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The Cleveland Show

Seasons: 4
Episodes: 88
User ratings: 36,414
Average rating: 5.6

Animation, Comedy

The adventures of the Family Guy (1998) neighbor and former deli owner, Cleveland Brown.

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Episodes details table

After losing his house in a divorce settlement, Cleveland moves to Virginia and manages to rekindle an old flame with his high school sweetheart.
User ratings: 425
Average rating: 6.0
Da Doggone Daddy-Daughter Dinner Dance
Cleveland blows his chance to escort his new stepdaughter to a dance when he accidentally runs over the family dog.
User ratings: 291
Average rating: 6.1
The One About Friends
Cleveland gets Lester's son Ernie to become Cleveland Jr's friend, but later accidentally gets Ernie taken away from Lester by Child Services.
User ratings: 274
Average rating: 6.1
Birth of a Salesman
Tim gets Cleveland a job as a cable telemarketer. But when Cleveland does a better job than him, Tim wishes bad things on Cleveland.
User ratings: 242
Average rating: 6.4
Cleveland Jr. Cherry Bomb
Cleveland is embarrassed when Cleveland Jr. publicly announces that he will remain a virgin. But when he discovers how embarrassed Cleveland is, he vows to lose it.
User ratings: 227
Average rating: 6.5
Ladies' Night
Cleveland is upset when he finds out that Donna is still attending a single mothers' support group in order to have a good time. Meanwhile, Cleveland Jr. runs for student council president with Rallo as his adviser.
User ratings: 225
Average rating: 6.3
A Brown Thanksgiving
Cleveland celebrates his first Thanksgiving with his new family, including his own parents Cookie and Freight Train as well as Donna's Auntie Momma who all make a surprise visit to shake things up in Stoolbend. However, the holiday gets complicated when Roberta and Federline decide to celebrate on their own, and Cleveland discovers a surprising secret about Auntie Momma that changes his impression of her forever
User ratings: 252
Average rating: 6.7
From Bed to Worse
Rallo conspires to kick Cleveland out of his mom's bed so that he can have her all to herself, while Roberta blows off her job of keeping an eye on Cleveland Jr. while on a field trip to Washington D.C..
User ratings: 212
Average rating: 6.7
A Cleveland Brown Christmas
Cleveland gets drunk as a Santa Claus and shatters Rallo's Christmas by telling him that his biological father is a deadbeat.
User ratings: 218
Average rating: 6.6
Field of Streams
Cleveland convinces Junior to play for the high school baseball team, but can't hide his embarrassment after he finds out that he is terrible.
User ratings: 201
Average rating: 6.1
Love Rollercoaster
When Roberta's new teacher encourages Roberta to alter her appearance, Cleveland Jr. befriends the disguised Roberta and falls in love with her. Meanwhile, Cleveland comes up with an interesting new invention.
User ratings: 200
Average rating: 6.8
Our Gang
Cleveland tries to help some troubled teens at the high school get on the right path, but doesn't realize that in the process he's become a drug dealer.
User ratings: 205
Average rating: 6.8
Buried Pleasure
After Cleveland accidentally discovers Holt's embarrassing secret, he sets Holt up on a date with a woman who turns out to be abusive. Meanwhile, Rallo waits for Cleveland Jr. to pass his pet fish.
User ratings: 192
Average rating: 6.8
The Curious Case of Jr. Working at the Stool
Cleveland Jr. vows revenge on his father after he gets him a job at the Broken Stool but later conspires to get him fired.
User ratings: 207
Average rating: 7.3
Once Upon a Tyne in New York
Cleveland takes Donna on a belated honeymoon to New York, but Cleveland spends more time with his friends than her. Meanwhile, the kids try to sell a pilot to MTV, and Coach McFall tries to "rekindle a romance" with Tyne Daly.
User ratings: 194
Average rating: 6.7
The Brown Knight
Cleveland is hailed as a hero after he protects his wife from a robber at an ATM--even though that isn't exactly what really happened.
User ratings: 184
Average rating: 7.0
Gone with the Wind
Donna becomes angry when Cleveland experiences unexpected grief at his ex-wife Loretta's funeral.
User ratings: 196
Average rating: 6.7
Brotherly Love
Cleveland begins pimping out Terry for bachelorette parties as a "cable guy," and Cleveland Jr. gets on the bad side of Stoolbend's top rapper when he takes an interest in his girlfriend.
