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Seasons: 2
Episodes: 46
User ratings: 39,033
Average rating: 6.0

Comedy, Romance

In this spin-off of Friends (1994), Joey Tribbiani moves to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career.

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Joey moves to Los Angeles to try his luck in Hollywood. His nephew, Michael, is thinking about living with him to get out of his mother's house, Joey's sister Gina.
User ratings: 308
Average rating: 7.5
Joey and the Student
Joey and Gina try to help Michael with the ladies.
User ratings: 253
Average rating: 7.3
Joey and the Party
Joey throws a party to get to know his neighbors.
User ratings: 252
Average rating: 7.4
Joey and the Book Club
Joey wants to join Michael's book club so he can flirt with some of hot members. Gina wants to try hairdressing for celebrities.
User ratings: 237
Average rating: 7.4
Joey and the Perfect Storm
Joey is an understudy in three different plays. The lead actor from each play, cannot go on, Joey has to figure a way to be in all three plays when they're all on at the same time, in different locations.
User ratings: 236
Average rating: 7.4
Joey and the Nemesis
Gina sees the good side of Michael being sick: a chance for her to mother her 'boy'. Joey had an audition for 'angry man', but smarter actor Brian Michael David Scott, who pretends to be a Dr. Drake Ramoray-fan, makes him believes right there it's canceled. Now Gina is constantly in the way, while she already makes Michael feel worse then the disease could. The false fan succeeds in making Joey blow his next audition too, it takes agent Bobbie to make Joey realize his rival's dirty game. At night, Gina's current Wednesday boyfriend playfully cuddles up in bed- alas Joey's, with him in it! Joey makes Gina tell Michael, who is secretly elated: if she has someone else to love, she'll bother the boys much less. Brian strikes again, even meaner; when Joey tries to retaliate... Jolly Roger is invited for cocktails and tells he's a builder who wants to lose a finger to earn a fortune as when he accidentally lost a toe, now he looks no longer acceptable to Joey; Michael has more to gain, but when Gina says she now takes what she can get...
User ratings: 230
Average rating: 7.4
Joey and the Husband
Alex's husband visits, and is a little jealous when he finds out Alex is friends with Joey. After they meet, her husband is convinced that Joey's no threat to his relationship with Alex.
User ratings: 225
Average rating: 7.4
Joey and the Dream Girl: Part 1
Joey is excited when Gina tells she expects a visit from her New York friend Donna Di Gregorio, the only one who impressed Joey too much to seduce her as a teenager, hot and just dumb enough. Michael is surprised to see on old videos he was talented for baseball at age five, but Gina decided to pull him out of Little League as physically too dangerous, thus setting him on the course to life-long nerdiness as his talent is meanwhile totally gone. The Tribbianis soon find out Donna's marriage has recently gone to the dogs, but Gina makes Joey promise to leave her alone. However when Donna finds out Joey always had a crush on her and takes the initiative herself, nature takes it course. Gina is disappointed when she finds out, and Donna has news...
User ratings: 227
Average rating: 7.4
Joey and the Dream Girl: Part 2
Gina tells Joey Donna's husband Ron wants her back, but she and Michael advise him to fight now Ron isn't there yet. Donna promises Joey a week to prove himself the better choice by arranging a romantic week in a Santa Barabara hotel recommended by Gina who was happy there- with Michael. Alex wouldn't believe the Tribbiani boys she gets off lightly even with traffic fines because of her looks, but Howard giving her for free a broken robot he wouldn't sell for $30 to sweet Michael confirms she's a hot girl, a morale booster and a new world of perks... When Ron turns up sooner, intending to take Donna back to New York after thrashing Joey, the yellow challenger lets Ron believe Donna broke up and is gone and makes him stay inside because of 'earth tremors', but then Joey hears she still loves her husband...
User ratings: 221
Average rating: 7.3
Joey and the Big Audition
To get an audition for a new show, Joey pretends he went to college with one of the producers.
