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Seasons: 9
Episodes: 110
User ratings: 168,427
Average rating: 8.7

Comedy, Drama

An alcoholic man lives in a perpetual stupor while his six children with whom he lives with cope as best they can.

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Having her handbag stolen proves to be a blessing for Fiona when a handsome stranger named Steve comes to her rescue. Lip is shocked to discover Ian could be gay and decides his brother should pay a visit to the ever-accommodating Karen Jackson down the block. But the sudden arrival of her furious father Eddie ensures Ian's already-slim chances of happiness with Karen take a severe blow. Meanwhile, Steve buys Fiona a romantic gift, but for some reason she's less than impressed with it.
User ratings: 2,341
Average rating: 8.6
Frank the Plank
A manhunt ensues after Frank goes on a bender and turns up missing on Friday, the day he never fails to cash his disability check, and turns up in Toronto with no idea how he got there.
User ratings: 1,887
Average rating: 8.3
Aunt Ginger
Having blown off Steve, Fiona turns her attention to Tony, the cop who's had a crush on her since childhood. Steve, however, has not given up the fight. Elsewhere, a woman from the Office of the Inspector General suspects that someone may be stealing and cashing social security checks belonging to Aunt Ginger, the Gallagher's elderly aunt, who owns the house they live in.
User ratings: 1,801
Average rating: 8.6
Casey Casden
Debbie, sad and lonely after Aunt Ginger leaves, steals a little boy from a birthday party. In classic Gallagher style, the family hatches a plan to return the toddler safe and sound without attracting attention from the Chicago Police Department, which makes the kidnapping a top priority.
User ratings: 1,730
Average rating: 8.6
Three Boys
The family schemes a fake wedding when it is revealed that Kevin's new fiancée comes with a substantial dowry; Frank deals with some bad medical news by spiraling out of control; Steve looks for a new car, with Fiona along for the ride.
User ratings: 1,655
Average rating: 8.2
Killer Carl
When a letter from Carl's teacher arrives at the Gallagher home, Fiona is thrown into action to prove it's a suitable domicile for rehabilitating a delinquent.
User ratings: 1,608
Average rating: 8.3
Frank Gallagher: Loving Husband, Devoted Father
Desperate to come up with a plan to pay two goons looking for the $6000 that he owes, Frank stumbles onto a risky solution that might work -- if his family goes along with it.
User ratings: 1,572
Average rating: 8.5
It's Time to Kill the Turtle
When Frank gives up drinking, Carl and Debbie enjoy having their dad back despite Lip's warning it won't last. Meanwhile, Fiona scrambles to find a better job.
User ratings: 1,537
Average rating: 8.7
But at Last Came a Knock
Frank has some settlement money coming his way. The only catch --needs his ex-wife, Monica's signature on the documents.
User ratings: 1,598
Average rating: 8.8
Nana Gallagher Had an Affair
Monica's return to the family wreaks havoc on the Gallagher clan -- leaving the children determined to find out if Frank is their real father. Fiona moves in with Steve next door.
User ratings: 1,517
Average rating: 8.7
Daddyz Girl
Debbie convinces Fiona to get involved with her Classroom Moms where Fiona finds a new friend in the alluring Jasmine (Amy Smart).
User ratings: 1,519
Average rating: 8.7
Father Frank, Full of Grace
Steve tries to convince Fiona to leave town with him after Tony discovers his true livelihood and threatens him with jail if he doesn't leave. Frank & Karen's secret is discovered.
User ratings: 1,661
Average rating: 9.0
In the second season premiere, the Gallaghers are hustling in summertime Chicago. While Fiona's bartending at a club, Frank loses Liam in a bet to an angry man named Baby.
User ratings: 1,596
Average rating: 8.4
Summer Loving
With Sheila conquering her agoraphobia, Frank grows close to Dottie "Butterface" Coronis, a sick woman who might be his next financial windfall. Fiona explores her sexual freedom.
User ratings: 1,482
Average rating: 8.2
I'll Light a Candle for You Every Day
Fiona reconnects with her married high school crush, while Frank contemplates marriage with Dottie. But Debbie, in light of Harry's demise, becomes obsessed with death.
User ratings: 1,449
Average rating: 8.4
A Beautiful Mess
Fiona deals with the consequences of her affair when his wife appears at the door. Frank devises a new plan to keep Sheila inside her home. Debbie's under stress.
