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Stargate SG-1

Seasons: 10
Episodes: 213
User ratings: 76,866
Average rating: 8.4

Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi

A secret military team, SG-1, is formed to explore the recently discovered Stargates.

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Episodes details table

Children of the Gods
Colonel Jack O'Neill is brought out of retirement to lead a new expedition back to Abydos, only to find an old friend, a new enemy and a far wider use of the Stargate.
User ratings: 2,598
Average rating: 8.3
The Enemy Within
Upon returning to the SGC from there first mission, SG-1 learns that Major Kawalsky, O'Neill's right-hand man, has become infected by a Goa'uld during their mission. As the SGC's doctors look for a way to remove the Goa'uld, Colonel Kennedy interrogates Teal's, who O'Neill wants to join SG-1. As time goes on and Kawalksy's mind is taken over more and more by the Goa'uld, doctors preform emergency surgery in a desperate attempt to save Kawlasky. But they prove to be too late as Kawlasky escapes and activates the base's self-destruct, leaving only Teal'c to stop him.
User ratings: 1,065
Average rating: 7.8
While exploring a world populated by Mongol descendants, Capt. Carter is abducted as a wife of a local warlord.
User ratings: 1,121
Average rating: 6.2
The Broca Divide
The Stargate base is put in deadly peril when it is contaminated with a dangerous infection which causes its victims to become mindlessly animalistic brutes.
User ratings: 986
Average rating: 7.3
The First Commandment
The SG-1 team is sent after the SG-9 team that has failed to return. They find that SG-9's captain, having been treated like a god by planetary inhabitants, is drunk with power and is tyrannizing them. Can they overcome him?
User ratings: 940
Average rating: 6.8
Cold Lazarus
Colonel O'Neil, Sam, Daniel and Teal'c are researching broken crystals in another planet. O'Neil is injured by a crystal and faints; a clone replaces him and returns to Earth with the SG-1 leaving O'Neul unconscious on the surface of the planet. Then he goes to Sara's home to seek out his son Charlie, who died in an accident. Meanwhile O'Neil awakes and returns to the base. Now he has to prove to the Stargate Command (SGC) that he is Colonel Jack O'Neil and discovers the true intention of his clone.
User ratings: 974
Average rating: 7.7
The Nox
Jack, Daniel, Sam and Teal'c are pressed by a government representative to find technology; otherwise the Stargate program may be shutdown. Teal'c suggests and they go to a planet where they expect to find a creature that possesses the secret of invisibility. However they stumble with Apophis and his guards and Jack, Daniel and Sam are murdered by Apophis. But they are revived by the Nox, an amicable people that has a great secret. When Apophis discovers their secret, the Sg-1 fears their fate. But they have another powerful secret.
User ratings: 1,025
Average rating: 8.3
Brief Candle
On the planet Argos, Kynthia seduces Colonel O'Neil, which gives him an Argosian lifespan of only a 100 days. As his skin turns the color of death, will the SG-1 team succeed finding a cure?
User ratings: 915
Average rating: 7.5
Thor's Hammer
Daniel has the theory that the Stargates have been built by aliens that wanted to help men and the Goa'uld have just used them. Teal'c suggests that they go to planet Cimmeria that also hate the Goa'uld. On the arrival, a beam sends O'Neil and Teal'c to a labyrinth inside caves and Daniel and Sam meet the local leader Gairwyn. She tells that a woman, Kendra, had succeeded to get rid of the Goa'uld that possessed her and survived and she goes with Daniel and Sam to meet her. Kendra guides them to the caves where O'Neil and Teal'c are. Meanwhile O'Neil discovers that Teal'c can not leave the place that is protected by Thor's Hammer that destroys Goa'uld. Further, they are trapped inside the cave with the evil Unas and Teal'c's weapon does not work inside the cave.
User ratings: 963
Average rating: 8.2
The Torment of Tantalus
The Stargate Command (SGC) receives classified information from the Pentagon and Daniel learns that the Stargate was manually activated in 1945. Further, Professor Ernest Littlefield crossed the Stargate and has gone missing. The SG-1 and Ernest's fiancée Catherine convince General Hammond to let them go to the same coordinates to seek out Ernest. They find him alive and alone in a decayed castle and he shows to Daniel information from four alien races about the Universe. However the castle is collapsing under a storm and the Stargate is not working, and Sam and Teal'c need to get power to activate the Stargate.
User ratings: 952
Average rating: 8.4
It is time for Teal'c's son Rya'c to have his primtal. Can Teal'c stop his son from being implanted with a goa'uld and becoming a slave to Apophis?
User ratings: 849
Average rating: 7.5
Fire and Water
Jack, Sam and Teal'c return to the Stargate base in shock and reveals that Daniel was burned to death in Oannes. There is a funeral ceremony in the base for Daniel. However, he is alive and submitted to an interrogation by an aquatic alien that wants to know the fate of his mate Omoroca on Earth. Soon Daniel learns that the alien has planted false memories in his friends. Will they recover their recollections and know that Daniel is still alive?
User ratings: 859
Average rating: 7.3
In Mexico, when two members of an expedition finds an Egyptian sarcophagus in a digging in a Maya temple, they accidentally revive the the sex goddess Hathor, who is the mother of the Goa'uld. The sarcophagus is sent to the Stargate Command and Hathor seduces all the men in the base. Captain Carter assumes the command and together with Dr. Janet Fraiser and the other women in the base, they organize to retake the base. However the men are ready to give their lives to Hathor, forming a human shield to protect her and Hathor intends to use them to rule Earth. How can the women win such powerful opponent?
User ratings: 900
Average rating: 7.6
Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal'c travel to a planet to meet the SG-7 and witness a solar eclipse and a black hole through a telescope. However they find the inhabitants and the SG-7 dead and Dr. Janet Fraiser counts almost 1,500 casualties. Out of the blue, they find a girl in a field and she is the only survivor. Jack and Teal'c decide to stay in the facility to see the phenomenon while the rest of the team returns with the girl. Sam gets close to the girl called Cassandra, but soon Dr. Fraiser discovers that the Goa'uld have implanted a Naquadah bomb in Cassandra to destroy the SGC. Further, she cannot be sent back to her planet since the Stargate will dissolve the bomb. What shall the SGC do?
User ratings: 852
Average rating: 7.8
Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal'c travel to a planet with an amicable people that are afraid of Apophis and his Jaffas. They befriend the population but Teal'c is recognized by the villager Hanno as the Jaffa that killed his father when he was a boy. Teal'c is arrested and submitted to the Cor-ai, a trial where only Hanno can forgive him. While Daniel tries to defend him explaining that he changed for the good, Jack and Sam unsuccessfully try to convince General Hammond to send a rescue team to save him. Will Teal'c be saved by his friends?
User ratings: 841
Average rating: 7.4
Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal'c travel to a planet and on the arrival, they find it completely destroyed due an intense volcanic activity. When they are ready to return, they find a group of near-death survivors and bring them to SGC. Soon they learn that they are the Tollan and they are more advanced in technology. Their arrogant leader Omoc despises the help of SG-1 and considers Earthlings a primitive race. The Tollan Narin interacts with Sam and seems attracted to her and to the cat Schrodinger. General Hammond and the SG-1 try to find a planet to relocate the Tollan but Omoc refuses since they are more primitive than Earth. Out of the blue, Colonel Mayborn arrives at the SG-1 authorized by the president to take the Tollan to a military base to use their technology for weapon. But Daniel recalls the advanced Nox and tells to Omoc that the SGC does not have how to contact them. However Omoc offers an option.
User ratings: 907
Average rating: 8.2
Following a Stargate technical defect, O'Neill and Carter are stranded next to a Stargate in a cave on an icy wasteland. O'Neill is severely wounded and both are freezing. Will the SGC find and rescue them in time?
User ratings: 869
Average rating: 8.3
Tin Man
Upon arrival on planet P3X,989 the team are rendered unconscious. When they wake, they return to Earth, but soon find out that they are Androids. The team must return to the planet to find out what happened to their real bodies.
User ratings: 849
Average rating: 7.8
There But for the Grace of God
While exploring an alien stargate complex on P3R-233, Daniel Jackson finds an alien artifact that appears to be a mirror and touches it, receiving a mild jolt. No thinking anything of it, Daniel goes to find the rest of SG-1 who appear to have left him behind. Traveling to Earth, Daniel finds himself in an alternate reality where O'Neill is the general in charge, Carter is a civilian scientist, Catherine Langford is the civilian head of the program, and where he never joined the program. What's worse is that the Goa'uld are invading Earth, killing 1.5 billion people. With Teal'c leading the Jaffa assault on Stargate Command, Daniel must escape through the stargate with information that might save his world from such grim fate or convince his counterparts in this alternate reality to help prevent a similar apocalypse in his own reality.
User ratings: 932
Average rating: 8.8
The Stargate team must justify the project's continuation when a doubtful senator, Head of the Congressional Military Appropriations Committee, comes to review the project's performance.
User ratings: 868
Average rating: 6.3
Within the Serpent's Grasp
With Senator Kisney's decision to shut down the SGC, the stargate is set to be buried. But Jackson convinces the rest of SG-1 to go rogue and go to the coordinates he brought back from the alternate universe. Upon arriving, they realize they're on a ship headed towards Earth for an invasion led by Klorel, the Goa'uld who now posses Skaara. As the Jackson and Carter place explosives around the ship, Teal'c and O'Neill attempt to find Klorel and stop the invasion.
User ratings: 876
Average rating: 8.6
The Serpent's Lair
As the ship carrying Klorel and SG-1 arrives in Earth orbit, the team is captured and held prisoner. Meanwhile, the SGC has been alerted to the presence of the ship and another carrying the Goa'uld Apophis. As Lt. Colonel Bert Samuels attempts to convince Hammond that his plan of launching nuclear missiles against the ships will work, SG-1 is freed by Jaffa rebel Bra'tac. After Samuels plan fails, SG-1 and Bra'tac race to come up with a plan to destroy both ships and stop the invasion.
User ratings: 860
Average rating: 8.8
In the Line of Duty
Samantha Carter becomes the hostess of a Goa'uld when she was trying to save the life of the previous host.
User ratings: 800
Average rating: 8.1
Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal'c arrive on a planet where there is only jungle. When they are preparing to return to the SGC, a runaway from Taltor asks for help and they bring the man with them without knowing what Taltor is. Out of the blue, they are hit by a light and sentenced to life for a dangerous prison in another planet for helping a criminal. However they are helped by the prisoner Linea, who is feared by the prisoners and controls them. Soon the SG-1 teams-up with Linea to escape from prison. Meanwhile the SG-3 and General Hammond try to negotiate the release of the SG-1, but their captors are inflexible.
User ratings: 785
Average rating: 7.5
The Gamekeeper
Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal'c arrive in a garden on the planet P7J-989 and soon they find the inhabitants are tied by tubes to weird machines in a dome. Out of the blue, they are hold by four machines. Jack and Teal'c awake on East Germany where they meet other soldiers and Jack recalls that it was a failed mission that he had participated where soldiers died. Jack unsuccessfully tries to take the correct actions to save the soldiers and the event happens several times. Meanwhile Daniel and Sam awake in the New York Museum of Art and they witness the accident that killed Daniel's parents. Daniel unsuccessfully tries to save them. Soon they are visited by the Keeper, who tells that they are attached to the machines and they have the change to fix the past in that simulation. What are the intentions of the Keeper to use their memories in the virtual reality?
User ratings: 788
Average rating: 7.3
Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal'c are watching Naquadah being sent through the Stargate on a planet and they decide to bring samples to Earth. They see a woman crossing the forest and when she is ready to commit suicide jumping off on a cliff, Daniel saves her. They are arrested and her father, Pyrus, who is the responsible for the planet, sentences the SG-1 to labor work in the Naquadah mines. They try to escape but Daniel is wounded and they have to return to work as slaves. Daniel awakes Sarcophagus and Princess Shyla has a crush on him and forces Daniel to go inside the Sarcophagus several times. When Daniel meets the SG-1, they feel that he has changed. When Daniel agrees to marry Shyla, the SG-1 is allowed to return to Earth and Dr. Janet Fraiser discovers that the repetitive use of the Sarcophagus creates an altered state of mind and addiction. Can Daniel be saved from his addiction?
