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Seasons: 4
Episodes: 78
User ratings: 39,326
Average rating: 7.5

Drama, Fantasy

Mary, Queen of Scots, faces political and sexual intrigue in the treacherous world of the French court.

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French King Henry II's court and castle buzz as dashing dauphin (heir presumptive) Francis finally receives back at court his fiancée since childhood, Scottish queen in exile Mary Stuart, who just survived a poisoning attempt in the nunnery where she was raised. Soon even her Scottish courtier companions realize that fickle political plots, not romance, will fully govern their lives from now on. Francis's even more dashing half brother Sebastian 'bash', son of royal mistress Diane de Poitiers, and a shady mystery figure are Mary's guardian angels at a court abundant with danger and hypocrisy. Her Scottish youth friend Colin is beheaded after being forced by the plotting Florentine queen Catherine and her poison-mongering fortune teller Nostradamus to eliminate the politically untimely engagement by poison or staged deflowering.
User ratings: 723
Average rating: 7.6
Snakes in the Garden
When Simon, an English envoy, tells Mary that the English are aware of her fragile engagement to Francis, Mary and Francis put on a show to protect their alliance.
User ratings: 546
Average rating: 8.0
When England's armies threaten Scotland's borders, Mary asks King Henry for help, but he refuses. Tomas, the son of the King of Portugal, proposes marriage to Mary, promising her aid against England if she'll abandon Francis and turn to Tomas instead. Francis puts Bash in jeopardy when he lets his feelings for Mary cloud his judgment.
User ratings: 528
Average rating: 8.3
Hearts and Minds
King Henry condemns English ambassador Simon Westbrook, a friend of the Scottish girls, to decapitation as presumed spy responsible for the destruction of six companies from Calais. Prince Francis, eager to keep Mary as fiancee, hopes to see her marriage to Portuguese bastard/prince Tomas canceled by digging in his past and finds his abusive reputation confirmed, yet Mary feels obliged to a dynastic marriage. Mary's companion Greer gets over losing Tomas in the company of a charming castle cook, Kenna asks king Henry to keep her as official 'consummated' mistress. At Bash's sickbed, Francis realizes Tomas had the better motive and hastes to prevent the elimination of witnesses.*
User ratings: 476
Average rating: 8.3
A Chill in the Air
Francis has mixed feelings about the arrival of his impoverished childhood court playmate Olivia D'Amencourt, who arouses Queen Catherine's interest and Mary's jealousy, indeed attempting to win the crown prince back, but may ends up shipped-off to a Paris family. Her coach was robbed on the way to the palace, with an accomplice at court. Bash examines with Francis, thus stumbling again on the path of heretics engaged in bloody rites, who threaten even royal sons. Having caught Mary's companion Aylee at kleptomania, Queen Catherine blackmails her into acting as her spy.
User ratings: 408
Average rating: 8.1
Finding the pagan cult has infiltrated the royal palace and court staff, Bash feels forced to avoid revenge for the disturbed human sacrifice on Mary by offering someone himself, so he takes a thief form jail into the forest, yet treats the ritual slaughter party to a bloodier surprise then they counted on, the disposes of the witness. Francis refuses to satisfy jealous Mary by evicting Olivia. King Henry moves Bash's mother Diane into a lavish cottage on castle grounds, and grudgingly ends up obliging jealous new favorite Kenna by remodeling the mistress quarters and giving a public proof of love. A stain on Greer's dress treats her cook lover to a peek at her in underwear. Queen Catherine threatens all staff with destruction of their villages to find the pagan spies, yet finds and chases one last minute by deduction.
User ratings: 397
Average rating: 8.1
Left Behind
The King goes to war as an unlikely intruder locks down the castle. Mary and Francis realise they must overcome their argument and work together to save everyone at court.
User ratings: 471
Average rating: 8.7
Nostradamus tells Mary of his prophecy that one among them will die soon, which causes Mary to make a decision that will forever change her relationship with Francis.
User ratings: 385
Average rating: 8.4
For King and Country
When Mary and Bash are captured they are forced to return to the castle, tearing the bond of brothers apart and hardening Catherine's resolve to destroy Mary and Francis' love at any cost. Francis learns of the prophecy,
User ratings: 394
Average rating: 8.5
When a plot to kill Bash goes wrong, Queen Catherine is suspected of orchestrating it. Mary offers to help free a wrongly imprisoned pregnant peasant named Isobel who has a mysterious tie to Bash. Meanwhile, Lola blackmails Queen Catherine to keep her from trying to ruin Mary and Bash, whose bond continues to grow.
