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Mr. Bean

Seasons: 1
Episodes: 15
User ratings: 86,249
Average rating: 8.5

Comedy, Family

Life is a difficult challenge for Mr Bean, who despite being a grown adult, has trouble completing even the simplest of tasks. Thankfully, his perseverance is usually rewarded, and he finds an ingenious way around the problem.

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Season 1


Episodes details table

Mr. Bean
Story 1: Mr Bean sits an exam and is blissfully happy until, too late, he realizes that he has studied the wrong maths equations. Story 2: Mr Bean tries to change into his swimming trunks at the beach without anyone seeing his bits. Story 3: Mr Bean tries to stifle a sneeze in church.
User ratings: 1,219
Average rating: 9.0
The Return of Mr. Bean
Mr. Bean goes to a department store and buys various items. Afterwards, he goes to a fancy restaurant where he tries to dispose his awful-tasting meal. Finally, Bean goes to a Royal greeting and gets into mischief.
User ratings: 1,031
Average rating: 8.8
The Curse of Mr. Bean
Mr. Bean goes to a swimming pool, where he finds himself scared to death on the high diving board. When he's done, he tries several different ways to get his car out of the parking garage when he doesn't have enough money to do it the normal way. After that, he sits on a park bench and uses an unusual method of making himself a sandwich. Finally, he goes to a movie theater and tries to survive a terrifying horror with his girlfriend.
User ratings: 1,014
Average rating: 8.9
Mr. Bean Goes to Town
Mr Bean purchases a new TV, only to experience a spot of reception trouble. He then takes a stroll in the park to try out his new camera, which is promptly stolen. This leads to an identity parade, where Bean does his best to discover the identity of the camera thief. Later, Bean's night on the town spells disaster for a stage magician. Lastly, Mr Bean shows of his dancing skills at Club Phut.
User ratings: 922
Average rating: 8.5
The Trouble with Mr. Bean
Mr Bean, late for his dental appointment, tries to get dressed and clean his teeth whilst on the way. After arriving just in time for the appointment, he ends up administering an anesthetic to the hapless dentist. After visiting the dentist, Bean has a picnic in the park, where he tangles with a pesky fly and a remote-control toy boat.
User ratings: 939
Average rating: 8.7
Mr. Bean Rides Again
At the bus stop, Mr Bean tries his best to revive a heart attack victim before using an ambulance to jump-start his own mini-car. Later, when posting a letter, he loses his only stamp, but that doesn't stop him from sending his letter on its way. Whilst preparing for his holiday, Mr Bean demonstrates a novel (if not entirely efficient) method of packing, then disposes of a bothersome train passenger, and tries to entertain an airsick boy during a plane flight.
User ratings: 884
Average rating: 8.6
Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean
While Christmas shopping, Mr Bean purchases a bulky string of tree lights before making a shambles of a department store toy section. He later manages to acquire a free turkey and Christmas tree, and attempts to conduct a Salvation Army band. Finally, during Christmas dinner, Bean has quite a surprise in store for his long-suffering girlfriend.
User ratings: 1,557
Average rating: 9.0
Mr. Bean in Room 426
Mr. Bean goes to a hotel where he causes trouble and seeks competition in his hotel neighbor. After he eats some spoiled oysters, he wakes up at night from some loud noise and ends up being locked out of his room.
User ratings: 910
Average rating: 8.7
Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean
Mr. Bean runs around frantically preparing his New Year's Eve party but when his only guests, Rupert and Hubert - apparently conservative colleagues- arrive his supplies prove desperate inadequate; party hats made from newspaper they can grin, but 'wine' home-made from vinegar with sugar and twigs to nibble in stead of delicacies make them advance his clock so they can leave 'tired, at midnight', but actually join a party next door. Better prepared is his operation New Year's sale, his dummy got him first in line so he can soon load his car with a brand new armchair and various tools and appliances to redecorate his room, but the ride home in his more then full mini turns out a daring adventure. Having installed the chair he moves the other furniture around, leading him to the impulsive plan to moving his serving hatch - his way, 'planning' while he causes havoc. Then he paints his room white, so he covers everything in newspaper -including the loose door knob!- and uses a firecracker to blow up a paint can which catches a surprised 'paling' visitor ...
User ratings: 928
Average rating: 8.9
Mind the Baby, Mr. Bean
Mr. Bean spends a rather unusual day at a Funfair attraction with a rather unusual baby which he accidentally found. Mr. Bean tries to find ways to keep the baby occupied while he goes on his rides. In the end, the baby is returned to its mother and Mr. Bean calls it a day.
User ratings: 853
Average rating: 8.5
Back to School Mr. Bean
Mr. Bean goes back to school for an orientation day while he sees the different projects and activities in which he gets into mischief.
User ratings: 857
Average rating: 8.6
Tee Off, Mr. Bean
Mr. Bean goes to a laundromat where he washes his clothes and other various items and ends up causing trouble with the other people and their laundry. Afterwards, he heads off to a mini golf course where he plays but ends up following the ball everywhere it goes and continues to play even when it's not on the course.
User ratings: 829
Average rating: 8.5
Goodnight Mr. Bean
Mr. Bean goes to the hospital to have a tea kettle removed from his hand, and while trying to get in faster ends up with him getting in much later. Afterwards, he decorates a British guard so that he can take a picture. After he has insomnia, Mr. Bean finally finds the solution and falls asleep.
User ratings: 837
Average rating: 8.7
Hair by Mr. Bean of London
When Mr. Bean has to wait a few minutes for the hairdresser who's called away by the telephone, he starts playing barber, so three consecutive costumers have their hair done by him, but his inverse Midastouch strikes again: woe their hair and the real hairdresser they complain to! Next he goes to a pet show, starting of by cheating at a dexterity game by unplugging the fault-detection and next deciding to play 'hit the headmaster' not just with the provided wet sponges, but wit anything not too heavy for him to lift; then he enters his teddy-bear for the obedience test (meant for kids' dogs). In the train station he stops at nothing to get on without a ticket, and succeeds as a crawling sack of post - but on which train is he carried?
User ratings: 808
Average rating: 8.6
The Best Bits of Mr. Bean
Mr. Bean and Teddy venture into the attic to look for an umbrella and uncover items from past experiences, like the time Mr. Bean had to dress himself on the way to the dentist, or the time he fell asleep in church or when the Christmas turkey wound up on his head and even the time a tank crushed his Mini.
User ratings: 982
Average rating: 8.3
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