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Seasons: 2
Episodes: 22
User ratings: 139,253
Average rating: 8.8

Action, Drama, History, Romance, War

A down-to-earth account of the lives of both illustrious and ordinary Romans set in the last days of the Roman Republic.

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The Stolen Eagle
In Pagan Rome, 52 B.C., there is a growing divide between the classes: the Patricians (the wealthy) and the Plebeians (the poor). The government is equally balanced between two men: Gaius Julius Caesar, and Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, but the war in Gaul has made Caesar popular and Pompey is leery of his old friend's fame. In addition to Pompey's suspicions, the Patricians are also concerned about Caesar's growing popularity with the Plebes. On the battlefield, Lucius Vorenus prepares the 13th Legion for combat with the Nevrii warriors. One soldier, Titus Pullo, disobeys orders, breaks ranks, and charges through enemy lines. Pullo is surrounded until Vorenus and a small band of soldiers save him. A drunken Pullo punches Vorenus--who orders a retreat of the rescue party to behind the Roman lines. Back at camp, Pullo is flogged and then condemned to death as Vorenus lectures the troops about discipline. Marc Antony watches the beating, enjoying the show. In a ceremony in front of the 13th Legion, Caesar accepts surrender from the King of the Gauls who must kiss his standard, a gold eagle on top of a staff. With this gesture, the eight years of the Gallic Wars come to a close. Later it is discovered that Caesar's standard has been stolen by Blue Spaniards. To avoid the theft being seen as an portentous sign, Marc Antony sends Vorenus to find it. Vorenus recruits Pullo to join him in his quest since Pullo is already condemned to die. The duo lose their horses when Pullo falls asleep during watch. On foot, they encounter a group of rebellious slaves led by one of Pompey's slaves, and the duo slaughters all of them. They discover that slaves possess the stolen standard, not the Blue Spaniards. Vorenus and Pullo also free Caesar's nephew Octavian, who was kidnapped when his mother, Atia, sent him to deliver a horse to Caesar. Octavian tells Vorenus and Pullo that a civil war is brewing back in Rome due to Caesar's popularity. Triumphant, the trio returns camp and informs Caesar of Pompey's resentment. Caesar sends Pompey the head of his slave, and then makes plans to march on Rome.
User ratings: 1,805
Average rating: 8.1
How Titus Pullo Brought Down the Republic
After eight years away at war, Lucius Vorenus returns to an homecoming he wasn't expecting when he learns his eldest daughter has a newborn child and his wife, Niobe, is emotionally barren and distant. Titus Pullo's homecoming from the Gaul War is his care-free lifestyle of drinking and carousing for whores, and getting beat up and nearly killed by scam artists. Later, Pullo's actions soon become trouble for the Republic. Meanwhile, Mark Antony enters public office as a Tribune for the people and Caesar begins his mobilization for his return trip to Rome. Elsewhere, Caesar's niece, the scheming Atia of the Julii, welcomes Octavian home from his adventure with Pullo and Vorenus and makes her play for Antony, to her daughter, Octavia's, chagrin.
User ratings: 1,530
Average rating: 8.4
An Owl in a Thornbush
With Caesar quickly advancing toward Rome, Pompey begins ordering a retreat and forces his citizens to pick sides. Timon does Atia's dirty work and Vorenus cannot understand why no one is resisting while on a scouting mission.
User ratings: 1,409
Average rating: 8.2
Stealing from Saturn
Atia throws a party to honor Caesar after he takes control of Rome. There, Caesar asks for auguries to be taken, and Octavian learns about a serious intestinal medical ailment that Caesar has been hiding, as well as his tryst with Servilia. Meanwhile, Quintus Pompey's mission to retrieve stolen gold does not go well when he and his men target Vorenus, who rejects an offer by Mark Antony to return to active duty. Vorenus throws a feast to kick off his new career as a civilian businessman, where Niobe's sister makes a scene. Pullo's good fortune runs out when Vorenus learns of his thievery of the stolen gold. Pullo captures Quintus and delivers him to Caesar, who lets him go with a message and offer of truce to Pompey, knowing he will not accept it.
