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Seasons: 5
Episodes: 43
User ratings: 23,515
Average rating: 8.4

Crime, Drama, Thriller

The lives of Police Officers working for the Los Angeles Police Department.

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Unknown Trouble
A rookie LAPD cop has a very busy shift on his first day in the field while a seasoned detective handles an apparent kidnapping involving a young girl.
User ratings: 360
Average rating: 8.3
Ben Sherman begins to believe all the accolades coming his way, clouding his judgment. Bryant and Moretta try to keep their witness alive. Lydia Adams bonds with a baby found crawling in an intersection.
User ratings: 250
Average rating: 7.6
See the Woman
Ben reveals details of his past and why he chose to be a cop to Cooper. Meanwhile, Dewey's friendship with a burnt-out actor causes a rift in his partnership with Chickie.
User ratings: 230
Average rating: 7.8
Sally in the Alley
When an unidentified female body turns up in an alley, Gang Detectives Sammy and Nate have their work cut out for them. Nate searches for a missing relative, and reveals a secret.
User ratings: 210
Average rating: 7.9
Two Gangs
Cooper & Sherman have a bad shift. Salinger, distracted by speed racers, crashes his car. The racers steal his gun and he gets a 12 hour deadline to find it before the thing becomes official. In the search, something bigger is found.
User ratings: 209
Average rating: 8.1
Ben Sherman and his partner get the case in posh Bel Air of a robber who physically terrorized villa owner David Milliard and his daughter Daisy, an old acquaintance, who is surprised to see him on the force. Their friendship blossoms into a sexual affair, but that's against LAPD rules with a victim. By checking in on his mother, who often forgets the alarm, Ben discovers to his fury his scumbag father bought her home and is back in her life. Detective Russell Clarke moves out from his insanely jealous wife to a friend's security firm's client's guest house. The neighborhood suffers a wave of daring robberies, some of which and brutally bloody. All are traced to a cocaine-addicted jeweler and her dealer's ruthless colored gang. Officer John Cooper hides his back ache and is desperate for painkillers without prescription.
User ratings: 204
Average rating: 7.9
The body of a dead gang member is discovered; Detective Salinger and his daughter grow further apart; Detective Bryant asks Detective Adams to take in shooting witness Janila.
User ratings: 223
Average rating: 8.6
Phase Three
Ben Sherman is about to complete Phase 2 of his rookie year. During Phase 3, he will be allowed to patrol solo. Detective Adams and Officer Brown are assigned new partners. Rene Cordero, Adams's new partner, is obsessed with receiving glory and press coverage. Their first case involves the search for an elderly man who left his home accompanied by an unknown black man. Brown's new partner, "Slug" Ferguson, quickly demonstrates how he earned that nickname when he starts a riot during a traffic stop. Meanwhile, Detectives Moretta and Bryant investigate a "Sonora shootout" involving a young Mexican man shot dead while driving an unregistered Bentley.
User ratings: 200
Average rating: 8.5
Butch & Sundance
Ben suspects his mentor Cooper is getting addicted to painkillers, but can't do anything about it. They find Dr. Rich Ryerson badly wounded outside his looted fine home, where his wife and daughters were bloodily slaughtered. Detective Rene Cordero braves Lydia's prejudiced contrariness to find out about the killer and his boss trough a rehab clinic. Detective Sammy Bryant has joined partner Nate Moretta in his ex-partner's drug task force, mainly for stake-outs, which reveal Nate's daughter is hooked up with a Trinney Day gang suspect. Ben is not amused when his sister Olivia Sherman tricks him into a blind sushi date, leaves despite Lila Greenberg making a good impressions because of boyfriend wade and some obnoxious bimbos Olivia also brought along.
