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Hey Arnold!

Seasons: 5
Episodes: 100
User ratings: 27,402
Average rating: 7.7

Animation, Comedy, Drama, Family

The everyday life of Arnold, a 4th-grader in a nameless city that resembles Brooklyn, New York, who lives in a multi-racial boarding house with his grandparents and a motley assortment of neighbors and friends.

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Arnold accidentally knocks out a bully named Harold during a baseball game, and Harold gives Arnold 24 hours to live before he beats him to a pulp.
User ratings: 69
Average rating: 7.8
Downtown as Fruits/Eugene's Bike
Arnold and Gerald decide to take the bus a bit too far and miss the play that they are characters in, since Helga is in charge of it. Later, when Eugene's bicycle is ruined thanks to Arnold, he decides to take him out for a day of fun.
User ratings: 151
Average rating: 7.9
The Little Pink Book/Field Trip
Helga drops her journal full of love poems about Arnold into a pile of books./Arnold's class goes on a field trip to the aquarium where Arnold waits to see Lockjaw.
User ratings: 112
Average rating: 8.0
Arnold's Hat/Stoop Kid
Arnold can't bear to face the world bareheaded. Where can it be? Helga's not talking.
User ratings: 128
Average rating: 8.4
Helga's Makeover/The Old Building
Lipstick, hairspray, nail polish-Rhonda's birthday party is an all-girl affair, and that's why Helga isn't invited. But she's plotting revenge, and it's gonna make 'em run like cheap mascara.
User ratings: 116
Average rating: 8.0
6th Grade Girls/The Baseball
Arnold's about to find out...because tonight, he just might get a kiss from a sixth-grade girl.
User ratings: 106
Average rating: 8.0
With fourteen beautiful inches of powdery snow, a blizzard has transformed Arnold's city into a winter play-land. But with the list of chores Grandpa has handed him, it could be July before he gets to play in it.
User ratings: 116
Average rating: 8.4
Operation Ruthless/The Vacant Lot
Arnold decides to get up the nerve to speak with the girl of his dreams, Ruth McDougal, at the annual cheese festival. Arnold and the gang clean up a vacant lot so that they can have a baseball field.
User ratings: 103
Average rating: 8.3
The List/Haunted Train
Arnold's best laid plans for the "ultimate Saturday" go up in smoke when he tries to complete all of his favorite things to do in one afternoon.On a boring summer night Grandpa tries to liven things up by telling a story about haunted Train Number 25.
User ratings: 117
Average rating: 8.3
Mugged/Roughin' It
Arnold learns the secrets of the martial arts from Grandma after getting held up for his bus pass.Grandpa takes Arnold and Gerald out to the woods to show them how to camp "the old fashioned way."
User ratings: 95
Average rating: 7.6
Door #16/Arnold as Cupid
The boarders are all suspicious of the mysterious Mr. Smith who lives behind door 16. Oscar Kokoshka moves in with Arnold when his wife, Susie, throws him out of their apartment following another fight.
User ratings: 89
Average rating: 7.6
Arnold's Christmas
Helga has Christmas all figured out. It's about cash and presents and getting what you wish no matter what. But Christmas Eve finds Arnold searching to find a gift for Mr. Hyunh-and it's one that no amount of money can buy. Mr. Hayunh's only wish is to be reunited with the daughter from whom he was separated by the misfortunes of war many years ago. She's somewhere out there in the snow-covered city. And it just might take a Christmas Angel to find her.
User ratings: 246
Average rating: 9.1
Benchwarmer/Cool Jerk
Arnold has trouble with the basketball coach and his favored son.Arnold becomes friend with "cool" Frankie G., but his new friend only succeeds in getting him into trouble.
User ratings: 93
Average rating: 7.0
Das Subway/Wheezin' Ed
Arnold and the gang have no choice but to take the subway home after dark.Arnold and the gang set out on a quest to find the hidden treasure of the mysterious "Wheezin' Ed" on Elk Island.