User ratings: 355
Average rating: 8.2
Henry returns from Rome unsuccessful, and accuses Catherine of adultery with Nostradamus with the goal of executing her. Catherine learns about Isobel's baby but the pagan mark on her foot is gone, making her useless as evidence against Bash. Mary and Bash learn that years ago Catherine had an affair and gave birth to a child before Francis was born. They inform Henry, who realizes that the father is his friend, Richard Delacroix, and has him imprisoned. Henry also rejects Catherine's attempts to out Bash and Diane as pagans, as he already knew about their heritage. Catherine has an encounter with Clarissa and, upon questioning Nostradamus, learns that the girl is a foundling who was disfigured by attempts Nostradamus' father made to remove a birthmark on her face; Clarissa is Catherine's daughter. Catherine attempts a murder-suicide with Mary, but Clarissa saves both of them, and Catherine is taken away to the tower to await her execution.
User ratings: 380
Average rating: 8.3
Royal Blood
When Clarissa kidnaps the younger children of King Henry and Queen Catherine, Mary and Bash work with the Queen to find them, with tragic results. Meanwhile, when Lola attempts to help her brother with a debt he owes, Francis rescues her, causing the two of them to grow closer.
User ratings: 332
Average rating: 7.8
The Consummation
It appears to be time for Mary to choose. She has to marry either Francis or Bash taking into account her country's needs as well as her own. This decision gets harder when Francis comes to court with Lola by his side after he saved her in the last episode. It gets even more complicated when Mary's mum comes to France with her own ideas about Mary's future.
User ratings: 362
Average rating: 8.4
Dirty Laundry
Two months after becoming married, Mary and Francis must rejoin court after their idyllic honeymoon. Upon returning, secrets they hoped to bury start coming out. Meanwhile, King Henry and Queen Catherine bond over spilled blood.
User ratings: 326
Average rating: 8.2
The Darkness
As women in the castle mingle with possible suitors, Lola is reluctant to participate. Kenna fears for her safety after another violent incident with King Henry. Bash determines to uncover the truth about the darkness.
User ratings: 282
Average rating: 7.8
When Francis reluctantly agrees to help Bash uncover the threat in the woods, he ends in grave danger, with only Bash to save him. Meanwhile, the King's madness causes chaos when a servant wins "Queen for the Day," and the King becomes obsessed with her. The King also forces a surprising, and unbreakable, union with a new couple at Court. Meanwhile, Greer gets caught kissing kitchen servant Leith, which threatens to ruin her.
User ratings: 298
Average rating: 8.2
Liege Lord
Mary uncovers her marriage contract's secret clause.
User ratings: 294
Average rating: 8.3
No Exit
When Mary's brother James arrives in France and convinces Mary to return to Scotland, Francis is suspicious and uncovers a plot that would destroy Mary, which causes a rift between them. King Henry's downward spiral continues, leaving Penelope in charge, causing Catherine and Kenna to take drastic measures. Meanwhile, Lola becomes wary of Lord Julien's motives behind his marriage proposal.
User ratings: 274
Average rating: 8.1
Toy Soldiers
Mary and Francis are forced to make difficult choices between Scotland, France, or their marriage; Mary's uncle brings bad news regarding Marie de Guise; Henry makes some bad choices for France; Bash and Kenna continue to work on their marriage.
User ratings: 275
Average rating: 8.0
Higher Ground
Mary enlists a mercenary to help her, which forces her to realize there are sacrifices and lives she is willing to risk to save her country. Francis embraces his role as Dauphin to lead France in a brutal battle against England, and finds a new ally in Leith. Meanwhile, as Lola grows closer to Lord Julien, she gets increasingly suspicious that he is going to betray her.
User ratings: 274
Average rating: 8.1
Long Live the King
Mary and Catherine form an unlikely alliance when deciding how to deal with the increasingly manic King Henry, which puts Francis in jeopardy. Bash finds a boy who lived to tell about his encounter with the Darkness, which makes Bash determined to end it for good at any cost. Lord Julien (guest star Giacomo Gianniotti) reveals the truth about his motives, and Lola, blinded by love, finds herself in a dire situation after she attempts to protect him.
User ratings: 264
Average rating: 8.1
Slaughter of Innocence
Henry plots to kill Francis, and begins his efforts to woo and marry Mary. Leith returns to win Greer back. Lola goes into labour. Francis, Catherine and Mary plan a coup. The Darkness returns for Pascal.