User ratings: 232
Average rating: 7.7
Joey and the Roadtrip
Joey accepts to be a celebrity judge at a beauty pageant in Las Vegas. Alex and Gina go along and plan to kidnap Micheal from CalTech. Joey causes trouble by sleeping with one of the contestants. Michael must teach the gang to count cards, which doesn't go to plan...
User ratings: 222
Average rating: 7.5
Joey and the Plot Twist
Joey finds it hard to get in the Christmas spirit due to the Californian heat, while Gina even stopped buying a three when Michael lost his naive Christmas faith- at age three. Joey is in a new series, Powder Deep, where the rest of the cast is so green that he is the 'veteran' playing a patriarch in the snowy North, but he manages to upset the utterly obsessive producer Lauren Beck, so after spilling the beans on the next episode at a press conference he fears the missing last page of the new script probably means his character captain Powder's death in a bomb explosion...
User ratings: 230
Average rating: 7.9
Joey and the Taste Test
When Alex delights in Gina's home-made lasagna, she's taught to cook it for her husband, but later claims to have improved it with a secret ingredient- a duel is declared, to be jury-tasted by eager Joey and reluctant Michael. Joey ignores a warning from producer-director Lauren Beck not to get romantically involved with his show daughter-performer Katie, who strikes jealously when she erroneously thinks Joey hits on Lauren. Joey can't talk her over, asks his agent Bobbie, but she makes it even worse... Meanwhile the home-front forced Michael to pick from the equally good lasagnas, alas not ma's...
User ratings: 239
Average rating: 7.8
Joey and the Premiere
Joey can't persuade Laura to give him more then two tickets for his TV series' Deep Powder's fancy premiere, while he already promised to take the whole home gang along, so he fixes the ladies up with dates from the production team: Alex gets an older lesbian, Gina his otherwise unknown manager Martin, who didn't even want to come, but turns out to be Laura's ex and nightmare. Only Michael gets Joey's own guest ticket, but loses interest in a sexy girl, who clearly made a pass at him, when he spots actor Brent Spiner, who played his SciFi idol, Data (the android from Star Trek the Next Generation), for whom that part is alas the one subject he's sick of discussing, but agent Bobbie forces him; he actually finds Michael insightful, so Michael must chose. Joey has a surprisingly exciting way to calm obsessive Laura down...
User ratings: 241
Average rating: 8.0
Joey and the Assistant
When Bobbie finds Joey distracted, she recommends hiring a personal assistant, even though her PA, gay MBA Jason, is mainly used as an amusing buffoon. A combination of practical sense, understanding Joey's infantile mind and devoted loyalty clearly makes experienced Glen from Minnesota the obvious best choice. Life with a smart dogsbody proves much easier, until Glen dates Gina, who never has such a god date either... Meanwhile Alex tries to mediate between Michael and fellow nerd Seth Tobin, who wants to file alone a patent for a rocket protection substance they invented together and considers a Pepperdine graduate about as smart as a cockroach, which rather applies to Joey as eye-witness who understood not a single word, so they bluff- in vain, until Joey...
User ratings: 216
Average rating: 7.4
Joey and the Tonight Show
Joey and the gang get stuck in a traffic jam on his way to guest star on the Tonight Show.
User ratings: 228
Average rating: 7.7
Joey and the Valentine's Date
Joey flirts with a reporter in order for her to give him a good review in People Magazine. But he forgot that it's Valentines Day, so she thinks he's being serious.
User ratings: 230
Average rating: 7.6
Joey and the Wrong Name
Michael tries trash-talk believing he outclasses 'old' Uncle Joey in push-ups and chin-ups, only to find the sissy versions Gina invented to make him feel good don't count in the least... Joey is both nominated for an award for a scene he played as Dr. Drake Ramore, and the celebrity presenter for another of the same network's annual awards. Gina is proud to come, like Alex, but feels must uneasy wearing a glamor gown. Joey is so happy when he finally gets nominee Mariska Cechritapovich's Chechen name right, that he says it twice, which Mariska mistakes for the winner's proclamation, and rushes on stage to accept. Joey feels terrible for the intended winner Kimberly Evans, who will probably never get another nomination given her age...