User ratings: 785
Average rating: 7.1
Thor's Chariot
General Hammond sends a probe to Cimmeria and the SG-1 receives a request for help from Gairwyn. They realize that the destruction of Thor's Hammer to save Teal'c has made the planet vulnerable to the Goa'uld invasion and they feel responsible for fate of the people. They decide to return to help the locals and Daniel, Samantha and Gairwyn have an encounter with Thor.
User ratings: 829
Average rating: 8.5
Message in a Bottle
SG-1 discovers an ancient artifact and brings it back to the SGC. Ariving at the SGC, it becomes active, pins O'Neill to the gate room wall, and unleashes a virus into him.
User ratings: 765
Average rating: 7.6
Teal'c's son Rya'c is kidnapped by Apophis and SG1 tries to rescue him. When Rya'c is recovered he denounces his father and helps to capture the team. They escape, but will they be able to return to Earth and cure Rya'c?
User ratings: 730
Average rating: 7.1
Daniel informs the SG-1 that he must return to Abydos to tell to Sha're's father that he has not found her yet; otherwise the Stargate will be buried forever. Teal'c goes with him while Jack and Sam go to Washington to be decorated by the President. On the arrival, Daniel and Teal'c learn that Sha're is pregnant by Apophis and will deliver her baby in Abydos. Further, her Goa'uld is asleep to protect the baby, so Daniel is able to rekindle his love. Meanwhile Jack discovers that the secret about the Stargate has leaked to a snoopy reporter Armin Selig that blackmails him seeking confirmation.
User ratings: 738
Average rating: 7.9
Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal'c visit a desert planet with skyscrapers and buildings but no living soul. Out of the blue, they are attacked by giant bugs and Teal'c is stung by one insect. The SG-1 needs to flee back home when a swarm of bugs fly toward them. Dr. Janet Fraiser examines Teal'c's infection and realizes that the virus left by the bug is killing Teal'c and his symbiotic is not healing him. Further, in his blood there is also a different DNA. Sam suggests to General Hammond to summon the prominent Dr. Timothy Harlow, who is an authority in DNA research. Soon Colonel Harry Maybourne comes to the SGC to take Teal'c with him. Hammond does not succeed to contact the President to overrule the order and Maybourne and his men take Teal'c in a van. However, Teal'c manages to escape and hides in an old building where the girl Ally helps him. Meanwhile the SG-1 returns to the planet to capture one bug alive for research and discovers what has happened to the inhabitants of the planet that were covered by a cocoon and transformed into several bugs. When Ally meets Teal'c against, he is covered by a cocoon. Will Teal'c be transformed into bugs too?
User ratings: 767
Average rating: 7.4
The Tok'ra: Part 1
Sam has glimpses of Jolinar and the Tok'ra in a cave in her brain and the SG-1 convinces General Hammond to go to a planet to meet the Tok'ra and propose an alliance against the Goa'uld. The SG-1 arrives in a desert area and soon they are surprised by the Tok'ra that are hidden under the sand. Sam recognizes Martouf and explains that she has Jolinar's partial memories, while Jack asks a meeting with their leader. The Tok'ra bring them to underground tunnels where they meet Garshaw of Belote. The SG-1 and the Tok'ra are suspicious with each other and the SG-1 does not accept to host a Goa'uld. Soon the SG-3 appears in the planet to summon Sam to visit her father that is terminal, but the earthlings are not allowed to return to the SG Command.
User ratings: 779
Average rating: 8.2
The Tok'ra: Part 2
Sam offers his father to blend with the Tok'ra that is dying so that his healing ability saves General Jacob. Garshaw lets Sam and Jack return to Earth to convince General Jacob to accept the offer. Meanwhile the Goa'uld spaceships are attacking the Tok'ra and they need to flee to another planet. When Jack returns with Sam and her father, he suspects that a traitor is in contact with the Goa'uld and he helps to find the responsible. Will the terminal General Jacob Carter succeed in hosting the weak Goa'uld?
User ratings: 785
Average rating: 8.4
The SG-11 goes missing while mining the powerful mineral trinium that is considered by the military as essential to defend Earth from a possible Goa'uld attack. Out of the blue, Jack is hit by a trinium arrow that comes from the Stargate. Sam, Daniel and Teal'c head to the planet and meet their leader Tonané in his tribal village. They have a meeting with the elders that do not accept the mining of trinium, and they give their word that they would stop the process. Then Tonané goes with the SG-1 to rescue the SG-11 from the spirits that have taken them. They return to the SG Command with Tonané, but General Hammond tells that the Powers That Be have ordered to continue mining trinium in the planet. However, the SG-11 is formed actually by the spirits posing as humans and when they overhear the instructions. They conclude that Earthling's word is untrustworthy and decide to destroy the base. Now the only chance is Daniel to convince the powerful wolf spirit T'akaya and the supreme spirit Xe'ls that they deserve to live.
User ratings: 765
Average rating: 7.4
Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal'c return to a primitive planet to examine a device capable to control the weather left by aliens to the inhabitants. However, the natives inform that the SG-1 has stolen the device and now they are freezing. They return to the SG Command and discover that the weather on Earth is abruptly changing. They suspect the National Intelligence Department has sent agents to the planet to steal the device and now is performing experiments to learn how to use it. Further, they suspect that the NID has activated the second Stargate from Antarctica. Will the SG-1 be capable to save the natives from the freezing planet?
User ratings: 727
Average rating: 7.8
The Fifth Race
SG-1 travels to a planet whose people are allies of the Asgard.
User ratings: 1,060
Average rating: 9.3
A Matter of Time
Stargate Command opens a wormhole to a planet with a black hole in orbit.
User ratings: 836
Average rating: 8.7
The SG-1 arrives in a planet with an old man alone that is recognized by Teal'c as Machello, who has resisted the goa'uld with the technology he has developed. Daniel touches in an alien device and them the group returns to Earth bringing Machello that is dying. When he awakes, Daniel claims that is trapped in the old body. Meanwhile Machello is having a beautiful day in Daniel's body. While the police seek out Daniel, Jack and Teal'c returns to the planet to bring the device; however they accidentally switches body too. Now Sam is trying to find a way to return each one to his own body. Is it possible?
User ratings: 752
Average rating: 7.6
Serpent's Song
The SG-1 believes that has been contacted by the Tok'ra and the team goes to a desert planet. Out of the blue, a spacecraft crashes on the sand and the pilot is Apophis that demands sanctuary. The group brings him to Earth and Dr. Janet Fraiser tells that he is terminal. Further, Samantha realizes that he was brutally tortured by his enemy Sokar. Apophis offers his knowledge provided he gets a new host but the SGC refuses the proposal. Meanwhile Martouf arrives on Earth and advises the SG-1 and General Hammond to deliver Apophis to Sokar, but his proposal is not accepted. But soon Sokar demands Apophis and attacks the Iris that protected the access to the SGC. Will the Iris and the SGC resist to the attack?
User ratings: 724
Average rating: 8.0
One False Step
While testing new technology, a UAV malfunctions and crashes on a planet. SG-1 goes to determine the cause of the malfunction, but discovers that their presence may be causing serious injury to the planet's primitive inhabitants.
User ratings: 740
Average rating: 7.0
Show and Tell
The SGC is surprised by the activation of the Stargate and a bald boy warns that Earth is in danger. He asks to talk only to Jack, since his invisible Mother tells that he is reliable. He adopts Jack's son name, Charlie, and tells that he is from Reetalia where the inhabitants Reetou hate the Goual'd and want to defeat them. A group of rebels believes that if they destroy the earthlings, the Goual'd would lose probable hosts. Meanwhile, Dr. Fraiser discovers that Charlie is genetically engineered and he will die soon. The SGC summons the Tok'ra and they bring a weapon that can detect and destroy the Reetou. When they discover invisible Reetou rebels in the SGC, the battle begins.
User ratings: 717
Average rating: 7.8
A solar flare sends SG-1 back in time thirty years to 1969. Captured by military police at Cheyenne Mountain, they escape with the help of a young Hammond and then must find the Stargate so they can return to the present.
User ratings: 977
Average rating: 8.9
Out of Mind
O'Neill, Carter and Jackson awaken from stasis in what appears to be the S.G.C and are told they have been in stasis for 79 years after being sent back trough the Stargate. Each of them begins to recount missions for the new leasers of the S.G.C. to help with the on-going war against the Goa'uld. As time goes on, O'Neill becomes suspicious, eventually escapes and learns the truth: it's still the present the day and they've been captured by the Goa'uld Hathor...
User ratings: 729
Average rating: 7.5
Into the Fire
O'Neill, Carter and Jackson are trapped on Hathor's planet. Teal'c and Hammond go to Chulak to forge a rescue plan and recover the team.
User ratings: 719
Average rating: 8.1
General Jacob Carter comes to the SGC following the request of Selmak to seek out the evil god of chaos Seth that has vanished centuries ago in Egypt. Selmak also wants him to resolve his relationship with his estranged son Mark. Daniel tracks him down to the present days and discovers that he might be the leader of a cult in Seattle. When Jacob and the SG-1 arrive at the spot, they meet Jason Levison, who is the father of the follower Tommy and confirms their thoughts about Seth. Soon the ATF interferes with their investigation but the president of the USA assigns the SG-1 and Jacob in the command of the operation. Now the SG-1 and Jacon needs to plan how avoid casualties in their action and how to face the drug nish'ta that Seth uses to control his worshipers.
User ratings: 725
Average rating: 7.4
Fair Game
The Asgard and three Goa'uld System Lords meet at Stargate Command to negotiate a treaty modification, but subterfuge and treachery threaten not only the success of the negotiations, but Earth itself.
User ratings: 730
Average rating: 8.3
When the SG-1 team discover a sealed chamber of dead Goa'ulds, Daniel Jackson is exposed to the parasites that killed them and threaten to drive him insane.
User ratings: 694
Average rating: 7.7
Learning Curve
While employing the help of a planet's highly intelligent children for a project, the team discovers their horrific imposed fate when they reach a certain age.
User ratings: 759
Average rating: 7.9
Point of View
Alternate reality versions of Kawalski and Carter are caught at Area 51 after coming through the quantum mirror.
User ratings: 774
Average rating: 8.6
Deadman Switch
The SG-1 is searching for an Unmaned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in a planet but they are captured by a bounty hunter called Aris Boch. He explains that he is working for the System Lord Sokar looking for the Goa'uld Kel'ar, but there is a prize for each SG-1 member. Aris Boch also informs that he hates the Goa'uld, but he is working for them. He offers to the SG-1 to help him to capture Kel'ar; in return, he would let them go. Jack, Daniel, Sam and Teal'c are forced to accept the deal, but soon they discover that Kel'ar is indeed a Korra. Further, he explains that Aris Boch and his people have been addicted by the Goa'uld in roshna, a chemical substance produced by the Goa'uld. What will the SG-1 do?
User ratings: 736
Average rating: 7.9
The SG-1 travels to a planet where the inhabitants are Catholic and live in the correspondent Middle Ages on Earth. They meet the woman Mary ready to be sacrificed because she has chicken pox and her husband explains that demons that come from the Stargate periodically collect human sacrifices to Satan. However, Jack realizes that the demons are Unas indeed and Satan is Sokar that needs new hosts. The SG-1 unsuccessfully try to convince the locals that they could fight and kill the Unas, but their leader tells that they are demons and subdue them using a powerful ring. Now the SG-1 joins Mary and they are chained for the sacrifice. How will they escape?