User ratings: 334
Average rating: 8.6
The Plague
As Francis leaves Court to find Lola and his child, he must try and avoid the plague, back at Court Mary and Catherine must keep safe from the plague while the nobles and servants are getting sicker and sicker.
User ratings: 319
Average rating: 8.2
Drawn and Quartered
In the aftermath of the plague, a powerful lord (Craig Parker) discovers that Mary was responsible for the death of his son and demands vengeance, testing the loyalties of Mary, Francis and Catherine. Francis returns to the castle with Lola and their newborn son, creating tension with Mary. Greer is torn by her loyalty to her fiancé, Lord Castleroy, who blames Leith for his daughter's demise. Meanwhile, Kenna urges Bash to be formally recognized in his new role.
User ratings: 277
Average rating: 8.1
With France in a state of famine, as well as religious and political unrest, Mary looks for a way to feed the people, risking the wrath of a vengeful Lord Narcisse (Craig Parker). Francis is preoccupied by the harrowing suspicion that his dead father's spirit can possess the living and is haunting Francis as revenge for his murder. As Catherine makes excessive and lavish preparations for a coronation ceremony to give the impression of stability to the realm, Bash confronts the reality of a country plagued by fear, bankruptcy, and murder.
User ratings: 265
Average rating: 8.1
The Lamb and the Slaughter
As Francis and Lola start the preparations for their son's christening, Mary and Lola make a scheme to help Estelle from Lord Narcisse. Mary gets shocking news that will change her life and Greer tries to tell Castleroy how she feels.
User ratings: 260
Average rating: 8.1
Blood for Blood
Tensions between Protestants and Catholics escalate when bloodshed at a Protestant service causes an already concerned Mary and Francis to intervene on the eve of Greer's wedding. Bash and Leith lead a search for the guilty that reveals a surprising secret about Castleroy that could destroy his union with Greer. Meanwhile, Francis receives an unwelcome gift from his dead father. Kenna discovers a sex journal, with clues leading to the best lover at court, who just might be a match for Lola.
User ratings: 248
Average rating: 7.8
Three Queens
Mary and Catherine leave for a town when their carriage is overrun and they leave for safety, but they are far from that. Lola and Narcisse become closer and Mary and Francis are still having some problems.
User ratings: 266
Average rating: 8.0
The Prince of the Blood
Young, reckless and provocative Princess Claude makes a surprise visit home, torturing her already haunted mother, Catherine. Francis is pressured by Narcisse to act against his conscience or risk his throne and his wife. Mary finds a new ally in Condé. Francis confides in Bash and hatches a plot that involves an uncertain Lola. Kenna mistakes Claude for a newfound friend, while Greer returns earlier than expected from her wedding tour.
User ratings: 247
Average rating: 7.8
Terror of the Faithful
Tensions escalate between Mary and Francis when Vatican inquisitors perform barbaric acts on anyone suspected of being a Protestant. After a brave proclamation, Lord Conde is abducted, resulting in a precarious situation with a surprising group of assailants. Catherine experiences an annoying setback when she plays matchmaker on behalf of a reluctant Claude, while Narcisse offers a stranded Lola an innocent horse ride back to the castle, where a dark secret involving Francis is revealed.
User ratings: 231
Average rating: 7.9
Acts of War
With a holiday celebration around the corner, Bash uncovers what could be the answer to Francis finally escaping the oppressive thumb of Lord Narcisse, and the two formulate a daring plan. Meanwhile, Mary proposes the radical idea of marrying the Protestant Lord Conde to the Catholic Claude, a scheme that she believes a viable path forward to peace, but Claude has other plans in store. As preparations are made for the upcoming feast, Greer discovers that she may be more involved with the Protestant movement than she originally thought.
User ratings: 303
Average rating: 8.2
Mary and Conde set off to find who attacked Mary. Narcisse becomes Francis' puppet. Someone poisons Claude, and has Catherine gone mad? Could Mary and Francis return to normal after what happened? Mary finds Conde's letter, and is surprised by what she reads. Conde's brother pays him a visit.
User ratings: 271
Average rating: 8.1
Mary takes action to save Conde when she learns the Vatican is hunting him for bearing the branded mark of the Dark Riders. Francis devises a plan to put an end to the Dark Riders legend, which puts Bash at risk. Meanwhile, Kenna reveals Catherine's ulterior motives to Claude.
