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Teen Wolf

Seasons: 6
Episodes: 100
User ratings: 114,904
Average rating: 7.7

Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Thriller

A somewhat awkward teen is attacked by a werewolf and inherits the curse himself, as well as the enemies that come with it.

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Episodes details table

Wolf Moon
Everything in Scott McCall's life is starting to fall into place. He gets a spot on the First Line of his Lacrosse team and a date with the woman of his dreams. But when he gets bitten by a wolf, the people around him could be in danger.
User ratings: 1,908
Average rating: 8.2
Second Chance at First Line
Scott and Stiles discover that the werewolf curse can also be triggered by anger, besides the full moon. With the lacrosse game coming up, Jackson and his girlfriend, Lydia, hope to humiliate Scott. Will Scott be able to control his rage?
User ratings: 1,387
Average rating: 8.2
Pack Mentality
What Scott hopes desperately was just a nightmare seems grim truth, as he finds out snooping with terrified, yet loyal Stiles and while the sheriff brings his dog to the vet while Scott is on duty: driver Garrison Myers was wolf-bitten within an inch of his life at night. Romantic adrenalin also seems to set off his werewolf transformation, so he has to send Allison away just when they were getting intimate. Seing no alternative, Scott begs Derek for help. He's forgiven for turning him in to the police, but warned finding out the truth comes at a price. Allison accepts for Scott too to double-date with lacrosse captain Jackson and his even haughtier cheerleader girl. They decide on bowling, which Scott barely knows, but motivation works an alley miracle. Meeting Garrison in hospital proves disastrous. The memory recollection trick works, but suggests another werewolf is the killer. Scott attacks presumed murderer Derek, looses the duel and is spared, with the assurance it's the doing of an 'alfa', who infected both of them 'betas', killed Derek's sister and is after Scott. Allison's father's hunters pack bullies Derek unprovoked, vandalizing his car.
User ratings: 1,187
Average rating: 8.2
Magic Bullet
Allison's aunt comes to town and shoots a shadowy werewolf figure with a special bullet that she estimates will kill it within 48 hours. Derek is the one hit and insists that Scott and Stiles help him.
User ratings: 1,355
Average rating: 8.7
The Tell
Jackson is terrified by a werewolf who pins him down and scratches his back in the video-store, then escapes without bloodshed. Although he's caught on security video, the vet still tells the sheriff, who nearly got crushed in the confusion, predator species identification isn't possible. Allison's aunt returns to Derek's home to subdue him by electrocution, hoping to force him to lead her to his alpha, then realizes he doesn't know either. Scott persuades Allison to celebrate her 17th birthday by romantically playing hooky, her first, in the woods all day. They forget to return in time for the PTA evening. Jackson's girl Lydia is high and invites Stiles, who she mistakes for Jackson and hence nearly seduces to sex.
User ratings: 1,231
Average rating: 8.4
Heart Monitor
Bron werewolf Derek's methods to teach 'bitten' Scott self-control prove painful in every way, yet feeling guilty for the sheriff's injury, Scott accepts even to stay away from 'bad influence' Allison, only to break that soon. Hidden in her closet, being banned after her hooky-birthday, he overhears her aunt explain the Argents descend from 18th century French monster hunters. Scared for himself and by his father's 'accident', Stiles makes Scott squirm but soon volunteers to try his own training method, albeit that includes being lacrosse-bombarded by him and kicked viciously by school thugs. Jackson in in agony from the werewolf-claw-wound in his neck, yet sweetly scores an understanding ear with Allison. Derek seeks clues to the alpha's identity with his burnt relative Peter Hale and Scott's vet boss, in vain. Yet the alpha's near-attack on voluntary bait Scott and the buddies' an auditive method yield a clue and a shocking result.
User ratings: 1,021
Average rating: 8.3
Night School
Responding to Scott's howl, the alpha savages Derek and traps Scott and Stiles in their high school. Events escalate even further when Allison, Jackson, and Lydia are lured to the school as well with a phony text message.
User ratings: 1,345
Average rating: 8.7
Stiles prepared to secure and guard Scott at the approaching full moon, but just dumped by Allison, yet not without any hope, makes him more then cranky. Scott vents his fury by using excessive force in lacrosse, where Jackson's mates already object to Scott being named co-captain. Begged by Stiles to help, at lest by find out if he stands a chance, to try winning Jackson's cheerleader ex Lydia, Scott finds her interested in himself and, startled, lets her kiss him. Stiles finds out and wants revenge, yet knows he can't abandon his werewolf buddy at full moon, when metamorphosis is hardest to control. Scott's senses are sharpening. With the alpha luring around, Derek returns, tells killing him may set Scott free and offers a deal. Finding out Scott knows Derek, the Argents start wondering.
