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Rizzoli & Isles

Seasons: 7
Episodes: 105
User ratings: 27,353
Average rating: 7.6

Crime, Drama, Mystery

Detective Jane Rizzoli and Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Maura Isles team up to solve crimes in Boston.

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See One, Do One, Teach One
A serial killer named the Surgeon once tried to kill Boston Detective Jane Rizzoli. Still serving time, his 'signature' killings recur. Rizzoli, together with Medical Examiner Dr. Isles, pursue them, while the Surgeon escapes from prison.
User ratings: 494
Average rating: 8.0
Boston Strangler Redux
Rizzoli pursues strangling deaths, suspense-fully reminiscent of the now long dead Boston Strangler, who a retired cop believes to be alive. Her new Boss, a childhood tease, is unbelieving. Clinically inclined Dr. Isles ruins a date.
User ratings: 376
Average rating: 8.2
Sympathy for the Devil
Rizzoli and Isles investigate the death of a young immigrant boy, Mathius Senna. After the post-mortem, Jane quickly concludes that the boy may have died during an exorcism. Mathius' mother tells them that the devil got into her boy and was cursed. She attends a storefront church that has its roots in Christianity and African mysticism and is run by an ex-convict. Mathias' parents are divorced and his father Malcolm has been trying hard to get custody of his son. While the investigation continues, Rizzoli's mother is obviously up to something when she gets Jane to buy a little black dress and organizes a dinner at home. It turns out it's a date for Jane and not with someone she would have chosen herself. Det. Vince Korsak meanwhile has taken to doing his paperwork at a table in the nearby coffee shop.
User ratings: 348
Average rating: 7.9
She Works Hard for the Money
After a student is gunned down in broad daylight, the investigation reveals she had more than a few secrets. Meanwhile, Jane's mother Angela gets into a spat with her father over the car.
User ratings: 338
Average rating: 8.0
Money for Nothing
Rizzoli and Dr. Isles look at the death of the head of the rich, Brahmin Fairfield family. Dr. Isles once dated the dead man's brother and Rizzoli feels that this is hampering work. Rizzoli's mother peddles juices with dubious benefits.
User ratings: 324
Average rating: 8.1
I Kissed a Girl
Jane and Maura investigate what appears to be a hate crime, the brutal assault and murder of a woman leaving a lesbian bar. With Jane going undercover, they hope to lure the killer out in the open. Off the job, Maura hooks Jane up with a handsome yoga instructor.
User ratings: 375
Average rating: 8.4
Born to Run
Rizzoli and Dr. Isles run the Boston Marathon and find a dead runner at Mile 3 and Mile 12 marks. Impossible to get back-up, and fearing more deaths from panic and stampede, they silently endeavor to solve the crimes as the race continues.
User ratings: 340
Average rating: 8.4
I'm Your Boogie Man
The actions of Hyot, alias the Surgeon, and Rizzoli's nemesis, from inside solitary confinement spook her. While Rizzoli is off the Hoyt case, Dr. Isles does facial analysis of Hoyt for clues on murder/ disappearance of a married couple.
User ratings: 313
Average rating: 8.2
The Beast in Me
An unknown man is killed with an ice pick pierced into his ear. Police find that he is Colin Doyle, son of the Irish mob enforcer, Patrick Doyle, the actual target of gang rivals. Dr. Isles is in an emotional upheaval about the dead man.
User ratings: 297
Average rating: 8.3
When the Gun Goes Bang, Bang, Bang
An under-cover cop is killed by a drug ring. They then attack police HQ to retrieve a crucial piece of evidence found by Rizzoli at the crime scene. Rizzoli, Dr. Isles and others are trapped inside the HQ. A tense shoot-out finally ensues.
User ratings: 377
Average rating: 8.8
We Don't Need Another Hero
Rizzoli gets a bravery medal after escaping from a hostage situation. A brave US military private is also felicitated but is killed by a car bomb after the ceremony. Rizzoli, resting for the last three months and yet unfit, investigates.
