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Modern Family

Seasons: 10
Episodes: 230
User ratings: 309,308
Average rating: 8.4

Comedy, Romance

Three different, but related families face trials and tribulations in their own uniquely comedic ways.

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Episodes details table

Jay must adapt to his young new wife, Gloria and her son. Meanwhile, Claire deals with her own family. Mitchell and Cam decide to adopt a baby.
User ratings: 2,450
Average rating: 8.2
The Bicycle Thief
After buying a new bike for his son, Phil ends up lying when it gets stolen. Jay tries bonding with Manny. Cam and Mitchell begin daycare classes for Lily.
User ratings: 1,988
Average rating: 8.2
Come Fly with Me
Jay takes Phil on a model-airplane excursion with disastrous results. While Manny is at their house, Claire must get used to the fact they are actually siblings.
User ratings: 1,738
Average rating: 8.0
The Incident
Jay's ex-wife shows up for the first time following a nasty incident at Gloria and Jay's wedding.
User ratings: 1,789
Average rating: 8.3
Coal Digger
A conflict between Manny and Luke spreads to their respective parents during a football game.
User ratings: 1,720
Average rating: 8.3
Run for Your Wife
Claire and Phil have mixed feelings regarding the first day of school for the kids. Jay and Gloria argue about an outfit for Manny, and a minor problem with Lily gets blown out of proportion by Mitchell and Cameron.
User ratings: 1,639
Average rating: 7.9
En Garde
The whole family comes out to support Manny's newfound interest - fencing. It turns out he's quite masterful in the sport, but Jay's proud enthusiasm triggers an old childhood wound for Mitchell. Meanwhile Phil is determined to find where Luke's hidden talents lie.
User ratings: 1,598
Average rating: 8.1
Great Expectations
Jay has a sleepover for his grandkids, but Haley is looking for a way out. Claire tries to get a perfect anniversary gift for Phil, and Mitchell and Cameron discover that their ladyfriend is crazy and jealous of their daughter.
User ratings: 1,679
Average rating: 8.0
Cameron breaks out his favorite clown costume to make Luke's birthday party a hit. However, a series of accidents causes the party to break into chaos and leads to an unfortunate injury.
User ratings: 1,887
Average rating: 8.7
Undeck the Halls
Phil and Claire cancel Christmas for their kids until they confess to wrongdoings at the house. Jay is hesitant to celebrate Gloria and Manny's holiday traditions. Mitchell and Cameron take Lily to meet Santa.
User ratings: 1,521
Average rating: 8.2
Up All Night
Manny's dad shows up bearing extravagant gifts, Mitchell and Cameron fight over how to care for their daughter when she cries at night, and Claire tries to impress the firefighters who responded to Phil's kidney stone 911 call.
User ratings: 1,506
Average rating: 8.0
Not in My House
Gloria plots to get rid of Jay's new "dog butler," Cameron's helpful nature gets himself in trouble with Mitchell, and Claire asks Phil to punish their son for looking at nude pictures, not knowing they're Phil's.
User ratings: 1,459
Average rating: 7.9
Fifteen Percent
Mitchell tells Jay that one of his friends is gay to teach him a lesson, Claire gets frustrated with Phil's new master remote control, and Gloria gives Manny's "date" a makeover to improve her self-esteem.
User ratings: 1,511
Average rating: 8.1
Moon Landing
Claire feels like a loser when she catches up with an old friend from work, Jay and Cameron have an unpleasant "encounter" in a locker room, and Mitchell tries to give legal advice to Gloria after she has a wreck.
User ratings: 1,502
Average rating: 8.1
My Funky Valentine
Jay takes Gloria to see David Brenner. Mitchell and Cameron try to set Manny up on a date. Phil and Claire try to spice things up by going on a romantic getaway.
User ratings: 1,662
Average rating: 8.7
Haley confronts a terrifying driving examiner in her third attempt to pass the road test. Alex is nervous about a school dance. Gloria taunts Jay and Manny to ride a roller coaster. Phil and Luke look for treasure under the house.
User ratings: 1,406
Average rating: 8.0
Truth Be Told
Jay accidentally kills Manny's pet turtle and lies about it, Claire becomes jealous when Phil's ex-girlfriend pays a visit, and Mitchell makes a bold decision after he misses a family day because he's called in to work.
User ratings: 1,426
Average rating: 7.9
Starry Night
Jay and Mitchell attempt to bond while watching a meteor shower, but things don't go according to plan. Gloria and Cameron try to find something else to occupy their time. Claire and Phil try to help their kids with their school projects.
User ratings: 1,402
Average rating: 8.1
Game Changer
Jay takes on Gloria and Manny in the ultimate chess game. Claire goes all out to find a cool new electronic gadget for Phil's birthday gift, and Cameron pokes his nose into a neighbor's affairs.
User ratings: 1,385
Average rating: 7.9
Jay and Phil vie for the same coaching position on Manny and Luke's basketball team. Mitchell helps Cameron with a job interview, and Gloria and Claire talk about their kids growing up.
User ratings: 1,378
Average rating: 7.8
Travels with Scout
Cameron wants to join Dylan's band. Claire is suspicious when Phil's father pays a visit, and Manny is traumatized by a horror movie.
User ratings: 1,376
Average rating: 7.8
Airport 2010
Gloria's birthday present to Jay of a trip to Hawaii becomes a vacation for the entire family.
User ratings: 1,459
Average rating: 8.3
Jay's plan to relax in Hawaii are thwarted. Phil tries to make the vacation special for Claire, but this results in the kids being unsupervised. Mitchell and Cameron debate on what to see.
User ratings: 1,524
Average rating: 8.5
Family Portrait
Claire goes through great lengths to organize a family portrait. Gloria and Phil have an awkward moment while taking Manny and Alex to a Lakers game. Cameron becomes a wedding singer, and Jay has to help Luke with a school project.
User ratings: 1,566
Average rating: 8.6
The Old Wagon
The Dunphys get nostalgic when Phil has to get rid of their station wagon. Cameron begs Jay to intervene when Mitchell wants to build Lily a castle, and Manny invites a girl over to study.
User ratings: 1,426
Average rating: 8.1
The Kiss
Cameron is upset with Mitchell's lack of public affection, Gloria gets back at Jay for disrespecting her Colombian traditions, and Claire goes overboard as Alex tries to get her first kiss.
User ratings: 1,413
Average rating: 8.1
When an earthquake hits the area, Claire gets locked in the bathroom with a plumber, Cameron and Mitchell use it as an excuse to get out of brunch with an obnoxious friend, and Manny reevaluates the meaning of life while on a trip with Jay.
User ratings: 1,370
Average rating: 7.8
Strangers on a Treadmill
Mitchell and Claire agree to break some embarrassing news to each other's significant others, Jay makes a fool of himself at what he thinks is a quinceanera, and Haley helps Alex try to make a popular friend.
User ratings: 1,336
Average rating: 8.1
Phil, Claire, and the kids try to improve their communication skills by giving up their electronic devices. Gloria is getting obsessed over a neighbor's barking dog, and Mitchell and Cameron try to find a preschool for Lily.
User ratings: 1,377
Average rating: 8.3
Claire needs the family's help to run Halloween smoothly at their house. Jay and Manny have fun at Gloria's expense, and the holiday brings back painful memories for Cameron.
User ratings: 1,515
Average rating: 8.6
While Claire and Haley get sick at the same time, Phil wages battle against a chirping smoke detector. Manny accidentally gets one of Jay's employees fired, and Cameron wants to put Lily in a TV commercial.