User ratings: 90
Average rating: 7.7
Tutoring Torvald/Gerald Comes Over
Arnold is given the assignment to tutor Torvald, the meanest, toughest kid in Arnold's math class, for the big math test on Friday.Gerald convinces Arnold to allow him to spend the night at Arnold's house.
User ratings: 82
Average rating: 7.4
Spelling Bee/Pigeon Man
The first episode is "Spelling Bee", It's time to crown the spelling champ of the whole city, and P.S. 118 has two contenders for the $500 prize. In one corner, Arnold. In the other, Helga. The second "Pigeon Man", Arnold's prized pigeon takes ill, and only one person can help-the creepy recluse Pigeon Man. But when Arnold visits him in his rooftop roost he find they're birds of a feather.
User ratings: 153
Average rating: 8.9
Olga Comes Home/Sally's Comet
When Helga's older sister, Olga, comes home from college and gets all of her parents' attention, Helga plots to sabotage her sister's visit.Arnold and Gerald save up cereal box tops to get a telescope before the arrival of Salley's Comet.
User ratings: 88
Average rating: 7.9
Abner Come Home/The Sewer King
Arnold's pet pig, Abner, escapes one night while Arnold is sleeping. When Arnold tries to bring Grandpa's pocket watch home from the repair shop, he accidentally drops it down a hole in the street, which leads him to strange subterranean world.
User ratings: 81
Average rating: 7.5
False Alarm/World Records
False Alarm: Eugene is accused of pulling the fire alarm at school. Arnold try to convince other jurors that Eugene can be innocent. World Records: Arnold want to be into a book records.
User ratings: 83
Average rating: 7.6
Magic Show/24 Hours to Live
Arnold gives an amateur magic show behind the boarding house and, for his big number, makes Helga actually disappear.When Arnold accidentally beans Harold in a baseball game, the bully vows to "kill" him, and gives him 24 hours to live.
User ratings: 86
Average rating: 7.9
Arnold's Valentine
Arnold gets a visit from his French pen pal Cecille, who behind her French accent, seems strangely familiar.
User ratings: 108
Average rating: 8.3
Save the Tree/New Teacher
Arnold organizes a campaign to save the oldest tree in the neighborhood.Mr. Simmons is accepted by Arnold and the rest of the class as their new teacher after they're tormented by a mean substitute.
User ratings: 83
Average rating: 7.8
Helga's Love Potion/Gerald's Secret
The big Bike-a-Thon is coming. And with everyone getting ready, Gerald is afraid his friends will learn his humiliating secret. Can Arnold put the brakes on the rumors?
User ratings: 84
Average rating: 7.8
The Big Scoop/Harold's Kitty
Arnold and Helga are editors of competing school newspapers.Harold softens when he finds a lost cat and then refuses to give it up to its rightful owner. Arnold eventually persuades Harold to give up the kitty.
User ratings: 76
Average rating: 7.7
Longest Monday/Eugene's Pet
AKA - Trash Can Day, Arnold and Gerald must get through the traditional day of hazing 4th graders.After EugeneÃ+s pet fish is accidentally killed by ArnoldÃ+s yo-yo, Arnold vows to get unlucky Eugene a pet that will endure.
User ratings: 80
Average rating: 7.8
Monkey Business/Big Caesar
After being scratched by an organ grinder's monkey, Helga is convinced her days are numbered.Arnold and Gerald attempt to catch the biggest fish in the city pond.
User ratings: 75
Average rating: 7.5
Ransom/Ms. Perfect
When Timberly's doll is kidnapped, Gerald and Arnold track it down.A "perfect" new classmate is tormented by Helga and the other girls, but is eventually accepted.
User ratings: 76
Average rating: 7.4
Arnold's Halloween
Arnold and Gerald team up to carry out the ultimate Halloween prank, by deliberately faking a news radio broadcast of an alien invasion, causing widespread panic throughout town not seen since Orson Welles inadvertently did so in 1938!