User ratings: 215
Average rating: 7.9
Bash uncovers the truth about the death of the twins - vengeance and justice consume Catherine's haunted past. The hunt to uncover the Protestant radicals reveals ties far too close to court. Desisions to protect the crown - changes the lives of the Queens' Ladies.
User ratings: 214
Average rating: 7.7
Sins of the Past
As the castle prepares for the Winter's Ease Feast, King Antoine of Navarre reveals to Francis and Mary England's plan for revenge against France. Bash learns that an "undead" man has been seen in the village and his efforts to track the man down lead him to a mysterious woman in white. Meanwhile, Catherine finds out the cause of her hallucinations.
User ratings: 202
Average rating: 7.6
The End of Mourning
As Mary and Francis investigate who was behind the poisoning of King Henry (Alan Van Sprang), they unearth secrets of the past which force Mary to confront her feelings for Conde as she attempts to move forward. Catherine finds herself in the middle of a romantic triangle when the Duke of Guise (guest star Gil Darnell) returns, which forces Narcisse (Craig Parker) to commit a hideous act out of desperation. Meanwhile, Greer (Celina Sinden) finds herself in a situation she never fathomed in order to survive.
User ratings: 215
Average rating: 7.7
Mary's mother returns to advise Mary that her throne is in jeopardy. Mary makes a shocking proposition to Conde, along with a bold move to reclaim her throne. Francis moves closer to Lola after a setback with Mary, while King Antoine makes Kenna an interesting offer.
User ratings: 194
Average rating: 7.5
Tasting Revenge
When King Antoine threatens to tell Francis of Mary and Conde's evolving relationship, Francis makes a shocking move. Bash and Kenna's marriage is beyond repair after he learns of her scheming, while Leith discovers Greer's unsavory new career path.
User ratings: 203
Average rating: 7.5
Tempting Fate
Mary and Condé continue to make arrangements to go to Scotland, while Condé continues to meet with Elizabeth's envoy. Catherine becomes suspicious of the relationship between Mary and Condé. Leith offers to try and help Greer.
User ratings: 214
Average rating: 7.6
Reversal of Fortune
As Bash is being healed by the white witch, an old enemy shows up. Francis is on the edge of death and Mary must help Scotland from being under attack. Mary must make a decision to stay with Francis or go to Scotland with Conde.
User ratings: 204
Average rating: 7.5
Mary, with the threat of England looming, aligns herself with France and thus, the ailing Francis. Conde makes a bold move that would tie him to England. With all of the turmoil, Catherine and Narcisse work to win favor in court. Meanwhile, Kenna gets closer to General Renaude as Bash becomes increasingly distant.
User ratings: 181
Average rating: 7.2
Mary goes to extremes to halt Francis from his quest to catch Conde at any cost. Catherine, jealous of Narcisse's relationship with Lola, asks him to do something unforgivable to prove himself, Kenna crosses a line with General Renaude and Greer makes a choice that might end her relationship with Leith.
User ratings: 198
Average rating: 7.4
The Siege
After an attack on the castle everybody is very scared; Conde finds news out about Mary; Catherine is determined to hurt Narcisse; Bash brings Delphine to the castle but what does she have up her sleeve?
User ratings: 200
Average rating: 7.8
As Francis thinks Mary is turning against France, she risks everything in order to take Conde down; Catherine meets with Queen Elizabeth and has a proposition for her; Kenna's secret will seal the fate of her relationship with Bash.
User ratings: 266
Average rating: 8.3
Three Queens, Two Tigers
In England, Elizabeth is now being counseled by Catherine de Medici, together they seek Mary's downfall. In France, Francis must deal with his declining health.
User ratings: 226
Average rating: 7.8
As Francis' condition worsens he has plans for Mary's future and the next King of France.
User ratings: 192
Average rating: 7.9
Extreme Measures
When King Antoine makes an unexpected return. Mary and Francis turn to an unlikely ally to help hide Francis' condition and secure his family's future.
User ratings: 198
Average rating: 8.0
The Price
After Mary receives an urgent message from her ailing mother about the dire situation in Scotland, she finds herself looking to Francis for aid. Catherine finds herself up against Narcisse as she fights to become the regent to Charles. Meanwhile, Elizabeth faces continued pressure to wed.
User ratings: 221
Average rating: 8.3
In a Clearing
As the king Francis returns to life, Nostradamus is back with a new prophecy about his death. Meanwhile the English ambassador is offering Mary a chance at peace by signing away her claim to the English throne.
