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Seasons: 5
Episodes: 118
User ratings: 5,579
Average rating: 7.1

Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

A bald, lollipop sucking police detective with a fiery righteous attitude battles crime in his city.

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The Marcus-Nelson Murders
A homicide detective begins to suspect that the black teenager accused of murdering two white girls is being framed by his fellow detectives.
User ratings: 406
Average rating: 8.0
Siege of Terror
A robbery of armored car guards morphs into a deadly hostage standoff, with bulldog Lt. Theo Kojak as the negotiator. Half the Talaba Brothers gang escapes with the cash, but when the other half is cornered, they invade a surplus store, crammed with guns and ammo. The robbers also have bargaining chips: the 5 people in the building, plus a badly wounded patrolman, who dove in the store to warn of the incoming robbers. While young Detective Bobby Crocker pursues the thieves who got away, his boss at Manhattan South, the dapper, bald Kojak smooth-talks Jerry Talaba to get the hostages out. Hothead Talaba demands a crewed, fueled 707 at JFK, or he'll start killing the hostages, then toss them out before the TV cameras and hundreds of spectators - one by one.
User ratings: 166
Average rating: 7.9
Web of Death
A police detective kills a Manhattan lawyer, after setting up an elaborate alibi for himself. First, Nick Ferro lets Pinky, who he just busted on the street, inject some horse the junkie bought. Ferro then phones in the collar. While Pinky is nodding off in Ferro's car, the policeman digs a gun with a silencer out of a sidewalk hiding place, and cabs to the male attorney's hotel love nest. Ferro switched the rest of the street heroin for another packet, and turns in a baggy of soap powder at the precinct, along with the addict, after the shooting. Why did one of Lt. Kojak's most decorated badges want the mouthpiece dead?
User ratings: 140
Average rating: 7.9
One for the Morgue
When mobster Michael X. Tomasso is shot during a speech all clues lead to a Harlem based rival. But Kojak suspects something fishy is going on and decides to dig deeper.
User ratings: 114
Average rating: 7.6
A newbie from Baltimore is gunned down at a Manhattan bus stop by a thug she knows, who wants only her huge, expensive ring, but can't pry it off before he has to flee. Lt. Kojak discovers the ring was swiped from a safety deposit box, in a recent, unsolved bank knock-over. Few fences will handle such a mammoth heist of insured valuables. Tony Curcheo, a Vegas mobster is in town, and ducks Kojak, who consequently suspects Tony's in NYC to cash out those hot goods.
User ratings: 112
Average rating: 7.3
Girl in the River
When a serial killer known as Excalibur who hasn't been heard for two years kills again. Kojak and his team try to find him. Initially their leads take them to an artist who sculpts. But Kojak doesn't think he's the one. McNeil wants him to arrest the man but Kojak thinks another man is the one they're after despite not having the criteria.
User ratings: 112
Average rating: 7.5
Requiem for a Cop
The entire precinct is shocked when one of their most trusted officers, Tom Donnoly is shot dead carrying $10.000 in his pocket. Kojak has just 48 hours to clear Donnoly's name and make sure he gets buried with honors.
User ratings: 109
Average rating: 7.8
The Corrupter
Manhattan is awash with re-cut stolen gems after a legit jeweler is killed, but Kojak ties the honest gem-smith's silent partner to Lawrence, a shady power broker. The partner was "The Prettiest Girl in New York," then fell on hard times, but was taken into the gem business by the honest Max Krouse. Now Celia Lamb is back living high under Lawrence's oily thumb. Kojak perceives the guilt Celia holds about her savior Max, and hopes to use it to bring down Lawrence and the gem chop shops.
User ratings: 93
Average rating: 7.2
Dark Sunday
Kojak begins sucking lollipops, after a wheel-man brags he's in on a caper which will make the NYPD more laughable than the Keystone Kops. Soon, a fellow gang member ices Artie the driver and dumps the corpse in a park. The gang member who jerked the trigger was only supposed to stash Artie out of town, so the gang leader's antsy that when Artie's body and belongings are discovered, the police will be on alert. Lt. Kojak keeps the murder out of the obits, but has no clue what the gang's target is. Loud-mouthed Artie owes a lot of people bread, and some tell Kojak's detectives that Artie'll cough up their cash on Monday. So Kojak has less than a week to foil the mammoth heist, plus his struggles to give up smoking make him even more caustic than usual.
User ratings: 110
Average rating: 7.4
Conspiracy of Fear
Kojak's operative, an undercover lawyer, is killed investigating endless opportunities for graft provided by an elaborate makeover for an inner city neighborhood. The hoods make the murder appear to be an auto accident, delighting those who'll benefit from the bottomless pork barrel. The developer has a spotless rep, plus a mistress working for the planning commission, forcing Kojak to use unconventional tactics to confront the cabal.
User ratings: 96
Average rating: 7.6
Cop in a Cage
Kojak receives threats against his life just as his niece is about to get married.
User ratings: 103
Average rating: 8.0
Marker to a Dead Bookie
Lt. Kojak fails to bring down a wily heroin kingpin, so he ups the ante by putting himself up for sale, pretending he's got no shot at Captain's bars, so he's going for dirty money instead. Theo Kojak's top undercover operative Gil sets up an elaborate scam with the dealers, where the heroin Gil seized from Janis will be traded back to the smugglers, and bags of sugar will be put in their place in the Manhattan South property locker. But Janis connives to switch the deal around, so he has his own personal Theo on the inside, on the take.