User ratings: 1,005
Average rating: 8.3
Wolf's Bane
After an aconite poison diagnose, nightmares about horrible wolf's bane extraction, experiencing super-senses and some Interet research, Jackson realizes he must have been bitten by a werewolf, dumps Linda, but also that Scott was too, so Jackson blackmails him and points out the name Argent is French for silver, which puts his party on the trace of Allison's pendant. Stiles even misses his first chance to be fielded in lacrosse to help Derek and Scott search for their alpha trough his luring e-mails, for which he also recruits computer-whiz team mate Danny, while Derek must hide for the Argent hunters, who also wonder how Scott knows Derek. Meanwhile Allison seems ready to be recruited as hunter and the alpha visits terrified book-smart expert Harris, the high school chemistry teacher. The boys are shocked when they find out the alpha's identity and gruesome story.
User ratings: 1,234
Average rating: 8.8
Alone in the shower after another lacrosse victory, Scott is shattered to discover the alpha is none other then Derek's uncle Peter Hale, who explains about his horrible burns and decks Scott with an excruciating claw-grip. Derek seems to have chosen his relative's side, believing his sister was an accidental first victim. Cocky co-captain Jackson feels invulnerable as future werewolf, but already attracted the suspicious Argent posse. Scott warns him and seems back in favor with Allison, while her father believes their affair safely over. Stiles has won father's respect back but gets him to drunk to prevent him finding out about the werewolves.
User ratings: 942
Average rating: 8.4
Derek has been captured and is tortured by electrocution and sadistic mind games by his traitorous ex Kate, who preps Allsion for the hunt. Alpha Peter Hale painfully proves himself physically superior to helpless Scott, threatens to hurt his loved-ones to enforce pack-joining and plays cat and mouse around Allison. Scott; already encouraged by her attitude, therefore resolves to go protect her at the school's formal Spring dance, even if he has to pose as gay teammate Danny's dance partner to escape eviction by the coach due to his poor grades. Jackson is scared into posing as Allison's date, wanders into the wood, screams he wants to be turned but is ordered back in by the Argent hunters party. Lydia only escorts Stiles as a favor to Allison, but starts to appreciate the tireless, endearing admirer. When Scot and Allison wander outside to the empty school bus, hunter cars corner him, causing a metamorphosis in front of her.
User ratings: 1,071
Average rating: 8.9
Code Breaker
Peter, now exposed as the alpha, scares Stiles, who refuses a 'reward' bite, into helping him locate Derek, who wouldn't promise to help Scott against Peter until he's told his sister was no accidental victim. Although father Ardent ordered Kate, who broke the hunters code by sacrificing innocent outsiders, to take Allison to safety in Portland, the girls drove to Derek's home and hunt both werewolves down. Allison proves herself a crack-shot, but protests when Kate breaks her promise at least to spare Scott. Peter attacks in monster shape, but is horribly outsmarted by the three brave knaves who fight back for their lives. Stiles next has to calm down his father in hospital, where Jackson brought in Lydia, whose medical condition is worrisome but proves she's not turning into a werewolves.
User ratings: 1,444
Average rating: 9.1
When Lydia goes missing from the hospital, Scott, Stiles, and Allison need to find her before the Argent's hunting party does. Jackson's body seems to be rejecting "the bite" that Derek gave him.
User ratings: 1,004
Average rating: 8.5
Shape Shifted
When Isaac's dad is killed, Isaac is arrested and there's a full moon coming. Scott and Derek check out his house while the Argent's send someone to the jail to deal with what they suspect is the town's newest werewolf. Meanwhile Jackson makes arrangements to film his first full moon since being bitten.
User ratings: 881
Average rating: 8.5
Ice Pick
Scott and Stiles take Allison and Lydia on an ice skating date. Derek converts Erica. Mrs. Argent begins to suspect that Allison is still seeing Scott despite her promise not to.
