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Seasons: 7
Episodes: 84
User ratings: 277,497
Average rating: 8.3

Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

A bipolar CIA operative becomes convinced a prisoner of war has been turned by al-Qaeda and is planning to carry out a terrorist attack on American soil.

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After being missing and presumed dead for eight years, Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody is rescued in Iraq, and returns home to his family. But CIA agent Carrie Anderson suspects he might have been turned by his terrorist captors, and believes he could be part of a plan to attack America.
User ratings: 3,587
Average rating: 8.4
After three days at home, Brody continues to have nightmares and talking in his sleep.With the media camped outside his front door he's under pressure to get into the public eye in support of U.S. policies. The CIA crypt-analysts can't find any decipherable pattern to Brody's finger movements. Carrie Matheson continues to monitor his movements inside his home and Saul Berenson obtains a FISA warrant, valid for 4 weeks, legalizing what she is doing. There's no camera in Brody's garage however. One of Carrie's informants, an American by the name of Lynn, tells her Abu Nazir recently met the Middle Eastern Prince she works for. Carrie is convinced that Abu Nazir's reappearance after a long absence and Brody sudden return home are connected.
User ratings: 2,862
Average rating: 8.1
Clean Skin
Brody prepares for his and his family's interviews with Lawrence O'Donnell but his 16 year-old daughter Dana is rebelling. She is particularly angry at her mother for the relationship she developed with family friend Mike Faber. She threatens to tell her father everything but while she and Brody bond, he also asks her to give her mother a break as his return has been stressful for everyone. Carrie's agent, Lynne Reed, manages to download the contents of Prince Farin Bid Abbud's cellphone. She fears he may have seen her but he gives her a magnificent gift of a diamond necklace. It's all part of a greater strategy.
User ratings: 2,632
Average rating: 8.0
Semper I
Political powers make big plans to promote Brody as a national hero, but erratic behavior on his part threatens his media image.
User ratings: 2,481
Average rating: 7.9
Blind Spot
A man is captured by the CIA in Islamabad, who turns out to be Brody's former guard and torturer while he was a prisoner. The man is interrogated by Saul, but Brody wants to see him in person.
User ratings: 2,431
Average rating: 8.3
The Good Soldier
Carrie manages to prepare a polygraph test for the 11 people who were near Afsal Hamid, including Sgt. Brody. Meannwhile, she tries to get closer to Brody using other personal methods.
User ratings: 2,424
Average rating: 8.4
The Weekend
Aileen is taken into custody by Saul in Mexico. Meanwhile, Carrie and Brody share some quality time at a cabin in the woods, owned by Carrie's family. Everything seems to be going well until shocking revelations are made.
User ratings: 2,742
Average rating: 8.8
Achilles Heel
While Carrie and Saul are left reeling by the news that Walker is alive, the intelligence organizations squabble over how to capture him.
User ratings: 2,356
Average rating: 8.4
Brody's efforts to sever ties with Abu Nazir triggers flashbacks to his time as a captive. Meanwhile, the mosque shooting results in a public-relations nightmare for Carrie.
User ratings: 2,316
Average rating: 8.2
Representative Brody
Walker's Washington contact is identified by Carrie and Saul, but the target is protected via diplomatic immunity. Meanwhile, political bigwigs approach Brody about running for a disgraced congressman's seat.
User ratings: 2,318
Average rating: 8.3
The Vest
When the dust settles from an explosion, Saul finds a manic Carrie hospitalized and realizes there may be merit to her wild theories.
User ratings: 2,452
Average rating: 8.7
Marine One
In the Season 1 finale, a near-catatonic Carrie is confined to bed as Saul puzzles over the unnerving implications of her time line.
User ratings: 3,248
Average rating: 9.1
The Smile
An asset from Carrie's former life comes in from the cold. Freshman Congressman Nick Brody discovers that Abu Nazir may not be content with his nonviolent approach to affecting change in American foreign policy.
User ratings: 2,784
Average rating: 8.4
Beirut Is Back
Against the advice of her family, Carrie becomes involved in an operation that may rid the world of Abu Nazir once and for all. Brody's handler presses the Congressman into service, as his relationship with Jessica takes a hit. And Captain Mike Faber questions the nature of the events surrounding the shooting of Elizabeth Gaines.