User ratings: 1,309
Average rating: 7.8
Manny Get Your Gun
A birthday dinner for Manny at a family restaurant turns into a race for Phil and Claire and a chance for Cameron to socialize at a shopping mall while looking for a gift.
User ratings: 1,473
Average rating: 8.4
Mother Tucker
Jay and Manny's online diagnosis of Jay's illness makes matters worse. A visit from Cameron's mother sends Mitchell into a frenzy. Phil is more upset about Haley's breakup with Dylan than she is.
User ratings: 1,264
Average rating: 7.7
Dance Dance Revelation
Claire is threatened when Gloria becomes her co-chair for a school dance, Jay bullies Phil into taking a stand during a trip to the mall, and Mitchell and Cameron discover that their daughter is a biter.
User ratings: 1,271
Average rating: 7.6
Slow Down Your Neighbors
Claire tries to stop a woman from speeding in the neighborhood, which creates a business conflict for Phil. Meanwhile, Mitchell and Cameron befriend a strange new neighbor, and Gloria and Manny learn how to ride a bicycle.
User ratings: 1,424
Average rating: 8.2
Our Children, Ourselves
Phil and Claire question their intelligence after a comment by Alex, Mitchell suspects that he fathered a child 8 years ago, and Gloria tells an embarrassing lie about Jay to cover up his rudeness to another couple.
User ratings: 1,293
Average rating: 7.9
Caught in the Act
Phil and Claire's kids walk in on them having sex while delivering their anniversary present, Gloria tries to keep Claire from seeing an angry e-mail, and Mitchell and Cameron contemplate how to cover up a juice stain on a rug.
User ratings: 1,937
Average rating: 9.0
Bixby's Back
Phil and Clair try to revisit an old Valentine's Day act, Jay tries to surprise Gloria with a romantic dinner, Mitchell and Cameron disagree over Mitchell's assistant's crush, and Manny gives Haley relationship advice.
User ratings: 1,279
Average rating: 8.1
Princess Party
Dede hooks up with Claire's high school boyfriend the night before Lily's birthday party. Meanwhile, Mitchell won't let Cameron play Fizbo the Clown at the party, while Gloria self-medicates to cope with Dede.
User ratings: 1,281
Average rating: 7.6
Regrets Only
Gloria helps Phil figure out why Claire is mad at him, Mitchell forgets to send out invitations to Cameron's fund raiser, and Alex tries to prove that Haley is lying when she says she has a job as a waitress.
User ratings: 1,262
Average rating: 8.1
Two Monkeys and a Panda
Phil spends the day at the spa while Claire tries to replace Haley's favorite sweater, Cameron discovers Mitchell's dirty secret about Lily's adoption, and Jay and Gloria argue over their final resting place.
User ratings: 1,246
Average rating: 7.8
Boys' Night
Phil and Claire have some trepidation when they find out that Luke has befriended their crotchety old neighbor, Mr. Kleezak; Jay's attempt to avoid sitting through a symphony concert with Gloria and Manny lands him in the middle of Mitchell and Cameron's "boys' night out"; and Haley has her own adventures in babysitting with Lily.
User ratings: 1,315
Average rating: 8.3
The Musical Man
Phil's new real estate ad creates embarrassment for Claire and Haley, Cameron goes over the top while directing a school musical, and Jay's brother comes to town with some surprising news.
User ratings: 1,350
Average rating: 8.3
Someone to Watch Over Lily
Mitchell and Cameron try to determine Lily's guardian in case something happens to them, Claire is scared that Luke will turn out like Phil, and Haley bonds with Alex after she is forced to take Alex to cello practice.
User ratings: 1,240
Average rating: 8.1
Mother's Day
Cameron is upset that Mitchell thinks he's the "Mom" of the family, Claire and Gloria take the kids on a disastrous hike, and Phil witnesses Jay tearing up while they prepare Mother's Day dinner.
User ratings: 1,270
Average rating: 8.1
Good Cop Bad Dog
Phil and Claire trade discipline roles for the day, Gloria forces Jay to listen to a horrible business proposal, and Mitchell tries to convince a sick Cameron to let him go to the Lady Gaga concert without him.
User ratings: 1,289
Average rating: 8.2
See You Next Fall
Haley tries to convince Alex not to deliver an angry graduation speech, Jay has a botched Botox procedure, and Cameron gets upset with Mitchell because he keeps laughing at his accidents.
User ratings: 1,275
Average rating: 8.2
The One That Got Away
Jay wants nothing more than to have a quiet birthday out fishing on the lake, but the family take that as him wanting a big celebration, and in their frantic scramble to put everything together, Claire and Mitchell wind up trapped in the yard of their childhood home; Phil runs into his old college nemesis while at the mall with Gloria and Lily; Cameron gets himself into some hot water at the bakery, and the kids frantically do some creative editing on grandpa's birthday video, all of which leaves Jay with a headache.
User ratings: 1,251
Average rating: 8.1
Dude Ranch
The family's dude ranch vacation turns into disaster when Dylan proposes to Haley, Alex gets an unexpected first kiss, their cowboy guide keeps hitting on Gloria, and Phil goes out of his way to impress Jay.
User ratings: 1,438
Average rating: 8.0
When Good Kids Go Bad
Lily has problems with Mitchell and Cameron's plans to adopt another child, Jay tries to get Manny to confess to stealing a locket at school, and Claire goes to extreme lengths to prove that she was right in an argument.
User ratings: 1,331
Average rating: 8.2
Phil on Wire
Phil tries to learn tightrope walking, Haley and Alex wind up in the same math class, Gloria becomes upset over Jay's pampering of the dog, and Mitchell joins Cameron on a juice fast.
User ratings: 1,334
Average rating: 8.2
Door to Door
Claire recruits her family to help gather signatures for a petition to get a stop sign, Gloria loses the family dog, Jay helps Manny try to sell wrapping paper for school, and Cameron leaves a mess in the kitchen for Mitchell.
User ratings: 1,242
Average rating: 7.9
Hit and Run
Claire leaves Phil at home to watch the kids while she applies to run for public office, Mitchell and Cameron are victimized by a hit-and-run driver, and an annoying client asks Jay to "wow" him.
User ratings: 1,226
Average rating: 7.9
Go Bullfrogs!
While Phil takes Haley on a tour of his alma mater, Claire goes out on the town with a man she mistakenly assumes is Mitchell and Cameron's gay friend. Meanwhile, Gloria is alarmed and curious about Manny's mail-order package.
User ratings: 1,231
Average rating: 7.8
Phil tries to build a treehouse, Haley struggles with writing a college admissions essay, Cameron hits on a single woman to win a bet with Mitchell, and Jay doesn't want to go out salsa dancing with Gloria and another couple.
User ratings: 1,340
Average rating: 8.2
After the Fire
As the family collects goods for a family whose house burned down, Jay makes an embarrassing remark to Phil during a massage, Claire is jealous of Mitchell's friendship with Gloria, and Cameron struggles with a moving van in a parking lot.
User ratings: 1,193
Average rating: 7.9
Punkin Chunkin
Phil is upset that Claire is stifling his creativity, Mitchell doesn't believe Cameron's "punkin chunkin" story, Gloria won't let Jay tell Manny that his Thanksgiving centerpiece is horrible, and Hayley and Alex get in an accident.
User ratings: 1,228
Average rating: 7.9
Express Christmas
Phil proposes that the entire family celebrate "Express Christmas" together on December 16, when they discover that they won't be spending Christmas Day together.