User ratings: 199
Average rating: 7.3
Brown History Month
Cleveland and Lester are ordered by a judge to work together on a float for the Stoolbend Unity Parade after they get in a fight, while Rallo launches a plan to steal Lester's Confederate flag.
User ratings: 184
Average rating: 6.5
Cleveland's Angels
After Cleveland loses Roberta's college fund to a crooked casino owner, he is forced to resort to extreme measures to get the money back.
User ratings: 177
Average rating: 6.8
You're the Best Man, Cleveland Brown
Cleveland's parents announce they are getting married and moving to Stoolbend. Cleveland Jr., fresh off inheriting his mom's fortune, offers to pay for the wedding. But can Cleveland and Freight Train play nice and get through it?
User ratings: 182
Average rating: 6.6
Harder, Better, Faster, Browner
Kenny West is a single dad and struggling rapper whom Cleveland takes under his wing in attempt to prove his own prowess after receiving some surprising news about his childhood basketball camp nemesis. Together, Cleveland and Kenny write, record and perform a new hit single, "Be-Cleve in Yourself." The track burns up the charts and ignites Kenny's new rap career, but leaves Cleveland behind in the dust.
User ratings: 176
Average rating: 6.5
Cleveland Live!
In an animation first, the episode offers the audience a behind-the-scenes look at the "filming" of the episode. When Cleveland and Donna attempt to celebrate their anniversary, their unruly kids and disruptive friends, including Donna's ex-husband, Robert, get in their way.
User ratings: 182
Average rating: 6.7
How Cleveland Got His Groove Back
After his confidence is shattered, Cleveland vows to find his mojo again, and decides that a family vacation to Africa will do the trick. While on a layover in Hawaii en route, Cleveland gets derailed by mai tais, the ocean and plenty of sunshine, and realizes a few days in paradise is actually what he needs.
User ratings: 152
Average rating: 6.6
It's the Great Pancake, Cleveland Brown
Cleveland crushes Cleveland Jr.'s spirit when he forbids him from trick-or-treating because he thinks he is too old. Junior reinvents himself as a "cool kid" and is invited to attend a Halloween party with Roberta. When Junior gets picked on and is unhappy with his new persona, Cleveland and the gang come to his rescue and encourage his enthusiasm for the holiday.
User ratings: 160
Average rating: 6.7
Little Man on Campus
Cleveland uses Holt to cheat and get Stoolbend's high school baseball team to win state.
User ratings: 163
Average rating: 6.7
Fat and Wet
Cleveland Jr. and Kendra fight discrimination against fat people, and Rallo nearly drowns in the new pool while Cleveland is supposed to be watching him.
User ratings: 164
Average rating: 6.5
Another Bad Thanksgiving
Donna's sister Janet comes to town for Thanksgiving, hooks up with Holt, and then runs off to Las Vegas with him and leaves her two children behind in Stoolbend.
User ratings: 156
Average rating: 6.7
Murray Christmas
Rallo befriends a Jewish man at the retirement home during the holidays, and Cleveland finally stands up to his father physically, but gives him a heart attack.
User ratings: 167
Average rating: 6.7
Beer Walk!
Donna, frustrated by her husband's laziness on the weekends, nags Cleveland to help her around the house and to do something more with his life. To prove to Donna he can be as charitable as her, Cleveland recruits his buddies from Quahog and Stoolbend to participate in the First Annual Charity Beer Walk. When Donna gets injured at the event, Cleveland has to take over the housework.
User ratings: 160
Average rating: 7.1
Ain't Nothin' But Mutton Bustin'
Cleveland and Rallo share a bonding experience through "mutton bustin'," but Rallo soon runs away with his sheep when he learns about his sheep's ultimate fate.
User ratings: 154
Average rating: 6.8
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Roberta?
After Cleveland and Donna argue over their individual parenting skills, Donna leaves Cleveland for the weekend so that he can take care of Roberta by himself.
User ratings: 181
Average rating: 6.5
Like a Boss
Cleveland is upset when Tim gets a promotion over him at Waterman Cable, so he tries to sabotage him. Meanwhile, Rallo takes advantage of Cleveland Jr. when he realizes that he thinks that Rallo's turtle can talk.
User ratings: 134
Average rating: 6.8
A Short Story and a Tall Tale
Cleveland gets in trouble after heckling the players at the NBA All Star Game, and Rallo makes friends with adult little person, who doesn't realize that Rallo is 5.
