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Prison Break

Seasons: 5
Episodes: 90
User ratings: 426,274
Average rating: 8.4

Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Due to a political conspiracy, an innocent man is sent to death row and his only hope is his brother, who makes it his mission to deliberately get himself sent to the same prison in order to break the both of them out, from the inside.

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Michael Scofield is imprisoned in Fox River State Penitentiary. He finds his brother, Lincoln Burrows, who is a death row prisoner, and tells him that he is going to break them both out of the prison.
User ratings: 4,810
Average rating: 8.9
Trouble is inevitable in the prison, with a race riot imminent. Michael has problems retrieving a screw from the bleachers. Veronica receives a security tape that shows Lincoln shooting Terrence Steadman.
User ratings: 3,252
Average rating: 8.7
Cell Test
Two steps forward and one step back. Michael gets Abruzzi on his side and proves Sucre's trustworthiness, but then loses a valuable piece of his plan.
User ratings: 3,001
Average rating: 8.6
Cute Poison
Michael gets more of the tools and people he needs, but someone very high up has taken notice and started wondering what he's up to.
User ratings: 2,932
Average rating: 8.8
English, Fitz or Percy
Michael gains a necessary piece of information to effect his escape, but can he keep the Warden from kicking him out?
User ratings: 2,983
Average rating: 9.0
Riots, Drills and the Devil: Part 1
Michael's idea to get more drilling time by provoking a lock-down backfires horribly.
User ratings: 3,562
Average rating: 9.3
Riots, Drills and the Devil: Part 2
Michael saves Dr. Tancredi from the rioting prisoners, but Lincoln and Veronica are in need of their own rescue.
User ratings: 3,194
Average rating: 9.2
The Old Head
Veronica, Nick and LJ must go into hiding, while Bellick unwittingly provides Westmoreland's motivation to aid the escape.
User ratings: 2,697
Average rating: 8.8
With Abruzzi becoming more desperate to regain authority within the prison, it seems that Fibonacci's number is up.
User ratings: 2,648
Average rating: 8.6
Sleight of Hand
Michael hands over an address to Falzone, allowing work to resume on the tunnel. Meanwhile, the VP enlists the help of a dangerous specialist.
User ratings: 2,611
Average rating: 8.7
And Then There Were 7
Michael gets a visit from his wife, while Veronica and Nick get a visit from Quinn.
User ratings: 2,623
Average rating: 8.7
Odd Man Out
C-Note overhears Michael and Lincoln discussing that there are too many fugitives for available time and they share the information with the group telling that one shall be left behind. T-Bag feels threatened and calls his cousin James Bagwell, disclosing the escape plan and asking James to call the Warden Pope in case T-Bag does not contact him later. Abruzzi asks his outside man to kidnap James, but things go wrong and the mobster kills James and his five years old son Jimmy. Abruzzi feels guilty for the death of the child and feels the need of God's forgiveness, but T-Bag betrays Abruzzi like Judas. Meanwhile Veronica and LJ bring Nick to the hospital and while in surgery, LJ escapes to see the funeral of his mother. Daniel Hale sees the teenager in the cemetery but he does not arrest him; later he tells his wife that they should move to West and gives an anonymous call to Veronica scheduling a meeting in the Highland Cafe. Maricruz tells Sucre that she is pregnant but she will marry Hector. Captain Bellick presses David to rat Michael telling everything he says. Michael tests the escape plan and informs the group that they are ready to go that night, but Lincoln was sent to solitary confinement protecting his brother.
User ratings: 2,590
Average rating: 8.8
End of the Tunnel
The escape is about to go through when the team hits a stainless steel snag, while Veronica is just a moment too late to get all the information she needs to prove Lincoln's innocence.
User ratings: 2,811
Average rating: 9.1
The Rat
With the pipe to the infirmary replaced and Lincoln's life hanging in the balance, Michael must rethink his plan to escape and save his brother's life. A fellow inmate may hold the key to preventing Lincoln's execution.
User ratings: 2,716
Average rating: 9.0
By the Skin and the Teeth
Michael's plan to escape has failed. While Lincoln is strapped to the electric chair, he sees an oddly familiar face in the crowd. Is there one last hope to save Lincoln's life, or has his journey reached an end?
User ratings: 2,530
Average rating: 8.6
Brother's Keeper
Flashbacks provide exposition on how the inmates arrived at Fox River Penitentiary from The Company's framing of Lincoln to the creation of Michael's plan to save his brother's life.
User ratings: 2,710
Average rating: 8.7
Dr. Sara comes to Warden Pope to show the piece of fabric of uniform that she found in Michael's burnt believing he was tortured by a guard. Pope presses Michael, and without any answer, he sends him to the solitary confinement. Captain Rednick includes the rat David in the P.I. team trying to discover what they are plotting; the group is informed that on the next day, a team of specialist will put the carpet on the floor and they decide that Sucre is the only one capable to escape during the night to close the hole. Meanwhile in the US Secret Service Field Office in Chicago, Kellerman discovers that Lincoln's father belonged to the agency. Nick, Veronica and LJ return to Nick's cottage to get Quinn's cellular, and LJ finds that Quinn wrote "Kellerman o Kravecki" in the well, but he does not disclose the information to Veronica and Nick. LJ finds the address of Owen Kravecki and goes to his house to kill him. Michael has a psychological breakdown in the confinement and is sent to the asylum where he meets Haywire.
User ratings: 2,550
Average rating: 8.7
Improvising a new plan, Michael seeks out an acquaintance who may hold the key to his escape plan. In gen pop, the other members of the P.I. crew learn that the guards are auctioning Michael's cell to the highest bidder. Lincoln and Sucre devise a scheme to get Michael returned to gen pop. Veronica informs Lincoln that L.J will be tried for his mother's murder, and Lincoln desires to see his son.
User ratings: 2,571
Average rating: 8.8
The Key
While in transit to see LJ, a truck crashes into the van carrying Lincoln and it sends him rolling from the vehicle. Agent Kellerman arrives at the scene and tries to smother Lincoln, but his father, Aldo Burroughs, rescues him just in time. Aldo removes Linc from the scene of the accident and informs him that everything that has happened to Lincoln is Aldo's fault and The Company is the reason he left his family. Years ago, Aldo was employed by The Company but he left their employ so he could rise the ranks. After he left, Aldo leaked information about Terrance Steadman's dirty dealings. The Company framed Lincoln as an attempt to draw out Aldo. Because of all of the heartache caused by his father's actions, Lincoln finds it difficult to forgive him. Agent Kellerman quickly locates Aldo and Lincoln in the junkyard, just as Captain Bellick arrives. Lincoln voluntarily gives himself up to Bellick and is returned to Fox River and placed under twenty-four hour surveillance. John Abruzzi returns to Fox River following his hospital stay after he was sliced open by T-Bag. He claims to have become religious while recovering and offers a truce to T-Bag. As T-Bag is about to cut Abruzzi again, C-Note stops him and tells him that Abruzzi is their ticket out of Fox River. Abruzzi contacts Nick and reminds him of their deal. To complete his escape plan, Michael needs a copy of the key to the infirmary. Michael asks Tweener for another favor: a bump and swipe to grab Sara's keys. Tweener says that in return he wants Michael to kill Avocado, his cell mate who has been brutally raping him. Michael refuses Tweener's request. Tweener begs Bellick to find him a new cell, but the Captain ignores him. Later on back in their cell, Tweener takes a razor blade and cuts Avocado's genitalia. Michael tries to steal the keys from Dr. Sara Tancredi by distracting her with a kiss. When he cannot do it, he calls his mail-order bride who meets with Sara and snatches her keys. Sara figures out the plot and has all the locks re-keyed. Nick and Veronica have the cell phone LJ stole from Quinn. They notice a number of calls originating from Blackfoot, Montana. Michael asks Tweener if he can trust him. Tweener again turns to Bellick for future protection from Avocado. Bellick demands to know what Michael is up to, and Tweener blurts out that, "Scofield and his whole P.I. crew...they're escaping." Bellick tears up the guard's break room and find the hole in the floor.