User ratings: 836
Average rating: 8.5
Derek ruthlessly trains his pack betas, even if that breaks a hundred bones a session, fearing the new beast may be far too strong to fight alone. Stiles happens to witness it crushing the cocky stud who handles his truck in the garage, so the sheriff must confiscate it. Scott and Allison sit trough dinner for her visiting grandfather Gerard Argent, who seems to support the young couple against her overprotective father, but actually is testing Scott. The kids frantically search his room for the 'bestiary', old Argent record enabling to identify and hopefully fight the creature. Meanwhile Scott must play lacrosse, a match attended by Gerard. DErek and Stiles end up in the swimming pool, besieged by the beast, whose presence paralyzes Derek due to his earlier spine wound, so Stiles must keep him afloat, or release him just long enough to try using his cellphone.
User ratings: 1,075
Average rating: 8.9
When Derek decides that Lydia must be the lizard shifter and that she must die, the gang must all pitch in to see that she's safe.
User ratings: 876
Average rating: 8.8
When it becomes apparent that Jackson is the Kanima, Scott chases him and rescues Allison's dad but is seen by her grand-dad. Scott and Stiles finally catch up with Jackson/the Kanima where he's stalking Danny in a gay club.
User ratings: 1,111
Average rating: 8.9
Jackson escapes from the prison car but is oblivious of his transformations when human. His father obtains a restraining order against Scott and Stiles, whose mother viz. father, the sheriff, insist on upholding such 'mild' comeuppance. Allison intrudes the boys locker-room while Jackson showers, yet Scott storms in to 'defend' his girl. The trio lands in detention, where Jackson, who previously sort of inhaled the biology class snake, transforms again into Kanima. Meanwhile research shows that a Kanima may be oblivious of his course, possibly hereditary, so the gang agrees to attempt sparing Jackson, although his monster form devoured innocent people.
User ratings: 841
Average rating: 8.6
Scott, with the help of his friends and Dr Deaton try to stop the kanima from claiming its next victim at an upcoming warehouse rave. While most of the Argent crew plan to intercept and kill the kanima, Mrs. Argent makes a plan of her own, but is surprised at the outcome.
User ratings: 1,102
Average rating: 9.0
Party Guessed
Gerard passes the message, through Lydia's dream and directly into Scott's mind, that he'll unleash Jackson as the Kanima unless Scot helps against the werewolves pack. Alpha Derek can't talk two pack member out of deserting for the call of another, actually a fatal Argent trap, and gets a visit from undead relative Peter Hale, who demands to join his pack, even if he has to fight for the privilege, and promises a precious secret. The sheriff is suspended indefinitely due to Stiles's constantly compromising mischief. After the vet, Scott and Stiles show Isaac Lahey how to alleviate his dog's sufferance with werewolf healing power, he joins the knavish duo's cause and eliminates so many teammates that both get to play. But who is Gerard's designated target?
User ratings: 873
Average rating: 8.8
Scott and Stiles (along with their single parents) are trapped in the sheriff's department by the kanima and its controller. Outside the station, the Argents, under the direction of their new leader, come looking to end the kanima and Derek.
User ratings: 1,169
Average rating: 9.1
It's the night of the championship game and Scott is riding the bench as academically ineligible, meanwhile he must keep Gerard from unleashing the kanima on the unsuspecting crowd. Knowing that Scott will be busy, Allison and her father hunt down two of Derek's pack.
User ratings: 1,057
Average rating: 9.0
Master Plan
Scott's gang is stunned to find Jackson killed himself, no innocent victim, as Kanima, but as Peter warns, that was ordered by Gerard for a dark purpose. In the morgue, Scott's mother discovers Jackson is coming to life again, and he soon starts transforming. The werewolves team up and are surprisingly joined by Mr. Argent, who disapproves of the ruthlessness Gerard teaches Allison. The trap seems to snap on all but Gerard, who needs a supernatural cure for his terminal cancer, yet Scott's toxic precaution pays off.
User ratings: 1,117
Average rating: 9.1
In the season premiere, a new Alpha Pack arrives to wreak havoc on Scott's life while Derek and Isaac struggle to locate Erica and Boyd.
User ratings: 1,518
Average rating: 8.8
Chaos Rising
Allison and Lydia stumble upon a possible clue to finding Boyd and Erica while a childhood friend of Stiles goes missing.
User ratings: 1,246
Average rating: 8.9
With Boyd and Cora on the loose and under the influence of the full moon, Scott and Derek must turn to an unlikely ally for help.
User ratings: 912
Average rating: 8.5
While Scott tries to keep Isaac from engaging in a deadly confrontation with the Twins in school, Stiles attempts to prove his theory that the killings have nothing to do with werewolves.
User ratings: 893
Average rating: 8.7
During a bus ride to a cross country meet, Scott and his friends flash back to the events of a preemptive strike against the Alphas that has left several injured and possibly one or more dead.