User ratings: 1,358
Average rating: 8.2
The Ram Has Touched the Wall
Caesar contemplates Pompey's counteroffer. Vorenus continues to struggle as a businessman and must reevaluate his career choice. Atia schemes to come between Caesar and Servilia and Pullo seeks Octavian's help.
User ratings: 1,372
Average rating: 8.3
When Caesar finds himself outnumbered by Pompey's legions in Greece, sends a message back to Rome asking Antony to join the fight. Meanwhile, Atia urges Octavian to take another step toward manhood in which Pullo is encouraged to visit a local brothel where the youth meets his first time courtesan, while Octavian and Pullo agree to keep the knowledge about what they know about Niobe's tryst a secret between them. Elsehwere, Vorenus and Niobe try to bring passion back to their marriage. Marc Antony has fun in his new political life in ruling with a certain brashness and intimidation, while he ponders a counter-offer from the seductress Atia.
User ratings: 1,305
Average rating: 8.2
Having decided to join Caesar in Greece, much of Mark Antony's Legion is lost is a terrible storm at sea. He survives and re-joins Caesar and his depleted forces. Despite being outnumbered 3 to 1, Caesar has decided to stand his ground and fight Pompey's superior forces where they are. In the ensuing battle at Pharsalus, Caesar's forces have a decisive victory and Pompey escapes to Egypt. Vorenus and Pullo survive the storm but are marooned. When they finally make it to the mainland, Vorenus has a major decision to make. In Rome the news of Caesar's impending defeat has Atia sending her daughter Octavia back to Servilia in the hope of getting her protection. Servilia agrees to lend her men to protect her and her mother and a close bond develops between her and Octavia. Niobe worries about Vorenus' well-being but her sister comforts her.
User ratings: 1,280
Average rating: 8.6
Caesar pursues Pompey Magnus to Egypt where he finds the boy-king, Ptolemy XIII, who is surrounded by acolytes . Caesar is outraged when he hears what has happened to his old friend Pompey. He orders Mark Antony to return to Rome and take charge there while he plans to remain in Egypt to protect their interest, particularly access to the Egyptian grain supply and the repayment of past debts. He tasks Vorenus to go into the desert and find Ptolemy's sister Cleopatra and with Pullo accompanying him, Vorenus has little difficulty finding her. Pullo once again plays an unexpected role. Brutus, having been spared by Caesar after his surrender, is shocked by his mother's reaction when he returns to Rome.
User ratings: 1,309
Average rating: 8.6
Having secured control over Egypt, Caesar then proceeds to defeat Cato and Scipio. He returns to Rome in triumph. Vorenus is reunited with Niobe and his children and learns that Niobe and her sister Lyde have done very well with a butcher shop they've opened. He's now out of the army and doesn't see himself as a butcher but takes up the trade. He soon has an encounter with Erastes Fulmen, who now controls most of the crime in the area. His defiance may carry a heavy price but salvation comes in the form of Caesar himself who asks him to run for public office. Pullo is reunited with his slave girl Eirene and begins to develop feeling for her. Octavian returns to Rome after a two year absence. He makes quite a impression on his uncle Julius Caesar who appoints him to a government post. Servilia is still ashamed of her son Brutus' surrender to Caesar. She tries to get information to use against Caesar and asks Octavia to get more information from Octavian about his secret affliction. When Atia hears of Servilia's scheming, she has her man Timon humiliate her in public.
User ratings: 1,243
Average rating: 8.5
All of Rome celebrates after the Senate votes in favor of naming Caesar Emperor and dictator for 10 years. Servilia is still recovering from her attack and public humiliation and receives a visit from Atia. She also takes in Quintus Pompey who needs protection and vows to kill Caesar. She also pens a tract lamenting the passing of the Republic but puts her son Brutus' name on it. After all that's happened, Octavia has run off and is living in seclusion. Octavian fetches her and forces her to return home. She is not happy. Vorenus begins his campaign for magistrate but doesn't quite realize how the game is played. Pullo wants to march in Caesar's triumph but is refused as he isn't an active soldier anymore. He's also decided to free his slave Eirene so he can marry her but it all ends in tragedy.