User ratings: 157
Average rating: 7.0
Terry Unmarried
After discovering that he's not married to Donna because her divorce was never finalized, Cleveland goes out on the town and accidentally discovers that Terry is gay. Meanwhile, Cleveland Jr. tries to cure Rallo of a disgusting habit.
User ratings: 158
Average rating: 6.5
The Blue, the Gray and the Brown
After he is tricked into defending a statue honoring a slave owner, Cleveland vows to get revenge by changing history and winning a Civil War battle reenactment for the North.
User ratings: 140
Average rating: 6.6
The Way the Cookie Crumbles
When Cleveland sees all of his childhood possessions around town, he learns that his parents, Freight Train and Cookie, have been selling his stuff to get money after being scammed out of their life savings. Together, Cleveland, Freight Train and their friends get together to bring down the con man who targeted their family. Meanwhile, Rallo gets a toy microphone and tries his hand at being a commentator, announcer and stand-up comic.
User ratings: 133
Average rating: 6.6
To Live and Die in Va.
When Lester invests in Cleveland's beer truck business and loses his life savings, he is so upset that he decides to take his own life - or does he? Meanwhile, Rallo is tired of getting his hair cut by his mom and opens his own barbershop in the kitchen.
User ratings: 137
Average rating: 6.8
The Essence of Cleveland
When Cleveland is reunited with his former high school classmate, "Fatty Patty," who is now skinny, beautiful and still has a crush on Cleveland, Donna becomes extremely jealous and wary of Patty's motives for wanting to be friends with Cleveland. Patty turns out to be a little crazy, and after she tries to steal Cleveland's "essence," Donna goes on the hunt to stop her.
User ratings: 158
Average rating: 7.1
Cleveland and his friends prepare to enter Stoolbend's annual boat race as a team, but when Cleveland's celebrity idol moves to town, Cleveland makes it priority to befriend him. And when his new pal invites him to join his boating team, Cleveland is forced to make a difficult decision. Meanwhile, Roberta gets wrapped up in her dreams of being a superstar.
User ratings: 148
Average rating: 6.5
Back to Cool
When Cleveland Jr. bonds with Donna's ex-husband, Robert, Cleveland becomes jealous that Jr. thinks Robert is so much cooler than him. In order to prove how cool he is to his son, Cleveland challenges Robert to a "Coolympics" competition.
User ratings: 140
Average rating: 6.8
Your Show of Shows
When Rallo and his pals Bernard and Theodore perform in the school talent show, their rap about fiscal responsibility is not well-received by their classmates. Meanwhile, after Cleveland gets his own cable-access television show, the reviews are less than positive so he takes some tips from the most successful daytime talk shows that appeal to women.
User ratings: 131
Average rating: 6.6
Hot Cocoa Bang Bang
Cleveland creates his own comic book superhero and takes the entire family to a comic book convention in San Diego, where he discovers that Donna was once the star of a blaxploitation film.
User ratings: 191
Average rating: 7.5
Cleveland finds out who his real friends are.
User ratings: 139
Average rating: 6.9
The Hurricane
A hurricane cancels the Browns' cruise plans and leaves them at home without food. During the ordeal, Cleveland Jr. also declares that he does not believe in God.
User ratings: 155
Average rating: 6.5
A Nightmare on Grace Street
When Cleveland and Rallo both have to come home early after getting scared while at their respective slumber parties, Donna makes them spend the night in a haunted house to prove how brave they both are. Elsewhere, Cleveland's new friend is on a murderous revenge rampage after being rejected by Cleveland and his other friends. Meanwhile, Roberta is stuck in a love triangle between a vampire and a werewolf.
User ratings: 136
Average rating: 6.6
Skip Day
Cleveland feels like his life is over after Cleveland Jr. stands up to him and kicks his ass. Meanwhile, Rallo tries to not get caught after a hit-and-run accident with Kendra.
User ratings: 115
Average rating: 6.8
Yemen Party
Cleveland poses as a woman as part of his plan to get Donna to appreciate him more, while Rallo uses Cleveland Jr. and his baby harness to get revenge on a playground bully.
User ratings: 125
Average rating: 6.5
Sex and the Biddy
Rallo suspicions that Murray's new girlfriend is a gold digger are confirmed, but not before it's too late, and Cleveland finds a shortcut to working out and improving his body to impress Donna.
