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The Killing

Seasons: 4
Episodes: 44
User ratings: 88,149
Average rating: 8.2

Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

A police investigation, the saga of a grieving family, and a Seattle mayoral campaign all interlock after the body of 17-year-old Rosie Larsen is found in the trunk of a submerged car.

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On her last day of work, homicide detective Sarah Linden is drawn into a new case about the disappearance of a teenage girl, Rosie Larsen. Mitch and Stan Larsen frantically try to track down their daughter when they learn she did not show up at school. City Councilman Darren Richmond prepares for an important forum with the Mayor as the election nears.
User ratings: 1,486
Average rating: 8.3
The Cage
The investigation into Rosie's killer begins as Sarah and Holder question the missing girl's parents, Stan and Mitch, as well as Rosie's friends and City Councilman Richmond. Rosie's school becomes a potential murder site when Sarah and Holder uncover shocking evidence on campus. Heartbroken and grief-stricken, Mitch and Stan face the aftermath of losing their daughter.
User ratings: 1,092
Average rating: 8.2
El Diablo
City Councilman Richmond suspects a leak within his own team, causing a shakeup in his campaign. Sarah and Holder track down a potential witness to the murder and are led to a new suspect. Mitch shuts down completely, forcing Stan to take on both parenting roles as his family grapples with the reality of losing Rosie.
User ratings: 1,032
Average rating: 8.1
A Soundless Echo
Sarah and Holder pressure Rosie's former boyfriend, Jasper, for answers and interview a new suspect. An emotionally vulnerable Stan and Mitch plan their daughter's funeral. Rosie's best friend, Sterling, reveals some surprising truths about Rosie's life. With a campaign that is struggling financially, Richmond attends a posh party in the hopes of raising funds.
User ratings: 925
Average rating: 8.0
Super 8
Rosie's teacher provides Sarah and Holder with a new piece of evidence. Richmond's campaign team plans a new anti-crime television commercial. Mitch continues to struggle with the loss of her daughter, while Stan becomes more determined to find Rosie's killer, and asks his colleague Belko for help.
User ratings: 926
Average rating: 8.0
What You Have Left
Sarah and Holder question a suspect's family and neighbors. Tension mounts between Richmond and his campaign advisor, Gwen, as his team prepares for an important debate with the Mayor. Rosie's funeral takes place. Stan takes matters into his own hands.
User ratings: 918
Average rating: 8.2
After Rosie's wake, Stan take Bennet Ahmed for a ride, intent on taking his revenge. Linden's relationship with her fiancé faces a crisis as she and her son Jack miss their flight. Linden re-interviews Amber Ahmed who reveals that she was not entirely truthful as to her whereabouts on the night Rosie disappeared. Along with Holder, Linden visits a local mosque to see if they can get a lead on Bennet's friend Mohammed. Someone slips them an address which leads them to an interesting encounter. On the campaign trail, Darren Richmond is pre-occupied with an upcoming parole hearing for the drunk driver who killed his wife. He refuses to ask Ahmet to resign from his main community project and pays a heavy price at a City council meeting.
User ratings: 886
Average rating: 8.1
Having possibly ruined a long-term terrorist investigation, Linden and Holder face the prospect of having their case shut down completely. The Feds aren't cooperating so Linden takes matters into her own hands, confirming that a key piece of evidence, Rosie's sweater, is at the scene. Shut out of the case as a result, it's left to Holder to suggest a solution on how they might go forward. Darren Richmond meanwhile attends the parole hearing for the drunk driver who killed his wife. He decides to release the information they've obtained on the Mayor's extra-curricular activities. Linden's personal life is in a shambles. Her fiancé is refusing to return her calls and her son Jack is lashing out at what he sees as his mother's lack of interest in him. Mitch and Stan Larsen's relationship begins to deteriorate after they begin to blame each other for happened to Rosie.
