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Seasons: 5
Episodes: 21
User ratings: 102,892
Average rating: 8.5

Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

A crime drama series starring Idris Elba as a near-genius murder detective whose brilliant mind can't always save him from the dangerous violence of his passions.

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Inside Look
User ratings: 359
Average rating: 8.1
Episode #1.1
DCI John Luther, returning to duty following the arrest of serial killer Henry Madsen, investigates the murder of the parents of child prodigy Alice Morgan. It soon becomes clear that their daughter was responsible, but Luther's challenge is to prove it.
User ratings: 2,517
Average rating: 8.2
Episode #1.2
A gunman is murdering uniformed police officers, and warns that there will be further shootings unless his terms are met. Luther is determined to flush the killer out. Meanwhile, Alice Morgan is threatening to reveal the truth about Henry Madsen's arrest.
User ratings: 2,151
Average rating: 8.3
Episode #1.3
John Luther is on the trail of a satanic occult killer who kidnaps a woman but leaves her baby in the living room. Things get harder when a man accuses Luther of attacking him. Things take a grisly turn when the woman is found.
User ratings: 1,986
Average rating: 8.1
Episode #1.4
The police have a serial killer on a murder spree numbering three victims in the last month. The frequency of his killing is increasing rapidly. The killer has been keeping mementos of his victims, jewelry that he's been giving to his wife. The women were all strangled and Luther correctly concludes there can be only one explanation for why attractive young women would get into a car with a stranger: he's a taxi driver. The theory is right, but the police arrest the wrong man and realize that getting him will not be simple. Meanwhile, Henry Manson, the man Luther may have beaten into a coma has woken up. He tells Alice Morgan of his dilemma and she decides to take action.
User ratings: 2,044
Average rating: 8.5
Episode #1.5
Luther and the team are after the people involved in a violent kidnapping of Jessisca and they are in search of diamonds..
User ratings: 2,247
Average rating: 9.0
Episode #1.6
DCI Luther is on the run and he turns to Alice for help. The evidence against him is damning and he is certain the gun they've found near Zoe's home has his fingerprints on it. They manage to somewhat inelegantly retrieve the weapon with the help of his Sergeant, Justin Ripley. It becomes obvious that if Luther is going to convince his superiors of his innocence, he's going to have to get DCI Ian Reed to confess. To accomplish that, he gets Zoe's boyfriend, Mark North to help him out.
User ratings: 2,291
Average rating: 9.2
Episode #2.1
Alice is now in a mental institution and Luther, after a failed suicide attempt, returns to work having been cleared of killing Zoe. Assisted by the loyal Justin he joins a team headed by Superintendant Schenk hunting a masked serial killer. Luther pursues a suspect, failed art student Cameron Pell, who escapes after attacking him and later phones to say he wants to emulate the Victorian killer Spring-Heel Jack. Luther also agrees to help Caroline Jones, widow of a man he once arrested, to stop her young daughter Jenny from appearing in hard core sex films and kidnaps the girl from a film set.
User ratings: 1,775
Average rating: 8.5
Episode #2.2
Pell abducts and tortures Justin, who keeps himself alive by flattering the killer's vanity and manages to free himself and escape whilst Pell is out planning his climactic outrage, which Luther and the team, by speaking to Pell's former associates, are able to stop. Procuress Baba, who claims to 'own' Jenny Jones, forces Luther to stop police witness Andrei Kolchak from giving evidence against her crooked grandson Toby - causing Luther to bring Jenny to stay with him for her own protection. Earlier that night he has had a visit from Alice, who has escaped from her institution.
User ratings: 1,673
Average rating: 8.5
Episode #2.3
Luther leaves Jenny in his flat to investigate an incident at a service station where a man with a baseball bat killed one motorist, maimed another and destroyed their cars. From CCTV footage it appears that he was rolling dice to select victims. The same man later enters an office disguised as a motor-cycle courier and kills five more people before Luther arrests him though in custody he refuses to speak. As Luther returns home to find that Jenny has killed Toby Kent after his attempted rape of her the dice man's exact double prepares another outrage.
User ratings: 1,631
Average rating: 8.6
Episode #2.4
