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Rules of Engagement

Seasons: 7
Episodes: 101
User ratings: 29,825
Average rating: 7.3

Comedy, Romance

Two couples and their single friend, all at different stages in their relationships, deal with the complications of dating, commitment and marriage.

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Adam has moved in with Jennifer and on top of that, they're engaged. No wedding date has been planned, and no ring has been given yet. Married couple Audrey and Jeff are invited to an art opening and she wants to invite Adam and Jennifer. Audrey says that they don't have any couple friends and Jennifer is like a little sister to her. In addition she wants Jeff to set a good example to them. When they meet, Adam says they compromise, but Jeff says that when they "compromise" Audrey gets her way and this is how things will be with them. Jeff decides to sell Audrey's bike to her dismay and he wants to know why she's upset with him, but she tells him to figure it out. Adam and Jennifer get into a fight, because he feels that he will not have a say in things and Jennifer questions if he wants to marry her and when he hesitates, she's mad and slams the door on him. In the end Adam with help from Jeff, knows how he feels about marrying Jennifer and Jeff, with Jennifer's help, knows why Audrey was mad when he wanted to sell her bike.
User ratings: 351
Average rating: 8.2
The Birthday Deal
Jeff's birthday is coming up and he's less than thrilled that he will have a party. Even though is doesn't want it he'll have one because Audrey wants to do it. In addition it will make her happy, he'll get his birthday deal. Adam wants to know what it is, but Jeff refuses to tell him. Audrey decides to throw a party that she wants, since Jeff doesn't really care what kind of party it is, so she decides to throw one with a Cuban theme. Adam decides that he wants a birthday deal; Jennifer agrees and she would like to have one as well and that nothing will be off limits. Adam feels that the "off limits" part may be something he'll regret. Jeff is gets upset when he discovers that Audrey bought expensive and quality things like champagne and glasses for the party. She tells Jeff that the champagne was for a toast telling everyone that he is a sweet, special generous man he is and she leaves the kitchen upset. Jeff makes amends when he toasts Audrey for the hard work and effort she's done for his party. Jennifer reveals what her birthday deal will be and it isn't as bad as Adam thought it would be and we find out what Jeff's birthday deal is.
User ratings: 315
Average rating: 8.5
Young and the Restless
Audrey bets Jeff that he can't get a phone number from a younger girl, and gives him a night without his wedding ring to try it.
User ratings: 285
Average rating: 8.4
Game On
Adam buys a new video-game which he and Russell can't stop playing. Jennifer discusses with Adam about him spending a lot on stuff for himself now that they are a couple. Audrey gets a promotion but when she tells Jeff he doesn't seem excited about it because the Knicks lost. Jeff invites her to a Knicks game in the VIP section to make things right.
User ratings: 297
Average rating: 8.4
Russell accidentally runs into an older woman from his past named Constance. He then tries to impress her with his physical gifts.
User ratings: 280
Average rating: 8.4
Hard Day's Night
Jeff isn't sure how to explain to Audrey his "excitement" while Jennifer was giving him a massage.
User ratings: 277
Average rating: 8.5
Jeff's Wooby
Audrey is throwing out a collection of Jeff's t-shirts from his hight school and college days. Jeff objects since they represent memories of important events in his life. Audrey gathers up all of Jeff's t-shirts and has a quilt made out of them. Jeff initially objects to it, but then discovers he likes it, but now all he does is reminisce about the good times he had. Jennifer convinces Adam to get his things out of storage and after looking through his things, she thinks that he has a thing for Polynesian girls. Audrey tells her not to worry about it because he's with her, but it still bothers her. Russell's perception of his new girlfriend Jesse, is obsessed with sex because everything she says sounds like it to him, but he soon enough,is starting to dislike it because as she says it, the sex isn't happening.
User ratings: 300
Average rating: 8.7
Flirting with Disaster
Jeff and Audrey are forced to sleep in separate rooms until something is done about Jeff's snoring, and Adam thinks that a waitress that Russell is trying to pick up actually has the hots for him.