User ratings: 1,407
Average rating: 8.7
Father's Day
Frank's after Eddie Jackson's insurance benefits, but he's also a suspect in his disappearance. And Sheila finally learns what really happened between Frank and Karen last season.
User ratings: 1,367
Average rating: 8.5
Can I Have a Mother
The arrival of Grammy Gallagher (LOUISE FLETCHER) brings Frank and Fiona together, while the return of Steve is fraught with complications for Fiona.
User ratings: 1,356
Average rating: 8.6
A Bottle of Jean Nate
Although Frank would do just about anything to rid the house of Grammy, Fiona likes having her around...until Carl blows up their meth lab in the basement
User ratings: 1,344
Average rating: 8.3
When Lip quits school, Fiona makes a bargain with him to go back and get her diploma if he does. While she starts studying for the GED, Karen and Lip meet with adoption agencies.
User ratings: 1,358
Average rating: 8.8
Hurricane Monica
Fiona reconsiders her decision about Lip, Frank is determined to gain his inheritance.
User ratings: 1,360
Average rating: 8.5
A Great Cause
Fiona begins to plan for her future, Monica causes trouble, Sheila takes in an addict.
User ratings: 1,332
Average rating: 8.7
Just Like the Pilgrims Intended
Monica tries to kill herself, Carl shoots a bald eagle, Karen goes into labor.
User ratings: 1,765
Average rating: 9.2
Fiona Interrupted
Frank schemes to break Monica out of the facility, Jimmy earns his way back.
User ratings: 1,471
Average rating: 8.9
El Gran Cañon
Fiona struggles to accept the new Jimmy, Frank wakes up in a place completely foreign to him.
User ratings: 1,448
Average rating: 8.8
The American Dream
Fiona stresses about the money she used for her club night and it gets worse when Lip finds out. Frank makes his way home and he's the only one who can keep Hymie quiet. Kevin's wife resurfaces.
User ratings: 1,345
Average rating: 8.7
May I Trim Your Hedges?
Frank tells Carl he has cancer in order to scam a charity foundation. Fiona is blown away by what's asked of her in her new job. Lip hunts for a neighborhood pedophile.
User ratings: 1,457
Average rating: 8.9
The Helpful Gallaghers
Carl heads off to cancer camp, while Frank agrees to be Jody's sex coach with Sheila. Fiona unites her coworkers. Lip and Mandy rescue her half-sister from foster care.
User ratings: 1,344
Average rating: 8.7
The Sins of My Caretaker
Child Protective Services pays a visit. Jimmy faces his first true family crisis and, when Fiona fails to provide the support he needs, he turns to Este (STEPHANIE FANTAUZZI).
User ratings: 1,393
Average rating: 8.9
Cascading Failures
The Dept. of Family Services hauls the Gallagher children away, leaving Fiona desperate to get them back. She then has to get Frank ready to make a "Father of the Year" appearance.
User ratings: 1,430
Average rating: 9.0
A Long Way from Home
Frank and Fiona go to extreme lengths in court to claim sole custody of the kids. While Hymie's family arrives to take their son from Sheila and Jody, Karen returns home.
User ratings: 1,311
Average rating: 8.8
Where There's a Will
As the family gathers at Aunt Ginger's fake funeral, Frank's cousin Patrick (guest star BRENT SEXTON) arrives with another forged will granting him ownership of the house.
User ratings: 1,259
Average rating: 8.7
Frank the Plumber
Fiona starts a new job and a new romance, while Frank may become the new face of the gay rights movement, thanks to an influential member of the Velvet Mafia (BRADLEY WHITFORD).
User ratings: 1,367
Average rating: 9.1
Civil Wrongs
Fiona's life is finally going great - until Jimmy tells her he might go back to med Michigan. As the new star of gay rights, Frank is lured to the other side.
User ratings: 1,255
Average rating: 8.6
Order Room Service
Fiona takes the kids on a camping trip. Essentially homeless, Frank seeks out Carl who sneaks him into the Gallagher van for the night.
User ratings: 1,320
Average rating: 8.9
Survival of the Fittest
Lip is graduating from high school, so Fiona and the family prepare a surprise party for him. Frank wins a bet and uses the winnings to take Lip out for lobster and some quality father/son time.