User ratings: 698
Average rating: 7.1
Rules of Engagement
The SG-1 arrives in a planet and they see a SG team being attacked by a Jaffa army. Jack is unable to contact them but he decides to help the team; however they are shot by the SG soldiers. They wake up in a tent and learn that they have been shot by nonlethal weapons. They are taken to the SG leader Captain Kyle Rogers and soon Teal'c recognized that both armies are being trained by Apophis to infiltrate Earth. Teal'c convinces the soldiers that they were sent to the location to test them. When they try to convince the soldiers that Apophis is dead, they do not believe since he is a God. Meanwhile Sam and Daniel tries to find their real weapons. They restart the game and Kyle is wounded by a real weapon, starting a battle with real weapons. Will the Sg-1 be able to stop the slaughter?
User ratings: 693
Average rating: 7.4
Forever in a Day
The SG-1 and the SG-3 travel to a planet to rescue a group of Abydonian slaves including Kasuf. They are attacked by a Jaffa army while Daniel tries to rescue his son from Sha're in a tent. But she attacks him with a powerful weapon in her arm and Teal'c saves him shooting Sha're. When Daniel wakes up in the SGC infirmary, her learns that Sha're is dead and he blames Teal'c for her death. Then Daniel sleep and when he wakes up, he sees Sha're talking to him in the infirmary. What is happening to Daniel?
User ratings: 717
Average rating: 7.6
Past and Present
The team discovers an early industrial world with suffering from collective amnesia and has no elderly people.
User ratings: 695
Average rating: 7.9
Jolinar's Memories
The SGC receives Martouf and two Tok'ra and Martouf tells that Sam's father Jacob has been captured by Sokar and sent to be tortured on the infamous prison on Netu. The place is like hell and impossible to flee and only Jolinar has ever escaped but has never told how to Martouf. They are worried since Sokar intends to subdue the System Lords and consequently the galaxy. The SG-1 travels with Martouf to rescue Jacob and Teal'c pilots the spacecraft since there is no Stargate on Netu. Martouf tries to retrieve Jolinar's memories to learn how she escaped from Netu, but the process is too painful for Sam. Martouf, Jack, Sam and Daniel travel to the planet in pods and Teal'c stays in orbit to bring them back. However they are captured and Sam believes that Bynarr, who is the responsible for Netu, was in love with Jolinar and let she go. Meanwhile Teal'c is attacked by spaceships sent by Sokar. Will the SG-1 find Jacob and flee from Betu?
User ratings: 690
Average rating: 8.2
The Devil You Know
Trying to rescue Jacob, O'Neill, Carter, Jackson and Martouf were captured by Apophis who attempts to extract secrets their for Lord Sokar. Tok'Ra Aldwin plans to blow up the Hell moon to kill Sokar. Can Teal'c rescue the team before the moon explodes?
User ratings: 695
Average rating: 8.3
An alien incursion takes control of the base.
User ratings: 697
Average rating: 8.4
The SG-1 team is requested by the Tollan to participate in a trial concerning Skaara and whether he has control of his body or the Goa'uld parasite, Klorel.
User ratings: 707
Average rating: 8.3
Sam finds a paradisaical planet and General Hammond authorizes the SG-1 to visit it. When they cross the Stargate, they immediately return to the SGC. However they are informed that they spend lots of time in the planet. Soon Sam discovers that the idyllic planet is indeed a projection from an alien machine. Further, Dr. Fraiser discovers that they have a tiny device implanted in their brains. When an annoying alien called Urgo appears to the SG-1, nobody else in the base is capable to see him. They unsuccessfully try to destroy the device but the equipment resets and brings Urgo back. Now they try to find a way to remove the device before they get insane.
User ratings: 833
Average rating: 8.1
A Hundred Days
After a cataclysmic meteorite bombardment, Col. Jack O'Neil finds himself stranded on a primitive planet with its stargate apparently permanently inaccessible.
User ratings: 766
Average rating: 8.2
Shades of Grey
Col. O'Neill is dismissed from the SGC for stealing alien technology, and is subsequently approached to participate in an even more covert Stargate operation.
User ratings: 767
Average rating: 8.6
New Ground
The scientists Nyan and Malin unearth a Stargate in another planet researching their origins. The SGC discovers the Stargate operational and sends a probe to explore the planet. Daniel contacts Nyan and the SG-1 travels to the planet. Soon Nyan explains that his planet has been in a civil war for many years. Nyan's people believe their origin was in the planet itself while their enemies believe they have been brought from another planet through a passage. But Malin reports the arrival of the SG-1 to the military and their leader is convinced that the SG-1 and the Stargate are scheme from their enemies. Jack, Sam and Daniel are arrested and Teal'c fights against a soldier and becomes blind. Now Nyan helps Teal'c to improve his vision and rescue his friends. Will they succeed?
User ratings: 677
Average rating: 7.7
Maternal Instinct
Bra'tac arrives in the SGC with an injured apprentice and informs that Apophis is alive and controlling Sokar's Goa'uld army. He was looking for the Harcesis child and has destroyed Chulak. Daniel tells that the baby is hidden in planet Kneb but he does not know where it is. Bra'tac tells that Kneb is a mystical planet and after a brain storm, the SG-1 discover the location of the planet. They head to the planet and they find a Buddhist temple of Oma Desala, where they meet a monk. The monk trains Daniel and soon he is able to use his mind in another level. Meanwhile Jack is worried since Apophis is arriving in Kneb with his army.
User ratings: 696
Average rating: 7.9
Crystal Skull
The SG1 finds a huge pyramid with high level of radiation in a planet but the MALP is too big to get close to a crystal skull on a pedestal. Daniel explains to the team that his grandfather Nicholas "Nick" Ballard had found a unique crystal skull in Belize and claimed that it possessed the power of teleporting to see aliens the one that looked at its eyes. However he was discredited by the academic community since he was not able to repeat the experiment. The SG-1 decides to go to the pyramid to investigate the skull despite the level of the increasing radiation. They are affected by the radiation and when Daniel looks at the eyes of the skull, he is involved by a field of energy and Teal'c shoots the skull. Daniel vanishes and the SG-1 has to return to the SGC due to the radiation. However he is actually invisible for them near the skull. While they are recovering from the effects of the radiation at the SGC, Teal'c decides to return to the pyramid to get the skull and bring it to the SGC. Daniel comes with him but stays invisible for everybody. Sam suggests that Dr. Nicholas Ballard should be consulted but Dr. Fraiser informs that he is interned in a psychiatric facility in Oregon. But Sam, Jack and Teal'c decide to visit Nick and bring him to the SGC as the last chance to bring Daniel back. Will they succeed?
User ratings: 731
Average rating: 8.2
Ready to go on vacation, O'Neill is beamed away by the Asgard.
User ratings: 735
Average rating: 8.8
Small Victories
SG-1 has to deal with a Replicator infestation on a Russian sub on Earth while Major Carter advises the Asgardians about combating the menace in their space.
User ratings: 745
Average rating: 8.7
The Other Side
SGC is contacted by an advanced and embattled alien human civilization seeking military assistance, but their exact reasons for it become increasingly suspect.
User ratings: 758
Average rating: 7.9
The Tok'ra archaeologist Anise arrives at SGC, looking for humanoids without a symbiont to test her recent find from the extinct Atanik race, the bracelets with fabulous power to enhance the wearer's physical, sensory and mental abilities, which Goa'uld and Tok'ra searched for since centuries in vain, fearing them to be a mere legend. SG-1, except Jaffa Teal'c, gets the arrogantly imposed role of guinea-pigs, at first reluctantly, but all three soon enjoy becoming much stronger, faster, smarter... As Dr. Fraser soon fears, this comes at a price, not unlike substance addiction. Anise didn't even mention the virus which starts the effects, and it seems impossible to remove the bracelets, but the enhanced powers consume more energy then the human body can produce safely: their general health is bound to deteriorate dramatically. To the general's anger the Tok'ra now insist to use all SG-1 for an urgent mission on a planet where Apophis's forces must be countered after their infiltrators failed, clearly planned in advance. While SG-1 is there, Fraser and Anise conclude the body produces an antigen which counters the virus, thus undoing their enhanced powers, as they will find out during the dangerous mission...
User ratings: 777
Average rating: 8.5
An old love of Teal'C approaches the SGC and the Tok'ra claiming that her Goa'uld symbiote has been convinced to defect with their help.
User ratings: 698
Average rating: 7.4
Divide and Conquer
During a negotiation with a Tok'ra leader, one SG member tries to kill him. Anise finds that the man has been brainwashed as an assassin by a Goau'ld technology called Za'tarc. The SG-1 is submitted to a test by Anise and the detector accuses that Jack and Sam might have been programmed as assassins. The alternative to cure is experimental may kill them or cause brain damage. What will they do?
User ratings: 733
Average rating: 8.2
Window of Opportunity
Col. O'Neill and Teal'c realize they and their friends are trapped in a time loop.
User ratings: 1,760
Average rating: 9.5
The SGC learn that the Russians have a Stargate of their own and they need the Americans' help with their problems with it that are affecting them both.
User ratings: 714
Average rating: 7.7
The First Ones
Daniel is working at an archaeological dig with Dr. Robert Rothman when they find the skeleton of an ancient Goa'uld. Out of the blue, Daniel is abducted by a Unas that kills a SG-11 soldier. Dr. Rothman returns to the SGC and the SG-1 travels to the planet with a rescue team to seek out Daniel. Out of the blue, Teal'c tells that one member of the search party is possessed by a Goa'uld and nobody can be trusted. Meanwhile Daniel tries to communicate with the Unas and he concludes that the Unas is young and has just been challenged by the alpha male of his tribe.
User ratings: 696
Average rating: 7.8
Scorched Earth
On the Enkarans' new home, SG-1 discovers a giant spaceship is threatening the colonists as it terraforms the planet.
User ratings: 692
Average rating: 7.8
Beneath the Surface
In an underground power plant, Jack, Daniel, Sam and Teal'c are workers and do not know each other. Out of the blue, Teal'c has a glimpse of his past memory of the SG-1 and is captured by guards and brain washed to forget again his memories. Soon the viewer learns that the SG-1 had traveled to a planet to negotiate exchange of technology with Administrator Calder. However Jack finds slavery in the planet where workers have hard labor in the underground to give comfort to the upper class on the surface, protected from the cold weather by a dome. Jack refuses to deal with Calder and the SG-1 is abducted and submitted to an amnesia treatment to work in the underground under the command of Brenna. Meanwhile General Hammond is lured by Calder that tells that Sam and Daniel had insisted to go outside the dome with Jack and Teal'c. What will happen to the SG-1?
User ratings: 691
Average rating: 7.6
Point of No Return
The SGC is contacted by a strange man called Martin, a conspiricist who believes he is an alien. The question is, how does Martin know about the Stargate and how come he has a gate address and is he being drugged by others?
User ratings: 693
Average rating: 7.8
While testing a new spacefighter made from Goa'uld parts, Col. O'Neill and Teal'c are trapped when a hidden automatic recall function takes over and sends it into space.
User ratings: 674
Average rating: 7.9
The Curse
When one of Daniel's professors dies in a lab explosion which might be related to the Goa'ulds, he comes back to Chicago to investigate what really happened.
User ratings: 688
Average rating: 7.8
The Serpent's Venom
Teal'c is captured by the Goa'uld Heru'ur on Chulak so he can be used as a bargaining chip when Heru'ur meets with Apophis to discuss an alliance. Jack, Sam, Daniel and Jacob Carter attempt to sabotage the meeting but are unaware that Teal'c is involved.
User ratings: 649
Average rating: 7.9
Chain Reaction
When General Hammond suddenly retires from the SGC, the arrogant General Bauer assumes the command. His first action is to split the SG-1: Daniel and Sam are assigned scientists, Teal'c is sent to join the SG-3 and Jack is put away. Jack visits General Hammond expecting to convince him to return to the SGC and he learns that his granddaughters have threatened his granddaughter to force him to quit the SGC. Soon Jack finds that the eminence grise is Senator Robert Kinsey that has sent the NID to force the renounce of Hammond. Further, Jack depends on the traitor Maybourne to stop Kinsey. Meanwhile Sam is forced to develop a powerful naquadah bomb and Bauer wants to use it to destroy an entire planet.