User ratings: 215
Average rating: 7.4
Joey and the Fancy Sister
Gina is meanly jealous, Joey eager about a visit from their spoiled younger sister Mary Teresa, Michael can't even remember her. Foxy tropical fish clerk Joelle brings a black light for his aquarium home, obviously interested in Michael, but he won't let her into his room, clearly oblivious she's attracted; Joey refuses to tip him as pressure has always back-fired. The black-light proves the diamond engagement ring Mary Teresa got from her fiancé, water-bed salesman Walter, is fake, to Gina's delight, but kid sister decides to move in and live at Joey's expense. She assumes Alex is a stealing maid and 'fires' her, drives even Glen so crazy he wants to quit, so Joey buys her a real ring 'from Walter'; she still won't return, until Gina... After Joelle came ask Michael to watch a meteor shower but backed off when he suggested to ask Seth too, Alex tells him against Joey's advice, gets kissed 'once' herself, Michael calls his admirer but puts both feet in his mouth at every sentence...
User ratings: 223
Average rating: 7.6
Joey and the Neighbor
The Tribbiani boys are intrigued by a flow of beautiful girls to a new neighbor, delighted to find they're clients of Sara, a sexy photographer. Joey immediately decides to seduce her, but finds her as suave and not bent on commitment as himself. They go out, she even asks him and shares his New York taste, notably where it counts: Italian food. Joey likes her so much that he even becomes monogamous till their next date, again smoothly asked by Sara, then realizes he forgot to cancel a stripper-date, T-something (actually Charlene), and sends wisely reluctant Michael to get her away from Sara... Alex was looking forward to her husband Eric's return home, but is very disappointed he's cool and claims major jet-lag after a flight from Cleveland and isn't used to sharing her life anymore, they soon have a row...
User ratings: 212
Average rating: 7.7
Joey and the Spying
Gina feels Joey's puppy-sweet assistant Glen isn't her kind of boy-friend, but instead of admitting he's too boring for her, the yellow bitch pretends the problem is him not getting on with Michael. So Glen takes the juvenile genius to Disneyland, only... Joey and Sara agreed to see other people, but he's still feeling jealous. Alex and her husband Eric Garrett are on trial-separation, meaning he moved temporarily to one of the flats next door. Joey laughed at Alex spying on Eric and a girl with binoculars, until she spots Sara on a date with Rick despite Joey's attempts to achieve exclusivity; Joey calls a flirt, Heather, but...
User ratings: 211
Average rating: 7.6
Joey and the Temptation
Just when Joey decides to put aside his playboy ways, so he can be committed to Sara, Carmen Electra makes a guest appearance on his show. Alex asks for Gina's help in getting revenge on Eric for cheating on her.
User ratings: 221
Average rating: 7.6
Joey and the Break-up
The Tribbianis are pleasantly surprised Michael finally seems to get serious with a girl-friend, but when Gina manages to be presented finds Lorraine is her age, and has a daughter, Tanya, his age, as well as... Joey gets Bobbie to intercede with her brother at Newsweek to get his lover Sara a better job as photographer- but it's in Washington, D.C. ... Alex is a wreck because of her divorce, Howard's overtures don't help, nor Gina's crazy ideas.
User ratings: 204
Average rating: 7.4
Joey and the Moving In
Joey didn't get the lines for a Deep Powder promotion shot, and finds on air it's actually a viewer vote to decide whether his, Gunnar's or Bodie's character will die. Yet he worries more about handling Sara who asked him to live together. Once the couple realize neither is really ready for that, she makes a drastic choice... While Alex is returning to the dating scene, Michael accepts Joey's offer to ask Bobbie to help him and his mate Seth, who got them both removed from the ticket-line for the latest Star Wars movie, to get into a professional screening, but Michael sits not only next to a crew member, instead of Seth the second ticket is for Bobbie, who afterward has to face lioness-mother Gina's wrath...
