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Six Feet Under

Seasons: 5
Episodes: 63
User ratings: 109,602
Average rating: 8.7

Comedy, Drama

A drama series that takes a darkly comical look at members of a dysfunctional California family that runs an independent funeral home.

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Episodes details table

When the funeral director is killed in an accident, the family comes together to mourn and decide the fate of the funeral home.
User ratings: 2,081
Average rating: 8.8
The Will
The family attends the reading of Nathaniel's will. A widow is unable to pay the funeral bill after her late husband leaves her with a mountain of debt.
User ratings: 1,354
Average rating: 8.1
The Foot
The family considers selling the business. Their latest client had an unfortunate accident with an industrial dough-mixer.
User ratings: 1,315
Average rating: 8.4
When a gang member is shot, his family requests that he is buried, but the gang's leader wants it done a different way.
User ratings: 1,248
Average rating: 8.3
An Open Book
An adult film star electrocutes to death in her bathtub, which leads to a memorial service that is anything but ordinary.
User ratings: 1,203
Average rating: 8.4
The Room
After a woman passes away in her sleep, her husband proves to be a very demanding client.
User ratings: 1,240
Average rating: 8.5
The family must persuade the angry brother of a war veteran who died of lung disease that his brother should receive a military-honoring burial.
User ratings: 1,064
Average rating: 8.1
A divorced woman meets an unfortunate end while partying with her friends, and the family discusses renting out the home to a seniors' dancing group.
User ratings: 1,057
Average rating: 8.2
Life's Too Short
A boy accidentally shoots and kills himself while playing with a gun, and his mother is nearly comatose with grief.
User ratings: 1,121
Average rating: 8.4
The New Person
An egocentric husband is killed with a frying pan after his wife finally has enough of his mouth.
User ratings: 1,036
Average rating: 8.3
The Trip
Nate and Dave travel to Vegas in order to attend a convention for funeral directors. A newborn child dies from a case of SIDS.
User ratings: 1,015
Average rating: 8.3
A Private Life
A gay couple is attacked and one of them is killed, causing controversy among the family and a confession to be made.
User ratings: 1,146
Average rating: 8.6
Knock, Knock
A simple game of golf results in the death of a woman.
User ratings: 1,101
Average rating: 8.5
In the Game
A drug-addicted actress dies from a cocaine overdose and leaves her fellow cast and crew members to set up the funeral.
User ratings: 1,009
Average rating: 8.3
Out, Out, Brief Candle
A famous football player dies of dehydration during a strong training session, and the family is hired for the funeral services.
User ratings: 899
Average rating: 8.2
The Plan
A man dies after a long battle with cancer, and his psychic widow discusses the funeral arrangements with the family.
User ratings: 891
Average rating: 8.1
Driving Mr. Mossback
Nate and Claire go to Seattle to pick up the body of a man who died on a public bus.
User ratings: 907
Average rating: 8.3
The Invisible Woman
A middle-aged woman chokes to death in her apartment, and is found dead a week later.
User ratings: 903
Average rating: 8.3
In Place of Anger
While at a boat party, a drunken man falls overboard. The family tries to convince his widow to use their funeral services.
User ratings: 844
Average rating: 8.1
Back to the Garden
Jewish executive Jeffery Shapiro accidentally hangs himself while masturbating with asphyxiation.
User ratings: 869
Average rating: 8.1
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
While driving his motorcycle for a temporary work as Santa Claus in a mall, the biker Jesse Ray Johnson waves to three children on the sidewalk and dies in a traffic accident. His beloved wife Marilyn Johnson and two friends of Jessie hire the best services of Fisher & Sons Funeral Home for the funeral, but under the condition of using the place for a party with their bikers' friends on the Christmas day. Rico is pressed by Vanessa and tells her the truth about Ramon, and later Vanessa discloses the secret to Ramon's wife Graciela. Ruth invites the whole family to have Christmas dinner together with their mates. Claire invites Toby, Nate invites Brenda, and David invites Keith and Taylor. Each member of the Fisher family recalls a moment with Nathaniel. Nikolai has two broken legs in a burglary to his store, and without health plan, is treated by Ruth. The unstable Brenda flirts with a man in a store, and later she tells Melissa. Brenda and Nate are invited to dinner with Margaret on the Christmas Eve, and surprisingly Billy is there, invited by his dysfunctional mother, affecting Brenda. Nate has a seizure and finally tells Brenda about his AVM. Claire is corresponding through e-mails with Billy. Taylor's mother returns home.
