overachieving med student cousin Rebecca.
User ratings: 405
Average rating: 7.8
Hannah worries about her relationship with Adam, Marnie starts working at an art gallery, and Shoshanna surprises Jasper and Jessa.
User ratings: 383
Average rating: 7.4
I Saw You
Hannah and Elijah have dinner with Patti LuPone, Jessa looks for a new job, and Hannah, Shoshanna and Elijah attend Marnie's open-mic night performance.
User ratings: 364
Average rating: 7.3
Two Plane Rides
The girls each face life-altering news and decisions.
User ratings: 424
Average rating: 8.0
Marnie and Desi perform a live duo, while Hannah prepares for her big move to Iowa.
User ratings: 421
Average rating: 7.3
Hannah moves to Iowa, where cheaper rent rates and the seemingly trusting nature of the locals impress her. She struggles to settle in amongst her Grad school classmates, who find her fiction work offensive and poorly written. Elijah surprises her with a visit as he has started to find New York grotesque.
User ratings: 354
Average rating: 7.2
Female Author
Jessa and Adam become AA pals and Jessa gets into trouble with NYPD. Seems unlikely that Hannah long distance relationship stands a chance. Marnie is hitting the wall in her personal life but her singing career seems to finally going in a right direction.
User ratings: 340
Average rating: 7.0
Jessa gives her opinion on Marnie's new song. Shoshanna and Ray go shopping together. Desi gives Marnie news that makes her smile. Hannah writes an apology letter that doesn't go over well. Then she learns of the new things in Adam's life.
User ratings: 360
Average rating: 7.2
Hannah's friends try to help her through a crisis after she arrives back in the city and finds everyone has moved on with their lives while she was in Iowa. Hannah and Adam have an honest conversation about their relationship.
User ratings: 438
Average rating: 8.0
Close Up
Adam's new girlfriend reveals a surprising revelation that can tear apart their relationship, while Hannah and Ray make big career decisions.
User ratings: 316
Average rating: 7.3
Ask Me My Name
Hannah begins a new job and goes on a date with a co-worker. Mimi-Rose hosts an art show.
User ratings: 342
Average rating: 7.3
Tad & Loreen & Avi & Shanaz
Hannah's father makes a shocking announcement. Marnie and Desi take things to another level. Shoshanna tries to get back in the dating game.
User ratings: 331
Average rating: 7.1
Daddy Issues
Hannah is confronted with a family dilemma; Marnie makes an announcement at Ray's campaign party.
User ratings: 320
Average rating: 7.3
Home Birth
Hannah, Adam and Jessa try to convince Caroline and Laird to forgo their planned home birth.
User ratings: 405
Average rating: 7.9
Wedding Day
Marnie micromanages her upstate wedding to Desi; Shoshanna is tasked with carrying out Marnie's wishes; Fran has an awkward moment with Adam; a dejected Ray steps in to help Desi
User ratings: 416
Average rating: 7.7
Good Man
Fran moves in with Hannah due to his unstable roommate; Jessa and Adam spend time together at the carnival; Hannah visits her dad; Elijah has a new love interest; Ray's coffee shop is losing customers.
User ratings: 354
Average rating: 7.5
Shoshanna finds her beloved new life in Japan threatened, Adam and Jessa's complicated friendship continues, and, upset at finding photos of his ex-girlfriends on his phone, Hannah sends nudes to Fran.
User ratings: 421
Average rating: 8.2
Old Loves
Hannah and Fran have an exaggerated argument and she is left feeling hesitant about their relationship, Desi makes another thoughtless decision without consulting Marnie, and sparks begin to fly between Jessa and Adam.
User ratings: 327
Average rating: 7.3
Queen for Two Days
Hannah and her mother head to a retreat, with surprises in store for both, Abigail visits Shoshanna in Tokyo, and Jessa takes an important step in her relationship with Adam.
User ratings: 328
Average rating: 7.4
The Panic in Central Park
After she and Desi argue, an angry Marnie goes out, where she runs into her old boyfriend, Charlie, and spends the night with him.
User ratings: 935
Average rating: 8.9
Hello Kitty
After a fight with Fran, Hannah spirals into anxiety, Jessa fears Hannah discovering her relationship with Adam, and Elijah has a rude awakening.
User ratings: 352
Average rating: 7.8
Homeward Bound
Hannah gets into trouble outside New York, Marnie meets an obstacle, Jessa and Adam are left holding Caroline's baby, while a dejected Shoshanna returns from Japan.
User ratings: 329
Average rating: 7.3
Love Stories
Hannah bumps into an old frenemy, Marnie encounters more problems with Desi, and Shoshanna offers to help Ray save his business.
User ratings: 351
Average rating: 7.8
I Love You Baby
A newly inspired Hannah prepares for a writing event, Marnie asks Ray to go on tour with her, Shoshanna basks in her newfound success, and Jessa and Adam's relationship starts to crack.
User ratings: 486
Average rating: 8.5
All I Ever Wanted
Hannah gets an assignment to write about a female surf camp in the Hamptons, where she meets an uncomplicated water-skiing instructor; Marnie tells Ray that he needs to spend more time at his own place.
User ratings: 474
Average rating: 7.7
Hostage Situation
Hannah provides cover for Marnie's secret weekend in Poughkeepsie; Shoshanna enlists Elijah to be her plus-one at a networking event; Jessa's antics lead Shoshanna to reevaluate her post-college friendships.
User ratings: 392
Average rating: 7.7
American Bitch
Hannah has a tense meeting with Chuck Palmer, an author she once greatly admired, about the disturbing allegations swirling around him.
User ratings: 808
Average rating: 8.5
Painful Evacuation
Hannah interviews influential writer Ode Montgomery; Adam storms off the set of his latest acting job; Ray considers the course of his life after a regular at the coffee shop dies suddenly; Marnie is confronted with her narcissism.
User ratings: 367
Average rating: 7.8
Adam and Jessa begin shooting scenes for their film; Hannah's mother has a hard time accepting the next phase of her life; Marnie does a less-than-stellar job of being there for a grieving Ray.
User ratings: 343
Average rating: 8.0
Full Disclosure
Marnie tries to convince Desi to follow through with their planned gig at her mother's birthday party; Hannah gets advice on an important decision from her father and his new partner; Elijah helps a co-worker run lines for an audition.
User ratings: 340
Average rating: 7.9
The Bounce
Elijah prepares for an open-call audition for a new Broadway musical; Marnie tries to pawn a family heirloom; Hannah reconnects with Paul-Louis.
User ratings: 349
Average rating: 8.1
What Will We Do This Time About Adam?
Adam has surprising news for Hannah. Jessa spends a day off on her own. Shoshanna has a run-in with Abigail.
User ratings: 442
Average rating: 8.3
Goodbye Tour
After an important meeting, Hannah reaches out to friends for advice, but has trouble reaching Marnie.
User ratings: 492
Average rating: 8.4
Hannah embarks on a new chapter.
User ratings: 681
Average rating: 5.8
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