User ratings: 99
Average rating: 7.8
Last Rites for a Dead Priest
Kojak and his men are after a gang of a jewel thieves. The bag-man was shot and identified but is still on the run. So Kojak figures his accomplices will try to get to the man before the cops find him.
User ratings: 92
Average rating: 7.5
Death Is Not a Passing Grade
Kojak is a guest instructor at a police science class. One of his students is committing burglaries with his brother-in-law and likes to leave false clues at the crime scene. These include a pen with Kojak's name on it and even Kojak's hat.
User ratings: 118
Average rating: 8.0
Die Before They Wake
The deaths of a junkie and a television commentator put Kojak onto the trail of a drug/prostitution ring.
User ratings: 117
Average rating: 7.6
Deliver Us Some Evil
Kenny Soames, a friendly young delivery man for a local pharmacy, sets up a residence for a big heist and uses his delivery van for the getaway. He then plans to leave the country with his girlfriend and $100,000 from his confederates.
User ratings: 93
Average rating: 7.6
Eighteen Hours of Fear
A young girl smuggles a stolen Canadian blank plate to New York in a leg cast. Her accomplice, an artist, is killed by a mob hit man but the girl manages to slip away from him at a hotel thanks to a friendly traveling salesman. Kojak investigates the murder of the artist and the killers trail leads him straight to the innocent salesman from Encino.
User ratings: 88
Average rating: 7.5
Before the Devil Knows
Cat burglar David plunges to his death when a banker cuts his cord for burgling $1 million in bonds the financier embezzled. David's partner Le Jeune gets away with the bonds, but must use a Wall Street fence who's another crooked banker - and works with the murderer. Kojak's belief that Le Jeune wouldn't kill his longtime partner so obviously is confirmed when the murderer's much younger wife fingers her husband to clear herself from accessory to embezzlement.
User ratings: 104
Average rating: 8.0
Dead on His Feet
On the trail of a ring counterfeiting lottery tickets, a detective's partner is killed. Det. Fiore feels guilty for giving in to his partner's quest for front page heroism, plus being felled by stomach pains when he had a chance to shoot his friend's killer. When Fiore's diagnosed with terminal cancer, he realizes he's sacrificed having his own life for devotion to Det. Ryan and Ryan's wife. Kojak worries that Fiore's quest for salvation will result in murder, blowing their long-pursued case against the counterfeiters.
User ratings: 99
Average rating: 8.0
Down a Long and Lonely River
Ex-con Lou is determined to settle old scores with his ex-wife and her mobster boyfriend who set him up to serve hard time. Lou's fiancée, a wide-eyed prison sociologist, enlists Kojak's help to keep Lou from killing and/or being killed.
User ratings: 87
Average rating: 7.4
Kojak investigates the theft of powdered morphine from a pharmaceutical company.
User ratings: 87
Average rating: 7.3
Therapy in Dynamite
A nebbish helps his therapy group by bombing the nemeses they whine about. Kojak can't find a pattern in the serial murders, especially after an innocent secretary who just moved to Manhattan is blown up, but he knows there is one because she was killed in a parking space with her name on it. NYPD holds back that the bombs all come in brown paper bags, to fend off serial confessors. Danny Zucco can't wait for his next group to see the joy he's brought to his adopted family.
User ratings: 92
Average rating: 8.0
The Only Way Out
A boy asks Kojak to find his father who's gone missing. What they don't know is that he is being held captive.
User ratings: 86
Average rating: 7.9
The Chinatown Murders: Part 1
Kojak races to stop a Mafia war, incited by Chinatown hoodlums. First, the young tong mobsters ripoff a knock-over of a Crespi family policy operation, by low-level soldiers of the Scalesi clan. Not suspecting that the masked murderers are Chinese, the Crespis dispatch their Jewish consigliere to recoup the loss from Scalesi godfather Don Cheech, and discern if the Scalesies are muscling in on their territory. All atwitter, Lt. Kojak calls in NYPD Cosa Nostra expert Sgt. Polucci, to help stave off a full-scale gang war.
User ratings: 74
Average rating: 7.8
The Chinatown Murders: Part 2
Sammy Loo's Chinese bandits step up their incendiary action, by shanghaiing ailing Scalesi boss Don Cheech in an ambulance, along with his nurse and meds. The tong gangsters resent being left out of the American Mafia diversity program that let Irish, Jews etc. in on the upper level of organized crime. With a $2 million dollar ransom from the Scalesi clan, the Manhattan tong can compete with the combo. Kojak finds that the disrupters are Chinese, but how can the NYPD or Italian gangsters root out the kidnappers in Chinatown, where they'll stand out like a Black Hand ?
User ratings: 72
Average rating: 8.1
Hush Now, Don't You Die
A college girl hurries home after being raped by two men, one of whom kills the other at the scene and flees. Kojak suspects a rape by two men, and sets out to identify the woman as well as the other rapist, while the father of the girl sets out to kill the surviving rapist.
User ratings: 77
Average rating: 8.1
A Very Deadly Game
When Kojak works with the FBI to apprehend a drug dealer. He sends one of his detectives to work with an FBI agent posing as buyers. When the dealer arrives he shoots both men and takes off with the money. He meets a partner who then shoots him and makes off with the money. When Kojak gets a description of the partner and gives it to his FBI contact, he is ordered by another agent not to give Kojak anymore info. It isn't long before Kojak suspects that the agent is holding out on him, he follows him and meets the other agent whom he knows and finds out that the agent is looking for the killer and has a personal stake in it. When the man refuses to work with Kojak, Kojak tells him to stay out of his way.