User ratings: 2,636
Average rating: 8.9
When Bellick finds the hole in the storage room, DB hits him with a shovel and drops him in the hole, but is stabbed in the stomach. The P.I. team decides that they need to break-out that night, but the key of the infirmary is still an issue. Meanwhile Veronica discloses that many calls of Quinn's cellular where made from a US$ 2,000,000.00 real estate in Blackfoot, Montana, and she decides to travel to the place to investigate. However, Nick receives a call from Abruzzi and threatens Veronica with a gun. Vice President Caroline Reynolds is pressed by her powerful associates to convince President Richard Mills to refuse the law of alternative energy, but Richards is no longer supporting the corrupt Caroline. Michael decides to ask for help to Dr. Sara Tancredi for his escaping; she becomes disappointed and depressed, and decides to go to a bar in Chicago. When she is near to drink again, she sees that her father will be the Vice in the campaign of Caroline to the White House and she meets him to ask if he read Lincoln's process. Michael in despair uses an unexpected escape plan-B.
User ratings: 2,902
Average rating: 9.2
The team start the escape from the hole in Scofield's cell.
User ratings: 4,059
Average rating: 9.5
As the escape continues, lives are lost and Pope and Bellick do everything in their power to capture the convicts.
User ratings: 3,742
Average rating: 9.4
It is the morning after their escape from Fox River, and the inmates narrowly avoid being caught by Bellick as they jump onto a freight train. FBI Special Agent Alex Mahone has been assigned to their case and calls a press conference urging the public to turn in the "Fox River 8." Michael, Lincoln, Abruzzi, C-Note, and Sucre encounter a hunter and his daughter. He holds them at gunpoint until Abruzzi grabs the daughter and forces the hunter to give them his SUV and let them go. The escapees head for a location where Michael has things stored. Agent Mahone tracks Michael's credit card to a storage facility in Oswego, but quickly figures out that one of Michael's tattoos holds the real location. Michael's tattoo "Ripe Chance Woods" is a clue pointing to a cemetery where Michael has items buried in the grave of "E. Chance Woods." Just two steps behind, Agent Mahone arrives at the scene just as the inmates have gathered what they need. In the meantime, T-Bag discovers a veterinary clinic and forces the Vet to re-attach his severed hand. Dr. Sarah Tancredi recovers from her overdose. Inside her purse, she finds an origami swan left for her by Michael with a message, "There's a plan to make all of this right", and a code. The code is a series of numbers which reads 3221243324 for the first line, 4221312231 for the second, and 23133121 for the third. Veronica locates Terrance Steadman in Montana, and finds that the doors are locked from the outside, holding him hostage (albeit willingly). Veronica calls 911, and then talks to Lincoln and tells him what she has learned. Employees of The Company arrive and kill Veronica for having unraveled their plot and for having found Steadman. Lincoln hears Veronica's final words as she dies, and is consumed with grief. Mahone studies Michael's tattoos, and feels that they are the key to finding the escapees.
User ratings: 2,978
Average rating: 8.9
Michael and Lincoln split from Sucre, C-Note and Abruzzi, and plan to rescue LJ from the Cook County Courthouse in Chicago. However, agent Mahone unsuccessfully presses LJ to betray his father and his uncle and make a deal; then he escorts LJ and spoils their plan. Meanwhile T-Bag kills Dr. Gudat after the implantation of his hand, dyes his hair and uses the car of the veterinary surgeon to head to Utah. Tweener pretends to be a college guy and gets a ride to Utah in the car of a student. Warden Pope and Captain Bellick are interrogated in a hearing of a justice commission and Geary denounces Bellick of selling the Prison Industries to Abruzzi; the panel fires Bellick and suspends Pope, who quits his position.
User ratings: 2,384
Average rating: 8.5
With hospitals and clinics under surveillance, Michael brings Lincoln to Nika's home to heal his wounded leg. Then he returns to the place where he parked his Accord and finds that the car has been towed. Meanwhile agent Mahone retrieves Michael's backpack with his passport from a vagrant that broke the rear window of Michael's car to steal the backpack. Michael goes to Brewster Towing yard to recover his car. Meanwhile Sucre finds that Maricruz will marry Hector in a couple of days and he heads to New York in a stolen car. Sara is arrested and her father visits her, pays her bail and orders her to tell a fake version about the incident in Fox River since he will be the next Vice-President of United States. Later she goes to rehabilitation where Kellerman is pretending to be an addicted patient. C-Note schedules a meeting with his wife, but his conversation is bugged by agent Mahone. Bellick and Geary meet each other by chance and later they team-up to get the US$ 400,000.00 reward for capturing Michael and Lincoln. They go to Fox River and Bellick interrogates Manche Sanchez, who discloses the plan of the fugitives. Michael and Lincoln forge a car accident to escape from Mahone, but they do not see that Bellick and Geary are in their tail.
User ratings: 2,336
Average rating: 8.6
First Down
Bellick and Geary intercept Michael, Lincoln and Nika on the road seeking the US$ 5,000,000.00 in Utah, and not the reward. Lincoln uses a piece of glass to burst the tire; with a flat tire and no spare, Geary walks to the next gas station to buy a tire and Bellick stays with the fugitives. Nika negotiates a deal with Bellick to turn Michael on and split the money among Bellick, Geary and her. The divers find the damaged HD on the canal and Mahone retrieves partial information about Michael's research. Abruzzi meets his family and he will travel with them to Sardinia; however, Fibonacci is located in a motel in Washington and Abruzzi seeks vengeance first. The sick T-Bag gets a ride with a man called Jerry and his fourteen year old daughter; later Jerry needs to defend his daughter against the pedophile. Tweener and Debra Jean Belle stop in a motel to rest. Sara is in rehabilitation and Kellerman befriends her to keep his eyes on her.
User ratings: 2,405
Average rating: 8.7
Map 1213
While traveling to Utah, C-Note has troubles in the train and jumps in a river from the moving train. Tweener and Debra Jean Belle sleep together in a motel, and in the morning the girl discovers the truth about him. Michael and Lincoln arrive in Tooele, but they do not find the KK ranch. They seek the map in the local courthouse and finds that the map 1213 of Karl Kokosing is missing. T-Bag meets Tweener, and later he is found by Michael and Lincoln. T-Bag lures the brothers, memorize the map and swallow it, forcing them to accept him. Meanwhile Sucre goes to Vegas and has a great deception with Maricruz. Sara calls her father and asks for forgiveness.