Luther and Jenny dispose of Kent's body and give Baba cause to believe that he was actually killed by her other henchman Frank. To ensure that there will be no reprisals he threatens her with the ultimate weapon of revenge - Alice. Meanwhile the second dice man murders four people on the subway and Luther deduces that the two killers are twins, competing to see who can claim the most victims. With this in mind he plays on the vanity of his prisoner, Robert Millberry, to help him net his brother Nick, leading Luther into a showdown with Nick Milberry.
User ratings: 1,762
Average rating: 9.0
Episode #3.1
Following the murder of Emily Hammond, Luther is put on the case of a fetishist killer. Ripley is persuaded by Erin Gray, now DCI under formerly retired DSU George Stark, to monitor Luther's movements on a case regarding the murder of Jared Cass. Stark hopes to expose Luther as a corrupt cop, and with Luther's attention divided and stress escalating, Ripley finds himself in a compromising position.
User ratings: 1,718
Average rating: 8.5
Episode #3.2
Luther investigates the deaths of Dani Lane and her husband Craig, the people he was trying to telephone when he and DS Ripley has their dust up at the station. He tells Ripley to concentrate on Ken Barnaby and the Jared Cass murder and leave the Lane investigation to him. Luther sees obvious similarities to the murder of Emily Hammond and the 30 year old Shoreditch Creeper murders but the retired police officer in charge of that case, Ronnie Holland, is found dead in his house. The file however eventually leads him to William Carney who now lives in a retirement home and who has frequent visits from Paul Ellis. Meanwhile, Erin Gray makes it clear to Luther that she is still pursuing him.
User ratings: 1,529
Average rating: 8.5
Episode #3.3
Luther investigates the deaths of two muggers who were killed by a vigilante while the muggers were in the process of attacking a young couple who were sitting in their car. The killer taped a messages to the mouths of the muggers. The victims have little interest in helping the police arrest the man who saved them and they soon have another dead body - also with a message taped to his mouth - hanging in Hampton Woods. The vigilante - who is soon identified as Tom Marwood - broadcasts a message over the Internet demanding justice for his wife who was raped and murdered 4 years ago. Luther knows they have little time to stop him. Marwood's next 'execution' will be very public. Meanwhile, Gray and Stark visit Luther's new girlfriend Mary. They seem intent on destroying his reputation Gray is beginning to doubt Stark's methods.
User ratings: 1,717
Average rating: 9.0
Episode #3.4
After Tom Marwood kills DS Justin Ripley and attacks Mary Day, DSU George Stark and DCI Erin Gray arrest Luther on suspicion of murder. Their hypothesis is that when Luther met Marwood a few days before and let him go, Luther struck a deal to have Ripley and Mary killed as they could both provide evidence against him. While they are taking Luther by car to another location they are attacked - and Luther is freed by none other than Alice Morgan who acts as an intermediary with DSU Schenk. Marwood's target is the imprisoned man who killed his wife. To get to him he kidnaps the prison doctor's very pregnant wife. Luther is running out of time as he tries to find Mary, evade capture by DSU Stark and capture Marwood alive.
User ratings: 1,920
Average rating: 9.1
Episode #4.1
While on a leave of absence, Luther is suddenly dragged back into his former life in London to battle the demons of his past and to stop a cannibal serial killer.
User ratings: 1,553
Average rating: 8.3
Episode #4.2
Will a cold case unlock the mystery from Luther's past that is haunting him? The detective is forced to put himself and Emma in danger to stop the serial killer's end game.
User ratings: 1,336
Average rating: 8.0
Episode #5.1
When a series of seemingly indiscriminate killings become ever more audacious Luther and new recruit DS Catherine Halliday are confounded by a tangle of leads and misdirection that appears designed to protect an untouchable corruption.
User ratings: 938
Average rating: 8.3
Episode #5.2
Luther must confront a demon from his past, as the police and Cornelius converge on his home. Halliday is convinced the body in the morgue isn't that of the killer.
User ratings: 709
Average rating: 8.2
Episode #5.3
Luther's friend is in danger and a young woman has been kidnapped by the killer. As revenge threatens to consume him the detective must choose who to save and who can't he bear to lose?
User ratings: 677
Average rating: 8.5
Episode #5.4
Luther's left reeling by tragic events but must race to save the others from a killer determined to complete his macabre masterpiece. Can the troubled DCI come to terms with the problems that threaten his career, life and those around him?
User ratings: 756
Average rating: 8.3
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