User ratings: 676
Average rating: 8.2
It's 2010, ten years since SG-1 made contact with an alien race called the Aschen. With their help, the Goa'uld have been defeated, and diseases such as cancer have been wiped out. The Aschen's advanced technology has not only ensured the planet's safety, but it has won them the respect and friendship of all humanity. But things are not all as they seem to be as Samantha Carter learns she can not have children. Deeper investigation reveals that the various vaccines handed out by the Aschen have managed to sterilize over 90% of the population. With no hope of being able to fight the Aschen, SG-1 comes to realize that there is still hope: send a message through the Stargate to stave off disaster - ten years in the past.
User ratings: 810
Average rating: 8.7
Absolute Power
When Daniel's Harsesis son Shifu '(light') is finally found on Abydos, and allows SGC to bring him to earth, it proves hard to ascertain his identity and a dilemma arises if the boy should be made to activate his Goa'uld knowledge and thus be exposed to its horror, as all where apparently blocked out by Ooma to allow him a normal youth and wise education. Daniel isn't just affected emotionally, after a philosophical interview and a touch of his forehead he wakes up realizing he's the new vessel of the Harsesis heritage. His character and attitude soon change from inquisitive team player to overbearing leader; he soon comes up with an $80 billion plan for a satellite defense system against the Goa'uld or any other threat and gets the Pentagon's blank check to execute it like a proconsul, cutting off even his SG-1 colleagues, and worse follows after a year. However..
User ratings: 698
Average rating: 8.0
The Light
After returning from a mission, Lt. Barber commits suicide by jumping into the wash just as the gate is about to open. Daniel reports that Barber was acting normally and wasn't acting in anyway strange before his death. Daniel however is soon acting strangely and when he fails to show up for work, O'Neill finds him standing on his balcony about to jump Off. O'Neill, Sam and Teal'c go to the planet Daniel and the others had visited and find a young boy, Loran, living there on his own. Dr. Fraiser determines that whatever is happening is neither drug induced or the result of contagion. On the planet, all of them are attracted to a strange light which seems to be the source of the problem.
User ratings: 674
Average rating: 7.2
Carter decides to inspire a brilliant but difficult Air Force cadet by introducing her to the SGC program.
User ratings: 681
Average rating: 7.6
When the SGC probes a new planet, an alien energy entity there responds by invading the SGC's computer systems, and then Major Carter herself.
User ratings: 650
Average rating: 7.3
Double Jeopardy
The SG-1 arrives on planet Juna and are attacked by the natives and a Jaffa. Jack escapes but Sam, Daniel and Teal'c are captured. The native Darin recognizes the group and they are brought to Sindar in a pyramid. Sindar summons Cronus and the SG-1 are imprisoned in a cell. Meanwhile Darin stumbles upon Jack in his house and he tells what happened to Juno after the SG-1 defeats Heru'ur and Cronus arrival to slave them. Cronus arrives and asks Darin to execute Daniel. When he fires his Staff weapon, they realize that Daniel is an android. Meanwhile Harlan ("Tin Man") arrives at the SGC asking for help to save his androids since the Goa'uld may get information from their memories. What will General Hammond decide?
User ratings: 673
Average rating: 8.2
SG-1 delivers their newly confiscated Goa'uld mothership to help the Tok'ra evacuate their planet and deal with their disinformed Goa'uld spy in their midst.
User ratings: 652
Average rating: 8.6
Stranded in another galaxy while fleeing their attack on Apophis' fleet, that proves just the beginning of their problems as multiple enemies appear.
User ratings: 683
Average rating: 8.7
To help Teal'c mind clear again, SG-1 asks Bra'tac to help. Bra'tac removes Teal'c's Gou'ald and Teal'c is forced to remember certain memories of his past. The real Teal'c in the end. SG-1 is glad to have him back.
User ratings: 649
Average rating: 7.8
After being rendered unconscious during an expedition, Carter's subsequently ordered furlough is interrupted by a mysterious being with a message and growing affection for her.
User ratings: 692
Average rating: 7.9
The Fifth Man
When SG-1 flees from an expedition with Col. O'Neill and some mysterious team member named, Tyler, whom no one else knows about, stranded, the fitness of the team is questioned.
User ratings: 650
Average rating: 7.7
Red Sky
When SG-1 inadvertently dooms a planet upon arrival, the team must overcome Asgardian diplomacy and indigenous religious prejudice to put things right.
User ratings: 657
Average rating: 7.4
Rite of Passage
After a birthday kiss from her earthling boyfriend Dominic, Dr. Janet Fraiser's Goa'uld-engineered adoptive alien teen daughter Cassandra collapses and is diagnosed with a long dormant retrovirus. Daniel discovers video footage made by SG-1 teenagers on her home planet Hanta commonly get a similar 'brain-fire', which is mysteriously cured after a ritual stay in the woods. SG-1 travels there and discovers the lab of the now imprisoned Nirrti, who must have cured them as part of a genetic experiment to produce ideal hosts, of which Cassandra represents a new stage. Then Cassandra's virus causes a transformation, and a Goa'uld is detected in SGC- it's the escaped Nirrti, who offers to trade their lives.
User ratings: 647
Average rating: 7.1
Beast of Burden
When Daniel's Unas friend, Chaka, is captured by another world's slavers, SG-1 goes to that world to rescue him.
User ratings: 641
Average rating: 7.6
The Tomb
The SG-1 is forced to team up with a Russian team to explore the tomb of a ziggurat where a Russian unofficial expedition disappeared. The animosity between Colonel Jack and Colonel Zukhov begins at the SGC and their friction lasts along their assignment. When the teams successfully enter the ziggurat, they discover the members of the previous Russian expedition dead. Soon they discover that the Russian team released a creature with a symbiote from the sarcophagus where it was trapped. The worst, Colonel Zukhov accidentally activates a device that locks the exit of the ziggurat and they are trapped inside. How will leave the tomb?
User ratings: 647
Average rating: 7.9
Between Two Fires
With the death of Omac, the subsequent sudden Tollan reconsideration of their tech embargo leads to SG-1 suspecting a government conspiracy.
User ratings: 657
Average rating: 8.3
SG-1 makes contact with the Aschen, unaware of that their homeworld is one they were warned previously from the future to be considered off-limits.
User ratings: 690
Average rating: 8.5
Desperate Measures
After Sam was abducted by unknown men, to be questioned about the remnants of Jolinar, Jack is desperate enough to try working with either fugitive ex-NID agent Harry Maybourne and current executive Colonel Frank Simmons, who point to each-other but may both be involved. Their tips and further research, partially by Daniel, bring SGC on the trace of the filthy rich Adrian Conrad. His assistant, Diana Mendez, helped him contact the Russians in order to buy the symbiont 'harvested' from a secretly caught and incarcerated Jaffa (his only chance to survive a terminal disease) in an officially closed hospital in Seattle. SG-1 goes in to free Carter, who meanwhile tries to escape, and close the whole network.
User ratings: 613
Average rating: 7.7
Wormhole X-Treme!
After a real spaceship is sighted near Mars, fitting the description of the one that came for Martin 'Marty' Lloyd, he is traced and found to be working as creative adviser for a low-budget cable TV series Wormhole X-treme!, roughly corresponding to SGC. Jack becomes their US Air Force consultant but has to help Martin overcome his second memory loss, while sinister teams of both NID and Marty's 'shipmates' appear on the TV set.
User ratings: 794
Average rating: 8.1
Proving Ground
While SG-1 is conducting training exercises for new recruits, Jack gets a call about a "foothold" situation. Wounded by compromised officers, O'Neill must lead the recruits in retaking the SGC.
User ratings: 689
Average rating: 8.0
48 Hours
When Teal'c is trapped in the Stargate buffer, the team must juggle the technical challenges along with personal, interdepartmental and diplomatic rivalries to rescue him in time.
User ratings: 634
Average rating: 7.8
In a Tok'ra plan to wipe out the Goa'uld, Daniel goes undercover as Yu's servant to release a poison at a meeting of the system lords. Meanwhile a Goa'uld attack on the Tok'ra base leaves the rest of SG-1 with their hands full.
User ratings: 627
Average rating: 8.3
Last Stand
Daniel does not poison the Goa'uld lords because he wishes to save Sarah; however Selmak warns him the importance to kill the System Lords at the summit. When Daniel is ready to release the poison, he learns that Sarah is indeed the representative of Anubis that was supposed dead many years ago. Daniel contacts Selmak again and tells that if he kills the System Lords, the evil Anubis will be free from any opposition. Meanwhile, Jack, Sam, Teal'c and Lieutenant Kevin Elliot open tunnels using Tok'ra crystals and try to broadcast a distress signal expecting to contact a Tok'ra's spaceship. Will Daniel, Elliot and the rest of the SG-1 be rescued?
User ratings: 624
Average rating: 8.3
Fail Safe
A large asteroid is discovered on a collision course with Earth.
User ratings: 622
Average rating: 7.9
The Warrior
A new leader has risen among the Free Jaffa, K'tano, former First Prime of Imhotep. SG-1, accompanied by Bra'tac, seeks an alliance between the Tau'ri and the large force he has amassed.
User ratings: 623
Average rating: 7.6
Carter is in awe at the technologically most advanced inactive android SG-1 finds on a lifeless planet, and advises to bring her to SGC for examination. Once she's checked over and re-activated, it turns out that Reese is the mentally immature sole survivor of the destruction of her civilization, and she produced what caused it: the replicators, programmed to protect her, but raging out of control. She's too terrified to turn the new batch she makes off, so the military treats her as hostile and is attacked by her fast-replicating metallic guard. Only Daniel is permitted to attempt gaining her confidence, and finds out she still has some control over them, potentially the weapon even the Asgard lack.
User ratings: 670
Average rating: 8.1
The Sentinel
To fix a mistake caused by the fake SG team, the real SG-1 must enlist the help of two convicts. The threat of an approaching Goa'uld mothership stresses the repair of the Sentinel.
User ratings: 621
Average rating: 7.4
As Jackson suffers from a fatal dose of radiation, he struggles with the value of his life while his friends deal with the emotional and diplomatic repercussions.
User ratings: 721
Average rating: 8.6
When Thor is captured by Osiris, the SG-1 teams up with the scientist Heimdall to plan how to rescue Thor from the Goa'uld. While Osiris is waiting for her master Anubis in her spaceship, Jack and Teal'c are transported to the place and guided Sam from the laboratory. Heimdall is researching a means to reverse the degradation process in his race caused by successive cloning, studying the preserved corpse of an original Asgard. Meanwhile Anubis comes and uses a device of unknown technology to connect Thor's brain to the computer. Will Jack and Teal'c be capable of saving Thor?
User ratings: 651
Average rating: 8.6
Redemption: Part 1
Master Bra'tac arrives with bad news: Teal'c's wife is deathly ill, and Teal'c leaves to be with her. Shortly thereafter, the gate is opened but nothing comes through. Then Carter discovers a very low power signal that is slowly building an overload powerful enough to destroy the Earth.
User ratings: 623
Average rating: 8.2
Redemption: Part 2
Anubis' weapon continues to threaten Earth. Various plans are tried until Jonas Quinn suggests something simple that just might work. Meanwhile, Master Bra'tac has discovered the planet from which Anubis is launching the attack. He, Teal'c and Rya'c journey there to put a stop to it.
User ratings: 625
Average rating: 8.6
Stargate Command discovers a Goa'uld Ha'tak in Earth orbit. Exploring, they discover it is the ship where Anubis briefly imprisoned Thor. At some point, Anubis' forces set the self-destruct and abandoned the ship, but something has halted the destruction and brought the ship to Earth. Jacob/Selmak opens the computer core so the team may learn more. Then the ship begins to descend towards Earth. SG-1 must discover what's going on before the destruction of the Ha'tak threatens Earth. And hopefully, escape the doomed ship themselves.
User ratings: 605
Average rating: 8.4
A team associated with Stargate Command and posted in Antarctica makes an astounding discovery - a perfectly preserved, apparently human woman who has been frozen since the Antarctic Stargate was first deployed. Then they discover she is still alive, and work to revive her. But her revival costs the team: they and SG-1 succumb to a deadly disease the woman apparently carries. She can save them but not herself. And the effort exhausts her; she may not be able to save everyone before the disease claims her life.