User ratings: 2,257
Average rating: 8.5
With T-Bag's memorized map and Michael's deductions, the escapees locate the silo where Westmoreland buried the money--only to find the silo has been paved over for a subdivision. But luck is on their side, the foundation of the silo still exists--located under the garage floor of a home owner named Jeanette. In need of supplies, the escapees send Tweener back to the hardware store in town. He procures what they need, but also encounters a friend of the owner (who is already tied up). Tweener knocks out the friend and leaves the two tied up in the back of the store. Mahone has made his way to Utah where he narrows down the location of the money to several nearby towns by calculating the distance from a gas station Westmoreland stopped at several times. Having disabled the electricity, the escapees show up at Jeanette's door and tell her that they are from the power company. T-Bag, useless for digging with his re-attached hand, flirts to distract her. Having traveled to Wisconsin, Haywire visits a blind woman who mistakenly believes he is her son. When she realizes he is not, he leaves and takes an item from her home that fascinated him--a portrait of Holland. In a meeting at the US Capitol in Washington D.C., Agent Kim informs Kellerman that his direct access to the president has been terminated. As Kellerman leaves, Governor Tancredi spots him and realizes something is amiss. Later that day, Governor Tancredi calls Sara. Having seen Kellerman posing as Sara's friend, "Lance," the Governor warns her to stay away from Kellerman. She hangs up just as she runs into "Lance" in the grocery store. Back in the subdivision, the escapees continue to dig. Tweener leaves the house when he remembers that he forgot to put gas in the car. Michael informs Sucre he has a way of communicating while on the run--a message board on a website. Michael checks on T-Bag and Jeanette, only to find them upstairs. The door bell rings, and it's a police officer. T-Bag puts a hammer to Jeanette's throat. At the gas station, Tweener is caught in Mahone's sting. Mahone has captured Tweener.
User ratings: 2,221
Average rating: 8.5
The policewoman is actually Jeanette's daughter, but she is disarmed and tied to a chair with her mother. Michael promises that nothing will happen to them. The nomination of Governor Tancredi to vice-president is withdrawn and Sara finds him hanged in his home. She also finds a key on the floor. Mahone has a conversation with Tweener, showing the pictures of the first victim of T-Bag and promising a deal to disclose the location of the other fugitives. Meanwhile, LJ receives the release papers from the Klipton Detention Center, in Arizona; when Lincoln sees the new on television, he says goodbye to Michael and tells that he will meet LJ. The escapees find the money, but they are surprisingly betrayed. Tweener finds that Mahone is a psychopath.
User ratings: 2,291
Average rating: 8.7
Dead Fall
In his efforts to try to get hold of all of the money Sucre runs into some unexpected difficulties. And Captain Bellick and his partner have not given up on finding their old inmates.
User ratings: 2,225
Average rating: 8.5
Still in Illinois, Sara figures out that the name of the rendezvous point with Michael is the Sundown Hotel, so she calls the operator and quickly learns that it's in New Mexico. Using the credit card from the wallet of the dead girl, Sara buys a plane ticket to Albuquerque, and Kellerman and Kim track her moves. Michael goes to a botanical garden and tries to dig up something he has hidden, but barely evades capture by two federal agents. Reporters question Mahone about Tweener's death, but he gives them a, "no comment." Michael uses the Internet to locate Mahone's wife, Pam, and pays her a visit. Pretending to be an FBI agent doing security checks, Michael finds Agent Mahone's cell phone number and discovers the fate of Oscar Shales--namely that Mahone killed him and covered it up. Using Pam's phone, Michael calls Mahone and threatens him with that he knows about Shales' death. C-Note meets with his former associates in Chicago, and tells them they owe him for not ratting them out when he was arrested. They agree to help him get his wife and daughter so the family can go on the run. Agent Lang meets with C-Note's wife, Kacee, and warns that the FBI will arrest her and take her daughter away if she doesn't cooperate in a sting to catch C-Note. Kacee lies and says that the Rainbow Room is really a carousel in the park. At the park, Kacee eludes the FBI and joins C-Note with the help of his associates. C-Note also manages to get his daughter from school before he can be captured. T-Bag, now in Kansas, stashes Westmoreland's money in a locker at the bus station, and then buys some flowers. He heads for the home of his last girlfriend, who sent him to Fox River. His vengeful plan is dashed when he finds a "for sale" sign on the front lawn. Geary and Bellick run across T-Bag at the house, knock him unconscious, tie him up, and torture him to reveal the location of Westmoreland's money. LJ and Lincoln have reconnected but when they stop at a diner, Lincoln is recognized but not pursued. The duo makes their way to a train station in Arizona, only to be identified and apprehended.
User ratings: 2,184
Average rating: 8.6
Bellick and Geary torture T-Bag all night; in the morning, they find the hidden key but T-Bag swallows it. They give laxative to T-Bag and Geary finds the key in the stool. They leave T-Bag cuffed to a heater and call the police. When they locate the bag with the money in a locker in a bus station, Geary betrays Bellick and escapes with the money. Lincoln and L.J. are rescued from the custody of the Arizona's police by Aldo's team leaded by Jane Phillips, who worked with him in the Company, and they are brought to a safe house in Trinidad, Colorado. When Aldo arrives to meet his son and his grandson, one of the agents is actually a man of Bill Kim. Mahone is chasing Michael in Gila, New Mexico; Sara receives a fax from Michael, and when Mahone arrives in the Sundown Motel, he gets the copy from the fax memory and finds the couple in the isolated meeting point. In Dinosaur, Nebraska, Sucre calls Maricruz, but Theresa tells him that her sister will travel with her to Ixtapa, Mexico.