User ratings: 176
Average rating: 8.1
Ben Sherman finally gets to drive his own patrol car when mentor Cooper acts instead as partner for a female colleague, whose shocking incompetence he demonstrates and scolds mercilessly. Ben is shocked but powerless when he sees a bully father 'punish' his gentle son for being a 'sissy victim' of street rabble by imposing front garden chores in female underwear. Ben smartly questions a Korean couple and their young son Matthew whose sister is missing and learns enough to find her. Cordero told Lydia not to be allover recovering Russell, but she only believes it when his cold reception and other visitor make it obvious.
User ratings: 180
Average rating: 8.8
The Runner
Bean graciously volunteers to accompany Cooper on a visit in rehab to Dewey and afterward to the funeral of John's former partner, who got addicted to alcohol. Lydia Adams's vindictive prejudices and mean attitude are all over the place when she and her new partner must investigate the death near her parents' home of a student and college athlete from a dead-end Afro-American ghetto. She had an affair with a football star, but also turned to drugs from street dealers, wasted her studies, got pregnant and has a disastrous rapport with her ambitious parents and elder sister. A second crime follows.
User ratings: 164
Average rating: 8.2
What Makes Sammy Run?
While detective Sammy Bryant's wife, whose pregnancy proves bogus, works herself into ever more trouble with a skater and marijuana, his detaching to the major drug crime team is canceled by boss Daniel 'Sal' Salinger. Sammy concentrates on acting as big brother for fatherless, smart Latino street kid Juanito, whose cynicism sadly proves justified. Ben and Cooper discover, by searching a rowing couple's home routinely, a drug trade cash fortune, associating them with Nate Moretta's triumph.
User ratings: 184
Average rating: 8.7
Maximum Deployment
Because of the press's obsession with a police-uniformed 'serial rapist', uniformed (car) patrols are maximized, an equally costly and inefficient method as Ben and Cooper realize, bait does the truck. Detective Russell Clarke is finally back, does great questioning a young boy, the only witness of his grandparents' bloody murder, presumably by drug-addicted relatives, but still can't stay concentrated. Cooper's painkiller problem gets further out of hand and know to several colleagues. Sal's airhead daughter blackmails him to go to a party, thus gets in real danger, molests a helpful citizen and turns her mother's promotion celebration into a divorce-trigger.
User ratings: 172
Average rating: 8.7
Let It Snow
Rushing to a bank robbery, Ben perfectly follows arrest procedure only to see a fugitive commit suicide. Sammy and Nate investigate the murder of a street gang member who was recently acquitted of rape, probably ignoring she's the daughter of gang baron Luis Reyes. Russell is amused to see Lidia suffers the same selfish rudeness from her new, domineering partner as he, but gracefully, put up with from her.
User ratings: 178
Average rating: 8.2
Punching Water
The murder of a Latino gang member seems another rivalry victim, but Nate and Sammy learn from a local, soon shot himself, that he was the Romeo of a black gang's near-irresistible Juliette, starting a murder wave requiring full precinct mobilization. Ben's colleagues make fun of him for. Dewey is finally back on patrol, driving already depressed first Cooper nearly crazy.
User ratings: 166
Average rating: 8.2
Ben learns the importance of discretion the hard way. Twice. Nate and Sammy try to track down a missing witness. Lydia and Josie butt heads over a weird case involving a chainsaw.
User ratings: 157
Average rating: 8.2
Code 4
Ben is still confused after his mother's incident and Cooper can't resist exposing his 'rookie failures', yet he manages to star arresting a dazed man by reciting a karate mantra. Sammy is still so frustrated by his unfair divorce that Nate can't rely on him, while Mrs. Morietta feels he's overstaying his welcome, so he'll end up accepting an invitation from fellow ex-husband Sal. They investigate the shooting of Manuel 'Manny' Garces while he's buying a birthday cake for son Rafael. The only decent witness is unwilling to talk. Their likely suspect, small drug dealer Spider, proves dangerous.