User ratings: 980
Average rating: 8.9
Motel California
Stranded at a motel for the night because of the postponed cross country meet, Scott and the others suffer strange experiences that cause them to believe members of their own group may be the mysterious killer's newest targets.
User ratings: 1,565
Average rating: 9.2
As the danger begins to reach closer to Scott, threatening his trusted mentor and boss, Deaton, Kali and the Twins go after Derek.
User ratings: 1,154
Average rating: 9.0
Seeking answers, Scott, Allison and Stiles hear stories told by two unlikely narrators and discover a secret about the color of a werewolf's eyes.
User ratings: 1,073
Average rating: 8.7
The Girl Who Knew Too Much
As Allison begins to suspect someone dangerously close to her may be involved in the murders, Scott and Stiles conclude that Lydia's rising talents may be their best bet to solving the murders.
User ratings: 1,082
Average rating: 9.1
The Overlooked
Trapped inside an evacuated Beacon Hills hospital by a powerful storm, Scott and Derek must defend themselves against the Alphas while trying to figure out how to save Cora's life.
User ratings: 1,189
Average rating: 9.2
Alpha Pact
With the threat growing far more personal and time running out on innocent lives, Scott is forced to make a difficult choice in order to save both friends and family while, at the same time, Derek and Peter try to figure out how to save Cora's life.
User ratings: 1,415
Average rating: 9.3
Lunar Ellipse
Under Deaton's advice, Scott and his friends use an ancient but extremely dangerous ritual to help them both save the lives of the people they love and stop Deucalion from achieving his sinister goal.
User ratings: 1,249
Average rating: 9.3
After a near death experience from the Nemeton Scott, Stiles and Alison start hallucinating and a dark curse is left upon which makes their life hell.
User ratings: 1,243
Average rating: 9.1
More Bad Than Good
Scott and his friends race to figure out how to catch the Werecoyote before it's hunted down while Derek and Peter are broken out of captivity by an unlikely ally.
User ratings: 884
Average rating: 8.8
The twins are back in high school and look to join Scott's pack while a killer escapes from hospital for his next target in high school.
User ratings: 1,029
Average rating: 9.0
Beacon Hills is under curfew from the power outage; the teens throw a blacklight Halloween party; Scott tries to earn Kira's trust.
User ratings: 984
Average rating: 9.1
The gang finally figures out who or what is behind the mask.
User ratings: 941
Average rating: 9.0
Stiles is kidnapped and the pack search for him.
User ratings: 1,513
Average rating: 9.4
Letharia Vulpina
Stiles is back and Scott must prevent a disaster; Lydia and Allison seek help from an unlikely source.
User ratings: 945
Average rating: 9.0
Echo House
Stiles is put into a mental hospital where he believes he will be safe from the Nogitsune. Will he be as far away from it as he thinks or closer than ever? Meanwhile Scott, Allison and Lydia look for a cure for Stiles.
User ratings: 1,424
Average rating: 9.2
The Fox and the Wolf
While Allison, Derek, Chris and Sheriff Stilinski try to track down Nogitsune, Kira's mother tells the story of the Nogitsune she came to know.
User ratings: 992
Average rating: 8.8
With the Nogitsune still in control of their friend, Scott and Lydia find an unlikely ally in Peter Hale. Elsewhere, the effects of the Nogitsune have given Chris, Alison and Kira some trouble with four out-of-control werewolves.
User ratings: 1,108
Average rating: 9.2
Scott and company race to rescue Lydia from the clutches of evil as the Nogitsune makes a surprise move, resulting in a tragic loss to the group.
User ratings: 1,311
Average rating: 9.3
The Divine Move
Struck by disaster and nearly defeated, Scott and Derek call on their friends and allies to make one last stand.
User ratings: 1,337
Average rating: 9.3
The Dark Moon
After the heartache of losing two of their own, Scott has an unexpected visit from an old friend. Does this mean they can reunite their pack or are there evil intentions at play?
User ratings: 1,258
Average rating: 8.9
Scott is anxious to end Kate's plan but first they must team up with an unlikely ally.
User ratings: 853
Average rating: 8.6
Whilst Stilinski investigates a murder, Scott has his place on the Lacrosse team threatened by a freshman.
User ratings: 970
Average rating: 9.0
The Benefactor
The gang must not only convince Liam that he is a werewolf, but must do it before the full moon that night. Lydia also finds out about the dead pool.