User ratings: 2,199
Average rating: 8.6
Bolshoi Booze
Geary has taken off with Westmoreland?s money. T-Bag escapes by removing his severed hand which was chained to the radiator, and he tracks Geary by following a GPS he planted in the money bag. T-Bag follows Geary to a hotel and kills him. Bellick, who is at the hospital after Geary assaulted him, is questioned by local police who doubt some of his story. While left alone, Bellick calls Geary's cell phone and threatens him--only to later learn that Geary is dead. In New Mexico, Michael steals a GPS device and assaults the store owner. Disturbed by his behavior, Michael visits a church to confess his sins. While speaking to the priest, he mentions that when he was a child, he watched a man bleed to death. Using the GPS Michael locates Coyote, a man who smuggles illegal immigrants. In exchange for a plane ride out of the country, Michael must supply medical nitroglycerin. The nitroglycerin is the mysterious item Michael attempted to dig up at the botanical garden when he was almost arrested. Coyote checks the nitroglycerin to verify that it's real, but figures out that it's only sugar water. Coyote's men almost kill Michael when Sucre suddenly appears, shoots a Coyote and saves Michael. Michael and Sucre tie up Coyote?s men and prepare to leave. In a change of heart, Michael unties the men so they can get help for their injured comrade who would otherwise die. In exchange, Coyote tells Michael the location of the plane. At a secure compound in Colorado, Aldo Burroughs informs Lincoln and LJ of President Caroline Reynolds' schemes and machinations as well as her affiliation with The Company. He also tells them that Terrence Steadman is alive, and that Governor Tancredi recently learned that fact and it got him killed. Aldo says Sara Tancredi to the "key to the whole thing." Infiltrating the compound, Agent Kim's men attempt to kill Lincoln, but fail. Lincoln and LJ go their separate way as LJ is sent to safety with one of Aldo's operatives--a woman named Jane. Aldo and Lincoln head for New Mexico to join Michael. When Michael , Sucre, Lincoln and Aldo meet up in New Mexico, Michael is surprised when he recognizes Aldo who left when he was an infant. Having caught up with Sara in New Mexico, Agent Kellerman uses water boarding to torture her to find out if her father shared information with her. When Sara doesn't provide any information, Agent Kim orders Kellerman to kill her. At the factory, Agent Kim frees Mahone from the cage where Michael left him locked up. having lost all of his leads, Mahone is no closer to figuring out what "Bolshoi Booze" means, and Kim threatens Mahone's son in order to raise the stakes. After Kim leaves, Mahone turns the photo of Michael's Bolshoi Booze tattoo upside down and sees that it's a series of geographical coordinates. At the FBI field office, the other agents note that Mahone has cut them out of the loop. Mahone's wife, Pam, calls him and he tells her that he would have done things differently and that he loves her.
User ratings: 2,191
Average rating: 8.6
C-Note's daughter needs her medication, and the family risks their safety visiting a pharmacy to fill the prescription. When Kacee, C-Note's wife, is recognized by the pharmacist and subsequently captured by the police, she drops the medication in a trash can for C-Note to retrieve. In New Mexico, Kellerman continues to torture Sara Tancredi by water boarding her. Leaving her submerged, he pulls out a body bag and hack saw and prepares to murder her and dispose of her body. Distracted by someone at the door, Kellerman is attacked by Sara, who escaped drowning in the bathtub. She whacks him in the chest with a hot iron, and then jumps from the second story of the motel--injuring herself in the process. Kellerman lies about Sara's death, and Agent Kim erases all traces of Kellerman from the government's records. In Kansas, the police investigate Bellick for Geary's death. After avoiding the truth, Bellick explains to the detective that the pair were tracking T-Bag, but fails to mention Westmoreland's money. With Bellick's credit card receipt at the crime scene and the death threat he left on Geary's cell phone, he is the primary suspect in Geary's murder and is placed under arrest. Michael Scofield is upset to learn that Aldo is his father. In a flashback, Michael recalls being abused as a foster child and that Aldo saved him by killing his foster father. It's revealed that Michael's low latent inhibition and sense of familial responsibility was triggered by Aldo's actions, thus leading to Michael's need to risk his own life to save his brother's. The family reunion is interrupted when Agent Mahone fires on the group. Aldo is shot and dies in Michael's arms on the way to the hospital, but not before Aldo tells Michael to track down Sara Tancredi as she may hold the key to resolving everything that's happened. Having buried Aldo along the side of the road, Michael, Lincoln and Sucre head for where the plane will land. Michael and Lincoln leave Sucre at the landing strip, and tell him that they are tired of running. Mahone questions Coyote and learns the location of the landing strip and orders the military to shoot the plane down. With Mahone on their tail, Michael tries to contact Sara on her cell phone. Fighter jets fly over head with sights locked on Sucre's plane. Just as Sara answers her phone, Mahone rams his car into Michael and Lincoln's vehicle. As everyone exits their totaled vehicles, Mahone aims his gun at Michael and Lincoln.
User ratings: 2,166
Average rating: 8.6
The Killing Box
The Border Patrol arrests Michael and Lincoln, saving them from Mahone that claims that wants his life back. Sucre crosses the border and jumps in a parachute in the Sonora Desert in Mexico. T-Bag goes to a war veteran bar in Pratt, Kansas, and steals a prosthetic job from a veteran sergeant. Michael and Lincoln are apprehended in the Border Patrol Holding Facility, in Las Cruces, New Mexico, waiting for transportation to Fox River, but Bill Kim orders Mahone to kill them. T-Bag meets Denise, who works in the post office, and seduces her to get Susan Hollander's address. Bellick is sent to the District Court in Greeley County, Kansas, and has his bail denied. He makes a deal to be sent to Fox River expecting to have a good life. However the new warden decides to use him as an example of the new administration. Meanwhile Mahone tries to transport the prisoners, but the standard procedure does not allow it. Kellerman makes an arrangement to intercept the convoy in a blocked tunnel to kill the prisoners. However, Michael and Lincoln and helped by a surprising allied. T-Bag finds Susan.
User ratings: 2,418
Average rating: 9.0
John Doe
Michael and Lincoln escape with Kellerman, who crosses a road block using his badge, and they fly to Blackfoot, Montana, to meet Terrence Steadman. In Fox River, Bellick is having a hard time especially with Banks and his gang. In Ness City, Kansas, T-Bag meets Susan and her children; when she tries to kill him, he ties the whole family to chairs. In Mound City, Nebraska, Dede is missing her mother and C-Note is trying to contact her. Mahone is alive in a hospital in Albuquerque; when Mahone tells that he is out, Bill Kim hits his son with a car to intimidate him. Mahone leaves the hospital and calls him telling that he is back. Kellerman, Michael and Lincoln abduct Steadman and Kellerman kills the two bodyguards. However, they realize that Steadman is actually a John Doe, since his existence has been erased by the Company. Michael decides to call the press to turn himself in with tragic consequences.
User ratings: 2,273
Average rating: 8.8
The Message
In Cutback, Montana, Kellerman lures the police and Michael and Lincoln abduct the cameraman Greg of Fox News and succeed in escaping from the siege. Michael and Lincoln decide to tape a message to be released in the Breaking News. Mahone is back in Chicago and analyzing the message; he interrogates Greg and he tells that he had overheard Michael tell that they should cover 460 miles in six hours. Mahone deducts that they intend to meet President Caroline in Denver. Wheeler discusses with Mahone and yells that the internal affair asked him to follow all moves of Mahone. Bellick is badly wounded in the infirmary of Fox River. Sucre befriends an old passenger in a bus to Ixtapa; however the driver asks him to leave the bus in a small town and Sucre robs the Volkswagen of the old man. In Algoma, Winsconsin, Haywire befriends a young couple and the girl has bruises on her arm; she tells that her abusive drunken father uses to beat her.