User ratings: 284
Average rating: 8.4
Living Proof
Jane and Maura's relaxing day at an outdoor spa is anything but when they discover the murder of a pregnant woman serving as a surrogate mother. Soon the hunt is on to find the baby's biological parents.
User ratings: 267
Average rating: 8.2
Sailor Man
From among thousands of sailors in Boston during Fleet Week, an unknown sailor is suspected of two rapes and murders. Admiral Frost appears and he and his son Detective Frost do not see eye to eye. Policeman Rizzoli Jr. plays a part.
User ratings: 260
Average rating: 8.2
Brown Eyed Girl
When the daughter of a police officer is kidnapped in front of her younger brother, Jane and the team race to find the girl, fearing her abduction is connected to another case in which a young girl turned up dead only hours earlier.
User ratings: 270
Average rating: 8.2
Don't Hate the Player
The Boston Pilgrims baseball team is co-owned by a man and his estranged wife. Rizzoli and Dr. Isles probe the mysterious deaths of the team's coach and a star player. Tom Rizzoli, a home burglar now out on probation, is misunderstood.
User ratings: 261
Average rating: 8.3
Rebel Without a Pause
An actor is shot dead during the full-costumed re-enactment of a Revolutionary War battle. Another random shooting with the same M.O. occurs. The full-costumed wake for the dead actor is shot at. Dr. Isles' mother makes an awkward visit.
User ratings: 253
Average rating: 8.1
Jane and the team investigate what appears to be a modern-day witch hunt in Salem. Meanwhile, Frankie's old girlfriend returns to town with a surprise, and Jane has no problem speaking her mind about the situation.
User ratings: 253
Average rating: 7.9
My Own Worst Enemy
Evan Dunbar and son Chris, customs brokers, are attacked, killing Evan and injuring Chris. Chris' subsequent actions and Evan's brother, just released, are suspected. Isles' old flame Dr. Faulkner visits and Rizzoli's mom is suspicious.
User ratings: 244
Average rating: 8.0
Gone Daddy Gone
22 year old Melissa finds her dock-working father's work place injury fishy. Her subsequent murder has the mob's M.O. But, an injured Doyle, the mobster and Isles' father, claims innocence. Rizzoli frowns on Isles' chess game with Tom.
User ratings: 237
Average rating: 8.4
Remember Me
Jailed Hoyt is dying of cancer and Randall, his fellow inmate, is murdered. Hoyt conveys confusing images to Rizzoli who then attempts to connect deaths of Randall and of the four Wilsons in 2005, to Hoyt. Rizzoli's birthday is celebrated.
User ratings: 267
Average rating: 8.6
Can I Get a Witness?
After the murder of much-loved community leader Elmore Gregory, Dante Morgan steps forward to identify the shooter as a gang leader, Terence Jones, also known as Little T. On the night before the trial, Dante leaves his police protected hotel room and is found dead the next day in a gang-ridden neighborhood with "snitch" written on his forehead. With the main witness out of the way, the only other evidence against Jones was obtained using information from one of Vince Korsak's confidential informants. When Vince says he can't produce him for the court, the judge gives the prosecution 48 hours of the case will be dismissed. Meanwhile, TV's Bill O'Reilly is in Boston to cover Little T's trial. Jane's mother Angela is a big fan and at a book signing she gives him Jane's cellphone number.
User ratings: 250
Average rating: 8.2
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
Jane's younger brother Tommy seems to be settling down. He's getting work here and there and is moving into his own apartment. He still sees Maury from time to time but she would like to keep their relationship a platonic one. Meanwhile, the homicide squad investigates a bank robbery where the manager was shot by one of robbers for no apparent reason. They immediately cross swords with the FBI who also have jurisdiction and Det. Barry Frost in particular seems to have it in for the Special Agent in charge, Anna Farrell. This is the second robbery committed by these men and they soon find the getaway vehicle with one of the robbers inside, shot to death. It all becomes very personal for Jane when her brother Tommy's fingerprints are also found in the vehicle.