User ratings: 1,281
Average rating: 8.1
Lifetime Supply
After having a doctor's visit but then missing the call with the test results, Phil automatically jumps to conclusions and starts saying his goodbyes. Meanwhile Javier pops up unannounced again and takes Manny to the horse races for a belated birthday celebration, and a subtle competition ensues when Mitchell brings home an environmental law award and it becomes a game of who has the bigger trophy.
User ratings: 1,228
Average rating: 7.9
Egg Drop
While Jay and Claire become hyper-competitive while working on their boys' science project, Gloria tries to help Phil with his real estate seminar. Meanwhile, Cameron and Mitchell interview a potential birth mother.
User ratings: 1,204
Average rating: 7.7
Little Bo Bleep
Claire's family tries to help her prepare for her political debate, Lily begins saying the "F word" right before her appearance as a flower girl at a wedding, and Jay begins to wonder if his dog Stella is suicidal.
User ratings: 1,395
Average rating: 8.5
Me? Jealous?
Claire thinks Phil's prospective new client is hitting on her, tensions rise as Mitchell and Cameron temporarily stay with Jay and Gloria, and Alex becomes jealous when Hayley volunteers as a Big Sister.
User ratings: 1,225
Average rating: 8.0
Aunt Mommy
Claire makes a drunken decision to donate her egg for Mitchell and Cameron's next child, while Manny gets hurt after Jay gets him into a football game.
User ratings: 1,204
Average rating: 8.1
Virgin Territory
Alex accidentally reveals a secret about Haley to their dad, Cameron fakes a back injury to catch Claire in a lie, Mitchell confesses a secret about one of Jay's proudest moments, and Luke helps Manny try to impress a girl.
User ratings: 1,222
Average rating: 7.9
Leap Day
Claire, Hayley, and Alex's cycles ruin Phil's big Leap Day plans, Mitchell tries to throw an elaborate party for Cameron's "tenth" birthday, and Gloria wants Jay to get in a fight.
User ratings: 1,239
Average rating: 8.1
Send Out the Clowns
Cameron reunites an old clown act despite Mitchell's warnings, Phil plays hardball with a rival to get a listing, Manny's new "friend" has a crush on Gloria, and Claire wants her daughters to friend her on Facebook.
User ratings: 1,209
Average rating: 7.6
Election Day
It's Claire's election day, and the entire family tries in vain to pitch in to help her win the vote. Meanwhile, Haley anxiously awaits her final chance to get accepted into a college.
User ratings: 1,192
Average rating: 7.8
The Last Walt
Cameron's dad is visiting from the farm, and when Jay comes over, it's two manly men squaring off.
User ratings: 1,150
Average rating: 7.7
Planes, Trains and Cars
Phil makes an impulsive car purchase and wonders how Claire will react, Jay struggles to get himself and his family to a weekend with the guys at Pebble Beach, and Mitchell and Cameron lose Lily's stuffed bunny on the subway.
User ratings: 1,142
Average rating: 7.8
Visiting the happiest place on earth triggers old memories and creates new ones.
User ratings: 1,234
Average rating: 8.2
Tableau Vivant
Jay and Gloria argue about how a waitress is closer to Jay than Gloria. Luke is awarded a medal for putting out a fire he started, Phil tries to fire Mitchell, and Claire and Cam fight about Cam's parenting strategies.
User ratings: 1,150
Average rating: 8.0
Baby on Board
Jay and Manny are left to accompany Lily at her recital as Mitchell and Cameron bring Gloria along as translator as they adopt a Mexican child. Meanwhile, Haley has a surprise announcement about her plans after high school.
User ratings: 1,354
Average rating: 8.6
Bringing Up Baby
Gloria tries to surprise Jay with news on his birthday that she is pregnant, while Phil surprises Jay with a fishing trip. Meanwhile, Mitchell and Cameron debate getting Lily a cat after she loses out on getting a baby brother.
User ratings: 1,465
Average rating: 8.3
Phil and Claire get emotional as they send Haley off to school, Manny makes Jay and Gloria take a parenting class, and Mitchell and Cameron clash with lesbian parents from Lily's school.
User ratings: 1,519
Average rating: 8.6
Claire has problems with the kids as Phil prepares to get a vasectomy, Gloria refuses to wear maternity clothes, and Mitchell encourages Cameron to get a job.
User ratings: 1,191
Average rating: 8.1
The Butler's Escape
Phil is upset that Luke wants to give up magic, Jay tries to get away from Gloria's snoring, Mitchell does errands as Cameron starts his new job as music teacher, and Alex suddenly becomes more sarcastic.
User ratings: 1,148
Average rating: 7.7
Open House of Horrors
Claire tries to scare Phil on Halloween night, Cameron tries to show off his new slimmer body at his Halloween party, and Mitchell's white lie about Lily's mother gets him in trouble.
User ratings: 1,204
Average rating: 8.0
Yard Sale
A yard sale at Jay's house reveals a secret in Gloria's past, Phil's wild side when he tries Jay's old motorcycle, and concern that Alex's new boyfriend might be gay.
User ratings: 1,142
Average rating: 7.9
When Haley is arrested for underage drinking, Phil, Claire, and Mitchell must intervene, leaving Cameron in charge of the kids. Jay's ex-wife, DeDe, makes a surprise visit, and he desperately tries to hide Gloria's pregnancy from her.
User ratings: 1,279
Average rating: 8.5
Mistery Date
While Claire and the kids are away at one of Alex's competitions, one of Cam's friends has a "date" with Phil. Meanwhile, Mitchell has a breakthrough with Jay on a shopping trip, and Cameron gets Jay and Gloria a surprise gift.
User ratings: 1,238
Average rating: 8.2
When a Tree Falls
Mitchell and Cameron fight to save a tree, Phil and Jay literally come to blows at a kids' birthday party, Claire goes shopping with Gloria--who is suffering from "pregnancy brain," and Alex tries to get an embarrassing photo of Haley.
User ratings: 1,148
Average rating: 7.8
Diamond in the Rough
Gloria buys a microphone so she can sing to her unborn baby. Claire and Cameron try to renovate a baseball field so Luke's and Manny's baseball team has a place to play.
User ratings: 1,125
Average rating: 7.8
New Year's Eve
On New Year's Eve, Jay plays poker with Billy Dee Williams, Phil and Claire try to rekindle their romance, Mitchell and Cameron search for a bar where they fit in, and Haley and Alex stay home to babysit.
User ratings: 1,177
Average rating: 8.1
Party Crasher
Jay and Gloria throw a surprise birthday party for Manny, but their unborn baby may have other plans. Meanwhile, Haley dates a man twice her age, and Cameron becomes jealous of Mitchell and Lily's relationship
User ratings: 1,283
Average rating: 8.4
Jay fights with his mother in law over naming the baby, Phil unsuccessfully tries to solve his kids' problems, and Mitchell and Cameron try to curb Lily's snarkiness.
User ratings: 2,007
Average rating: 8.9
A Slight at the Opera
Cam is left without a lead on the first school performance of "Phantom of the Opera," Phil and Mitchell play golf with Jay, and Haley and her boyfriend help Claire take care of the baby.
User ratings: 1,127
Average rating: 7.6
Heart Broken
Phil and Claire's Valentine's plans land Claire in the emergency room, Jay and Gloria try to be intimate for the first time after the baby, and Mitchell has a wild Valentine's night after drinking and blacking out at his party.
User ratings: 1,096
Average rating: 7.8
Bad Hair Day
Claire runs into an old lover at her college reunion, a mishap causes Cam to give the baby a disastrous haircut, and Jay has to put his bowling match on hold to build up Manny's confidence.