User ratings: 2,179
Average rating: 8.6
Sara meets Michael and Lincoln in a train station in Evansville, Indiana; when she sees Kellerman with them, she becomes disturbed and upset. Kellerman tells that she has a key of a private cigar club in Chicago. Caroline calls Kellerman and he tells that he is heading to Chicago by train, and she promises his life back, inclusive the chief of staff position. T-Bag tells Susan that they are passing through an "adjustment period" in their lives; when she tells him that she will have a guest called Patty Wallace, T-Bag welcomes Patty with a magnificent family brunch and uses the strong father figure to discipline Zack, seducing the guest with his charm and attitude. Wheeler is reporting the actions of Mahone to the FBI Headquarter and they find that Haywire killed a man in Algoma, Wisconsin. Mahone visits Bellick in River Fox, releases him using a habeas-corpus to make his dirty work, and gives a car, a pistol and an FBI badge to the despicable man. Bellick chases and traps Haywire, and waits for Mahone. In Benson, Minnesota, C-Note and Dede are leaving a snack bar when an addicted thief announces a heist. When Kellerman sees a road block on the train, he realizes that he was betrayed.
User ratings: 2,275
Average rating: 8.6
Bad Blood
Sara and Michael fail in the Corona de Oro, and Michael discovers that Pope is a member of the cigar club. They pay a visit to Pope's home and Michael makes a deal to turn himself in to force Pope to get whatever is in the safe. Meanwhile Mahone is chasing C-Note in Hennepin County, while the doctor refuses to attend Dede and tells C-Note that the hospital is not a homeless shelter. Mahone let C-note escape because of his daughter; however when Dede's kidney is too sick and needs a dialysis, C-Note calls Mahone and makes a deal. T-Bag arrives in his sprayed and depleted house in Alabama with the intention of raising a family with Susan and recalls how he was abused by his father However, when Susan tells that she is not capable of loving him, he locks Susan, Zack and Gracey in the basement and anonymously reports the hostage situation to the police. In Mexico, Sucre stops in the middle of nowhere twenty minutes far from the airport and gets a ride with a security guard of the airport. Later he is identified and he escapes with Maricruz. Lincoln and Kellerman are watching Pope from the top of a building and Kellerman promises to drag many people in the black hole he is in. When Bill Kim holds Pope, the escapees take an attitude.
User ratings: 2,218
Average rating: 8.7
The brothers have a tape with the President's and Steadman's voices on it. But when they properly analyze the tape, it's clear it can't help them as much as they first thought. A little brainstorming will have Sara, Michael and Lincoln change gears and aim at the President.
User ratings: 2,240
Average rating: 8.8
Sweet Caroline
C-note has jumped with the noose around his neck, but is saved by jailers; he has Mahone told he'll still do it. At a Chicago hotel, president Caroline Reynolds is expected for a speech. Michael sends the real Cooper Green away and agrees a meeting point with Linc and Sarah. Mahone enters Sarah's room and only pretends to fail looking under the bed to trap her, she pretends the brothers left her. In Mexico, T-bag finds Bellick is waiting at the luggage conveyor and must get his from the service side, but the laborer he knocks down falls onto it, so he must run. Lincoln surprises his old mate Derrick Sweeney and calls a favor: three tickets on a freighter for Panama. Kellerman is in position to shoot the fiendish president, but when she's in his sight Michael gets arrested just after shaking her hand, and is interrogated by Kim who demands to be left alone with him, to ask where Linc is, then tries literally to beat it out of him; the president barges in and sends Kim out just when he was about to shoot Michael; he tells her the tape is a delicate conversation she had with her brother after his 'death', and he still has copies at twenty locations. Fernando sees on TV T-bag is in Mexico and was videotaped trying to steal, so he deduces the $5,000,000 must be around and tells Maricruz he'll be right back; at his return only Bellick is there, armed and cuffs Sucre, in order to collect the reward, so Fernando offers to share the $5,000,000 by finding T-bag. Sarah guesses right Mahone is on an addictive drug. Caroline calls Linc, who plays the tape which proves her brother was alive on the isle of Terrence and hated conspiring with her Linc's faked conviction; Michael tells her about his suicide and dares her to make a decision: let him walk and sign a pardon for both brothers the very day, on live TV; Kim fails to stop him being released and walking out. When the phone rings, Sarah surprises Mahone and escapes- actually he arranged this and has her followed. Kim talks to a grim man in power; Reynolds announces on TV she has a malignant cancer and resigns immediately.
User ratings: 2,399
Average rating: 9.0
Now Caroline Reynolds has stepped down as president, she can no longer sign a pardon, so the brothers must immediately disappear, forever. At the pier, Sarah realizes she's being tailed and pretends on the phone already to be on board, so they sail without her while she is arrested; Lincoln stops Michael from returning for her. A week later, an FBI big-whig offers C-note a lesser sentence for testimony against Mahone, even freedom and witness protection for his family- bingo. Fernando grabs Bellick's gun while looking for T-bag, but he shows a crucifix to prove he has Maricruz. The scumbag enjoys his fortune with a street whore playing his Susan-Q. The brothers arrive at Cristobal, Panama; meanwhile Malone's team figures out Schofield's tattoos refer to Michael's mother Christina, presumably dead, and he presumes his computer contained much info on Panama for a reason. The man in power grills Kim on a small boat, and decides to change the strategy. Mahone sees trough FBI-colleague Wheeler. C-note is reunited with his family and released. The brothers have a fight, torn by guilt for too many innocent people suffering trough their well-meant deeds, then board a yacht, named- Christina. Mahone tells Kim he's not happy with the results as he remains separated from his family, but is told he now needs help to escape, and therefore must go to Mexico- to help T-bag... [last bit not summarized].
User ratings: 2,218
Average rating: 8.5
Fin del camino
Linc finds Michael is gone from their Christina Rose yacht after receiving Sucre's message (also intercepted by Mahone, who thinks to have found his way out) scary scumbag T-bag is in Panama City's Fin del Camino hotel with the money. A fire-cracker he pays a local boy to plant shows Michael Mahone's two plants on the plaza, but Bellick pulls his gun at him, accompanied by Fernando who denies sending the message- Schofield smells a trap and states their goals: money for Bellick, Maricruz for Sucre, T-bag for him, then reminds Fernando in private Maricruz is his legitimate priority, not revenge. Sarah Tancredi's trial proceeds, and the judge allows showing Michael's tape clearing her; her lawyer advises to take a twelve year plea, in effect nine years in hard security. When T-bag leaves Mahone's two men tail him, followed by the escapee trio, then Mahone, who is suddenly attacked by Lincoln who calls him the murderer of his dad. The trio surprises and disarms Mahone's duo which carries no FBI-identification, and next T-bag, but hears police sirens outside. After lining up his medals and putting on his uniform, Paul Kellerman shoots himself in the head, but his pistol jams; his sister insists it's a sign to make a new start in life; he goes testify on Sarah's behalf. Instead of money, Fernando finds a girl shot, T-bag makes a run past Bellick while police forces entry; Michael and Sucre follow over the fire escape, a car slightly running over him causes T-bag to be caught again; he deals with Michael to trade his escape -without the money- for information but Schofield decides to dump him at the embassy; the monster finds a screw driver, stabs Fernando and thus causes a car crash, allowing him to run with his precious backpack; Sucre insists Michael runs after him in a palm wood, till he makes a stand with a knife; a broken bottle allows a fight, in no time Michael has the knife on T-bag's throat, who taunts him but still gets stabbed- in the arm, so the police can easily take him in. . .
