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Peaky Blinders

Seasons: 4
Episodes: 24
User ratings: 187,512
Average rating: 8.8

Crime, Drama

A gangster family epic set in 1919 Birmingham, England and centered on a gang who sew razor blades in the peaks of their caps, and their fierce boss Tommy Shelby, who means to move up in the world.

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Episode #1.1
In Birmingham just after the Great War trenches veteran Thomas Shelby leads his gang, the Peaky Blinders, so named as they carry lethal razors in their peaked caps, who make money from illegal betting and the black market. Thomas, by mistake, appropriates a consignment of guns which have been stolen from the local arms factory and hard-nosed Inspector Campbell arrives from Ireland, charged by war minister Winston Churchill to recover it. Thomas's aunt Polly urges him to return it but he sees the opportunity to use it to his advantage. Thomas also quarrels with his elder brother Arthur as Thomas has devised the 'powder trick', a means of fixing horse races and Arthur is nervous as Thomas has not involved Billy Kimber, who runs the race-courses and their rackets. Thomas's sister Ada is in love with Freddie Thorne, who saved her brother's life in the war, and is now a Marxist, encouraging workers to strike over a pay cut. As far as Campbell is concerned Freddie is as much the enemy - in the wake of the Russian revolution - as the Peaky Blinders, as he looks for the missing guns.
User ratings: 4,249
Average rating: 8.2
Episode #1.2
Thomas continues dating Grace, barmaid at the Garrison pub, unaware that she has been planted by Campbell to spy on his activities. At a country fair outside the city Thomas gets into a fight with the Lees, a violent family of travellers, who later send him a bullet with his name on, giving him another adversary to rank alongside Billy Kimber. Campbell sends a message to Thomas via Aunt Polly and they meet on neutral ground at a hotel. Thomas proposes to Campbell that if he leaves him alone he will return the guns. If he is arrested the guns will be sent to the IRA in Ireland. If not the weapons will be given to Campbell to make him appear a hero. Campbell is unhappy but reluctantly agrees. Ada falls pregnant by Freddie Thorne and Thomas sends a message to Freddie demanding he leaves Birmingham. Freddie, however, decides to stay and face him.
User ratings: 3,533
Average rating: 8.4
Episode #1.3
Thomas is approached by two IRA members anxious to buy the guns, though he is careful not to commit himself. Grace, who has overheard, follows the Irishmen and ends up shooting one in self-defence though the IRA suspect the Peaky Blinders. Next day Thomas takes Grace to Cheltenham races, where he warns Kimber that the Lees are out to rob him. Arthur brings a gang who relieve the Lees of the money stolen as a result of which Kimber hires the Blinders as his security. He also tries to have his way with Grace but Thomas saves her by ungallantly claiming that she has syphilis. Ada and Freddie are married and Polly gives them money to escape Thomas's anger and leave the country but Freddie stays, bringing the arms workers out on strike and returning Thomas's money. That night Thomas dreams about how Freddie saved him during the war.
User ratings: 3,276
Average rating: 8.5
Episode #1.4
Thomas now has a legitimate betting licence and, although he is suspicious that she is not what she seems to be, employs Grace as his secretary. Younger brother John announces that, to give his children a mother, he is to marry again but Thomas disapproves of his choice of bride, prostitute Lizzie. Although the Lees attack and rob the Shelby house Thomas proposes a truce so that they can ally against Kimber. As part of the deal John marries the Lees' daughter Esme and Thomas sends word to Ada to attend the wedding. She is heavily pregnant and goes into labour at the Shelbys' house. Freddie is summoned but he is arrested by Campbell.
User ratings: 3,228
Average rating: 8.8
Episode #1.5
The Shelbys get a surprise visit by an almost forgotten relative. Thomas has one more dangerous plan with the cops.
User ratings: 3,432
Average rating: 9.0
Episode #1.6
Tommy and the Peaky Blinders prepare for a big operation, that quickly becomes way trickier than they thought.
User ratings: 3,829
Average rating: 9.2
Episode #2.1
Two years have elapsed. Freddie has succumbed to illness and at his funeral Thomas asks Ada to return home though she is scornful that he has been so successful with his mix of legal and illegal businesses. When his pub the Garrison is blown up he goes straight to the Black Lion to accuse his Irish rivals, who have a proposition for him involving murder. Returning home he informs the family that he plans to expand his bookies' business to London but John's wife Esme warns him of its dangers given the existing racial turf wars. He takes Arthur and John to London to a club run by Darby Sabini, who controls the southern race courses, where they are anything but welcome. Back in Birmingham Ada is abducted by Sabini's thugs, who give Thomas a severe beating, his being saved by the reappearance of Chester Campbell, who has told Churchill that he has a new undercover agent working in the area. Polly meanwhile visits a medium for news of the children who were taken from her in infancy.
