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One Tree Hill

Seasons: 9
Episodes: 188
User ratings: 66,352
Average rating: 7.7

Drama, Romance, Sport

Half-brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott trade between kinship and rivalry both on the basketball court and in the hearts of their friends in the small, but not so quiet town of Tree Hill, North Carolina.

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Nathan Scott is Tree Hill High's biggest basketball star and is dating Peyton, a cheerleader. Nathan's half brother, Lucas, joins the team - and threatens to take both Nathan's spot in the lineup and his girl.
User ratings: 630
Average rating: 8.8
The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most
Lucas plays his first game as a Tree Hill Raven...and chokes. He isn't the only one confronting insecurities: Peyton can't find the courage to submit her drawings for publication.
User ratings: 365
Average rating: 8.4
Are You True?
Frustrated by Lucas' growing popularity at school, Nathan searches for Lucas' weak spot, and has the team begin to iniciate hazing incidents against him. Nathan also tries to seek tutoring help from Haley. Brooke begins to fall for Lucas. Meanwhile, Peyton is furious with Lucas for submitting her drawings to the local newspaper without her knowledge.
User ratings: 331
Average rating: 8.5
Crash Into You
After Lucas crowns another good game with the winning point, Nathan switches to plan B, inviting him to a party at his dad's luxurious beach house where he cleverly humiliates him with a truth game and a video of Lucas ma calling Dan her dream husband. After Lucas walks out livid, Haley is stranded, accepts a ride back from Nathan in Peyton's car and accepts to keep tutoring him since failing grades would kill all his and Dan's dreams. On his way back Nathan crashes into Lucas in the car of one of Keith's clients; Nathan thinks he can bluff his way out making Tim his false witness, but there are nasty consequences for both brothers, their girls friends and their parents.
User ratings: 316
Average rating: 8.7
All That You Can't Leave Behind
After the disastrous party and car crash, things still look bad for everyone. Peyton meets coach at the cemetery and exchanges grief and memories about her mother's death in a car accident the one time she ignored a red light and his late wife Camilla. With the benefit match between the Ravens boys and their fathers coming up, captained by Nathan and Dan Scott, Keith is honored to be asked as substitute by his nephew Lucas, and joins in with his mother asking him to reconsider his intent to change his last name to hers after Dan barged in at Keith's auto shop saying Lucas is unworthy of the name. At the game, Dan is the only father who can't just enjoy being creamed by their heirs- he even barges in with the boys after their glorious first half, barking so badly Keith has to defend even Nathan. Dan's behavior on the court is no more sportsmanlike, even at Nathan's expense- the golden boy's filial loyalty gets shocked in both senses of that verb.
User ratings: 298
Average rating: 8.5
Every Night Is Another Story
Told in a non-linear order, this episode is the story of one night that changed everything between Nathan and Lucas and Haley and Peyton. At an away game, Lucas and Nathan both get kicked out for fighting, each other. Brook twists her ankle and offers Haley a ride home from the game. Lucas and Nathan are kicked off the bus and forced to walk home when they are kidnapped by members of the opposing team, the Pirates. The two groups must get over their differences to get home.
User ratings: 424
Average rating: 9.2
Life in a Glass House
Now Nathan is taking the heat off Lucas in the team, after their common escape from the hicks and as agreed with his attractive tutor Haley, the kids' attention shifts to boy-girl relationships. This time the battleground is Dan Scott's house, as he hosts a fancy party for the successful Ravens team and supporters, and his wife Deb makes sure even Keith, Lucas and Karen actually come. If anything doesn't help young couples forming or making up, then it's Brooke's nasty games such as truth and dare.
User ratings: 303
Average rating: 8.6
The Search for Something More
Brooke takes Peyton to a college party, but her own date turns out just a high school kid, and Peyton falls for the vinyl music taste of student Gabe, who spikes her drink to abuse her- Lucas, who was back with his street basketball friends, must come to the rescue. Karen gets a rare opportunity to take a six weeks cooking course in Italy; Keith and Lucas encourage her, but she fears it could be failing her maternal duty- so Keith will move in while she's away; Deb Scott offers to take care of the café, to Dan's frustration. Nathan gets surprising help in his quest to win Haley back as tutor and friend: Brooke, who hopes to redeem her karma, made a game 'follow the cards with romantic instructions' for them; it works till he tells Tim it's "definitely not a date"- then nature takes over.
User ratings: 311
Average rating: 8.8
With Arms Outstretched
Tension mounts now the Ravens may get their first ever undefeated season if they win against Cove City, but instead of encouraging his son, Dan barks at Nathan he doesn't go deep enough while ordering him to convince his mother he's not unhappy, thus blaming the poor kid for her punishing him by running Karen's place. He decides to take amphetamines supplied by Tim's brother, which make him so aggressive coach throws him out at training; when he gently tries to take the next step while kissing Haley, she also shows him the door. Brooke gets Lucas to go out as 'reward' for recommending a book she lobes, then makes him drink and- get a real tattoo, to Keith's in loco parentis despair and fury. At the crucial game, Nathan's second pill dose lands him first on the bench and next in hospital. Dan doesn't believe the doctors correct substance diagnosis; he didn't even call Deb, who tells him to leave home for good.
User ratings: 288
Average rating: 8.7
You Gotta Go There to Come Back
After Peyton walked in on Lucas kissing Brooke the night she got him drunk, they all feel uncomfortable but decide to stay friends; Haley and Peyton even team up to organize live entertainment in Karen's café. Because of Nathan's pills-disaster, coach cancels basketball practice till further notice, telling livid Dan -who fears for the Ravens' shot at a perfect season- 'the game is no fun any more' so he takes off pressure. Nathan feels happy again taking things easy with Haley, but Dan decrees they're 'going to have a good time' on the golf weekend he planned with Deb till she threw him out, leaving the boy no escape from worrying about his parents plausible divorce in between humiliating golf 'lessons' in his dad's arrogant style, till he walks off shouting nobody can be happy with a bully like Dan. Jake shows Lucas why coach cuts him slack: his 6 months old baby Jenny, abandoned by her mother, and gets the advice not to keep that secret any longer. Jake uses the 'open mike' at Karen's to out his baby; afterward Lucas invites Nathan to the Rivercourt where all the kids enjoy informal basketball, putting coach and Keith's worries to rest.
User ratings: 277
Average rating: 8.5
The Living Years
After Deb drags Dan and Nathan to a family therapist, where they only fight and each expect Nathan to take their side, Nathan looses faith in everything except Haley. Brooke begins to feel jealous about Lucas, but insecure as they have almost no common interests; Lucas and Peyton both reassure her. Lucas finds Peyton's dad home for once; he tells her another, even better paid job will drag him for months to New Zealand... Nathan talks to Keith and coach, who both tell him to do what's best for him, even if that means dropping basketball; he cuts practice and classes, even takes Haley with him playing hooky, to Dan's disgust in more then one way...
User ratings: 262
Average rating: 8.4
Crash Course in Polite Conversations
On Dan's birthday, his parents turn up unannounced; Dan tries to make everybody keep Nathan's quitting from them, and Haley offers to come for moral support. Just when she was counting off her dad's return home, Peyton gets a call a storm knocked four men off his ship, and she must identify if a corps is his, so Lucas drives her, but the roads are blocked too so they must spend the night in a motel, but Lucas doesn't forget Brooke. At the Scott diner, the mothers tell the truth, how grandpa Royal Scott also pushed Dan too hard till he took his mother's advice to use a knee injury to quit basketball altogether; like coach Nathan walks out disgusted, losing all respect for the man he always tried desperately to please, and decides how to deal with it.
User ratings: 263
Average rating: 8.8
Hanging by a Moment
In therapy with Deb, who by now wants a divorce, Dan tells he cut Lucas out of his life like a trapped man amputates his arm to survive. Haley gets basketball lessons (to pass PE) from patient Nathan, who to everyone's relief is back with the Ravens. Coach tells Keith he promised his wife 35 years ago they would 'start living' after 20 years of coaching; he just won 500 matches, but what about his most important intention: to make a difference? Strolling on the beach Dan meets Carrie, who fails to seduce him when invited to eat his spare steak as Nathan declined, but just then Deb walks in. Now Brooke believes Lucas is her first true love, he and Peyton don't come clean about the motel; but Haley overhears them and has a row with him. Nathan convinces coach he does matter for boys like him who still need guidance. While driving with Lucas, Keith is hit by another car. Dan is nearby and rushes Lucas to the hospital.
User ratings: 277
Average rating: 9.1
I Shall Believe
The people closest to Lucas are dealing with his unconsciousness in different ways; Haley can't get herself to see him after their argument earlier, Peyton still feels bad for kissing him and recalls the time when her mother was in the hospital and died from a car accident, Brooke unsuccessfully tries to lighten up the mood while becoming neurotic for Lucas not waking up, and Karen grieves, blames Keith for being drunk before the accident and is thankful towards Dan for saving Lucas. Common for all of them is that they feel guilty about it and struggles to deal with it. Meanwhile, Nathan and Haley gets into an argument on the way he first approached her, Deb tries to be there for Karen, Keith pays Lucas' health insurance without Karen's knowledge, and Deb is sure that her marriage to Dan is definitely over, while Dan still is in denial.
User ratings: 264
Average rating: 8.9
Suddenly Everything Has Changed
After his near-death experience, Lucas decides he made the wrong choice between Brooke and Peyton so he breaks things off with Brooke and secretly rekindles his romance with Peyton. However, the truth becomes obvious after he is rushed to the emergency room again and the girls come face to face in the hospital. Meanwhile, unable to pay his mortgage after paying Lucas' hospital bill, Keith puts his garage up for sale.
User ratings: 256
Average rating: 8.7
The First Cut Is the Deepest
Dan experiences he has abused both his boys so often neither will thank him for anything- Nathan not for a brand new sports car, Lucas not even for having saved his life. Now neither Brooke nor Peyton is going with him, and coach forbids him to work out as it over-strains his hurt arm, Lucas goes out with a loose girl in a bar, Nikki, ignorant of her relevant past. Dan makes Keith an offer he cannot refuse to pay Lucas' hospital bills: a sale of his garage at market value, keeping him on as manager with an option to buy it back. Deb finally tells Nathan the truth Dan holds over her: when their son was on basketball summer camp years ago, she walked out with another man- he now feels betrayed by both parents and wants completely out of the family...
User ratings: 255
Average rating: 8.6
Spirit in the Night
Nathan has moved into his own apartment, away from both parents. To prepare for a match away, Coach orders Lucas to coach Nathan's weakest points, and makes them uneasy roommates; in the evening the boys sneak out but the strip joint Tim 'could get them in' turns out to be queer. Peyton and Sparkle Classic cheer-leading coach Brooke also find themselves bunking together; when Theresa falls sick, Haley is recruited and gets a crash course. Mouth spies the other teams -he demonstrates with more talent then most girls!- so they rework both choreography (Brooke) and music (Peyton); after training Brooke gets the hot pool opened, the boys jump in and coach grills chaperons Karen and Peyton's dad Larry Sawyer, but nobody minds. The new routine rocks, so Brooke wins the choreography prize. In the game Nathan uses the fade-away Lucas proposed and scores the winning point. At the home front manager Keith feels smothered by Dan and his men, and makes a drastic choice.
User ratings: 269
Average rating: 8.9
To Wish Impossible Things
By annual tradition the Raven boys are -willingly- auctioned for charity till midnight. Overeager go-go-dancer Tim fails to please the shallow girls, but $8 say he can do chores for Deb, whose warning to bring a clothes change as it will be sweaty is totally, Tim-optimistically-hornily misunderstood, in a way that almost shocks even Dan... Jake in cuddly mascot-costume fetches $100, but is furious to find from whom: his ex Nicki, who walked out on him and their baby daughter Jenny... Lucas fetched $115 from Haley, class act 'boy toy' Nathan $112.53 from Peyton (at Haley's anxious urging). Last available male Mouth absurdly $200 from Brooke, who didn't get in earlier as she brought no cash; she even takes him in the limousine she ordered for a hunkier catch, they become better friends the either hoped but she realizes how shallow her party life is when a hunk she dated that week already remembered her name, while she didn't remember him at all. While Nathan and Peyton just played and had one innocent kiss (that was required at the end of their paid for time) after agreeing Haley is right for him, Lucas -who also had to kiss Haley ath the end of their night- saw Nate and Peyton kissing and mistoke it for hiim cheating on Haley... Meanwhile Karen dates her former classmate Larry Sawyer, Peyton's dad, and Keith ends up following Whitey's advice to declare his love for Karen... with dire results.
User ratings: 271
Average rating: 8.9
How Can You Be Sure?
Lucas believed he saw more then an auction slave's duty when Nathan kissed Peyton, but confronted Nathan is convincingly indignant. Brooke and a test kit tell Lucas they're expecting a baby. Jake still refuses Nikki any part in Jenny's life. Nathan tells Haley he doesn't understand she won't share his bed but tattooed his jersey number on her backside. After 15 years Keith proposes to Karen, who 'isn't ready', and decides to leave. Dan tells Lucas not to let Brooke ruin his life as Karen did by having him; and bursts in at Nathan's to tell him the beach-house will be waiting 'when' he hits rock bottom.