User ratings: 212
Average rating: 7.9
Joey and the Big Break: Part 1
Joey and Alex barely realizing in the morning they took consoling each-others love-hurt straight into buff-sleeper Joey's bed, when Gina and Michael find them there. Gina did such a good job barking at Bobbie about her 'assaulting' Michael that the sleazy agent hired Gina as second assistant, veteran assistant Jason isn't dumb enough to help her getting worked in. Joey's character has won the televoting, so Bobbie demands better conditions, but pushes too far- he's killed off at Deep Powder, she is down to her last marker to get him an audition for an independent movie; Joey also meets extra Zach, who claims he can get him to see Kevin Smith. Michael can't resist when foxy new tenant Jenna mistakes him for 'big actor' Joey, for him as stressing as an audition. Joey's nerves make him bumble at the Kevin Smith audition.
User ratings: 191
Average rating: 7.3
Joey and the Big Break: Part 2
Joey has made a mess of his last chance movie audition and hits rock bottom when harpy Gina, who Bobbie assigned to bring all her bad news, asks him how to do so with actors and starts using his own line on Joey, repeatedly. Michael is happy when date with Jenna, who mistakes him for cool actor Joey, made him 'no longer a virgin above the belt', but needs the real Joey to play him, nerd Michael, on a double date with her visiting cousin Marci, who just ended military service. Alex isn't pleased with 'generic' wooing and hands Joey 'homework' to understand her better. Joey is desperate enough to take factotum Zach's offer to meet Kevin Smith, but that's not a contact, the weirdo just kidnapped the director's pet dog. They get in but voices in Joey's head make him to crazy to say a line, Joey thinks they stem from the others, constantly requiring his help. After a pep-talk from Gina, he auditions again on his own...
User ratings: 187
Average rating: 7.3
Joey and the Spanking
On set, Joey is confronted with an overly bossy child actor. Gina organizes an audition to find Alex a date.
User ratings: 202
Average rating: 7.2
Joey and the Stuntman
Joey gets his stuntman to do everything he wants, Michael dates a script supervisor whom Joey hates, and Alex is confused about her feelings for Joey.
User ratings: 188
Average rating: 7.4
Joey and the House
Joey decides to buy a huge house, against Gina's advice. They end up having to pretend they are married with child. Alex helps Bobbie go through anger management.
User ratings: 195
Average rating: 7.5
Joey and the ESL
Joey joins an English as a Second Language class to seduce a woman, and Gina has to find a new client for Bobbie.
User ratings: 182
Average rating: 7.2
Joey and the Poker
Alex teaches Joey fake poker rules to keep him away from a girl. Joey then plays along those rules at "Celebrity Poker Showdown", and gets into trouble.
User ratings: 189
Average rating: 7.5
Joey and the Sex Tape
Joey is practicing how to make his entry at Ellen's talk-show, and believed with Bobbie his celebrity status can only grow as it attracts a nobody threatening to publish a sex video from his past, but pales when he hears her name: Celeste, the first girl he ever loved and not only had but 'accidentally' proposed to but left by the fire-escaped and never talked to again in twenty years, now she demands satisfaction on air... Gina stands in for Bobbie's medical as the boss approaches 40, which she didn't tell her or Joey, so Gina and Alex fear the brutal alcoholic is embarrassed not to have anyone to celebrate her birthday with...
User ratings: 185
Average rating: 7.3
Joey and the Musical
Joey is trying to impress his girlfriend Candace, who he hired as interior decorator, but is instantly and intensely disliked by her grandmother Gloria, who says he resembles her hated ex Herman. When the director of her rest home's annual musical is sick, Joey saves the play by directing, with Zach, who is actually fairly good at it. Bobbie's mother, an even more overbearing harpy, demands a lead. When perfectionist Zach fires Gloria, Joey takes over, but stinks at directing, and even when Zach returns... Meanwhile Alex and her ex Eric are dividing their possessions, reason to use the therapy of writing down her frustrations in a letter never to be sent, and at Gina's instigation one to 'Dimples', actually Joey, but when Joey grabs the notebook from Michael's hands he thinks the boy is gay, yet sits on him 'right there', and is made to believe it's to Eric, whom he now encourages to court Alex again...