User ratings: 878
Average rating: 8.1
The police make a shocking realization; Richmond contemplates dropping out of the race; the Larson's are fed up with the police.
User ratings: 879
Average rating: 8.4
I'll Let You Know When I Get There
The cops regroup while Richmond goes up in the polls. Stan faces consequences for his ill-thought out actions, leaving Mitch alone to keep the family afloat.
User ratings: 880
Average rating: 8.3
When Linden gets a call from her son's school saying he hasn't been there for three days, she and Holder travel across the city to find him.
User ratings: 1,026
Average rating: 7.8
Beau Soleil
The police connect Rosie to a suspicious website. The waterfront project is halted. Stan faces his demons while Mitch learns secrets she never knew about Rosie.
User ratings: 976
Average rating: 8.8
Orpheus Descending
The police learn that Rosie was a prostitute and was somehow connected to Jamie and Richmond. Richmond drops out of the race. Meanwhile, Stan and Mitch face another horrible death.
User ratings: 1,073
Average rating: 8.5
Now aware that her partner has forged the key piece of evidence that led to the arrest of mayoral candidate Darren Richmond, Det. Linden again delays her departure. Linden tells her boss and he gives her the okay to continue the investigation. She is beginning to see the possibility of a larger conspiracy. Richmond is seriously injured and in a coma. His staffers Jamie and Gwen are at the hospital waiting for news from the doctors and are desperately trying to get in touch with his next-of-kin, his sister. Holder seems lost and doesn't quite understand what is going on. The police have arrested the shooter, who is Stan's employee Belko. At home Stan is having problems not only with Rosie's death but also with the fact that Mitch has left. He's stunned when Linden tells him Richmond is innocent and the charges will be dropped. He asks Terry to stay with them. At the police station, Belko has a run-in with the police.
User ratings: 845
Average rating: 8.3
My Lucky Day
Stan is shocked when he finds that someone has left Rosie's backpack on his doorstep. He contacts Holder who takes possession of it and hesitantly agrees to provide some police protection. Oakes is quite specific about what he wants Holder to do with the backpack. Holder plans a little subterfuge of his own. Richmond awakens from his coma and learns that he is paralyzed from the waist down. Linden gets some key information from Gwen who also gives her a key to Richmond's apartment. There she finds information that begins to explain just what he was doing the night Rosie was killed. Holder is desperate to speak to Linden but she will have nothing to do with him. A frustrated Stan turns to Janek to get satisfaction.
User ratings: 791
Average rating: 8.2
Mitch is on the road but can't help seeing Rosie anywhere she looks. Linden continues to track Rosie's movements after she was last seen at the casino just after midnight. She's also trying to learn the identity of the man with the strange tattoo. She learns of Rosie's backpack from Stan and gets it from the now retired Lt. Oakes. She quickly realizes that Holder switched the backpacks. There's a fire at the shoe store where the Beausoleil escort service kept its computers. CCTV footage from the area around the store shows the man with the tattoo driving one of Stan's trucks. Darren Richmond is determined to continue his campaign. Gwen is thinking of leaving Seattle and taking a position in Washington. Stan is upset when Janek gives a gift to one of his boys as he doesn't want them to know about his past.
User ratings: 747
Average rating: 7.8
Ogi Jun
Linden and Holder continue their search for the man with the odd tattoo. They eventually identify him as Alexi Giffords, a young man with a long juvenile record who lived in foster care for 10 years. They also find that he lives 3 blocks from the Larsens. They're also keeping an eye on Stan Larsen and begin to wonder if he is back with the mob. Stan goes to pick-up Belko Royce's remains only to learn that Janek has already taken care of it. Holder tell Linden that he thought the incriminating photo of Richmond was legit and he just put his trust in the wrong people. Darren Richmond meanwhile begins his therapy and the Mayor pays him a visit, promising to support him in the next election. As if she doesn't have enough on her hands, Linden learns from her ex-husband's attorney that he will be seeking joint custody.