User ratings: 247
Average rating: 8.6
What Is and What Should Never Be
Keith has a solicitation as auto-shop teacher in a Charleston school; Lucas is heartbroken his surrogate father may move that far away. Haley and Nathan finally feel cozy living together, but when Dan finds out he sold the car he gave his poor son, he demands the money it fetched unless he moves in with him again- so the kid chooses to stay poor and takes a lousy job serving food in the mall, where a kid he never even noticed in his history class is now the sports heroes' vindictive boss- one visit by Dan convinces even him to go easy on the long-envied golden boy whose silver spoon came at such a price, so he won't miss his own housewarming party. When he gets there, Mouths music and Nikki literally fighting with Peyton have alerted the police, so Dan -who just got in bed with Deb- gets a call from the sheriff to bail him out.
User ratings: 240
Average rating: 8.7
The Leaving Song
The knowledge that Dan actually requested joint custody over Lucas but was turned away by Karen makes Keith doubt her and the Scott boys, who now train together as friends, how their lives would have been growing up as brothers. Peyton and Brooke loose Jake's baby daughter Jenny in the mall, and find Nikki picked her up. Haley is furious when she finds porn sites on Nathans computer, even though everybody else considers cyber-sex innocent fun, no competition for her. Since coach Whitey must have an operation, Dan manages -to his fury- to be made Ravens coach for one match, and works the boys like a penal company. Jake thinks he'll lose a custody battle against Nikki, so he considers moving to family in Savannah and gets Peytons support. Lucas comes to a decision which worries both Karen and Keith.
User ratings: 241
Average rating: 8.7
The Games That Play Us
The game against Masonboro, coached by Dan, can mean a perfect season for the Ravens. Nathan finally gets Haley over the computer images- and in bed. Brooke swears Peyton she's two-timing Nikki who wants to take Jenny from Jake. Karen is not prepared to see Lucas leave to Charleston with Keith, which makes nearly everybody sad. At the game bully Dan ignores the medical advice to have Lucas' arm X-rayed and keeps it from him so he'll play; Nathan overhears him but passes him the decisive last minute shot, and thus shatters the unbeaten season dream. Just before he leaves, Lucas gets surprising news from Nathan and Haley...
User ratings: 300
Average rating: 9.3
The Desperate Kingdom of Love
Nathan and Haley wake up next to each-other, barely able to believe they just got married; flash-backs show how her parents agreed and she nearly chickened out realizing they have not a single identical CD; when they hear Dan is in hospital, she suggests not to tell him right now. Deb takes the news badly in the hospital chapel, blaming the newly-weds while fearing Dan is dying. Lucas has a new haircut as a symbol of his new life with Keith in Charleston; hearing about Dan they make a list of reasons not to go back, but decide Lucas should for Nathan's sake, but Keith for his hateful brother? On such a beautiful day, Brooke insists on taking Peyton on her parents' speed yacht, and even skinny-dipping.
User ratings: 251
Average rating: 8.7
Truth Doesn't Make a Noise
Lucas is back. He enlists Brooke and Peyton to give a party for Nathans marriage to Haley, but Deb is too livid, even now Dan is getting better, to consent- Nathan makes clear her and Dans disapproval are irrelevant, but Dan takes his news surprisingly well and just seems concerned he will give up basketball. Keith tells Karen he hasn't decided whether to leave again; he takes coach's advice to visit Dan, who seems forgiving even after Debs infidelity with him, so he decides to run Dan's dealership for a while.
User ratings: 230
Average rating: 8.7
Near Wild Heaven
Tim is dead-set to hire a stripper so Nathan must get a post-wedding bachelor's night; the girls laugh at him - and grab their chance to rip off Nathan's shower towel - but although Haley is worried, Brooke is actually no less eager to throw Haley a killer bridal shower in her expensive style, starting with a limo ride to a private lingerie show followed by a car repair man who doubles as shirtless dancer. Dan is still recovering and atypically friendly, even asking Lucas to forgive him for everything; Deb considers taking him back. Keith starts in Dan's president's seat by offering Lucas a job, who passes it on to Nathan and offers instead to mind the café now his ma Karen has decided to go to college. Tim shamelessly shows his dad's 'porn video' starring his step-mom, but when he gets mouthy to whom he thinks are the strippers his brother hired, it's two female cops who arrest him for real, which only makes him even more horny. In the strip club where Haley gets a stripping lesson, Brooke's credit card is refused: washing dishes! The female stripper arrives after all the boys have gone home, but is eager to please hunky Nathan in private as far as he wants...
User ratings: 228
Average rating: 8.8
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Brooke tells the Latino pool boy he's not allowed to use the swimming pool, and when he gets out finds he was skinny diving- the next morning he turns up at her school in a sports car; it's her new neighbor Felix Taggaro, who is even more flirtatious, self-confident and sassy then she and uses Mouth to find his way. At college Karen gets to know personally her business economics professor Andy Hargrove, a retired self-made tycoon. When Lucas tells he wants to use Dan's rehabilitation to get to know him properly, Nathan gives him his blessing. Dan orders Keith to fire Nathan, to no avail. When Keith advises against the second hand car Haley and he hoped to buy, he generously spends the money on a keyboard so she can work on her composing talent- and gets barked at to take it back by his ingrate wife. Peyton gets a chance to manage a famous musical duo, but only if she supplies them with and uses cocaine. While taking a sports car for a test-spin, Dan makes Lucas accept Felix' race dare, and offers him the keys- which chases him away. Deb encourages Karen finally to start her long-dreamed bar extension to the café and is asked to help run it as a club. Now she's poor, Brooke is caught shoplifting but Felix saves her bacon. Keith offers Nathan to learn car mechanics by fixing together a car/wreck he intended to strip for parts, which Nathan may then keep.
User ratings: 205
Average rating: 8.6
I Will Dare
Felix organizes a "dare night" to test the limits of his new classmates. While out playing the game, Lucas meets a mysterious new girl, Anna. Peyton tearfully confesses to the church that she recently tried cocaine and Keith is caught off guard when a beautiful woman comes to the shop and begins flirting with him. Meanwhile, Karen goes on a date with Andy, her younger professor.
User ratings: 286
Average rating: 9.2
We Might as Well Be Strangers
Peyton meets cocky record shop clerk Chris Keller who turns out the only good musician on the club's auditions besides Haley, who has too much stage-fright. Coach won't listen when Lucas genuinely suggests to reconsider an eye operation. Lucas learns Anna is overprotective Felix' sister. Nathan gets a once in a lifetime invitation for the three months Highfliers basketball summer-camp in Florida. Now her parents are financially ruined, Brooke decides to recruit Felix as her purely physical toy-boy, and is forced to hold a garage sale. Dan invites Deb to watch the meteor shower together, Andy asks Karen, Anna gets Lucas to. Keith has a romantic date with his car-naive lady-client Jules. Nathan pretends to Haley not be accepted for Highfliers fearing they can't afford it and makes her overcome her stage-fright. When Dan realizes Deb is not ready for reconciliation, he pretends his actually excellent rehab-results are bad. Mouth proves his love for Brooke by buying back the doll-house she failed to overprice enough.
User ratings: 211
Average rating: 8.5
Let the Reigns Go Loose
Felix continues to be Brooke's sex-toy. Chris makes Peyton beg for him to perform at the Tric club opening and hands her a 'rider' (list of demands), which inspires Brooke- about non-committal rules for Felix. Dan tells startled Karen he forgave Keith for sleeping with Deb, news to her. Keith asks Jules to the opening, they become exclusive. Coach, in hospital, understands Nathan gives up Highflyers for Haley's sake; seeing the crowd gives her major stage-fright, but when Chris leaves the stage because the teenage crowd won't listen quietly she plays, to applause, then he invites her to collaborate musically. Mouth hoped to get a shot at Brooke, but she commends him as a- sweet little brother, ouch; he accuses Felix, Lucas gets it backward and catches a solid punch, mainly for dating Theresa; Craig throws Felix out, Mouth brings drunk Brooke home, who only wakes up when Felix is beside her.
User ratings: 207
Average rating: 8.4
Truth, Bitter Truth
Brooke, Peyton, Haley and Anna have a slumber party at Haley's apartment where secrets and lies are revealed. Meanwhile, when Lucas and Nathan go on a road trip to a Bobcats game, Nathan reveals he is being tested for the genetic defect that caused Dan's heart attack and suggests Lucas do the same. After an awkward encounter with Keith and Jules, Karen and Andy share an intimate night together.
User ratings: 215
Average rating: 8.7
The Trick Is to Keep Breathing
Haley makes Nathan agree to go to the prom even though his parents will be chaperons; Peyton pays Brooke's chosen dress for it; Lucas tells Felix he's taking Anna; Mouth comes alone 'on the prowl'. Lucas learns Dan is hiding his full recovery. Haley finally accepts to play with Chris in Peyton's club, but they run late, leaving Nathan dancing with his ma; when she finally arrives they are crowned king and queen of the ball but just then Nathan learns she worked with Chris even while he was in Charlotte, and ends up showing he gave up Highflyers for her. After Mouth tells her he, not Felix, took care of her while she was drunk, she's livid and tells Felix he'll never have her heart.
User ratings: 208
Average rating: 8.6
Don't Take Me for Granted
After the prom, Anna sleeps over at Peyton's- Felix sneers she's getting a worse reputation then his, while Peyton has a hard time with lesbianism-innuendos, even though Brooke says that appeals to boys, but ends up making a stand at school. Brooke finds Nathan slept on Lucas's floor; when he goes home, Haley tells him she respects his sacrifice and wants him to go to Highflyers, but won't do the one thing he asks, stop seeing Chris, so he walks out again and warns Chris in ominous terms and grip. Brooke blames Felix for her broken windshield and rages at him; he finds out it was Mouth, who also tells Lucas, but pays anyway; in the end he convinces her of his love. Dan takes the reins back at the dealership and offers Keith to stay on. Karen orders Lucas to take the medical test, or no basketball anyway- Nathan confesses he told her. Chris gets a chance to make a tour, asks Haley along and kisses her again. After Deb confesses her infidelity with him to Karen, Jules gets a call from Keith he loves her, and reports it to...
User ratings: 221
Average rating: 8.8
The Heart Brings You Back
After Deb's confession to have slept with Keith, Karen shows her the door and later has a misunderstanding which makes her break up with Andy. Haley chickens out on her music career at the last minute, so Chris leaves alone. When she gets home, her older sister Taylor is there. Nathan hopes she won't remember she was his first sex partner at a party in the beach house. They become friends and he decides she can stay a few weeks. Jake is back, without Jenny, for a few days he spends mainly with Peyton. Lucas finds out how Jules' poverty drove her to break Keith's heart. Felix has a fight with Lucas for 'hurting Anna' -who later confesses to Lucas she's just lesbian but hoped to be bi. Karen and Andy ultimately make up.
User ratings: 206
Average rating: 8.6
Between Order and Randomness
Karen decides to make Lucas's life as miserable as possible till he takes the heart test and asks Andy over while his house is in a contractor's hands. Brooke needs a job- the Crab shack hires her, but not as waitress, just 'PR' in a crab suit; she quickly makes friends with the other underpaid girls but is the only one to develop a militant labor union attitude. Lucas confronts Dan about Jules, and is told about Debs adultery with Keith, who cannot deny it and swears Jules is his true love. Taylor sees Haley's tattoo and bugs her and Nathan about not following big sister's own advice in the past; when Nathan warns her to stop hinting at their first night she bitches back the full truth can hurt him more- so he tells Haley himself, who needs a cooling off period but then understands it was before they knew each-other; all three make up. Lucas confides about Jules to Anna, now he knows her lesbian secret. Keith offers Luke to take the HCM-test together, now Jules wants him to. Dan hosts and even cooks for a dinner with Keith and Jules, constantly getting at their and Deb's nerves, and afterward warns her Keith won't forgive her if he tells him their dirty secret; Keith tells Lucas Jules just accepted his wedding proposal. After researching regulations, Brooke starts hard action- they are all fired, and threaten to tell the public about his inferior crab supplies, and get a raise, but quits anyhow and turns her attention to Felix and running for student council president. Karen gives up forcing Lucas- and hears he just took the test.
User ratings: 198
Average rating: 8.5
The Hero Dies in This One
Brooke plans her presidential campaign with Felix; her opponent is confident, never-defeated Erica Marsh, who lives for the job. Dan asks Lucas to move in with him while offering Keith to pay for a grand wedding with Jules. Nathan discovers lovers e-mail to Chris from Haley on their computer, believes her most are from Taylor and they decide the stirring sister must leave. Jake is back for good, moves in with Peyton and asks coach for a good word at school. Erika plays the campaign dirty, so Brooke decides to pull all the stops and asks Lucas to write her a killer speech- he suggest a J.F. Kennedy address. At the club Tric, Chris Kelly is back, as artist opening act; he also dares Nathan about Haleys love, and once the main act 'the Wreckers' has asked him along on their tour invites Haley to join them- she tells Nathan she wants to, solely as a unique career opportunity, and is told to choose: the tour or him, and yet she goes. Karen fails to stop Lucas moving to Dan or at least find out why: he will pay for Lucas' medication, as he was not tested negative but showed her Keiths results.
User ratings: 224
Average rating: 8.7
The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows
Deb is angry to hear from Dan Lucas moves in, but hopeful now Haley has left Nathan he might also return. Nathan is a wreck, and seems determined to wreck his school-prospects; he won't listen to anyone, even hits the still taunting Dan. Jake and Jenny live in Peyton's room, but she is reluctant to become intimate again. Erica stops at nothing to defeat Brooke, but clever speeches by her and Mouth still turn the tide. Lucas seems to feel at home with Dan.