User ratings: 1,109
Average rating: 7.4
Best Men
Mitchell and Cameron are co-best men for a friend's wedding, but the bride has cold feet. Meanwhile, Manny has a crush on the nanny, Phil helps Luke get a date, and Claire and Haley go together to Alex's concert.
User ratings: 1,196
Average rating: 8.1
The Wow Factor
Claire and Cam clash over a fountain as they try to flip a house, Mitchell confronts a playground bully, Jay spends the day alone with Joe, and Phil tries to teach the girls about home repairs.
User ratings: 1,103
Average rating: 7.7
The Future Dunphys
Phil and Claire get a possible glimpse at their future children, Gloria helps Lily get in touch with her Vietnamese heritage, and Jay tries to help Manny get into a prestigious prep school.
User ratings: 1,137
Average rating: 7.9
Flip Flop
Phil pulls out all the stops to flip Cameron and Claire's house and avoid embarrassment from a rival realtor, and Gloria is jealous of Manny's. relationship with her ex-husband Javier's new girlfriend.
User ratings: 1,083
Average rating: 7.8
Career Day
Phil's rival, Gil Thorpe, offers Claire a job, Lily gets a extra-generous gift from the Tooth Fairy, and Jay decides to begin working on his novel.
User ratings: 1,058
Average rating: 7.7
My Hero
Cam is jealous of Mitchell's ex-boyfriend, Claire tries to avoid her dad's job offer, Manny has to write an essay about his hero, Phil tries to teach Gloria to skate, and Hayley tries to help Alex flirt with boys.
User ratings: 1,067
Average rating: 7.8
Games People Play
The Dunphys take an RV trip together, Mitchell and Cam become over-competitive at Lily's gymnastics meet, and Jay and Gloria are upset that they weren't invited to a party.
User ratings: 1,046
Average rating: 7.8
Goodnight Gracie
The family goes to Florida for Phil's mother's funeral. Phil has to honor his mom's odd last request, Jay sees a familiar face, Mitchell defends Gloria in court, and Cameron makes some new friends.
User ratings: 1,197
Average rating: 8.2
Suddenly, Last Summer
Mitchell and Cam go behind each other's backs to set up the perfect marriage proposal, Gloria is sad about sending Manny to Colombia, and Phil and Claire try to arrange the kids' vacations to maximize their "alone time."
User ratings: 1,279
Average rating: 8.1
First Days
Manny and Luke have their first day of high school, Cam works as a substitute social studies teacher, Claire begins her new job working for her dad, and Mitchell's boss hits on Haley.
User ratings: 1,162
Average rating: 7.9
Larry's Wife
Mitchell leaves the wedding plans to Cam, who is busy preparing a cat funeral for Lily. Meanwhile, Phil tries to cater his real estate business to divorced women, and Gloria thinks her baby may be cursed.
User ratings: 1,102
Average rating: 7.6
Farm Strong
Cam's sister comes to town with good news, Phil and Claire agree to skip Luke's soccer game, Gloria refuses to admit she needs glasses, and Alex thinks Jay is cheating at Words With Friends.
User ratings: 1,088
Average rating: 7.9
The Late Show
Jay pulled a lot of strings to get reservations at the hottest new restaurant for a family adult's night out. Unfortunately, in each household everyone is running late.
User ratings: 1,184
Average rating: 8.1
The Help
Phil tries to get dad back in the dating scene, Jay does not like Gloria's new choice for a nanny, and Mitchell and Cameron are not impressed with their old friend Pepper's plans for their wedding.
User ratings: 1,103
Average rating: 7.7
A Fair to Remember
At a local fair, Phil tries to surprise Claire with an anniversary gift, Jay works as a "police officer," Manny enters a cake baking contest, Luke confronts a crush, and Cameron tries to rally the football team.
User ratings: 1,146
Average rating: 7.9
ClosetCon '13
Claire joins Jay at a closet convention; Cam, Mitchell and Lily visit Cam's childhood Missouri farm, Phil breaks Jay's priceless Apollo 13 model, and Hayley and Alex fight over the pizza delivery guy.
User ratings: 1,086
Average rating: 7.7
The Big Game
Cam tries to break a school record as freshman football coach, Phil is on the verge of his first month without selling a house, Claire still struggles with being the boss's daughter, and Mitchell tries to let his boss down easily.
User ratings: 1,035
Average rating: 7.6
The Old Man & the Tree
Luke helps Phil try to reach Canada on his elliptical machine, Jay and Manny try to get a Christmas tree in the wild, Gloria is jealous of Claire and her mom, and a mix-up lands Cam and Lily with the homeless at Christmas.
User ratings: 1,087
Average rating: 7.9
And One to Grow On
Phil tricks Luke into taking a dance class, but the joke is on him when the white lie indirectly lands him in the slammer. Meanwhile, Jay and Gloria throw a birthday party for Manny and Joe but are worried that Manny might be hitting on girls who are way out of his league. And Mitch and Cam are having more problems with planning their wedding when they get a rude awakening in the cutthroat world of booking a wedding venue.
User ratings: 1,047
Average rating: 7.6
Under Pressure
The parents go to open house at school, Alex goes see a therapist, Manny and Luke have a double date with twins, and Mitchell doesn't feel like he's "green" enough after speaking to his neighbor.
User ratings: 1,312
Average rating: 8.5
Three Dinners
Phil and Claire take Hayley to dinner to discuss her future, Shorty tells Jay that he and his wife are moving to Costa Rica, and Mitchell and Cam unknowingly interrupt a couple's surprise engagement dinner.
User ratings: 1,127
Average rating: 8.2
Gloria is suspicious of Jay after he says "baby" in a dream, Phil and Claire spy on Haley, Luke and Manny, and Mitchell is reluctant to share some juicy gossip with Cameron.
User ratings: 1,081
Average rating: 8.1
The Feud
The feud between Phil and Gil Thorpe reaches a new level, a lice outbreak hits the family, Haley and Alex are trapped in the basement by a possum, and Manny and Gloria are embarrassed during a school field trip.
User ratings: 1,059
Average rating: 7.7
A returning teacher steals Cam's thunder at the school dance he organized, Mitchell discovers that his new boss is evil, Hayley goes with Phil to an awards show, and Jay and Gloria try to get Lily to confess.
User ratings: 1,042
Average rating: 7.8
Other People's Children
Gloria and Claire take Lily dress shopping, Jay teaches woodworking to Luke, Cameron tries to get out of a museum trip, and Phil helps Andy make a video for his girlfriend--which Hayley thinks is lame.
User ratings: 1,044
Average rating: 8.0
Las Vegas
On a trip to Las Vegas, Jay wheels and deals to get a better room, Claire tries to win back the money she lost last year, Phil tries to get into a magician's club, and Cameron chooses a bachelor party over a spa day with Mitchell.
User ratings: 2,343
Average rating: 9.2
A Hard Jay's Night
Jay's plans to host a family evening are derailed when Phil gets in trouble trying to sell Gloria's old apartment and Mitchell doesn't approve of the wedding topper Cameron's father made.
User ratings: 1,035
Average rating: 7.8
The family joins Phil in Australia as he fulfills his late mother's wishes to discover where his parents had their honeymoon.
User ratings: 1,148
Average rating: 8.1
Phil has to tell an elaborate lie to Claire when he messes up a household task. Gloria is put in charge of the family portrait, and Jay enters Stella in a dog show.