User ratings: 657
Average rating: 7.8
Carter, Jonas and Teal'c are sent to the small town of Steveston, Oregon after Carter receives a call from a researcher claiming that a bio tech firm is working on experimenting on Goa'ulds. In the town, they begin to notice that the townspeople are acting strangely night and seem to have no memories of it later. Upon further investigating they discover a partially constructed space ship and that the townspeople have been infected by cloned Goa'ulds.
User ratings: 603
Average rating: 7.4
O'Neill's symbiont Caanan drags him to a planet ruled by the Goa'uld Ba'al, where Caanan was undercover. Ba'al captures and tortures O'Neil, whose only hope may lie with... Daniel Jackson?!?
User ratings: 705
Average rating: 8.6
Shadow Play
Jonas Quinn's mentor, Dr. Keiran, visits Earth with the leader of Kelowna and an ambassador. Tensions are escalating and they see no alternative but to build and use a nahquadria bomb - a weapon of cataclysmic effect and long term consequence. Stargate Command is faced with giving them superior weapons or "forcing" them to use a deadly device. But Dr. Keiran might have an alternative - a mysterious underground only he can contact who can overthrow the government and bring peace - if that government doesn't find them first, and if Keiran is telling the truth...
User ratings: 595
Average rating: 7.5
The Other Guys
Told from the point of view of a stereo-typical scientist, Jay Felger (in love with SG-1). While on a standard science "baby-sitting" mission, SG-1 is captured by Khonsu (who is secretly Tok'Ra) in order to relay information about Anubis. Felger and fellow scientist, Simon Coombs disobey O'Neill's order to return to SGC and sneak onto Khonsu's ship. Khonsu's head Jaffa, Her'ak turns on Khonsu and kills him, keeping SG-1 to turn over to Anubis in the process. Felger and Coombs, manage to help SG-1 escape and return to the SGC.
User ratings: 686
Average rating: 8.3
When the Tok'ra are attacked by Goa'uld, they flee to a secret SGC base in a remote planet where Earthling (Tau'ri) are working with a group of rebel Jaffa under the command of O'Neill. Soon there is friction between the Tok'ra and the Jaffa groups and tension increases when there murders in the base and a Naqudah generator is sabotaged. Who might be the traitor?
User ratings: 613
Average rating: 8.2
SG-1 is negotiating a treaty with the inhabitants of Pangera. The have sometime miraculous to offer - a drug they call tretonin that can cure any ill. But there is a catch: the drug replaces the the user's immune system and must be taken forever. The Pangerans want specific world coordinates in exchange for the drug - and some of those places are the homes of powerful system lords. They won't explain why, but it clearly has to do with tretonin. Then the Tok'ra, called in to help solve the problem, make a startling discovery about the ultimate source of tretonin.
User ratings: 614
Average rating: 8.0
When the snoopy TV reporter Julia Donovan approaches to Sam with inside information about a top-secret project in Nevada, the government decides to authorize a tour to Donovan and her crew provided they sign a non-disclosure agreement. In return, the Air Force would receive all the classified material from the journalist. Carter and Quinn host the group and they go to a secret underground facility where the spaceship X-303 is being built. But soon her crew, who is composed of rogue NID agents, hijacks the spacecraft and activate its reactor. Then they demand the deliver of Col. Frank Simmons and the Goa'uld Adrian Conrad to them in a short period; otherwise they would blow up the spacecraft (and consequently the whole State of Nevada). Meanwhile Carter manages to escape from the hijackers and hides in a store. When she contacts O'Neill, they plot a bold plan to recover the X-303. Will it work?
User ratings: 645
Average rating: 8.4
Unnatural Selection
The Asgard home galaxy has been over-run by the replicators, and they ask for SG-1's help. The Asgard believed they had trapped the replicators with a device that would slow down time, but it seems to have failed. They need SG-1 to enter replicator infested space, find the time dilation machine and reset it. When SG-1 land at the designated point, they meet 5 individuals, who control the replicators. The others reveal that they are an evolution of the replicators - composed of micro-cellular replicator blocks, and modeled on Reese, who created the original replicators. These others have reset the time machine so that time is moving more quickly within this area of space - to allow them to evolve and build an enormous army that can invade the rest of space. The minds of the team are probed by the first 4 others. However, the last member of the others (called Fifth) seems reluctant - he is described as weak by First, the leader of the replicators. He was an attempt to model Reese more fully, but the mistake will not be repeated. Carter senses his reluctance to probe her mind, but invites him to do so - and they agree a plan. Fifth will reset the time dilation machine to run slowly, and he will escape with the SG team. While time is passing slowly for his brethren, the Asgard will have hundreds of years to fix the mistake in the others. Fifth has to leave later than the SG team to avoid arousing the suspicion of the others; Jack orders Carter to set the timer on the device to activate earlier than Fifth has been told. SG-1 escape successfully as the time dilation device reverses the trend within the area of space, and makes time run much more slowly. However, Fifth is caught by his brethren, and realizes that Carter had broken her promise not to leave without him. Carter and Jonas regret using Fifth's humanity against him, but even though Jack seems uncomfortable, he declares that Fifth wasn't human, and they made the only correct choice.
User ratings: 704
Average rating: 8.8
Sight Unseen
The SG-1 brings an alien device that was activated when Jonas touched it. On the arrival at the SGC, Jonas sees a weird bug flying through the wall. However nobody else sees the insect and General Hammond believes Jonas is stressed. But soon Teal'c and O'Neill see also creatures and Hammond orders Sam to deactivate the device and take it back to the planet where it was found. But they find that the action is ineffective and they bring back the device. Sam and Jonas discover that the device is harmless and only shows creatures from another dimension for study purpose. But the problem is the panic the sightings will bring to ordinary people. What will they do?
User ratings: 594
Average rating: 7.3
Smoke & Mirrors
Senator Kinsey is shot in the chest at a public event, killing him just before his party's presidential nomination. Jack is arrested for the murder, and General Hammond assigns the rest of SG-1 to uncover the truth.
User ratings: 592
Average rating: 8.0
Paradise Lost
Harry Maybourne surprises O'Neill and has a proposition for him. If the President of the United States gives him a pardon, he will lead them to the arms cache Col. Simmons was so keen on finding and which led him to steal the X-303.Maybourne has the gate coordinates and a device that will provide the access to the arms cache. The only catch is that Maybourne accompanies SG-1 on the mission. O'Neill is dubious and clearly doesn't trust him but SGC gets the go ahead. Once they reach the planet, Maybourne overpowers Carter and throws himself through a transporter - with O'Neill hanging on to him. At the other end, they find green pasture land and an idyllic setting. Maybourne also comes clean - there is no arms cache and the plan was just for him to find the Eden he had read about in ancient scrolls. Paradise has its drawbacks however when the plant life prove to be dangerous to their health.
User ratings: 595
Average rating: 7.9
When the SGC receives a distress call from the Russian team commanded by Lt. Colonel Sergei Evanov, the iris is opened and the team brings a sick alien called Alebran in need of medical assistance. He explains that Nirrti is using his people for genetic experience with a DNA machine and out of the blue, he liquefies. The SG-1 and the Russian team return to the planet and they realize that the survivors believe Nirrti is a goddess and worship her. Further, the inhabitants are deformed mutants and one of them has developed telekinetic ability and another one is capable of reading minds. The SG-1 and Evanov are captured and Nirrti intends to use them in her experience. What will happen to the Erthlings?
User ratings: 582
Average rating: 7.4
The US and Russia reveal Stargate Command and its operations to representatives of the other permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.
User ratings: 654
Average rating: 6.8
On what is supposed to be a planet that has yet to be visited by anyone from Earth, O'Neill finds a photo of a very human-looking woman. Jonas soon after comes across a crashed spacecraft and its three occupants, likely from Earth originally but with no knowledge of stargate travel. They explain that they've been on the planet for a number of years after their ship failed. With the batteries dead, they're marooned. They are not alone however and have come under attack frequently. Carter offers to repair the ship while Teal'c and O'Neill try to get more information about the attackers. Things are not as they seem.
User ratings: 576
Average rating: 7.7
The Changeling
Teal'c is having strange nightmares featuring Apophis in which he is human and a firefighter with the rest of his team alongside him.
User ratings: 650
Average rating: 8.0
The Prometheus is out on its first shakedown cruise under the command of Colonel William Ronson. SG-1 in onboard to offer any help or advice that might be required. All goes well until the hyperdrive shuts down and the Prometheus finds itself with only its sublight engines operational. They decide to go to a nearby planet with a stargate address but with which they had never been able to make contact. If they could find the gate, they could then get the parts they need to repair the ship. Their arrival is tumultuous - they have to abandon their reactor which explodes - and they don't receive much of welcome. Their leader, Chairman Aswan, is fascinated by this first visit by aliens but his security chief, Commander Kalfas, sees them as a risk. An inevitable confrontation ensues.
User ratings: 593
Average rating: 8.0
SG-1 is on a planet where the Goa'uld had enslaved the locals to mine naquadah. Although it appears that the system lord Ba'al has not returned to the planet for over 100 years, the locals continue to mine the valuable, though dwindling, resource with Lord Mot expected in 12 days time. While there, Jonas Quinn falls ill and begins to see visions of what he believes is the future. He returns to SGC but the visions continue and Dr. Fraiser finds unusual activity in a part of his brain. At first, the visions are simple, such as Sam asking him to have lunch in the cafeteria. It all takes a far more serious turn when Jonas "sees" the SGC gate room come under attack and destroyed.
User ratings: 568
Average rating: 7.9
Full Circle
With Anubis heading to Abydos looking for a valuable artifact known as the eye of Ra, ascended Daniel Jackson contacts Colonel O'Neill and the rest of SG-1 to have them go to Abydos and find the eye before Anubis. With the help of Daniel, Jonas and Carter find a secret chamber where the eye is kept but not before O'Neill, Teal'c, Skaara, and a group of defenders are overrun and trapped inside the pyramid housing the stargate. But Daniel also finds a tablet, written in ancient, suggesting that there is an Ancient city, lost for thousands of years, that give Earth weapons with which to defeat Anubis. But the only way to get the tablet back to Earth for further translation and for the search for the lost city may be Daniel breaking the high rule of ascension and to destroy Anubis. If he doesn't, Abydos will be destroyed.
User ratings: 669
Average rating: 8.9
Jonas Quinn has been working to decipher the tablet they found on Abydos and believes it speaks of the last city of the Ancients. They soon have a gate address and SG-1 arrive to find the planet populated by a group of relatively recent arrivals. To their great surprise they find Daniel Jackson there, alive and physically well but without any memory of who they are or even who he is for that matter. After some soul searching, he decides to return to Earth and slowly, bits of memory begin to return. He rejoins the team as they set to stop Anubis who, with the Eye of Ra, now has a weapon that will allow him to destroy the other system lords.
User ratings: 629
Average rating: 8.5
Col. O'Neill and Samantha destroy Anubis' weapon but he flees to the hyperspace with Jonas and Daniel. Anubis probes Jonas' mind and learns that there is a great quantity of Naquadria in his planet. He heads to Kelowna and attacks the city. Their leaders contact the Stargate Command and Jack and Sam travels to meet them. Meanwhile Daniel tries to rescue Jonas from his cell while Teal'c tries to convince Oshu that his Lord is insane and they need a new leader to defeat Anubis.
User ratings: 602
Average rating: 8.6
Fragile Balance
A teenage boy shows up at the SGC claiming to be Jack O'Neill. He recalls a dream in which an Asgard was studying him. They determine that they must find this Asgard to fix what has been done to Jack.