User ratings: 67
Average rating: 7.7
Wall Street Gunslinger
Kojak works on a Wall Street robbery that involves three murders. When usual methods fail, Kojak goes undercover as a Greek millionaire. He suspects a well-known stockbroker whom he hopes to catch attempting to sell the stocks to him. Things go awry when the thieves find out that the Greek millionaire Kojak is impersonating is actually in Europe. Kojak is kidnapped and counts on his colleagues saving him.
User ratings: 63
Average rating: 7.4
Slay Ride
A pair of suicides at the same hotel makes Kojak believe that they were actually murders as he finds connections between the victims. Discovering that a young Army wife had fallen from a roof at an earlier convention (which they had attended) leads Kojak to her call girl sister. She has convinced the soldier that it is his duty to punish the men involved. As he's about to kill the last person related to the girl's death, Kojak must prevent another next murder.
User ratings: 78
Average rating: 7.5
A gun shop owner is coerced into obtaining a quantity of handguns for the hoodlums to whom he owes gambling debts. When a young gang member is killed and the weapon traced to his store, he is eliminated to prevent his talking to police. His motherly bookkeeper witnesses his abduction and is taken into protective custody, pending her appearance before the grand jury. Safeguarding the sassy senior is not an easy task as the hoods try to silence her-permanently. Kojak is the only officer she really trusts.
User ratings: 65
Average rating: 7.7
You Can't Tell a Hurt Man How to Holler
If you were falsely arrested for a crime, who would you trust? The cops or a friend who bails you out of jail? When small time criminal Hawthorn Yantzee is suspected of murder, Kojak is convinced that he was framed and tries to find the real culprit. Yantzee doesn't cooperate as he thinks that his new 'friend' Stutz (the one actually responsible for the murder and the frame) will help him. When he discovers Stutz's real plans, Yantzee allows Kojak to send him to Stutz's flat with a wire on, hoping to get conclusive testimony that will clear him.
User ratings: 65
Average rating: 7.9
The Best Judge Money Can Buy
A dishonest judge (Phillip Mackie, Jr.) is found in his car, dead from carbon monoxide poisoning. Though no marks of restraint were found, Kojak suspects murder and begins to investigate. A private investigator is seen at the funeral delivering a satchel (which contains incriminating tapes); a girlfriend of the deceased is also there. A crooked lawyer seeks to subvert the senior Mackie (also a judge) in order to allow a mob boss to be released on bail during his appeal and flee the country. To protect his son's reputation, Mackie agrees but reconsiders when he learns that his daughter-in-law conspired with Bronson to arrange the murder of his son. Kojak's faith in justice is confirmed.
User ratings: 67
Average rating: 8.0
A Souvenir from Atlantic City
Two off-duty police officers are killed when a bomb explodes in a bowling alley. A police informer (Paolo Olivarez), who had come to warn them, arrives too late and though slightly injured is able to hobble away. A Bronx detective demands that Kojak allow him to help bring in his informer; they trace him to his sister Marinella's in New Jersey. Back in New York, the bombers booby trap Paolo's apartment; when that fails, they notify him that they have kidnapped his sister to ensure his silence. Knowing that they want to kill him, Paolo offers to trade himself for her freedom. Kojak learns of his plans and where the bombers' HQ is; he faces a hostage situation involving Marinella, and Paolo is frantic. Will Kojak call their bluff?
User ratings: 67
Average rating: 7.4
A Killing in the Second House
Ray Kaufman, a former homicide detective dismissed for corruption, now working as a private eye, takes photos of a rich man's much younger wife, Janet Seymour, out with her husband's business manager, Tony Howard. Janet's husband is distraught and commits suicide. Kaufman, who is still in the house, convinces the business manager Tony Howard who comes upon the body that they should fake a murderous intruder so Janet can collect the $500,000 insurance policy. Kaufman keeps the suicide note and the gun which Howard had picked up and, after Howard is arrested, plants them in his apartment. He offers to sell the suicide note to Janet, enabling Howard's freedom. Kojak realizes Kaufman is more capable of faking the murder scenario than Howard, and when another murder occurs, Kojak is sure of who is the criminal.
User ratings: 62
Average rating: 7.5
The Best War in Town
On his first day on the job, a young rookie cop gets into a shootout with a gang of mob killers.
User ratings: 57
Average rating: 7.6
Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die
An obsessed neighbor murders anyone he thinks is a threat to his relationship with a mentally fragile young woman.
User ratings: 74
Average rating: 7.9
The Betrayal
Detective Calucci's arrangement with an informant has led to several busts, but Kojak thinks Calucci is being compromised.
User ratings: 67
Average rating: 7.8
Loser Takes All
What a tangled web: a wife (Paula Thomas) who's having an affair with a classy crook (Michael Hagar), her husband Waverley who eavesdrops on them through a vent, a police informer (Benny) that the husband feeds info to, and a scheme to rip off a million dollar diamond shipment. The husband is killed; the shipment is stolen, Kojak gets shot, and the classy crook gets away. The bullet recovered from Kojak is from the gun that killed Waverley; Hagar is arrested but there's no evidence except Waverley's dying declaration to Benny. Knowing how Paula loved her husband in spite of the affair, Kojak tells her what he suspects, not realizing Paula's idea of justice does not involve police proceedings.