User ratings: 97
Average rating: 8.3
Arnold Saves Sid/Hookey
After Arnold saves Sid from injury, Sid devotes himself to paying Arnold back with unending kindness.Arnold and Gerald play hookey but their day is thwarted by intense paranoia.
User ratings: 73
Average rating: 7.3
Freeze Frame/Phoebe Cheats
Arnold and Gerald catch a suspicious man on film and they follow him clue-to-clue.In an effort to win a class poetry contest, Phoebe copies a poem from a book. Thereafter she is haunted by her guilty conscience and the imagined voice of her trophy.
User ratings: 70
Average rating: 7.6
Mudbowl/Gerald Moves Out
Arnold and the rest of his fourth grade friends play the seemingly unbeatable fifth graders in touch football.Gerald, the middle child in his family, is feeling so neglected that he moves into Arnold's boarding house.
User ratings: 72
Average rating: 7.7
The High Life/Best Friends
Gerald gets in over his financial head selling a sure-fire product.
User ratings: 64
Average rating: 7.6
Steely Phil/Quantity Time
Arnold tries to help his grandfather redeem himself for a past embarrassment by entering into a Chinese Checkers tournament against a former rival.
User ratings: 71
Average rating: 7.5
Eating Contest/Rhonda's Glasses
Like his Grandfather before him, Arnold competes in the annual block party eating contest.Fashion and image-aware Rhonda fails the eye chart and gets glasses. Immediately she is labeled a geek and is forced to hang out with the geeky kids.
User ratings: 77
Average rating: 7.7
Helga's Boyfriend/Crush on Teacher
Helga's got a foolproof plan: Hire a boyfriend, and a jealous Arnold will surely come swooning into her arms. Presuming of course, Arnold notices.
User ratings: 74
Average rating: 7.5
Hall Monitor/Harold's Bar Mitzvah
When Helga chooses Phoebe as her replacement for Hall Monitor, she teaches Phoebe how to enforce the rules a little too well.Harold becomes increasingly nervous as he prepares for his Bar Mitzvah.
User ratings: 73
Average rating: 7.9
Coach Wittenberg/Four-Eyed Jack
Arnold and Gerald recruit their old basketball coach to be their bowling coach, and he quickly alienates them with his overbearing demandsArnold and Gerald go on a ghost hunt through the boarding house, trying to uncover the mystery of Four-Eyed Jack.
User ratings: 81
Average rating: 7.6
Eugene Goes Bad/What's Opera, Arnold?
Eugene becomes disillusioned about his life after learning that his favorite movie action hero doesn't do his own stunts. Arnold and the gang go on a class trip to the opera and have grand, musical dreams of their own.
User ratings: 82
Average rating: 8.0
Tour de Pond/Teachers' Strike
After happening upon a snotty rich kid named, Rex, who is legendary for winning the annual toy boat race, Arnold and Gerald decide to enter the race. Fed up with Principal Wartz's budget cuts, the teachers decide to go out on strike.
User ratings: 73
Average rating: 7.8
Part Time Friends/Biosquare
Arnold and Gerald have landed after-school jobs in Mrs. Vitello's flower shop. And everything's coming up roses...until Mrs. Viteloo decides to make one of them the boss.
User ratings: 68
Average rating: 7.8
Runaway Float/Partners
First the great composing team of Spumoni and Reynolds split up. And now maybe Arnold and Gerald, too. Are all great performing duo doomed?
User ratings: 65
Average rating: 7.5
Helga Blabs It All/Harold the Butcher
While feeling the effects of laughing gas, Helga leaves a confessional message of love on Arnold's phone machine. / After Harold shoplifts some meat from the butcher shop, he is sentenced to work off his punishment.