User ratings: 1,066
Average rating: 8.7
Someone Else's Eyes
While having lunch with his buddy on a building under construction, a worker accidentally drops his metal pan for carrying food on the head of the pedestrian Dwight Edgar Garrison and kills him. The widow and Dwight's two daughters have a serious altercation at Fisher's Home because of the last wish of Dwight of being buried side-by-side with his former wife and mother of his daughters. Brenda and Nate watch the sunset at the shore, and Nate questions Brenda if she really wants to marry him for love. Nate invites David to be his best man and meets Lisa by chance in the supermarket, and she discloses that she is five months pregnant of him, and Nate faces a dilemma. Brenda has casual sex with a stranger in the bathroom of a bookstore and tells Melissa later. Karla drugs herself again, and Keith convinces her to go to a clinic for treatment. Ruth finds that Nikolai actually owes money to dangerous Yuri. Claire meets Billy and sees how deranged he still is.
User ratings: 824
Average rating: 7.9
The Secret
While pushing the garbage can to the sidewalk, Benjamin Srisai has a heart attack and dies on his lawn. His family hires a Buddhist service with David and Nate. Lisa asks Nate to sign papers giving the guard of the baby to her. Keith and David have some troubles in their relationship. Nikolai decides to return to his home, and Ruth cleans his apartment and invites him to move to her house. Claire takes pictures of the corpses for her homework, but her teacher does not like them and fails her in the exam. Brenda has a session with a psychoanalyst, wishing to have sexual encounters with strangers without feeling edgy. Nate and Brenda have dinner with Margaret Chenowith and she informs that she is living again with her husband, Dr. Bernard Chenowith. Karla hits a beggar on the street and is arrested later. Claire visits the East Valley facility to see if she will study there. Brenda goes with Melissa to a sex party on Saturday night and has sex all the night with a couple. Meanwhile, Nate has a nightmare with the children that his partners have aborted or miscarried. Brenda breaks off with Melissa, blaming her for her behavior, while Nate unsuccessfully deals an arrangement for the baby with Lisa.
User ratings: 842
Average rating: 8.1
The Liar and the Whore
While in the Bay Breeze hospital sharing the room with another patient, Edith Kirky dies. Vanessa Diaz is one of the nurses in charge of Edith, and sends her body to Fisher's Service. Her husband Federico finds a hot-dog in the throat of Edith, calls the police and Vanessa loses her job, accused of negligence. Nate and David are sued by the bargain hunter Catherine Collins (of "In Place of Anger") in US$ 500,000.00 because Nate showed her husband's corpse to her. They find that Mitzi Dalton Huntley is providing the lawyers and David tries to deal the lawsuit with the widow and has a great surprise. Ruth believes Claire is depressed, visits Gary Deitman and he suggests that Ruth herself is the depressed one. Keith's parents decide to take Taylor with them, and David convinces Keith to face his father. The codependent Ruth secretly pays the debt of US$ 87,000.00 of Nikolai with Yuri. Nate discloses the truth about the pregnancy of Lisa to Brenda, and his disturbed, dysfunctional and unstable girlfriend uses many drugs, recalls her twisted childhood and has sex simultaneously with two strangers. Rabbi Ari visits Nate and he tells her about his disease and the pregnancy of Lisa.
User ratings: 849
Average rating: 8.2
I'll Take You
When the old lady Letícia Perfect Perez dies in the dryer of her hairdresser, Federico shows a great respect and tells that she was his dearest front-door neighbor. Later, Vanessa and he surprisingly inherit US$ 149,000.00 from Letícia. Meanwhile Rico recalls the death of his father and how Nathaniel restored his face. Nate reads a hot part of the Brenda's book in her laptop, with the description of a threesome, and later he visits Aaron to give moral support to him. Keith, David and Taylor prepare to be visited by a social assistant that checks if they have conditions to raise the girl. Keith is considered not guilty of his murder case, but later he beats an abusive husband and is interrogated by the board of the police. Claire visits LAC Arts, loves the place and when she tells Gary Deitman, he informs that he has just lost his job in the school. The parents of Brenda find that they are soul twins and get married again. Ruth goes with Nikolai to the movie theater, he decides to watch different movies ("Murdered by the Numbers" and "Blade II") and she realizes that he does not love her and breaks their commitment. Nate finds that Brenda is having sex with strangers and breaks his engagement with her. Lisa tells Ruth about Nate's baby, and Kroehner is bankrupted.
User ratings: 984
Average rating: 8.5
The Last Time
Ruth takes lots of pictures of Maya, upsetting Nate, and he visits Aaron Buchbinder, who is agonizing and finally dies. There is an inspection of DCA in Fisher's Funeral, and they are severely fined. Rico buys 25% of the society for US$ 75,000.00 and saves their business. Claire goes to the LAC-Arts for interview, and she recalls her father and cries. Taylor moves to her grandparents' house, because Keith is suspended. Brenda faces that she is sexually addicted and goes to therapy. Nate has a bleed and needs a cranial surgery, and he goes with his mother to visit the baby, and he finally tells her about his surgery. Ruth quits the job in Nikolai's shop. Claire has a conversation with Nate, and he visits Brenda. Ruth goes with him to the hospital, and Claire and David do not go to her graduation, going also to the hospital.