User ratings: 1,232
Average rating: 8.5
The Spoils
A dejected Pullo has taken to drinking excessively and smoking opium. He is also working for Erastes Fulmen as an assassin. On his second outing, he's arrested for murder and despite Octavian plea to help him, Caesar refuses since the dead man was one of his severest critics and he doesn't want anyone to think he was in any way involved. Octavian arranges for Pullo to have a lawyer - who proves to be less than competent - and he is sentenced to death in the gladiatorial arena. Brutus meanwhile is under pressure from his mother Servilia and others in her entourage to turn against Caesar. He steadfastly refuses to do so until Caesar himself forces him over to the other side. Vorenus is enjoying his newfound position as a Magistrate and negotiates on Casear's behalf with a former brother in arms, Mascius, who is demanding the dictator follow through on his promise of land grants to ex-soldiers.
User ratings: 1,441
Average rating: 9.0
Kalends of February
Vorenus' defense of Caesar lands him in an unexpected position of power within Rome. Meanwhile, Servilia hurls the final obstacle in her ambitious and complex revenge plan against Atia.
User ratings: 1,539
Average rating: 9.2
In the wake of Caesar's death, Mark Antony considers a move north, while Vorenus issues a curse he soon regrets.
User ratings: 1,324
Average rating: 8.8
Son of Hades
Gangs are now fighting for control of the streets. With the news that his children are dead however, Vorenus is in a deep depression and has taken to his bed. Pullo seeks Marc Antony's assistance and Vorenus decides to take control of the gangs of Rome, describing himself as the son of Hades. Meanwhile, Octavian has yet to receive his inheritance and Marc Antony seems to be in no hurry to pursue it on his behalf. Octavian makes a firm decision to enter public life and decides to borrow the money to pay Caesar's legacies but, following a dispute with his mother Atia and Marc Antony, he leaves Rome.
User ratings: 1,210
Average rating: 8.5
These Being the Words of Marcus Tullius Cicero
Vorenus continues to rule the criminal underworld, but faces challenges to his authority. He and Pullo have a falling out and Pullo leaves Rome with Eirena, only to receive shocking news about Vorenus' children who are not dead at all but alive and that Erasmus in fact lied about killing them and instead sold them into slavery. Atia grows increasingly concerned at the grim prospects of living in Macedonia, Marc Antony's destination as Governor when his Consulship is complete. Servilia continues to plot against Atia by planting an assassin in her household. Word of Octavian's growing army reaches Rome leading to the grim prospect of another civil war.
User ratings: 1,173
Average rating: 8.3
Testudo et Lepus (The Tortoise and the Hare)
Servilia's plan to assassinate Atia backfires, with horrific circumstances when Atia's servant Althea accidentally tastes a bowl of poisoned stew before Atia samples it. Atia has Timon and his men abduct Servilia and subject her to hours of physical and degrading torture. But the brutal punishment Atia desires against her mortal enemy is one too many atrocities for Timon, who finally snaps, frees the physically and emotionally broken Servilia, and ends his contentious relationship with Atia at the advice of his brother Levi. In Gaul, with help from the grown-up Octavian, Titus Pullo seeks out Lucius Vorenus on the bloody battlefields where Octavian's armies have nearly wiped out the rebel Marc Antony's legions. Once he finds Vorenus, Pullo sets off with his friend to find and rescue Vorenus' family, sold into slavery. Charged with hand-delivering a message to Octavia, a love-struck Agrippa jumps at the chance to see her again. Meanwhile, Cicero balks at the news that Octavian is returning with his legions to Rome, and leaving the bloodied, but unbeaten, Antony's forces ready to fight another day. In a remote province in Asia Minor, Brutus continues building his own army to retake Rome and destroy both Octavian and Anthony's forces. Working together again as friends and "brothers", Titus and Lucius accomplish their urgent mission with a little intimidation and violence against the slave mine procurator.
User ratings: 1,181
Average rating: 8.6
Heroes of the Republic
Vorenus and Pullo return to Rome having rescued the children from slavery taking up his old post in the Aventine Collegium. He's a changed man however and is happy with his family but does not realize the enmity his children feel towards them. They clearly blame him for their suffering and eldest daughter Vorena plans to run away with her two younger siblings as soon as she has some money. Meanwhile, Octavian has returned to Rome with his army and manages to convince Cicero that they can work together provided Octavian is made Consul. When Octavian's first act as Consul is to declare Brutus and Cassius as enemies of the state, Cicero realizes he has been duped and begins to plot against him. Atia is up to her old tricks and reconciles with her son but clearly has other ends in mind. Daughter Octavia continues to carouse with the wild Jocasta but is rescued from an orgy by the smitten Agrippa.