User ratings: 268
Average rating: 8.4
Fight or Flight
As everyone tries to come to terms with Francis' death, new struggles arise for both Mary and queen Catherine for her to be voted regent. New relationships are born and some are starting to tare.
User ratings: 172
Average rating: 7.5
The Hound and the Hare
When Prince Don Carlos of Spain visits France, Mary uncovers a dark secret he is hiding and enlists in Catherine to advise her on how to handle. When Gideon, the new ambassador from English court arrives, suspicions arise about what his true intentions are, while Bash's pursuit of the mysterious killer comes to a head at Greer's tavern.
User ratings: 183
Average rating: 7.6
Our Undoing
As Mary and Catherine deal with the aftermath of Prince Don Carlos' accident, Mary realizes that she will have to marry for the good of her country and not follow her heart. When Catherine is accused of poisoning Francis, Lola is shocked when Mary thinks Narcisse framed Catherine in order to become Regent of France.
User ratings: 183
Average rating: 7.9
Claude is forced to marry someone selected by Narcisse. Meanwhile, a surprising discovery is made by Elizabeth, and it could alter her reign; and Mary asks Gideon to help her confirm her suspicions about Prince Don Carlos.
User ratings: 176
Average rating: 7.8
Bruises That Lie
As she works to form political alliances, Mary tries to resist falling for Gideon; Catherine and Narcisse continue to battle for power over the Regency; Claude endures the fight of her life on her wedding night.
User ratings: 192
Average rating: 8.0
Charles' coronation gets closer as Mary discovers who poisoned Elizabeth and Catherine becomes a different kind of victim of the castle's killer.
User ratings: 161
Average rating: 7.6
No Way Out
Mary might have to sacrifice her cousin's life to save her own, as she and Gideon find themselves in uncharted emotional territory. Catherine's past returns to haunt her, while Lola and Elizabeth become unlikely allies.
User ratings: 161
Average rating: 7.6
Strange Bedfellows
Mary (Adelaide Kane), in order to protect Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten), unknowingly puts Gideon's (Ben Geurens) life in danger. To save him, Mary turns to another Englishman for help - Robert Dudley (Charlie Carrick). Meanwhile, Bash (Torrance Coombs) is determined to track down the men behind the threats to Catherine (Megan Follows). Anna Popplewell, Craig Parker, Rose Williams, Celina Sinden and Jonathan Keltz also star.
User ratings: 159
Average rating: 7.7
To the Death
Mary realizes her need to return to Scotland is becoming increasingly imminent and that along with the help of Bash, she must raise her own army to save her throne. Elizabeth enlists Lola's help to find out information about her mother, which backfires when Lola gets caught.
User ratings: 160
Average rating: 7.7
Safe Passage
Lola tells Mary she may have a chance to get to Scotland. A murder takes place and Catherine is framed for it. Mary must decide if she should help Catherine or leave for Scotland. If Mary helps Catherine it could eliminate the possibility of safe passage to Scotland.
User ratings: 193
Average rating: 8.1
When Mary returns to Scotland, she must keep her royal identity a secret as her country has taken a turn for the worse. Bash is kidnapped by druids. Elizabeth once again jeopardizes Lola's plans to leave England.
User ratings: 156
Average rating: 7.6
Mary and bash race against time to stop anyone taking the Scottish throne. Catherine must help Charles.
User ratings: 180
Average rating: 8.1
Spiders in a Jar
Charles escapes the Red Knights, at the cost of an old friend. Mary returns home, but not everyone is happy. Narcisse's attempt to rescue Lola takes a twist when she chooses to carry out a risky mission.
User ratings: 191
Average rating: 8.2
With Friends Like These
Queen Mary, unsure who to trust, tests her brother James to ensure his loyalty after hearing of his meeting with John Knox. Queen Elizabeth agrees to help Lord Darnley, in an attempt to sabotage the powerful suitor's relationship with Mary.
User ratings: 159
Average rating: 8.3
A Grain of Deception
Mary discovers there is a leak within her inner circle and sets out to uncover the traitor. Queen Catherine goes to extremes to regain some of her lost power, while Queen Elizabeth attempts to use Narcisse to further her quest for supremacy.
User ratings: 133
Average rating: 8.3
Leaps of Faith
Mary must choose between love and country, while Gideon attempts to show her why she should choose love. French court is in chaos as Catherine's daughter Leeza returns home, directing her animosity towards her sister Claude. Catherine struggles to cover for Charles as his behavior becomes increasingly erratic.