User ratings: 2,306
Average rating: 8.8
Only back at the yacht, Michael notices Lincoln is gone and calls him- Alex Mahone tells him Linc is no cold-blooded killer, so he was overpowered and hand-cuffed, and the ransom is the yacht and the fortune he assumes to be in it, to be agreed in five minutes, now Mahone is even more wanted then the brothers. Kellerman's self-incriminating testimony and documents he brings get all charges against Sarah and Lincoln dropped, him arrested. Mahone calls Kim to fly over immediately. Alex calls his wife, to make her bring the kids for a holiday in her native Colombia, at Cartegena. Despite 30% blood-loss Fernado leaves hospital to report missing Bellick, who is already in jail and gets T-bag's company. Vendor Chaco gets Michael introduced to a local yacht owner to whom he suggests collecting the $100,000 reward on his head, then makes a better offer. Mahone called the police intending to frame the brothers for his intended murder on 'an Asian', but Michael refuses to hand over the money and Kim turns up early, with armed back-up; Mahone runs but is arrested. Kellerman knows the situation he is involved in, and expects to be assasined (unless we are towards a plot surprise,) so his transport to prison is arranged to get car trouble and a masked man shoots him. Chaco delivers to the brothers, who got away with the money and intended to run and never look back, a crummy boat with a priceless surprise: Sarah and the great news for Linc, with good hope for Michael. Just then Kim turns up, refuses the money, aims at Linc- and is shot by Sarah; the police arrives, chasing and trapping the trio- Michael takes the gun and pretends to take Sarah hostage, then lets himself be arrested and locked up in Sona. Malone calls his wife to forget he ever existed- from jail. T-bag expected to be released as agreed reward for baiting the brothers, but the man he hoped to bring him the good news says getting caught broke the deal.
User ratings: 2,709
Average rating: 8.8
Michael is once again imprisoned, but now in SONA (Panama), together with T-Bag, Mahone and Bellick. The prison is solely ruled by inmates, whose local prison-lord Lechero feels threatened by Scofield's 'fame'. Lincoln tries legal means to get Michael transferred, and gets a call from a relative. Both receive the same message, through different canals, presumably from Bill Kim's organization.
User ratings: 3,255
Average rating: 8.7
Michael befriends the seventeen year-old inmate McGrady and discovers that James Whistler was arrested for murdering the son of the Panama City Mayor, and that Lechero has put an award on his head. Sona has no water and the thirsty Bellick exchanges water with Michael for the information that there is a man is living in the sewage. Michael succeeds in contacting James, who tells him that he would be a dead man outside the hole. Mahone sees the movement, seeks out and finds Whistler, while Michael meets Lechero and proposes a deal to release Whistler from the pursuit. Meanwhile Susan B. Anthony presses Lincoln, and Michael gives the note Bellick put in his pocket to Lincoln and tells him that he needs money. Sucre buys a gun, and visits Bellick that tells him that Maricruz is safe and sound and he has never touched her. Lincoln meets Sucre by chance and he tells that Maricruz is back to Chicago. The minion T-Bag gets close to Lechero serving him; Bellick proposes to meet Lechero with good information and tells him that there is a man hidden in the sewage. Lincoln follows Whistler's girlfriend that goes to the safe of a bank, and robs her purse with a pocket book about birds. Michael gets water for the inmates and Lechero drops the price of James Whistler's head, saving his life.
User ratings: 2,267
Average rating: 8.3
Call Waiting
Lincoln tries to save LJ and Sara. But he can't. Meanwhile, Michael has a phone conversation with Sara. And Lincoln gets a call from Susan B. saying that she put something in the garage for him.
User ratings: 2,148
Average rating: 8.2
Good Fences
Aftermath of Sara's death, Lincoln decides not to tell about it to Michael. Susan B. told Lincoln that if he does something wrong again, she's going to send pieces from LJ to him. Meanwhile, Sucre got a job in Sona. And Sofia starts to help Linc.
User ratings: 2,096
Average rating: 8.2
A test with a rat proves the tower snipers are very good, so Michael figures breaking out with Whistler within 24 hours has to be at 3 PM, during a distracting soccer game. Sucre accepts $5,000 from a limousine man to smuggle a package into Sona. Linc is to arrange transport outside, but gets turned away roughly by an army patrol at two miles with Marisol in her car, then tells her Sara has already been killed, he keeps it from Michael as L.J. is his ultimate priority. New prisoner Andrew Tyge is robbed to his boxers at arrival, and warned off by Alexander Mahone after snooping around Michael and Whistler, who plan an electric signal disturbance device to distract the guard tower. Before they can make a move, a reflection from Michael's televisor is spotted: the troops move in and find it in his cell, he admits it's his; when the commander is about to shoot him, Whistler says it's his for birdwatching, and proves it showing the ornithology book Linc couldn't hold on to. Tyge identifies Whistler, who denies, as Macfaddyen, Nice 1997...
User ratings: 2,065
Average rating: 8.2
Photo Finish
Tyge tells Michael he and 'Mcfadden' where co-employees in a Nice hotel, Mahone worries he keeps observing Whistler. Having to re-plan hastily, Michael tells Linc to drug the second guard's coffee wherever he goes for lunch, and demands pictures of L.J. and Sara before he escapes. Mahone refuses a term reduction to 8 years for testimony against the government and Burrow's conspiracy: now he faces life. Tyge is stabbed dead, Lechero questions Menudo 'McGrady' and has Whistler dragged away for confession. Michael believes Mahone and Bellick's denials; T-bag offers Michael to use a ring he stole from Sammy, his rival for Lechero's confidence, to frame him for Tyge's stabbing, but Michael finds the murder knife under Mahone's bed and goes denounce Alex to Lechero, only he just walks out after accepting a 4 years deal with US Justice, Lechero administers justice his way... Linc and Sofia succeed in the drugging, but Susan finds out the brothers had a different timing planned, gets no recent pictures, Linc confesses Sara's death, Michael makes a drastic decision...
User ratings: 2,085
Average rating: 8.4
Alexander Mahone is assured all he has to do is tell the truth, enjoying full immunity. Michael tells Whistler their row is part of a diversion, the escape is now or never, before the guard's coffee drug wears off. Just when the critical sun reflexion blinds the other tower guard, they must wait and hide till Sammy has passed, but get trough the cut bars. Lechero sees them climb down and back in -time ran out- but refuses to allow them to cancel their duel to the death in the courtyard, meant as a diversion fake announcement. Sofia draws a gun at Linc to prevent him turning over James Whistler to killers, he retorts that's condemning innocent L.J. to death. Guards wake the passed-out guard, see the climbing rope and move in, the colonel shoots a random prisoner 'for not telling' and exposes his deal with Lechero, questioning if he's the right man for the job. Hearing the Sona siren, Linc flees by car and lies he has the 'escapees' in the trunk when called by Susan, but an inside contact phones her: the roll-count was complete. Sucre stops her van by crashing into it, but even when Linc holds her at gun-point her accomplice won't trade L.J., he releases her and gets a short extension to find out what happened. Failing a hearing, Malone now believes Justice official Richard Sullins is setting him up to confess. Michael is dragged before Lechero, but not to be punished, he's ordered to take the fallen boss along when he and Whistler escape! Susan asks instructions from Whistler, he tells her -as Gretchen- to give the brothers four more days.