User ratings: 81
Average rating: 8.2
Dangerous Lumber/Mr. Hyunh Goes Country
Arnold becomes a hot (and dangerous) hitter. He keeps injuring people everytime he swings the bat. Afraid of hurting more people, Arnold refuses to play ball. / Arnold & Gerald manage the career of the most unlikely country-and-western singer, Mr. Hyunh.
User ratings: 75
Average rating: 8.0
Casa Paradiso/Gerald's Tonsils
Grandpa becomes tired of dealing with the boarding house and decides to sell. Arnold has to convince him otherwise. / Gerald has his tonsils removed before a big concert and must come to grips with the fact that his voice has changed.
User ratings: 61
Average rating: 7.4
Arnold's Room/Helga vs. Big Patty
Arnold lends Sid his room for one evening, but the arrangement backfires when Sid keeps on borrowing the room. / Helga and Patty (the big girl) face off.
User ratings: 72
Average rating: 7.7
Stinky Goes Hollywood/Olga Gets Engaged
Stinky's simple life changes after he becomes the surprise new spokesman for Ya-Hoo Soda. / Olga brings home her surprise fiancee who wins over everyone except Helga.
User ratings: 68
Average rating: 7.6
Curly Snaps/Pre-Teen Scream
Curly gets enraged after a minor playground mix-up. He locks himself in the principal's office and refuses to come out. / Phoebe has a secret crush on a pop star.
User ratings: 71
Average rating: 7.8
Grandpa's Birthday/Road Trip
Grandpa thinks he's going to die soon because no one in his family ever made it past his age. He prepares to die, and Arnold tries to convince him that life is still worth living. / Helga and Miriam get stuck on the road together with no money.
User ratings: 68
Average rating: 7.3
Sid's Revenge/Roller Coaster
Sid is wrongfully accused of a school prank and is expelled. Sid seeks revenge on Principle Wartz. / Eugene wants to ride with the gang, but they all think he's a jinx and won't go with him. Arnold decides to break the cycle of pain and rides with Eugene, but they get stuck.
User ratings: 67
Average rating: 7.1
The Aptitude Test/Oskar Gets a Job
After the results of an aptitude test are announced, Harold gains self-confidence and Helga feels dumber. / Arnold is instrumental in persuading Oskar to actually get off his butt and get a temporary job.
User ratings: 67
Average rating: 7.3
Arnold Betrays Iggy/Helga and the Nanny
Arnold accidentally breaks a promise he made to Iggy and must deal with the consequences. / Big Bob hires a nanny for Helga. Helga fights the nanny at her own game and forces her to leave.
User ratings: 97
Average rating: 5.7
Career Day/Hey Harold!
Arnold gets paired with the bitter Jolly Olly Man as part of Career Day, but helps to change both their outcomes. / Harold is invited to Rhonda's party and befriends the female bully, Big Patty.
User ratings: 71
Average rating: 7.8
Best Man/Cool Party
The Coach wants to remarry Tish and asks Arnold to be his best man. / Rhonda has a party and only invites the cool kids. Arnold attends, but realizes her party is only for snobs.
User ratings: 74
Average rating: 7.0
Arnold & Lila/Grand Prix
Helga, lost in a love reverie, writes "Arnold loves Helga" on a wall, but changes the name to "Lila" when the kids approach. / The kids all try to outdo each other in a city-wide go-cart race.
User ratings: 64
Average rating: 7.4
Arnold's Thanksgiving
Arnold is fed up with the bickering amongst the boarders and sets out to find the true meaning of the holiday.
User ratings: 84
Average rating: 7.9
Helga's Show/The Flood
Helga does a standup routine at a school function and proceeds to insult all of her friends. / A flood strands the kids at school overnight and they reveal some of their most private thoughts and feelings.
User ratings: 66
Average rating: 7.4
Phoebe Takes the Fall/The Pig War
Phoebe agrees to take a dive so that Helga can win a competition, but she comes to regret her decision. / The boys engage in a recreation of a historical battle, only this time their prized pig is in danger of losing his life.
