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My Name Is Earl

Seasons: 4
Episodes: 96
User ratings: 90,647
Average rating: 7.8


A ne'er do well wins $100,000 in the lottery and decides to right all the wrongs from his past with his newfound realization.

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Earl wins the lottery, but loses the ticket. He discovers that it could be because he has bad karma. So he makes a list and begins fixing the bad things he has done. And once he begins working on his list, the ticket finds its way back to him.
User ratings: 772
Average rating: 8.5
Quit Smoking
Earl decides that the next thing he needs to make right is to quit smoking. However, Randy and Catalina are of the opinion that Earl needs to face his fear of Donny Jones, even if it kills him. Coincidentally, Joy is planning to kill Earl in order to inherit his money.
User ratings: 586
Average rating: 8.1
Randy's Touchdown
To cross yet another injustice off his list, Earl vows to get his brother Randy the football touchdown denied to him in high school.
User ratings: 533
Average rating: 8.1
Faked My Own Death
Earl once faked his own death to get out of a relationship. Now he wants to come clean and tell the girl about his deceit.
User ratings: 556
Average rating: 8.2
Teacher Earl
Earl wants to make up for making fun of people with an accent by teaching English to immigrants.
User ratings: 540
Average rating: 8.1
Broke Joy's Fancy Figurine
Earl wants to make up for breaking Joy's fancy figurine by replacing it. However, it can't be bought because it's a prize in mother and daughter beauty contest.
User ratings: 542
Average rating: 7.9
Stole Beer from a Golfer
Earl's efforts to undo all of the damage he did to one man's life upsets Randy, who desperately wants to go to the county fair.
User ratings: 535
Average rating: 8.1
Joy's Wedding
Earl talks Joy into letting him set up a new wedding with Darnell after ruining their last one, but he only makes things worse by sleeping with her before the wedding.
User ratings: 529
Average rating: 8.4
Cost Dad the Election
Earl convinces his dad to run for mayor again and tries to help, so that he can make up for ruining his last election.
User ratings: 496
Average rating: 7.8
White Lie Christmas
Joy convinces Earl to pretend that they're still married while her parents visit for Christmas. But Earl discovers that Joy's mom is hiding an even bigger lie.
User ratings: 495
Average rating: 8.0
Barn Burner
Earl has to make up for burning down a barn at a boys' camp when he was a kid. But he later finds out that he's not the one who burned the barn down.
User ratings: 480
Average rating: 7.7
O Karma, Where Art Thou?
Earl works as a fast food clerk for a week for a man he stole a wallet from. While he's there, he discovers that his new boss seems to be immune from bad karma--he's a total jerk but lives a charmed life.
User ratings: 498
Average rating: 8.2
Stole P's HD Cart
Earl returns a hot dog cart which he once stole to its rightful owner. However, his buddy Ralph manages to set it on fire, forcing Earl and his 'gang' to break into the town hall to make things right.
User ratings: 470
Average rating: 8.1
Monkeys in Space
Earl struggles to give his recently incarcerated friend the perfect day in order to cross him off his list; Meanwhile, Randy tries to find his purpose in life.
User ratings: 452
Average rating: 7.9
Something to Live For
Earl takes his car troubles as a sign that it is time for him to redeem himself for a long run of stealing gas out of a complete stranger's car.
User ratings: 461
Average rating: 7.9
The Professor
Earl neglects the list while he hangs out with a sexy psychology professor who is fascinated with concept of karma. But as a result of blowing off his list, karma catches back up with him.
User ratings: 489
Average rating: 8.4
Didn't Pay Taxes
Earl tries to make up for not paying taxes his whole life. Unfortunately, the Government is not interested in his money, so he has to figure out another way to pay the money back.
User ratings: 453
Average rating: 7.8
Dad's Car
Earl tries to make up for losing his dad's Mustang in a drag race when he was a kid.
User ratings: 488
Average rating: 8.3
When Earl tries to return a take-a-number machine to a department store, it triggers back memories of when the gang moved into the department store on 1/1/2000--thinking that they were the only people alive in town after Y2K.
User ratings: 514
Average rating: 8.4
When Earl decides to cross off "made a kid scared of the boogeyman" from his list, he discovers just what kind of lasting affect he had on the little boy.