User ratings: 281
Average rating: 8.8
Audrey's Sister
With Audrey's sister, Barbara, having problems in her marriage, the only thing she doesn't need is a man who would trick her to try and get her to sleep with him. But, sadly, in Audrey's life there is a man just like this. During this episode, Russell will try everything to get a one night stand with Audrey's sister.
User ratings: 276
Average rating: 8.7
Mr. Fix-It
Jeff gets in trouble when he has difficulty listening to Audrey's problems, and Adam and Jennifer make a sex tape, but the end result is far from sexy.
User ratings: 257
Average rating: 8.5
Guy Code
Audrey and Jeff find a new married couple to hang out with, until Audrey learns about an incident at a strip club. Russell tries to find a way to fire his new assistant because he wants to sleep with her.
User ratings: 276
Average rating: 8.8
Bag Ladies
Jeff tries to set up a night of wild romance so that he can have a story to tell the guys, Jennifer gets Adam an embarrassing gift, and Russell finds out that he's dating a homeless woman.
User ratings: 269
Average rating: 8.7
Old School Jeff
While the women attend a wedding together, the guys go out to a bar to watch a fight, where "Old School Jeff" is unleashed onto his friends.
User ratings: 270
Average rating: 8.7
Engagement Party
Adam and Jennifer come up with a scam to get more wedding shower gifts. Meanwhile Russell falls in love with Audrey's sister, but he has no idea that she doesn't feel the same way.
User ratings: 250
Average rating: 8.5
Fix-Ups & Downs
Jeff and Adam correctly predict that Audrey and Jennifer's latest date set-up will end with both couples taking sides, only not in the way they predicted. Russell goes to extreme lengths to meet a woman he met outside an elevator.
User ratings: 255
Average rating: 8.5
A Visit from Fay
Adam's mother comes in for a visit. Jennifer is uncomfortable with her free lifestyle and suspects that she may want to break them up. Meanwhile, Audrey and Jeff try to cope with being without television service.
User ratings: 264
Average rating: 8.7
Time Share
Jeff treats Audrey to a weekend at a resort as part of a timeshare presentation, and invites Adam and Jennifer along too. But he doesn't share with anyone that he gets all expenses paid for inviting another couple.
User ratings: 263
Average rating: 8.5
Jen at Work
Adam wants Russell to agree to hire Jen to design an ad campaign for one of their clients. He will not listen to Russell and Jeff when they tell him that this is not a good idea. When Audrey shares the fertility issues with Jen, she gives them a gift to help bring them luck.
User ratings: 255
Average rating: 8.4
Optimal Male
Jeff tries to lose weight to reach "optimal male" status for his life insurance, Adam invites an ex to stay with him and Jennifer, and Russell fakes interest in a charity to hit on a sexy woman.
User ratings: 261
Average rating: 8.6
Russell's Father's Son
Russell's dad uses Adam to play his son for a public relations video being sent to China, and Audrey and Jeff regret letting Adam and Jennifer use their bathroom while their sink is broken.
User ratings: 246
Average rating: 8.5
Buyer's Remorse
Audrey and Jeff try to help Adam and Jennifer buy an apartment in their building. Meanwhile, Adam tries to live on a tight budget, and one of Russell's one-night-stands that he screwed over becomes a waitress at his favorite diner.
User ratings: 250
Average rating: 8.5
Pimp My Bride
Russell agrees to let Audrey do a wedding shoot at his place, if she lets him choose the bride for the shoot. Jeff has to buy a gift for Audrey, but buys a vintage Camaro for himself instead.
User ratings: 266
Average rating: 8.2
Rules Of Engagement Behind the Scenes: Studio Tour
Oliver Hudson (Adam) and Bianca Kajlich (Jennifer) give you an exclusive studio tour of the set in this Behind the Scenes clip from Rules of Engagement.