User ratings: 64
Average rating: 7.3
Crabby Author/Rich Kid
Arnold seeks out his favorite author who turns out to be quite opposite of her sweet and sentimental books. / A rich kid joins Arnold's class. Arnold and the gang tell him what life in the big city is really like.
User ratings: 72
Average rating: 7.6
Girl Trouble/School Dance
Arnold complains to Grandpa when pesky Helga starts to really annoy him; Arnold asks a has-been singer to perform for his school.
User ratings: 69
Average rating: 7.1
School Play
Arnold and Helga perform a "Romeo and Juliet"- type play for a school production.
User ratings: 80
Average rating: 8.2
Full Moon/Student Teacher
When the gang all decide that they are going to "moon" Principal Wartz, Arnold thinks that it's a bad idea, but ends up inadvertently getting caught and taking the blame./Olga comes to PS 118 to be a student teacher.
User ratings: 61
Average rating: 6.9
Big Gino/Jamie O in Love
Sid gets in over his head when doing business with the local kid loan shark, Big Gino./Gerald's big brother, Jamie O, falls for a girl and suddenly turns nice to his kid brother.
User ratings: 62
Average rating: 7.2
Eugene's Birthday/Stinky's Pumpkin
Arnold is the cause of two birthday party's for Eugene being a big flop./Stinky feels that he is a failure at everything he does until Arnold helps him discover that he is the best pumpkin grower in town.
User ratings: 61
Average rating: 7.4
The Beeper Queen/Oskar Can't Read?
When Arnold discovers that Oskar has been pretending to know how to read, Arnold confronts him./Big Bob pulls his back and cannot go to a very important meeting. Not knowing who else to send in his place, he asks Helga.
User ratings: 65
Average rating: 7.4
Dinner for Four/Phoebe Skips
After winning coupons to a fancy French restaurant, Helga attempts to prove to Arnold that she is more sophisticated than Lila. /Helga is devastated when her patsy, Phoebe, is skipped to the 6th grade.
User ratings: 69
Average rating: 7.2
Helga's Parrot/Chocolate Turtles
Big Bob gets a parrot which eventually gets on his nerves. He passes the bird on to Helga, who spills her emotions about Arnold to the bird./Arnold and Gerald decide to sell chocolate turtles to raise money for the club's ongoing go-cart project.
User ratings: 69
Average rating: 7.7
Love and Cheese/Weighing Harold
Arnold goes all out to win Lila's affection by taking her to the Annual Cheese Festival./Harold feels that he has gotten too fat, so he gets his parents to send him on a weight-off cruise.
User ratings: 63
Average rating: 7.4
Back to School/Egg Story
Grandpa returns back to grade school so he can finally fulfill his dream of graduating./Mr. Simmons gives the class an assignment to couple up and take care of an egg over the weekend to learn teamwork and responsibility.
User ratings: 59
Average rating: 7.2
It Girl/Deconstructing Arnold
Helga becomes the latest child fashion star and everyone loves her for her scowl and bad attitude./The gang finally gets sick of Arnold's never-ending good advice, so they all decide to stop listening to him all together.
User ratings: 65
Average rating: 7.6
Grudge Match/Polishing Rhonda
When Arnold and Grandpa get into a fender bender with Helga and Big Bob, the typical argument of who's at fault ensues./After a confrontation at PS 118 between Rhonda and Patty, they both end up at the same finishing school.
User ratings: 58
Average rating: 7.5
Weird Cousin/Baby Oskar
Arnold's weird cousin, Arnie, arrives for a visit and appears to be the biggest loser to everyone except Lila, the love of Arnold's life./Oskar's wife Susie agrees to watch her cousin's baby, also named Oskar.