User ratings: 243
Average rating: 8.2
Seventeen Ain't So Sweet
Jane attends her high school reunion and brings Maura along for the ride, but the fun is cut short when one of her old classmates turns up dead on the football field. Jane must focus on the past when she realizes everyone in her class is a potential suspect. Meanwhile, Korsak gets a visit from ex-wife Melody Patterson, who hopes he'll invest in her new business.
User ratings: 251
Average rating: 8.2
Don't Stop Dancing, Girl
The world of competitive dance turns deadly when the mother of a star performer is stabbed to death at a competition. Jane and the team search for clues, but they soon realize something is off about the woman's history. Korsak has his hands full when his stepson is accused of shooting a cop.
User ratings: 239
Average rating: 8.3
Burning Down the House
When a warehouse fire kills a firefighter, Jane and Maura must investigate whether it was arson or an accident. But the investigation hits a snag when a hit-and-run leaves someone in the hospital.
User ratings: 274
Average rating: 8.6
What Doesn't Kill You
Jane and Maura's friendship suffers following the shooting of Maura's biological father, gangster Paddy Doyle. Jane also finds herself in the middle of an Internal Affairs investigation. And her relationship with Agent Dean is exposed.
User ratings: 286
Average rating: 8.5
Dirty Little Secret
Tensions continue to mount between Jane and Maura, causing those close to them to be caught in the middle. But they must put aside their differences when they investigate the case of a college student who died in a tunnel. Meanwhile, Frankie Sr. returns with news that upsets Angela.
User ratings: 252
Average rating: 8.2
This Is How a Heart Breaks
When Maura meets a new guy named Dennis in a very unusual way, he opens up a different side of her. And Jane is filled with mixed emotions after someone from her past returns.
User ratings: 253
Average rating: 8.3
Welcome to the Dollhouse
Young female professionals dressed as dolls are turning up dead on the public transit system, and Jane and Maura must piece together the clues. Angela implements new ideas for the café. And Jane learns more about how Casey was injured.
User ratings: 245
Average rating: 8.4
Throwing Down the Gauntlet
Jane looks for a way for Maura to meet her biological mother, Dr. Hope Davis. Angela gets involved in a political campaign. And a nun from Jane and Frankie Jr.'s past returns.
User ratings: 254
Average rating: 8.4
Money Maker
Jane and Maura investigate the death of a man who is found in a garbage can outside an empty $3 million home that has been on the market for a year. He's identified as Neil Murray, the owner of an investment company. Maura determines that he suffered a cardiac arrest after being injected with potassium chloride. The investigation reveals that Murray and his partner ran a sex club and it's up to Maura and Jane to now go in undercover. Meanwhile, Maura invites her biological mother, Dr. Hope Martin, and her 18 year-old half sister Cailin over for dinner. Cailin seems very stand-offish but Maura subsequently learns that the young woman is quite ill and in need of a kidney transplant. When Maura learns she is a match, she decides to donate one of her kidneys - anonymously. Her secret is soon out, however.
User ratings: 242
Average rating: 8.1
Crazy for You
The investigation of the murder of two doctors is hindered by a judge that won't sign a search warrant for his own personal reasons. Jane has to deal with a delusional secret admirer.
User ratings: 253
Average rating: 8.2
Cuts Like a Knife
The gruesome murder of a bride and the disappearance of her sister lead Jane to a crazy jealous rival and a bigger even more gruesome criminal enterprise. Meanwhile Jane's brother and partner are dating Jane's next door neighbor which conflicts with Jane's moving plans but Jane is more concerned about her neighbor's profession.
User ratings: 243
Average rating: 8.2
Home Town Glory
Jane investigates the death of a family friend in a boy band with a history of drug abuse. It looks like a drug case until drug tests come back negative and another rocker turns up dead. Maura's soft heart drags Jane into assisting with Lydia's pregnancy despite her disapproval of her mother's relationship with Lydia.