User ratings: 197
Average rating: 8.6
Unopened Letter to the World
The students of Tree Hill High make a time capsule they expect to be open in 50 years. Anna struggles with what to reveal about herself. Nathan continues his downward spiral. Peyton and Jake go on their first date. Brook starts to really think about what she can do as president. Lucas moves in with Dan.
User ratings: 215
Average rating: 8.8
Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking
Brooke is high: she's about to be installed as school president and her dad should get another well-paid job. Nathan, still drinking, is livid after a call from Haley she'll be on TV, refuses to go to Keiths wedding, gets no sympathy from coach -who even rats out his fake ID in the liquor store- and drives Deb to abuse pain killers, as Lucas soon finds out. Andy thinks Karen can get Lucas back now his detective found Dan pays all expenses for some Emily Chambers. Chris makes it appear on national TV as if he and Haley are a couple. Best man Lucas takes Brooke, Jake and Peyton are late as they are too horny, Nathan turns up drunk and cursing outside the church. When Andy learns Jules is Emily, Karen asks and guesses what Dan pays her for- Jules runs off, only Dan triumphs. While Nathan burns his memories of Haley, Deb tells him to go get her back. Brookes dad got the job- but must move to California next week...
User ratings: 212
Average rating: 8.9
Something I Can Never Have
Niki turns up with a court decision in absentia awarding her custody of Jenny- Andy offers Jake legal help as fleeing is loosing. Lucas goes to his ma now the truth is out but decides to stay with Dan as he considers himself the enemy's only weak spot. Keith feels betrayed by everyone; Dan can't resist gloriously admitting having set him up and is physically assaulted. Brooke dreads her impeding departure and realizes she may stay with a friend; Peyton is willing, but her parents refuse. Anna turns Felix in to the principal for writing dike on Peytons locker, with disastrous results: he is dumped by Brooke, his parents send him to military school, and Anna even blames him for not knowing she's the lesbian. Nathan drives to where Haley tours, pours out his heart ready to do everything for their marriage, but only hears she wasn't ready and right now the show comes first, so he returns. Lucas makes Brookes year: Karen and he take her in. Keith leaves, anywhere and maybe forever.
User ratings: 197
Average rating: 8.6
The Lonesome Road
Lucas and Peyton hide Jake and Jenny at Nathan's place while he chases Haley. Lucas finds Dans secret hiding place for cash and a secret ledger; when he and Andy come get it at night, all is gone. Annas former lover Darby turns up; she ends up coming clean to her parents, who still love her, but returns to boarding school. Nathan accepts an invitation to spend the night at the bar where Taylor lives this week; they drink heavy and participate in the bar dancing show. Niki claims Jennys isn't Jake's biologically. Brooke stays late at a party without permission, misses her shift in the café and learns to pay her debts and her dues chore-wise. Jake won't hear reason from his lawyer and chooses jail over handing over Jenny to irresponsible Niki, even if that's his best chance to get her back in a few months.
User ratings: 209
Average rating: 8.8
I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning
Deb's cool younger brother, race pilot Cooper 'Coop' Lee, visits his favorite nephew Nathan and invites him and Lucas to Lowe's Motor Speedway (now Charlotte Motor Speedway), where the boys and his kid brother Jarret get a crash course from competitor Ray Green's daughter Daytona 'Toni' in not crashing for a taste of the race. Dan informs college about Andy's improper relationship with Karen- he must choose and gives his notice. Mouth fakes being drunk so Brooke can 'drive him home'; Erica is a real client, and hits on with him, kissing. Dan finds Deb wasted in the garden. At the day of the (private) race, competitive athlete Nathan's pride is hurt, so he tries to break the track speed record but crashes with bad long injury; the doctors tell Deb her blood is too 'rich' in pills to donate; Toni thinks Nathan was suicidal. Coach tells Peyton Jenny is safe in a small Florida town.
User ratings: 240
Average rating: 8.9
Lifetime Piling Up
While Nathan is unconscious in the hospital, he dreams a nightmare alternative version of his life, in which Dan married Karen and lives with her and Lucas, while Keith is the successful car dealer, Dan is assistant coach and trains Lucas as the Ravens star. Nathan is the poor underdog living with Deb -who runs the café- but may still be recommended for Highflyers by coach Whitey if he wins a duel; Haley is his girlfriend, Brooke makes a pass at him. Karen cheats on Dan with Keith. Peyton goes steady with Lucas but tells Haley to warn Nathan about Lucas' dirty plans; Dan's attempt to bribe Nathan off actually motivates him to fight, so he is abducted, bound and dumped by Lucas's Ravens hardcore. Peyton dumps Lucas, who looses the duel after she picked Nathan up.
User ratings: 218
Average rating: 8.5
What Could Have Been
Nathan is recovering and back home, but won't tell Lucas what drove him. Brooke pieced together a shredded invoice Lucas sneaked home, so she learns about his investigation for Dans car dealership scam, and Andy makes sense of it but feels Lucas should stop taking risks. Nathan was relieved to hear his hospital bills are all paid, when Dan bursts in; he refuses to move back home even during revalidation, but keeps annulment forms. The kids planned a benefit film night for Nathan's medical bills, and go on just for the fun; to their surprise he appreciates an accidental films switch showing car accidents. After talking to Peyton he wants to forgive his ma for fleeing into pills, as she begs in a letter, but understands his insurance wasn't paid, so he sees Dan who confirms he paid, the rent too, and ends up believing he could be on the road to becoming a bitter bastard like him if he makes the wrong choices; he even asks Lucas to back off his investigation and decides to return home; Haley got her annulment petition offered by Dan too. Andy shows Lucas the profits went largely in a college fund for him; he moves back to Karen when Nathan returns.
User ratings: 197
Average rating: 8.5
The Tide That Left and Never Came Back
Lucas and Brooke take a road trip to New York for an overnight stay with Haley, when things start to heat up. Nathan and Deb conspire to desert Dan for good, leading to an explosive conclusion when he discovers their plan. Peyton is elated when she gets Jimmy Eat World to perform at TRIC in time for Jake's release from jail. Although Jake get a shock before he leaves jail. Meanwhile, Andy invites Karen to spend the summer in New Zealand.
User ratings: 225
Average rating: 9.0
The Leavers Dance
Brooke claims she's not upset Lucas kept amorous mementos of Peyton, as she wants friendship, not romance, with him, but he considers declaring she's his true love. Nathan justly mistrusts whether Lucas is finished trapping Dan when he sees him in the office. Deb is welcomed home by Dan announcing they're a family again now Nathan moves back in, but later she tells Nathan she wants him to go to Highflyers as coach advises, she didn't get on pills because he moved out, and they decide to walk out together, for good. Lucas tells Karen she shouldn't mind him and go to Andy in New Zealand alone. Peyton discovers she was interviewed by a phony reporter Ellie. Lucas shows Deb he has enough on his black money to bring Dan down, but when she announces Dan she's leaving, he points out the business is in her name, so she would risk the same jail term; she gets back on pills and asks Nathan to wait, he shows Lucas it was all faked as a test which he failed and is therefore thrown out, without the college fund -which was real- and stops paying his heart medication. Searching for Lucas' proof on Dan, Nathan finds proof of his trip to Haley, and cancels their friendship. Peyton and Dan get major surprises, and Nathan...
User ratings: 250
Average rating: 9.2
Like You Like an Arsonist
In this longly awaited season 3 premiere, we finally discover Dan's fate after the fire. Besides the situation with his father, Nathan also has to deal with Haley's reappearance in Tree Hill and the future of their relationship. Meanwhile, Peyton tries to find the truth about the mysterious woman who pretends to be her mother. Also, Lucas looks forward to Brooke's return after a summer apart.
User ratings: 245
Average rating: 9.0
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
Brooke has a end of the summer party on the beach; Nathan is home from basketball camp; Lucas deals with Brooke's rules for dating; Peyton deals with family issues; Haley tries to tell Nathan how she feels.
User ratings: 214
Average rating: 8.7
First Day on a Brand New Planet
Lucas and Haley dig up, as each year, their previous predictions for the new school year; he decorated Brookes locker- they are arranged alphabetically, making the Scott brothers and Haley neighbors. Mouth pod-cast-interviews Ravens-star Nathan. Dan warns coach Durham he plans to have the school board remove him and Lucas he remembers his arson. Ellie tells Lucas the marijuana is for her cancer pain. When Haley asks coach for help with Nathan, he just gives her a detention slip for entering the boys locker room- Nathan is there to, but pays her no attention; next day, same place, they talk a bit. When dad Larry and Ellie wait for Peyton, she storms out blaming Lucas for 'trapping' her; left alone, dad makes her consider a shrink. Karen reminds Nathan how desperately he wanted Haley back. Dan tells the board the Ravens can be North Carolina state champions without Whitey, Karen praises his lessons on life for the boys- he stays on, but gives Mouth a scoop: he'll retire next year. When Dan nearly chokes Lucas, Peyton stops him and makes him tell he didn't start the fire but found Dan and dragged him out- Lucas now regrets that, Dan says a real man had left him and demands secrecy. Haley is happy to hear Nathan considers an annulment a lie, not when he proposes a divorce instead, hopeful again when he says the legal one year- waiting period gives them time to reconsider.
User ratings: 201
Average rating: 8.7
An Attempt to Tip the Scales
Lucas and Haley have a ball trying on costumes for a masked ball in Karens club; Lucas hopes to make Brooke accept becoming exclusive. Dan records mayor Mullins having kinky sex and uses the tape to make him drop reelection and support his own run for office; Deb can get her divorce if she endorses him sixty more days, till after the election; she decides to milk the time, spending a fortune on a 'candidate's wife's look' (wardrobe and even a personal trainer Hans) while dumping his cloths and uses a tazer to enforce a distance in bed, but his revenge is as sweet. Peyton and her dad try to get okay again with each-other and her late ma. At the ball many kids enjoy or toy with alternative identities, while Haley only wants to drop her rock star status and get Nathan back. Lucas tells Haley about his heart disease after Haley saw him steal from Karens till now Dan no longer pays his medicine. Nathan asks Chris Keller to help Haley, strictly with her music: done, but the lout also steals a kiss in an identical costume as Nathans.
User ratings: 223
Average rating: 8.8
A Multitude of Casualties
Dan presents the Ravens opening show for the new basketball season, but after the choreographed cheerleaders the boys come rolling in with a public fight between Lucas and Nathan over Haley; then a major flashback... Brooke and Peyton audition would be-cheerleaders; the obvious winner is arrogant, slutty Rachel, who Brooke accidentally indicates when telling Lucas to date another girl. While Dans team plans his mayoral election campaign, Deb deliberately walks in dressed sluttier then a drunk whore. Captain Nathan puts Lucas on the bench for back-talk. Brooke wants to field Haley instead of Rachel. Coach grudgingly introduces Dan and smiling, to everyone's surprise, his late-hour mayoral opponent: Karen Roe! When Dan announces the team, Lucas calling Nathan 'just like' his dad starts their fight, and Brooke attacks Rachel. Coach is livid at the brothers- and makes Lucas co-captain. Rachel sits naked in Lucas's car, and Brooke chews both of them, to his surprise admitting she only wanted to be desired exclusively by proclaiming non-exclusiveness.
User ratings: 207
Average rating: 8.8
Locked Hearts and Hand Grenades
After the abysmal fight-performance at the Ravens' opening games, Whitey condemns the boys team to 'gym suicide'; Lucas's failure to tell about his heart condition makes coach go even harder on the others, yet he implores Haley not to spill the beans on his poor health. The cheerleaders are threatened with abolition, so Brooke decides to divert her girls from fighting by a variation on Lucas's baseball dream-team: the girls individually draft exclusive dream boys. While spouses-to-be-separated Dan and Deb continue to make each-others life misery, Karen and Deb try to counter Dan's mayoral Barnum campaign, which gets him a huge lead in the polls, then that fight turns dirty too. Latecomer Rachel tries hard to make friends with the 'old" girls- Peyton refuses, Brooke remains her sworn enemy but is outsmarted at every turn. Chris pushes Haley to dump her cheesy 'crap' songs to write from the heart, about real emotions, and tells his secret patron Nathan that her music and love are inseparable.
User ratings: 206
Average rating: 8.5
Champagne for My Real Friends, Real Pain for My Sham Friends
Lucas dreams of Brooke but wakes up next to Chris; Nathan dreams of Brooke and Haley together. The girls' boys draft still arouses jealousy and intrigues, and of course appetite from horny boys like Tim. Nathan, Haley, Chris and Brooke are appalled to find the idyllic spot on the beach of Nathan and Haley's wedding ruined by bulldozers. Mouth and Peyton spend time with his grandpa Mel, whose Alzheimer is far enough to confuse Mouth with his dad Joe. Deb and hesitant Karen spray on Dan's huge billboard- and get stuck as their ladder tips over, so Deb makes a rope with their clothes. Continuing their walk together, Haley tells Nathan no success on tour was meaningful without his love, and he joins his own prediction with hers and Lucas's and shows her one of the purple flowers from their wedding site, saying the roots are still there; they end up in each-others arms. Lucas finds Brooke in bed- with Chris.