User ratings: 219
Average rating: 8.9
The Winds
Ben is in Cooper's bad books and keeps silent when his mentor sides with a child-beating mother and arrests a man from driving under influence from prescription painkillers, while Cooper is dependent on illegal pills. Businesman Peter Wellington's spoiled wife Katherine files a complaint as latest victim of a serial rapist but is uncooperative and dubiously identifies Latino gardener Sergio Moreno, a family father, who panics and makes a tragic run. Cooper testifies against his father being released after 20 years as model prisoner, who even earned a college degree.
User ratings: 159
Average rating: 8.3
Cop or Not
Sammy is now practically adopted as substitute-father by Nate's angelic son Pete, but can't stand his chatterbox patrol partner and dangerously provokes the tough scum from the slum where even Nate's informants turned on them. Ben is stoic about being posted in Hollywood, confident the news will glue even criminals to the tube, after hip-hop and movie star Billy Stearn is arrested live on TV for the bloody slashing in their villa of his wife, who however had an affair with the bodyguard, a former Royal Marine. Detective Russell Clarke is back, on the chief's team, stealing the show according to Lidia, who is suspended as suspect for a press a leak from the murder scene.
User ratings: 148
Average rating: 7.8
Sammy overdoes his man of the house role at Nate's home. Identifying the killer proves traumatic. Ben and Cooper are frustrated by rules tying cops' hands to make the public's expectations come true. Dewey champions weird anecdotes telling. Russel accepts, although inexperienced, pleading his ex-partner Lydia's case, while she complicates it by refusing to stay home while suspended and even waits for the new team at a murder site.
User ratings: 146
Average rating: 8.3
Fixing a Hole
Lydia and Josie babysit a witness before she appears in court. John and Ben attend a school bus holdup, and discover a kid who appears to be in need of help. Sammy tries to help his dead partner's wife, and find his killer.
User ratings: 148
Average rating: 8.3
Failure Drill
Back pain and excessive painkillers render Cooper insufferable even for Ben and a danger to the public, as is an ancient driver. Sammy is back on the job and forced to color-coordinate a nursery if he wants to see his unborn child. Mr. Estrada is arrested prime murder suspect without proof but his dying wife's last words, but they were bitterly divorced and his firstborn martin swears father's innocence, mainly fearing separate foster care for him and two kid siblings.
User ratings: 145
Average rating: 8.5
Graduation Day
On Ben's rookie class's graduation day, Cooper's back-pain and pills addiction not only cause a miserable mood but completely exclude vital backup, so Ben finally forces his ex-tutor to check into rehab. Sammy's son is finally born and Nate's presumed killer 'leprechaun' dies in his arms after a street shooting. He decides to quit desk work and start chaperoning graduated rookies, like Ben. Dewey can't help sparing a blatantly criminal crack whore. Rodrigo is found out being Lydia's lover, making his mother question their partnership.
User ratings: 160
Average rating: 8.7
Officer John Cooper returns to duty after recovering from back surgery and meets his new partner, Officer Jessica Tang, a tough and disciplined cop with her own set of baggage from working the streets. Lydia, whose new partner is Ruben Robinson, can't seem to escape helping a former CI who won't stay in safety. Ben, Sammy and Dewey chase an armed man into an elementary school, while Ben bumps heads with an intense street cop whose cynical attitude is affecting their work.
User ratings: 190
Average rating: 8.7
As a new, no-nonsense captain takes over, Ben has a moment of weakness during an especially trying shift, while Lydia and her new partner suspect that a convenience store homicide was a revenge murder.
User ratings: 159
Average rating: 8.2
It's Hood Day on the streets of Los Angeles, and Captain Rucker has the department playing hall monitors. Sammy lets old grudges die hard when he leaves a gang territory unattended, only to have a violent gang war erupt throughout the city. Ben's recent mistake continues to haunt him publicly everywhere he goes. Ruben practices his speech for his daughter's quinceaƱera in the midst of a murder investigation. Cooper and Tang investigate a robbery in a strict Orthodox Jewish home, leading Tang to reveal parts of her past.
User ratings: 144
Average rating: 8.0
Lydia finds out she's pregnant as she tracks down a 15 year old female killer, Sammy tries to come to the rescue of a dog that he accidentally shot, and Tang and Cooper try to help a homeless Marine.