User ratings: 67
Average rating: 7.8
Close Cover Before Killing
A greedy businessman (Morton Tallman) commissions an arson, but his partner Nick threatens to tell the police if it happens. Tallman kills his partner and turns a large bookcase over his body, expecting the fire to cover his tracks. The ME finds a blunt instrument trauma to the head and no soot in Nick's lungs, proving he died before the fire. In spite of a young man's being identified as fleeing from the scene, Kojak is convinced Tallman is involved and sets out to find the evidence. It seems the fire is connected to a larger arson insurance scam, as well as some mob loans to businesses in trouble.
User ratings: 60
Average rating: 7.5
Acts of Desperate Men
A lonely bookkeeper becomes involved in a young man's quest for revenge against those who wronged his father.
User ratings: 53
Average rating: 7.8
Queen of the Gypsies
When a bank gets robbed by men arriving in an ambulance, one of their masks slips. A young woman who apparently passed a counterfeit bill sees him but fails to pick out his mug shot. She is identified as a gypsy; her family is involved in various scams. She contacts the bank robbers and recruits them to rob six banks in one day. Kojak pretends to see the future in his lollipop while interrogating the gypsy con-artists and takes Marina in for questioning. Meanwhile her ingenious plan goes into operation without her.The men plan to cut her out, but Merina has other ideas-maybe even letting the police in on it IF she receives immunity. She has private reasons that surprise even Kojak.
User ratings: 77
Average rating: 8.4
Night of the Piraeus
Kojak investigates three murders connected to a rare stamp smuggled from Greece.
User ratings: 54
Average rating: 7.9
Elegy in an Asphalt Graveyard
Two men put a cushion over a beautiful blond's mouth and then hang her from the chandelier. The ME thinks it's suicide, but Kojak believes Azure Dee was murdered. Having met her as a young runaway strung out on drugs, Kojak had been proud of her progress. Azure had long since gotten clean from drugs and was now a call girl with a select and moneyed clientèle. To the consternation of his boss, Kojak insists on pursuing it as a homicide, calling attention to the total absence of personal items from her apartment. Her phone bill in the mailbox connects her to the Meadows family; her doorman provides leads regarding the males she entertained (including a judge). At her funeral, a young man shoots at Farley Meadows and is shot running away. Kojak finally puts the pieces together and arranges a confrontation in the Meadows home with all the suspects present.
User ratings: 66
Average rating: 8.1
The Goodluck Bomber
A serial bomber tagged by the papers as the "Good Luck Bomber," gives warning, leaves mocking notes, and constructs devices which the bomb squad is unable to defuse. He seems to have no motive, makes no demands, espouses no causes he's fighting for.....just what is going on? The prime suspect, Joe Milner, has a prior record and is egotistical regarding his explosive expertise. At one point, he helps disable a bomb placed in a hospital; the police are mystified. When a bomb threat is received by a refinery, Milner agrees to help-for a million dollar fee. Kojak sets a trap at the refinery to find out who really set the bomb.
User ratings: 55
Average rating: 7.9
Unwanted Partners
Protection racketeers preying upon neighborhood bars fall out of favor with each other, leading to violent enforcement action taken against bar patrons and even an undercover detective posing as a bartender. The crime boss cuts the ties to his loose-cannon right-hand man, who decides to take over the racket and cut out the boss. But even with a wired informant, Kojak can't get the goods on the perps. Ultimately, Detective Crocker is tested when he has to decide whether to trust the loyalty of a friend or the force.
User ratings: 55
Average rating: 7.8
Two-Four-Six for Two Hundred
While an accused thief sits in jail waiting for his lawyer to arrange bail, Kojak tries to decipher a phrase heard during an unsuccessful attempt to steal a paint company truck.
User ratings: 61
Average rating: 7.7
The Trade-Off
Kojak catches a big-time drug dealer with a massive amount of heroin. A call comes offering a trade: the evidence "disappearing" in exchange for Captain McNeil's wife who has been kidnapped. Kojak can't tell anybody and faces a seemingly impossible dilemma. His last hope is that Mrs. McNeil has managed a clue in the letter she left for her husband.
User ratings: 59
Average rating: 7.8
I Want to Report a Dream
Stavros receives a call from a psychic:"I want to report a dream." Since it involves murder, he checks the files. When the details match, Kojak gets involved. Are the dead really communicating, or does the psychic know who the murderer is?
User ratings: 65
Average rating: 7.4
A Question of Answers
When local and federal officers want to catch a loan shark, Kojak persuades a boyhood friend to go undercover as part of a deal to dismiss a case pending against him. Pressure mounts as the Feds renege on providing funds and the loan shark sends muscle. Kojak feels responsible and, when a bombing occurs, sets a trap for the killer.
User ratings: 77
Average rating: 7.8
My Brother, My Enemy
Pre-"Rocky" Sylvester Stallone co-stars as Rick Daly, a hung-ho young officer who is in Theo's squad and who idolizes him, but perhaps, does not understand his nature. Kojak is a just man first and a cop second. He demands 100% truth, as raw, ugly and painful as it may be for himself and others. And, if the Greek harbinger of justice gets a whiff of a rat, he will dig until exhumation is complete and let the bones fall where they may.