User ratings: 207
Average rating: 8.8
The Worst Day Since Yesterday
After Lucas surprised Chris with Brooke, even her self-confidence isn't enough to remain assured she hasn't really lost the possible love of her life. Chris informs Nathan whom he thought already knew and gets knocked for once more breaking up a relationship for someone he's not even truly in love with. Dan phones the radio station to point out on air his competitor Karen is unmarried and checks on Nathans condition for the new season, but gets the cold shoulder. Tim looks forward to the boys getting tattoos this year. Karen nor cake can cheer up Lucas, who doesn't even feel like basketball anymore; Nathans advice in the locker-room to concentrate on his playing and forgive Brooke for love's sake don't help either. Coach tells the team he'll retire after this season, and expects them, his best team ever, to prove so by results; Lucas stinks worst of all at the first game, which is an utter loss. Haley and Nathan are back on speaking terms. Mouth shows 'mayor' Karen his cell-phone recording of Dan roughing up Nathan and coach throwing him out after the match.
User ratings: 201
Average rating: 8.6
How a Resurrection Really Feels
Brookes stolen tops from the shop where she worked land her, Haley and Peyton in jail. Nathan refuses to bail them out, but accepts to drive Chris to the man to whom he lost at poker the $2000 for Haleys studio recording; on the road he learns they must win it back playing poker. Lucas bails everyone out but Brooke. After seeing Karen's TV spot of him rouging up Nathan, Dan demands she bows out or he shows the public virtual proof who tried to burn him alive, but after a phone call she stays in the race. Brooke uses her talent with needle and tread to create a clothes-line for Internet-sale. The poker-game on a river-boat is a disaster as Chris stinks at it, and they are accused of cheating, so they must jump overboard with the money, but Chris who can't swim looses their winnings in the water; when he confesses the kiss at the ball and is a total ass Nathan punches him on the nose repeatedly, but he still gets the tape by selling his guitar and leaves town. The election is close but goes Dan's way; Lucas assures Deb he suspects but has no proof she was the arsonist; she stays away from his triumph.
User ratings: 252
Average rating: 9.2
Brave New World
Haley is back in Nathan's bed; she's scared when Dan turns up and tells her he still expects their annulment. Brooke is back in Lucas' bed, but freaks out when the Internet-orders are over tenfold her dressmaking capacity; she puts everyone, even babysat children, to work, but only Rachel proves productive- and only on her own order. Peyton asks Lucas to drive her to her mother Elisabeth, but not to join them there; her amazing LP collection shows they have music to bond, and she asks her in vain to move in back with Larry and her while helping Haley with her record; meanwhile Lucas visits Faith who lives nearby; back home Peyton gets a surprise visit. Deb tells Nathan she's not coming back to One Tree Hill and confesses life with Dan turned her into the deliberate arsonist 'to free both of us'; he is disgusted, tells her Dan still wants what's best for him in his wicked way, she counters he even turned away the best school-team's scout and threatened her into silence. Rachel approaches Mouth.
User ratings: 202
Average rating: 8.7
Return of the Future
Another terrible Ravens game; coach blames everything on total lack of team spirit. Keith is back, admitting to Lucas his fiancé Jules was not what he hoped, and just no match for Karen. Brooke must take the couch at Nathans place, but gets invited for Rogue Vogue, a fashion talent show in New York. Nathan fears Dan was right to suggest Haleys sudden lack of birth control is all too convenient. Coach punishes the boys by transferring them from the glorious stadium to a dump which they must first clean up; Nathan walks out, but after talking to Lucas and Dan about his chances for a scholarship etc. returns. Keith laughs at Dan's promise to prove he's the arsonist, but tells Karen he had intended to kill his brother but was beaten to it by Deb and helped her flee. Lucas shows Nathan the tactical advantages of studying the flaws in the old court. Karen warns Lucas to be careful with Brooke in every respect. Brooke finds out gratefully her design work was entered by- Rachel! Karen kisses Keith, but he is arrested for the murder attempt on Dan before her eyes...
User ratings: 195
Average rating: 8.7
I've Got Dreams to Remember
Keith is arrested as suspect for the arson attempt on his brother Dan, but to the mayors anger soon released for lack of proof. The kids are supposed to get counseling about choosing a college, but nearly all have their minds elsewhere. Nathan and Haley make up, but have chosen colleges 3000 miles apart. Brooke believes Rachel deliberately entered her for the New York fashion contest because it's the same day as the cheerleaders' high-day, the Classic. Ellie insists Peyton shouldn't doubt about going to college at all. Mouth has enough of Brookes bitching, so he goes to the game with Rachel. Because Nathan missed political science class now Dan teaches that course, coach benches him, just when the major East Coast talent scout is present; still he gives Lucas the winning tactical tip, which really impresses coach...
User ratings: 204
Average rating: 8.8
The Wind That Blew My Heart Away
During a bad storm, Lucas spends the night with Brooke, who bitches because the last line of his letter is identical to one he once wrote to Peyton about love forever; he must chase her in the pouring rain, suggesting she just wants an excuse to break up; they make up in bed. Now Haley's record is finished after three weeks, Ellie plans to leave Peyton again but stays during the storm, reminiscing. Mouth visits Rachel to watch a movie in her bedroom, she tries to build up his confidence and coach him in womanizing, he wants to remain his honest self, turns down kissing unless it's for real and walks out. Keith helps Karen now the roof leaks; they kiss and make love. Haley suggests she and Nathan could go to Duke University, he retorts he is going to Stanford, her first choice; he proves how much he kept loving her all the time by showing newspaper cuttings about her tour. Mayor Dan hears the power break will last all night and decides to break in at Keiths; an old photo brings back fraternal childhood memories, his computer holds fascinating data; next stop the bank with a key he 'found'- bingo, his own parallel car dealership ledger.
User ratings: 296
Average rating: 9.4
All Tomorrow's Parties
Peyton tries to handle her biological ma Ellie's death by taking a road-trip to New York with Haley and Brooke for her fashion contest. Coach reads the boys the riot act on the bus to the Classic, but finds chaperons Keith and Karen giving the bad example on the backseats and decides to share Keiths room, Karen goes to his, he even drags Keith along bowling. Rachel runs a tight ship captaining the cheerleaders. Brooke hears her turn is a day later: no Classic for her? The Scott brothers accept player Tony Battle's invitation to an 'early' party after a home dinner, which sets them thinking about family and life. Bevin has worked out a cascade of room-switches so Haley sleeps with Nathan and drunk-puking Peyton with Lucas. Brooke meets her stunning 15 year-old model Solaris who takes her to a hot party and ODs; she runs, talks to a cabdriver and a competition official, realizes winning means starting adult life and flies straight back to do the Classic instead, in time to share in her teams triumph. Karen proposes to Keith, coach has to pay her hotel porn bill.
User ratings: 248
Average rating: 9.0
Just Watch the Fireworks
When someone unleashes the students' time capsule upon Tree Hill High, Lucas and Mouth must confront a person from their past. Brooke has to deal with the revelation that secrets aren't the only things she exposed in the time capsule. Dan learns to forgive Keith. Haley is forced to reconcile the man Nathan was before with the man he has become, and Peyton's Breast Cancer Benefit Concert at Tric features performances by Haley, Jack's Mannequin and the return of Fall Out Boy.
User ratings: 236
Average rating: 9.1
With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept
A dangerous day at Tree Hill High gives Nathan and Lucas a common goal, as they put their lives on the line to save their friends when a distraught student comes to school with a gun and holds Haley hostage.
User ratings: 1,060
Average rating: 9.7
Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them
The aftermath of the school shooting and the death of Jimmy Edwards forces everyone in Tree Hill to examine their lives. Nathan reassesses his relationship with Haley, while Brooke and Rachel join forces to heal the student body. Dan must deal with the ramifications of shooting Keith, while Lucas and Peyton consider the implications of their kiss in the library.
User ratings: 265
Average rating: 9.3
When It Isn't Like It Should Be
Rachel invites the gang for a weekend getaway at her family's cabin. Craziness will ensue, including a game of "I Never" which will cause characters to do things they normally wouldn't, and a nasty little issue Mouth has been harboring toward Rachel will surface. Meanwhile, Karen will confront Dan about Keith's death. Could she suspect the truth?
User ratings: 249
Average rating: 8.9
I Slept with Someone in Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me
It's the weekend of the Coastal Classic, and with Lucas sidelined, Nathan has to step up on the court against an old rival who shows an interest in Haley. Brooke and Mouth plot revenge against Rachel while Dan goes head to head with Nathan's Uncle Cooper. Also, Peyton makes a life-altering decision.
User ratings: 215
Average rating: 8.7
Everyday Is a Sunday Evening
Damien West from Oak Lake, undefeated adversaries, challenges the Ravens and even his High Flyers-"mate" Nathan for Haley; Lucas is still too sick to perform, but Nathan singlehandedly holds the fort even though his entire body aches, while Haley still enforces their prenuptial sex-moratorium. Jake tells Peyton he had to make up with Nikki, who has Jenny most of the time but actually shows some maternal talent; he became a great singer, but shies away from intimacy with Peyton- well, not for too long, and that's enough to make her decide she's ready to leave Tree Hill to be with him. Dan barges in at the family home, bitching at Deb and especially her visiting brother Coop(er) Lee, only Nathan's ballgame gets credit in his eyes. When Mouth tells Brooke Coop is with Rachel, she realizes he can't know she's just an under-age schoolgirl, and most eager for him to find out. At the game which decides if the Ravens reach the play-offs, Nathan's wound opens up, but he convinces coach to let him play on with fresh stitches, wearing Lucas's jersey as his is blood-stained; making the last minute decisive point without even watching the ring is a priceless triumph. When Coop sees Rachel acting as cheerleader, Mouth consoles her; Coop tells her she's too young, even if not under North Carolina law, but ultimately can't resist her. Because of a restraining order Deb got, Dan was unable to watch but waits for him, finally sincerely proud.
User ratings: 244
Average rating: 8.9
Over the Hills and Far Away
On the night before Nathan and Haleys wedding, Brooke argues with Haley over the wedding dress. Meanwhile, Lucas and Karen return.
User ratings: 242
Average rating: 8.9
The Show Must Go On
Nathan and Haley's wedding is a time of great joy. And great sadness. Peyton and Brooke fall out, Dan learns the truth about the fire, and Rachel gets publicly drunk....and publicly bitter.
User ratings: 401
Average rating: 9.5
The Same Deep Water as You
The aftermath of the post-wedding car accident unfolds. Haley is deeply affected by Nathan's attempt to rescue Cooper and Rachel, Brooke confronts Lucas with her true feelings and Peyton makes a startling discovery. Pressured by the fact that someone might know he killed his brother, Dan assaults Deb.
User ratings: 292
Average rating: 8.9
Things I Forgot at Birth
As Nathan, Rachel and Cooper's lives remain precarious following the car accident, Brooke celebrates her 18th birthday but finds it diminished by her struggles with Peyton. Lucas and Karen come to terms with her pregnancy and with the pregnancy of someone close to Lucas, while Deb's past addictions intersect with Haley in an explosive manner.
User ratings: 218
Average rating: 8.3
Good News for People Who Love Bad News
Lucas and Brooke, now broken up, clash at a post-game party and Haley realizes that Rachel is plotting to seduce Nathan. Meanwhile, Peyton connects with her half-brother, Rachel reveals that she knows who is pregnant and Skills takes the court with the Ravens basketball team.
User ratings: 211
Average rating: 8.6
Can't Stop This Thing We've Started
Peyton introduces hip-hop sensation Lupe Fiasco at Tric, while rumors that Brooke is pregnant run rampant. Still dealing with their car accident, Nathan buys a motorcycle despite Haley's reservations, and Rachel poses for Maxim magazine. Meanwhile, Lucas clashes with Derek, and Deb double-crosses Karen.
User ratings: 210
Average rating: 8.7
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness
Lucas feels he should come to Karen's pregnancy check-ups as often as Keith would have done, she tells him to go to school, it makes her nervous. In the waiting room he finds a battered-up whorish girl who throws her jacket to him when he remarks it seems Peyton's; it is, so he concludes Derek must have taken it at Tric and stabbed the unknown, but she refuses to hear bad-mouth her half-brother; Derek is watching them from a bridge; only after getting e-mails supposedly from Lucas and a visit when Derek stresses how much they mean for each-other Peyton checks his hotel-room and finds scary indications, which she confides in Lucas. Nathan has great news: Duke offers him a full scholarship; just then Haley announces her pregnancy, not Brooke, he asks if she still plans on Stanford and prompted for his feelings says she should have told him earlier. She asks Dan to talk to Nathan, and he does- warning she has no right to deny him following his lifelong basketball-dream after he allowed here touring; for once he takes Dan's advice. Brooke meets and falls for sexy Nick Chavez, ignoring he's a new teacher. Nathan calls a press-conference where mayor Dan presents him, and in vain expected Deb to come, if sober; Rachel is completely at his side; yet he only tells his decision will be made in concert with his pregnant wife. The police, which Lucas asked to investigate, calls Lucas away having arrested Derek Sommers, but at the station he finds that's a colored kid, and phones Peyton, who finds 'her' Derek has just arrived; she uses mace and locks him out, but he has already cut off the telephone and breaks in; just when he enters her room, Lucas arrives but is tazer-struck down; only the other Derek, who assures to be her real brother, can help push the impostor trough the window...