User ratings: 441
Average rating: 7.7
The Bounty Hunter
The girl Earl dumped for Joy years earlier has become a bounty hunter and tries to track Joy down. Earl feels responsible for the mess, until Joy tells him how they really hooked up.
User ratings: 490
Average rating: 8.2
Stole a Badge
Earl must return a police badge he once found and used for his own benefit, to the officer who lost it.
User ratings: 438
Average rating: 8.1
Earl finds out that by accidentally shooting a young girl with a BB gun, he has caused an argument between her and her father. It will take all his energy and patience to get father and daughter to reconcile again.
User ratings: 426
Average rating: 7.7
Number One
Earl finds out that a guy he stole money from was going to use the money to buy the winning lottery ticket. So he returns to money to him, which makes Randy very angry.
User ratings: 479
Average rating: 8.5
Very Bad Things
Earl helps Joy try to get rid of a stolen delivery truck, which becomes harder when they discover that someone is still in the back of the truck.
User ratings: 427
Average rating: 7.8
Jump for Joy
Earl and Randy ask Catalina to return to her old job at the strip club, but they don't tell her that they need her to do it so that the club's owner will pay for Joy's bail.
User ratings: 431
Average rating: 8.0
Sticks & Stones
Earl makes up for teasing a mustached girl in school, and it forces him to confront his fear of taking his shirt off in public.
User ratings: 440
Average rating: 7.9
Larceny of a Kitty Cat
Randy has a crush on the next woman on Earl's list, so he pretends to be a cat lover. But based on Randy's past experiences as a poser, Earl knows that this one will end badly.
User ratings: 404
Average rating: 7.8
Van Hickey
Earl has to get his old band back together to take care of an elderly man on his list. But it only brings out a nasty secret which ultimately forces Earl to marry Ralph's mom.
User ratings: 430
Average rating: 7.9
Made a Lady Think I Was God
Earl wants to make amends to an angry, bitter trailer park manager for playing a trick on her. But the trick caused her to change her life for the better, and the apology makes her even angrier than she ever was.
User ratings: 394
Average rating: 7.9
Earl promises to help a man from the trailer park win the girl of his dreams, but he falls for her instead. And Joy gets mad at Darnell when she learns that he's in the Witness Protection Program.
User ratings: 390
Average rating: 7.9
Robbed a Stoner Blind
Earl makes up for stealing an air conditioner from a stoner and winds up living on a commune for a week. The experience makes him environmentally conscious, which only frustrates him even more.
User ratings: 430
Average rating: 8.3
Born a Gamblin Man
Earl tries to make Kenny more masculine at his request, but he just winds up getting them addicted to gambling. His addiction causes Catalina to be deported, right before Randy was going to declare his love for her.
User ratings: 393
Average rating: 7.8
South of the Border: Part Uno
Earl and Randy go to Mexico to bring Catalina back and hopefully give Randy a chance to win her heart, but Earl's fear of flying causes unforeseen problems.
User ratings: 422
Average rating: 8.2
South of the Border: Part Dos
Earl inadvertently agrees to marry Catalina so that she can return to the U.S., which breaks Randy's heart.
User ratings: 398
Average rating: 8.3
Our 'Cops' Is On!
The gang fondly watches an episode of "Cops" in which they were featured.
User ratings: 670
Average rating: 8.9
Buried Treasure
Earl tries to return a set of precious silverware he stole from the public library. But when he discovers that it's gone, Randy, Joy and Crabman each reveal their own secrets about the whereabouts.
User ratings: 415
Average rating: 8.4
Kept a Guy Locked in a Truck
A guilty conscience forces Earl to have a funeral for the guy he and Joy found in the truck Joy stole. Unfortunately, however, he can't seem to find anyone who knew him.
User ratings: 393
Average rating: 7.7
Foreign Exchange Student
While Earl tries to help a former French foreign exchange student on his list, Randy finally declares his true love for Catalina. Catalina says she loves him too, but she really doesn't--she just doesn't want to hurt his feelings.
User ratings: 365
Average rating: 7.5
Earl tries to correct a past wrong he did to Joy's half-sister, who is trying to become a professional wrestler and can't overcome her life-long hatred of Joy.