User ratings: 2,986
Average rating: 8.7
Episode #2.2
Campbell visits Thomas in hospital, aware that he killed Eamonn Duggan, a fact he intends to hold over him to use him as his spy. They both know that Grace has married and is in America. Thomas writes to Winston Churchill, asking for an export licence, which is granted as another means of controlling him and he goes to London, hoping to ally with Alfie Solomons, leader of the Jewish race track gang, who is anything but welcoming. He does however encounter Ada, who has been rescued by the Blinders, and, as a means of laundering money, buys her a house. Back in Birmingham he has to cover for increasingly unhinged older brother Arthur, haunted by the war, when he kills an opponent in the boxing ring. Thomas is able to discover what happened to Polly's children. The girl died but he locates the boy, Michael, who arrives in Birmingham to see her.
User ratings: 2,718
Average rating: 8.6
Episode #2.3
Whilst Irish gangs fight each other in Birmingham Arthur is threatened by the mother of the boy he killed in the boxing match and who is not appeased by promises of money.
User ratings: 2,637
Average rating: 8.8
Episode #2.4
Arthur Spearheads a ferocious takeover of Londons Eden Club, meanwhile Thomas and his new horse trainer become better acquainted.
User ratings: 2,589
Average rating: 8.6
Episode #2.5
Tommy's powerbase in London has been obliterated.
User ratings: 2,647
Average rating: 8.9
Episode #2.6
As Derby day arrives, Tommy is faced with impossible decisions as he prepares to strike back at his enemies and take the family business to the next level.
User ratings: 4,672
Average rating: 9.6
Episode #3.1
It is Thomas Shelby's long-awaited wedding day. A mysterious visitor imperils the entire Shelby family, and Tommy finds himself pulled into a web of intrigue more lethal than anything he has yet encountered.
User ratings: 2,705
Average rating: 8.4
Episode #3.2
Tommy discovers the extent of the mission given to him and the extreme lengths his new paymasters are willing to go to in their quest for power. Meanwhile his own family's activities lead to escalating danger in Birmingham.
User ratings: 2,641
Average rating: 9.0
Episode #3.3
In the wake of his bereavement Tommy has to deal with family in-fighting, in which he is helped by Polly before setting off to Wales to meet a gypsy lady. She tells him that the sapphire given him by Grand Duke Leo as part payment and worn by Grace on the fateful night is cursed and should not be worn again. Returning to England he has his revenge on Vicente Changretta but learns that a traitor may be about to jeopardize the plan to steal arms for the Russians, a fact that he confides in to Tatiana.
User ratings: 2,415
Average rating: 8.9
Episode #3.4
Tommy plans the arms robbery but Polly is troubled to think that he is about to kill Father Hughes and confesses to a priest. Meanwhile the Shelby women feel used and threaten to go on strike unless they are kept in the loop about events and given a cut of profits. Tommy enjoys sex with Tatiana, who shows her dangerous side, though he voices his suspicions to her regarding Hughes. However, thanks to Polly's confession he is arrested for plotting to kill him, beaten up and forced into an arrangement, giving him little choice but to betray the Russians to save his family.
User ratings: 2,406
Average rating: 9.0
Episode #3.5
As the Russians test the Peaky Blinders, Tommy realises that he is seriously outmaneuvered. But he has an ace up his sleeve.
User ratings: 2,270
Average rating: 8.6
Episode #3.6
As Tommy prepares to commit the most audacious crime of his career, an unexpected blow forces him to face his worst fears in a race against time.
User ratings: 4,266
Average rating: 9.6
The Noose
It is Christmas and Tommy Shelby receives a letter that makes him realize that he and every member of the family are in danger. He knows that it is time for the family to bury their differences and face the enemy together.
User ratings: 4,850
Average rating: 9.5
As the Shelbys come to terms with shocking events, Tommy makes a decision he may come to regret. Meanwhile, a bold new enemy makes his move.
User ratings: 3,371
Average rating: 9.3
Luca Changretta understands the complexity of his enemy, as the weight of gypsy tradition hangs upon Arthur. But could there be a traitor within the Peaky Blinders' midst?
User ratings: 2,647
Average rating: 8.7
In a daring cat and mouse chase, will Tommy be outwitted by his enemies? And with the return of an old friend, Tommy tries to distract himself with other pursuits.
User ratings: 2,528
Average rating: 8.8
The Duel
Tommy prepares himself as the bloody battle lines are drawn between the Peaky Blinders and Changretta. A deal is struck - with potentially devastating consequences.
User ratings: 2,535
Average rating: 8.9
The Company
During the fight between Goliath and Bonnie Gold events escalate. Then Audrey Changretta appears at a funeral, waving a white flag. She proposes to declare the Vendetta between her family and the Shelbys settled. And she names her price.
User ratings: 4,209
Average rating: 9.4
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