User ratings: 187
Average rating: 6.9
Joey and the Bachelor Thanksgiving
Joey was looking forward to show Alex as first visitor his finished villa, but Gina has seduced the guard to get in with a whole crew for Thanksgiving decorations: it's the only day that makes her mushy, endless and mindless 'respect' for the fate of their Italian forefathers passing Ennis Island, even Alex is enlisted for the horrible play. Joey is enchanted by his neighbour Dean, a 50-year old party-bachelor, and soon passes over to his hot party which even has George Hamilton, later even Michael, but Gina... Meanwhile Ray from the Indian society has found out they discovered archaeological artifacts, but already donated them to the church charity, now Zach and Joey must scam them back from a poor family...
User ratings: 181
Average rating: 7.2
Joey and the High School Friend
Joey receives the visit of his lost friend.
User ratings: 179
Average rating: 7.7
Joey and the Tijuana Trip
Joey helps Michael to forget his ex-girlfriend, by going on a trip to Tijuana.
User ratings: 197
Average rating: 8.1
Joey and the Christmas Party
Joey takes Gina's warning he cannot ruin their friendship by going to bed with Alex (again), but finds it very hard to turn off the mood, while she feels undesirable when he manages. Joey throws a Christmas party, using his celebrity status to make it attend by a host of desirable young females; Alex refuses to stay being too hurt, but did arranged in advance for his seasonal wish to come true: snow, but when he sees it she has thrown herself in the arms of ... Meanwhile Bobbie has a weird relationship with an overbearing older Britton with a cane and a worse attitude then Joey. Michael, rather overconfident after two girl-friends, and Zack, who keeps dropping names of celebrities he's supposedly close to, repel girls worse then ever. While Howard is happy to adore Joey anyhow, ignoring being ignored, Michael still rightfully feels constantly abused: especially Joey keeps vandalizing the sugar house his nephew builds, while Bobbie and her beau use the kid as kissing-dummy.
User ratings: 181
Average rating: 7.8
Joey and the Snowball Fight
Joey has seen Alex started a relationship with his neighbor-friend-lover Alex, which he officially dumped, and feels jealous, but wrestles with the dating honor-code which forbids moving in on a mate's girl... Meanwhile Bobbie has arranged for Joey to get his own action figure on sale, but the Korean manufacturer got his anatomy embarrassingly wrong; second version no better but... Yet the dominant problem is that Gina announces another pregnancy, again with accidental father Jimmy, who is shocked but tries in his way to do the right thing. Michael hasn't decided yet whether to tell Jimmy he already has a son, and is still discarded as a 'weird kid'...
User ratings: 178
Average rating: 7.3
Joey and the Dad
Joey invites his father to the big premiere of his last movie. But Joey's father doesn't seems to much interested about it.
User ratings: 187
Average rating: 7.2
Joey and the Party for Alex
Joey is tired of being the friend on whose shoulder Alex comes cry while his mate-idol Dean has all the real fun, so he takes Zach's suggestion to make use of her 30th birthday to throw her a party while Dean is out of town for business. When Dean changes his mind, Joey pretends he only expects Marci, his fan-stalker 'crazy in every room', but Dean not only plans a grand birthday party, he even shows Joey a ring to propose to Alex... Meanwhile Michael's plan to be the party's DJ is sabotaged by not plugging in his equipment, while Gina and Jimmy announce they are ready for the next stage in their bumpy relationship: matching tattoos, but matching those soon mismatches...