User ratings: 2,755
Average rating: 9.0
State of Independence
Fresh from her adventures in Beirut, a restless Carrie prepares for what she hopes will be a triumphant return to the CIA. Meanwhile, Brody learns that the Gettysburg bomb maker is on a terrorist watch list and in danger of imminent discovery. With no time to lose, Brody attempts a last-minute exfiltration. And Jessica takes risks of her own as she steps into the political limelight.
User ratings: 2,394
Average rating: 8.3
New Car Smell
Following a secret debrief from Saul, a stunned Estes authorizes a covert operation to pursue intel recovered in Beirut - but not without putting his own trusted operative in charge. Brody, still reeling from his misadventures, gets another shock when he runs into Carrie at Langley. A casual invitation to bury the hatchet turns into an encounter neither of them could have foreseen. And Dana discovers she has something in common with Finn Walden, the Vice President's son.
User ratings: 2,500
Average rating: 8.8
Brody finds himself prisoner again, but this time it's on American soil. Meanwhile, Carrie is forced to play second fiddle after her rash judgment call at the hotel as Estes is busy keeping Jessica off their trail.
User ratings: 2,866
Average rating: 9.1
A Gettysburg Address
With the information provided by Brody, the CIA begins following Roya Hammad. She meets an unknown man in a public park and Carrie turns to Brody to find out who he is. Brody has also come clean about the death of the Gettysburgh tailor and the CIA move in to search the shop, something that has disastrous results. Mike Faber continues his one-man investigation into Tom Walker's death. He's told by Saul and David Estes to back off. He presses on however and finds Brody's pistol hidden in the garage and tells Jess of his suspicions. Dana visits the hospital where the hit and run victim was taken and meets the woman's daughter.
User ratings: 2,230
Average rating: 8.4
The Clearing
In the aftermath of the attack on the tailor's shop, Saul travels to the federal prison housing terrorist Aileen Morgan. She's under lockdown 23 hours per day and agrees to identify the man Roya met in the park if Saul can arrange for her to have a room with a window. Saul runs up against a less than cooperative warden. Roya Hammad contacts Brody to tell him she's arranging for him to meet someone but he's not too keen with all that's happened. Brody and the family spend the weekend at the home of Rex Henning with Vice President Walden where he is being vetted as Walden's running mate. Brody is surprised by some of his host's views. Jess tells Brody about Mike's recent visit and he admits his role in Tom Walker's death. Carrie has no choice but to speak to Mike herself. Dana is still struggling with the hit and run accident and gets Finn to agree they should tell their parents. The Brodys and the Wardens don't exactly see eye to eye on how best to deal with the situation.
User ratings: 2,122
Average rating: 7.9
I'll Fly Away
Brody finds himself in an impossible situation. He took Dana to the police station to report the hit and run but Carrie met him there and made it clear that their deal was off if he went forward. Dana believes her father is a coward and runs off to Mike Faber's house. At home, Jess is no more sympathetic, accusing him of choosing politics over his daughter. He meets Roja and tells her he's finished with her and Abu Nazir and walks away. After spending the night with Carrie he realizes the error of his ways and tries to make amends with Roya. He heads off with her but the CIA lose him when he is taken away by helicopter. A surprise visitor awaits him at his destination. Dana meanwhile visits the hit and run victim's daughter and learns some ugly truths.
User ratings: 2,142
Average rating: 8.3
Two Hats
Brody has now been absent for 12 hours and his CIA handlers have little hope that he is still alive. Just as they are about to arrest Roya Hammad Brody makes contact insisting that his family be put into protective custody before he comes in. Carrie decides that Mike Faber would be the best person to get the family to safety. When Brody comes in he tells them Abu Nazir is in the country and is planning an attack at the ceremony honoring 300 Marines returning from Afghanistan. Brody's role in all of this is simple - convince the Vice President that a journalist should be allowed to cover the event: Roya Hammad. Saul, who has been suspicious of Peter Quinn, starts looking into his background. Quinn's real orders become obvious. Meanwhile, at the safe house Jess and Mike once again become lovers.