User ratings: 265
Average rating: 9.1
Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
Peyton is still scared after the fake Derek survived the fall from her widow and got away; Lucas tells her to remain herself living, like he does by asking coach to let him play again despite his heart problems- after Karen's endorsement, coach Whitey gives him 15 minutes per game. When her real half-brother Derek Summers refuses to return her calls, Peyton is scared and moves in with Lucas, who goes see him at the USMC base where he's a lance corporal. Nathan assures Haley the'll get by financially without help from Dan; Daunte Jones passes by to encourage him to win the state championship and take the Duke scholarship. Brooke 'Peyton' -who had dated him pretending to be Peyton- and her new English teacher 'model' Nick Chavez are shocked to discover each-others real identities, yet kiss again and decide to keep seeing each-other, but tell nobody. Gigi Silveri announces to Mouth she will ask him out. Haley finds Nathans credit-card is over the limit; Karen offers extra hours at the café and the benefit of her experience as teenage parent; when the power is cut, she makes him go ask Dan for help just to be told he broke his fathers heart by his emancipation and is not a good investment right now- so he turns to Daunte. Brooke gets an opportunity to fill in for a designer in TART, a traveling fashion show. Derek turns up, shows Peyton the base and explains her dad walked out on his black mother, Marine life cured his fear, the teaches her to channel aggression into boxing, finally makes clear he doesn't want to remain in her life. Dan gets another scare: someone e-mails threats and "knows what you've done".
User ratings: 206
Average rating: 8.6
All These Things That I've Done
Brooke has her hands full with her model for the T.A.R.T. fashion show and a new boyfriend. Rachel makes the cover of "Maxim," causing chaos at Tree Hill High. Meanwhile, Lucas learns of Nathan's dealings with Daunte, and ultimately has to choose between Nathan and his love for basketball. Haley takes on a babysitting job only to find herself in over her head and Peyton's half-brother, Derek, forces her to confront her deepest fears.
User ratings: 209
Average rating: 8.6
Nothing Left to Say But Goodbye
Derek convinces Peyton to take a chance with Lucas at the same time that Brooke approaches him about getting back together. Daunte's latest demand leads Nathan to seek help from an unlikely source - Dan. When Rachel learns of a failing grade, she turns to Haley for tutoring. Nathan is named MVP of the Ravens at the annual sports banquet.
User ratings: 224
Average rating: 8.9
Some You Give Away
As Whitey's last game approaches, the residents of Tree Hill feel the pressure of a looming State Championship. Peyton reveals to Lucas that she has feelings for him. Haley learns the sex of her baby. Nathan and Lucas clash over personal and team goals. Karen shows Deb tough love, while Dan tries to strike a bargain with Daunte.
User ratings: 518
Average rating: 9.7
Songs to Love and Die By
Lucas receives an unlikely visitor -- his supposedly dead Uncle Keith. Haley's life and the life of her unborn child are threatened when she experiences serious complications with her pregnancy and Nathan wrestles with the guilt and consequences of his dealings with Daunte.
User ratings: 304
Average rating: 9.2
Everything in Its Right Place
Following his heart attack, Lucas returns to school, hoping to rekindle his romance with Peyton. Haley learns that Nathan was responsible for her accident. Brooke and Rachel hatch a plan to steal the next calculus exam, while Dan faces murder charges and Deb breaks out of rehab.
User ratings: 214
Average rating: 8.7
With senior prom only weeks away, Haley's frustration over her injuries increases and Skills and Mouth hatch a plan to help Nathan earn money for the big dance by stripping. Brooke betrays Rachel in order to get closer to a new guy and Peyton and Lucas resolve to be happy. Struggling with her drug addiction, Deb makes a choice that could end her life.
User ratings: 228
Average rating: 8.8
Pictures of You
A class assignment reveals the deepest secrets and desires of Lucas and the students at Tree Hill High. Worried about college prospects, Skills turns to Haley, while Nathan wrestles with Deb's suicide attempt. Chase learns that Brooke cheated on her calculus exam, while nudity and drugs run rampant in the halls of the school.
User ratings: 418
Average rating: 9.5
Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers
Haley confronts Brooke regarding the stolen calculus test. Lucas and Peyton consider taking their relationship to the next level as Peyton and Brooke grow closer. In Deb's absence, Nathan throws a senior party at the Scott House, where a sex tape from Nathan's past surfaces.
User ratings: 228
Average rating: 9.0
Prom Night at Hater High
On the day of Prom, the residue of Nathan's pre-Prom party has serious repercussions for everyone in Tree Hill. Haley asks Nathan for a list of his past sexual conquests. Rachel is suspended after taking the blame for the exam she stole with Brooke. Peyton tells Lucas she wants to skip the Prom entirely, but he refuses to take no for an answer. Finally Mouth and Brooke must deal with dating Clean Teens on Prom night.
User ratings: 268
Average rating: 9.2
You Call It Madness, But I Call It Love
It will be an unforgettable Prom at Tree Hill High when Lucas discovers who was in the hallway when Keith was killed. Meanwhile, Peyton's decision to skip Prom leads to dire consequences. Nathan and Haley vow to be romantic teenagers at Prom, while Dan tries to win Karen's affections, as the witness to his murder closes in.
User ratings: 293
Average rating: 9.3
It Gets Worse at Night
Skills finds Lucas sleeping besides Peyton and Brooke who made up and felt scared alone after fighting fake Derek. When they get a message from Mouth he's in trouble, they all decide to go together as a road-trip, and drive on taking turns. After sleeping in a small-town park, 'vagrant' Mouth is in jail, where a giant biker type who recognizes him from Brooke's fashion show protects him, till he makes friends with all jailbirds. On the back-road they took in Texas to see the Elvis-shaped sandwich, their car breaks down and Chris Keller's tour-bus driving by stops and gives them a lift right to Mouth's jail in Honey Grove; they bail him out and decide to go to the local Prom as make-up for their own bummer gala. In the hotel Marvin explains to Chris he only followed Rachel on an impulse because she made him feel worthy, but would never truly love him, so he decided to return home and finish high school; Skills tells Lucas how strange it is Jimmy Edwards spared Abigail just because of her chronic disease, not Keith he too loved. On the home front, mayor Dan blackmails a town employee to illegally identify a cellphone for him. Dan enjoys getting ever better friends with Karen, who remains cautious because of their long bad past. The local kids accept the South Carolina Prom crashers; everyone 'has a ball' dancing and listening to their amazing true stories, only non-Country star Chris gets ignored. Brooke confesses stealing the exam test to Haley, who is livid but soon accepts her apologies, waves a confession to the principal, and decides to accept moving in with Peyton. Back home, the clerk reports to Dan the phone was Abigail's, and Nathan must tell Lucas there will be a Federal investigation for the state championship semifinal- against Luke.
User ratings: 229
Average rating: 8.9
The Runaway Found
Peyton is scared by images of "Psycho Derek," so she decides to confront him. Meanwhile, Lucas continues seeking answers about his Uncle Keith's Murder.
User ratings: 234
Average rating: 8.9
Ashes of Dreams You Let Die
Nathan and Haley grow closer in spite of the recent scandal. Brooke wonders if a spark might be rekindled with Chase. Peyton receives a tempting offer that would ultimately take her away from Tree Hill. Mouth reconnects with Gigi, while Lucas tells Karen that Dan is a murderer, setting off an explosive series of events.
User ratings: 226
Average rating: 9.0
The Birth and Death of the Day
As graduation day dawns in Tree Hill, some dreams begin as others end. Haley prepares for her graduation speech and her role as a young mother, while Nathan prepares for life without basketball. Brooke makes a heartfelt confession that puts her future in jeopardy. Lucas confronts Dan as Karen's life is threatened.
User ratings: 256
Average rating: 9.2
All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone
Haley gives birth to Nathan's son: James 'Jamie' Lucas Scott. After Karen nearly dies having her and Keith's daughter Lily, Dan confesses Keith's murder and goes to prison. Two weeks later, Deb babysits when Rachel hosts a nostalgic graduation class exit party. Chase and Lucas insist Brooke and Peyton try their career opportunities before returning to them. The Scott brothers gather the courage to visit dad, Dan, in jail, then decide against it, while he fails trying to hang himself. Lucas accepts becoming Jamie's godfather and Coach Whitey's college assistant.
User ratings: 484
Average rating: 9.5
4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days
After a bestselling first novel, Lucas gets desperate over prolonged writers block and returns to Tree Hill with his editor and lover, Lindsay. Flashbacks show how Nathan's meteoric basketball career was wrecked by a fight hooligans from a rival team, landing him in a wheelchair, so depressed even doting son Jamie is sometimes neglected, hence turns to uncle Lucas, but together they may provide the crucial kick in rehab-lax Nathan's paralyzed backside. Brooke finds running a fanciful New York fashion house with business bitch mother Victoria too harsh, not rewarding enough, and visits home in search of love. She meets Peyton, who finally quits her dead-end production assistant job with a commercial record label, seeking happiness back home, but finds Lucas taken. Mouth keeps applying for his dream job, TV sports reporter.
User ratings: 385
Average rating: 9.2
Racing Like a Pro
Nathan's depression hits rock-bottom, to the point of ignoring Jamie, so Hayley warns she may leave him. Uncle Lucas steps in as father figure when Jaie enters a go cart competition. Lucas takes the coach job for his high-school team the Ravens, assisted by Skills, but most promising player Quentin Fields is an arrogant idiot, who must be suspended due to his misbehavior in Hayley's class. Nathan nearly drowns himself but hen decides to pick himself up for Jamie's sake. Brooke decides to invest in a record label for house-mate Peyton to run. Nathan and Hayley hire a foxy nanny.
User ratings: 246
Average rating: 8.7
My Way Home Is Through You
Having decided to get better and be the father Jamie deserves, Nathan, still in a wheelchair, accepts the new nanny's help to visit Dan 'one last time' in prison, for closure, but is given food for thought. Coach Lucas, assisted by Skills, motivates the slackers team the hard way, accept potential star Quentin 'Q' Fields, whose misbehavior warrants suspension. Peyton signs up Jason's band as sole client, but is paranoid out of jealousy, as if Lucas's new girlfriend Lindsay were just the rival needing to oust her.
User ratings: 204
Average rating: 8.7
Its Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
Brooke buys Karens Cafe, and turns it into a Clothes Over Bro's boutique. Everyone goes to the opening of the store, including Brooke's Manager mother, who has seemed to track her down. Lucas and Peyton cause friction at the opening.
User ratings: 203
Average rating: 8.6
I Forgot to Remember to Forget
Three years earlier, the future still smiled at the Scott brothers. Lucas' writing career is still waiting to happen, but coach Whitey steps back to let his best-ever assistant coach take over the Cobras. Nathan is still their shining star, healthy and happy with Jamie and Haley, who puts her own career on hold. Whitey warns that his temper at every cheating innuendo can lead to a wasted life, like Dan. Lucas visits Peyton in L.A. and proposes, but she refuses to leave her dead-end job or return to One Tree Hill. Brooke is there building the family fashion-plus empire, yet greedily enjoys everyone's generosity when the ring makes them appear as a newly engaged couple. Junior editor Lindsey becomes a supportive friend, and in time much more.
User ratings: 227
Average rating: 9.0
Don't Dream It's Over
Nurse Carrie isn't just an ideal playmate for Jamie, who has nightmares since Skillz told him too much about Dan. Her charms should make Haley jealous, but she doesn't realize yet that Carrie really lusts for the hunky husband. Mouth is deputized by the night-shift to ask for better working conditions from their boss Alice; he actually may earn a TV reporter spot as her "play thing". Peyton clashes instantly with Brooke's bossy mother, Victoria, who scares her new label's only star, Mia, and calls Brooke too dumb to run the fashion business herself. Lucas considers proposing to Lindsay and won't accept Peyton's claim that he 'gave up on their true love' during or after his 'ambush proposal'.
User ratings: 201
Average rating: 8.6
In da Club
The gang is finally attending the same Tric concert, with Peyton's star Mia as the opening act - a success despite the increase in her stage fright when her vindictive ex, Jason, turns up. Nathan resists both alcohol and Nanny's flirting, but is scolded 'irrepentent' by Haley for verbally warning off Jason. Peyton first insists on paying rent to reluctant Lucas, then tells him she should have accepted and kisses him (Lindsay's nightmare). Lucas realizes it's time for his formal choice.
User ratings: 217
Average rating: 8.8
Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
After Peyton's desperately late declaration of love, Lucas finally proposes- to Lindsey. Nathan has serenely put nanny Carrie back in her domestic place, yet Jamie keeps considering her his second mammy and she steals another kiss. Haley doubts Nathan's advice to stay silent about seeing their last kiss, yet advices against fighting true love. Barman Owen looks down on Brooke's materialism so she gets physical. Alice is fired for sexual abuse, so Marvin gets his job from station boss Bill, but Millicent refuses a spineless lover.
User ratings: 199
Average rating: 8.8
For Tonight You're Only Here to Know
Tree Hill prepares for its new generation of Ravens to kick off the season. Before the first game, the Scott brothers can only discuss the future, and whether Nathan should tell Haley about Carrie, who has quit 'to finish her studies' after kissing him. The girls get locked in by a faulty door in the high school library. Their best hope at escape is the pizza delivery boy- an old acquaintance, Tim, once Nathan's inseparable greatest fan. Mouth feels nostalgic enough to turn his first coverage from classical sports focus to 'the real story' about fathers and sons.
User ratings: 233
Average rating: 9.0
Running to Stand Still
Carrie sneaks in unsuspecting Nathan's shower just when Haley gets home to celebrate the Ravens' first win. The vixen's lies make Haley throw both out. Jamie realizes he's being lied to by Haley and wants his daddy and 'other mommy' back. Lucas counters Dan's eloquent first parole hearing, but is appalled to hear Nathan visited the fiend once 'behind his back', and warns once free Dan will come for Jamie. Brooke takes Owen to see her 'hard' New York life, but they find Rachel OD'd. Owen deals with the pusher expertly, discloses he's in AA since eight years and stresses a loyal friend is crucial. Peyton's former boss claims only an established label is good enough for Mia, but she resists a sign-over. While Haley makes it impossible for Nathan to make up, Jamie nearly drowns in the pool.