User ratings: 1,620
Average rating: 9.3
Simple Pleasures
Lip is struggling at college. Debbie is growing up and discovering boys. Carl is entering puberty. Frank medically is worse than ever and Fiona is going out with her boss.
User ratings: 1,442
Average rating: 8.5
My Oldest Daughter
Fiona is involved in a road rage incident that damages a company car and leads her to tell a lie about how it happened. Meanwhile, Lip struggles in school and with the ladies.
User ratings: 1,330
Average rating: 8.7
Like Father, Like Daughter
Frank stalks his previously unseen daughter, Sammi, and is surprised to find out she has a son, Chuck. Meanwhile, Fiona and Mike are getting serious. Carl begins stealing dogs and holding them for ransom so that he can earn some drug money for Frank. Sheila has her first successful online date with Native American cowboy Roger Running Tree.
User ratings: 1,309
Average rating: 8.7
Strangers on a Train
Against her better judgment, Fiona continues her secret affair with Robbie. But the situation nearly boils over when Mike shows up at Robbie's apartment while Fiona's inside. Frank, in increasingly dire health straits due to liver disease, attempts to contrive an "accident" that will provide an ample insurance payout to cover the cost of a potential transplant.
User ratings: 1,318
Average rating: 8.8
There's the Rub
Fiona's bad decisions involving Robbie finally boil over. Frank and Sammi continue fixing his liver trouble, while catching up on the father-daughter time that Sammi always wanted. Lip gets a surprise at college from Army investigators.
User ratings: 1,581
Average rating: 9.3
Iron City
An accident lands Fiona in county jail. Frank gets some sobering news.
User ratings: 1,424
Average rating: 9.1
A Jailbird, Invalid, Martyr, Cutter, Retard, and Parasitic Twin
Fiona goes on trial for her felony charge. An angry Lip tries to keep the family from falling apart. Sammy uses extreme methods to soothe Frank's pain. V and Kevin get big news.
User ratings: 1,458
Average rating: 9.1
Hope Springs Paternal
Fiona starts to go nuts while under house arrest. Ian shows up at home. Carl almost gets expelled from school, but gets helped out by Frank. Debbie starts to become a woman and connects with the "other sister"
User ratings: 1,408
Average rating: 9.0
The Legend of Bonnie and Carl
Fiona gets off house arrest. Lip runs into some "big" issues at school. Ian and Mickey blackmail rich old family men, and Carl finds true love in detention, in a girl who is just as messed up as he is. Debbie is jealous of a new girl.
User ratings: 1,506
Average rating: 9.2
Liver, I Hardly Know Her
Fiona goes on a heavy bender and ends up in Wisconsin and Lip has to come rescue her. Mickey and Kev start fighting over their joint venture. Bonnie and Carl steal a car. Sammi and Sheila try to find Frank a cheap liver transplant.
User ratings: 1,374
Average rating: 9.0
Frank suffers post-operative delirium after his liver transplant. Fiona starts 90 days in jail. Lip irritates Amanda's parents and receives a generous payoff to leave her. Debbie is humiliated at school by an older boy.
User ratings: 2,029
Average rating: 9.5
Frank recovers from his operation. Fiona is released early and gets a job waiting tables. Everyone is afraid that Ian may be bi-polar.
User ratings: 3,221
Average rating: 9.6
Milk of the Gods
It's summertime again in Chicago. Fiona balances her job at Patsy's Pies and a crush on her older boss, Sean, as Lip says goodbye to college and heads back home to take a job working demolition. At the Milkovich house, Ian helps a pregnant Svetlana take care of baby Yevgeny. Meanwhile, Veronica goes to work at The Alibi as Kevin plays stay at home dad. And Frank, still recovering from his liver transplant, unveils the secret project he's been working on in Sheila's basement. Season premiere.
User ratings: 1,473
Average rating: 8.6
I'm the Liver
Frank tries to talk Sheila out of an offer from two lesbians who want to buy her home, and begins warning everyone of the neighborhood's impending gentrification. Meanwhile, Lip starts his first day of work, Kevin bonds with Svetlana, Debbie continues to struggle with friends and boys, Ian plots revenge with Mickey and Mandy against a homophobic military funeral protest, and Fiona is officially off house arrest!