User ratings: 53
Average rating: 8.2
Russell's Secret
Audrey accidentally discovers that Russell is a big fan of Broadway musicals, Jeff goes to the boat show by himself, and Adam and Jennifer take dancing lessons for their wedding
User ratings: 270
Average rating: 8.8
Voluntary Commitment
Audrey volunteers to read at a senior facility, but quickly wants to drop out. Meanwhile, Russell finds a hard-working, motivated male personal assistant.
User ratings: 242
Average rating: 8.5
Jeff's New Friend
Jeff becomes uncomfortable when he finds out that his new friend is gay, and Russell thinks that the new younger woman he is dating may be his daughter.
User ratings: 274
Average rating: 8.7
Dad's Visit
Audrey is upset when Jeff's chauvinistic father threatens to file an insurance claim against them when he gets hurt in their house, and Jennifer wants Adam to watch "Gone With the Wind" for her.
User ratings: 256
Average rating: 8.5
Lyin' King
Adam and Jennifer invite Jeff and Audrey to their dinner party, but Jeff tries to get them out of it when a better party offer comes along.
User ratings: 262
Average rating: 8.7
Poaching Timmy
Audrey becomes frustrated with her useless assistant and takes note of how good - and unappreciated - Russell's is. Hmm... Adam decides to take Jennifer camping, by any means. Jeff just wants to watch Superbowl under precise conditions.
User ratings: 270
Average rating: 8.8
Old Timer's Day
Jeff begins to show his age when he is injured during a softball game, and Jennifer makes Adam's sex life miserable when she goes through mood swings while going off the pill.
User ratings: 266
Average rating: 8.8
Audrey fakes a pregnancy at work so that she can get special treatment, and Russell takes an Amish teen who is staying with Adam and Jennifer out on the town for his Rumspringa.
User ratings: 255
Average rating: 8.8
The Challenge
After Jeff and Adam brag about all the sex they're still having, Russell challenges them to a contest.
User ratings: 253
Average rating: 8.8
Family Style
When Audrey (Megyn Price) plans a dinner date with Jeff (Patrick Warburton), Jackie (Guest Star Sam Harris) and Brad (Guest Star Orlando Jones), Jeff feels extremely violated when Jackie begins eating off his plate! Meantime, when Russell (David Spade) finds out his new fling (a psychotherapist), Ellen (Guest Star: Perrey Reeves), won't see him as a patient, he quickly gets creative and decides to use Timmy (Guest Star: Adhir Kalyan) to find out why he is the way he is.
User ratings: 257
Average rating: 8.8
May Divorce Be with You
Audrey invites a friend, whose marriage is falling a part, to stay with them for a few days. Russell meets a woman from New Jersey thinking that it will be easier "to love and leave her"; only her over protective family has different thoughts.
User ratings: 241
Average rating: 8.5
House Money
Jeff has sold the Camaro and Audrey talks him over to spending it on one fabulous night. Meanwhile, since Adam keeps forgetting his cell phone, Russell decides to teach him a lesson. But everyone is in for surprise twists.
User ratings: 240
Average rating: 8.7
Sex Toy Story
When Jennifer (Bianca Kajlich) and Audrey (Megyn Price) throw a "girls only" sex party, Jeff (Patrick Warburton) quickly gets insecure when he finds a "product" Audrey may have purchased. Meanwhile, Russell (David Spade) decides to ditch the single life for a moment when he overhears from an attractive woman that she has a preference for married men.
User ratings: 248
Average rating: 8.9
Jeff discovers that a co-worker wants to have an affair with him, Russell asks Timmy to retrieve a cell phone from a home where he had a one-night-stand, and Adam feels pressure after he and Jennifer pick a wedding date.
User ratings: 272
Average rating: 8.8
Snoozin' for a Bruisin'
Audrey is accidentally injured after she switches sides of the bed with Jeff, Adam tries to get his upstairs neighbor to stop playing his guitar, and Timmy commiserates with other personal assistants while on an errand for Russell.
User ratings: 267
Average rating: 8.9
Atlantic City
Jeff and Audrey catch each other in lies about how they are spending their weekend plans, but both of them have too much pride to own up to the lies.