User ratings: 224
Average rating: 8.7
You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side
Missing Nathan gives Jamie nightmares about Dan, who is indeed paroled. Lucas and Lindsay decide to 'coincidentally' have separate stag and hen nights at the same place, so Nathan and Haley are bound to meet. Brooke arranges a hot blind date for Peyton, but the joke is on her as Owen's chosen mate is Chase, Brooke's former 'clean teen' lover. Jamie's tireless efforts to get his mom and dad to make up In turn make Haley realize she shouldn't have tried to change Nathan. Ruthless business adviser and absent mother Victoria pushes Rachel out, to Brooke's disgust.
User ratings: 206
Average rating: 8.9
Lindsay's big day, the wedding to Lucas, has finally arrived. The old gang reunites, remembering their own loves and/or marriages, even Karen and Andy from New Zealand. Haley still isn't ready to let Nathan back. At the altar Lindsay finally realizes the Comet in Lucas' book refers to Peyton's car and their first love, and runs out. Crazy Carrie kidnaps Jamie, pretending she was rehired as his nanny. Because Haley saw Dan and refused him entry, Nathan sends the police look for his dad. In fact Dan followed Carrie and finds his grandson.
User ratings: 308
Average rating: 9.4
Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace
Jamie thanks grandpa for saving him, Nathan and Lucas only treat Dan to unanswered knuckle-sandwiches. A month later, Nathan and Haley are told in marriage counseling, they'll do fine if they allow themselves to be fun-loving tweens together again, not just responsible, and consider giving basketball or music another shot. Andy encourages Lucas to fly to New York and find a way to make Lindsay spend time with him. Dan talks to his parole officer Sam and to Jamie. Brooke's honesty helps disqualify her as potential adoptive single mother. Peyton confides in previous record shop manager Max.
User ratings: 268
Average rating: 8.7
What Do You Go Home To?
The marriage counselor's advice to reconnect with personal aspirations is followed to the letter. Haley is happy to re-enter the music field; Peyton is to sign her up for a record. Haley can't find an appropriate nanny, apart from Nathan's mother Deb. Nathan's come-back in basketball is harder to get going as the team's stupid star Q is rude and hostile. Only Jamie get's on with Dan, the brothers warn him to keep his distance. Brooke is ecstatic to be 'getting a baby', so she stocks up on toys etc.
User ratings: 176
Average rating: 8.7
Life Is Short
It's Jamie's fifth birthday, and a grand event for the gang. Lucas hoped Lindsey, who also attends, will go back to him, but she insists on leaving her key as she leaves for New York. Although he was the one one Jamie explicitly asked to be invited, Dan isn't even allowed to hand over his personal present. However he has another for Nathan, and a heavy reason to give it. Meanwhile Brooke learns the parenting joy can drown in rivers of tears and noise, and Millicent's entry in the boys flat proves hard to adjust to.
User ratings: 188
Average rating: 8.7
Cryin' Won't Help You Now
Lucas confronts Dan's announcement about his life expectancy of only 6 months without a heart transplant. He calls Dan a liar until the cardiologist confirms it. Nathan wrestles with his feelings, and Jamie's burning desire to get acquainted with his 'cool' grandfather, while Dan begs for a last chance to repair his shattered family. Nathan and Jamie come up with a daring alternative for the injured Ravens. Mouth suddenly gets a triple break as sports presenter.
User ratings: 180
Average rating: 8.7
Hate Is Safer Than Love
Dan finds out he is second in line to receive a heart...and the Reverend is first. Peyton gives Mia the details of her next tour. Lucas tells Peyton he hates her.
User ratings: 238
Average rating: 8.8
What Comes After the Blues
Nathan only keeps practicing because of Jamie's adoring faith in his daddy. He discovers the boy is afraid to swim ever since his near-drowning experience, but patiently restores the boy's confidence. After Lindsay's swift departure from the altar and with Lucas refusing to marry Peyton on the rebound, he's depressed enough to stay in bed and gets suspended as assistant coach. She wastes her time throwing water balloons. After wasting his chance as sportscaster, Mouth is back on gopher duty. Millicent's willingness to follow him to another station and/or a broken prompter may decide his future.
User ratings: 281
Average rating: 9.3
Touch Me I'm Going to Scream: Part I
Nathan and Haley are doing well getting back into their careers, but even Jamie's motivational magic can't stop daddy's back from hurting. Lucas finally makes up his mind and proposes to Peyton - a Vegas wedding, an idea which requires romantic rectification. Dan has finally made it to the top of the transplant list, only to be hit by a car. It's no accident, but crazy nurse Carrie who planned to torture him and get Jamie 'back'. Brooke's mother vows to turn the tables by making the board reinstate her and fire Brooke, so her baby design line is vital and top-secret. Millicent decides to stay to help, but Broooke learns Mouth must travel to his Omaha job stat or loose it.
User ratings: 324
Average rating: 9.1
One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning
Nathan enjoys preparing for a basketball comeback. When Haley discovers how much painkillers he needs they consult a doctor, who warns that overdoing it may even land him in a wheelchair for life. Crazy Carrie's torture now extends to feeding bugs to Dan and setting him up as Jamie's 'stalker' before her planned kidnapping. Deb sees that Brooke has been beaten black and blue and robbed, probably on ma's orders as the sketches are stolen, but is asked to keep silent- and teach her to use a gun. Someone else does, with lasting consequences.
User ratings: 233
Average rating: 8.9
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.
The shooting of Ravens player Quentin 'Q' is the talk of the town. All One Tree Hill tries to come to terms with such blind violence. Nathan and Haley do a great job guiding young son Jamie as well as the team - and school mates. Meanwhile Dan finally gets a chance to make a 'run' from the intended death bed Jamie's would-be kidnapper-'mother' Carrie tied him down on.
User ratings: 339
Average rating: 9.4
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Knowing about his mother's affair with Skills, Nathan tells her to leave, but finds Jamie and his granny miss each-other. Of all people she happens to tell crazy Carrie. Jamie's insistence to visit grandpa Dan brings Haley to discover his disappearance and investigates. Brooke seeks counseling now that her mother has stolen her fashion company, then goes to confront her, armed. The shoplifter is in Haley's class. Peyton is delighted to work and spend time with singer Mick Wolf, who also knew her late mother and biological father.
User ratings: 198
Average rating: 8.6
You've Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie in It
Nathan thinks it's a godsend to be invited for a job interview by manager Bobby Irons of the NBA D-league team Fort Wayne, until he hears it's for a coaching job. Haley finally grants Jamie a last chance to say dying grandpa Dan goodbye, but it's a dangerous set-up by crazy nanny Carrie, which only lush granny-nanny Debby works out. An incompatible date in a promotion tour for his book forces Lucas to tell Lindsay he's about to marry Peyton.
User ratings: 218
Average rating: 8.9
Choosing My Own Way of Life
Lucas is joined by a familiar face on his book tour; Nathan questions his health when he is given an opportunity to play basketball again.
User ratings: 193
Average rating: 8.6
Messin' with the Kid
Nathan is happy again now that he's playing and actually staring in slamball. So he reminds Haley that she's also supposed to have another go at her dream career - music. Jamie is bullied because of his 'childish' cape by Chuck Scolnik, the biggest kid in his playground. Haley's attempt to reason with his mother only leads to a cat-fight. Superdad finds a way to convince the whole class capes are almost as super-cool as he. Peyton's moving into Lucas' parental home starts confrontations when accused of taking over his space, leading to a weird divided house war. Mouth is welcomed back with his old promotion offer, plus an extra: intern - his ex Gigi, who now finds him sexually irresistible.
User ratings: 202
Average rating: 8.8
Our Life Is Not a Movie or Maybe
Nathan's back is well enough to shoot hoops on the slamball trampoline, but during matches bruises pile up more spectacularly than Haley can bear to watch. Luckily mountain-size Owen obliges Brooke's 'order' to act as a human shield. Nathan gratefully smooths over his relationship with the fiery ex. They're just in time to help pick up the pieces -little more is left- after Sam, who joined the club of volunteer babysitters for irresistible Jamie, sneaks out with the angelic rascal to a wild party. Lucas is surprised his first book is considered for a movie, and signs the rights to charming Julian Baker. He knows nothing about the Hollywood exec's LA past with Peyton.
User ratings: 190
Average rating: 8.7
Sympathy for the Devil
Jamie and Haley really worry that Nathan might being injured at Slam Ball, although he scores well and Owen protects him even against the most feared adversaries. Brooke is so stressed out by Sam's misbehavior that Owen's efforts to win her back, exposing himself only to get overexposed cruelly, seem wasted. Lucas agonizes over whether and how to write the key script scene Julian demands, Keith's death. Peyton puts off telling him about her LA affair too long.
User ratings: 180
Average rating: 8.6
Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous
Nathan wrestles with his former self as to whether to give up basketball to be a family-man only or pursue his dream, as he encourages Haley to do at a USO concert for marines. Lucas punches Julian in the face but must reconsidering collaborating on the movie he already sold the rights to. Monogamous virgin Millicent is made absurdly jealous by teaser Gigi.
User ratings: 199
Average rating: 8.6
We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)
Dozing off, Lucas dreams the whole gang are adults in the 1940s. He runs Karen's Café, a classy swing club. Nate, his barman, gathers the courage to declare his love to Haley, the star singer - but is called for active war duty. Mob don Dan run the competing Comet club, but Peyton, his naive girl, flirts with cool Lucas. Dan's right hand Julian breaks Lucas' piano player's hands. Officer Morello suffers Dan's wrath for being an honest cop, with Mouth as a nosy reporter.
User ratings: 292
Average rating: 7.3
You Have to Be Joking (Autopsy of the Devil's Brain)
Thanks to Bobby Irons, Nathan gets a professional audition at Maryland. He changes position to point guard, ideal to prove a smart, driven 'shortie' can outclass cocky poles. Returning to collaboration on the movie after his book with Julian, Lucas flies to L.A. to meet hot-shot director Dixon, who wants to make the plot more dramatic. Jamie hesitates whether to play piano or tell jokes at the school podium, but finds a brilliant solution. Julian offers Brooke the chance to design the movie's wardrobe. Brooke and Gigi make Owen and Millicent despair enough to fall into sin. Sam runs away after being caught with dorky John 'Jack' Daniels, whose brother X is not actually unknown.
User ratings: 225
Average rating: 9.0
Things a Mamma Don't Know
Peyton shares shocking news with Lucas who is still in LA with Dixon and Julian. Nathan struggles to adjust to his new career and Brooke desperately searches for Sam.
User ratings: 214
Average rating: 8.9
A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene
Sore from professional basketball, Nathan enjoys his first weekend home. Double date Chase enjoys Nathan's generous help with Mia. Haley happily dumped sonny-boy and his mate in mischief on Lucas and Peyton. They need parenting practice, but find even the best boys are too exhausting to just enjoy all day. Julian enjoys 'not quite a date' with Brooke. Now Brooke has identified Jack's brother and got him arrested as murderer, fostering veteran Sam tries to reassure or at least console Jack.
User ratings: 215
Average rating: 8.8
We Change, We Wait
Nathan is on the bench during five losses, but has more maturity, team spirit and insight than the arrogant, selfish star scorer. He feels this is bound to pay off, as Dan predicts. After refusing six top directors, Lucas and Julian get an ultimatum from his father, Paul. He also tells Peyton that the infidelity she dumped Julian for was his publicity stunt. Julian is incredible patient with Brooke's insecurity. Chase is Mia's ideal playmate, inspiring a new single.
User ratings: 181
Average rating: 8.7
Screenwriter's Blues
Julian and director Dixon, who enjoys the 'fringe (bed) benefits' to the fullest, press Lucas to make up his mind about casting. Their pressing for even more sexy actors/costumes then the originals stirs Brooke most. Nathan convinces coach Bobby Irons to field him instead of dumb selfish Devon, who still turns out to be a family man too. Dan enjoys coaching Jamie's 'first date', but the boy resents his teacher Lauren taking an adult interest in his mentor. Peyton bumbles trying to prep a childproof home. Haley braves the dictatorial new principal's threat to her job by publishing a frank essay by Sam.
User ratings: 215
Average rating: 9.0
You and Me and the Bottle Makes 3 Tonight
Nathan can't be home on his wedding anniversary, so Haley comes to Charleston to arrange a romantic dinner in a run-down but charming townhouse. She proposes to move there so they can be together more, he generously suggests she starts touring again. Understanding lover Julian tries the L-word on Brooke, but that's still too soon. Meanwhile Jamie has a dinner guest which surprises nanny granny: grandpa Dan. Parenting memories first bring the exes together, then open up bitter wounds, how both are guilty of Keith's death. After Peyton's near-miscarriage, Lucas wants to save her, but she's determined to have their baby at any cost.
User ratings: 214
Average rating: 8.9
Searching for a Former Clarity
Julian's dad is fired as studio boss, his projects therefore in doubt. Director Reese Dixon worries about saving pay and perks, masterly. Dan's heart finally arrives, but is lost in a doggish accident. Jamie demands the truth about Keith, but stays loyal. Sam sees Jack commit shoplifting and takes both loot and blame. Julian learns the truth and must decide whether to leave Tree Hill and Brooke. Haley may return as teacher if she publicly withdraws her support for Sam's article. She leaves to join Peyton's label as Mia's producer.