User ratings: 820
Average rating: 8.9
As another name is scratched off the list, Lydia is required to find the second key, thus revealing more targets. Scott, Stiles and Kira are on high alert after realizing that the assassin is on the lacrosse team.
User ratings: 866
Average rating: 8.9
With Violet's arrest, Garrett forces Scott to help get her back by using Liam as a bargaining chip. Stiles, Lydia and Jordan seek Meredith's help to uncover the third key.
User ratings: 761
Average rating: 8.7
A frantic call to the CDC has everyone paranoid, especially since it was designed to target werewolves. Scott, Malia and Kira lock themselves in the Hale vault, unaware of their salvation within their grasp.
User ratings: 1,088
Average rating: 9.1
Time of Death
With Noshiko's help, the team come up with a plan hoping to reveal the benefactor's identity. But Kate's arrival threatens to ruin it all. Malia comes face-to-face with Peter in the Hale vault, thus delving into her past.
User ratings: 826
Average rating: 8.8
After a vain attempt to kill Parrish, it's clear that almost everyone has access to the dead-pool. Lydia dives into her grandmother's past, uncovering yet another list which leads her to Eichen House. The team soon realizes no one is safe.
User ratings: 902
Average rating: 9.1
Meredith is brought in for questioning, but refuses to talk to anyone but Peter. Stiles and Malia head over to the lake house wherein lies the dead-pool. Scott, Derek, Kira and some others take a stand against the assassins out for blood.
User ratings: 751
Average rating: 8.8
A Promise to the Dead
Deaton visits Eichen House in a search for answers to Derek's situation; Liam's horrific hallucinations costs a win for the lacrosse team; Scott plans a magical night for Kira and himself which soon turns into a nightmare beyond imagination.
User ratings: 764
Average rating: 8.7
Smoke and Mirrors
In order to save the pack from Kate, Scott and Stiles return to La Iglesia.
User ratings: 1,014
Average rating: 9.1
Creatures of the Night
On the eve of the start of senior year, Scott and his pack are challenged by the arrival of a new enemy.
User ratings: 1,291
Average rating: 8.8
Lydia helps a student with nightmares, while Stiles is wary of a new classmate.
User ratings: 1,027
Average rating: 8.9
Scott tracks a dangerous shapeshifter that has been threatening Stilinski.
User ratings: 887
Average rating: 8.8
Condition Terminal
Stiles works on tracking down a fugitive; Liam tries to be Mason's wingman at a nightclub.
User ratings: 793
Average rating: 8.7
A Novel Approach
The pack enters Eichen House in order to learn more about the Dread Doctors.
User ratings: 1,178
Average rating: 9.1
Required Reading
Scott and his friends follow Dr. Valack's advice and experience strange effects as a result.
User ratings: 732
Average rating: 8.6
Strange Frequencies
Scott tries to trap one of the doctors. Meanwhile Stiles and Theo try to figure out who is taking the dead bodies.
User ratings: 719
Average rating: 8.6
Scott and Malia get help to try to find Hayden and Liam. Deaton discovers something horrific about the dread doctors. Hayden and Liam will be faced with a life and death situation.
User ratings: 694
Average rating: 8.5
Lies of Omission
While Scott turns to an unlikely ally for help, Stiles and Lydia try to uncover the truth about Parrish.
User ratings: 724
Average rating: 8.7
Status Asthmaticus
With both lives and friendships on the verge of being destroyed, Scott and his pack face their greatest enemy yet.
User ratings: 968
Average rating: 9.0
The Last Chimera
Scott, Malia, & Stiles scramble to find a way to save Sheriff Stilinski from an unknown toxin while Liam & Mason search for the whereabouts of Hayden's body and the other dead chimera bodies.
User ratings: 734
Average rating: 8.8
Damnatio Memoriae
Without the support of his pack, Scott considers that the Dread Doctor's success could mean for Beacon Hills.
User ratings: 673
Average rating: 8.6
Kira's mother sets out on a journey with Kira to help her maintain control of her dark side; Lydia receives a surprise at Eichen House.
User ratings: 694
Average rating: 8.5
The Sword and the Spirit
As Scott tries to put his pack back together, Malia and her new ally set out to rescue Deaton from The Desert Wolf.
User ratings: 630
Average rating: 8.7
After finding out that Lydia is in danger, Stiles makes a plan to break her out of Eichen House; Theo has his own plans as he joins Deucalion in a quest to kill Scott.
User ratings: 620
Average rating: 8.9
Lie Ability
While trapped in Eichen House with Theo and the Chimera pack, Scott tries to rescue Lydia before time runs out.