User ratings: 229
Average rating: 8.1
Melt My Heart to Stone
Jane and Maura investigate a serial killer whose victims, all prostitutes, he strangles and the encases in plaster statues. Jane thinks it may have to do with someone from her past. Maura is taken aback when Dennis Rockmond suddenly comes back into her life. Jane is not impressed.Meanwhile, Frankie and several others are upset when Riley Cooper, who obviously used him and Barry to learn as much as she could about the homicide squad, gets the promotion he was expecting. Everyone is on edge when Lydia Sparks approaches her delivery date.
User ratings: 237
Average rating: 8.3
Class Action Satisfaction
The murdered man is in AA with Vince's ex-wife-he is not her husband. He lost his high-paying job in a pharmaceutical company and now is just a lowly pharmaceutical rep with a conscience, a past, and a plan for redemption.
User ratings: 233
Average rating: 8.1
Love the Way You Lie
The squad investigates the apparent suicide of a successful author, Ethan Slater, who is found hanging in his study. Maura notes that the ligature marks around his neck aren't consistent with a suicide. They also note that the manuscript for his new book is missing. They conclude it was a murder. Slater's physician from a stint rehab center is also killed. Det. Frost meanwhile is ill at ease after learning that Quentin Morris, convicted of killing a fellow prep school student, has recently lost his last appeal. This was a State police investigation but Frost had questioned Quentin and had taken a liking to him. He asks Maura to review the file. It turns out both cases are connected. Meanwhile, Maura and Angela enthusiastically support Lt. Cavanaugh's get fit and eat healthy program much to Jane's annoyance. Jane is also upset when she learns who her mother is dating.
User ratings: 226
Average rating: 8.2
Virtual Love
A mentoring program, a fire alarm, Angela's missing wallet and Angela's breakup with the lieutenant distract the detectives as the track the killer of a micro brewer through cyberspace.
User ratings: 223
Average rating: 7.9
The squad investigates the murder of one time college football star Enzo "End Zone" Womack who was stabbed to death while sitting in his van as it went through a car wash. Womack's college career came to an end as the result of serious knee injury but he had established a successful cake business and was doing quite well. He remained an avid fan and team supporter and his extensive video collection of past games helps he police sort out exactly what is going on. Meanwhile, Barry's mother comes to Boston to visit. She has news for him but can't quite bring herself to tell him. Jane gets an unexpected visit from Casey who also has news for her.
User ratings: 235
Average rating: 8.1
No More Drama in My Life
Hope is ready to talk to Maura about a kidney for Cailin. Jane pays an unannounced visit on Casey. A substandard building related to a murder investigation endangers Jane's friends.
User ratings: 253
Average rating: 8.3
We Are Family
In the season premiere, a community parade turns deadly and family tensions and politics arise. A surprise visit from Lt. Col. Casey Jones (CHRIS VANCE) reveals shocking news.
User ratings: 257
Average rating: 8.2
In Over Your Head
Jane and Maura investigate the death of a young woman who is found washed up on the beach. Maura confirms that she drowned and manages to trace the exact location by analyzing the water in her lungs: a tank in an old fish factory. Jane is somewhat upset to find that an old flame, police Lt. Rafael Martinez, is back in Boston. They had worked together in the narcotics division but their relationship ended after a confidential informant had been killed and Martinez left to join a special task force some 8 years ago. The dead girl is identified as Brenda Thompson, a journalism student who was pursuing a drug story on her college campus. When Jane finds Lt. Martinez's business card among her possessions, it seems that he was using her to get information. Meanwhile, Maura learns that she may be in danger owing to her father's activities.
User ratings: 231
Average rating: 8.2
But I Am a Good Girl
Baby TJ's christening turns grim when a body is discovered in the church. Jane almost abuses her power in order to protect her brother Tommy (COLIN EGGLESFIELD).