User ratings: 2,067
Average rating: 8.4
Bang and Burn
Lincoln tells Michael that they have four more days to rescue Whistler, but Michael is upset with his brother that used him. Gretchen has a meeting with General and they decide to use power to release Whistler in an operation called "Bang and Burn"; later she asks Whistler to kill Michael. In Sona, the guards reinforce the bars in the windows, and Michael tells Lechero that this way it will be difficult to break-out. Sammy requests more men to Lechero to keep Sona under control. Sofia receives a call from Whistler's mysterious landlord telling that he has some "insurance papers" from her boyfriend; however, the Company intercepts the conversation. When Sofia receives the documents, she finds a passport of Whistler in the name of Gary Miller. But Gretchen arrives and takes the documents. Mahone tells Agent Lang how he killed Shales and then he addicted in pills, and asks her to get some drugs for him otherwise he will not be able to speak in the hearing. T-Bag gives a message from Lechero with the blueprint of his cell with a hidden door and an access code. Whistler is ready to stab Michael when Lechero arrives and he hides the knife. Michael asks McGrady to request his father to call Lincoln and tell him: "-Don't come home for dinner." Mahone fails in the hearing and is sent back to Sona. Lincoln, Sucre and Sofia are attacked by the Company's agents and the brothers realize that something is happening, i.e., the Company does not need them anymore. When the "Bang and Burn" Operation begins, Michael catches Whistler and Gretchen fails in her intent. The command of Sona captures Michael for the attempt of breaking-out.
User ratings: 2,065
Average rating: 8.5
Boxed In
Sona's Commander General Zavala takes Michel and locks him in a "hot-box" in solitary confinement to be punished by law or by Panama's sun. Meanwhile Agent Lang brings Mahone back to Sona and gives an amulet to him that belonged to her father. Michael decides to tell the truth to General Zavala and he brings Whistler, who is submitted to torture and gives the name of Gretchen Morgan. Meanwhile Lincoln is blindfolded by Gretchen and has one minute of conversation with LJ. T-Bag proposes Mahone to kill Sammy; in return he would supply drugs for free for him. Bellick is challenged for a fight and he uses acetone to defeat his opponent. Gretchen is arrested and tortured by General Zavala and she gives the location of LJ. However she reverts the situation and kills Zavala. Augusto gives a pistol to Sammy and tells him that it is time to make a move.
User ratings: 2,054
Average rating: 8.1
Dirt Nap
Sammy waves the gun and promises a case of rum in exchange for Michael's head. T-bag convinces Brad Beller to challenge and eliminate Lechero's rivaling ex-lieutenant, Sammy, using the acetone-trick he saw him use in his first bare-knuckle fight, and promises him a place in the escape, but his acetone stash is empty. Linc and Sofia buy a bomb. Sammy abandons his fight against Beller when told that Michael has been found. Michael hides with Malone behind the combination door and has to let Sammy in to save Whistler, but cleverly tricks him into burying himself in a tunnel collapse, alas thus compromising that escape route. Gretchen tells Sucré she is on to him and traced the check she paid him with which he transferred to her Chicago address, so now he's blackmailed by Gretchen for Maricruz's life. Sofia believes Whistler the Gary Miller fake identity is his plan for the two of them to live in France, Linc tells Michael who isn't surprised and has a new escape plan.
User ratings: 2,050
Average rating: 8.4
Under & Out
As Michael finalizes plans for the escape, his fellow plotters begin to turn on him. Meanwhile, Whistler ponders a betrayal when Sofia is threatened.
User ratings: 2,052
Average rating: 8.5
Hell or High Water
Michael, Whistler, Mahone and McGrady escape from Sona - but not everything goes according to plan, and the exchange is compromised.
User ratings: 2,240
Average rating: 8.8
The Art of the Deal
LJ and Whistler are exchanged, but more surprises abound. Meanwhile, T-Bag's scheming finally pays off.
User ratings: 2,568
Average rating: 8.9
Michael, Mahone, Sucre and Lincoln try to get into the house where Scylla is being kept safe. T-Bag and Sancho head to San Diego in the desert.
User ratings: 2,852
Average rating: 8.2
Breaking and Entering
The gang has to break into the well-guarded home of company man Stuart Tuxhorn. Elsewhere, T-Bag must go to extremes to survive.
User ratings: 593
Average rating: 8.0
Shut Down
Michael and the team have one day to locate the next cardholder or they risk going back to prison. Meanwhile, Mahone seeks revenge on Wyatt.
User ratings: 2,075
Average rating: 8.1
Eagles and Angels
To get the next data card, Michael, Lincoln and Sucre must crash a police benefit. Meanwhile, T-Bag arouses suspicion on the first day at his new job.
User ratings: 2,024
Average rating: 8.2
Safe and Sound
The gang, with Don's help, must break into a safe at the Treasury Department to get the next Scylla card. Elsewhere, Gretchen manages to escape.
User ratings: 1,995
Average rating: 8.3
Blow Out
Mahone is arrested, putting the whole gang at risk - and Mahone squarely in Wyatt's sights. Meanwhile T-Bag's charade is discovered.
User ratings: 1,970
Average rating: 8.3
Five the Hard Way
Lincoln, Sucre, Sara and Roland follow a Scylla cardholder to Las Vegas, where Roland has his device commandeered after he gets caught gambling.
User ratings: 1,954
Average rating: 8.3
The Price
A daring plan is hatched to get the final card from Pad Man, and an uneasy alliance is formed with Gretchen - but there's a traitor among the ranks.
User ratings: 1,946
Average rating: 8.4
Greatness Achieved
The team needs to make their way through a 30,000-gallon water main to get to Scylla. Meanwhile, T-Bag fends off an investigation.
User ratings: 2,210
Average rating: 8.8
The Legend
Michael collapses and must go to the hospital. Elsewhere, Sucre steps on a land mine, and Trishanne's surprising secret is uncovered.
User ratings: 1,931
Average rating: 8.2
Quiet Riot
Despite Michael's condition, the team goes forward with their plans to steal Scylla. Gretchen and T-Bag work together to get the sixth card from the General but without success. Michael, Lincoln, Sucre and Mahone break through the wall.
User ratings: 2,022
Average rating: 8.6
Michael and the gang pull off the Scylla heist from deep within Company headquarters - but a terrible surprise awaits them.
User ratings: 2,485
Average rating: 9.0
Deal or No Deal
As the gang deals with Don's betrayal, Lincoln is captured. Meanwhile, Don forces Gretchen to help him by holding her daughter and sister hostage.
User ratings: 1,942
Average rating: 8.4
Just Business
Don and Gretchen, Michael and The Company are all after Scylla. Elsewhere, T-Bag has to make a tough decision as he holds Gretchen's family hostage.
User ratings: 1,919
Average rating: 8.2
Going Under
When Michael undergoes surgery, he has visions of Westmoreland. Meanwhile, Lincoln and Sucre try to retrieve Scylla before Don and Gretchen sell it.