User ratings: 367
Average rating: 7.6
The Birthday Party
Earl tries to celebrate his good deeds at his birthday party, but his friends' reactions only makes him realize that he still has a long way to go to on his list.
User ratings: 387
Average rating: 7.8
Guess Who's Coming Out of Joy
We flashback to around the time when Earl Jr. was born, and as we do this, we witness Earl's first reactions to his second-born illegitimate child.
User ratings: 344
Average rating: 7.7
Harassed a Reporter
Earl and Randy work to cross #29 off of the "Harrassed a Reporter" list; meanwhile, Randy embraces the true power of karma and the media as a way to get out of his brother's shadow.
User ratings: 349
Average rating: 7.9
Two Balls, Two Strikes
Richard Chubby dies, bringing Little Chubby to town to take over the family business. Meanwhile, when Earl tries to cross an item off his list, he learns the true meaning of sacrifice.
User ratings: 389
Average rating: 8.0
Earl gets a taste of what it's like to teach juvenile delinquents when he asks his old high school teachers to help him get his G.E.D..
User ratings: 367
Average rating: 7.9
Get a Real Job
Earl and Randy get jobs in the shipping department at an appliance store. But Earl really wants to work in the front as a salesman, which gets him in hot water with both his fellow shipping workers and the salesmen.
User ratings: 408
Average rating: 8.2
The Trial
Earl is a character witness for Joy's trial, but he soon learns that the only way Joy will get out of a conviction and her third strike is to falsely confess to the crime himself.
User ratings: 467
Average rating: 8.7
My Name Is Inmate #28301-016: Part 1
Earl begins to serve his prison sentence. While he's there, he runs into Sonny, who teaches Earl the best way to go unnoticed. Meanwhile, Joy and Darnell are forced to take care of Randy while Earl is gone.
User ratings: 438
Average rating: 8.2
My Name Is Inmate #28301-016: Part 2
Earl begins his prison sentence. Meanwhile, Joy tries to repay Earl by taking care of Randy, who is struggling to adjust, and a prison bully is looking for Earl.
User ratings: 315
Average rating: 8.1
The Gangs of Camden County
The warden offers Earl a month off his sentence if he can negotiate a truce between the African-American gang and the Latino gang. But during the negotiations, he learns that the the two leaders are actually in love.
User ratings: 387
Average rating: 7.8
The Frank Factor
Earl runs into his old roommate Frank, who is in prison for a bank robbery that Earl and Randy were supposed to help with. However, Earl missed the robbery at the last minute because he married Joy the night before.
User ratings: 361
Average rating: 7.9
Creative Writing
While Earl struggles to write a paper for his prison creative writing class, Randy, Joy, Darnell, and Catalina have no trouble coming up with creative story ideas of their own.
User ratings: 423
Average rating: 7.2
Frank's Girl
Earl tries to get Frank back together with his girlfriend after she breaks up with him, but he has second thoughts when he discovers that she'd be better off without him. Meanwhile Catalina gets a compromising cell phone photo of Joy.
User ratings: 349
Average rating: 7.8
Our Other Cops Is On!: Part 1
While enjoying TV time in prison, Earl and Randy are excited when they see that the show "Cops" is filming in Camden County.
User ratings: 363
Average rating: 7.6
Our Other Cops Is On!: Part 2
Randy and the prisoners watch a second episode of "Cops," which features the Camden County Police responding to a series of disturbances on the first 4th of July after 9/11.
User ratings: 368
Average rating: 7.6
Randy in Charge: Of Our Days and Our Nights
Earl is supposed to set up a "scared straight" lecture for school kids, until he gets in a fight with Randy over who's taking care of whom. Meanwhile, Joy tries to induce labor.
User ratings: 326
Average rating: 7.7
Midnight Bun
Earl and Randy are teamed up against their will to catch Frank, who escaped from a prison van under Randy's watch. Joy and her sister fight over how Joy's baby will be born.
User ratings: 333
Average rating: 7.7
Burn Victim
The warden promises to take the last six months off of Earl's sentence if he helps him out of one final jam. It ultimately will require him to spend the remainder of his lottery winnings on putting on a prom in the prison.
User ratings: 328
Average rating: 7.6
Early Release
The warden reneges on his promise to Earl to grant an early release, so Earl launches a plan to escape from prison.