User ratings: 222
Average rating: 7.9
Killer in High Heels
Dr. Isles becomes the suspect in the murder of a mysterious guest of a charitable fund-raiser.
User ratings: 252
Average rating: 8.7
Dance with the Devil
The decades-old death of a mother and child open a closet door revealing skeletons that threaten to complicate the start of Paddy Doyle's RICO trial.
User ratings: 231
Average rating: 8.4
Somebody's Watching Me
A reclusive hoarder becomes the subject of an investigation into the murder of a city sanitation employee.
User ratings: 226
Average rating: 8.1
All for One
The hit-and-run murder of a high school science and driver's education teacher focuses on a group of friends who were also students of the victim.
User ratings: 226
Average rating: 8.2
Cold as Ice
"Sports rage" and angry hockey parents are the focus of the investigation of the murder at a youth hockey game.
User ratings: 217
Average rating: 8.1
No One Mourns the Wicked
When someone begins to stage copycat murders presented at a symposium on serial killers, detectives believe the suspect is one of the meeting participants.
User ratings: 227
Average rating: 8.2
Built for Speed
The squad gets involved in an incredibly dangerous scenario when a horrifying incident occurs during a drag race; Jane gets a lead that points to drug trafficking being the motivation for a murder; an investigation is hindered.
User ratings: 222
Average rating: 8.1
Judge, Jury and Executioner
A mock trial advisor (A'DA ALISON WOOLFOLK) dies during a competition. Meanwhile, Jane is concerned that Angela may be hiding financial issues. DOUG SAVANT also guest stars.
User ratings: 209
Average rating: 8.2
Partners in Crime
Two puzzling murders share a surprising link that could be the key to finding the perpetrators. Meanwhile, Jane and Casey come to a crossroad and Maura assumes caretaker for Patrick Doyle, Sr. who is being released from prison.
User ratings: 209
Average rating: 8.0
Tears of a Clown
The Boston Police department is haunted from the past when a man in clown-costume almost kidnaps a little boy. Is it the same person that has molested and kidnapped boys in the 1980s?
User ratings: 221
Average rating: 8.0
Just Push Play
A musician is stabbed in a bar and the squad realizes that the stabbing victim had something to hide. Jane's father returns with shocking news.
User ratings: 197
Average rating: 7.7
Food for Thought
Jane and Maura investigate the death of a well-known food truck chef, Chef Holden. A cursory examination at the scene has Maura calling out the hazmat team when it's apparent he died from a deadly toxin placed on his clothes. Holden had recently won a reality cooking and was so well liked that the second and third place finishers now worked for him. The toxic substance is found to be some type of insecticide but its saffron that leads them to the killer. Tommy passes his apprentice exam as a plumber and decides to ask Lydia to marry him. He still seems to have a roving eye however.
User ratings: 207
Average rating: 8.1
You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
Jane and the others find themselves involved in a politically sensitive case when they investigate the murder of Natalie Bloomfield, daughter of U.S. Senator Valerie Bloomfield. Natalie worked for a private contractor providing services at the NSA. She had a top secret security clearance and from all accounts, she was well-liked and good at her job. She was found on the street, shot execution style. She was apparently going to the airport but the police learn she had booked 4 flights to 4 separate destinations. It's obvious she was trying to flee the country but the police soon realize that whatever happened to make her flee seems to have taken place at a security conference some weeks before. Meanwhile, Jane's brother Tommy has started drinking again. As for Jane, she makes a decision about her future and learns some important news.
User ratings: 210
Average rating: 8.1
A New Day
In the fifth season premiere, solving the murder of a jogger takes on even greater urgency when Jane realizes that the motive was theft ... of the woman's baby. As the investigation gets underway, Jane attempts to hide her pregnancy from her snooping mother, and Maura and Frankie face the aftermath of their kiss.