User ratings: 1,021
Average rating: 7.6
Message Received
Mitchell and Cameron have to sell a few prized possessions to afford their wedding. Phil and Claire are the victims of a practical joke pulled off by their kids. Jay, Gloria and Manny are each forced to confront a fear.
User ratings: 1,087
Average rating: 8.4
The Wedding, Part 1
Preparations for Mitchell and Cameron's wedding become a logistical nightmare, especially when a wildfire pushes the wedding time four hours ahead of schedule.
User ratings: 1,101
Average rating: 8.2
The Wedding, Part 2
A series of mishaps and unruly guests threaten to undermine Mitchell and Camerson's wedding.
User ratings: 1,296
Average rating: 8.6
The Long Honeymoon
Cameron isn't ready to conclude his honeymoon with Mitchell after their wedding. Gloria takes Jay to task over his appearance. The Dunphys must ready themselves for the return to school.
User ratings: 1,266
Average rating: 8.1
Don't Push
Phil, Luke, and Haley cause nothing but aggravation for Alex when they tag along on her tour of Caltech. Jay and Gloria have trouble finding the perfect gifts for their anniversary.
User ratings: 1,174
Average rating: 8.0
The Cold
The Dunphys are down with a cold, thanks to Phil. Jay and Gloria try to help Manny deal with playing football, and Cameron doesn't know how much playtime to give him. Mitchell debates with Lily's new friend, Sydney.
User ratings: 1,113
Average rating: 7.9
Marco Polo
Things become tense when the Dunphys temporarily move into a hotel, Gloria is suspicious of Manny's new girlfriend, and Mitchell discovers that he has jinxed Cameron's football team.
User ratings: 1,101
Average rating: 8.0
Won't You Be Our Neighbor
The Dunphys try to persuade the perfect couple to move in next door, Manny dates the daughter of Jay's biggest nemesis, and Mitchell and Cameron try to get Lily a new teacher.
User ratings: 1,095
Average rating: 8.0
Halloween 3: AwesomeLand
Phil takes over Halloween decorating duties from Claire. Jay is upset when he wants to dress up as Prince Charming but Gloria buys him a Shrek costume. Mitchell has a problem in court with the stenographer working in a scary costume.
User ratings: 1,082
Average rating: 7.7
Queer Eyes, Full Hearts
Haley and Andy start spending a lot of time together. Gloria wants Manny to learn Spanish at school instead of French, and a reporter takes more than a passing interest in Cameron and Mitchell's lives.
User ratings: 1,111
Average rating: 8.2
Three Turkeys
Phil and Luke take over Thanksgiving duties but Claire readies an emergency plan. Jay and Gloria get their holiday plans interrupted and regret not telling anyone. Cameron has to think of a way to get Lily to wear a dress for dinner.
User ratings: 1,206
Average rating: 8.4
Strangers in the Night
Jay and Gloria try to get out of parties they must attend. Mitchell's kind gesture to a co-worker backfires on him, and Phil and Claire think Alex is lying when she tells them she found a boyfriend.
User ratings: 1,052
Average rating: 7.7
Haley's 21st Birthday
Haley celebrates her 21st birthday, but will anything go wrong?
User ratings: 1,104
Average rating: 8.2
The Day We Almost Died
While driving out to get breakfast, the Dunphys including Manny have a near death experience causing everyone to reevaluate their lives. Claire resolves to be more fun and less uptight, Haley and Alex agree not to fight anymore, Manny refuses to ever ride in a car again, Luke wants to check off his bucket list, Phil decides to be a take action type of guy and the rest of the family has to bear the brunt of all the new attitudes.
User ratings: 1,258
Average rating: 8.3
The Big Guns
The Dunphys want their neighbors to move their boat out the driveway, Jay is determined to potty train his son while Manny learns the hard way he wasn't a special child, and Mitchell disapproves when Cam trains Lily to be Fizbo's sidekick.
User ratings: 1,062
Average rating: 7.8
Rash Decisions
When Phil thinks Luke is giving him the cold shoulder. Andy becomes Phil's new right-hand man. Meanwhile, Jay may have to give Stella away because Joe is allergic to her, and Mitchell savors being the popular guy in the office.
User ratings: 1,021
Average rating: 7.6
Valentine's Day 4: Twisted Sister
Claire has difficulty in accepting that Phil is more interested by her alter-ego Juliana. Gloria's sister tries to seduce Jay. Mitch and Cam have to get back a present for their friend Anders.
User ratings: 1,029
Average rating: 7.9
Fight or Flight
A single first-class upgrade comes between Phil and Claire, Sal abandons her baby during Mitchell and Cam's baby shower, Jay helps Manny confront a bully, and Alex and Haley help Luke break up with a girl via text message.
User ratings: 1,088
Average rating: 8.0
Connection Lost
Claire is stuck at an airport and trying to digitally track down Haley after an argument.
User ratings: 4,842
Average rating: 9.5
Closet? You'll Love It!
Jay and Claire scramble to shoot a commercial in response, but there might be some creative differences between father and daughter. A peeping-Tom in the neighborhood keeps using a drone to spy on Gloria.
User ratings: 1,075
Average rating: 7.9
Spring Break
Hayley gets Alex drunk at a concert, Phil becomes jealous of Luke's increasing abilities, Cam gets in trouble over a song at a talent show, and Mitchell and Jay try to go behind their spouses' backs.
User ratings: 1,020
Average rating: 7.5
Grill, Interrupted
Jay isn't impressed with Phil's birthday gift, Alex isn't excited about her acceptance to Cal Tech, Mitch and Cam get an inheritance, Andy sees Hayley for the first time since the hospital, and the boys sneak alcohol behind Gloria's back.
User ratings: 992
Average rating: 7.7
Knock 'Em Down
Jay agrees to sub on Cam's bowling team, not knowing it's an all-gay league. Phil and Claire finally bond with their neighbors over an offensive statue. Gloria and Mitchell agree to a night out with Haley to prove they're not too old.
User ratings: 1,025
Average rating: 8.2
Jay talks Phil into standing up to Claire, but freaks out when Phil turns the tables on him. Claire lobbies for Luke to win a school award. Mitch and Cam finally address a sensitive topic while babysitting for Joe.
User ratings: 953
Average rating: 7.9
Patriot Games
Alex is not satisfied when she is named co-valedictorian, and neither is her competitor. Gloria prepares to take her citizenship exam until she finds out the real reason Jay wants her to take it. Mitch and Cam consider joining a protest.
User ratings: 1,009
Average rating: 8.2
Crying Out Loud
Claire thinks about leaving her job with her father. Phil, Haley and Luke take Alex on her "senior ditch day". Mitch and Cam are worried that Lily doesn't show empathy. Gloria tries to drive a wedge between Manny and his girlfriend.
User ratings: 1,018
Average rating: 8.4
American Skyper
As Alex finally graduates from high school, Phil uses Skype because he stuck in Seattle. Mitchell loses his job and Claire has to find the perfect gift for Alex while Andy is caught between Haley and Beth.
User ratings: 1,395
Average rating: 8.9
Summer Lovin'
Haley loses out on Andy and gets back with Dylan. Alex and Sanjay plan their breakup for when they leave for school. Mitchell takes up art instead of finding a new job. Jay and Gloria try to get Joe in a good preschool.
User ratings: 1,103
Average rating: 7.9
The Day Alex Left for College
Haley drops Alex off at school, where they meet her intense new roommate. Phil asks Luke to help him show a house, but he'd rather be with his friends. And everybody else is looking for an excuse to get out of Lily's soccer game.