User ratings: 2,216
Average rating: 8.6
Broken Hearts
In the aftermath of the failed terrorist attack, Brody joins his family at the safe house. The situation with Jess and Dana is strained and it isn't helped when he gets a call from Carrie. She tells him the Attorney General is prepared to honor their deal but he will have to resign his seat in Congress and announce he is no longer interested in being Vice President Walden's running mate. Soon after, Brody gets a call from Abu Nazir who has taken Carrie prisoner and unless Brody gets him the information he wants from Walden's home office, he will kill her. Brody makes a deal with him and she is saved but not without a cost. Elsewhere, Saul has a chat with Dar Adal who was seen talking to Peter Quinn. He confirms that Quinn is an off-the-books black ops specialist but has no idea why Estes would have put Quinn in charge of the operation. Finn visits Dana at the safe house.
User ratings: 2,271
Average rating: 8.7
In Memoriam
The FBI search the factory but Abu Nazir is nowhere to be found. Carrie is certain he had help to escape and focuses on Danny Galvez. Once that is shown to be a false trail Carrie returns to the factory, convinced Nazir has to be there. They find his hideaway and it leads to a confrontation. Back at the CIA, Carrie interrogates Roya Hammad but it doesn't go well. Saul confronts David Estes about his plan and Peter Quinn's true purpose on the team. He is subjected to a lie detector test and it's clear that Estes is setting him up for a fall. Meanwhile, Dana is fed up living in the safe house and let's her father now just what she thinks of him. Once they're back at home, Brody and Jess have a heart to heart talk and both realize their marriage is over.
User ratings: 2,301
Average rating: 8.7
The Choice
Brody and Carrie are spending some time at the lake and discuss what possible future they might have together. Brody is committed but they both Carrie realize Carrie cannot both have him and a career as an intelligence officer. They're not alone at the lake however. Peter Quinn is also there with a high powered rifle and Brody in his sights. Saul attends Nazir's burial at sea while Brody, Carrie and many others attend a memorial at the CIA for Vice President Walden. Carrie makes her choice but Nazir has left them with one more surprise and they are both on the run. Brodie is soon the most wanted man in America.
User ratings: 3,624
Average rating: 9.3
Tin Man Is Down
It's two months since the Langley bombing, which killed 219 people. Within the public mindset, Brody is the culprit, he who has disappeared, unknown to most that Carrie is the one who helped him get away. On her own except with legal counsel, Carrie is appearing in front of a congressional committee on the matter, they who believe that Brody either was the mastermind or that the CIA conducted the bombing to cover up its own messes. If the latter, the committee looks to shut down the CIA. Carrie ends up feeling ambushed as someone has been leaking information to the committee. Meanwhile, Saul, now appointed director following David's death in the bombing, feels he should be helping Carrie, while Dar Adal wants to throw Carrie under the bus for the good of the CIA. Under Saul's directive, the CIA has identified six people directly involved in the bombing, but Saul, who has been feeling a sense of emotional paralysis, doesn't know if they should now proceed in taking them out as the person who Saul believes masterminded the bombing is not among the six. And Dana is being released from the psychiatric hospital, where she has been since her suicide attempt. Beyond the fact that the Brodys have no money, Dana's therapy which Jess paid for by re-mortgaging the house, the family, including Dana, are on tenterhooks while Dana adjusts to being back home, the proverbial scene of the crime.
User ratings: 2,785
Average rating: 8.0
Uh... Oh... Ah...
Because of Saul's testimony at the Senate hearing, Carrie lashes out, feeling that she has to get her side of the story out into the public consciousness, which would also mean divulging many CIA secrets. As such, Dar Adal feels he has to neutralize Carrie. Carrie's response is that she trusts no one who does not support her approach, despite several people stating their support behind closed doors. Because a child was a collateral casualty in the attack on the six identified as being behind the Langley bombing, Saul and Peter need to find the mastermind behind the attack. Saul makes a request for technical assistance by a staffer who has very specific skills, including Arab language skills and computer skills, to break into the laptop found to follow the money trail back to the source. Who the powers that be send to Saul to do the work may cause him more anxiety than the problem itself, unless she comes through with the requested information. And Dana feels that no one in authority understands what she is currently going through, and what she is feeling. She turns to the one person who she knows understands.