User ratings: 171
Average rating: 7.2
Joey and the Big Move
Joey finally has his grand home ready as love palace, and Howard got him movers- the board of his bank! Alas, after handing the apartment over to Michael, Joey sees on his car TV a villa zone on fire in the Hollywood Hills and a yellow van just like his blocking the firemen- both his and a total burn-up! Either Alex, Gina or Michael must have caused the fire, but neither dares owe up. Joey must now again stay 'at Michael's place', already transformed into his Trekkie nerd mates' Enterprise simulation, in a bunk-bed under total virgin Arthur... Meanwhile Joey has accidentally told Jimmy he's Michael's father; the weirdo insists on a DNA paternity-test, but without telling his consequentially no longer alleged son...
User ratings: 178
Average rating: 7.3
Joey and the Beard
Joey and Michael find Jimmy squatting in Joey's burned-out villa, so they suggest he moves in with lover Gina; the couple fights so much they have lots of make-up sex fun, yet Jimmy still spends more time letting off steam against the Tribbiani boys, ordering them to face the table in Joey's own home, then at Gina's place. Bobbie has arranged for Joey to go out as 'beard' (fake date) with popular actress Edie but Gina deliberately 'forgets' to tell Joey -not his house-mates- she's a lesbian; he still comes to care for Edie, and encourages her to come out of the closet at the awards evening he's accompanying her to...
User ratings: 179
Average rating: 7.3
Joey and the Critic
After his movie's success, Joey's next step up is gaining creative control (in his mind, the right to cast hooters to his liking) by starting his own production company now Bobbie got him a three movies deal. Joey decides he wants to hire as development executive for his new cool office Jimmy, who understands far more about movies and always wasted his genius (Michael's smart genes) sucking at lousy jobs. James 'Jimmy' Costa insists to do an interview, is his usual rude daft self but Joey twists Warner Bros. VP Trent (whom he still can't recognize after 30 meetings)'s arm to hire his in-law, who proves a changed man: early for work and ambitious- far too much for lazy Joey, and after a while completely out of control, with a 10 year plan to run half the world... Michael discovers people love Joey's movie, except a whole website "", which is run by some Gary; no, he never even heard of Joey, but has a teenage daughter Kaley- Joey gives her a charming date, but she persists, as it turns out being jealous because of a teen-boy... Meanwhile Alex has broken up with Dean, and needs to be comforted.
User ratings: 187
Average rating: 7.3
Joey and the Actors Studio
Joey's acting career in Actors Studio is a success, but when the audience may raise questions it's all girls who wine about him dating and then dumping them, just now he tries to convince Alex to let him take Dean's place. 'Bastard' Michael is excited to hear his dad Jimmy intends to marry his mother Gina; hearing he lacks money for a ring, ring-bearer-to-be Michael suggests his college's well-payed allergy drug test- they only take duos, so Joey grudgingly takes the same pills and gets massive side-effects, although Michael knows he is in the control group which only got placebos. Joey discovers there's also a Barry in Alex's love-life...
User ratings: 176
Average rating: 7.3
Joey and the Holding Hands
Just now Alex has turned sexual on Joey, Gina convinces him they need more 'meaningful' moments. Joey finds an engagement ring in Jimmy's pocket, and Gina overhears him, so the proposal is rushed most unromantically; when she sells it to buy a car, he's vexed; Joey suggest counseling from father O'Neill; his sharing secrets test brings out a big one: Jimmy married older Tracy for her money, and never got divorced... When Michael is excited about his hot-sounding Internet mate SexySteve87, Joey is convinced that must be a man and talks him out of a Las Vegas date.
User ratings: 191
Average rating: 7.4
Joey and the Wedding
Joey and Alex are ecstatic when Jimmy announces he's about to marry Gina and asks Joey as best man, but Jimmy warns him dames Alex's age want the ring very fast- only when she tells Joey she's trough with marriage forever - Michael assumes the best man position is naturally his as Gina's only son, and Joey can't bring himself to tell him. On the day, both Jimmy and Gina make a run for it - Joey was also looking forward to throwing the first baseball at a Dodgers game, but Jimmy made him realize how stressing the risk of looking foolish can be.
User ratings: 245
Average rating: 7.8
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