User ratings: 1,060
Average rating: 8.8
Perfect Circles
Nate undergoes his brain surgery and has several previews of what his life might have been like, both pre- and post-surgery. Seven months after surgery, he's living with Lisa who is still working as a cook for her ditsy and demanding employer. Their little girl, Maya, is doing just fine and her doting grandmother is more than happy to help out - which Lisa is finding more than a little annoying. Dave and Keith meanwhile are having couples therapy. He has issues with Keith's angry responses to him and feels worthless when they occur. Claire is attending LAC but finds some of the courses boring. In art class, she's learning how to draw a perfect circle freehand. Rico is now a full partner in the business which has been renamed Fisher and Diaz Funeral Home.
User ratings: 955
Average rating: 8.2
You Never Know
Ruth goes out to Topanga Canyon to visit her sister Sarah. There she meets Sarah's friend Bettina and for the first time learns about her addiction to vicodin. Nate and Lisa have David and Keith over for dinner but Lisa's demanding boss, Carol, interrupts. Claire is bored with all of her theory classes at school and is more into her new boyfriend, Phil. At work, Dave and and Rico clash over handling the funeral for a fired telemarketing employee who subsequently went into his workplace and killed three of his former co-workers. Fisher and Diaz is handling the funeral for one of the victims as well and Rico thinks it's wrong to have to deal with the killer or his family.
User ratings: 807
Average rating: 7.8
The Eye Inside
David and Keith decide to go away for a weekend at a resort but it doesn't quite meet their expectations. The food is sub-par and Dave is self-conscious about the fact that they're the only gay couple there. Lisa and Nate find themselves moving into Ruth's house after Lisa's boss Carol has a major meltdown and Lisa quits. Ruth has a new friend in Bettina and is enjoying the time they spend together. Their shopping expedition is a bit of an eye opener however. Claire is still interested in her musician-boyfriend Phil but he loses some of his shine when it becomes obvious that he will continue to see other women. At the funeral home, they deal with the death of 19 year-old Callie Morimer who was struck by a car when her friends tried to frighten her. Rico sees how effective Nate is at consoling people and begins to think he's not cut out for the job.
User ratings: 795
Average rating: 7.8
Nobody Sleeps
Lisa decides to throw a party for Ruth's birthday despite Nate's advice that his mother has never wanted to celebrate her birthday in the past and has always made a point of avoiding the subject. Everyone is surprised, perhaps Ruth most of all, when they have a really good time. Nate however begins to see how much Ruth and Lisa are alike and begins to question why he married her. Claire can't make the party as she has to attend an art show with her friend Russell and teacher Olivier. Afterwards, Russell reveals something about himself to Claire. At the Funeral home, they make arrangements for Robert Griffin's funeral. His partner of 22 years, Kevin Lamb, wants to stage a tribute that reflects their work - both were professionals in the theater - which proves to be particularly moving to David and makes him wonder if he and Keith will be able to have anything as near a lasting and meaningful relationship.
User ratings: 932
Average rating: 8.3
The Trap
Nate and Lisa's relationship is hitting some rough spots. She begins to nag Nate about his spending habits, going over their credit cards bills and challenging some of his purchases. She lays on the guilt pretty thick telling they have to think of their baby's future. He's further displeased when he learns from his mother that Lisa will not be looking for a job and is going to be a full-time house mom. It all comes to a head when Nate tells her that he and his former girlfriend Brenda had a drink together that day. Brenda had sought him out to apologize for having slept around when they were supposed to be in a monogamous relationship. Nate thinks it's all innocent but Lisa is feeling very vulnerable. Dave meanwhile is enjoying singing in the choir until another member reminds him of a casual sexual encounter they had many years before. Keith is growing ever more weary of his job as a security guard and is thinking of taking his life in a new direction. At the funeral home, they deal with the case of William Jaffe whose remains were found in his vehicle in a remote location. It's clear he died in an accident but after an absence of some 25 years, no one in his family seems to care much one way or the other. Now short-staffed with Claire working for her art teacher, Rico suggests they hire an apprentice. The lucky candidate is Arthur Martin.
User ratings: 795
Average rating: 7.9
Making Love Work
Ruth and Arthur get to know each other better and seem to be taking a liking to one another. Claire introduces Russell to Dave who is convinced that his sister's friend is gay. Russell reacts badly when their teacher Olivier publicly trashes his latest sculpture. Nate, Lisa and Maya go on a camping trip but it doesn't go too well. Nate wants to drink and smoke up but Lisa is quite happy to just sit and read. At the funeral home, they prepare a woman who died from a hemorrhage for her funeral. Rico also has to contend with the remains of a very large man who requires an extra-large coffin and presents particular problems for Russell in the middle of the night.