User ratings: 151
Average rating: 8.0
John has an eventful shift on the day he receives his pin for 20 years of service, Sammy and Ben try to out-prank each other, and Lydia and Reuben suspect that a father may have killed his 30 year old son.
User ratings: 156
Average rating: 8.6
Integrity Check
A documentary film crew accompanies Cooper and Tang on their shift, Ben suspects that Sammy may have planted evidence to help settle a score, and Lydia risks her pregnancy and takes a shift in the field.
User ratings: 157
Average rating: 8.7
Tang is involved in an accidental shooting on the day she is served with divorce papers, Sammy gives Ben the cold shoulder after his accusations, and Adams and Robinson investigate the death of a drug dealer.
User ratings: 139
Average rating: 8.0
God's Work
Sherman tries to come to the rescue of a prostitute and her daughter who is also turning tricks, Cooper and Tang get a case that closely resembles Tang's shooting, and Adams and Robinson investigate the death of a pregnant nanny.
User ratings: 134
Average rating: 8.0
Ben finds himself heading down a slippery slope as he attempts to help the daughter of a prostitute, putting him in hot water with the woman's pimp. Lydia and Ruben investigate the murder of a gang-banger who may have been killed over a graffiti tag. Tang faces more questions about her shooting of an innocent bystander, which could determine whether she gets promoted to sergeant.
User ratings: 140
Average rating: 8.4
Ben spends his shift trying to settle a personal score with a pimp, Tang has her last shift with Cooper before taking her promotion, and Lydia has a traumatic case on the day that she announces her pregnancy.
User ratings: 170
Average rating: 8.6
Hats and Bats
In the fifth season premiere, Officer Cooper clashes with his new "boot" - Gary Steele (DEREK RAY), while Lydia Adams tries to balance detective work with motherhood.
User ratings: 174
Average rating: 8.0
After Dave Mendoza (guest star CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY) is injured in a drive-by, Ben takes is upon himself to solve the case - much to Sammy's dismay.
User ratings: 154
Average rating: 8.3
A breakdown in the dispatch system makes a difficult job even harder for the cops. Lydia reaches out to her old flame (MICHAEL JACE) and Cooper gets a new partner.
User ratings: 131
Average rating: 8.3
Under the Big Top
John and Lucero settle into their new friendship during a day filled with strange calls. While Ben and Sammy respond to an insane bank robbery call.
User ratings: 123
Average rating: 8.1
Off Duty
John thinks about life after the LAPD. Lydia connects with a man she sent to Death Row. And Sammy becomes a tabloid celebrity after a very public act of heroism.
User ratings: 125
Average rating: 8.4
Bleed Out
The day's events bring all of our cops face to face with some of their greatest fears. A baby's death for Lydia: IA questions for Sammy; loneliness for Cooper; commitment for Ben.
User ratings: 214
Average rating: 8.3
Ben reassures Sammy he knows about the fight on video and argues against coming clean that they lied to prevent his custody of Nate being compromised, while warning against working out his frustration on suspects. Ben enjoys his deepening relationship with prankster Elena, who arranges for his family to meet him towel-off. Cooper has a hard time with his lush retired mentor Hicks, whom he must chain down in his home, which his rookie partner can barely tolerate.
User ratings: 217
Average rating: 8.1
The Felix Paradox
The funeral of a major drug dealer brings gangsters of all sorts out of the woodwork. With chaos in the streets, our cops learn that the greatest threats often come from within.
User ratings: 138
Average rating: 8.6
Chaos reigns in the city when Cooper and Lucero are kidnapped and held hostage by a pair of "tweakers" and our cops join the frantic search to find them... before it is too late.
User ratings: 398
Average rating: 9.1
In the season finale, John copes with the aftermath of his kidnapping, while Sammy closes in on the real robbers, Ben feels the pressure and Lydia becomes closer with Russell.
User ratings: 360
Average rating: 8.8
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