User ratings: 640
Average rating: 8.1
Ghosts of the Past
Holder and Linden learn that Alexi Giffords' father was killed by Stan Larsen when Stan was still doing muscle work for Janek. They arrest him but Lt. Carlson gives them only 8 hours to get a confession. Alexi denies any involvement in Rosie's death but the police realize Rosie was in trouble having found a voice mail message from her saying 'I saw him again'. Alexi says Rosie had also learned a family secret. Mitch has yet to contact anyone in the family and her parents are worried. They're also openly questioning whether Stan is fit to take care of the boys. Mitch gets to know the teenage girl from the motel and buys her lunch. Darren Richmond decides to drop out of the race for mayor, much to Jamie's consternation. At the end of a long day, Sarah gets back to the motel to find her ex-husband there waiting for her.
User ratings: 712
Average rating: 8.1
Stan tells Det. Linden he has no idea who Rosie's father is but knew before he married Mitch that the child was not his. She assures him that Alexi Giffords had nothing to do with Rosie's murder. Stan is keeping a watchful eye on him nevertheless. Terry has been seeing the married Michael Ames but he breaks up with her. Michael Ames becomes a suspect with Linden and Holder wondering if he might be Rosie's biological father. It turns out Rosie may have been blackmailing Ames by threatening to tell his wife about his affair with Terry. They re-question Michael Ames and learn who sent the blackmail threat. Darren Richmond meanwhile gives an interview and re-affirms his desire to run for mayor. Gwen has a change of heart and returns to Seattle hoping to rejoin the Richmond campaign. Mitch continues getting to know her new friend. Det. Linden and son Jack moves out of their hotel after it becomes apparent to her that someone had earlier broken into their room.
User ratings: 701
Average rating: 7.9
Linden and Holder return to the casino. While Holder tries to get information inside the casino, Linden explores the rest of the island. Linden learns that there are rooms where working girls can ply their trade. He also learns that there are new rooms under construction. The casino manager and the tribal police take a dim view of their investigation. Having been publicly branded a killer - and with the election only one week away - Gwen tells Darren Richmond that they need the Larsons to publicly exonerate him from anything to do with their daughter's death. Stan refuses but later has a change of heart. Stan learns about Terry's relationship with Jasper Ames and he throws her out of the house. Linden's personal problems continue when she's visited by two child protection officers who have received a complaint about Jack's welfare.
User ratings: 714
Average rating: 8.3
Off the Reservation
Linden has to fight Lt. Carlson to get the police out to search for Holder. He's not keen to go onto Indian tribal lands but Holder is found alive though severely injured. Linden pays a heavy price however. Linden keeps Holder's rendezvous with the young woman who found and returned Rosie's backpack. She tells Linden exactly what Rosie was doing at the casino that night. Richmond leaves the hospital with 5 days to go before the election. Gwen and Jamie tell him he's he's losing by 7 points and either has to tell the public where he was the night of Rosie's murder or make some type of grand gesture. After his television appeal, Stan Larsen receives a number of tips about his daughter's murder but Linden doesn't put any faith in the information he's received. Stan learns that Linden had good reason to be skeptical. Linden decides to send her son to live with his father.
User ratings: 725
Average rating: 8.3
Sayonara, Hiawatha
Holder can't find any of the files related to Rosie's death and learns that the entire case has been transferred to the County. Holder follows up but is told by County that the files never arrived. He thinks he knows where they are however. With Rosie's key, Linden goes to the construction site at the casino. She's convinced Rosie saw something there that led to her death. Mitch Larsen visits her old boyfriend David, whom Rosie had visited with questions about her mother. Stan Larsen meanwhile has to deal with son Tommy who's gotten into trouble at school. Darren Richmond meets with Nicole Jackson about the possibility of an endorsement but isn't prepared to meet her terms, even if it costs him the election.