User ratings: 865
Average rating: 7.8
Timing & Space
Brenda's father dies and Nate decides to pay his respects. Lisa is OK when he tells her he is going but it all leads to yet another fight when she learns that he took baby Maya with him. There was no one at home to take care of her and he even tried Rico's wife Vanessa but she was acting so erratically he didn't trust her to leave Maya there. Lisa is convinced there are still feelings between Nate and Brenda and is convinced she is only his second choice. Ruth follows Arthur when he goes jogging. David and Keith attend a brunch put on by a member of the choir but Keith doesn't have much of a good time. Nate tells Rico about Vanessa's odd behavior and starts to wonder about what exactly is going on.
User ratings: 774
Average rating: 7.9
Tears, Bones & Desire
Ruth is getting closer to Arthur and spontaneously kisses him. She's immediately embarrassed by what she's done but Arthur doesn't react as she expected. Lisa is still paranoid about Nate and Brenda and decides to meet her by booking a massage appointment under a false name. She soon realizes that Brenda has problems of her own. Rico gets a call from school telling him that he has to pick up his children at school because they cannot reach Vanessa. Claire is growing ever more fed up with working as Olivier's assistant. Despite the fact that she and Russell had their day planned, Olivier insists she go on a fairly long drive to pick something up. Once there, she meets Olivier's former assistant. She also learns a lot about him. Keith is looking forward to a paint-ball game with some of his police buddies. He's actually quite happy when Dave tells him that a couple of his friends from the choir will be coming. The funeral home, is also over run with wives and children after the death of the head of a polygamous group.
User ratings: 801
Average rating: 7.9
The Opening
Claire and Russell are among a very few students selected to display their art at a prestigious exhibition. Olivier, their teacher, is at his worst when it comes to his students' anxieties about their first exhibition. The entire family shows up: Ruth, with Arthur as her date; David with Keith, who is still stinging from his encounter with Dave's friend's from the choir; and Nate and Lisa, whose relationship is fast deteriorating. It doesn't help that Brenda is also there and now realizes Lisa's earlier deception. Claire meets Billy again and is surprised that he was once Olivier's student - and also his lover. David and Keith meanwhile discuss their recent threesome with their analyst and he gives them the okay to continue provided they agree on the ground rules. Ruth meanwhile is confused by her relationship with Arthur. Rico's concerns about his wife's growing depression aren't helped by the suicide of their latest client, Melinda Bloch, who locked herself in her garage with the car running after her husband left her.
User ratings: 765
Average rating: 7.8
Everyone Leaves
David accompanies Keith who is to attend his aunt Jeannette's funeral. Keith and his father have never gotten along and certainly haven't spoken since his niece Taylor went to live with them. Keith decides the time has come to speak to his dad and forgive him for the abuse he inflicted on him and his sister as children. It doesn't go well and Dave's attempt to support Keith leads to additional friction between all of them. Claire's worst fears are realized when Russell admits to Claire that he and Olivier had sex. She ends their relationship on the spot. In a subsequent conversation with her mother, she learns a lot about Ruth's early life and relationship with her father. Rico's wife, Vanessa, has been on medication prescribed by her doctor but then takes to self-medicating based on a friend's advice. She seems to be getting better but soon comes crashing down. Nate is on his own after Lisa sets off to visit her sister. Brenda drops in unexpectedly after another unhappy encounter with her brother Billy but Nate doesn't want her there. A call to Lisa's sister reveals that she's not arrived.
User ratings: 808
Average rating: 8.2
Death Works Overtime
Fisher & Diaz is particularly busy when they have 3 funerals to arrange at the same time. Nate is growing less helpful as his panic over Lisa's disappearance begins to grow. He files a missing person's report and when the police find her car, abandoned, everyone begins to imagine the worst. David begins sleeping with Patrick as his relationship with Keith seems to be on the skids. Brenda is desperate to avoid Billy after their last meeting and she moves into an inexpensive bungalow. Vanessa's doctor reduces her meds which should help but Rico now has to put up with his overbearing sister-in-law Angelica who moves in with them. Claire still refuses to see Russell and has a confrontation with Olivier. She subsequently discovers something that sends her reeling. At one of the several funerals they are dealing with, Ruth meets George Sibley with whom she forms an almost instant bond.
User ratings: 867
Average rating: 8.4
With everyone trying to deal with their own deteriorating personal situations, Claire is unable to find someone to accompany her to the clinic and ten drive her home. She finally asks Brenda to help her out. Ruth's relationship with George is moving ahead pretty quickly and they decide to get married. She's a bit surprised when he tells her about his previous marriages. David is growing more comfortable in his relationship with Patrick and decides to tell Keith it's over. As for Nate, the lack of progress in locating Lisa is having a devastating effect on his life and his work. He imagines all sorts of terrible things that could happened to her. It's not helped by the fact that their latest client is Carl Williman who was executed in Texas for his crimes. The man's daughter Allison, who lost her job to attend her father's execution, is clearly interested in Nate.Vanessa's severe depression continues and Rico is growing increasingly angry at her sister's constant interference in their home life.