User ratings: 235
Average rating: 8.2
As the Boston Homicide detectives solve a murder, they each think of ways to say goodbye to Detective Barry Frost.
User ratings: 325
Average rating: 8.8
Too Good to Be True
A killer is using online ads to find the perfect candidate for murder: men no one will notice are missing. Meanwhile, Jane discovers that keeping her pregnancy quiet will be a tough assignment.
User ratings: 205
Average rating: 8.2
A man is found dead inside his doomsday shelter. Maura determines he was suffocated by gas pumped into the shelter. Jane becomes distracted when she thinks Korsak is going to retire. Frankie has a secret.
User ratings: 199
Average rating: 8.0
The Best Laid Plans
The team investigates the murder of a wealthy woman with terminal cancer and only a few months left to live. When Maura teaches a class, she meets a man who might be her Mr. Right, but she is torn between the doubts of her scientific mind and the instincts of her heart.
User ratings: 195
Average rating: 7.9
With Maura at a medical examiners' convention, Jane needs Susie's (recurring guest star Tina Huang) help and crime scene dioramas to solve the perfect murder. Meanwhile, Korsak is visited by the son of an old friend and forced to deal with painful unfinished business.
User ratings: 200
Average rating: 8.0
Boston Keltic
The murder of a rare bookseller brings Jane and Maura into the world of Keltic writings and coded confessions, just as Maura is preparing Jane to meet her new man. Angela's relationship with Cavanaugh changes pace.
User ratings: 197
Average rating: 7.9
Lost & Found
A woman is killed with a silencer outside a nightclub. First suspect is the husband who checked into a hotel, but he is found dead. A young witness to the suspected contract killing of the woman must be found and protected.
User ratings: 200
Average rating: 8.1
It Takes a Village
Mummified remains of a woman put the team's investigative skills to the test. Jane works from her hospital room as she - with the support of Maura and her family - seeks to recover from a devastating loss.
User ratings: 200
Average rating: 7.8
Phoenix Rising
The team helps Korsak investigate an old case that has gone very, very cold. Jane refuses to believe that she's not ready to go back on duty and takes some untraditional steps to stay involved.
User ratings: 198
Average rating: 8.0
If You Can't Stand the Heat
In the middle of a heat wave, Jane and Maura find a man who died suspiciously in a bathtub full of ice. In trying to stay cool, Angela discovers a spicy tea that seems to be working, but it has unexpected romantic consequences.
User ratings: 190
Average rating: 7.7
Burden of Proof
A notable county prosecutor is arrested for murder, and as the case against him grows increasingly strong, Jane begins to doubt he did it. Angela nominates herself to educate Maura on the interests of kids today when she hears Maura is going to meet Jack's 12-year-old daughter.
User ratings: 218
Average rating: 8.2
Bridge to Tomorrow
After Jane jumps from a bridge to save a prosecutor suspected of his murdering his mistress, Maura is terrified that she has lost her best friend. The squad must now renew the search to find the real killer. Meanwhile, Angela enlists Frankie's help as she applies to new jobs.
User ratings: 205
Average rating: 8.0
Foot Loose
When a severed human foot washes up on shore, the squad is called in to identify the victim and track down the murderer as more body parts are found. After an unsuccessful job hunt, Angela finds she enjoys helping out Korsak at the Dirty Robber.
User ratings: 188
Average rating: 8.0
The squad is forced to join forces with an overeager private investigator when a successful clothing designer is found poisoned and his wife reported missing. Jane notices Angela is spending too much money and asks Maura to teach her mom how to handle her finances.
User ratings: 188
Average rating: 8.0
In Plain View
After a man is found bludgeoned to death on the side of the road, Jane and the squad team up with another detective who believes he is hunting the same roadside killer. Meanwhile, Maura discovers she has had her identity stolen and recruits Angela to help track down the culprit.
User ratings: 187
Average rating: 7.8
Bite Out of Crime
The squad works overtime hunting down a serial killer sniper. Maura befriends a man who is a witness to the crime, who happens to suffer from a mental condition that has him believing he is a wolf.