User ratings: 725
Average rating: 8.3
While fleeing from a group of Jaffa, The SG-1 crosses the Stargate but Teal'c is shot by a Jaffa. He has a long and painful recovery with Tritonin and feels weak when Dr. Janet Fraiser discharges him to perform his duties. Meanwhile Danel has the sensation that he forgot something important and becomes obsessed to recall. He also overhears voices and asks Teal'c to teach him to meditate. Out of the blue, Daniel learns that Rya'c and Bra'tac have been captured by the Ba'al Jaffa and are working as slaves in the Planet Erebus. What will the SGC do?
User ratings: 584
Average rating: 7.7
SG-1 investigate a seemingly idyllic and subtly advanced human colony sheltered inside an energy dome on an otherwise inhospitable planet.
User ratings: 624
Average rating: 7.9
While exploring an crashed alien ship full of passengers in cryostasis, an alien force has downloaded a number of their consciousnesses into Daniel.
User ratings: 656
Average rating: 7.9
Enemy Mine
When a SG geological exploration mission runs into deadly conflict with an indigenous Unas clan, Daniel gets Chaka to help seek an accord with it.
User ratings: 654
Average rating: 8.0
Space Race
In exchange for new tech for the SGC, Warrick Finn asks for their help to win a dangerous spaceship competition.
User ratings: 654
Average rating: 7.3
Avenger 2.0
To save his job, Dr. Felger tests a new virus on the Stargate Network to help control it and it ends up disabling it instead.
User ratings: 619
Average rating: 7.4
The SG-1 travels to a planet to meet a group of rebel Jaffa; out of the blue, they are attacked by an army of Jaffa and saved by a group of female Jaffa. They invite the SG-1 to travel to their plane to meet their leader, Ishta. She proposes an alliance between her rebel group and the Earthlings. Ishta explains that they have problem to take symbiotes since they need to defeat Jaffa and the SG-1 offers Tritonin as an alternative method for them. Four women volunteer to travel to the SGC as subject to experiment Tritoninn. But the outraged Neith does not accept the use of Tritonin jeopardizing the life of her teenage sister Nesa.
User ratings: 631
Average rating: 7.2
Evolution: Part 1
Teal'c and Bra'tac find two slaughtered group of Jaffa and they discover that the responsible is a soldier with a special clothing that protects him from any weapon. Teal'c successively shots and defeat the enemy and bring him to SGC. Sam and Jacob / Selmak study him and find that the soldier is a flawed but powerful weapon wearing a protective clothing developed by the Goa'uld. Meanwhile Daniel Jackson and Dr. Bill Lee travel to Central America expecting to find an alien device that might be Ponce de León's Fountain of Youth, but they are captured by rebels in the woods.
User ratings: 610
Average rating: 8.4
Evolution: Part 2
Sam, Teal'c and Jacob / Selmak head to the super-soldier's planet with Master Bra'tac and discover that Anubis has a powerful and huge army of super-soldiers. Meanwhile Jack and CIA local operative Burke seek out Daniel and Dr. Lee in the woods. When Dr. Lee does not resist the torture and discloses the secret of the alien device to the rebels, their leader activates the device and soon one rebel becomes a dangerous living dead.
User ratings: 594
Average rating: 8.4
Aboard a repaired Prometheus for it's return voyage home, Sam is knocked unconscious when they come under attack from an unknown alien vessel. She awakens to find that she is alone on the ship. She sends out a distress signal but settles in for the long haul, developing a routine and working as much as she can. She is having hallucinations with other members of SG-1 dropping in from time. She also sees and hears a young child on the ship. She faces a deadline when the ship's hull begins to deteriorate. As things deteriorate, reality proves to be somewhat different than what Sam has been producing from her subconscious.
User ratings: 626
Average rating: 7.4
Jonas Quinn visits the SGC to ask for help to save his planet Kelowna that is near destruction. He explains that the underground Naquadah is transforming into Naquadria and his planet is becoming unstable. Sam goes to Langara (Kelowna's new name) and joins the research of Jonas Quinn and his assistant and girlfriend Kianna Cyr. Meanwhile the government of Langara arrives at the SGC to discuss a contingency plan to evacuate Langara, but there is friction when they learn the cause. Meanwhile Sam proposes a daring and dangerous plan to save Langara.
User ratings: 585
Average rating: 7.7
Sam is in good spirits. She has a new boyfriend, Pete Shanahan, a policeman who happens to be her brother's friend. Their relationship is becoming more serious but Sam can't tell him what she really does or about the Stargate program. He begins to doubt her honesty about exactly what she does at work. Daniel meanwhile is having strange dreams, mostly about his time at the university with Sarah Gardner from before he joined the Stargate program and before her body was taken over by the Goa'uld Osiris. She is clearly developing a dream scenario in the hopes that Daniel will be able to decipher a tablet that may lead her to the lost city of the Ancients.
User ratings: 587
Average rating: 7.5
Death Knell
Sam and her father are working at the new Alpha base trying to finalize and test a weapon that will stop Anubis' new super soldiers. They suddenly come under attack however and while many have escaped others have yet to be located. O'Neill and Teal'c set out on a rescue mission and find a wounded Jacob Carter. Sam is nowhere to be found. She's actually wounded and on the run in the woods with a super soldier in pursuit. Meanwhile, General Hammond is trying to find out how Anubis learned the location of the new Alpha site. The Tok'ra believe the free Jaffa are responsible but Hammond isn't so sure.
User ratings: 571
Average rating: 8.1
Heroes: Part 1
Everyone at the SGC is having to put up with Emmett Bregman, a documentary filmmaker who has been tasked by the President to document the Stargate program and the SGC's 1000th mission. Bregman is annoying, flouts the rules and annoys virtually everyone at the base. Sam suspects there's more to this documentary than meets the eye. Meanwhile, SG-13 travels to a planet where they find the ruins of a city that once belonged to the Ancients. They also come across a probe that fires upon them. The probe is determined to be of Goa'uld origin and when SG-13 is again attacked, SG-1, Dr. Fraiser and two other teams are dispatched to assist.
User ratings: 689
Average rating: 8.2
Heroes: Part 2
With SG-13 having walked into a Goa'uld trap, General Hammond sends in several SG teams, including SG-1, to help them. A bad situation turns worse resulting in the death of a prominent member of the DGC. Senatoe Kinsey assigns Richard Woolsey to undertake a complete investigation of what some see as a fiasco and incompetence on General Hammond's part. Documentary filmmaker Emmet Bregman meanwhile isn't pleased at being left out of all the action. The footage he's shot so far is all talking heads and no action but no one will share any information.
User ratings: 876
Average rating: 9.0
The SG-1 team - minus Col. O'Neill who is recuperating from their most recent battle with the Goa'uld - find themselves in Los Angeles at the request of Agent Malcolm Barrett who has uncovered yet another rogue NID operation. In a laboratory housed in a derelict industrial site, they find several dead bodies and a young woman, Anna, who is locked away. The sole survivor of the massacre isn't saying much and Anna denies having anything to do with the deaths, despite video footage clearly showing her to be the shooter. As they try to determine exactly what is going on, they activate the timing device on a naquadah bomb and have only a few hours to solve the mystery before them.
User ratings: 586
Average rating: 7.2
On his very first day on the job, newly elected President Henry Hayes is briefed by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Francis Maynard, on the Stargate program. Amazed as he is with the existence of the program, he's downright angry at hearing that the new Vice President, Robert Kinsey, has known about the project for years. Kinsey warns him that the program is in dangerous hands and is obviously out to take control of the program himself. The President is his own man however and wants evidence before making any decision. Richard Woolsey is brought in to lay out a case for shaking up the SGC.
User ratings: 589
Average rating: 7.2
Lost City: Part 1
Daniel thinks he may have found the location of another Ancients' library and SG-1 set off to investigate. They know how to download the information - into a human mind - but are also aware that when O'Neill did this once before, he nearly died and was saved only by the Asgard. Nonetheless he steps up again knowing the consequences. The effect of downloading the library will take a few days to show effects and members of the team visit him at home along with General Hammond who has important news for them: he's been relieved of command. Back in Washington, the President has recruited Dr. Elizabeth Weir, a noted international negotiator, to run SGC. Vice President Kinsey let's her know that he expects her to take orders from him. Weir arrives at the SGC with news that all off-world activity is shut down for 3 months while the program is reviewed. This just as Master Bra'tac arrives to tell them Anubis will be attacking the Earth in three days time.
User ratings: 794
Average rating: 9.1
Lost City: Part 2
With advance knowledge from Master Bra'tac that Anubis will soon attack Earth, O'Neil and Daniel Jackson work to find the lost city of the Ancients and a weapon that allow them to defeat Goa'uld warlord. Slowly, Jack becomes conscious of information from the Ancients library. With that information, they set off in a ship acquired by Master Bra'tac. They arrived at an ice covered world and O'Neill - now fully consumed with the knowledge of the Ancients - shows them the location of the lost city - in Antarctica on Earth. While SG-1 scrambles to get home, Earth finds itself under attack. General Hammond is put in command of the Prometheus but it's clear that their weaponry is insufficient to defeat Anubis. Their only hope is that SG-1 will return with the weapons they need.
User ratings: 924
Average rating: 9.5
New Order: Part 1
Anubis has been defeated but Jack O'Neill remains frozen in the Ancients' outpost they discovered in Antarctica. Elizabeth Weir authorizes Sam and Teal'c to go off in search of the Asgard. Their exact location is unknown but when they do finally manage to contact Thor he is having to deal with a much greater problem: the Replicators have managed to escape their time-locked prison and Sam is soon taken prisoner. Back on Earth, Elizabeth and Daniel act as hosts to a number of system lords who have suggested a peace treaty. Baal is not among them and it soon becomes clear that those who are want Earth to use the weapon that defeated Anubis to eliminate Baal before he defeats them. Elizabeth proves to be an adept negotiator.
User ratings: 644
Average rating: 8.7
New Order: Part 2
Anubis has been defeated but Jack O'Neill remains frozen in the Ancients' outpost they discovered in Antarctica. Elizabeth Weir authorizes Sam and Teal'c to go off in search of the Asgard. Their exact location is unknown but when they do finally manage to contact Thor he is having to deal with a much greater problem: the Replicators have managed to escape their time-distortion prison and Sam is soon taken prisoner. Back on Earth, Elizabeth and Daniel act as hosts to a number of system lords who have suggested a peace treaty. Baal is not among them and it soon becomes clear that those who are there want Earth to use the weapon that defeated Anubis to eliminate Baal before he defeats them. Elizabeth proves to be an adept negotiator.
User ratings: 638
Average rating: 8.9
Colonel Alexi Vaselov arrives at the SGC and soon becomes ill after talking with Jackson. When General O'Neill tries to have him put in quarantine, Daniel starts shooting, wounding two guards. Carter and base doctor Dr. Brightman determine that what made Vaselov ill and made Jackson start shooting wasn't a disease: it was Anubis, attempting to return to his empire to get a new body to possess. O'Neill places the SGC under lock down as SG-1 and the SGC attempt to force Anubis into some type of action. But the plan backfires and soon nobody can be trusted.
User ratings: 583
Average rating: 7.7
Zero Hour
As the new head of the SGC, General O'Neill is beginning to feel the weight of his load, and he starts to have second thoughts about the whole idea, questioning his own competency.
User ratings: 603
Average rating: 8.2
The discovery of the Stargate creates a war between two nations on the planet Tegalus with Daniel in the middle of it.
User ratings: 573
Average rating: 7.3
Dr. Lee and his team have modified one of the virtual reality chairs last seen in "The Gamekeeper" to host a combat simulation for training Stargate personnel. After claiming the simulation isn't realistic, Teal'c agrees to help the scientists refine it. Inside, he faces steadily mounting hazards. Worse, his own ego prevents him from leaving until the last Goa'uld is destroyed. Each time he dies in the scenario, the chair shocks him. Teal'c must find a way past the barriers of his own mind to escape before the virtual deaths sum to real fatality.
User ratings: 595
Average rating: 7.8
Teal'c saves a young man from a vicious beating. This is just the latest in a series of "incidents" since he took an apartment off-base and the Air Force is not pleased. Daniel Jackson attempts to explain why and how to keep a low profile, but Teal'c cannot help getting involved with a young woman whose boyfriend abuses her. In doing so he inadvertently plays into the hands of a mysterious group with access to Stargate knowledge...