User ratings: 2,490
Average rating: 7.3
Tower of David
Carrie has now been in the psychiatric ward of the hospital for three weeks back on her meds. She is on a no visitor directive. She does whatever she needs to do to get dismissed, even stating that she appreciated what Saul did for her in getting her admitted. Wanting to get out is despite she herself knowing that she is not in full control of her faculties. She also learns that someone has come by wanting to see her, that person who she is certain is Saul. However, that person has different thoughts as to Carrie's future than she probably has in mind. Meanwhile, Brody, who is on a hit list and who has a serious gunshot wound in his abdomen, is in Caracas, Venezula, being assisted by people with who he has a mutual friend. He is somewhat between a rock and hard place as all his fake ID has been stolen. He is being housed in an uncompleted high rise which has now been taken over by squatters. He doesn't fully trust the people who are helping him, especially part of the medical treatment, he who wants to head to a mosque for sanctuary. Those helping him, however, tell him that this situation is the end of the line for him, which he may not be able to accept.
User ratings: 2,514
Average rating: 7.4
Game On
Carrie is appearing at a hearing to determine if she is fit to be released from the psychiatric hospital. She believes she has done everything right to get released, with all signs pointing to that her medical team will recommend her release. However, external forces are working behind the scenes, one set who are determined to keep Carrie in the hospital, with another set determined to get Carrie released but on their terms and not hers. Carrie will learn which side is more powerful, or at least can manipulate the system the best to their advantage. In the process, Carrie has to figure out she can both trust and who is not being monitored by the two respective sides. Following Saul's advice, Fara Sherazi has been following the small money trails, which Saul believe will lead to one big pot of money. In doing so, Fara has indeed found that large pot of money. She doesn't know specifically who is manipulating the funds but has an educated guess. She and Saul come up with a likely theory despite it seeming somewhat unlikely on the surface. Leo is able to escape from the institution, and he and Dana run off in Jessica's car. While Dana and Leo deal together with recent issues in their lives, Mike helps Jess find out what may have happened to the pair. Mike discovers some disturbing information about Leo's hospitalization as opposed to the alternative.
User ratings: 2,389
Average rating: 8.2
The Yoga Play
Saul takes Quinn into his confidence regarding his and Carrie's covert operation to bring the suspected Langley bomber, Majid Javadi, into the open. It is Quinn's responsibility to watch Carrie's back. But it's an action by Carrie upon a request for help from an unexpected source, that may jeopardize the operation. Saul goes on a business social gathering - which includes a hunting trip - to discuss his possible appointment as permanent director of the CIA with specific politicos, including the CIA and by association Saul's adversary, Senator Andrew Lockhart. The hunting trip in particular takes a turn which changes the entire nature of the discussion. And Dana and Leo are still on the run. Running low on money, Dana makes long term plans on how she and Leo are going to live once the money runs out. Their plans take a turn with one specific incident at a gas station stop.
User ratings: 2,148
Average rating: 8.1
Still Positive
Carrie, kidnapped by Majid Javadi's men, is unaware that Peter and Saul have lost track of her in the mêlée. As such, Carrie proceeds in her sting of Javadi, which seems to work, albeit with a slight change of plan on a request made by Javadi which Carrie believes is reasonable. She may be unaware of the specific reason why he made the request. Mira tries to clear the air with Saul concerning what looked to be her marital indiscretion. Senator Lockhart makes a scheduled visit to CIA headquarters, where he seems to have an ally. And Dana makes a surprise request to Jessica. Jessica is taken aback by Dana's follow-up to that request.
User ratings: 2,074
Average rating: 8.0
Following him murdering his ex-wife and ex-daughter-in-law, Majid Javadi is being held at the safe house, with Saul his main interrogator. Both Saul and Javadi believe they have the upper hand in their negotiations. Saul's plans for Javadi catch him and a member of Saul's team off guard. Saul's plan is placed in jeopardy when they learn that an image of Quinn entering the murder scene was captured on the home security system of a neighbor. Saul, Carrie and Quinn have to decide how best to control the situation. Because he has been missing from his desk for some time working on this covert operation, Saul knows that he has to come clean to both Senator Lockhart, who is visiting Langley, and Dar Adal, especially as Adal is aware of the surveillance footage. Saul's news and subsequent actions may make for a slippery transition to when Lockhart is appointed CIA Director in ten days. Saul hopes to make it home soon so that he can patch things up with Mira, who may have her own thoughts on the state of their marriage.
