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The Inbetweeners

Seasons: 3
Episodes: 18
User ratings: 71,340
Average rating: 8.3


Follows four friends and their antics during their final years of school.

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First Day
After his father and mother split, straight laced and slightly nerdish sixth former Will McKenzie has to start his twelfth year at public school - Rudge Park Comprehensive - instead of private school since his mother can no longer afford the private school tuition. Although Will was bullied at private school, his life at Rudge Park seems to be even worse when he gets into the bad books of Mr. Gilbert, the head of the sixth form, and he seems destined to be labeled as one of the freaks of the student body. Will will do anything to get out of being one of the freaks and insinuates himself into social group only marginally above the freaks. This group includes big talking and sex-obsessed Jay Cartwright, dimwitted Neil Sutherland, and Simon Cooper, whose primary focus in life is his crush on his childhood friend, Carli D'Amato. The first social function Will attends with them is the traditional sixth form pub night at the Black Horse Pub, this tradition despite all the students being underage. To prove himself, Will tries to take charge by trying to buy beer at the pub for his new mates. Beyond ID issues, they face venue problems and the wrath of the school bully, Mark Donovan. But Will's long term saving grace with his new mates may be their lust for Will's beautiful mother, Polly McKenzie.
User ratings: 801
Average rating: 7.8
Bunk Off
The four bunk off School and get drunk. Simon tells Carli D'amato he loves her by writing it on her drive way in big letters. It ends badly when Simon and Will's parents find out what they've been doing all day.
User ratings: 788
Average rating: 8.5
Thorpe Park
One of the things that Will has learned in his first term at a coed school is that girls prefer boys who drive and own cars. As the oldest in his social circle, Simon is the one who must lead the charge of the four into the driving world, if only his driving skills were up to the challenge. Miraculously, he passes his driving test (with a little unexpected assistance from his less than scrupulous driving examiner), after which the four plan on taking a road trip in the new car Simon's parents have promised him. Their destination is Thorpe Park - an amusement park - as Neil has just informed them he has a job there. They will take advantage of Neil's employee freebies while picking up girls. Their plans hit one obstacle after another stemming primarily from different priorities among the four based on incidents of the day. But nothing will stop Will from his goal of the four of them being in the four front seats while riding the Nemesis Inferno roller coaster. By the end of the day, Will's "girls and cars" lesson needs some minor edits for their specific situation in life.
User ratings: 700
Average rating: 8.1
A party at Wendy Dean's house is where all the uncool but at least party invitable kids - including Will, Simon, Jay and Neil - are hanging out. Wendy makes the unlikely statement that popular Charlotte Hinchcliffe will be coming. Surprisingly, Charlotte does show up and takes a liking to Will. Will may have to tread lightly with Charlotte as she used to date, or still may be dating Will's nemesis, Mark Donovan. Regardless, Will ends up having a date with Charlotte in a week's time, with the promise of sex. Will's budding relationship with Charlotte threatens his friendships with Simon, Neil and Jay. Meanwhile Jay is a bit evasive about hanging out with a guy who becomes known as his football friend. And Neil strategizes about how to attract the right girl in his upcoming appearance on the school's Blind Date charity event.
User ratings: 651
Average rating: 8.0
Caravan Club
When Jay, as sex-obsessed as ever, tells the other boys that Camber Sands Caravan Park is a hot-bed for swingers they decide to call his bluff and go along for the weekend. This involves sharing with Jay's parents, which gives the boys an insight into just why Jay is the way he is. Needless to say Simon and Will's pick-ups at the club dance are also not what they seem.
User ratings: 654
Average rating: 8.2
Xmas Party
Will, the only candidate, is elected Chair of the school's Christmas Prom Committee - the school's first ever Christmas Prom - and he wants to look the part by hiring a suit. Mr. Cooper, with his old fashioned mentality, helps Will and boys in this respect by sending them to his tailor. Chairman Will rules the Committee by dictatorship, but delegates key responsibilities to his friends. Jay wants to be DJ. And they're thrilled to be in charge of handing out the drink vouchers as they can get the girls of their dreams drunk. A crimp in the plans may be the fact of Mr. Gilbert being one of the chaperons, although Neil, Jay and Simon are excited about Miss Timms, the only female teacher under thirty at the school, being the other. Beyond the prom organization, Will still has Charlotte Hinchcliffe on his mind - despite the constant threats from Donovan to stay away from her - and the speculation if she only agreed to sleep with him on a dare or bet. Simon is hoping to take Carli to the prom, still despite the fact of her dating Tom (which Simon has blocked out of his reality). Simon has a plan all worked out with Jay to sweep Carli off her feet. Will feels his cachet will either skyrocket or come crashing to the ground based on how the evening goes.