User ratings: 95
Average rating: 7.6
Sweeter Than Life
During a family party, Kojak's camera was stolen. When it turns up at a murder scene, Kojak discovers his nephew is an addict and was somehow involved. He pays a former boxer to oversee his nephew's detox and attempts to sort out the connection with the murder.
User ratings: 60
Average rating: 7.7
Be Careful What You Pray For
The hijacking of a truckload of plumbing donated to a school results in murder, plus major embarrassment to the NYPD, because Det. Crocker was speaking at the struggling Catholic high school at the time. Kojak pushes his shields to the max, to stop the spiraling crime toll from the caper. Stavros focuses on a strange clue: Why is the Coney Island sand at the heist's fake sewer repair scene, in seed-bags from the Pacific Northwest ?
User ratings: 57
Average rating: 7.6
Secret Snow, Deadly Snow
A plastic surgeon is found dead in his car, apparently shot to death. A drug dealer is arrested, but Kojak is forced to let him go when the medical examiner informs him that the surgeon, who was a heavy cocaine addict, was not killed by the bullet but was already dead of natural causes.
User ratings: 54
Average rating: 7.6
Life, Liberation and the Pursuit of Death
A psychology professor is killed by one of two of his students who wanted to blackmail him into giving them higher grades. A woman witnesses the student as he throws the professor's body off of a pier. When they find out that the witness works in a high-pressure advertising job and is under severe stress, the two students plan to psychologically manipulate the woman into committing suicide.
User ratings: 60
Average rating: 8.2
Out of the Frying Pan...
After a night drinking, an off-duty cop and his friend are attacked by a group of thieves. The friend is killed with the cop's gun. Though ordered to beat duty, the cop, who has battled alcoholism over the years, impedes Kojak's investigation by trying to find those responsible for his friend's death himself.
User ratings: 53
Average rating: 7.4
Over the Water
While in a New Jersey town Kojak interferes with a young man's attempt to pick up a girl over and fight her boyfriend to do so. It turns out the young man is Mike Viggers Jr., whose mobster father, well known to Kojak, effectively runs the town. Humiliated by Kojak, young Viggers determines to have the detective killed and is not going to be deterred even by his father's strong objections.
User ratings: 60
Average rating: 8.3
The Nicest Guys on the Block
Detective Gil Weaver is in a bind as he learns that an old school friend is involved in a group that's plotting to fence a million dollars worth of diamonds, and that he will have to take advantage of that old friendship in order to bring the group down.
User ratings: 49
Average rating: 7.4
No Immunity for Murder
A man is killed, apparently by a prostitute and her partner, but Kojak begins to suspect that it is much more than a simple "Murphy job". As he investigates, he finds that federal authorities are hampering his efforts, and apparently protecting the wealthy businessman he suspects of involvement.
User ratings: 56
Average rating: 7.8
A Long Way from Times Square
Kojak and Crocker go to Nevada to execute a subpoena on Arnold Saxler to have him testify on the murder of a councilman for whose mobster murderer he worked but Saxler has root s in Nevada which cause difficulties for the NYPD pair.
User ratings: 68
Average rating: 7.8
Money Back Guarantee
After a police officer is killed in a routine traffic stop, Kojak discovers the people responsible are part of a large insurance and auto theft operation.
User ratings: 58
Average rating: 8.2
A House of Prayer, a Den of Thieves
Former New York cop Vince LaGuardia (and old friend of Kojak) is now living in Las Vegas. When a wanted counterfeiter is murdered, LaGuardia's investigation involves the activities of a hood and an evangelist. Pilot for an unsold series.
User ratings: 56
Average rating: 6.3
How Cruel the Frost, How Bright the Stars
Christmas Eve is anything but peaceful for Kojak and his men. A woman is convinced her boyfriend is going to commit some kind of crime-but she doesn't know what; and a jealous husband is looking to kill his cheating wife.
User ratings: 80
Average rating: 8.3
The Forgotten Room
When a prostitute is murdered the investigation seems completely stymied until Kojak finds the vital clue in a room no one knows about - except for the killer.
User ratings: 56
Average rating: 7.0
On the Edge
An aging detective with a troubled home life is hard-driven to crack one last headline-grabbing case, even if it means breaking the rules to get it done.
User ratings: 60
Average rating: 7.7
A Wind from Corsica
An escaped prisoner comes to the city looking for revenge. But even worse is that he is sick with the plague and threatens the whole city with an epidemic.
User ratings: 48
Average rating: 7.4
Bad Dude
A hit man from Detroit is in town and Kojak races the clock to find the intended victim before it's too late.
User ratings: 65
Average rating: 7.6
A Grave Too Soon
A body dumped on the street turns out to be an undercover cop. The trail leads Kojak to a Mafia boss who may be out to avenge the death of his own sons.
User ratings: 51
Average rating: 8.0
The Frame
Kojak arrests a thief, a long time nemesis, but can't find any incriminating evidence in his apartment. The thief then claims Kojak extorted $3,000.00 from him. While awaiting review from Internal Affairs, can Kojak clear his name?
User ratings: 48
Average rating: 7.9
Deadly Innocence
A man is killed in a hit and run incident. Kojak eventually learns the death was no accident and is linked to the victim's son, a Vietnam war hero who was also a heroin addict.