User ratings: 1,880
Average rating: 8.1
The Sunshine State
Lincoln calls Sara from Miami asking for news about Michael and tells that he is trying to retrieve the Scylla for The Company with Gretchen, T-Bag and Self. They find a lead in the Grafton Club, and Lincoln goes to the place where he abducts Tia Hayden trying to find the representative of the owner of Scylla. Meanwhile Michael awakes locked in a house in the woods under the surveillance of bodyguards of The Company. The psychiatrist, Dr. Roger Knowlton, tells him that his mother is alive and is working for 'The Company' in the Madagascar Rainforest. He wants to prepare Michael to join 'The Company' and use his skills on a global scale working with his mother. Tia lures Lincoln and manages to escape, but he keeps her wallet and finds her address. Sara tells General Krantz that she wants to stay with Michael, but he says no to her. T-Bag and Self go to Tia's house and Self plots against the Lincoln's leadership. They bring pictures and a HD they found in the house. Self argues with Lincoln and Mahone arrives to balance the situation. Michael sees pictures of his childhood and recalls his family reunion while Dr. Knowlton evaluates him for General Krantz and is pressed to use a quick and nasty process to force Michael to join The Company. Lincoln and Mahone go to the marina to investigate the representative of the owner of Scylla. Sara receives a mysterious cellphone message for a meeting and is abducted near a public phone by Lisa's men, and Lisa tells her that Michael is 60 miles northeastern downtown. Gretchen finds Scott, the representative of the owner of Scylla, while researching a database, but she lures the rest of the group and meets with Scott who promises ten million dollars for her. T-Bag overhears the conversation between Sara and Lincoln and calls General Krantz. He in turn orders Dr. Knowlton to drug Michael for transportation. However Michael reverts the situation and escapes running through the woods. Sara manages to rescue Michael. When the group meets Scott, there is a shootout and Gretchen is hit and left behind. In the end, the surprising owner of Scylla finally appears.
User ratings: 1,975
Average rating: 8.0
The Mother Lode
Michael and Sara are chased by the Company's men; they hitchhike on the back a truck, but the driver is killed and they are trapped inside. Meanwhile, Lincoln, Mahone, Self and T-Bag investigate the two sophisticated and expensive keys they took from the buyer that shot Gretchen. They find two possible addresses, and while Lincoln and Mahone goe to a mansion, Self and T-Bag heads to a church trying to find Scylla. Lincoln finds a picture from the 70's of his mother Christina, and he unravels the secret message with the location where he might meet her. Meanwhile Christina orders an attempt against the life of General Krantz but he escapes with minor injuries only. Lincoln meets his mother and she asks for two days for him to remove General Krantz from the direction of the Company and leave Michael and Lincoln free. When Lincoln decides to meet Christina again, his life is in serious jeopardy.
User ratings: 1,988
Average rating: 7.9
Michael and Lincoln square off over Scylla as Christina sets her plan in motion. Meanwhile, T-Bag causes a scene at the Indian embassy.
User ratings: 1,889
Average rating: 7.8
Michael has an uneasy reunion with Christina, who drops a bombshell regarding Lincoln. Elsewhere, Lincoln races to stop Christina's deadly plan.
User ratings: 1,847
Average rating: 7.9
Cowboys and Indians
Pandemonium erupts at the Panda Bay Hotel after an assassination at the global energy conference.
User ratings: 1,882
Average rating: 8.3
Rates of Exchange
As familiar faces return to help Michael in his quest to bring down The Company, Lincoln makes a discovery about his relationship with Michael.
User ratings: 1,917
Average rating: 8.5
Killing Your Number
After the general catches the brothers and raises the stakes by abducting more of their relatives, Michael escapes with Scylla.
User ratings: 2,783
Average rating: 9.0
The Old Ball and Chain
Michael and Sara's newfound happiness is short-lived, as Sara soon finds herself in prison, and Michael must break her out before a vengeful Krantz has her killed.
User ratings: 1,801
Average rating: 8.1
In a continued 90 minute episode, Michael and Sara's newfound happiness is short-lived, as Sara soon finds herself in prison, and Michael must break her out before a vengeful Krantz has her killed.
User ratings: 2,325
Average rating: 8.7
Seven years after Michael's burial, Dr. Sara Tancredi raises their son Mike Jr. with spotless stepfather Jacob Anton Ness. When Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell is paroled, surprisingly early, he receives a mysterious anonymous letter suggesting Michael is alive and jailed. He takes it to Lincoln, who is chased by thugs having relapsed into petty crime, consults unbelieving Sara and finds the hidden message, which indicates it's Yemeni capital Sana'a's infamous political prison Ogygia. T-bag is rewarded for his services as free, first recipient of Dr. Whitcombe's novel hand prosthesis, his mysterious sponsor's only condition for a crucial grant. Someone sends a hired gun to eliminate Michael's family, but only Ness is wounded. Lincoln decides to locate, visit and in necessary liberate Michael and enlists pacific Islam-converted mate Omar, needing knowledge of Arabic and contacts in Yemen, while Fernando Sucre invites himself for the Yemeni rescue expedition.
User ratings: 6,206
Average rating: 8.7
Kaniel Outis
Michael not only pretends not to know Lincoln when visited in prison, his party's Yemeni contact Sheba breaks off all cooperation, assuming it's the hated terrorist Kaniel Outis. Michael and cellmate 'Whip' attempt an escape on their own. Paul Kellerman spares to effort to hinder Sara's investigation what happened to Michael.
User ratings: 4,169
Average rating: 8.5
The Liar
When T-Bag ambushes Sara, he warns her that two of Poseidon's henchmen, Van Gogh and A&W, may be following her. Meanwhile, Lincoln attempts to retrieve his confiscated passport to escape Yemen, and Michael plans his next move.
User ratings: 3,416
Average rating: 8.3
The Prisoner's Dilemma
Michael must make a difficult choice when he feels he has run out of options.
User ratings: 3,543
Average rating: 8.9
Lincoln tries to find out what happened to Michael and C-Note hopes to execute a new escape plan with Cyclops close behind.
User ratings: 2,745
Average rating: 8.1
Michael, Lincoln and the Ogygia gang race through the desert pursued by Cyclops; A&W and Van Gogh question their roles when their trailing the escapees leads them to Graceland.
User ratings: 2,482
Average rating: 7.9
Wine Dark Sea
Sara fears for her family's safety when she discovers the reason why Michael faked his death; Sucre helps Michael and Lincoln find a way home; Poseidon's true identity is revealed.
User ratings: 2,502
Average rating: 8.3
Michael and Lincoln enlist the help of Sheba and C-Note to catch Poseidon when Sara and her son are threatened; Whip takes a separate mission; T-Bag reveals a secret.
User ratings: 2,896
Average rating: 8.9
Behind the Eyes
Dangerous threats keep Michael and Lincoln fighting to protect Sara and Mike. Meanwhile, Poseidon continues to try and outsmart Michael and the rest of the gang, which leads them to the ultimate showdown, and not everyone makes it out alive.
User ratings: 3,025
Average rating: 8.7
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