User ratings: 194
Average rating: 8.7
Letting Go
Julian offers Brooke tickets to move to L.A. with him and Sam. However, she keeps doubting and whining that she can't uproot Sam, although she's willing. Even Chase warns her not to waste such an opportunity. When Jamie asks about Keith, Nathan and Lucas take him to his auto-shop. Jack braves suspension to make all Haley's class walk out of Brumkin's boring English class. Even a college dorm PJ party can't console love-sick Mouth.
User ratings: 179
Average rating: 8.7
I Would for You
Nathan and Haley are considering a better school for genius Jamie, but doubt that academic excellence outweighs posh elitism and absence of sports. Nathan is expected to step up as leader - by coaching his ingrate rival Nino. Peyton has a car accident, which wrecks Lucas' Comet on wheels. Sam's boyfriend has found cool foster parents, and must leave Victoria expects Brooke to help save the company she stole, if not out of family loyalty then for the employees.
User ratings: 176
Average rating: 8.7
A Kiss to Build a Dream On
Nathan is offered a two year pro contract, but in Europe. He agonizes whether he should take it, as Bobby suggests, or stick to his NBA dream, as Haley advices. Jamie not only does well at his first school dance, he is the one who counsels 'babsitter' Skills to date his teacher there. While Peyton grumbles bedridden, Lucas repairs the Comet as a surprise, while both reminisce. Chase must convince Mia his affair with Brooke was and could only happen before them. Haley enjoys working with Nick Lackey, who wants her to produce music.
User ratings: 172
Average rating: 8.4
Show Me How to Live
Warned by manager Bobby there's an NBA scout, Nathan and his protégé Nino perform excellently, then wait for a call. Lucas opposes Peyton preparing a 'posthumous' time-capsule and ask for a rushed marriage on account of her pregnancy risk. Nathan makes him reconsider and drops off Jamie with 'his uncle Keith'. Brook, Sam and Victoria are too busy to concentrate on Peyton's baby-shower or business. They are preoccupied as to whether Sam should be encouraged to spend time with birth mother Rebecca.
User ratings: 181
Average rating: 8.9
Forever and Almost Always
Hearing Nino, the player Nathan taught everything and made look good for the scout, got his NBA post makes Nathan consider giving up professional basketball. So he dodged training to attend Lucas's wedding, celebrated by Haley whom Lucas ordained by Internt for lack of a real minister. To Chase's pleasure, weddings make Mia frisky. Lucas invited Julian, but ignoring Brooke would be dateless he brought 'movie-brooke' Missy as date. To make them jealous, Brooke commandeers celebrity Nick Lachey.
User ratings: 267
Average rating: 9.2
Remember Me as a Time of Day
Jamie's dream comes true: daddy Nathan finally gets an NBA post, with the Charlotte Bobcats. Peyton is hospitalized bleeding badly, but gives Lucas a healthy daughter and pulls trough. Julian stood by Brooke, then has great goodbye sex. Chase loves Mia enough to applaud her impending tour although it means being separated. Still terminal Dan visits retired coach Whitey Durham, considering suicide. Seeing newborn Sawyer restores his will to live.
User ratings: 362
Average rating: 9.4
4:30 AM (Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad)
Jamie's seventh birthday is a happy celebration for the Scott family and Tree Hill friends. Only Lucas and Peyton are missed, having move away for good, leaving Red Bedroom Records to Haley, but it's in deep trouble. Brooke mainly enjoys having Julian home, and encourages him to accept producing a movie in New Zealand, although that means at least ten months abroad without her. Even Haley's sister, international photographer Quinn, turns up, but not just for the party. Nathan's agent, Clayton Evans, has been great, but worries about a problem about to get out. Dan is alive, and has his own show.
User ratings: 227
Average rating: 8.1
What Are You Willing to Lose
Agent Clayton believes Nathan he's unfairly accused by the press of infidelity with a certain Renée. Julian wrestles with dad Paul Norris's warning Brooke can't be worth sacrificing the key blockbuster to make his career prestigious. Dan has a TV show on wickedness, starring him and his foxy new wife as reformed evildoers, and sells his book on 'redemption'. Mia joins Haleyr refusing to transfer to the major label if ax-executive Stone closes down Red Bedroom Records.
User ratings: 173
Average rating: 8.1
Hold My Hand as I'm Lowered
Nathan is reluctant even to consider agent Clay's business-advise a $200,000 cash silence-settlement is cheaper then risking his contract-renewal. Ultimately he and Haley consider only sparing Jamie could be worth it, but Nathan dares that. Mouth was ordered to investigate rumors, but keeps his mouth on Nathan's word of innocence. His roommates-scare off-duel with Skills makes the big lout beg and pay Jamie to deliver him from a 'monster'. Brooke's brainless model-spokesperson flirts first with Julian, then with Clay.
User ratings: 172
Average rating: 8.4
Believe Me, I'm Lying
Nathan can't concentrate on training or contract negotiations even before the tabloid National Informer prints Renee's love-child slander. He manages to reassure Jamie, who is teased at school, and stick to Clayton's advice to refuse comment to the press, but Haley ends up publicly slapping the liar. Chase's new blue cocktail is undrinkable. Quin meanly tells David she wants a divorce because he's too sensible and turns Clayton's flirt into an unforgivable affair. Mouth is fired for refusing to bring to rumor on TV. Victoria finally acknowledges Julian is good for Brooke, but warns for Alex's flirting after he accepts to help her elaborate a promising first movie script. Alex poisons rival model Makenna but a creative solution in found.
User ratings: 162
Average rating: 8.4
Your Cheatin' Heart
Renee presses charges and has Haley arrested and thrown in Jail. Clay and Quinn grow close much to Nathan's distaste. Elsewhere, after a false start Julian and Alex begin to work on her script.
User ratings: 166
Average rating: 8.3
Deep Ocean Vast Sea
Renée's lies wreck hottie Nathan's marketing value. Haley wants to pay for a retraction, but Nathan insists it's too late and calls doubt her real hurtful motive. Julian spends so much time working with Alex that Brooke decides to make him jealous by making hot ex Chase her fitting model for a boys clothes line. Dan has given up hope to win over Nathan and invites Renée in his TV show 'for his grandchild'. Mouth tricks his boss to appeal to the viewers on Nathan's behalf.
User ratings: 161
Average rating: 8.4
I and Love and You
Dan and Rachel bring Renee onto his chat show. But does Dan have a few tricks up his sleeve? Meanwhile, Clay and Quinn reflect over their past loves - Clay and his late wife Sarah and Quinn and her earlier life with David.
User ratings: 247
Average rating: 9.3
I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight
Nathan, Julian, Mouth, Skills, James and Chuck go camping. Back in Tree Hill, Haley, Brooke and Quinn enjoy some "special" brownies. Meanwhile, Clayton continues to deal with his mourning issues and Dan has nightmares about a dying boy.
User ratings: 180
Average rating: 8.7
Now You Lift Your Eyes to the Sun
Nathan literally throws the door in uninvited guest Dan's face, but allows Jamie to enjoy his granddad. Rachel's insincere attempt to make up with Brooke is viciously thrown back. Julian has to postpone celebrating finishing the script when Alex's calls him after finding cocaine. It actually belongs to Millicent. Clay plays hardball about Nathan's next contract and learns about Quinn's caring side. Chase presents his new barman, Grubbs, who has a sixth sense for clients' liquor taste.
User ratings: 164
Average rating: 8.4
You Are a Runner, and I Am My Father's Son
Clay is even more shocked then Nathan to hear the Charlotte Bobcats dump local star Scott for an all-star point-guard. Nathan is fired, storms over to Clay's, finds Quinn there and bitterly fires his friend as agent. Dan returned to Three Hill, considering to do a show about his murder of Keith, but hears the news and decides Clay needs to be pushed hard to start a new life chapter. Julian finally breaks with Alex, next tells her his dad dumped their script on account of 'bad timing'. Julian learns Brooke's anger was about the non-pregnancy she never told him. Alec and Mouth work out Millicent is the real cocaine addict. Despite Chase's charm, Victoria joins the club 'short-listing' Grubbs.
User ratings: 161
Average rating: 8.5
You Know I Love You, Don't You
ISC's post-Clay agents offer Nathan another contract- not NBA, that's too late, but to bridge a year without weakening his record, Barcelona, in Spain. Julian's efforts to console and make up with Brooke are frustrated again when Alex breaks his confidence, so she's told the script was dumped solely because of her. Clay lost his clients with his job, so his hopes rest on a single discovery in Arkansas, farm-boy Troy, but his dad found out. Dan's special on Keith's death has only grim consequences. Jamie and some mates help Skills make a demo video for his LA video based on White Men Can't Jump. Vuctoria bailed Milly after her drunk driving arrest, but Moyh's lost confidence and drugs aren't that easily overcome.
User ratings: 169
Average rating: 8.6
Some Roads Lead Nowhere
Haley soaps Jamie's mouth for frankly describing how having to move to Barcelona feels, but daddy helps him trough both traumas by introducing him to the bar, for Grubb's drink recommendation, listening ear and a taste of Spanish tomato fighting. Alex's suicide attempt shocked everyone, but Julian, who found her in time, tells her the movie is financed after all. Raleigh-born talent Joe Turner's ma's terminal cancer opens new opportunities for Clay as an agent, and his brilliant solution also helps Nathan. Dan's Killing Keith special shocks even Rachel: it's to be his last, he gives all their fortune away and files for divorce, then leaves. Millie goes into drug rehab, fired by Brooke, dumped by Mouth but promised support by both.
User ratings: 176
Average rating: 8.9
Weeks Go by Like Days
Super-fans/roadies Nathan and Jamie have a blast touring with Haley. Clay has Nathan's contract waiting at their return and wisely takes his time with Quinn, whose divorce has come through. After Jamie's friends tire of his roadie hero-stories, his father explains that friends are even more important then cool things and arranges backstage passes. Brooke's mistrusts Alex, although he takes her word for it that new male fashion designer Alexander is strictly professional. He decides to produce Alex's movie. Millie gets second chances as office assistant and with Mouth. Quinn's ex David calls by with his new fiancée- her sassy sister Taylor.
User ratings: 165
Average rating: 8.4
Family Affair
Nathan tries to calm Haley down after Taylor and David's shock announcement that they are a couple and then through the ensuing dinner that Taylor plans out until all three James sisters find themselves in the pool fighting it out. David and Quinn talk and he agrees with her that their marriage is at an end. Julian takes offense to the director hired for his new film and fires him after he punches him for insulting Alex. Finally after talking to Brooke rationally and asking her to be the movie's costume designer she makes him see that he should direct the movie himself which he brings up with his father who agrees. Mouth and Lauren fix up the disheveled apartment after Millicent's recent partying and then tells Millicent he is staying in Tree Hill. Millicent and Brooke agree to try and be friends again.
User ratings: 161
Average rating: 8.8
Don't You Forget About Me
Flashback to the '80s.
User ratings: 179
Average rating: 8.7
My Attendance Is Bad But My Intentions Are Good
Julian does a great job directing, especially feeling and handling Alex. Brooke keeps sending mixes signals, mainly negative, to both Julian and Alexander, who now ogles Alex and soon dates her. Nathan and Jamie seek refuge at Clay's while the James sisters bicker after David came to his senses and dumped Taylor. Their mother arrives, announcing she has terminal cancer and wants her last months to be quality time with them, but Taylor runs. Grubbs is challenged to use his musical talent for a record. Millie has been cheating at group therapy.
User ratings: 166
Average rating: 8.6
At the Bottom of Everything
Realizing Haley can't accept her mother Lydia's terminal diagnosis without a second opinion, Nathan gets his team doctor to consult a prominent oncologist. Lydia meanwhile tells even Jamie she won't live to celebrate another family Christmas, which freaks Haley again, but he soon finds a brilliant way to respect her wishes. After a hot night with Alexander, Alex is a mess on Julian's set, but still ends up seducing him, just as Brooke was ready to take him back. Owen is in Millie's AA group, which upsets Mouth. Miranda proves a music career is worth almost anything, even Grubb's, which he still wouldn't go for.
User ratings: 158
Average rating: 8.4
The Last Day of Our Acquaintance
In getting back at Julian for sleeping with Alex, Brooke messes with the costumes for the shoot and generally does her best to wound Julian but it takes comments from Alex to get her thrown off the set after she punches Alex in the face. Only later does she discover that it was Alexander that Alex slept with as she switched rooms with Julian. She tells Victoria who is furious and it later transpires that her mystery lover is Alexander. Meanwhile, Lydia takes ill from her cancer and is hospitalized and reaches out to the daughter Taylor but it is Quinn who manages to get her to come before she dies. Elsewhere, Clay tells Katie he won't be representing her but it doesn't put off Katie and she finds out that he was married to Sara so she transforms herself to look like her. Lauren and Mouth nearly get it together only for Skills to come back to Tree Hill.
User ratings: 179
Average rating: 9.0
Every Picture Tells a Story
Nathan and Jamie have a blast 'home alone' while Haley joins the crowd at Quinn's gallery opening, actually to forget about her sad secret. Alexander's hot fling with Victoria gets literally unveiled when Skills finally works out at Chase's bar that Mouth is doing Lauren, whom he came to give up his Hollywood for. Anononymous blackmail to expose Josh's sneaky 'home video' of hot sex with Alex wrecks Julian's triumph and restored confidence in her even now the movie is completed. Clay shows his stalker Katie resembles his late wife strikingly. Grubbs has a romantic solution for Miranda's visa plight.