User ratings: 815
Average rating: 8.2
I'm Sorry, I'm Lost
Ruth and George's announcement that they are to be married doesn't go over very well in the Fisher household. They've only known each other for just over 6 weeks and Nate in particular thinks they're moving just too fast. Nate of course hasn't been himself since Lisa disappearance and a call from the police saying they have found a body doesn't help at all. He's been drinking heavily for some time but now he goes on a real bender and picks a fight in a bar. Bruised and battered, he ends up at Brenda's. Claire goes to visit her father's grave, which she has a hard time finding, and imagines seeing Lisa, her old boyfriend Gabe and her baby all there. Ruth and George are getting married and she makes it clear that they are going ahead with it whether the children are there or not. Rico meanwhile has taken to going to dance class without the ever depressed Vanessa. His sister-in-law is refusing to move out and Vanessa is refusing to tell her to go. Rico goes to a strip club where he meets the alluring Sophia.
User ratings: 1,059
Average rating: 8.7
Falling into Place
It's the morning after and Nate finally makes it home to tell everyone that Lisa's body has been found. David and Claire had spent a sleepless night due their mother and George's noisy lovemaking. Problems arise with Lisa's family over the funeral arrangements. They expect a traditional funeral but Nate tries to respect Lisa's wishes and provide her with a 'green' funeral. On edge and with emotions running high, David suggests they try to find a compromise. Nate finds a unique solution, assisted by Bruno Baskerville Walsh who jumped to his death in 1972 while high on LSD. Claire is at a low ebb and gets in touch with Russell but her information may be too much for him to handle. David and Keith may be together again; David isn't quite sure. Brenda gets friendly with her new neighbor.
User ratings: 1,013
Average rating: 8.5
In Case of Rapture
When the fanatic religious Dorothy Sheedy is hit by a car in a weird accident, her conformed husband goes to Fisher & Diaz. Nate does not accept his apathy in his grief, and discusses with the client, with David and with Rico. Later he quits his partnership. Ruth replaces the Formica table of the kitchen by a Persian one that belongs to George, and the family does not like it. Claire makes a new friend, Anita Miller, and they go to a bar where poets are lecturing their poems, and they become close to Edie. Keith, very nervous, is interviewed and hired by a safeguard protection company that makes the security guard of stars, that has for principle to defuse a situation before becomes a situation. Rico is visiting Sophia and giving gifts for her, and his relationship with Vanessa seems to be ending. Brenda dates Joe and after many days they have sex. David gets a blow-job of the plumber Andy and later he tells Keith.
User ratings: 778
Average rating: 7.7
Parallel Play
While making a prank call through the telephone, the fourteen-year-old Kaitlin Elise Stalte falls off her bed and dies. Rico teaches Arthur how to embalm, while David buys a new suit for him. Meanwhile, George receives a beautiful package with feces boxes. Ruth blames Arthur of sending excrement because of his hurt feelings; he becomes upset, quits his job and leaves the house, leaving David and Rico alone. Sophia manipulates the silly Rico, trying to get a new surgery on her breasts. Claire goes to a party with Anita, and finds that Edie is lesbian. Nate, with a weird behavior, is having an affair with the mother of one of Maya's friends. Brenda was hoping to have normal sex with Joe, but the guy wants kinky bad sex. Keith is the bodyguard of the star Celeste. Claire convinces her family to burn what was left after a garage sale.
User ratings: 822
Average rating: 7.9
Can I Come Up Now?
While walking in the rain with a stolen umbrella, Lawrence Henry Mason is struck by a lightening and immediately dies. His daughter Jennifer, former girlfriend of David, calls him to make the arrangements of the funeral service. Keith and David discuss the colleagues of Keith that believe he is straight. David is disappointed with Keith and tells him that he should come out with his gay situation to his mates. Further, he says that Keith would be the last person he would believe that would turn into a self-loathing homo. Keith becomes upset with the eccentric and nasty star Celeste in a benefit show. Maya visits Legoland with Barb's family and Nate visits Brenda, who is playing twisted SM games with Joe, but they receive him. On the next morning, while running in the park, Nate follows a dog and he arrives in a psychic that tells him that Lisa is alive, disturbing him again. Ruth decides to press charges against Arthur in the police, and George tells her that his son Kyle is the one actually sending feces to him. Ruth schedules a visit to Kyle. Claire, with dyed hair, has a disappointing date with Jimmy, and Edie offers a real orgasm to her. Rico is split between the insistent Sophia and Vanessa. Brenda and Joe have dinner with Margaret and Olivier, and later Joe tells Brenda that he would like to have a baby.