User ratings: 613
Average rating: 8.0
The Field Trip
It's the start of Will's second term at Rudge Park Comprehensive. His sociology class, taught by Mr. Kennedy, is on its annual multi-day field trip to the English seaside town of Swanage, where, as Jay states, a local woman always takes one student under her sexual wing. Although not in that class, Neil, acting as Mr. Kennedy's assistant, decides to tag along. The coach ride promises to be a boring affair until Will, solely out of circumstance, has to sit next to the pretty Irish and seemingly innocent transfer student, Lauren Harris. Over the course of the field trip, Jay tries to find his local sexual guide. Neil hangs out with Mr. Kennedy in ways the others deem inappropriate. And Will tries to get to know Lauren better, while Lauren seems to want to get to know Simon better, he who doesn't mind despite still lusting after Carli. Lauren's advances ultimately place Simon in a quandary as Carli also seems to want to hang out with him as the field trip progresses. But by the end of the trip, the four guys need to have a close encounter with each other out of survival.
User ratings: 676
Average rating: 8.5
Work Experience
It's Valentine's Day. Discounting the several Valentine's Jay wrote to himself pretending that they're from horny girls and the one Will got from a family member, the only Valentine's received by one of the foursome was to Simon from Hannah Fields, a girl in the year behind his. Simon wants to keep the fact of receiving this Valentine a secret from his crush, Carli. Regardless of not receiving one from her, Will has a non-date date later that week with Charlotte to hang out while she works at an under 18's club. Conversely, Will considers this to be a true date. Valentine's Day also marks the date that the work experience assignments are handed out. Despite being an obvious mix-up, Mr. Gilbert refuses to change Will's assignment to work in a garage with Neil's assignment to work at a local newspaper. Will gets off on the wrong foot with his garage colleagues. Later that week at the under 18's club, the foursome get into one predicament after another, including Will with one of his garage mates who's there to see if Will's boasting about his "girlfriend" Charlotte are true, Simon with Hannah, and all with twelve year old tough guy Danny Moore who has it in for Simon. Will's attempt to solve all their problems of the evening have an unexpected result.
User ratings: 613
Average rating: 8.0
Will's Birthday
Simon, Jay and Neil are debating on whether to crash Louise Graham's party, she who is becoming more and more popular, or go to Will's seventeenth birthday dinner, to which he invited them a month in advance. They feel they have no choice but to go to Will's dinner. Will insists that each bring a girl so that it is a proper, sophisticated dinner party, but that request might be a tall order since all the popular girls will be at Louise's party. Another last minute invitee to Will's dinner is Patrice, an exotically handsome, chain-smoking, Arab hating French exchange student staying with the Coopers. Simon convinces Will to ask Charlotte, despite the debacle that was their last meeting at the under 18's club. Charlotte doesn't really answer leaving Will wondering if she'll show up. Simon vows to ask Carli. But by the time Will's party rolls around, it is devoid of any estrogen except for the stripper Jay and Neil hired but have no money to pay. As such, the guys decide their best option to pick up girls is to go to Louise's party, despite not being formally invited to it. There, Will does whatever he can to make the most of what is turning out to be a horrible birthday.
User ratings: 614
Average rating: 8.1
Night Out in London
Will feels that he and his groups of friends have not only fallen into a rut, but a rut that turns off girls. So he proposes they do something different this weekend that would be exciting to girls: go clubbing in London. The prospect scares Simon, who refuses to drive to the big city. Neil, newly licensed and with a car (both facts which he only now tells his friends despite having had both for a while), offers to drive. Jay, who brags that he goes into London regularly to shag girls, is in. And Simon finally agrees when Carli says that she will go (inferring that she'll be at the specified club, but that this is not a date with Simon, which is what he still believes). Will is even more buoyed when Rachel, giving him what he believes are signals that she's interested in him, also says she'll be there with Carli. The boys' first snag is misinterpreting Neil's offer. They hit another snag with the transportation issue most specifically in London. And another problem arises in actually getting into the club specifically because of Simon, who will do anything to get in and be with Carli. Once inside, will their self-reinvention have the intended effects?