User ratings: 1,016
Average rating: 7.9
The Closet Case
Mitchell takes a job with his dad's rival. Luke and Manny visit Alex at college to meet a girl. Gloria is upset when a cheerleader doesn't decorate Manny's locker. Phil and Claire play chicken when Dylan moves into the house.
User ratings: 967
Average rating: 8.0
She Crazy
Phil builds a habitat for the duck eggs and convinces Lily to help him hatch them; Claire is anxious about telling Jay her ideas for closets; Gloria and Manny assist each other with their "crushes"; Cam bonds with frat guys.
User ratings: 959
Average rating: 7.8
The Verdict
Claire is excited to give Haley and Alex a great experience for "Bring Your Daughter to Work Day" but the staff is not making it easy, and Phil takes Luke and Manny's class out for community service day, which becomes a teachable moment in more ways than one. Elsewhere, Gloria is thrilled to be on jury duty leaving Jay to help out at Joe's pre-school and he is not happy about it at all. Cam and Mitch disagree over which of their friends to invite to their party, so could Gloria help mediate?
User ratings: 917
Average rating: 7.6
The More You Ignore Me
Luke is arrested, and Phil is surprised by Claire's reaction. Mitchell has a new job offer to ponder. Cameron helps Gloria uncover the secret recipe for her family's sauce. Jay is set to receive an award from the Chamber of Commerce.
User ratings: 855
Average rating: 7.6
Phil's Sexy, Sexy House
Haley sneaks into the fancy house Phil is selling for some alone time, but discovers that other people had the same idea. Meanwhile, Jay secretly plans a trip for the family, and Manny tries to use his brother Joe to impress a girl.
User ratings: 1,192
Average rating: 8.7
Clean Out Your Junk Drawer
Gloria pays for all three couples to have a Sunday afternoon group therapy session, but nobody else is taking it seriously. Meanwhile, Haley and Alex discuss whether they should dump their boyfriends.
User ratings: 1,003
Average rating: 7.9
White Christmas
Gloria makes plans for the family to have a "White Christmas," but the weather does not cooperate. Jay makes a decision about the future of his business. Alex makes a new friend. Haley and Andy continue to fool around in secret.
User ratings: 999
Average rating: 8.4
The Dunphy kids make a last-minute birthday surprise for Mitchell, and run into Ray Liotta. Jay is uncomfortable with the father of Joe's new play date. Claire asks Phil to not pick up the bill at lunch. Cam helps Lily with a new crush.
User ratings: 886
Average rating: 7.7
Spread Your Wings
While Phil visits a lonely Alex at CalTech, Claire tries to get rid of the ducks. Gloria and Cam have to steal some peppers to fill their sauce recipe. Jay helps Mitchell with Lily's sleepover.
User ratings: 915
Average rating: 8.1
Clean for a Day
Claire's efforts at cleaning house brings resistance from her family and a bittersweet memory for Alex. While Jay sneaks off for flying lessons with Cameron, Mitchell tries to help Gloria learn how to play golf.
User ratings: 832
Average rating: 7.6
Thunk in the Trunk
Claire's new position means Phil feels like a housewife. Gloria's provocative sauce ad gets Jay jealous. Mitch and Cam rent the apartment above their own, but end up spying on their guests
User ratings: 848
Average rating: 7.8
The Storm
During an electrical storm, Phil tries too hard to prove that he's useful, Jay desperately tries to make an appointment at a bar, Manny has an embarrassing moment with Claire, and Mitch and Cam try to save Lily's failing birthday party.
User ratings: 938
Average rating: 8.2
I Don't Know How She Does It
Claire doesn't tell Phil that she's using an assistant to do all her family chores. Jay, Gloria and Manny each try to keep an embarrassing secret from each other. Mitch and Cam try to find out why they've been blacklisted at gay weddings.
User ratings: 807
Average rating: 7.7
The Cover-Up
Phil hides a secret about his new client from Claire, but Claire has her own secret about her yoga instructor. Jay needs help to find the identity of an online troll. Cam has an accident while forcing Lily to learn how to ride a bike.
User ratings: 844
Average rating: 8.2
Express Yourself
Phil talks Claire into a last-minute trip to Paris, and Andy has a wild night out in Las Vegas with Haley. Jay's bathroom remodeling project frustrates Gloria, and Mitchell can't sleep when Cameron's sister comes to visit.
User ratings: 803
Average rating: 7.8
The Party
Claire's night out with Gloria and Phil's night out with Mitchell are cut short when the smoke alarm goes off and Claire and Phil suspect that Luke and Manny are having a party. Jay and Cameron get competitive with two guys at a sports bar.
User ratings: 1,059
Average rating: 8.7
Man Shouldn't Lie
Claire takes in a stray dog and tries to hide it from Phil. Gloria persuades a reluctant Jay to make a new friend. Mitchell tries to persuade the drummer in a Christian rock band he suspects of being gay to come out of the closet.
User ratings: 809
Average rating: 7.8
Mitchell helps Luke out with his "promprosal," sparking Cam's jealousy. Claire discovers that there is a mole for Jay in the company. Phil and Gloria confront a competitor who stole Gloria's sauce recipe.
User ratings: 773
Average rating: 7.6
Crazy Train
The family travels by train to Dede's wedding. Phil and Cam help a mystery writer with his book, Jay's comment puts the wedding in jeopardy, Claire helps Mitch write the toast, and Luke and Alex meet possible romantic interests.
User ratings: 828
Average rating: 8.1
Double Click
Jay struggles as he returns to the job, and Claire is in a no-win situation having to fire an employee. Mitchell and Cam fight over who keeps Lily for the summer. Meanwhile, Phil and the kids struggle with relationships and change.
User ratings: 856
Average rating: 8.3
A Tale of Three Cities
The three families will be in three different locations: the Dunphys will be in New York, Jay and Gloria will attend a wedding in Mexico, and Mitchell and Cameron will attend a funeral in Missouri.
User ratings: 934
Average rating: 8.1
A Stereotypical Day
Jay wants to make a good impression on a family moving in across the street; Manny tries to attract a radical thinker; the Pritchett family uses Alex's bout of mono to their advantage; Cam and Mitchell try to teach a message of acceptance.
User ratings: 792
Average rating: 7.7
The Dunphys and Pritchetts are competing when Luke decided his best shot at getting into college is to win the senior class president election against Manny. The election seems much more important to Jay, Gloria, and Claire, though. Now that Haley has started her own promotion business, Phil introduces her to Merv Schechter, a marketing guru. When Cam finds out his star football player is moving, he does everything in his power to keep him, which means a crowded situation at home.
User ratings: 757
Average rating: 7.5
Weathering Heights
Phil is excited when he's invited to appear in a real estate segment for the local news; Phil meets his weatherman hero, Rainer Shine; Jay tries to improve Manny's video interview for a college application.
User ratings: 739
Average rating: 7.7
Halloween 4: The Revenge of Rod Skyhook
The Dunphy's try to kick start Luke's Halloween party; Cam confronts his Halloween nemesis; Jay plans to go to a party at an old enemy's home to deliver an unforgettable trick.
User ratings: 752
Average rating: 7.7
Grab It
Phil considers becoming a member at Jay's favorite refuge; Claire is mistaken about her influence on Alex's choices; Cam holds back on telling Mitchell what his play is really about.
User ratings: 706
Average rating: 7.3
Thanksgiving Jamboree
Cameron spares no expense for his Thanksgiving jamboree; Hayley tells Phil she'd rather spend the holiday with her new boyfriend; Jay works to keep his blood pressure down; Alex and Dwight get closer.