User ratings: 766
Average rating: 7.7
That's My Dog
While celebrating her anniversary in a hot tub after her husband prompts her to enjoy drinking, Anne Marie Thornton falls in the shower and dies. Keith moves on tour for three months with the security team and David misses him. Claire shows her picture in class and her stillness is not well accepted. Sophia, completely stoned, looks for Rico in his work, and Nate understands the situation. The upset Nate goes to a support group following Ruth's advice. Ruth invites Kyle for dinner upsetting George, who becomes disappointed with her. Margaret visits Brenda in the campus and Brenda admits her wish of having a baby. David gives a lift to a hitchhiker called Jake while bringing the corpse of Anne Marie, and soon he regrets it.
User ratings: 1,375
Average rating: 8.6
Terror Starts at Home
During a robbery in his home, Robert Carl Meinhardt is tied and executed with a shot in his head. David is completely traumatized, lies to his family and tells that he was carjacked only. Joe finds a new big house to live with Brenda. Ruth goes to a dinner party with George and hears some comments of one ex-girlfriend of George, becoming upset and in a bad mood. On the birthday party of David, Ruth makes a comment to Vanessa about Sophia, and Rico tells that he is helping the outgoing young mother, based on the request of charity of their priest. David gets an upscale watch from Keith, and later he has a panic attack. He discloses to Claire the truth about the torture he was submitted, and Claire asks Nate to work with and give support to David. Brenda visits Nate, telling that she is afraid of having a simple and happy little life with Joe, and they kiss each other.
User ratings: 832
Average rating: 8.1
The Dare
Joan Morrison postpones the treatment of two tumors, they get bigger and bigger and she dies of cancer. David is feeling better, but he is still much traumatized. Rico breaks with Sophia, but Vanessa sees him leaving Sophia's house and sends him away from home. Ruth is paranoid with George, and decides to follow him in his fossil hunt in the canyon. She decides to go with him to Sarah's house, where she meets Bettina. Brenda sleeps with Nate and decides to tell Joe. Celeste is upset after losing her favorite earrings, and she decides to go to a gay bar, and Keith discloses his sexual preference to Javier. Claire decides to have a homosexual experience with Edie.
User ratings: 762
Average rating: 7.7
Coming and Going
Claire has an unsatisfactory homosexual experience with Edie. Claire feels pulled to Edie, but not sexually driven. James Dubois Marshall drives his car to Fisher & Diaz for his own funeral and dies. Vanessa throws Rico away and he sleeps with Sophia. Later Vanessa calls Angelica, they fight with Sophia and break her car with a baseball stick. Rico ends his affair with Sophia. Brenda meets Nate and Maya and travels in the Travel Town train. Sarge calls David and they have sex. Celeste has sex with Keith and fires him. Joe comes home unexpectedly and sees Brenda and Nate having sex. The hysterical Ruth is increasing her paranoia with George.
User ratings: 753
Average rating: 7.8
Grinding the Corn
The comic books collector Lawrence Tuttle dies while trying to reach a rare magazine on a shelf on the top of a cabinet. David is still traumatized, and Keith tells him his one nightstand with Celeste. David tells Keith about his sexual encounter with Sarge. Ruth and Bettina travel to Mexico, while George advises Rico to forget Vanessa and find another woman. Billy substitutes Pope in Claire's class. Brenda tells Nate that she is in love with him, and he leaves her in the bed. Edie avoids Claire and stays with Anita, and they tell Jimmy that Claire has never had an orgasm. Jimmy proposes Claire to have sex with her and use his "grinding the corn" technique, and she is satisfied.
User ratings: 765
Average rating: 7.6
The Black Forest
The wife of the alcoholic Robert Duane Wething kicks his dead body is a parking area. Nate does not want to travel to Idaho for the religious ceremony with Lisa's ashes, but Brenda convinces him to go and she travels with Maya and him. Keith and David go to the wedding of Terry and Paul, and David wants to adopt a child. Ruth returns home and imposes conditions to George to keep their marriage. Rico visits his sons and Vanessa, very well-dressed, dates an old high school friend, upsetting Rico. Ruth invites Kyle and Becky for dinner with George, and they discuss possibilities of the end of the world, through nuclear bomb, use of oil, lack of water or global heating. Barb meets Brenda with Nate and Maya after leaving The Black Forest Inn. The minister tells Lisa's parents that he believes the ashes they buried are not from Lisa.
User ratings: 752
Average rating: 7.6
Bomb Shelter
While making a turn with his van, Edward Gordon Gorodetsky hits a truck and the whole family dies (Coco Grimes Gorodetsky, Michael Timothy Gorodetsky and Amanda Lynn Gorodetsky). Brenda wants to have a baby and Nate and she receive Barb and Hoyt. Nate tells that he buried Lisa in the Mojave desert and Barb threatens to take Maya from Nate. David is sued in US$ 500,000.00 by Roger Pasquese because of the bite in his ear. Claire exposes her pictures in Billy's class and Russell steals part of her credit. Brenda has lunch with her mother and Margaret needs to be submitted to an emergency surgery. George buys lots of bottles of water and prepares the bomb shelter for any catastrophe, while Ruth wants to travel with him. The police arrest Jake and call David for identification.