User ratings: 190
Average rating: 7.9
Family Matters
When a woman finds her husband has been murdered, the ensuing investigation reveals that the victim may have been living a double life.
User ratings: 195
Average rating: 7.9
The Platform
Jane and Frankie chase a suspect where Frankie is involved in a shooting, of a possibly unarmed man.
User ratings: 189
Average rating: 8.2
Jane and Maura find themselves submerged in the cutthroat, high-stakes world of competitive bass fishing when a tournament-leading fisherman is killed. At the same time, Frankie is paying the price after losing a bet.
User ratings: 187
Average rating: 7.7
Deadly Harvest
Jane and Maura are called out to the BCU "Body Farm" (an academic research facility dedicated to the study of human decomposition) when a murder victim is found buried in a shallow grave among the research corpses. Angela has secrets she is keeping buried from Jane.
User ratings: 177
Average rating: 7.9
Imitation Game
The murder of a notorious thief sends Jane and Maura into the world of art heists and forgery; Jane must deal with an FBI agent who is interested in her case; Angela has a new man in her life.
User ratings: 176
Average rating: 7.8
The murder of a crime tech sends shockwaves throughout the team. When suspicions arise that the tech had tampered with evidence for Boston Police Department cases, Maura is suspended from her position. Jane is determined to catch the killer and clear the department so Maura can be reinstated.
User ratings: 190
Average rating: 8.3
Face Value
A murder witness suffers from a condition that is commonly known as facial recognition blindness; the Rizzoli family prepares for a visit from a scheming cousin.
User ratings: 169
Average rating: 8.1
A Bad Seed Grows
When a 16-year-old girl is murdered and left in a cage, Jane and Maura must overcome the ethical dilemma of a psychiatrist and the stiff opposition of a fussy prosecutor in order to find the killer. Meanwhile, Jane has couch issues, and Frankie is seeing UFOs.
User ratings: 169
Average rating: 8.2
Nice to Meet You, Dr. Isles
When the jeweler to Boston's "rich and famous" dies, the investigation leads to a member of the Isles family ... which leads to a secret Maura has been keeping for almost all of her life.
User ratings: 161
Average rating: 7.9
Love Taps
The murder of a college student takes an odd turn when Jane and Maura discover he had 32 girlfriends. Uncovering who killed him and why leads them into a world of app developers, virtual boyfriends and relationships built on lies. Meanwhile, Korsak finally introduces everyone to the new woman in his life.
User ratings: 167
Average rating: 7.8
Sister Sister
When a dog trainer is found dead at home, her champion Rottweiler is the prime suspect. As the team investigates this unlikely killer, Maura has a peculiar interaction with Kent (recurring guest star ADAM SINCLAIR - 24: Live Another Day).
User ratings: 159
Average rating: 7.9
Fake It 'Til You Make It
After a body turns up in Boston with links to a murder in Los Angeles, Jane and Maura pack up their sunscreen and hop on a plane. With the girls out of town, Angela and Korsak plan a double date with their respective dates, Kiki and Ron.
User ratings: 171
Average rating: 8.0
The death of a former drug addict is found to be connected to Rizzoli and the person who set fire to her apartment, hacked her financial accounts and threatens her and those close to her.
User ratings: 199
Average rating: 8.6
Hide and Seek
Maura is kidnapped and Jane and the team do everything they can to find her before she is harmed. While abducted, Maura discovers a conspiracy that puts a target on Jane's back.
User ratings: 184
Average rating: 8.6
A security guard foils a robbery when he kills one of the robbers, despite being wounded himself. Jane and Maura work together to solve the case after the search for the robber's accomplice raises some puzzling questions. Jane continues her quest to protect Maura and Angela - but is the price too high?
User ratings: 158
Average rating: 8.2
Scared to Death
Jane and Maura investigate the murder of a woman that is part of a "fear club"; Korsack and Nina find Jane's hacker, but it leads to more questions; Korsack contemplates proposing to Kiki.