User ratings: 605
Average rating: 8.0
The Duke of Edinburgh Awards
Mr. Gilbert, who has no interest in the program, appoints Will as the school's liaison to the Duke of Edinburgh's (DoE) Awards, which the school has just signed onto. Will is excited as he believes winning a DoE will look good on his resume. He talks Simon and Neil - the latter who believes he will meet Prince Philip in the process - into participating in the program, although Jay has no interest whatsoever. Much to Simon and Neil's chagrin, Will, as part of the program, signs them up to do volunteer work at a seniors' home. The reason?: Will's former babysitter, a pretty twenty-something woman named Daisy, also volunteers there, she who Will fancies. Will does whatever he can to get into her good graces. Meanwhile, Simon's parents are having marital problems, and Simon has to act as a "friend" to each individually, which unfortunately for him means hearing about, among other things, their sex life. Simon has to balance his parents' needs with his volunteer work. When Simon isn't available for the work at the seniors' home, Will gets Jay to fill in, he who will only do it for a fee. As Will does get closer to Daisy, issues with Will's pubic hair and with Jay's need to relieve his sexual energy may put a crimp on both Will's sexual and DoE quests.
User ratings: 586
Average rating: 8.1
Exam Time
It's the end of term exam time, when many are thinking about studying. Will is pretending to do so, but really is not doing much of anything in avoiding studying. And when he finally gets to studying, he's reading the words in his textbooks, but they mean nothing to his brain. Simon has a study date with Carli at his house. He focuses on the date aspect more than the studying aspect. His focus on pursuing Carli becomes even more intense when he just learns what is supposed to be common knowledge directly from her that she and Tom have split. As such, he even helps her with courses that he isn't taking while forgoing studying for his own courses just to be with her. Neil is wondering how best to study for his courses, such as physical education. And Jay is skipping studying altogether as he has just started seeing an actual girl named Chloe, although Chloe does not want things to progress beyond kissing yet. For the first time in his life, Jay is honest to his mates about the nature of his relationship with a girl. After the exam period is over, which yields mixed results for the four (Will's based in part on his excessive consumption of energy drinks to stay awake to study), the guys head to the pub, with Simon and Jay hoping to advance their burgeoning new relationships with Carli and Chloe respectively, and Will facing his recent embarrassment head on.
User ratings: 574
Average rating: 8.5
The Fashion Show
It's the start of Will's second year at Rudge Park Comprehensive. One new thing at the school is that Jay can now drive and is allowed to drive his mother's car. Although the Cartwright's car is nicer than Simon's, Jay's driving is equally as bad as Simon's but in a different way. One thing that has not changed in Will's mind is that all the popular kids at the school admire themselves, as witnessed by the charity fashion show they are putting on in support of Alastair Scott, a student who has been absent from school for the past year while he was on dialysis and waited for a kidney donor, which has now been found. Although Will supports the charity, he doesn't support the fashion show. Regardless he is forced by Mr. Gilbert to work as the money collector at the door, where he still vows to hold his protest. Will's view of the event changes after he meets Alastair and after he learns of a special guest model. Neil volunteers to be one of the dressers, believing he will be dressing the girls. Jay, with newly pierced left ear, believes he will definitely be asked to model. He hasn't, much to his disbelief, although Simon has, since Carli is one of the organizers. Simon's biggest concern is that he doesn't have a boner thinking about Carli while walking the catwalk, but that changes when Carli asks him to do a more revealing assignment as a last minute substitute, that assignment which ends up being more revealing than anyone would have thought.
User ratings: 602
Average rating: 8.3
The Gig and the Girlfriend
Simon forgets about Carli for a moment when he meets Tara, a lower sixth former who Simon has noticed for the first time since, in Tara's words, she's just dyed her hair and grown tits. Despite thinking Simon the epitome of straight-laced suburban, Tara invites him to a gig where the band Fail-Safe will be performing. Simon, never having been to a gig, agrees to go with her. Believing that's what you do at gigs and to impress Tara, he volunteers to bring the marijuana, despite never having done drugs. Based on earlier bragging about having drug dealer contacts, Jay is tasked with getting the marijuana, which ends up being a little more difficult than he imagines. At the gig, Neil is content with mixing his father's sleeping pills with Ribena and red wine, while Jay and Simon cautiously try smoking the joint, as does a more adventurous Tara, who had also never smoked before. And conservative Will, eventually buckling under the pressure, decides to eat a wad. The effects of the drugs on the five are somewhat predictable to thinking people, but unfortunately none of the five was thinking at the time.