User ratings: 341
Average rating: 8.0
Bad Earl
Earl is out of prison, but he and Randy are broke and homeless. So when he sees Ralph living the good life doing bad things, he declares that there is no karma and throws away the list.
User ratings: 348
Average rating: 7.6
I Won't Die with a Little Help from My Friends: Part 1
Earl is in a coma after being hit by a car. Randy steals an ambulance to get him to the hospital, but getting there proves to be difficult and complicated.
User ratings: 363
Average rating: 7.6
I Won't Die with a Little Help from My Friends: Part 2
Nothing can get Earl out of his coma, so Randy turns to a young faith healer from their past. However, the boy says that he no longer heals people because he discovered how Earl lived his life after he "healed" him the first time.
User ratings: 354
Average rating: 7.4
Stole a Motorcycle
Randy discovers that crossing items off Earl's list improves his condition, but the first item he chooses, returning a stolen motorcycle, brings back a frightening memory from Randy and Earl's past that Randy had forgotten.
User ratings: 333
Average rating: 7.5
No Heads and a Duffle Bag
The next item that Randy tries to cross off of Earl's list involves ruining their parents' vacation--by leaving a duffel bag full of marijuana they found in the bed of their truck at their parents' house, only to have them find it.
User ratings: 340
Average rating: 7.7
Earl is still in a coma but released from the hospital, and Randy finds a way to get him to cross an item off the list by helping out a pair of paraplegic siblings.
User ratings: 334
Average rating: 7.4
Love Octagon
Now that Earl is out of his coma, he sets out to find his true love, Billie. However, finding her is difficult, and he discovers that she has several other suitors trying to get her.
User ratings: 335
Average rating: 7.4
Girl Earl
Billie starts her own list, and she and Earl help out a grocery store bagger whom they share on their lists. However, Earl soon discovers that Billie doesn't completely understand the concept of karma and The List.
User ratings: 343
Average rating: 7.6
Camdenites: Part 1
Earl discovers that helping the women he wronged on his list causes karma to improve his marriage to Billie.
User ratings: 349
Average rating: 7.8
Camdenites: Part 2
When Earl finds out that making up for all the bad things he did to women changes Billie's behavior to the good, he picks the worst thing he ever did to women on his list. Billie wants him to choose between her and his list. When he picks the list, she steals it and starts un-doing the items he has already accomplished.
User ratings: 301
Average rating: 7.8
The Magic Hour
When Earl discovers that a dying kid whose wish he ruined years earlier is still alive, he promises to help him make a movie.
User ratings: 390
Average rating: 8.1
Monkeys Take a Bath
While working on the list, Earl uncovers a one-night stand from 1985 between his mom and their old neighbor. When Earl's dad finds out, he moves in with Earl and vows to get revenge.
User ratings: 329
Average rating: 7.8
Joy in a Bubble
Earl gives Joy a hot tub he found on the side of the road to cross an item off his list. However, Joy suffers an infection, and Crabman quarantines her in the trailer. As a result, Earl must perform Joy's daily chores.
User ratings: 315
Average rating: 7.7
Stole an RV
Earl and Randy make amends for a depressed elderly man whose RV they stole years earlier. Their efforts fire him up enough that the man now wants to take revenge on another man who left him on the front line during the Korean War.
User ratings: 312
Average rating: 7.6
Sweet Johnny
Earl needs to make up for sleeping with local stuntman's girlfriend. Joy gets carjacked and feels the need to buy a gun.
User ratings: 346
Average rating: 7.8
We've Got Spirit
Earl makes some great personal sacrifices to help Randy realize his dream of going to cheerleading camp, and Joy is upset because her son finds Catalina sexier than her.
User ratings: 343
Average rating: 7.7
Quit Your Snitchin'
Earl finds out that he is no longer covered by the criminal code of ethics when someone steals Randy's birthday present from him. When he learns that the law of the underworld no longer protects him, Earl struggles with the idea of going to the police, despite Joy's protests that snitches are the lowest of the low.
User ratings: 305
Average rating: 7.7
Little Bad Voodoo Brother
Earl has a chance to cross two items off his list by throwing Joy's boys a Halloween party, and getting Randy a "little brother"--Catalina's nephew. But both could fail because everyone thinks Catalina's nephew is possessed.