User ratings: 738
Average rating: 7.4
The Alliance
Hayley's day with Rainer Shine's daughter doesn't go as expected; Luke unintentionally helps Jay with his petition; Gloria, Phil and Cam have a secret meeting.
User ratings: 937
Average rating: 8.4
Snow Ball
Manny and Luke's efforts to put on the school's winter dance get complicated due to a texting error; Gloria, Claire, Mitchell and Cam volunteer at the dance while Jay tries to get out of it by pretending he wants to spend time with Phil.
User ratings: 698
Average rating: 7.3
Ringmaster Keifth
Cam wants to throw a New Year's Day feast for the family. Phil's father arrives with his new girlfriend, who happens to be Phil's childhood babysitter. Gloria and Jay must decide who will look after little Joe if something should happen to them.
User ratings: 712
Average rating: 7.4
Sarge & Pea
Cam goes to the extremes to confront a parent who robbed him of a precious Lily moment during her dance recital.
User ratings: 686
Average rating: 7.3
Do You Believe in Magic
Phil calls upon his alter ego to inject some sizzle back into his marriage; Jay shows favoritism in his parenting; Haley and Sal try to stand up to men in their lives.
User ratings: 701
Average rating: 7.9
Do It Yourself
Phil talks Jay into investing in a property he has long wanted to develop; Claire's culinary ventures aren't as successful as she thinks; Cam and Mitchell try to teach Lily the value of hard work.
User ratings: 633
Average rating: 7.3
Heavy Is the Head
Phil and Jay get an offer to sell a land investment for a 20 percent profit but turn it down. Cam is petrified to have an MRI so Mitchell tries to ease his fear. Gloria arranges a birthday surprise at Claire's work at an inconvenient time.
User ratings: 615
Average rating: 7.2
Finding Fizbo
After seeing an online video of his Fizbo costume being desecrated, Cam sets out to restore the character's good name; Phil meets his soon-to-be stepbrother; Manny enlists Gloria, Claire and Haley to do a read-through of his newest play.
User ratings: 637
Average rating: 6.8
NBA stars Charles Barkley and DeAndre Jordan attend the charity basketball game Phil is playing in; Gloria's nemesis tries to shame her for lack of support at Manny's school; Claire tries to keep a work mistake secret from Jay.
User ratings: 632
Average rating: 7.2
Pig Moon Rising
Mitchell accidentally knocks over an urn containing the ashes of Cam's beloved pet pig, Lilly; Cam tries to catch Mitchell in a lie.
User ratings: 651
Average rating: 7.6
Five Minutes
Mitch and Cam fight the effects of sleeping pills while rushing to catch a flight; Haley and Rainer re-evaluate their relationship; Phil and Claire meet Alex's new boyfriend when they pay her a surprise visit.
User ratings: 816
Average rating: 7.5
Frank's Wedding
Phil gets the Dunphy clan to show up in costume for Frank's Roaring '20s-themed wedding; Jay masters the art of saying no; Cam stands up to his sister, Pam.
User ratings: 643
Average rating: 7.4
All Things Being Equal
Gloria, Claire, Haley, Alex, Lily, Luke and Manny show support for gender equality and the women's movement in their own ways; Jay and Phil butt heads over their parking attendant; Cam feels jealous when Pam prefers Mitchell's help with the baby.
User ratings: 897
Average rating: 5.9
Alone Time
Mitch and Jay end up at the same resort when they separately seek out a retreat from the family; Phil and Claire struggle to enjoy empty-nester life; not knowing what to do with himself while Mitch is away, Cam drops in on Gloria.
User ratings: 647
Average rating: 7.7
The Graduates
Jay picks up the pieces after Manny's father takes him out to celebrate graduation; the family prepares for Luke and Manny's big day.
User ratings: 648
Average rating: 7.8
Lake Life
Jay takes the family on a lake house in efforts to make memories.
User ratings: 842
Average rating: 7.8
The Long Goodbye
Manny leaves for college and it's hard to say goodbye to his family. Haley starts working for Luke at the club and Phil and Claire visit Alex at college. Cam and Mitchell have problems with their kitchen.
User ratings: 646
Average rating: 7.3
Catch of the Day
Phil is superstitious and thinks he's in for a day of bad luck. Mitch thinks Cam is undermining on the kitchen renovation. Can Gloria admit she had an accident?
User ratings: 595
Average rating: 7.4
Sex, Lies & Kickball
Jay's best friend visits from Costa Rica but spends more time with Gloria. Alex wants to prove to Claire that her relationship with Ben is sexual.
User ratings: 609
Average rating: 7.0
It's the Great Pumpkin, Phil Dunphy
Phil and Claire try to prove to their kids that Halloween is for adults. Mitch confronts Jay on the time it takes to renovate their kitchen. Cam oversteps as a house guest.
User ratings: 568
Average rating: 7.3
Ten Years Later
Claire and Mitchell try to make up for less than enthusiastic support of Jay marrying Gloria 10 years ago by organizing an anniversary party for them. Phil discovers that he failed to become a magician decades earlier due to a betrayal.
User ratings: 569
Average rating: 7.3
Winner Winner Turkey Dinner
Everyone is celebrating their triumph on the thanksgiving while the truth is that all of them cheated.
User ratings: 570
Average rating: 7.6
Brushes with Celebrity
Each member of the family reminisce about run-ins with celebrities.
User ratings: 597
Average rating: 7.4
Tough Love
Phil and Claire go out of their comfort zone when he goes on a survival camping trip and she has to drive a big rig. Gloria is upset over Manny dating his female professor. A student in Cameron's detention class is an undercover cop.
User ratings: 517
Average rating: 7.3
No Small Feet
When Claire lands a big opportunity for Pritchett's Closets, Jay expects a little validation for his contribution and takes over her celebration when he doesn't get one. Pam's charming but grifting ex-boyfriend Bo (James Van Der Beek) shows up to win his family back and Mitchell sees this as the perfect opportunity to get Pam out of the house. Meanwhile, Luke and Alex stumble upon a successful online business (online store for feet fetishists) that finally gets them on their feet. Finally, Phil has to make a sale to pay the bills but his new age client comes to believe that the house he's about to sell is haunted. Phil brings in Gloria to prove her wrong, but his plan backfires.
User ratings: 523
Average rating: 7.2
He Said, She Shed
Jay teaches Joe how to play golf but he and Gloria both push him into becoming too competitive. Mitch and Cam host a party for Lily and her friends. Claire thinks that the Homeowners Association turned her application to build a shed on her own property.
User ratings: 512
Average rating: 7.1
Dear Beloved Family
Phil is sick and wants Claire to find his surgery bear. Jay and Gloria are having issues over explaining Joe about "the death" scenario whilst Cam is furious at Mitchell as he has a crush on someone.
User ratings: 521
Average rating: 7.4
In Your Head
When Luke goes missing after a night out in a sketchy neighborhood, Manny, Phil and Gloria team up to track him down. Meanwhile, Haley is desperate to land an interview with the creator of a popular lifestyle website and interrupts Alex during one of her college classes. Alex's professor, Arvin Fennerman (Chris Geere), then proceeds to try and give Haley a piece of his mind.
User ratings: 572
Average rating: 7.3
Written in the Stars
When Jay overhears Gloria talking about spanking, he thinks she's bored in the bedroom. After Mitchell gets a great new job, he and Cam throw a party to rub it in Cam's friends face.