User ratings: 259
Average rating: 8.7
Ghost Story
Jeff doesn't believe Audrey when she says she has seen the ghost of her dead grandmother, Adam and Jennifer discover that they have nothing worth stealing, and Russell tries to stop Timmy from going through with an arranged marriage.
User ratings: 249
Average rating: 8.6
The Four Pillars
Jeff reluctantly goes to couples therapy with Audrey, Adam tries to take an engagement picture that doesn't make him look gay, and Russell has a crush on Timmy's fiancée'.
User ratings: 239
Average rating: 8.6
Third Wheel
Audrey's white lie to a needy friend puts Jeff in a awkward predicament, Timmy introduces Russell to the joys of charity work, and Adam tries to protect his snacks from a dieting Jennifer.
User ratings: 251
Average rating: 8.7
Indian Giver
Jeff begins watching Audrey's favorite dance reality show when he finds out he dated one of the contestants, and can Russell give Timmy serious, unbiased advice when he says he's considering breaking his engagement?
User ratings: 257
Average rating: 8.6
Free Free Time
Jeff conspires to get Audrey out the house so that he can reclaim his "free free night," while Russell tries to inspire a demoralized Timmy by introducing him to a successful former assistant.
User ratings: 238
Average rating: 8.6
The Score
Audrey takes Jeff to a dinner party, and Jeff spends the night trying not to find out the score of the Rangers game. Meanwhile, Timmy causes trouble at the game, while Adam lucks into the perfect birthday gift for Jennifer.
User ratings: 252
Average rating: 8.7
The Surrogate
An overly enthusiastic Audrey pushes it too far with a surrogate mother who she and Jeff are considering paying to have their baby. Meanwhile, Russell shamelessly pokes fun at Jennifer and Adam's wedding Web site.
User ratings: 246
Average rating: 8.5
Audrey tries to show off at her high school reunion in Nebraska, only to discover that she's the loser. Meanwhile, Russell crashes Timmy's couples night after he discovers that he's not invited.
User ratings: 237
Average rating: 8.6
Audrey is accused of sexual harassment after trying to make nice with a mail room employee, Adam tries to give Jennifer a non-sexual massage, and Timmy challenges Jeff to a game of cricket.
User ratings: 250
Average rating: 8.7
They Do?
Adam and Jennifer plan a secret wedding; however, a series of unfortunate events puts their plan in jeopardy. Meanwhile, to keep Russell and Timmy from finding out about the ceremony, Adam tells them he is staging an intervention for Jeff.
User ratings: 248
Average rating: 8.8
Jeff unsuccessfully tries to keep Russell from sleeping with their new surrogate, while Adam tries to work on improving his rear end.
User ratings: 242
Average rating: 8.5
The Bank
Jeff gets in trouble when Audrey discovers his "bank", a list of Audrey's mistakes that he uses when he does something wrong, while Russell sends a lewd e-mail to a co-worker that Timmy likes on behalf of him.
User ratings: 253
Average rating: 8.7
Upset that he'll have to purchase a new rug after Audrey gives their old one to Adam and Jenn, Jeff tries to sabotage the gift by telling Adam about all the "fun" that he and Audrey had on it.
User ratings: 248
Average rating: 8.6
Handy Man
Audrey tries to be intimate with Jeff, but is surprised to discover that she's too late. Meanwhile, Russell asks Timmy to join him on a trip to Miami, but doesn't tell Timmy that he's scared of flying.
User ratings: 262
Average rating: 8.8
Play Ball
Audrey contemplates her career as she plays on Jeff's softball team, Timmy becomes frustrated after his girlfriend cuts him off, and Adam and Jennifer try to come up with an interesting fictional story about how they met.
User ratings: 239
Average rating: 8.6
Audrey goes stir crazy after quitting her job and decides to start a cookie business. Meanwhile, Timmy tries to be one of the guys, and Adam and Jennifer decide to get high after they find some marijuana.