User ratings: 1,329
Average rating: 8.7
The Two Lisas
Frank enlists Carl to scare off the lesbians who are buying up property in the neighborhood while pleading with Sheila not to cave and sell her home. Ian goes on a crazed cleaning spree of the Milkovich house and asks Lip to help convince Mandy not to move to Indiana with her abusive boyfriend, Kenyatta. Meanwhile, Fiona agrees to go to a concert with Davis, Carl discovers a hidden talent, and Debbie throws a wild party at the Gallagher house.
User ratings: 1,408
Average rating: 8.9
A Night to Remem-- Wait, What?
After a night of drinking and partying, Frank has to find out what happened in order to find his insurance settlement; Fiona's new relationship with Gus goes to the next level when he admits he's falling in love with her; Lip visits Amanda and her family at their house in Miami; Carl gets into the drug-dealing business, but realizes he's in over his head; Debbie decides to take a fighting class; and Ian starts stealing luggage from the airport baggage claim.
User ratings: 1,452
Average rating: 9.0
Rite of Passage
Fiona's co-worker overdoses on hard drugs, which forces her to delay her announcement plans. An evasive Frank tries to avoid Sammi. Debbie continues her training. Mickey seeks out Lip to help with Ian. Kevin goes on a mission.
User ratings: 1,466
Average rating: 9.1
Crazy Love
Fiona is in disarray after she learns of Jimmy's return. Ian snatches Mickey and Svetlana's baby. Sammi takes over the Gallagher household. Debbie starts her first day of high school. Veronica makes a decision about her and Kevin.
User ratings: 2,048
Average rating: 9.3
Tell Me You F**King Need Me
Fiona has to make a choice. Debbie is bold. Lip is having issues with his family and paying for school. Ian adjusts to the psych ward. Kev and V take some space.
User ratings: 1,363
Average rating: 8.9
Uncle Carl
Fiona is confused by the status of her relationship when Gus announces he's leaving to go on tour. Meanwhile, Carl is asked by his boss to run drugs to Michigan. Frank sees a way to get revenge on Sammi by using Chuckie as the mule and having him busted. And Lip, still in need of tuition money, convinces Kev to come to the dorms and sell drugs. Plus, as Ian refuses to accept his bipolar diagnosis, Debbie is tasked with minding his new meds.
User ratings: 1,430
Average rating: 9.1
Carl's First Sentencing
Carl faces the consequences of his actions and has a surprising result. Fiona helps out a friend when he really needs it. Lip comes face to face with a genuine offer and Kevin enjoys the college lifestyle a little too much.
User ratings: 1,505
Average rating: 9.2
South Side Rules
Fiona tries to patch things up with Gus, Carl begins his sentence, Veronica and Kevin make up, and Lip stops his relations with Helene.
User ratings: 1,397
Average rating: 9.1
Drugs Actually
Frank grows concerned as Bianca's behavior becomes increasingly more erratic and dangerous - but he'll do just about anything to show her a great time.
User ratings: 1,447
Average rating: 9.2
Love Songs (In the Key of Gallagher)
Fiona reunites with Gus after his tour but is torn by the fact that her friendly feelings for Sean have turned into love. Plus, Frank has his own love struggles as he works to keep Bianca happy - in Costa Rica.
User ratings: 1,840
Average rating: 8.3
I Only Miss Her When I'm Breathing
Frank is struggling with the loss of a loved one. Fiona gets a promotion at the diner. Mickey is handling business behind bars. Debbie is making a decision with her pregnancy.
User ratings: 1,385
Average rating: 8.7
Debbie carries a bag of flour around all day - determined to prove Fiona wrong about her ability to raise a child while going to school. She quickly realizes people are not as accommodating to mothers and babies as she hoped.
User ratings: 1,269
Average rating: 8.3
The F Word
Debbie is still determined to keep her baby and turns to Frank for support, while Fiona decides to abort hers. Ian starts a new job on campus. Carl is trying to impress a girl. Kev got sucked in a neighborhood feud.
User ratings: 1,281
Average rating: 8.8
Going Once, Going Twice
Fiona confronts Patrick about the eviction notice, but her only choice is to get a mortgage from the bank and bid on the house at auction. Ian bakes cookies for the firehouse and discovers he was saved by the shift of gay firemen.
User ratings: 1,202
Average rating: 8.8
While Frank helps Erica through the cancer concierge process, Debbie ups her game as a shoulder for Tyler to lean on. Meanwhile, Lip tries to protect Helene from the fallout of Amanda's disclosure, but she won't talk to or see him anymore.