User ratings: 2,050
Average rating: 8.3
A Red Wheelbarrow
Carrie believes Javadi's news that the Langley bomb maker and the person that moved Brody's car is still alive and still in the US, and the one person who knows the bomber's identity is Leland Bennett. Saul, Dar, Carrie and Quinn decide to set a trap for Bennett to learn the bomber's identity using Dar's old connections with him. Carrie's pregnancy adds urgency for her to clear Brody's name, she dealing with the pregnancy from a health perspective for the first time while working this latest mission. As Saul continues to debrief those that need to know about Javadi, the already large wedge between himself and Lockhart grows even bigger. Fara's actions in combination with hiding her job from her father places the work in jeopardy. Saul's last minute news to Mira that he has to take a business trip and may be gone for up to a week adds a cold freeze to what was the thaw that was happening in their marriage. But something, or more precisely someone else could be a bigger problem for Mira and Saul.
User ratings: 2,146
Average rating: 8.5
One Last Thing
Saul has found and rescued Brody and is now trying to help him recover from addiction. A task that proved to be a little challenging, so Saul turns to Carrie for help. She only agrees to help after she hears about Saul's new plan.
User ratings: 2,223
Average rating: 8.6
Good Night
Brody tries to get in Iran as an informer with the help of CIA.
User ratings: 2,366
Average rating: 8.8
Big Man in Tehran
While Brody starts his mission in Tehran intending to kill the grand general of Iran, Carrie tries to give local support and a extraction plan for him.
User ratings: 3,186
Average rating: 9.2
The Star
With Akbari dead, Carrie and Brody try to get to a safe house and wait for extraction.
User ratings: 3,275
Average rating: 8.4
The Drone Queen
Carrie makes a crucial decision after learning pressing intelligence; Saul struggles to adjust to his new role in the private sector.
User ratings: 2,628
Average rating: 8.3
Trylon and Perisphere
Carrie returns home to the states for an inquiry; Quinn spins out of control; a disgraced former case officer discloses information of great interest.
User ratings: 2,221
Average rating: 7.7
Shalwar Kameez
Carrie ventures a delicate alliance with the Pakistan's secretive Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Fara fails to recruit a key asset, forcing Carrie to intervene. After the events in Islamabad, Quinn zeroes in on a potential lead.
User ratings: 2,099
Average rating: 8.0
Iron in the Fire
Carrie gets a tip from Redmond regarding Quinn's lead. Saul calls in a favor with an old friend in the Pakistani military. Fara uncovers a deep-rooted conspiracy.
User ratings: 1,986
Average rating: 7.9
About a Boy
Carrie works a frightened asset. Quinn and Fara stake out a new suspect.
User ratings: 1,954
Average rating: 7.7
From A to B and Back Again
Carrie puts her operation in motion, staging an attack on herself and Ayaan to make him flee to his uncle in the North. But where is Saul?
User ratings: 2,548
Average rating: 9.0
Lockhart arrives. Carrie's investigation gets complicated.
User ratings: 2,520
Average rating: 8.7
Halfway to a Donut
Carrie organizes a last-ditch operation. Lockhart and Martha stall the ISI.
User ratings: 2,762
Average rating: 9.1
There's Something Else Going On
Carrie improvises to salvage her mission. The CIA closes in on a leak.
User ratings: 5,432
Average rating: 9.6
13 Hours in Islamabad
The security breach at the Embassy has far reaching consequences.
User ratings: 3,701
Average rating: 9.4
Krieg Nicht Lieb
Carrie puts her life on the line to get her team out of Pakistan.
User ratings: 2,713
Average rating: 8.8
Long Time Coming
Back in the States, Carrie and Saul investigate what she saw in Islamabad.
User ratings: 4,472
Average rating: 5.7
Separation Anxiety
Carrie is thrust back into the world she left behind.
User ratings: 2,301
Average rating: 7.9
The Tradition of Hospitality
Carrie and Düring visit a refugee camp. Saul and Allison are at odds.
User ratings: 2,044
Average rating: 8.4
Super Powers
Jonas and Carrie revisit her past. Quinn stalks his prey.
User ratings: 1,934
Average rating: 8.3
Why Is This Night Different?
Carrie is told who the person that wants her dead is but she doesn't believe it. In order to stay alive Quinn helps Carrie stage her death.
User ratings: 2,001
Average rating: 8.7
Better Call Saul
Quinn covers for Carrie. Dar and Allison assess the damage.
User ratings: 1,709
Average rating: 8.2
Saul orders a sweep at the station. Carrie looks to Düring for support.
User ratings: 1,653
Average rating: 8.3
Carrie reconnects with old friends. Saul opens up to Allison.