User ratings: 301
Average rating: 7.1
Sold a Guy a Lemon Car
Earl discovers that the apparent psychopath who has moved in next door to him and Randy at the hotel is actually a guy from his past who is on the list.
User ratings: 295
Average rating: 7.6
Earl and Joy's Anniversary
Earl reminisces about his and Joy's near-disastrous first wedding anniversary party, in which Earl finds out that Joy slept with Earl's cousin who is better than him at everything.
User ratings: 303
Average rating: 8.0
Nature's Game Show
During a series of tornadoes in Camden County, Earl loses his list, Randy believes that he has super powers, Catalina finds religion, and Joy and Darnell argue over Joy's intelligence.
User ratings: 302
Average rating: 7.7
Reading Is a Funda Mental Case
Earl and Randy discover that an old friend is living in the woods in a Bookmobile they stole years earlier, and that he has gone completely crazy.
User ratings: 303
Average rating: 7.4
Orphan Earl
When Earl tries to make amends to a man that he conned out of $100, he discovers that Joy and her friends are still conning him.
User ratings: 300
Average rating: 8.0
Got the Babysitter Pregnant
Earl tries to help his old babysitter, whom he got pregnant by poking holes in her condom, by whipping her deadbeat son into shape. However, Randy gets mad at Earl when he recognizes the similarities between the man and himself.
User ratings: 383
Average rating: 7.7
Darnell Outed: Part 1
Earl tries to get Joy a spot on a reality show starring Erik Estrada. However, he only causes great embarrassment, and accidentally gets Darnell's Witness Protection location revealed.
User ratings: 293
Average rating: 7.7
Darnell Outed: Part 2
With Darnell's identity compromised, the Turners receive a new Witness Protection identity as a Jewish family. But what will they do with Joy gets a second chance to appear on "Estrada or Nada?"
User ratings: 298
Average rating: 7.8
Randy's List Item
When Randy wins the lottery, he decides to create a list item for himself. Meanwhile, Joy is dissatisfied with her family's Witness Protection identities and locations.
User ratings: 294
Average rating: 7.9
Friends with Benefits
Earl visits Joy at her new Witness Protection location to return Mr. Turtle to Darnell, and stays to help her make new friends. Meanwhile, Randy makes a new "friend" while Earl is gone.
User ratings: 305
Average rating: 7.9
My Name Is Alias
Darnell's father uses Earl and Randy to track Darnell down and tell him that he can get his old identity back if he agrees to do one more top secret job for The Agency.
User ratings: 313
Average rating: 8.1
Chaz Dalton's Space Academy
Earl makes amends to an astronaut on his list who runs a space academy, but in the process discovers that he's a fraud. However, the man he's posing turns out to be no better than the impostor.
User ratings: 290
Average rating: 7.6
Witch Lady
Earl tries to make amends to Camden's "Witch Lady," which only sparks her anger and causes her to hold everyone who's wronged her in the past hostage in her basement.
User ratings: 310
Average rating: 7.8
Randy finds out that Joy was his first childhood crush, and that Earl went behind his back for selfish reasons to break them up.
User ratings: 332
Average rating: 8.1
Earl tries to help a man he bullied in grade school, but hides his true identity because the man has become a scary bodybuilder. Meanwhile, Randy begins taking shark adrenaline so that he can finally stand up to Joy.
User ratings: 303
Average rating: 8.0
Earl's efforts to help a reverend who is on his list multiple times drive the reverend back to his old life of crime, while Joy risks getting her third strike when she hits Catalina with a riding lawn mower.
User ratings: 303
Average rating: 7.8
Inside Probe: Part 1
The investigative television show "Inside Probe" looks into the disappearance of the owner of the Crab Shack.
User ratings: 320
Average rating: 8.0
Inside Probe: Part 2
Part 2 of the "Inside Probe" investigation of the owner of the Crab Shack's disappearance uncovers surprising new revelations.
User ratings: 306
Average rating: 7.9
Dodge's Dad
Joy tells Earl that Little Chubby is Dodge's father, and Little Chubby makes Earl's life Hell after he tells him the news.
User ratings: 359
Average rating: 8.1
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