User ratings: 649
Average rating: 7.6
Billionaire defense contractor Alec Colson stuns SGC by showing a recording of an Asgard to illustrate his claim the US government is practicing space-travel and interacting with aliens. It turns out his firm Colson Industries cleverly produced a clone from DNA. Alec is terminal, so intimidation won't work, and he broke no law. Denials on TV don't convince Alec, so Sam persuades the general to come clean to and reason with him, but someone else uses dirty means, either to crash Colson's private jet or his firm, being aware of the fraud Alec's trusted right-hand Brian Vogler committed. SGC offers a last alternative.
User ratings: 569
Average rating: 7.6
Teal'c is unhappy with his son's plans to marry. Ishta arrives bringing news that Hak'tyl may be compromised. Complications arise when O'Neill allows Hak'tyl to inhabit SGC until a new homeworld is found for them.
User ratings: 580
Average rating: 6.9
When the Stargate gets beamed out of SGC in the middle of the night, Teal'c is stranded off-world. Dr. Jackson and Colonel Carter attempt to recover the gate.
User ratings: 555
Average rating: 7.9
The replicator Carter and the real Carter work together with the disruptor signal. The replicator has a different plan.
User ratings: 561
Average rating: 7.7
Prometheus Unbound
After O'Neill refuses him permission to the join the Prometheus on its upcoming mission to Atlantis, Daniel is more than pleased when the mission commander, General Hammond, invites him along. They have had no contact with the Atlantis expedition since it first left and they have no idea what they will find. They respond to a distress call but find that it's coming from humans aboard a Goa'uld ship. Daniel soon finds himself alone on the ship with a Goa'uld super soldier while the rest of the Prometheus crew is transported to the Goa'uld ship. The super soldier turns out to be something altogether different.
User ratings: 678
Average rating: 8.6
It's Good to Be King
SG-1 is sent to warn Harry Maybourne that the goa'uld System Lord Ares is coming to the planet where he was banished, and in the process they find what may be an Ancient time machine.
User ratings: 593
Average rating: 8.1
Full Alert
When Jack comes home from a beer run he finds his front door open and disgraced former Vice President Robert Kinsey waiting for him in his living room. Kinsey tells him that he was recently approached by the Trust - a group with which he hasn't had much contact lately - who wanted him to arrange a meeting with the Russian Defence Minister. Kinsey fears the Trust is going to make a direct grab for power and overthrow the US government. Jack insists that he wear a wire for his meeting but it doesn't turn out quite as planned. Daniel is sent to Moscow to learn what he can. He's arrested however and is shown another prisoner who earlier that day tried to kill the Minister - Kinsey, who is not what he seems to be.
User ratings: 539
Average rating: 7.7
Citizen Joe
A man breaks into Jack's house and hold him at gunpoint claiming that Jack ruined his life. Seven years ago he came upon an Ancient artifact at a garage sale that allows him to see all of SG-1's missions.
User ratings: 674
Average rating: 7.8
Reckoning: Part 1
When a goa'uld cargo ship is caught entering a neutral zone, it is learned that Carter is the pilot and is taken before the system lords. Then it is soon learned that she is the replicator version and has launched an all out war against the goa'uld. If the goa'uld can't stop the replicators, the replicators will overrun the galaxy in a matter of weeks. Can the people of the Milky Way find a way to stop them or will the galaxy fall to an enemy worse than the goa'uld.
User ratings: 604
Average rating: 8.6
Reckoning: Part 2
Sam and Jacob are on the planet Dakara trying to configure the Ancient's device to destroy the replicators once and for all, helped partly by Baal and Daniel who succeeds in freezing the replicators by manipulating Carter's duplicate.
User ratings: 663
Average rating: 9.1
Daniel encounters Oma in a strange celestial coffee shop for ascended beings, and their conversation may be the only way to save the galaxy from Anubus' plan to unleash the weapon on Dakara. Meanwhile Teal'c and Master Bra'tac lead Jaffa forces on a more traditional attack. Sam must come to terms with Selmak/Jacob growing ill and Pete pressuring her to commit to the relationship.
User ratings: 719
Average rating: 8.9
Moebius: Part 1
Daniel Jackson gets some bad news - Katherine Langford, the woman who brought him into the Stargate program - has died. At her funeral, he learns that that Catherine has left him some things and returns to the SGC to find a room full of journals and artifacts. Among her things, Daniel believe he's found a ZPM - or at least where it once was - the Giza plateau around 3000 BC and suggests using the Ancients time machine to go back and retrieve it. They travel back in time with relative ease and quickly recover the power module. They return to the time machine only to find it under guard by the Goa'uld. They have affected the time-line however and the new present day bears little resemblance to the one they left behind.
User ratings: 642
Average rating: 8.5
Moebius: Part 2
The trip back in time to 3000 BC has altered the time-line. In the new time-lines, Daniel and Sam are nerdy scientists and O'Neill is out of the military. The stargate has never been found and SGC does not exist. Brigadier General Hammond has come into possession of a video camera found by archaeologists in a 3000 year old tomb. In the video, Daniel Jackson tells the story of SG-1 from their time-line. It's now left to the alternate characters to try and make it right.
User ratings: 652
Average rating: 8.5
Avalon: Part 1
Col. Cameron Mitchell arrives at the SGC to join SG-1 only to learn that he is to lead the elite unit. There's only one problem: everyone associated have moved on or are about to do so. Sam is now working on a scientific project at Area 51; Daniel will soon be on his way to Atlantis; Teal'c is working with the free Jaffa to establish a government; and O'Neill has been promoted. Daniel begins to reconsider when Vala Mal Doran arrives with a tablet suggesting the existence of a large treasure somewhere on Earth. The exact location of this treasure is not specified but does make reference to an Ancient who returned to Earth and took the name Merlin. Daniel soon locates a possible site for the treasure and a new SG-1 team sets off to find it.
User ratings: 618
Average rating: 8.0
Avalon: Part 2
Upon finding Merlin's testing grounds, Dr. Jackson, Teal'c, Col. Mitchell, and Vala uncover the hidden treasure including a book that tells the story of the Ancients coming to Earth from another galaxy and a strange alien device.
User ratings: 598
Average rating: 8.1
Using the Ancients' communication stones, Dala and Daniel continue to occupy the bodies of two people on a distant planet. They are rescued by a prior to the Ori and are taken to the city of the gods. Daniel learns something about their religion - fire is of key importance - and subsequently meets the Doci, who is able to communicate directly with the Ori. Daniel determines that the Ori were once Alterans - the group that later became known as the Ancients - but ascended in a different way. They also believe in their mission - to have everyone in the universe recognize them as their god - or die. At the SGC, Dr. Lam and Dr. Lee have been trying to break the communications link, but with little success. SG-1 meanwhile comes across an Ori prior who is now preaching their religion in our galaxy.
User ratings: 593
Average rating: 7.9
The Ties That Bind
Daniel bids a happy farewell to Vala only to find that they are still connected somehow, even though the bracelets have been removed. Dr. Lee thinks the power of the Ancients' communication stones may have created a bond between then them. Vala tells them the man she stole the bracelets from may have a way to separate them. He says he does but wants the necklace Vala stole in return. Vala doesn't have it any longer having traded it and so begins a quest that ultimately leads them to the Lucian Alliance, a group of smugglers that have banded together to protect their interests.
User ratings: 574
Average rating: 7.6
The Powers That Be
Vala is bored living at SGC and desperately wants to go on a mission just to have something to do. The prior of the Ori have been identified on 43 planets and she suggests to Mitchell that they go to P8X412, a planet where she is known and has some influence. Not surprisingly, she hasn't been entirely truthful - the locals think she is a Goa'uld god and the main reason for wanting to return there is to collect the relics, all valuable, that the locals had given her. The Ori have already had an impact on some of the residents and Daniel thinks the best way to show them that false gods exist is for Vala to tell them the truth. That strategy doesn't quite work. Soon after the locals become deathly ill and Daniel and the team have only a very short time to find a solution.
User ratings: 532
Average rating: 7.7
After a prior of the Ori arrives on a newly liberated planet now controlled by the Jaffa. When the locals flatly refuse to accept the Ori as their gods, the prior erects a force field around the gate - which is in continuous operation. The SGC receives an offer from Nerus, who once served Baal, to assist them in defeating this new threat. SG-1 - with Lt. Col. Samantha Carter - set off to try and defeat this new threat to the galaxy. Gerak and his Free Jaffa however decides to take action on their own which only complicates the situation. The force field is expanding and the explosive device SG-1 places at the gate only seems to expand it further. Nerus has clearly set them up but Dala thinks she has a solution.
User ratings: 551
Average rating: 8.4
Ex Deus Machina
The SGC investigate the death of a Jaffa whose body was found just off a highway in Virginia. He had been dead for about a day and seems to have been the victim of a hit and run, No one has any idea why a Jaffa would be on Earth. Gerak denies any knowledge of the dead Jaffa but he isn't being entirely truthful. A local defense plant near where the Jaffa was found closed 6 months ago but locals report seeing some activity there - and the company's CFO, Alex Jamieson, is missing. Daniel sees a connection with the Goa'uld and the Trust - and they soon receive a message from Baal, who has been living on Earth for 9 months . He says he wants to just be left alone and allowed to live in peace - or he will explode a naquadah bomb that he has placed somewhere in the USA. Gerak may prove to be an obstacle however.
User ratings: 536
Average rating: 7.7
SG-1 investigates a planet that is said to be the home of the Warriors of Sodan, a legendary tribe of Jaffa said to have not served the Goa'uld in hundreds of years. In an encounter with the warriors, Mitchell deals a deadly blow to one of the Sodan and is captured and taken to their village. There he awaits a battle to the death as punishment for his crime.
User ratings: 553
Average rating: 7.6
Because of a stargate malfunction which sends SG-1 to the wrong planet, Sam discovers a doctored gate leading to a lab with as single adult humanoid in stasis. Daniel deciphers the Ancient writing: the man, Khalek, is a genetic prototype with the late system-lord Anubis's genetic memory. The committee refuses to have him eliminated as the program didn't produce anything useful against the Ori for months. Further reading and studying at the lab show Khalek is a species cross with a prior, artificially prepared through GM for 'natural' ascension without the help of a censoring Ancient, as soon as he learns to control his already frightening powers- but first he needs one last lab treatment.
User ratings: 531
Average rating: 7.8
The Fourth Horseman: Part 1
SG-6 returns from a stealth mission to P2X-885 - another planet has fallen to the Ori - but more seriously, they return with a deadly flu-like disease. They soon have a fast-spreading epidemic on their hands. Three planets have now fallen to the Ori but they have a new convert - Gerak, who proposes the the Jaffa High Council that it become the religion of all Jaffa. Teal'c and Master Btra'tac argue against the proposal and are prepared to go to war if the Jaffa high council approves Gerak's proposal. Sam has been working on a device that may render the Ori powerless. She and Dr. Lee try to find a way to use sonic waves to affect only a small part the the Ori's brain function. SGC gets help from an unexpected source.
User ratings: 552
Average rating: 8.1
The Fourth Horseman: Part 2
The virus continues to spread - cases have now been reported in Canada and Mexico - and has resulted in many deaths. Gerak has become a Prior of the Ori and continues his pleas to the Jaffa High Council to make this their State religion. Orlin has been working too hard on developing a vaccine and his attempt to retain as much knowledge as possible is causing brain damage. Meanwhile, Mitchell and Daniel Jackson test the new sonic device in order to get a sample of a Prior's blood.
User ratings: 565
Average rating: 8.4
Collateral Damage
On another planet, Mitchell is placed under arrest for the murder of a scientist.
User ratings: 565
Average rating: 7.3
Ripple Effect
Multiple SG-1 teams begin coming through the gate, each one from a different parallel universe. Carter teams up with Martouf (Tok'ra), who in his reality joined the SGC, and Kvasir (Asgaard) to try and figure out a way to repair the damage that was done so that more alternate SG-1 teams do not become stranded.