User ratings: 765
Average rating: 7.9
Kenneth MacDonald Henderson is split in two while trying to rescue three passengers of an elevator. Jimmy shows the pictures of Claire to a dealer and she is invited to expose in the Bellandi Gallery. Claire is excited and invites her friends, using cocaine in the vernissage. She argues with the selfish Russell, Billy defends her and later they have sex. Roger Pasquese has oral sex with Keith and calls off his claim in the justice. Later he invites Keith to be his bodyguard. Ruth and George have lunch with George's daughter Maggie. Later, when Ruth sees George speaking alone, she calls Maggie. Rico misses his family, and after having a conversation with Kenneth's widow, he proposes reconciliation with Vanessa, but she asks for the divorce. David visits Jake in the prison to express his rage and he feels better in the end. Nate sees the picture of Lisa that Michaela gave to David and travels to Idaho. He meets Hoyt and discloses an inner secret with tragic consequences.
User ratings: 1,025
Average rating: 8.6
A Coat of White Primer
Ruth dreads George's return from the hospital in light of his recent diagnosis; Nate and Brenda prepare for a big day, but an emergency makes them reconsider; David and Keith bring up alternative parenting options for discussion; Rico navigates new waters via Internet dating; and Claire enjoys domestic bliss but crosses a line with her camera, inciting an attack from Ruth.
User ratings: 859
Average rating: 8.1
Dancing for Me
Nate meets a high-school friend but finds that as adults, they share little more than teenage memories. Ruth gets relief from George's daughter Maggie; Brenda is reluctant to accept Margaret's help and struggles in her new internship. David begins to have doubts about a surrogate child. Claire bemoans being pigeonholed by her art. Billy defends his career but secretly wonders what happened to his old self. And Rico, mortified that he couldn't take a dating hint, seeks sympathy from Vanessa.
User ratings: 815
Average rating: 7.8
Hold My Hand
Billy thinks he and Claire should go live in Europe for a few years, preferably in Spain. Claire is outraged however when the family lawyer tells her that having dropped out of school, she no longer has access to her trust fund. She also learns that her mother was complicit in the decision. Keith and David have changed their minds and have decided to adopt a child. Their suitability is called into question when something from David's past comes back to haunt him. Brenda starts her new internship at the university but has a nasty encounter with an unstable student. George continues to act erratically. It's the anniversary of his mother's death and he's haunted by having watched her died. Ruth is concerned by what she finds in his laundry. His daughter Maggie has stayed around and she and Nate hit it off at a family dinner. Rico attends a Church-sponsored singles night and meets Vanessa there. At a funeral directors convention however, he runs into Angela who had replaced him when he'd left for a short while.
User ratings: 793
Average rating: 8.0
Time Flies
It's Nate's 40th birthday and while he says it's just another day, his mood and his actions say otherwise. He doesn't react as expected when Brenda tells him the results of her most recent pregnancy test. He also has little to say at the surprise party she throws for him when he gets home that night. Billy is off his medication and living with him is proving to be a bit too much for Claire. Keith and Dave decide on the egg donor and the surrogate for their child. Rico and Vanessa end up in bed when he drops their son off at home but she still wants him out in the morning. At her knitting club, Ruth has been telling a couple of her friends about her week with George. She is deeply unhappy with her lot in life and doesn't see much improvement in George. At the funeral home, their latest client is 95 year-old Lila Coolidge who died at home of old age.
User ratings: 850
Average rating: 8.3
Eat a Peach
Nate and Brenda argue over when Maya should be told about her biological mother. Nate still hasn't come to terms with Lisa's death and what it all means. Claire has moved out of Billy's apartment after his bad behavior. He desperately wants her back and starts taking his medication again but she'll have nothing to do with him. Billy's mother Margaret asks her out for dinner but it's nothing short of an ambush. Claire's life at home isn't much better and her battles with Ruth have reached a fever pitch. David and Keith decide that pursuing both options for children - a surrogate or adoption - is best but David really wants to adopt, especially after meeting a nice kid named Anthony. Rico and Vanessa continue to argue, this time about their son Julio who is accused of bullying a classmate at school. Rico talks to the principal and basically lays it all on Vanessa. Ruth has decided the time has come for George to move out but is less than honest with him about it.
User ratings: 769
Average rating: 7.9
The Rainbow of Her Reasons
Ruth has moved George into a new apartment without telling him that she has no intention of moving into it with him. His daughter Maggie senses something is amiss when she realizes that Ruth hasn't moved any of her belongings. Claire is anxiously awaiting word on her grant application and decides to take a temp job in the meantime. The company she works for is quite conservative and she finds it more that just a bit stifling. Dave and Keith have their hands full fostering Anthony and his brother Durrell. Keith in particular is having a hard time and thinks it's time to bring the arrangement to an end. Vanessa tries out a nanny but it clearly isn't going to work. Her solution is a real surprise to Rico. Ruth meanwhile has to come to terms with the death of Fiona Kleinschmidt, her sister Sarah's best friend. Ruth has never quite forgiven Fiona for having sex with Nate when he was only 15. The funeral arrangements give her an excuse at least to stay away from George who comes to his conclusions.