User ratings: 130
Average rating: 8.2
Playing with Fire
When Lord Darnley (Will Kemp) surprises Mary (Adelaide Kane) with a visit in Scotland, Mary sees a glimmer of a union that could be more than just political. Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) fights to gain allies in her favor and Catherine (Megan Follows) must work to get Claude (Rose Williams) back on track by finding her a new husband. Spencer MacPherson, Ben Geurens, Dan Jeannotte, Jonathan Goad, Celina Sinden and Craig Parker star.
User ratings: 133
Average rating: 8.4
Highland Games
In order to get Mary (Adelaide Kane) to agree to a marriage, Lord Darnley (Will Kemp) must demonstrate his loyalty when she voices her concerns about his true intentions. Catherine (Megan Follows) and Narcisse (Craig Parker) work to repair King Charles' (Spencer MacPherson) reputation after rumors spread about his strange behavior and threaten the throne.
User ratings: 120
Average rating: 8.2
Love & Death
Mary (Adelaide Kane) must deal with the political repercussions of a potential marriage to Lord Darnley (Will Kemp) and King Charles (Spencer MacPherson) disappears, leaving Catherine (Megan Follows) to pick up the pieces. Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) comes to Gideon's (Ben Geurens) aid, while Claude (Rose Williams) receives an interesting proposition. Craig Parker, Dan Jeannotte, Jonathan Goad and Celina Sinden star.
User ratings: 121
Average rating: 8.2
Hanging Swords
When Darnley (Will Kemp) gets a surprise visitor, his marriage to Mary (Adelaide Kane) hangs in the balance. Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) learns her attempt to stop Mary backfired. Meanwhile, Catherine (Megan Follows) and Narcisse (Craig Parker) find King Charles (Spencer MacPherson) and must convince him to return to the castle.
User ratings: 121
Average rating: 8.1
Uncharted Waters
As Mary's upcoming wedding looms, a terrible tragedy pushes Mary and Darnley apart, forcing Mary to enlist in Catherine's help. Elizabeth encounters a traitor to Spain, who petitions her to support an expedition to the New World.
User ratings: 118
Average rating: 8.3
Pulling Strings
Mary and Darnley wed in a lavish affair, which proves to be a successful decision in regards to her political standing. James makes an interesting discovery about Greer, while Elizabeth frantically tries to salvage England's power.
User ratings: 116
Average rating: 8.2
A Better Man
As Mary strategizes ways to take over the English throne, Elizabeth struggles to find an appropriate suitor to marry. Meanwhile, James gets caught up in a scheme orchestrated by John Knox and has to deal with the tragic aftermath.
User ratings: 118
Average rating: 8.4
Dead of Night
Mary and Darnley are at odds as they put their plan to seize England into action. Elizabeth is conflicted about her feelings for Gideon as she attempts to find a Catholic to marry. Catherine's son Henri (guest star Nick Slater) attempts to claim the throne from Charles with the support of Spain and Narcisse.
User ratings: 118
Average rating: 8.4
The Shakedown
After a tragic earthquake hits Scotland, Mary must face John Knox (Jonathan Goad) amidst claims that she isn't coming to the aid of her people. Elizabeth takes drastic measures after she is discovered with Gideon, while Charles makes a decision that backfires.
User ratings: 111
Average rating: 8.2
Coup de Grace
Darnley teams up with John Knox to strip Mary of her throne, which will leave a close friend of Mary's dead. Elizabeth must banish Gideon from court at the request of her future husband, while Charles takes a bold stance against his brother Henri (guest star Nick Slater).
User ratings: 115
Average rating: 8.4
A Bride. A Box. A Body.
Mary launches a counterattack on the conspirators. Elizabeth suffers a setback that turns her world upside down.
User ratings: 111
Average rating: 8.4
Blood in the Water
Mary has a difficult childbirth that leaves both her and her child's life in danger. Elizabeth learns that the death of someone close to her was caused by someone in her inner circle.
User ratings: 116
Average rating: 8.0
All It Cost Her...
Mary makes a decision that will change the course of history, forever shaping the fate of her nation, her crown, and her newborn son. Mary's perilous move for her survival causes the stunning realization that perhaps she is not the only one who may not survive. Meanwhile, Elizabeth steadies herself for war and will become the instigator in Mary's demise while later realizing she and Mary might be more similar than either thought.
User ratings: 230
Average rating: 7.4
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