User ratings: 243
Average rating: 8.7
Mannequin Head Ball
When Jeff can't get out of the lease for a retail space he rented for Audrey's fleeting cookie business, he and Adam invent a new game involving the heads of mannequins. Meanwhile, Russell and Timmy go on a double date.
User ratings: 332
Average rating: 9.1
Jeff and Audrey finally settle on a surrogate. Meanwhile, Russell's mother, Bunny, comes to town.
User ratings: 248
Average rating: 8.5
The Big Picture
When Russell's trust fund is cut off by his mother, he gets a taste of how life will be after moving in with Timmy. Meanwhile, Audrey helps Jeff impress his boss in order to get a raise.
User ratings: 240
Average rating: 8.5
Fun Run
Jeff struggles to figure out how to ask his co-workers to donate money for Audrey's 10K charity run after telling them that he doesn't want to participate in their fundraisers anymore. Meanwhile, Russell gets a taste of his own medicine from a recent date.
User ratings: 258
Average rating: 8.7
Refusing to Budget
Timmy tries to teach Russell to budget his money now that his mother has cut him off, Audrey pretends that she's still at her old job to impress an old friend, and Adam tries to get Jennifer to stop cracking her knuckles.
User ratings: 249
Average rating: 8.5
Little Bummer Boy
Audrey tries to prove that she's the funny one in her relationship with Jeff at a Christmas party, while Russell tries to have fun at the office Christmas party at Adam and Timmy's expense.
User ratings: 257
Average rating: 8.7
The Home Stretch
Jeff becomes jealous and fires Audrey's sexy male home Pilates instructor, Timmy and Russell fight for the attention of a hot waitress, and Jennifer is embarrassed when she learns about Adam's cheerleading past.
User ratings: 254
Average rating: 8.8
Uh-Oh It's Magic
Audrey causes problems for and can't connect with the new surrogate mother, problems arise when Russell takes his date to a Criss Angel magic show, and Adam tries to prove that he can make repairs around the house.
User ratings: 252
Average rating: 8.5
Singing and Dancing
Audrey's annoying friend Liz creates problems for Audrey and Jeff when she moves in the apartment directly above theirs, while Timmy is surprised when Russell asks for an audition to join his a cappella group.
User ratings: 247
Average rating: 8.4
Jeff Day
When Jeff proclaims it's 'Jeff Day', he gets his way until the cleaning lady arrives. Meanwhile, Adam has to figure out why his eye is twitching.
User ratings: 249
Average rating: 8.8
Jeff makes more problems as he he and Audrey make final preparations for Brenda's surrogacy. Meanwhile, Russell and Timmy date women's professional basketball players, and Adam impersonates Jeff to get a shipment of Omaha steaks.
User ratings: 236
Average rating: 8.5
Anniversary Chicken
Jeff claims "victory" when he remembers his wedding anniversary and believes that Audrey forgot, while Russell uses Timmy as his translator on a date with a sexy Italian woman.
User ratings: 241
Average rating: 8.5
The Set Up
Audrey and Jeff set up Liz on a blind date with one of Jeff's coworkers, Timmy becomes alarmed when Russell begins flirting online with his sister, and Adam begins working out at a new kind of gym.
User ratings: 253
Average rating: 8.7
Beating the System
Jeff gets a rude awakening when he assumes that the surrogate pregnancy will give him the best of both worlds, and Timmy takes over as planner for Adam and Jennifer's wedding.
User ratings: 231
Average rating: 8.6
The Jeff Photo
An old photo of Jeff in an art gallery encourages Jeff to get back in shape, and encourages Adam to take a photo of himself. Meanwhile, both Russell and Liz feel embarrassment the next day after they sleep together.
User ratings: 248
Average rating: 8.8
Double Down
Jeff and Audrey panic when they are told they might be having twins. Meanwhile, Russell throws a citizenship party for Timmy to impress a girl.
User ratings: 230
Average rating: 8.6
The Power Couple
Jeff is bothered when Audrey gets a raise and buys a new television, Russell is curious when Liz begins dating another man, and Adam and Jennifer fake marriage proposals to get free food.