User ratings: 48
Average rating: 7.7
Justice Deferred
The discovery of a skeleton at a demolition site reopens an 18-year-old murder case.
User ratings: 52
Average rating: 7.6
Both Sides of the Law
Kojak competes with a world-famous criminologist to recover five priceless Rembrandt drawings.
User ratings: 53
Average rating: 7.7
Birthday Party
Three liquor-store robbers, two men and a woman, kill a cop while escaping. The woman and the younger man get away, but the older killer is captured. When allowed to make his one phone call, he talks in Greek to the younger robber, telling him about Kojak's niece and the birthday party she is having in East River Park. The killers stake out the party and kidnap the little girl, demanding the leader's release as a ransom for letting the child go. Kojak uses a painting the little girl included in a ransom note to figure out where they might be headed.
User ratings: 62
Average rating: 7.0
A Summer Madness
The police investigate the bombing of a restaurant in which several people were killed, including the mistress of one of the detectives working of the case, who doesn't tell the others about his relationship with her, and who is unaware that the person who committed the bombing is his own emotionally unstable wife.
User ratings: 47
Average rating: 7.5
Law Dance
The key witness in a robbery/murder trial is murdered just before he was about to testify, seriously damaging the prosecution's case. Kojak's hopes are either to use less reliable witnesses or find another way to nail the killers.
User ratings: 41
Average rating: 7.8
Out of the Shadows
In an episode originally scheduled as the season opener (it was pushed back a few weeks to allow "Birthday Party," considered a better audience draw, to get the slot), a serial killer plunges a knife into anyone who stiffs him consumerwise -- six murders to date. The chief suspect is a troubled young man who sprays graffiti on walls talking about the character "The Grim Reaper."
User ratings: 51
Average rating: 8.0
A Need to Know
Kojak's team snares child molester Dettrow, who they are forced to release because he has diplomatic immunity and is helping out the FBI. Kojak won't give up on nailing the arrogant serial sex offender, and doubts the FBI's pledge to keep Dettrow under wraps. Dettrow's psychiatrist counsels Kojak that such a compulsive is most likely to nab a child when he's under pressure. Kojak's shields tail the elusive Dettrow to prevent another molestation, so when they spot the East German embassy chauffeur sweating through a furtive meeting with a Red Chinese, Kojak fears Dettrow will soon snatch another boy.
User ratings: 51
Average rating: 8.2
An Unfair Trade
An undercover street cop shoots and kills a Puerto Rican youth who was pointing a gun at his partner, but the boy's sister tells a different story of what happened, and the community accuses the police of covering up for the officer.
User ratings: 48
Average rating: 8.0
A Hair-Trigger Away
A cop with an addicted girlfriend is determined to continue on the drug case he was working on, even after accidentally killing his own partner during an attempted arrest.
User ratings: 52
Average rating: 7.3
By Silence Betrayed
Two longshoremen are murdered, but Kojak can't break through the code of silence of their co-workers and get any of them to testify against the mobsters who killed them. The workers are more concerned with dealing out their own justice on whoever of their own may have helped set up the victims.
User ratings: 44
Average rating: 7.5
A Shield for Murder: Part 1
A young man is killed by police after he attempts to kill an assistant district attorney at a courthouse. Kojak learns that the young man was a boyfriend of an ice skater who is in prison for the murder of her mother two years before. But when he tries to look further into the case, he gets pressured to drop it, with the orders ultimately coming from a powerful political operative.
User ratings: 49
Average rating: 8.0
A Shield for Murder: Part 2
As he continues to investigate the case of an ice skater imprisoned for killing her mother, Kojak is framed for attempting to intimidate an informant.
User ratings: 46
Average rating: 7.8
The Pride and the Princess
A nun is shot in a churchyard by an assailant. Later she escapes from the hospital, and Kojak learns she is not a real nun but a dethroned Yugoslavian princess who, with the help of her bodyguard, is planning to get back the family jewels lost in World War II that are now in the hands of the mob.
User ratings: 44
Average rating: 7.2
Black Thorn
Rosey Grier returns as modern-day bounty hunter Salathiel Harms, now looking for a hit man who has come to New York after jumping bail on the West Coast. His search complicates Kojak's case, as the detectives try to learn the identity of the target of the killer's $100,000 contract.
User ratings: 50
Average rating: 8.0
Where Do You Go When You Have Nowhere to Go?
Joe Arrow, a Mohawk Indian recently fired, sneaks into his former boss's apartment to beg him to give him his job back, but a scuffle breaks out and he ends up accidentally killing the man. Joe's frustration and anger keep dragging him deeper and deeper into trouble.
User ratings: 42
Average rating: 7.2
Dead Again
A young woman comes to police headquarters and tells Kojak that she just recognized a man on the street as an old neighbor of hers, a mobster who was reported killed a year ago. She fears he is going to kill her because she knows he is alive. Kojak takes her home and convinces her she was probably mistaken. But shortly afterward, she is killed in a fall from her window, and Kojak is guilt-stricken for not believing her.
User ratings: 50
Average rating: 8.1
The Godson
When his namesake godson is picked up as one of a gang of youths extorting money from a storekeeper, Kojak tries to intervene and keep the boy from going further into crime. But the smooth talking leader of a major hijacking gang plans to use the boy as part of his group and take advantage of his ties to Kojak.
User ratings: 41
Average rating: 7.5
The Condemned
After finding his wife beaten to death in her apartment, a has-been boxer and his drug-addicted friend take refuge in a church and hold the priest and two women as hostages.