User ratings: 1,202
Average rating: 8.7
Ian's relationship with Caleb gets more serious. Lip, still reeling from the very public scandal - is called to appear before a faculty disciplinary committee. Helene, however, accepts the blame and tells the committee she will no longer teach or see Lip.
User ratings: 1,342
Average rating: 8.8
Pimp's Paradise
Carl struggles with Nick's absence, continuing to put up false hood bravado. He takes over the Gallagher home, remaking it as his "crib" and inviting his friends over to party and make music. Frank and Queenie rule the house - and Debbie returns when she's let go by Erica and Tyler.
User ratings: 1,147
Average rating: 8.3
Be a Good Boy. Come for Grandma
Fiona, now living with Sean, attempts to get his son, Will, to like her. He starts to come around, but when Will snags one of Carl's guns at the Gallagher house, Sean catches him and is furious with Fiona, worried he'll lose custody.
User ratings: 1,107
Average rating: 8.7
A Yurt of One's Own
Fiona tries to make amends with Sean, who isn't giving her the time of day. Meanwhile, Debbie and Queenie travel to a rural commune along with Frank who is trying to escape G-Dogg - who's after him for stealing his drugs.
User ratings: 1,169
Average rating: 8.8
Paradise Lost
Sean officially moves into the Gallagher house as Fiona, intent on getting her marriage right this time, sets out to plan a traditional wedding. Meanwhile, Kev is not happy about V and Svetlana's pending green card marriage and tries to find a way around it. While he's off getting scammed, however, the girls take matters into their own hands.
User ratings: 1,070
Average rating: 8.6
Sleep No More
Frank, in an effort to be part of the wedding, offers to pay for the reception - then goes scamming around town to raise the money. Sean, who's been butting heads with Frank since he moved, worries Frank will only end up hurting Fiona and confronts him on it. Their difference of opinion quickly descends into a brawl.
User ratings: 1,203
Average rating: 9.1
Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia!
It's wedding day for Fiona and Sean. But their happiness is interrupted when Frank shows up uninvited...and high.
User ratings: 1,338
Average rating: 9.1
Carl looks into an elective surgery after learning he has a certain appendage that the rest of the family does not share. Frank wakes up from a month long coma to find that none of the Gallaghers have missed him. Deb becomes increasingly worried that she isn't a sufficient parent for Franny, and goes to some illegal measures to ensure that her baby grows up rich. Lip has completed rehab and is determined to stay sober, and Ian has a bad feeling about one of Calebs' female friends.
User ratings: 1,233
Average rating: 8.8
Swipe, Fuck, Leave
Frank, ready to disown his family, takes Liam under his wing and starts a new life barricaded on the top floor of the Gallagher home. Meanwhile, Fiona starts running Patsy's Pies on her own terms; Debbie gets into trouble in the stroller business; Ian tries out heterosexuality; and Carl finds himself forced into abstinence.
User ratings: 1,127
Average rating: 8.5
Home Sweet Homeless Shelter
Kevin, Veronica and Svetlana start a topless maid service; Frank makes new friends at the shelter to replace his family; Debbie's new lifestyle comes to an abrupt end; Carl gets a gonorrhea scare; Ian struggles with a breakup and his mental health; business at Patsy's hits the skids; a new family member and bartender is introduced and he is packing a big surprise.
User ratings: 1,088
Average rating: 8.7
I Am A Storm
Out of rehab, Lip ponders his next move. Ian is adjusting to his new career and new prospects. Debbie is "daydreaming". Carl is more determined than ever. Fiona just keeps running in place. Frank's shelter rules are debilitating.
User ratings: 1,180
Average rating: 8.8
Own Your Shit
Frank learns that a billionaire philanthropist has bought the homeless shelter and he and his clan can stay. Meanwhile, Fiona gets smart financial advice from a Tinder hookup as Ian struggles with his feelings for Trevor.
User ratings: 1,057
Average rating: 8.4
The Defenestration of Frank
Fiona sees an opportunity in a laundromat for sale and decides to invest. Frank revels in the good fortune of his scam, but the troops catch a whiff of foul play. Meanwhile, Kev and Veronica discover a shocking secret about Svetlana's father
User ratings: 1,047
Average rating: 8.8
You'll Never Ever Get a Chicken in Your Whole Entire Life
Fiona learns that owning a laundromat is costlier than she anticipated. Frank gets Liam enrolled into a fancy private school after his old school is shut down. Debbie and Neil grow closer.