User ratings: 134
Average rating: 6.7
Die Semi-Hard
To help pass time while posing in a holiday nativity scene, Cleveland tells his family his own version of one of his favorite holiday stories, "Die Hard." In Cleveland's version, when Waterman Cable Company is taken hostage on Christmas Eve by a group of terrorists, including Tim the Bear, Lester, Federline and Kendra, a barefoot Cleveland - wearing a tank-top much like the one Bruce Willis wore in the movie - must endure window-shattering shoot-outs and fist fights with his friends to save his wig-wearing wife, Donna, in a parody of the greatest holiday-themed blockbuster movie ever told.
User ratings: 205
Average rating: 7.6
Y Tu Junior Tambien
Cleveland is uncomfortable when Cleveland Jr. begins dating a Mexican girl who is hotter than his wife. But things get even worse when he marries her to keep her from being deported.
User ratings: 138
Average rating: 7.2
There Goes El Neighborhood
Cleveland tries to become more racially sensitive after Choni moves into the neighborhood, and Cleveland Jr. becomes jealous after he agrees to set up his new wife on a date with a classmate.
User ratings: 134
Average rating: 6.3
Dancing with the Stools
Donna dumps Cleveland as her partner in a dance competition in favor of Cleveland Jr., so Cleveland vows revenge. But things become awkward when Cleveland Jr. wants to bring their partnership to another level.
User ratings: 119
Average rating: 6.4
Brown Magic
Cleveland and Rallo create a successful ventriloquist act, but their partnership falls apart after Cleveland takes all the credit.
User ratings: 122
Average rating: 6.8
'Til Deaf
Cleveland temporarily loses his hearing after a hunting accident but soon discovers a new way to gain Donna's affection, while Roberta decides to run for student body president against incumbent Cleveland Jr..
User ratings: 122
Average rating: 6.6
Das Shrimp Boot
Cleveland winds up in rehab after he becomes addicted to energy pills. But when he leaves rehab to go on a cruise, he winds up being kidnapped by Somali pirates instead.
User ratings: 126
Average rating: 7.3
March Dadness
Cleveland becomes jealous of Freight Train's relationship with Cleveland Jr., so he finds a way to get back at him. Meanwhile, Rallo buys a classic Mustang off the Internet and goes out joyriding.
User ratings: 107
Average rating: 6.8
The Men in Me
Cleveland tries to win tickets to a Justin Bieber concert and gets labeled "The Whitest Black Man in America." He later discovers that his "whiteness" is the result of being partly raised by a white nanny.
User ratings: 120
Average rating: 6.8
Frapp Attack
A hip-hop producer comes to Stoolbend after a video featuring Cleveland goes viral. But instead of signing Cleveland, he decides he wants Cleveland's life for himself.
User ratings: 139
Average rating: 7.4
American Prankster
After Rallo's prank results in Cleveland Jr. Getting kicked out of the scouts, Cleveland launches an elaborate plan to teach him a lesson.
User ratings: 112
Average rating: 6.8
Cleveland takes Roberta on a recruiting trip to his alma mater so that he can go to homecoming and relive his glory days, while Cleveland Jr. tries to find a replacement for Larry the Leopard.
User ratings: 107
Average rating: 6.9
Jesus Walks
Cleveland Jr. pretends to be Christian to get a beautiful girl, but soon discovers that he has an equally deceptive competitor. Meanwhile, Cleveland and Donna lie to a disabled veteran to spare his feelings.
User ratings: 140
Average rating: 6.7
Flush of Genius
Cleveland tries to redeem himself in the eyes of his son and family after an embarrassing toilet accident, and Rallo finally becomes tall enough to ride a roller coaster.
User ratings: 110
Average rating: 6.7
Mama Drama
Cleveland's plan to bring in an actress to play Donna's long-lost mother backfires on him, but actually brings Donna's real mom out of hiding.
User ratings: 114
Average rating: 6.8
All You Can Eat
An image makeover helps Cleveland Jr. get a date to the prom, but his date thinks that he's a lesbian.
User ratings: 124
Average rating: 7.1
Escape from Goochland
On Halloween, Cleveland and the gang get in trouble with their Goochland rivals, Cleveland Jr. and Roberta dress as their parents, and Donna's costume gets her in trouble with the law.
User ratings: 140
Average rating: 7.1
Menace II Secret Society
Cleveland discovers that rapper Kenny West is a member of the "Hip Hop Illuminati," and Cleveland Jr. and friends form a different kind of garage band.
User ratings: 150
Average rating: 6.6
A General Thanksgiving Episode
Cleveland and the gang run into problems trying to start up a new Broken Stool at the Stoolbend airport, and Rallo reunites Holt with his estranged military father.