User ratings: 1,136
Average rating: 8.4
Cicero realizes that young Octavian has tricked him and he openly sides with Brutus and Cassius who are amassing an army in Greece, inviting them to return to Rome. It presents a very real problem for Octavian whose four Legions are vastly outnumbered. His mother Atia has a solution however: make peace with Mark Antony and unite their forces to attack their enemy in Greece. They do make their peace with one another but also agree there is a need to eliminate their enemies before setting off for battle. Even Atia seizes the opportunity. Octavian specifically tasks Vorenus and Pullo to eliminate Cicero, which is done when they take their families on picnic in the countryside. When the the two armies finally meet at Philippi, Octavian and Antony have a resounding victory. On the Avantine meanwhile, Vorena makes the acquaintance of an attractive man.
User ratings: 1,237
Average rating: 8.8
Death Mask
Servilia is despondent over the loss of her son and places a curse on Atia. Timon and his brother Levi plot to kill Herod, who is visiting Rome. Caesar, Antony and Lepidus agree to administratively divide the Empire into three parts, but to share all revenues equally. When Caesar learns that Antony has secretly accepted a huge bribe from King Herod, the future of the triumvirate is threatened. At Atia's suggestion, Caesar agrees that marriage would strengthen the family's bond with Antony, but Caesar's solution isn't quite what Atia had in mind for he offers Octavia's hand to Antony. Vorenus' eldest daughter is blackmailed by Mascius into spying on her father's business activities after her tryst with one of his men is discovered. Pullo meanwhile, is having problems of his own with the pregnant Eirene who wants him to chastise Gaia, who plots revenge... against Eirene.
User ratings: 1,132
Average rating: 8.3
A Necessary Fiction
Vorenus and Pullo are tasked by Octavian to safely deliver a large shipment of gold that will soon arrive in Rome. Octavian specifically asks for Pullo to meet the shipment en route but he is unable to do so when Eirene has a miscarriage and is lying on her death bed. What he doesn't know is that Gaia has poisoned her. Now Vorenus has to decide if Mascius, who replaced Pullo on the job, betrayed them or if there is another leak in his organization. He soon realizes where the leak is and the impact is devastating. Octavian meanwhile is shocked to hear that Mark Antony's marriage to his sister Octavia is a sham and that Antony and his mother are still lovers. He orders Antony to the East and places Atia and Octavia under house arrest. Octavian has also decided the time has come come to take a bride and selects the young Livia.
User ratings: 1,135
Average rating: 8.7
Deus Impeditio Esuritori Nullus (No God Can Stop a Hungry Man)
The people of Rome are starving and there seems to be little anyone can do about it. Pullo is in charge of the Aventine now that Vorenus has accompanied Mark Antony to Egypt and he's doing his best to equitably distribute what little food he has available. He even visits Octavian who can't help him or any of his people. Octavian's biggest problem is that the people blame him for the food shortage and not Mark Antony who has withheld their grain shipments. He decides to send Atia and Octavia to Alexandria to plead with him but Antony - after several years living with Cleopatra - is drug-addled and infatuated with Egyptian queen and he refuses to see them. Just as Octavian had hoped. In Rome, Pullo is attacked by Memmio who he has been keeping caged, like an animal. Gaia comes to his rescue but is seriously wounded in the process. A deathbed confession as she lay dying does her no good however.
User ratings: 1,155
Average rating: 8.8
De Patre Vostro (About Your Father)
With the defeat of the Egyptian fleet at Actium, Mark Antony and Cleopatra retreat to their palace and await their fate. Believing that Cleopatra has taken her life, Mark Antony decides follow her into the afterlife. She has other plans however and is quite prepared to negotiate with Octavian if there is any possibility her life and those of her children will be spared. Cleopatra asks Vorenus to take her son Caesarian to safety and Octavian sends Pullo after them. The old friends are soon together again but are waylaid by bandits. With Vorenus severely wounded, Pullo takes him back to Rome for what he hopes will be a happy reunion with his children.
User ratings: 1,405
Average rating: 9.0
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