User ratings: 1,065
Average rating: 8.5
You Sold Me the Laundromat, Remember?
Fiona renovates the laundromat; Lip agrees to go before the school board; Kev's trust in Svetlana lessens when the van goes missing.
User ratings: 1,356
Average rating: 9.2
Monica wants to help Debbie get Franny back; Ian and Trevor fight; Lip tries to hide his relapse; the laundromat receives a bad review.
User ratings: 1,074
Average rating: 8.8
Ride or Die
Fiona considers selling the laundromat when she's faced with renovations and repairs. Meanwhile, Ian deals with the reality that Mickey might be out of prison and on the run; and Kev and V take matters into their own hands after learning of Svetlana's latest betrayal.
User ratings: 1,285
Average rating: 9.1
Happily Ever After
Frank and Monica make an interesting proposal to the kids; Fiona sees a new business opportunity; Lip tries to finally get his sobriety under control when he's pressured by a suddenly grown-up Debbie; Ian and Mickey play Thelma and Louise; Kev and V try to start a new chapter after losing the bar to Svetlana.
User ratings: 1,529
Average rating: 9.4
Requiem for a Slut
Lip tries to improve his future. Frank involves the kids in his new scheme. The Gallaghers struggle with the loss of one of their own. Season Finale.
User ratings: 1,599
Average rating: 9.4
We Become What We... Frank!
Season premiere. The Gallaghers find themselves with money to burn as Carl sells their inheritance from Monica. Meanwhile, Fiona swears off random hookups to focus on her new apartment building; Lip deals with the sacrifice that comes with sobriety; and Frank emerges out of a meth-induced haze to make amends for decades of depravity.
User ratings: 991
Average rating: 8.6
Where's My Meth?
Frank re-lives his 20s and joins the workforce for the first time! Meanwhile, Fiona grapples with evicting someone from her building; Lip works out a plan to sabotage Charlie's chances with Sierra; Ian and Carl make a troubling discovery about Monica; and Kev says his goodbyes as he prepares to go under the knife.
User ratings: 779
Average rating: 8.4
God Bless Her Rotting Soul
The Gallagher's race against the clock to meet Eric's demand for his meth. Meanwhile Kevin discovers a shocking secret about his past.
User ratings: 973
Average rating: 9.1
Fuck Paying It Forward
Kev meets his birth family, Carl tries to capture a burglar, and Fiona both juggles emotional turmoil and managing her apartments.
User ratings: 749
Average rating: 8.7
The (Mis)Education of Liam Fergus Beircheart Gallagher
Frank makes contacts from Liam's school, Ian tries to buy the church and fight with Fiona.
User ratings: 691
Average rating: 8.4
Icarus Fell. And Rusty Ate Him.
Lip searches for his sponsor who fell off the wagon. Fiona loses a tenant but gains a furry friend. Kevin deals with his heterosexuality and Frank's upward mobility comes to an abrupt end.
User ratings: 705
Average rating: 8.4
Occupy Fiona
Ian tries to make Fiona back off the church; Youens has his hearing; Frank goes on a job search, meanwhile Carl finds a new way to earn fast money with help of a new friend; Kev wants to dominate.
User ratings: 675
Average rating: 8.3
Frank's Northern Shuttle Express
Frank smuggles illegals out from the US, across the border to Canada. Ian interrupts a meeting for converting homosexuals. Debbie finds out if she's pregnant again and Fiona wonders if she's too complex.
User ratings: 673
Average rating: 8.3
The Fugees
Ford invites Fiona to bowling with his exes. Carl tries to prove his love to Kassidi. Ian and his followers confront homophobic pastors.
User ratings: 639
Average rating: 8.1
Church of Gay Jesus
Ian's fame in the LGBTQIA community explodes but the sudden surge of 'followers' may be more than he can handle; Frank, however, finds a way to cash in. Meanwhile, Fiona struggles with her conscience when she learns about a worker who fell off her roof and Lip realizes his relationship with Professor Youens may not have been as special as he thought.
User ratings: 645
Average rating: 8.1
A Gallagher Pedicure
Fiona's homeless tenants barricade themselves inside her apartment. Lip takes in a terrified Sierra and Lucas when her father is released from prison, while Ian takes bigger action with his cult- like following.