User ratings: 229
Average rating: 8.7
The Last of the Red Hat Lovers
Russell mistakenly books a spot on a cruise filled with "Red Hat" women, Jeff and Audrey turn to the videotape to settle their latest fight, and Adam and Jennifer accidentally ruin Jeff and Audrey's paint job and couch.
User ratings: 240
Average rating: 8.6
Dirty Talk
Russell tries to get out of his accidental drunken marriage to Liz, Jeff tries unsuccessfully to give some dirty talk in the bedroom, and Adam wages a losing battle with the Sun.
User ratings: 238
Average rating: 8.5
Bros Before Nodes
Russell gives Liz a makeover to impress his dad, Jeff's "guys weekend" is ruined because Audrey is worried about her medical test results, and Adam is infatuated with his new friend, actor Curtis "Booger" Armstrong.
User ratings: 234
Average rating: 8.6
Audrey is Dumb
Jeff celebrates Audrey's inability to talk after her node removal surgery, Russell gets Timmy to fire an employee for him, and Adam discovers that he's only getting free stuff because of his good looks.
User ratings: 238
Average rating: 8.8
Nature Calls
Everyone spends a weekend in Vermont to watch the leaves change. During the trip, Adam gets poison ivy on his hands, Jeff has an embarrassing experience on the inn's computer, and Liz begins to realize that her marriage is a sham.
User ratings: 245
Average rating: 8.9
Shy Dial
Jeff finds a way to get his calls to Audrey to go straight to voicemail, Liz continues to make a move on Timmy, and a clothes salesman takes advantage of Adam's insecurities.
User ratings: 259
Average rating: 8.8
Jeff cheats on his diet behind Audrey's back with Brenda, Russell tries to hang out with the office's "ironic" new intern, and Adam struggles with his new early bedtime.
User ratings: 225
Average rating: 8.7
The Chair
Unwilling to admit to Jeff (Patrick Warburton) that she made a mistake, Audrey (Megyn Price) reluctantly keeps a hideous chair she purchased. Timmy (Adhir Kalyan) suspects Russell (David Spade) has ulterior motives when he asks him out to a fancy lunch.
User ratings: 238
Average rating: 8.7
Scavenger Hunt
Jeff has a unique way of showing Audrey that he is putting some effort into improving their relationship by sending his wife on a scavenger hunt that may not have the results that Jeff intended the hunt to have.
User ratings: 226
Average rating: 8.7
A Big Bust
Audrey believes her maid needs an operation to correct the limp she has to be able to walk better, thinking she is doing the right thing Audrey asks her neighbors to contribute to the cause not having any idea what the money is really intended for.
User ratings: 229
Average rating: 8.7
After the Lovin'
Frustrated by his boss blaming him for burning his mouth on hot soup, Timmy (Adhir Kalyan) has a special spoon created for Russell (David Spade). Audrey's (Megyn Price) plan backfires when she tries to seduce Jeff (Patrick Warburton) in the bedroom in order to get him to complete household tasks.
User ratings: 247
Average rating: 8.8
Missed Connections
Timmy (Adhir Kalyn) has a "missed connection with a beautiful woman while on the subway with Russell (David Spade). Adam's (Oliver Hudson) anniversary gift for Jennifer (Bianca Kajlich) leads him to a drum circle. Audrey (Megyn Price) and Jeff (Patrick Warburton) meet a new couple in the building and are confused when they cancel plans to get together and later see them out.
User ratings: 250
Average rating: 8.8
The Five Things
Jeff can't come up with five things that he likes about Audrey, Russell teaches Timmy guitar in his latest effort to humiliate him, and Adam becomes upset when he discovers the truth about Jeff and Audrey's finances.
User ratings: 245
Average rating: 8.8
Meat Wars
Audrey and Jennifer decide to attend a Bon Jovi concert together. Jeff decides to have a roof-top barbecue, and hurts Adams feelings when he doesn't invite him. Meanwhile Russell sends Timmy on a mission to find out who is the face behind an old phone number he finds in one of his old jackets.