User ratings: 60
Average rating: 7.4
Grandpa's Sister/Synchronized Swimming
Grandpa's sister, Mitzi, shows up out of the blue to grace the boarding house with her presence./When Coach Wittenberg needs to form a synchronized swim team to save his job, he recruits Arnold, Gerald and the rest of the gang to compete.
User ratings: 69
Average rating: 6.8
Helga Sleepwalks/Fighting Families
Helga begins to sleepwalk and ends up walking to Arnold's house. | The Fighting Families Contest has come to town and have selected two families: one from PS 118 and PS 119.
User ratings: 70
Average rating: 7.4
Headless Cabbie/Friday the 13th
At a sleepover, Arnold and the boys sit around and tell scary stories./Wolfgang dares Arnold and the gang to break superstitions, which causes a spate of bad luck to erupt.
User ratings: 73
Average rating: 8.0
Veterans Day
Arnold and Gerald, and Grandpa and Gerald's Dad visit a Veteran's memorial. Both older men tell "tall" tales about their military exploits, which the boys find hard to believe.
User ratings: 73
Average rating: 7.8
Helga on the Couch
Helga is recommended for counseling after Mr. Simmons observes her berating Arnold, arguing with her parents, etc. She learns that unrequited love is very normal and that she's actually okay.
User ratings: 133
Average rating: 8.8
Dino Checks Out
Washed up balladeer Dino Spumoni fakes his own death in order to increase his record sales. Everyone believes he's dead and at the funeral, Grandpa and Arnold find out that Dino has left Arnold all his future record sales.
User ratings: 65
Average rating: 7.8
Monkeyman!/Buses, Bikes, and Subways
Arnold is saved from thugs by a mysterious, caped character named Monkeyman,/Out on a field trip, Harold and Helga miss the bus and get separated from the rest of the class.
User ratings: 69
Average rating: 7.6
Helga's Masquerade/Mr. Green Runs
When Helga realizes that Arnold is so taken by Lila because of her wit and charm, she decides that the only way to get Arnold to notice her is to be like Lila./Arnold helps Mr. Green run for the City Council.
User ratings: 70
Average rating: 7.8
Sid the Vampire Slayer/Big Sis
After A Chilling Vampire Movie, Sid Is So Spooked That He Believes That Stinky Has All Of The Characteristics Of A Vampire. Olga Comes Home And Wants To Be A Big Sister To A Little Girl.
User ratings: 63
Average rating: 7.4
Bag of Money/Principal Simmons
The Guys Find A Bag Of Money And They Want To Split It Up Right Away. When Principal Wartz Gets Fed Up With Unappreciative Children, He Quits And Follows His Life-Long Dream Of Being A Lounge Singer.
User ratings: 60
Average rating: 7.4
New Bully on the Block/Phoebe Breaks a Leg
When A New Bully Comes On The Block, Wolfgang Feels Threatened That He Will Lose His Power Over Arnold And The Gang. Phoebe Breaks Her Leg When She Rescues Helga From The Pathway Of A Speeding Bus.
User ratings: 63
Average rating: 7.4
Parents Day
At the Parent's Day competition, Arnold learns that even though he doesn't have "real" parents, his grandparents are just as good as everyone else's parents.
User ratings: 92
Average rating: 8.6
Helga's Locket/Sid and Germs
Helga Loses Her Infamous Locket And It Winds Up In The Wrong Place and Arnold's House. Sid Learns That Germs Are On Just About Everything People Touch -- Especially Frogs.
User ratings: 65
Average rating: 7.7
Suspended/Ernie in Love
Harold Decides That He Hates School And Wants Nothing Else To Do With It. Ernie Falls In Love With A Beautiful, Voluptuous Magazine Model.
User ratings: 60
Average rating: 7.5
Summer Love
By complete coincidence, Arnold and Helga and family end up at the same beach resort for summer vacation.