User ratings: 152
Average rating: 8.3
Learning to Fall
Nathan lovingly picks up the pieces with angelic patience when Haley works out her frustration on everyone, even Jamie, and semi-accidentally torches the home piano. Julian enjoys Brooke's apologies and eagerness to learn him relax in her 'private spa'. Alex accidentally catches Josh kissing a gay lover. Learns his ex is the blackmailer, who threatened to out him and probably wreck both his career and Julian's debut movie, she and Paul come up with a drastic solution. Brooke calms down after Alexander and her ma prove to be in love and rectify the media goof that Brooke was the hunk's naughty lover. Katie's roommate confirms to Clay she's a dangerous lithium patient. Jamie lectures Skills Lauren was his first, so why not forgive second-hand 'thief' Mouth?
User ratings: 149
Average rating: 8.4
What's in the Ground Belongs to You
While Nathan shows angelic patience to help Haley deal with her ma's death, Quinn diverts Jamie by organizing a treasure hunt trough Tree Hill. Julian is tressed out about the editing and first festival showing of his movie, but soon realizes it's a success regardless, because it helped him and his loved ones. Alex tells about her fake affair with co-star Josh to Chase, who is heartbroken because Mia broke up by phone text message. Then she turns up for the record label's trouble, now Miranda is returning to London, refusing the marry Grubbs despite great sex. Katie now believes to be Clay's late ex Sara, a role she almost plays to the fatal end.
User ratings: 154
Average rating: 8.3
Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said the Last Time I Saw You
Haley tries to overcome her depression by joining Nathan, Jamie and the rest of the Tree Hill gang on a trip to Utah for the premiere of Julian's film.
User ratings: 208
Average rating: 8.9
Asleep at Heaven's Gate
As the gang returns from Utah, Brooke and Julian are engaged, Haley learns that she is pregnant, Nathan must leave for training camp, and Clay and Quinn are assaulted and shot by Katie.
User ratings: 207
Average rating: 8.7
I Can't See You, But I Know You're There
Clay and Quinn discover they've been shot, and as they fight to live, Nathan and Haley struggle with the situation. Meanwhile, Julian tries to preoccupy Jamie, and Brooke's legal troubles mount.
User ratings: 171
Average rating: 8.4
The Space in Between
As the situation at the hospital worsens; Nathan makes a huge decision regarding his career. Brooke and Julian take Jamie for the day, while Victoria and Millicent hatch a plan.
User ratings: 167
Average rating: 8.6
We All Fall Down
As Brooke deals with the mounting financial troubles at Clothes Over Bro's, Nathan and Haley come to a conclusion regarding Nathan's career. Meanwhile, Julian begins a new film project, while Alex and Chase spend the afternoon together.
User ratings: 165
Average rating: 8.3
Nobody Taught Us to Quit
As Clay is discharged from the hospital, Nathan contemplates walking away from the NBA. Meanwhile, Brooke and Victoria disagree on how to handle the company's financial problems, and Chase discovers a secret about Alex.
User ratings: 146
Average rating: 8.6
Not Afraid
As Halloween approaches in Tree Hill, Brooke and Julian get an unexpected visitor, and Nathan begins a new career. Meanwhile, Clay and Quinn struggle with life back at the beach house, and Haley and Mia host an open mic night at Tric.
User ratings: 171
Average rating: 8.4
Luck Be a Lady
As the wedding approaches, Brooke tries to connect with Sylvia, while Julian looks for his best man at a guys' poker night. Meanwhile, Nathan struggles in his new job, while Haley's counseling abilities are challenged, and Skills returns to town with a new friend.
User ratings: 156
Average rating: 8.5
Mouthful of Diamonds
Nathan's career as an agent takes a big step forward when he visits Atlanta, while Haley consoles Jamie regarding his new braces. The drama between Brooke and Sylvia finally comes to a head, and Chase makes a decision regarding Mia and Alex.
User ratings: 155
Average rating: 8.3
Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace
The gang gathers at Nathan and Haley's to spend Thanksgiving with friends and family.
User ratings: 168
Average rating: 8.8
Lists, Plans
In order to get an agent's license, Nathan returns to college. He opts for a full business major, a tall order but with some 'tutoring' from clever Jamie, he starts to feel more confident. Chase initially feels ignored and used when Mia and Alex volunteer as bar assistants for a concert, but ends up enjoying the fringe benefits. Julian decides Brooke should enjoy life again. He helps her achieve this by using a 'bucket list' she had previously made. While Katie Ryan secretly returns to complete her murderous plans, Dan talks Quinn out of a preventive but vindictive strike plan against her. Will she come to regret not going through with it?
User ratings: 164
Average rating: 8.5
Darkness on the Edge of Town
A storm strikes Tree Hill, putting everyone's life in danger.
User ratings: 303
Average rating: 9.4
The Drinks We Drank Last Night
After a wild night out on the town for her bachelorette party, Brooke and the girls try to piece together the night before amidst the wreckage of the day after.
User ratings: 222
Average rating: 9.1
The Other Half of Me
The wedding day of Brooke and Julian has finally arrived. Alex and Quinn have started to spend some time together. They continue to share their past experiences of almost dying. Haley is scared that she might be pregnant. Nathan's work is becoming more and more intricate. The wedding has brought Millie and Mouth closer to each other.
User ratings: 174
Average rating: 8.9
Holding Out for a Hero
Brooke, Quinn and Haley decide to use their talents for the greater good. Meanwhile, Julian takes on a directing job and helps out a friend, and Chase mentors Chuck.
User ratings: 167
Average rating: 8.3
Valentine's Day Is Over
Sex games, secrets and shoelaces all come into play as the couples of Tree Hill celebrate Valentine's Day.
User ratings: 156
Average rating: 8.4
I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here
As the girls plan a surprise baby shower for Haley, the guys participate in try-outs for Jamie's baseball team. Meanwhile, Brooke and Julian pursue adoption, while Mouth gets Millicent ready for her first day at work.
User ratings: 139
Average rating: 8.3
The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get
As Haley's due date approaches, she takes steps to ensure that all her friends and family will be ready when the time comes. Brooke and Julian also prepare to begin a family, while Chuck turns to Chase for help with a problem.
User ratings: 138
Average rating: 8.5
Quiet Little Voices
The big day has finally arrived and the gang gathers at the hospital to await the birth of Haley and Nathan's baby. While they wait, they reminisce about the memories they have shared over the years.
User ratings: 154
Average rating: 8.3
Where Not to Look for Freedom
While Haley stays at home to take care of the new baby, Quinn organizes a concert at Tric. Meanwhile, Brooke gets an offer to return to Clothes Over Bros, and Nathan sets his sights on exposing Professor Kellerman.
User ratings: 137
Average rating: 8.4
The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul
As Nathan, Julian and Clay coach Jamie's first little league game, the situation regarding the accident comes to a head. Meanwhile, Chase asks Alex to take a drug test for him, and Quinn gets an offer to shoot in Puerto Rico.
User ratings: 149
Average rating: 8.5
Flightless Bird, American Mouth
Nathan, Jamie, Clay, Julian, Chase and Chuck have a camp-out on the Rivercourt. Meanwhile, Brooke, Quinn, Alex and Lauren take a trip to Puerto Rico.
User ratings: 151
Average rating: 8.5
This Is My House, This Is My Home
Clay pushes Nathan to look for athletes that possess the level of commitment that he used to have. Chase starts his Air Force pilot training, leaving behind his two favorite people -Alex & Chuck. Julian and Brooke get some big news regarding the pregnancy during a sonogram visit. Jamie makes up with Madison.
User ratings: 214
Average rating: 8.9
Know This, We've Noticed
As Brooke and Julian begin to adjust to life with their new children, Haley and Nathan find themselves dealing with similar issues. Although they don't know it yet, faces from the past threaten to interrupt plans for all their futures. Meanwhile, a mysterious problem arises for Clay and Quinn.
User ratings: 280
Average rating: 8.8
In the Room Where You Sleep
Brooke discusses a new business venture with her father, as Julian stresses about his struggles to be honest with Mouth. Meanwhile, Chris Keller makes Alex an offer she may not be able to refuse and Nathan volunteers to scout in Europe, leaving Dan with Haley and Jamie.
User ratings: 170
Average rating: 8.3
Love the Way You Lie
Dan helps a struggling Haley at Karen's Café. Meanwhile, Quinn discovers that Clay is hiding something from her, and Chase tries to mend a broken heart. Brooke is let down by her lunch plans with her dad, and Julian makes a life-changing mistake.
User ratings: 169
Average rating: 8.5
Don't You Want to Share the Guilt?
Julian is even more shattered than Broke, who gives him the silent treatment, over having forgotten baby son Davis in his car. Although the boy is alright, Brooke leaves with the twins until Haley talks sense into her. Drunk, Chase enjoyed a wild night with a shameless flirtster but shyly wriggles out of continuation in the morning, on account of Alex's memory, only to find her with Chris Keller the next day. Dan and Jamie enjoy camping but dreaded Nathan's return is likely to mean grandpa's exit. After Dan scares away Clay's dealer, he comes clean to Quinn and consults Dr. Alvarez, who promises recovery but only after residential therapy.
User ratings: 182
Average rating: 8.7
The Killing Moon
Chase bravely bares Chuck's absurd, imitative adoration for 'cool', actually neglectful Chris Keller and stands by the ingrate knave when his father Wade Scolnic finally visits, but discards Chase as if a random babysitter. Nathan is missing since his flight home from Europe days ago. After cocky Keller helps activating Tree Hill PD officer Stevens, Haley finds Dan's cash stash and suspects a horrible crime. Julian can't forgive himself even now his loved-ones do, blames himself for bullying by strangers and picks a bar-brawl to get a 'bloody good' beating. Pushed by Dan and Quinn, Clay checks in for residential therapy with Dr. Alvarez, keeps dismissing 'mere talk' as therapy, but decides against signing out after meeting shy Logan, a neglected orphan boy who hangs around the rehab clinic.
User ratings: 170
Average rating: 8.9
Catastrophe and the Cure
Dan enlists Julian to help in his search for Nathan. Mouth fills Clay in about Nathan, as Haley explains Nathan's disappearance to Jamie. Brooke gets an idea of how to bring patrons to an empty Karen's Café, and Chris Keller confronts Chase about Tara.
User ratings: 158
Average rating: 8.6
Last Known Surroundings
Haley seeks help from Lucas as Nathan makes an escape attempt. Brooke comes face-to-face with Xavier. Julian uncovers evidence that assists Dan in his search for Nathan. Clay makes a connection with another patient.
User ratings: 208
Average rating: 8.8
A Rush of Blood to the Head
Haley receives news of a possible tragedy. Dan's search for Nathan leads him back to his dark past. Clay has a breakthrough in his treatment. Brooke and Julian deal with Xavier. Chase's concern for Chuck pushes him to his limits.
User ratings: 181
Average rating: 9.0
Every Breath Is a Bomb
Brooke and Julian take new measures to protect their family. Skills helps Mouth get to a turning point, and Chase faces consequences for defending Chuck. Clay reaches a new understanding with Logan.
User ratings: 156
Average rating: 8.6
Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will
Dan, Julian and Chris Keller attempt to rescue Nathan. Brooke's conflict with Xavier escalates. Quinn and Clay revisit the past.
User ratings: 238
Average rating: 9.3
Danny Boy
Nathan's practically safe return causes general joy. The only downside is Dan's condition, probably terminal, but the whole family is in a forgiving mood while reminiscing, only Lucas refuses to come. Julian is welcomed as a hero and hears Brooke survived Xavier's attack, then stands by her as a paternal visit proves too good to be truly non-business. Clay goes to Sara's parents, who have raised Logan, and gets them to agree to let his son be invited home with him and Quinn.
User ratings: 368
Average rating: 9.5
Anyone Who Had a Heart
Julian finally sells his One Tree Hill series concept to a studio and is hired to complete the script. Clayton and Quinn, who welcomes Sara's memory to, patiently win Logan's trust to become a warm; close family. Chase gets over his confidence crisis as bar manager just before he's offered a chance to buy Tric from Karen on the boat burning day. After Julian scolds father-in-law a useless father and Brooke 'surprises' her divorced parents back in bed, an unexpected business move makes up for a lot.
User ratings: 178
Average rating: 8.7
One Tree Hill
Super-dad Nathan enjoys being back home and instills in doting Jamie to be good but live his own life. Chase enjoys his new status as independent bar owner, although his latest cocktail to celebrate Tric's tenth anniversary is most cruelly 'welcomed'. Chris Keller is back, impresses but turns down a studio scout after a great performance. Julian celebrates his Hollywood success by buying Brooke's childhood home, while the Baker Man firm is launched by Internet sale. Clay and Quinn complete building their family by adopting Logan, who already considers them his parents. Mouth gets a new sports show.
User ratings: 592
Average rating: 9.4
Always and Forever
Super-dad Nathan enjoys being back home and instills in doting Jamie to be good but live his own life. Chase enjoys his new status as independent bar owner, although his latest cocktail to celebrate Tric's tenth anniversary is most cruelly 'welcomed'. Chris Keller is back, impresses but turns down a studio scout after a great performance. Julian celebrates his Hollywood success by buying Brooke's childhood home, while the Baker Man firm is launched by Internet sale. Clay and Quinn complete building their family by adopting Logan, who already considers them his parents. Mouth gets a new sports show.
User ratings: 89
Average rating: 8.9
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