User ratings: 232
Average rating: 8.8
Goodbye Dolly
Audrey takes a neighbor's doll to the "doll hospital" after she breaks it, Jeff accompanies his child's surrogate mother on a date, Russell is lost in a cab after oral surgery, and Adam gets a temporary tattoo.
User ratings: 230
Average rating: 8.7
Audrey's Shower
Jennifer may regret deciding to throw Audrey's shower after she puts the wrong date of the shower on the invitation. Jeff takes an instant liking to Brenda's clothes for some reason. Russell does something drastic by giving up on dating women hoping to accomplish things.
User ratings: 238
Average rating: 8.8
Liz Moves In
Liz stays with Jeff and Audrey for a week, Timmy and Adam make enemies at the office with a new ping-pong table, and Jennifer has sex dreams about Russell.
User ratings: 242
Average rating: 8.7
Taking Names
Jeff (Patrick Warburton) and Audrey (Megyn Price) realize that the names on their baby list are also the names of women that Russell (David Spade) has slept with. Adam (Oliver Hudson) becomes a cycling enthusiast after Jennifer (Bianca Kajlich) suggests they start riding bikes in the park.
User ratings: 223
Average rating: 8.7
Cats & Dogs
Liz decides that she wants a baby, Jeff tries to help Timmy pick up on a beautiful co-worker, and Adam accidentally ruins Jennifer's wedding dress.
User ratings: 227
Average rating: 8.7
Jeff thinks he's having a heart attack after he unknowingly eats a cupcake that contains marijuana, and Timmy scores with a "cougar" while being forced to work as Russell's "rodeo clown."
User ratings: 235
Average rating: 8.8
Fountain of Youth
Jeff and Audrey discover that their old college friends are now boring and lame, Russell helps Timmy volunteer at a senior facility, and Adam tries to film a trick with his new pet cockatoo.
User ratings: 250
Average rating: 8.9
Baby Talk
Jeff bonds with his unborn baby by complaining to her about Audrey, Russell takes credit for Timmy's newspaper editorial, and Jennifer wants to use Russell's Bahamas home for her honeymoon.
User ratings: 220
Average rating: 8.6
Role Play
Jeff makes Audrey up like a celebrity so they can get a reservation at a popular fancy restaurant, Liz convinces Russell to go with her to a meeting for sex addicts, and Adam and Timmy try to find common ground in comedy.
User ratings: 210
Average rating: 8.6
Audrey tries to fit in at a lecture at Columbia University until Brenda needs her help to be a waitress, and Russell crashes Timmy's dinner with his parents and Adam and Jennifer.
User ratings: 216
Average rating: 8.7
Cooking Class
Jeff and Adam become super-competitive when they take a cooking class with Audrey and Jennifer, and Russell's new female interest bears an uncanny resemblance to Timmy.
User ratings: 189
Average rating: 8.7
Unpleasant Surprises
When Jennifer (Bianca Kajlich) learns that the guys have nothing planned for Adam's (Oliver Hudson) last weekend as a bachelor, she plans a party weekend. Things don't go as planned, however, so Jeff (Patrick Warburton), Russell (David Spade) and Timmy (Adhir Kaylan) must improvise.
User ratings: 203
Average rating: 8.7
Timmy Quits
Timmy finds out that Russell is using a tracking device on him, Adam tries to choose a best man, and Audrey feels threatened by one of Jeff's old female friends.
User ratings: 230
Average rating: 8.8
A Wee Problem
Jeff tries to make Brenda laugh until she wets herself, Audrey helps Adam overcome his wedding day stress, and Russell finds a replacement for Timmy.
User ratings: 224
Average rating: 8.7
Brenda goes into labor, forcing Adam and Jennifer to change their wedding plans. Meanwhile, Timmy's work visa expires after Russell fails to sign his papers.
User ratings: 313
Average rating: 8.7
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