User ratings: 878
Average rating: 9.2
A Credible Threat
Scott and the pack try to use a charity lacrosse game to figure out the identity of the Beast.
User ratings: 592
Average rating: 8.6
Maid of Gévaudan
The Pack are trying to figure out how to defeat the Beast of Gévaudan that the Maid of Gévaudan, Marie-Jeanne Valet, faced in 1765. As Gerard Argent, recounts Valet's story to Scott's pack in hopes they can deduce the creature's weaknesses.
User ratings: 665
Average rating: 8.7
The Beast of Beacon Hills
Now that the beast's identity is known, Scott and his pack race against time to stop the Dread Doctors.
User ratings: 553
Average rating: 8.6
Loyalties are tested and new alliances forged as Scott and his friends work to stop the Beast before Beacon Hills is razed to the ground.
User ratings: 803
Average rating: 9.1
Memory Lost
A supernatural force crosses paths with Scott and his friends; Liam finds evidence of a new enemy at the high school.
User ratings: 1,351
Average rating: 9.3
While Scott, Lydia, and Malia search for lost memories of a missing friend, Corey discovers a connection between his abilities and The Wild Hunt.
User ratings: 736
Average rating: 8.8
While Scott, Lydia and Malia search for Stiles, Liam and the others throw a party to keep Gwen safe from the Ghost Riders.
User ratings: 655
Average rating: 8.7
Chris Argent and Malia Tate protect the others that were marked by the ghost riders. Scott, Liam, Hayden, Mason, and Corey help protect the lacrosse team from the ghost riders while Lydia tries to find clues about Stiles.
User ratings: 607
Average rating: 8.6
Radio Silence
Trapped inside the Wild Hunt, Stiles reunites with an unexpected ally while Scott, Lydia and Malia discover Stiles's Jeep may be connected to his disappearance.
User ratings: 1,231
Average rating: 9.5
Scott, Lydia and Malia search for clues about the Wild Hunt in a mysterious place called Canaan while Liam and Hayden resort to drastic measures in the fight against the Ghost Riders.
User ratings: 606
Average rating: 8.6
Scott and Liam make an attempt to capture a Ghost Rider; Malia and Peter try to find a way into the Wild Hunt.
User ratings: 613
Average rating: 8.8
Scott, Lydia and Malia decide to storm the rift and rescue Stiles. Liam, Hayden and Mason make a deal with Theo to learn Garrett Douglas's plan.
User ratings: 646
Average rating: 8.9
Memory Found
While Liam and Theo act as decoys, Scott, Lydia and Malia enact a desperate plan to try and remember Stiles.
User ratings: 850
Average rating: 9.2
Riders on the Storm
With the fate of Beacon Hills hanging in the balance, Scott and his pack face off against Douglas in a final showdown.
User ratings: 963
Average rating: 9.2
Said the Spider to the Fly
As Scott readies Beacon Hills for this imminent departure, a mysterious presence breaks out of Eichen House.
User ratings: 571
Average rating: 8.7
Raw Talent
Scott and Malia search for the owner of a unique bullet, fearing that a new breed of werewolf hunter has come to Beacon Hills. At the same time, Lydia must face her own fears of Eichen House.
User ratings: 473
Average rating: 8.1
After Images
While Scott and the others desperately pursue a missing werewolf, Melissa and Argent investigate the nature of a strange body.
User ratings: 468
Average rating: 8.0
Scott, Lydia and Malia have to take drastic measures to quell the growing violence in Beacon Hills, while Liam endures his own gauntlet at the high school.
User ratings: 437
Average rating: 8.4
Pressure Test
When Scott and the others try to protect two new werewovles, an unlikely ally joins the fight.
User ratings: 455
Average rating: 8.6
Liam and Theo attempt to draw the Hunters away from Beacon Hills.
User ratings: 423
Average rating: 8.3
Werewolves of London
After a shocking attack leaves the pack reeling, Scott sets out to recruit reinforcements.
User ratings: 455
Average rating: 8.8
The battle lines are drawn, with Scott's pack and Gerard's hunters ready for war.
User ratings: 395
Average rating: 8.4
Broken Glass
Chris turns to an unexpected ally, while Scott and Malia learn how to fight blindly with the help of Deucalion. Nolan warns Liam about everyone living in Beacon Hills.
User ratings: 429
Average rating: 8.6
The Wolves of War
Gerard initiates the final attack on the supernatural creatures of Beacon Hills
User ratings: 846
Average rating: 9.1
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