User ratings: 750
Average rating: 8.7
Fiona has to go Gallagher to get what she wants. Carl must decide between military school and Cassidy, if she lets him. Ian is a wanted man.
User ratings: 724
Average rating: 8.4
Are You There Shim? It's Me, Ian.
Frank gets into trouble with the Hopkins Academy PTA. Fiona struggles with her decision to bail Ian out of jail, while he continues his Gay Jesus antics inside. Lip juggles taking care of Xan with a potential romance. Season premiere.
User ratings: 683
Average rating: 8.3
Mo White!
Fiona makes a play for a risky investment opportunity, ignoring Ford's advice. Frank discovers the financial incentives of local politics. Carl bolsters his West Point application in unexpected ways. Debbie struggles to find allies in her battle against sexual harassment. Ian is overwhelmed by the growth of the Gay Jesus movement. Kev and V try to find the perfect preschool for the twins.
User ratings: 571
Average rating: 7.6
Weirdo Gallagher Vortex
Frank faces obstacles in his new role as a campaign manager. Fiona prepares to close her real estate deal. Carl enlists V to help him get a West Point recommendation from a congressman. Xan's medical emergency puts Lip in a compromising position. Debbie gets closer with her partner in crime. Ian embarks on a spiritual journey.
User ratings: 516
Average rating: 7.8
Do Right, Vote White!
Election day puts Frank and Fiona in a head to head battle as they each try to round up votes for their candidates. Lip has to make an important choice about Xan's future. Debbie gets in over her head with Alex. Carl's killer instinct is put to the test. With his trial looming, Ian struggles to decide how to plead. 100th episode.
User ratings: 538
Average rating: 8.0
Black-Haired Ginger
Frank's new liver medication comes with tragic side effects. Ian tries to get away from Fiona's hovering. Lip has to keep himself occupied during a day of temptation. Carl makes a connection at a West Point mixer. Debbie tries to repair things with Alex.
User ratings: 515
Average rating: 8.4
Face It, You're Gorgeous
Frank employs Liam to help him chase down a romantic connection; Fiona struggles to keep up with the demands of her new investment as Ford pushes her to get serious about their relationship.
User ratings: 836
Average rating: 9.2
Down Like the Titanic
Debbie finds Fiona at a low point and helps her pick up the pieces as Fiona continues to face pressure from Max Whitford on her investment hubris. Frank enjoys the honeymoon period of his relationship with Ingrid.
User ratings: 514
Average rating: 8.7
The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Alibi
Fiona's downward spiral continues and Debbie steps in to pick up the slack at the Gallagher house. Ingrid ropes Frank into fulfilling her lifelong dream. Tami shows Lip a different version of adulthood.
User ratings: 408
Average rating: 7.9
Frank searches for ways to finance Ingrid's vision for their future together. Fiona's anger issues cause problems at Patsy's. Lip is forced to confront his real feelings for Tami.
User ratings: 394
Average rating: 8.2
Los Diablos!
Frank meets his match in a fellow participant in the Hobo Loco competition. Fiona has a dark encounter at Patsy's that scares her into cleaning up her act. Debbie throws herself into home improvements as she gets closer with Kelly.
User ratings: 356
Average rating: 8.2
The Hobo Games
The finals of the Hobo Games have arrived, and Frank faces off against his friend and greatest opponent. Lip prepares to officially adopt Xan, but his plans collide with Fiona's partying. Debbie develops feelings for someone surprising.
User ratings: 405
Average rating: 8.6
You'll Know the Bottom When You Hit It
When a blackout hits the South Side, Kevin and Veronica come up with a plan to bring the neighborhood together. Carl grows suspicious of Debbie's attempts to get closer with Kelly. Fiona receives guidance from an unexpected person.
User ratings: 382
Average rating: 8.6
Frank's injury gets in the way of everyone's plans; Fiona attempts to get her life back on track; Lip grows frustrated with his relationship with Tami; Carl gets some bad news about his future; Debbie finally makes a move on Kelly.
User ratings: 346
Average rating: 8.7
As the Gallaghers decide what to do with a bedridden Frank, Fiona has to make a decision about her future; Carl and Debbie share their heartbreak together; Lip has to deal with a distressed Tami.
User ratings: 656
Average rating: 9.3
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