User ratings: 724
Average rating: 8.5
72 Hours
Linden wakes up in the hospital psychiatric ward after casino personnel told the hospital she tried to jump off the balcony and resisted their efforts to rescue her. Her dismissal of that claim and the fact that she is working on a high profile murder case fall on deaf ears as do Holder's attempts to convince them otherwise. He tries to enlist Reggie's help but in the end has to turn to someone else in Linden's life to get her released. Holder is still investigating the case and is simply ignoring his Lieutenant's orders to stay out of it. Holder learns from a patrolman that one of gangster Janek Kovarsky's men was caught trespassing on the waterfront construction site the night Rosie was killed. He was never charged after being vouched for by the construction manager. It all points to deeply rooted corruption in the Mayor's office.
User ratings: 738
Average rating: 8.2
Although she is now out of the psychiatric ward, Linden will not give up on the investigation. She asks Gwen to use her father's influence in Washington to get a federal warrant to search the casino. Gwen has a tense confrontation with her father but gets it in the end. The FBI raid the casino and apparently find nothing. Linden has in fact recovered the city hall key card she saw. It doesn't lead them to the Mayor's office as expected but to another office in the building. Stan meanwhile is ordered by mobster Janek Kovarski to eliminate Joseph Nowak. Stan refuses but Janek knows how to get what he wants. He's in for a bit of a surprise however. When Stan gets home, there is a surprise awaiting him. On the election trail, Richmond is facing the public disclosure of his attempted suicide.
User ratings: 744
Average rating: 8.6
Donnie or Marie
Election day has arrived and the detectives have traced the City Hall key card to someone in councilor Richmond's office. Realizing they are about to be arrested, they make a deal with Mayor Adams: they will keep quiet about the doctored photo that led to Richmond's arrest if he will call off the police and let them finish their investigation. They soon have it down to two suspects, whom they've dubbed Donnie and Marie. Security camera recordings seem to give them the culprit. Meanwhile, Mitch is back home but having trouble re-adjusting to the environment. She learns about the house Stan bought just before their daughter's death. He sees the house the house as a new beginning; she sees moving from their current house as abandoning Rosie.
User ratings: 774
Average rating: 8.8
What I Know
Linden and Holder finally find out who murdered Rosie Larsen.
User ratings: 1,348
Average rating: 9.2
The Jungle
Detective Holder and his new partner investigate the murder of a 16 year-old hooker who was stabbed and had her throat slit. The medical examiner determines that she has defensive wounds and the knife used had a serrated edge. He and his new partner have had a good year solving all seven murders they've investigated. Holder has also given up some of his bad habits and will soon be writing his sergeants exams. Holder notices a similarity between this death and one that Sarah Linden investigated a few years before. In that case, Ray Seward was convicted of killing his wife Tricia Ann and is now on death row awaiting execution. Holder visits her to discuss the case but she's not keen to reopen a case she solved three years ago. She now works for the Seattle ferry system and has a new boyfriend. All in all, her life is good. As she reviews Holder's case file however, she is slowly drawn in.
User ratings: 925
Average rating: 8.3
That You Fear the Most
Bullet reports that Kallie Leeds is now missing and no one seems to have seen her after she left the shelter the previous evening. With Ray Seward opting for execution by hanging, correctional officer Francis Becker begins to review the procedures. Linden is disturbed by some of the coincidences she's found in Ashley Kwan's case and expresses some doubt about Seward's conviction to her former partner James Skinner. He's satisfied they did the right thing but Skinner's wife tells Linden to stay away from them. She next visits Seward's son Adrian who had drawn her a picture which she now recognizes. When she locates the site, she finds something that's quite grim. On death row Seward cons one of the correctional officers, Evan Henderson. into letting him make a phone call, supposedly to his lawyer. Becker is none too pleased and ensures Seward knows exactly what he's in for.