User ratings: 156
Average rating: 8.1
East Meets West
When a gun battle rages in a quiet neighborhood, leaving one dead, Jane and Maura are thrown into the secretive world of an Eastern European gang. Maura comes down with a fever while juggling work and play, and Angela and Kent prescribe several home remedies that have a surprising effect.
User ratings: 164
Average rating: 7.9
Bomb Voyage
The clock is ticking as the team works to solve a murder with explosive consequences. Angela balks when Ron (recurring guest star GREGORY HARRISON) offers to take her on a romantic getaway.
User ratings: 166
Average rating: 8.4
A Shot in the Dark
When a state trooper is killed in Maine, the getaway car is traced back to the mastermind of the attacks on Jane. The team must now unravel the mystery of the mastermind's obsession with Jane in order to keep her safe, and turn the hunter into the hunted.
User ratings: 159
Average rating: 8.4
Two Shots: Move Forward
In the season premiere, in the aftermath of the shooting at the end of season six, the team must use every tool at their disposal to find the elusive Alice Sands and bring her to justice, before Jane's life is destroyed.
User ratings: 183
Average rating: 8.4
Dangerous Curve Ahead
While the entire Boston Police Department searches for Alice Sands, the team investigates a car crash that isn't all it seems. Plus, a new romance blossoms.
User ratings: 172
Average rating: 8.3
Cops vs. Zombies
The team works on behalf of the dead - and the undead - after a murder occurs at a zombie convention. Angela decides to pursue her GED after revealing that she never graduated from high school.
User ratings: 161
Average rating: 8.1
Post Mortem
When a mailman is killed, the team must work with a brash, eccentric postal inspector, who believes the mailman's murder is part of a larger conspiracy. Maura continues to struggle with the ramifications of her injury, and Angela intervenes when she discovers Korsak has gotten Kiki (recurring guest star CHRISTINA CHANG) a terrible birthday present.
User ratings: 174
Average rating: 8.3
Shadow of Doubt
Jane works the case of an apparent accidental fall down the stairs of an affluent lawyer. Maura gets closer to Hope while recovering from surgery. Frankie and Nina's relationship comes to light.
User ratings: 166
Average rating: 8.2
There Be Ghosts
Jane and Maura must unravel an old ghost story in order to solve a double murder at a hospital. Angela convinces Frankie to stop avoiding Kent and accept his invitation to a concert.
User ratings: 160
Average rating: 8.1
Dead Weight
When a bicyclist appears to spontaneously combust, Maura proves his death is actually a murder; Jane is invited to teach a class of FBI recruits at Quantico.
User ratings: 157
Average rating: 8.4
In the 100th episode of the series, Jane risks her safety to go undercover in a county jail in an effort to acquire details from a woman believed to be in some way involved in a brutal double-homicide.
User ratings: 178
Average rating: 8.5
65 Hours
On the morning that Jane is supposed to testify in a murder trial, she discovers that a key piece of evidence has been stolen; Frankie decides to learn some magic tricks to impress Nina.
User ratings: 154
Average rating: 8.3
For Richer or Poorer
Team investigates the murder of a forensic accountant. Jane makes a life changing decision.
User ratings: 158
Average rating: 8.3
A mortician's body is found in one of his own funeral home's caskets; Tommy visits with his son, TJ; Jane's loved ones react to her job news.
User ratings: 147
Average rating: 8.0
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Jane and Maura work to solve two murders that have deep personal connections for Korsak; Jane gets a surprise visit; Maura receives upsetting feedback on her novel.
User ratings: 153
Average rating: 8.3
Ocean Frank
A dead man is found handcuffed to a bed in his own home; as Korsak's retirement party approaches, everyone makes a video to say goodbye; the group says farewell and plans for their next adventure. Series Finale.
User ratings: 205
Average rating: 8.9
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