User ratings: 80
Average rating: 8.0
Stuck in a Tree/Rhonda Goes Broke
Arnold Tries To Help Eugene Get Out Of A Tree, But Gets Stuck Himself. After A Busy Day At School Of Boasting And Fashion Policing, Rhonda Comes Home And Finds Out That They Are Now Broke And Have Nothing Left.
User ratings: 62
Average rating: 7.5
Beaned/Old Iron Man
During A Game Of Baseball, Arnold Pops A Fly Ball And It Hits Helga In The Head. Grandpa Is Paid A Visit By His Old Friend Jimmy, Which Sparks Up His Competitive Nature.
User ratings: 62
Average rating: 7.6
Arnold Visits Arnie/Chocolate Boy
Arnold Pays His Cousin Arnie A Visit And It Turns Out To Be Much Like Being In The Twilight Zone. Wolfgang Tells Chocolate Boy That If He Can Go Two Weeks Without Chocolate,
User ratings: 66
Average rating: 7.9
Harold vs. Patty/Rich Guy
Harold Becomes The King Of Arm Wrestling At Ps 118. At A Hockey Game With Grandpa, Arnold Prevents An Airborne Puck From Hitting A Stranger In The Head.
User ratings: 63
Average rating: 7.5
April Fool's Day
It's April Fools and Helga has targeted Arnold as her practical joke victim for the day. When Helga goes one prank too far, Arnold stages a retaliation and brings in Grandpa's prized practical joke.
User ratings: 71
Average rating: 7.6
Gerald's Game/Fishing Trip
Gerald Becomes Addicted To A Game Called "The King". Arnold, Sid, Gerald And Harold Go On A Fishing Trip With Their Dads And Grandpa.
User ratings: 60
Average rating: 7.2
Rhonda uses her origami marriage predictor to tell who will marry who within the gang. Everyone becomes curious. Except Arnold who refuses to take the test, until Rhonda peeks his curiosity by telling him that it might predict that he will marry Lila.
User ratings: 59
Average rating: 7.9
On the Lam/Family Man
Harold, Stinky and Sid steal rockets out of the science lab at school and set them off outside of an old Police Station./The deli shop where Mr. Hyunh works has a new owner and he's looking for a new head chef whose a real family man.
User ratings: 61
Average rating: 7.5
The Racing Mule/Curly's Girl
Mr. Hyuhn, Ernie Oskar combine their resources to purchase a racing horse./When Rhonda's dad buys her mother a fur coat for her birthday, the temptation is too great and Rhonda wears it to school.
User ratings: 54
Average rating: 7.0
The Journal
On the anniversary of his parent's disappearance, Arnold decides to give up hoping that they will ever return home. But while packing away their keepsakes in the attic, Arnold finds his father's old journal.
User ratings: 127
Average rating: 8.7
Timberly Loves Arnold/Eugene, Eugene!
When Gerald tries to get rid of his little sister Timberly, Arnold sticks up for her by persuading Gerald to let her hang out with them. /Mr. Leichliter, the theater critic, posts auditions for his rendition of the classic play, "Eugene, Eugene".
User ratings: 52
Average rating: 7.3
Ghost Bride/Gerald vs. Jamie O.
HEY ARNOLD! presents a fresh look at life in a big city as seen from a kid's point of view. Arnold has a creative mind, an admirable nonchalance and a head shaped like a football. Along with his best friend Gerald, Arnold must
User ratings: 65
Average rating: 7.3
Simmons' Documentary/Big Bob's Crisis
Mr. Simmons wins The Teacher of the Year award and The Knowledge Channel wants to do a documentary capturing the spontaneous moments in his class./Big Bob has a change of heart when he has what appears to be a heart attack.
User ratings: 61
Average rating: 7.5
Phoebe's Little Problem/Grandpa's Packard
Grandpa enters his packard in the classic car competition. It is admired by all until someone admires it enough to steal it./Phoebe is set to receive an award for her perfect attendance.
User ratings: 58
Average rating: 7.5
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