User ratings: 820
Average rating: 8.5
Adrian's drawing leads Linden to a killing ground where the police find a total of 17 bodies. All are of young women - some could be as young as 13 - and Linden, who accepts reinstatement as a detective, is put in charge of identifying the bodies. The coroner can give her little to go on but says its possible the women were killed in the same way as Ashley Kwan. He can confirm that the women were all killed several years ago but over a short period of time. Since Kwan was held for several days before being killed, Holder begins looking for the missing Kallie Leeds. A distrustful bullet points him in the direction of Goldie and while they don't find Kallie they do find that he is involved in kiddie porn. At the prison, Ray Seward has gotten his hands on a razor blade.
User ratings: 714
Average rating: 8.4
Head Shots
Linden and Holder aren't having much luck identifying the voice of the man who spoke to Kallie Leeds on the dvd they seized. The police raid the motel used by many of the prostitutes and a special room behind a false panel. Linden matches one of the 17 bodies to a girl in the video. She also finds one of the women on the dvds but she says she doesn't remember the man who questioned her. Linden thinks she's hiding something. Similarly, Kallie's mother says she never heard the voice on the recording but Linden thinks she's lying. Goldie turns the tables on the police and goes to the press who dub the killer the Pied Piper.
User ratings: 683
Average rating: 8.2
Scared and Running
Kallie's mother Danette tells her boyfriend Joe Mills that she's starting to worry about Kallie. He tells her she has nothing to worry about. The police continue their search for Joe. Mama Dips denies even knowing him but Linden sees through her and determines the relationship between the two. They also learn that she twice called Joe at Danette's trailer. By the time they search Danette's trailer he is nowhere to be found. They get a solid lead when a teenager reports nearly hitting a badly injured girl with his car. They trace her steps and find a bloodied biohazard bag - but no victim. As they continue to search the city, they find blood evidence suggesting she may have gone to the teen shelter. There's no sign of her there but Bullet shows them where she might be staying. When they do catch up the girl, they find it's not Kallie. Danette's mother makes a horrifying discovery.
User ratings: 669
Average rating: 8.4
Eminent Domain
Linden and Holder question the girl they found, Angie Gower. She was badly beaten and had several of her fingers severed. She says her attacker was soft-spoken and said he was going to save her. She doesn't recognize any of the suspects' photos, including Joe Mills. Holder is beginning to think they're looking for the wrong guy. A terrified Danette Lutz goes to the police station to speak to them about what she's found. Linden has little respect for her but Joe Mills has disappeared. Linden wants to get permission for Adrian to visit his father in prison but his foster parents won't hear of it. Information from them lead Linden and Holder to the apartment where Seward's wife was killed and Linden is now convinced Adrian saw the killer. Skinner isn't impressed however. At the prison, Seward faces someone from his past and gets an unexpected visitor.
User ratings: 667
Average rating: 8.2
Hope Kills
Linden and Holder now suspect Pastor Mike as the man responsible for the murders. They have no proof however. Kallie's mother is still looking for her and visits the pastor who tells her not to lose hope. She finds a note on her windshield. Bullet and Lyric hook up. Bullet tells Holder that there's no way Pastor Mike is the killer. They get an eyewitness who saw the pastor with Angie Gower and learn Pastor Mike has a secret. At the prison, Seward razzes Becker for missing his shift during the death on cell block. Linden's boyfriend - or former boyfriend - wants to know what she's doing but she tells him it's over.
User ratings: 667
Average rating: 8.3
With his secrets unveiled, Pastor Mike takes Linden prisoner and they drive around the city. Linden manages to keep her radio on and the police are able to locate them. Linden believes him when he says he's not the serial killer and forensic analysis of his car seems to suggest he is innocent. Bullet is frantic over the missing Lyric, convinced that Pastor Mike has taken her. She tells Holder Mike has taken her to the woods where they found the killing field. The police diverted resources to look for her and it's apparent Bullet lied when they find Lyric out hustling on the street. For Bullet, Lyric's reaction to what she's done for her isn't quite what she was expecting. She talks to Angie Gower. At the prison, Seward pleads with his lawyer to do something, anything, based on Linden's belief that he is not guilty of killing his wife. The lawyer says nothing can be done.
