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The End of the F***ing World

Seasons: 1
Episodes: 8
User ratings: 86,273
Average rating: 8.1

Adventure, Comedy, Drama

James is 17 and is pretty sure he is a psychopath. Alyssa, also 17, is the cool and moody new girl at school. The pair make a connection and she persuades him to embark on a road trip in search of her real father.

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Season 1


Episodes details table

Episode #1.1
Alyssa is teen angst personified. She feels estranged from her mother, hates her stepfather and rejects pretty much everyone she meets - until one day she sees James sitting alone.
User ratings: 2,587
Average rating: 8.0
Episode #1.2
Alyssa's demand for sex in the car leads to James crashing it, leaving them stranded. They accept a lift from family man Martin but when Alyssa catches him touching James up she blackmails him into giving her his wallet. Using the money to book a room in a hotel she rings home but Tony refuses to let her speak to Gwen whilst Phil phones the police.
User ratings: 2,239
Average rating: 7.8
Episode #1.3
Alyssa persuades James that they should hide out by squatting in a house whose owner is away. She wants sex but again he refuses so she picks up a total stranger called Topher but changes her mind and throws him out.
User ratings: 2,426
Average rating: 8.6
Episode #1.4
James is struck by Alyssa's calmness as they dispose of any evidence linking them to Clive Koch, the man he killed, scattering disturbing photos taken by Clive around the corpse. Clive's mother finds him and calls the police, and Topher, who dropped his wallet in the house, is questioned, naming Alyssa and James. Alarmed that James was carrying a knife Alyssa leaves him and, realizing now that he is not a psychopath, James calls the police.
User ratings: 2,008
Average rating: 8.2
Episode #1.5
James goes to the police but, rather than reporting the murder, tells DC Onslow how, when he was six, his depressed mother Vanessa committed suicide, before running off and reuniting with Alyssa. Meanwhile the discovery of Phil's car leads policewomen Eunice and Teri to finding the link between Alyssa and James whilst the murder weapon is also located where James hid it.
User ratings: 1,976
Average rating: 8.2
Episode #1.6
Stealing another car the fugitive couple set off to find Alyssa's father, almost getting caught at a service station, making a narrow escape thanks to the suspicious owner's rebellious son. Meanwhile Eunice and Teri establish that the knife belonged to James as well as discovering Clive's dark past which suggests that he may have been killed in self-defence.
User ratings: 1,957
Average rating: 8.3
Episode #1.7
Whilst Gwen and Phil are shown CCTV footage of the garage robbery Alyssa and James reach her father Leslie's seaside trailer home. Alyssa is very happy when he makes them welcome but James is perturbed by his child-like eccentricity - and drug-dealing - and feels excluded from the family reunion. Then Leslie sees on TV that the couple are wanted by the police, who, tipped off by Leslie's angry ex-girlfriend Debbie, are closing in on them.
User ratings: 1,897
Average rating: 7.9
Episode #1.8
After Leslie runs over and kills a dog and she discovers he has a son by Debbie Alyssa becomes disenchanted with her father and suggests to James they escape in Leslie's boat but he is wise to them and, seeking the reward offered, rings the police. Teri and Eunice arrive shortly afterwards and James shocks Alyssa with his plan of action for their survival.
User ratings: 2,407
Average rating: 8.9
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