User ratings: 40
Average rating: 7.3
When You Hear the Beep, Drop Dead
While catching a pair of burglars breaking into an apartment, Kojak and his detectives stumble across an apparent plan by the prostitute occupying the apartment to kill her lover. But actually, the prostitute doesn't exist and has simply been created as the patsy by a woman intent on killing her husband.
User ratings: 45
Average rating: 7.9
I Was Happy Where I Was
Frustrated by the inability of the police to stop protection rackets that are harassing his community, a Puerto Rican undercover cop decides to join with some of the local street groups that want to mete out their own justice with the mobsters.
User ratings: 38
Average rating: 7.5
Kojak's Days: Part 1
Kojak and his detectives try to identify the dead man found in the trunk of a Rolls Royce, while also searching for: 1) a woman who admits to killing her husband and plans to kill herself, 2) an armed youth who is on the streets looking for the pushers who've gotten his mother hooked, and 3) a prostitute who a religious fanatic accuses of accosting him.
User ratings: 47
Average rating: 7.0
Kojak's Days: Part 2
Kojak and his detectives continue to search for the distraught woman who killed her husband before she also kills herself. Meanwhile, the killers of the man found in the trunk are ordered to find his body to prove to their boss that he is dead, and more killings result. The detectives also continue their search for an armed youth and a prostitute, while a man begs Kojak to keep his son out of getting deeper into trouble.
User ratings: 40
Average rating: 7.0
Monkey on a String
A down-on-his-luck cop starts taking money from a crime boss for dirty deals.
User ratings: 43
Average rating: 7.6
Kiss It All Goodbye
Crocker shoots a bystander while a robbery is going down, and the woman is paralyzed.
User ratings: 52
Average rating: 7.7
Lady in the Squadroom
Kojak is unhappy when McNeil insists an attractive woman Detective joins the team. But the hostility between them begins to wane when they begin a murder investigation. In this tale of Murder and drug dealing, Detective Jo Long eventually wins over the respect of her male colleagues.
User ratings: 43
Average rating: 7.2
Sister Maria
When her sister is killed before she was able to testify against a drug dealer, a nun takes it upon herself to bring the man to justice, by simply following him everywhere in the hope that he'll be driven to do something.
User ratings: 45
Average rating: 7.4
Another Gypsy Queen
A woman in a Gypsy clan disguises herself and goes to Kojak with false information regarding a serial killer. She is doing this to stop members of another clan from killing that man, whom they think betrayed them to the Communists several years before, resulting in the deaths of several family members. While Kojack trails the wrong man, the Gypsy woman and her friends look for the real serial killer.
User ratings: 38
Average rating: 7.4
The Queen of Hearts Is Wild
Kojak is ordered not to interfere with a Federal investigation when he locates a witness to the killing of a police officer in pursuit of the man who murdered a store owner. The killer is caught but will soon be released without her identification. Kojak learns that she is the girlfriend of a mobster who is known for his extreme violence. Kojak's problem? Get her cooperation, jail the mobster and secure her testimony without jeopardizing the Federal case.
User ratings: 55
Average rating: 8.2
A Strange Kind of Love
A taxicab driver listens to a female late-night talk-radio host during his beat. The host frequently inveighs against evildoers in the city, and the psychotic driver decides to take her up on it - stalking the people who she names and gunning them down.
User ratings: 57
Average rating: 7.2
Laid Off
A New York City budget crisis results in "last hired, first fired" for a friend of Kojak's who had recently joined the police force. As the rookie's bills mount, he winds up in debt to a numbers-running gang as well and joins it, secretly feeding information to Kojak from inside the gang.
User ratings: 48
Average rating: 7.3
Cry for the Kids
A teenager accidentally kills a gangster's hired hand while robbing him, only to have a rival gangster hire him to take out the competition in order to gain control over the neighborhood.
User ratings: 42
Average rating: 7.5
Once More from Birdland
A singer helps clear her father of a murder for which he was imprisoned 14 years earlier.
User ratings: 51
Average rating: 7.4
Caper on a Quiet Street
A year ago, a gang of thieves knocked over a bank, killed three people and got away with $6 million. They then split up, leaving one member to hide the loot. Now that the heat has died down, the gang plans to reunite and divide the cash. The bag man, however, is recognized by a cop and suffers a fatal heart attack while running away. The thieves decide to scour the neighborhood where the bag man died, and eventually focus on an apartment building which they invade with assault rifles. Kojak, trying to slip into the building, is cornered by a woman who used to be the gang leader's girlfriend but dumped him for his violence. She holds Kojak at bay with a gun but then leaves him - whereupon Kokak douses another thug with a water hose and escapes - in order to keep the gang leader from killing a group of apartment-house tenants he holds hostage.
User ratings: 48
Average rating: 7.5
Letters of Death
Anonymous messages begin turning up informing a model that someone close to her is in danger of being murdered.
User ratings: 47
Average rating: 7.3
Tears for All Who Loved Her
A femme fatale in the truest sense of the term persuades her gangster husband's bodyguard to help her murder him. Kojak, formerly involved with her, turns the investigation over to Crocker (but continues to act behind the scenes). The mob boss suspects the widow and orders a hit; she continues to wield her wiles on all concerned. The murder weapon, with her fingerprints, is still around though, and both Kojak and Crocker are in on the arrest.