User ratings: 1,602
Average rating: 8.1
All About Allison
Carrie needs Allison's help. Quinn's plans change.
User ratings: 1,625
Average rating: 8.1
The Litvinov Ruse
The CIA and BND make a play, while Quinn reaches a terrifying discovery.
User ratings: 2,097
Average rating: 9.0
New Normal
While the questioning of Alison continues, the footage of Quinn is being released with threats and demands, and the search for the responsible individuals begins, all hands on deck.
User ratings: 1,706
Average rating: 8.4
Our Man in Damascus
Carrie follows a lead.
User ratings: 2,363
Average rating: 9.1
A False Glimmer
The clock runs out.
User ratings: 2,089
Average rating: 7.9
Fair Game
Carrie returns home to the US with Franny to work as an advocate for Muslim Americans. Dar and Saul brief President-elect Keane. Quinn struggles with his new circumstances.
User ratings: 1,826
Average rating: 7.2
The Man in the Basement
Carrie and Reda fight for their client while Quinn fights against his new life. Saul and Dar suspect Keane has a secret.
User ratings: 1,535
Average rating: 7.3
The Covenant
Saul goes to Abu Dhabi. Carrie delivers bad news. Quinn senses something.
User ratings: 1,420
Average rating: 7.5
A Flash of Light
Carrie handles her client. Saul's trip takes a turn. Quinn investigates.
User ratings: 1,425
Average rating: 8.0
Casus Belli
In the wake of devastation, Keane finds herself sidelined, Carrie makes a surprising discovery, and Peter's paranoia leads to chaos.
User ratings: 1,895
Average rating: 8.8
The Return
Carrie follows a lead. Saul meets an old friend. Keane takes a stand.
User ratings: 1,423
Average rating: 8.2
Imminent Risk
Carrie gets bad news. Saul makes a plan. Quinn accepts his situation.
User ratings: 1,348
Average rating: 7.9
Carrie and Saul present evidence to Keane. Quinn tracks a mark.
User ratings: 1,494
Average rating: 8.4
Sock Puppets
Carrie catches a break. Keane makes a plan. Max goes undercover.
User ratings: 1,420
Average rating: 8.4
The Flag House
Dar plays his hand. Quinn revisits his past.
User ratings: 1,460
Average rating: 8.5
R Is for Romeo
Carrie and Quinn make a discovery. Keane makes a decision. Max finds trouble.
User ratings: 1,655
Average rating: 8.9
America First
While Dar tries to get his plan back on track, Carrie and Quinn make an effort to save the President-elect
User ratings: 1,953
Average rating: 8.2
Enemy of the State
Carrie has left her job in the White House and moved back to D.C. and is living with her sister Maggie to take on the Keane administration.
User ratings: 1,433
Average rating: 7.7
Rebel Rebel
Carrie makes a discovery. Wellington protects Keane. O'Keefe continues to broadcast.
User ratings: 1,272
Average rating: 7.8
Carrie has a distressing realization. Saul negotiates. Keane and Wellington disagree.
User ratings: 1,144
Average rating: 7.7
Like Bad at Things
Carrie follows a lead. Saul's situation goes from bad to worse.
User ratings: 1,449
Average rating: 8.8
Active Measures
Carrie puts a plan in motion. Saul visits a source. Keane makes a desperate plea.
User ratings: 1,108
Average rating: 8.0
Species Jump
Saul calls an old friend. Wellington has a problem. Carrie enjoys a win.
User ratings: 1,245
Average rating: 8.5
Carrie makes a move. Wellington has a reckoning. Saul expands an operation.
User ratings: 1,088
Average rating: 8.2
Lies, Amplifiers, F**king Twitter
Carrie and Saul interrogate a suspect. Wellington makes a play.
User ratings: 1,115
Average rating: 8.5
Useful Idiot
Carrie has problems at home. Saul and Wellington work on Paley.
User ratings: 1,385
Average rating: 8.8
Carrie needs to choose a side. Keane needs an ally. Saul has an idea.
User ratings: 1,083
Average rating: 8.0
All In
Saul's mission is a go. The clock ticks on the Keane administration.
User ratings: 1,530
Average rating: 8.9
Paean to the People
Carrie and Saul's mission doesn't go as planned. Elizabeth Keane fights for her presidency.
User ratings: 1,368
Average rating: 8.5
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