User ratings: 599
Average rating: 8.3
Teal'c and Master Bra'tac are upset when a member of the Jaffa High Council, Kal'el, suddenly changes her vote just hours after assuring them they had her support. They think she is being duplicitous but in fact there is something far more sinister at work. When Teal'c fails to return and misses an important council meeting, Bra'tac turns to the SGC for help. They soon find that Baal has returned. Meanwhile, Mitchell has pulled some strings to have close a friend and fellow pilot, Bryce Ferguson, cared for at a hospital that may have the technology to deal with his aneurysm.
User ratings: 527
Average rating: 7.3
Jared Kane of the Rand Protectorate contacts the SGC seeking their help. Their war with the Caledonian Federation has continued but now the balance of power has shifted dramatically. Several months before, just around the time the protectorate fell out of favor with the SGC, they were contacted by the Ori who promised them a weapon in return for adopting origin. The leaders of the Rand Protectorate accepted and that weapon, an orbiting satellite, is now functional. Kane wants them to destroy the satellite before it can cause any further damage. When Daniel returns with Kane to his home world, they are promptly arrested and jailed.
User ratings: 542
Average rating: 7.8
Off the Grid
While investigating the source of an addictive corn-like crop, SG-1 becomes involved in a firefight. They are forced to fall back to the gate, but as Daniel is dialing both the Stargate and the DHD are beamed away.
User ratings: 531
Average rating: 7.6
The Scourge
The SG-1 members grumble at the "honour" to host some international representatives of a powerful commission on a tour of a research base on another planet. Suddenly a project concerning voracious beetles intended to control an addictive plant they hardly deemed worthy half a minute suddenly turns dangerous: once fed a bit of meat, they prove unstoppable carnivores, escape and cause the base to be automatically quarantined, and later even to self-destruct - the surviving humans are surrounded, without means of communication, so earth will presume them dead and according to standard-protocol must launch a neuro-toxin to eradicate all life on the planet...
User ratings: 557
Average rating: 7.0
Arthur's Mantle
When Samantha finally manages to start a device made by Merlin, it unfortunately renders her and colonel Mitchell invisible by transporting them to a parallel dimension. They must wait to be able even to manifest themselves till doctors Jackson and Bill Lee figure things out from the display the device presents in the language of the Ancients. Meanwhile Teal'c and SG-12 travel to the planet where a whole Sodan village is exterminated by its own hero Volnek, who was turned evil by a prior as a punishment for their 'disrespect' to the Ori - and find he sabotaged the portal (Eye of the gods) they need to get back.
User ratings: 541
Average rating: 8.0
As a result of a communication technology simulation Sam didn't even expect to work, Vala is able to possess Daniel's body long enough to tell how she awoke on an Ori-devoted planet, where she married the kind native Tomin when realizing she was pregnant although she couldn't imagine how or by whom, but found out a prior healed his old crippling wound so he could be conscripted to a huge army the Ori were preparing, while building a large fleet, for a crusade against the unbelievers. Meanwhile on earth, the Russians announce they won't prolong the treaty to lend the Stargate to the US, but start their own program, but general Landry guesses right that's only to press another demand... Vala continues the village's apparently dictatorial leader is actually the head of the resistance, which plans to sabotage the whole Ori-war effort, but overhears a prior tell Tomin he's infertile...
User ratings: 560
Average rating: 8.1
Since the weapon Merlin once devised against ascended beings seems the human race's best change to resist or even defeat the Ori, SG-1 travels by stargate to a medieval society in a place called Camelot where the local Arthur epic (differerent from earth's romanticized traditions) confirms its location should be found in a forbidden library guarded by a Black knight. When they are beamed up to earth's super-star-ships about to try stopping the Ori-fleet passing a super-gate, Daniel and colonel Mitchell decide to have themselves beamed back inside the library, but on neither front things go as expected...
User ratings: 636
Average rating: 8.7
Flesh and Blood
As the Ori invasion continues, Vala and Daniel must deal with their leader, Vala's young daughter, who is rapidly aged by the Ori to serve their purposes.
User ratings: 636
Average rating: 8.5
The team goes off-world and ends up in serious trouble. Meanwhile, Landry is faced with having to decide whether or not Vala can be trusted to remain at the SGC.
User ratings: 577
Average rating: 7.8
The Pegasus Project
While Daniel and Vala search for Merlin's anti-Ori weapon in Atlantis' library, Mitchell, McKay and Carter try to to dial the Ori Supergate in the Milky Way.
User ratings: 773
Average rating: 9.1
The SGC-base is approached by an al-kesh bomber which lets itself be taken down, so they can capture Ba'al, who offers to exchange the necessary information to find Merlin's weapon for human help to eliminate his clones, which want to kill him. They mistrust his story, as does NIS-agent Malcolm Barrett, who however fails to take over the investigation. Since the captive might actually be a clone, several missions to different planets retrieve and capture all clones, but which is the real Ba'al, and what are his true intentions?
User ratings: 560
Average rating: 7.7
A mysterious creature targets members of Stargate Command one by one.
User ratings: 552
Average rating: 7.3
Martin Lloyd seeks out SG-1 for assistance when his failed TV show based on the real Stargate program becomes a feature film.
User ratings: 1,164
Average rating: 8.7
SG-1 is caught in the middle of a war after the Jaffa use a powerful weapon to kill 10,000 Ori followers.
User ratings: 581
Average rating: 8.2
Memento Mori
Vala is kidnapped by agents of the Trust who are trying to find an ancient treasure when an accident causes Vala to forget who she is.
User ratings: 585
Average rating: 7.8
Company of Thieves
Cameron Mitchell must go undercover inside the Lucian Alliance to find the location of the hijacked Odyssey.
User ratings: 544
Average rating: 7.7
The Quest: Part 1
During their Quest for the Sangraal SG-1 must join forces with their enemy and face a real-life dragon.
User ratings: 624
Average rating: 8.7
The Quest: Part 2
Daniel finds a way to defeat the dragon but once back in the cave, the sangraal proves to be just a hologram. In attempting to touch it however, SG-1 and Ba'al are transported to another planet - Adria is left behind. At their new site, they find not only Merlin's treasure but Merlin himself - in ice-bound stasis, much as O'Neill was in Antarctica. When they revive him, Merlin begins to construct the weapon though is too weak to continue, leaving it to Daniel to finish the job. Sam and Ba'al meanwhile try to get the gate functioning to allow them to dial out. They have little time to succeed as Adria will soon arrive with her Ori army.
User ratings: 622
Average rating: 8.9
Line in the Sand
Having left Daniel behind with Adria, the remaining members of SG-1 have been testing some of the new technology acquired from Merlin. When they receive information that the Ori have delivered an ultimatum to villagers on P9C-882, Gen. Landry gives the go ahead to test the weapon on a much larger scale. Sam's doubts about the readiness of the device proves true with the end result being that she is seriously wounded and Teal'c is taken prisoner. Vala is transported to the Ori ship by her husband Tomin who has been tasked with converting her. Tomin begins to doubt his faith however when the prior orders all the villagers killed, even after they have submitted to the Ori's will.
User ratings: 561
Average rating: 7.8
The Road Not Taken
During a failed experiment, Samantha is transported into a parallel universe where she cloaks Earth to save it from an Ori Attack. Getting back to her own universe is not met with sympathy.
User ratings: 583
Average rating: 7.8
The Shroud
SG-1 travels to a planet where a Prior of the Ori has recently visited. Unlike others, this Prior hasn't been threatening in any way but has only tried to convince them that theirs is the right way. When the Prior finally appears, it's Daniel Jackson whom they beam aboard the Prometheus. Under restraints, Daniel tells them what he's been up to since they last saw him. Adria spent a good deal of time converting him to Origin and he agreed. Daniel assures them it's all part of his plan to destroy the Ori. He's nearly completed Merlin's weapon and his plan is to put it aboard an Ori ship and send it back to them through the super-gate. The question for General Landry is whether Daniel can be trusted - a decision that is taken out of his hands when Richard Woolsey arrives with the news that the IOA has decided Daniel should be eliminated. SG-1 thinks otherwise.
User ratings: 663
Average rating: 8.9
After SG-1 successfully destroys a major shipment of corn, the Lucian Alliance leader Netan puts a bounty on them. With some time off, the members of SG-1 pursue their own interests. Sam is giving a lecture at a conference, Daniel is conducting research, Teal'c is off-world with the Jaffa and Mitchell attends a high school reunion with Vala in tow. Daniel and Sam escape their pursuers without injury and Teal'c is wounded. Vala is having good time, learning more about Mitchell and meeting Amy Vandenberg, the woman he never had the nerve to ask out when they were in high school. After Mitchell is taken prisoner, SG-1 soon arrives to help out their colleagues.
User ratings: 581
Average rating: 7.9
Bad Guys
Daniel thinks he's found the gate address to a location where they will find the key to infinite riches and a vast treasure stored by the Ancients before they ascended. General Landry gives SG-1 - without Sam who is in Washington briefing the president on her recent experiences in the alternate universe - to explore. They arrive in a modern day museum but find that they are unable to dial as the DHD is only a mock-up. When the people in the museum see them, they assume the team are local rebels, members of a radical religious sect. The museum is quickly surrounded by government troops who simply won't accept their explanation that they are explorers from another world. SG-1 is left with little choice but keep some of the locals as prisoner until they find a way out.
User ratings: 642
Average rating: 8.3
At a summit conference, 32 Jaffa are killed when several bombs explode. Both Teal'c and Master Bra'tac are seriously injured in the blasts and after two weeks in a coma, Teal'c sets out to find the man he is convinced is behind the attack, Arkad. He defeated Arkad in a battle long ago and there has been bad blood between them ever since. Teal'c also suspects that Arkad may have had his mother killed. Intelligence reports indicate that Arkad is a follower of the Ori and that someone, perhaps Arkad himself, is planning to attack the Earth. When Arkad contacts the SGC he turns that information on its head by denying any role in that planned attack and offers to help them defend Earth. SG-1 is sent out to stop Teal'c who is killing and torturing people in his attempt to find his enemy.
User ratings: 553
Average rating: 7.5
Family Ties
The SGC is contacted by Jacek who says he has valuable information for them: he will give them the location of Arkad's store of naquadah in return for asylum on Earth. Vala doesn't believe they should deal with the man whom she knows very well: he's her ne'er-do-well father who was absent for much of her life. His information proves to be correct and Landry approves the deal. Jacek however is soon up to his old tricks running a telephone charity scam and bilking the old ladies in his building at bingo. Everyone on the team tries to keep him on the straight and narrow, for Vala's sake if no other reason. Despite his promises Jacek continues in his ways but he soon has an opportunity to prove himself. Meanwhile, Vala's situation causes General Landry to review his own family situation.
User ratings: 592
Average rating: 6.9
Vala is on the run again, this time from the SGC who believe that Adria is implanting information in her mother. They declare Vala to be a risk but she manages to get away through the gate using a cloaking device. Adria soon tracks her down and they set off to follow the information in her dream - information that should lead them to Athena's treasure. What Vala doesn't know - because her memory has been wiped clean - is that it's all a trap set up by the SGC to capture Adria. It all goes wrong however and it's Ba'al who takes Adria prisoner. SG-1 get Adria back, but it seems that Ba'al had his own special plans for her. SG-1 soon finds itself with the opportunity to eliminate both of it's greatest threats.
User ratings: 586
Average rating: 8.4
The SGC is surprised by a visit from Thor, who tells them that the time of the Asgard has come to an end and he is going to transfer all of their knowledge and technology to humans. The information has barely been received when the Odyssey is attacked by the Ori. They are out-gunned and the only way to keep from being destroyed is to put the ship in a time dilation bubble where time inside the ship seemingly passes normally but where time outside the bubble might be only a few seconds. Sam hopes the time will allow her to explore the new technologies they've received and find a way out of their dilemma. Years pass however with new relationships being formed and with an ever rising sense of helplessness.
User ratings: 1,197
Average rating: 9.0
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