User ratings: 707
Average rating: 8.7
Kallie's mother Danette Lutz is still looking for her and returns home to find Joe Mills waiting for her. He beats her and is long gone by the time the police arrive. The police do get a break in the case when they learn Mills had a storage locker. Holder and Linden check it out and find that Mills has been living there. They practically wrap up the case when they find trophies belonging to several of the dead girls. They're not prepared for what they find in the trunk of his taxicab. Ray Seward's execution is fast approaching. Linden finally gets permission to interview Seward's son Adrian and he identifies the killer. It doesn't add up however. Twitch and Lyric find a new place to live.
User ratings: 820
Average rating: 8.9
Six Minutes
Det. Linden and Ray have a dramatic conversation about the killing of Adrian's mother . 16 hrs are on the clock for rays sentence and Linden is trying to get A "Stay of Execution" from the the State attorney general. Holder faces a downward slope in the aftermath of Bullet. Holder confronts Linden about her flaws. Adrian finally comes to the prison to confront his father and time is running out.
User ratings: 1,215
Average rating: 9.3
From Up Here
With the execution of Ray Seward and Joe Mills about to be charged with the death of the young women, Linden and Holder try to put their lives back together. Linden renews her relationship with an old friend. Holder attends Bullet's funeral and then tries to make things right with his girlfriend Caroline. He also makes amends with his old partner, Carl Reddick. The detectives are called to the scene of a murder after firemen find a body inside a burnt out car. The coroner identifies the victim as a female who died sometime the previous day from a gunshot to the head. Whoever did it took out all of her teeth - and her ring finger is missing though it's a somewhat older injury. They think they have found Angie Gower. Holder thinks the only person who would have known about Joe Mills and who could have planted the rings to frame Mills would be another cop. Linden figures out how Adrian Seward was able to complete his drawings. At the prison, Becker tells Henderson that he's decided to retire.
User ratings: 702
Average rating: 8.8
The Road to Hamelin
Holder and Linden now believe that a police officer framed Joe Mills for the murders of the young women found in the swamp. When they learn that an officer known to both of them lived next door to the first victim, they think they have their man. With Angie Gower having been killed, they fear for the worse when Adrian Seward goes missing as it seems the killer is now tying up loose ends. As Linden tries to tie things up, Carl Reddick is nowhere to be found, Holder is pulled in by Internal Affairs for questioning and Lt. Skinner's marriage has broken up forcing him to move out of his house. Linden finds the proof she needs to definitively identify the killer when she spots Kallie Leeds' ring.
User ratings: 919
Average rating: 8.9
Blood in the Water
While covering up Skinner's disappearance, Linden and Holder are assigned a new case: the brutal case of a family with ties to a military academy.
User ratings: 864
Average rating: 8.6
Questioning a neighbour leads to a revelation about one of the victims. Meanwhile, Reddick begins to investigate the disappearance of Lt. Skinner.
User ratings: 766
Average rating: 8.6
The Good Soldier
Reddick digs deeper into Skinner's disappearance, while Linden and Holder try to keep their crime a secret and their investigation from going cold.
User ratings: 712
Average rating: 8.7
Dream Baby Dream
Linden and Holder focus their investigation on a student with a sordid past, and a tip from an informant leads Reddick to a shocking discovery.
User ratings: 727
Average rating: 8.9
Truth Asunder
Information about the family murders surfaces as Kyle's memory starts to come back.
User ratings: 729
Average rating: 8.7
Linden and Holder's partnership spirals out of control as they are confronted with the shocking truth behind the Stansbury murders.
User ratings: 1,320
Average rating: 9.2
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