User ratings: 531
Average rating: 7.4
Spanks for the Memories
When Jay overhears Gloria talking about spanking, he thinks she's bored in the bedroom. After Mitchell gets a great new job, he and Cam throw a party to rub it in Cam's friends face.
User ratings: 508
Average rating: 6.8
Wine Weekend
The family go wine tasting and stay in Hayley's boss's country house which has one important rule, don't touch the tiara. Meanwhile, Gloria and Mitch are invited to a party at Oprah's house but can't bring anyone else.
User ratings: 537
Average rating: 7.4
Royal Visit
Haley's brilliant astrophysicist boyfriend and Alex's simple but heroic fireman hunk meet the family. Jay and Gloria meet Joe's pal's perfect parents. On couples retreat, anechoic chamber traumatizes Mitch and Cam meets his baseball idol.
User ratings: 493
Average rating: 7.3
Daddy Issues
When Jorge, Gloria's ex-boyfriend, stops by for a visit, his resemblance to Manny makes Jay question Manny's paternity. Phil agonizes over the perfect gift for Claire for the anniversary. Cam and Mitch deal with Lily's women's troubles.
User ratings: 558
Average rating: 8.1
CHiPs and Salsa
When Haley hears that her loopy boss is looking for a product with the magical properties of peppers, she tries to gain favor by convincing Gloria to sell her salsa to NERP; Mitchell gets Cam the police ride-along he's always dreamed of.
User ratings: 480
Average rating: 6.9
When DeDe arrives for a surprise visit, Mitchel and Cam come to an understanding regarding her influence on their lives. Phil, Luke, Alex and Haley have bad news for Clair and compete for the right timing to tell her.
User ratings: 488
Average rating: 7.4
The Escape
Haley meets Arvin's parents but when things don't go as planned, fate leads to an unexpected reunion with all of her ex-boyfriends. Meanwhile, the family seizes on a nursing home visit with Jay's mean sister, Becky, to settle old scores. But as Jay, Claire and Mitchell compete for her time, Phil, Cam and Gloria end up getting trapped in the home's basement with no way out.
User ratings: 472
Average rating: 7.5
Clash of Swords
In the Season 9 finale, Mitchell sneaks out to "Hero-Con" with fanboy Phil, dressed as their favorite characters from the show "Clash of Swords." It's great until Phil commits the ultimate fan faux pas. In a clash of another kind, Gloria's dinosaur party for Joe is ruined when her nemesis, Dr. Donna Duncan, upstages her with a far bigger and better party right next door.
User ratings: 501
Average rating: 6.5
I Love a Parade
The Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan are going to be setting off more than a few fireworks when they get together at the annual Fourth of July parade where Jay will be acting as the grand marshal. Meanwhile, Haley's goodbye with Arvin before his trip to Switzerland doesn't go as well as she pictured it and is distracted by the return of an old flame.
User ratings: 551
Average rating: 6.7
Kiss and Tell
Haley needs a little help deciding whether or not to tell Arvin about her kiss with Dylan and goes to Mitch and Cam for their advice. Meanwhile, Gloria suspects Manny's Canadian girlfriend is made up and wants to find out the real truth.
User ratings: 523
Average rating: 8.1
A Sketchy Area
Phil stumbles into an exciting new career after dropping by Luke's college; while Claire deals with her dad, Jay, and the merger of Pritchett's Closets with a tech-savvy, hipper company. Meanwhile, Mitch's new high-profile case as an assistant district attorney is marred by an unflattering courtroom sketch by the resident artist.
User ratings: 469
Average rating: 7.3
Torn Between Two Lovers
Haley can't seem to choose between her past and present relationships and is forced to make a decision. Meanwhile, Manny returns to college and dorm life while his girlfriend, Sherry, continues to stay at Jay and Gloria's, and might be overstaying her welcome.
User ratings: 457
Average rating: 7.4
Good Grief
It's an epic Halloween full of costumes, tricks and treats for the Dunphy-Pritchett-Tucker clan as they deal with huge, unexpected news.
User ratings: 474
Average rating: 7.4
On the Same Paige
Phil learns that his real estate class will be cancelled if any additional students drop it. So, he turns on his powers of charm and flattery to keep one particular student, Paige, from leaving while Luke asks her out by inviting her over to dinner. Meanwhile, Jay may unknowingly be flirting with the mother of Joe's classmate and tries to set boundaries
User ratings: 413
Average rating: 7.6
Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
Alex has an interview for a job and Luke helps her vanquish her fears. Phil believes that he was a Russian Spy in High School. Haley learns unexpected news while Cameron adopts a chicken. Jay and Gloria disagree over Joe's education.
User ratings: 349
Average rating: 7.5
Kids These Days
Haley needs motherly advice from Claire as she considers her future with Dylan and her career; Jay and Cam's less than politically correct coaching style earns them a class on sensitivity; Mitch runs into Phil's nemesis at an unlikely place.
User ratings: 332
Average rating: 7.4
Putting Down Roots
When Dede's husband comes to town to bequeath her possessions to the family, Jay and Gloria feel sorry for him and invite him to stay with them while he is in town.
User ratings: 338
Average rating: 7.7
Stuck in a Moment
Haley works to figure out the best time to give the family a Christmas gift they will never forget; Phil borrows the family Christmas tree for a house-showing; Jay, Gloria and Joe deal with unwelcome holiday visitors.
User ratings: 330
Average rating: 7.5
A Moving Day
Claire and Phil aren't convinced that Haley and Dylan can make it on their own as they move them into their new apartment before the baby arrives; Pameron gets out of prison early and has a bone to pick with Mitchell.
User ratings: 308
Average rating: 7.1
Blasts from the Past
Phil and Claire postpone their planned cycling tour through Italy when Dylan's hippy mother comes to meet them; Mitch's old issue of Playgirl magazine makes Cam jealous; Gloria and Manny investigate the legend of Jay's heroic great uncle.
User ratings: 298
Average rating: 6.8
Cam must contend with a bully at the school; Jay has technical trouble during a video conference; the local mall holds a photo shoot for its new ad campaign, and Gloria tricks Phil and Joe into participating.
User ratings: 290
Average rating: 6.9
We Need to Talk About Lily
Phil thinks he found Pepper his dream home; in an attempt to connect with Lily, Mitch and Cam get invited to an exclusive event for her favorite vlogger.
User ratings: 288
Average rating: 7.4
Jay hosts a Super Bowl party at the same time as Claire hosts a baby shower for Haley, both at Jay's house.
User ratings: 266
Average rating: 7.1
Red Alert
Lily reaches a womanly milestone that Cam and Mitch are not prepared for at all, so they call in reinforcements.
User ratings: 263
Average rating: 6.8
The Wild
Mitch, Cam and Phil crash Jay's annual hiking trip to find an elusive bald eagle after Gloria asks them to keep an eye on him; Gloria, Alex, Claire and Haley get together to plan her baby shower.
User ratings: 256
Average rating: 7.1
Stand by Your Man
Dylan and Luke are really impressed with Bill's tales of heroism and survival as a firefighter, which make Phil feel emasculated.
User ratings: 222
Average rating: 7.3
In an effort to be less negative, Claire inadvertently approves of Luke's new relationship with someone from his work; Phil tries to surprise Alex at school right before she receives an award she didn't tell him about.
User ratings: 195
Average rating: 7.5
Can't Elope
Haley and Dylan's plan to quietly elope before the babies are born doesn't go as smoothly as they had hoped; Jay continues to try and get his new business off the ground by courting an Instagram celebrity.
User ratings: 149
Average rating: 8.1
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