User ratings: 600
Average rating: 8.3
Will's Dilemma
It's Neil eighteenth birthday. From his absent mother, Neil receives a motorbike, which Jay promptly ruins. From his father, Neil receives a birthday party - period. In addition to the family members in attendance, Neil is allowed invite ten friends - if he only had ten friends. In addition to Will, Simon and Jay, Neil wants Simon to invite his new girlfriend Tara, about who he can't stop talking. Simon and Tara's relationship may hit a bump in the road after he meets her parents. Unbeknown to Will, Simon and Will's upcoming plans to go see a movie at the shopping center's cinema will include Tara and Tara's friend Kerry, which the women consider a double date. Even though Will has yet to even meet Kerry, Neil wants Will to invite her to the party as well. After meeting Kerry, Will has mixed emotions. He doesn't fancy her at all as in addition to thinking that she's boring, she's also taller than he is and bigger than he is. But Simon has told him that Kerry willingly gives blow jobs, which Will wouldn't mind getting. As Will struggles about what to do with the Kerry situation, Kerry, who ends up attending the party, believes that she and Will are boyfriend/girlfriend. Simon forgets to tell Will a vital piece of information about Kerry until after he's made his decision about what to do. Meanwhile, Neil and Jay run into an unexpected person at the shopping center, which ultimately gets them into a bit of trouble.
User ratings: 554
Average rating: 8.0
Trip to Warwick
Tara, a virgin, wants to have sex with Simon, who is also a virgin. Wanting it not to be tawdry, Tara plans on where they should do the deed that is somewhat private from both sets of their parents but still comfortable: at Tara's sister Sophie's place, she who is at college in Warwick. Simon receives advice from his mates on how to proceed and what to do during the actual act. To be on hand just in case Simon doesn't know what to do, Jay and Neil tag along to Warwick, with Will also wanting to go not to feel left out. The five-some is much to Tara's chagrin. But while Tara and Simon have their quiet time together, the guys plan to hang out with Sophie, her two flatmates, Heike and Lewis, and their friends Joe and Daniel, all who attend Warwick. Will gets a look at what life at college will be like, this view which is totally different than what he had expected or hoped. Jay, based on information from Lewis, Joe and Daniel, dreams about getting some with a slightly under the weather Heike. Neil has an accident based on his over-consumption of orangeade. And as Tara and Simon proceed with their plan, its joy or lack thereof is affected by Simon taking specifically Jay's advice on sex.
User ratings: 571
Average rating: 8.5
Will Is Home Alone
Mr. Gilbert threatens to ruin Will's college applications unless he rat on whoever vandalized the village's flower bed display. Although Will truly did not know who did it when Mr. Gilbert asked him, he soon finds out it was Jay and Neil. Meanwhile, much to Will's chagrin, his mom has gone away for the weekend to meet up with a male college chum named Fergus, with who she had recently got reacquainted on Facebook. Beyond now being able to wank off over her on the Internet and wanking off over the thought of her having sex with Fergus, Will's mates want him to have a party at his house while she's away. Will refuses his mates' request. But not wanting to be alone for the weekend, Will invites Neil to stay for the weekend. Simon can't make it due to a father/son golf tournament, and Jay is Will's last choice since he would probably try to get in Polly's underwear drawer, especially in his increased sexually frustrated state over not being able to masturbate at home in front of his dog, Benji. It does balloon into a "party" (but not in Will's mind) when Jay infiltrates the house and Simon stops by between rounds, the three who end up being less than perfect house guests. But as all four consume a lot of beer, they end up having a close encounter with some more flower beds, and Jay comes up with a more permanent solution to the Benji problem. In the sober light of day, neither action seems like such a good idea.
User ratings: 552
Average rating: 8.2
Camping Trip
Neil's life takes a major turn when he discovers that a one-nighter - his first ever full blown sexual encounter with intercourse - has resulted in the woman becoming pregnant. Simon believes his life is even worse than Neil's when his father tells him that because of his job, the family is moving to Swansea, Wales in two weeks time. Thinking he only has two weeks to declare his love to Carli before losing the opportunity forever, Simon, while drunk, makes a grand gesture to Carli which turns wrong. To get Simon and Neil out of their funk, Will proposes that the four mates, as one last grand hurrah, go on a camping trip to a secluded lakeside site, where they can get pissed together. As Will makes the preparations for the weekend, the other three, upon arriving at the intended destination, decide to take control away from Will. As the day progresses into night, the four realize that they're not much on camping in the great outdoors, especially as one problem arises after another. But a cell phone game initiated by Jay has some illuminating results.
User ratings: 571
Average rating: 8.4
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