User ratings: 48
Average rating: 7.2
The Summer of '69: Part 1
A young woman is found stabbed to death in the trunk of a car, the MO that of the serial murderer who terrorized Manhattan some eight years earlier (the summer of '69). The main suspect as the "Clothesline Killer" was shot and killed by Kojak while trying to escape. Theo (and his bosses) then question whether or not he killed the right man, especially after more bodies start turning up.
User ratings: 56
Average rating: 8.1
The Summer of '69: Part 2
Kojak goes on vacation to continue to work the case after being told he's transferred to administration and during the course of his investigation he reunites with several people who were in his life during the original case, including a young woman with whom he had a brief affair.
User ratings: 46
Average rating: 8.0
Case Without a File
Kojak investigates the murder of a private detective.
User ratings: 46
Average rating: 7.0
I Could Kill My Wife's Lawyer
Everett Coughlin is a divorce attorney, a Satan in a business suit, who mercilessly harasses a cop (whose wife he represents). Even his client doesn't know some of the lawyer's tricks, such as hiring a thug to bomb the cop's pleasure boat. The bomber is killed when the bomb explodes prematurely; Kojak, the cop and the cop's wife team to try to put the attorney out of business and hopefully in jail.
User ratings: 53
Average rating: 7.8
Justice for All
Kojak has been recruited to be lead investigator for a powerful law firm--great salary and benefits. His involvement with a series of deaths due to "hot smack" leads him to believe the offer has strings. A young man who has bankrolled the drug operation is represented by the firm, and his father has bribed a lower echelon dealer to confess ($150,000 per year in prison). Kojak decides to remain on the force because of his sense of justice.
User ratings: 44
Average rating: 7.8
When an enforcer for a bookie pushes a "mouse" of a man too hard, he winds up needing an ambulance. Kojak doesn't believe the eyewitness description of the assailant. How could such a small man have done the deed? He (Abernathy) was furious because a surgeon who "killed" his mother with an unnecessary surgery was pressuring him for money the doctor needed to pay his bookie; the enforcer was part of the pressure. When Kojak learns the circumstances, he arrests Abernathy (but omits Miranda warnings, warrants, and other civil protections); in interrogation Kojak sees the mouse turn into a MAN. Justice is served.
User ratings: 55
Average rating: 8.2
Chain of Custody
Tired of paying a loan shark, Kojak's tailor decides to swear out a warrant. While officers are en route, Henessey shoots the tailor and steals a cab to escape. Understandably frustrated when the case falls apart due to an incompetent ADA, Kojak verbally attacks him just outside the courtroom. He is convinced there was a fix in place and refuses to back down. IAD suspends him, but Kojak is determined to catch his friend's killer. Is the fix the judge or the ADA--or both?
User ratings: 49
Average rating: 8.2
The Captain's Brother's Wife
Captain McNeil's brother's widow (Shelly Winters) relies on Kojak to rescue her, get her employment, even pick up a bad check. She always has an excuse; now she's using her job at a brokerage to lay off bets and winds up losing $12,000 for some hoods. Meanwhile, Kojak's men are protecting a threatened witness that was involved with the gamblers. He decides to make a run for it, so the hoods take the ditsy widow as hostage. Kojak's attempts to insulate his captain break down, but in the end, justice is done and love conquers all.
User ratings: 54
Average rating: 7.8
No License to Kill
Kojak's efforts to stop a professional assassin are confounded by a jealous police lieutenant.
User ratings: 45
Average rating: 7.7
The Halls of Terror
A mystery about an unseen, psychotic strangler who is stalking the corridors of a hospital.
User ratings: 51
Average rating: 7.5
May the Horse Be with You
Horse stealing in New York City is the focus of this episode, focusing on the kidnapping of a mare in foal and the attempts to sell her offspring (which has already been pegged as a champion racehorse) to various bidders.
User ratings: 56
Average rating: 7.0
Photo Must Credit Joe Paxton
Even retiring as an actress does not stop paparazzi from pursuing her, especially Joe Paxton. Diane sets up a fake jewel theft and kidnapping to elude him when she returns from Paris. When someone robs her for real and she is shot, Kojak arrests Paxton who was found at the scene. The real thief doesn't know that the jewelry was long ago replaced with paste and tries to fence it. Kojak and Paxton (who escaped from custody) try to catch a thief.
User ratings: 46
Average rating: 7.7
60 Miles to Hell
Crocker is ready to extradite a prisoner from Las Vegas when they are kidnapped, along with a theatrical agent and one identical twin (half of the "Only Topless Magicians"). Kojak, who flies to Vegas, and the other twin try to discover the reason for the snatch--including a casino crawl and interviewing Liberace, a client of the agent. The two of them join the Jeep posse out in the desert, but it's Crocker's booby trap which saves the day.
User ratings: 48
Average rating: 7.1
In Full Command
Kojak has cultured an informant to solve a series of gangland killings. An assistant chief inspector, often passed over for promotions, sees an opportunity to achieve the position of commissioner he so desperately desires. He moves in on Kojak's investigation, though he is sabotaging it and is a danger even to himself. Kojak tries to sidestep him but risks an inquiry launched by the vengeful senior officer (played by Danny Thomas). After a successful capture of the gang bosses, the truth comes out at the inquiry, but Theo is gracious, not gloating.
User ratings: 62
Average rating: 7.8
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