User ratings: 118
Average rating: 6.6
Turkey Pot Die
Cleveland and Cleveland Jr. try to rescue Lester's Thanksgiving turkeys, and Donna and Rallo enter a float in the Stoolbend Thanksgiving parade.
User ratings: 110
Average rating: 6.5
A Vas Deferens Between Men & Women
Donna wants to try and have another baby, but Cleveland doesn't tell her that he's had a vasectomy. Meanwhile, Rallo gets the lead in a local production of "Annie."
User ratings: 103
Average rating: 6.2
'Tis the Cleveland to Be Sorry
Cleveland pretends to be homeless for the holidays to get free stuff from the local shelter, and Roberta helps Kendra achieve her wish to become a department store Santa.
User ratings: 126
Average rating: 6.6
Hustle 'N' Bros
Cleveland asks Donna's ex husband Robert to teach him how to be a hustler, and Cleveland Jr. and Rallo make money by finding lost dogs.
User ratings: 112
Average rating: 6.4
The Wide World of Cleveland Show
A look at the Mexican, Italian, German and Japanese versions of The Cleveland Show.
User ratings: 133
Average rating: 6.3
Here Comes the Bribe
Cleveland and Donna renew their vows.
User ratings: 112
Average rating: 6.2
When a Man (or a Freight Train) Loves His Cookie
Cookie leaves Freight Train for P-Funk's George Clinton. Meanwhile, Cleveland Jr. pretends to take an office job so that he can have a desk.
User ratings: 110
Average rating: 6.2
Cleveland loses his job at Waterman Cable but doesn't tell Donna about his six months of severance pay. Meanwhile, Rallo convinces Roberta to dump Federline and find a black boyfriend.
User ratings: 108
Average rating: 6.4
Pins, Spins and Fins... (Shark Story Cut for Time)
Cleveland and the guys go to an abandoned amusement park in an attempt to bring life back into their friendship, and Donna inflates and then shatters Rallo's self-worth.
User ratings: 105
Average rating: 6.7
A Rodent Like This
Donna and the kids stay with her mom while Cleveland is supposed to kill a rat, but he makes it his pet instead. Meanwhile, Cleveland Jr. And Rallo pretend to be super spies.
User ratings: 106
Average rating: 6.7
The Hangover: Part Tubbs
Donna goes behind Cleveland's back and hires a replacement to pose as her husband as she runs for school board, and Cleveland Jr. wants to join the diving team but is uncomfortable with the speedo uniform.
User ratings: 111
Average rating: 6.5
California Dreamin' (All the Cleves Are Brown)
The Browns move to Los Angeles and get new lives after Donna pulls some strings and gets Cleveland his dream job as a scout for the L.A. Dodgers.
User ratings: 115
Average rating: 6.9
Who Done Did It?
Cleveland goes to jail for killing Lydia Waterman, but Freight Train sets out to prove that he is innocent, with the help of Cleveland Jr. and Rallo.
User ratings: 108
Average rating: 7.4
Fist & the Furious
Cleveland and the guys become friends with Cleveland's doctor, and Cleveland Jr. and Rallo's new food service venture gets some unwanted competition.
User ratings: 115
Average rating: 6.5
Squirt's Honor
Rallo becomes part of a candy bar selling scam after joining the scouts, and Cleveland and Donna are forced to work to pay off their hotel bill.
User ratings: 107
Average rating: 6.4
Grave Danger
Cleveland and the guys get paid to attend funerals, and Rallo gets in trouble with a group of kids from the bad part of town.
User ratings: 109
Average rating: 6.7
Of Lice & Men
Rallo is teased for his "peanut head" after a lice outbreak at school, and the guys get Cleveland in trouble while he is house-sitting for Cookie and Freight Train.
User ratings: 105
Average rating: 6.7
Mr. & Mrs. Brown
Cleveland and Cookie pose as husband and wife to get into a private club, and Cleveland Jr. is forced to do "hard time" when Rallo doesn't confess to stealing a candy bar.
User ratings: 107
Average rating: 6.4
Crazy Train
Everybody thinks that Freight Train may be going crazy, and Cleveland Jr. and Rallo steal a cherry picker from a construction site.
User ratings: 113
Average rating: 6.2
Wheel! Of! Family!
Donna is horrified when her mother and her ex-husband become romantically involved, and Cleveland Jr. takes a pole-dancing class at the Y.
User ratings: 116
Average rating: 6.7
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