User ratings: 865
Average rating: 8.2
The Silence
While in the audience of a theater, the Quaker Peter Thomas Burns dies, and Maggie becomes deeply sad, since he was her friend. David and Keith have continuous troubles with the behavior of Durrell, and David accidentally finds that Durrell will participate in a musical play in his school. However, the boy is embarrassed and has not invited them for the event. Brenda finds that her baby has a great possibility of developing Down's Syndrome through a non-conclusive examination, and her doctor advises an amniocentesis to check more accurately. Nate immediately agrees, but Brenda does not accept the test. Their marriage is in crisis and Nate suggests her to go with him to a Quaker church for meditation. George asks the divorce to Ruth in an urgent basis since he is in love with another woman. The dysfunctional and hysterical Ruth visits Joy Solomon to tell her that George is a deranged man. Rico is upset with the cold relationship with Vanessa. Claire is meeting with her colleagues after hours in a shopping bar and the lawyer Ted is getting closer to her.
User ratings: 785
Average rating: 7.8
Singing for Our Lives
While walking with her rollerblade in a steep hill with her three dogs, the Latin Pilar Sandoval is hit by a car. In the Fisher & Diaz, David proposes the investment in a crematory, but Rico disagrees. Brenda goes with Jackie to Dr. Melnick's office to be submitted to an ultrasonographic examination, and she tells Jackie that Nate is very distant of the baby. Further, that he had suggested her to go with him to a Quaker church for meditation instead of to a counselor. After the examination, she refuses again the amniocentesis. Claire meets Anita by chance and is invited to go to an arts exhibition. She dates with Ted and meets her former friends from the art school. Keith is threatened by Durrell with a knife, and Anthony tells him later that Durrell is having much fun as possible before returning to the adoption agency, like the other foster parents have done. The dysfunctional Ruth dates the hairdresser Hiram. Rico has a serious conversation with Vanessa about their relationship. Nate visits Maggie before going to the church and they have one night stand. Later Nate feels his arm dumb and faints.
User ratings: 890
Average rating: 8.3
While walking in the canyon, Laurence Hall Matheson is attacked by a cougar. Nate is sent to the Saint Bridger Hospital, and the diagnosis is HVM and bleed. Maggie calls David, and he calls Brenda and Claire, who comes to the hospital with Ted. While in the waiting room, the atmosphere is tense with the presence of Maggie. Meanwhile, Ruth invites Hiram to camp, and she argues with him and leaves him, walking alone back home. Nate ends his relationship with Brenda, and while watching TV with David, he has a dream and dies.
User ratings: 1,343
Average rating: 9.0
All Alone
On her return home, Ruth learns about what's happened to Nate and is angry at herself for being out of contact for so long. Her sister Sarah and friend Bettina are there to support her. Claire tries to overcome her feelings by turning to drugs and asks Ted to help her out. He again proves to be a good friend and takes her out of the house to give her a chance to have some time away from the others. David hasn't slept much and has to do what a funeral director does while Keith takes care of the two boys. Unfortunately Keith's boss Roger has a job for him to do on today of all days. Keith does it but when he learns that Roger recorded their sexual encounter and is showing it to others, he quits. Maya is asking Brenda where her daddy is and Brenda and her mother disagree on what Brenda should say. With everything that's happening around him, David begins to have panic attacks and visions of a stalker in a red hood.
User ratings: 1,581
Average rating: 9.2
Holly, the sister of the mutilated soldier Paul Ronald Duncan, provides a lethal injection to him and he commits suicide. David is completely disturbed with the death of Nate and seeing Jake wearing a red hood. Brenda has an incestuous dream with Billy while Ruth insists on raising Maya. Claire is totally drunk and height everyday in her job, and after an argument with Kirsten, she is fired. When she arrives home and sees Paul's mother trunk with a plate "Support Our Troops", she offends the family with a political speech. Rico unsuccessfully tries to have a business meeting with David and Vanessa convinces him to schedule a visit with a real state agent to buy another funeral house, the Weingarden Mortuary. Claire capsizes her car after visiting Nate's grave.
User ratings: 1,109
Average rating: 8.6
Everyone's Waiting
Brenda has troubles in the delivery of the premature Willa in the Cedars-Sinai Hospital. Claire is feeling lost, not sure whether she is not good to be an artist. She is invited by a New York City agency to work as assistant photographer. Keith uses his savings to buy Rico's share in the funeral house. Ruth moves to Sarah's place. David defeats his fears and ghosts and recovers his sanity. Claire moves to New York, while envisioning the fate of each character.
User ratings: 6,405
Average rating: 9.8
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