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The Powerpuff Girls

Seasons: 6
Episodes: 79
User ratings: 32,368
Average rating: 7.3

Action, Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Three super-powered little girls constantly save the world (or at least the city of Townsville) from monsters, would-be conquerers and a few other gross things.

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Episodes details table

A Sticky Situation!
Begins with the same opening sequence as the series, except that the Professor accidentally adds a can of whoopass rather than Chemical X. The Whoopass Girls fight the Amoeba Boys, get stuck to them, and have to fly them into the sun to beat them.
User ratings: 55
Average rating: 5.9
Monkey See, Doggie Do/Mommy Fearest
In "Monkey See, Doggie Do", Mojo Jojo swipes some cursed artifacts from the Townsville Museum and using them, turns all of the people of Townsville and then the whole world into dogs. In "Mommy Fearest", the Professor falls for a mysterious woman who grounds the girls and bans them from staying up late to save the day. But it turns out that she is one of their many antagonists, Sedusa.
User ratings: 162
Average rating: 7.5
Insect Inside/Powerpuff Bluff
"Insect Inside" The city of Townsville becomes overrun by millions of cockroaches, led by their leader Roach Coach. The Powerpuff Girls must fight their fear of bugs in order to save the city.
User ratings: 127
Average rating: 7.4
Octi Evil/Geshundfight
"Octi-Evil" Him is out to break up the Powerpuff Girls, and uses Bubbles sweetness to do it via Bubbles' stuffed octopus, Octi. "Geshundfight" The amoeba boys try to commit a crime and accidentally get the whole city of Townsville sick.
User ratings: 128
Average rating: 7.9
Buttercrush/Fuzzy Logic
"Buttercrush" Buttercup develops a crush on Ace, the leader of the Gang Green Gang. They soon take advantage of this to put Blossom and Bubbles into terrible danger.
User ratings: 117
Average rating: 7.5
Boogie Frights/Abracadaver
In "Boogie Frights", the Boogie Man comes up with a plan to forever keep out light in order to operate freely, but the Powerpuff Girls are on the job in a jiffy. In "Abracadaver", a long-dead resident magician, Al Lusion, comes back to life as a zombie, and the girls have some difficulty in trying to stop him.
User ratings: 119
Average rating: 7.8
Telephonies/Tough Love
"Telephonies" The Gangreen Gang gets hold of the Powerpuff Girls Hotline and makes crank calls, sending the Girls on a wild goose chase trying to protect the town.
User ratings: 108
Average rating: 7.9
Major Competition/Mr. Mojo's Rising
"Major Competition" The Powerpuff Girl's place as crime fighters is taken when Major Man comes to town. The PPGs eventually figure out that Major Man is actually faking disasters just so he can "save the day."
User ratings: 96
Average rating: 7.4
Paste Makes Waste/Ice Sore
In "Paste Makes Waste", one of the Pokey Oaks Kindergarten students has a bad habit of eating glue and Buttercup just can't resist picking on him for this. But when he accidentally eats some radioactive glue and turns into a giant glue monster, it's up to Buttercup to apologize for her behavior toward him to reverse the process. In "Ice Sore", during an intense heat wave, Blossom develops a new superpower, one that makes her sisters jealous, but her schoolmates popular with her: ice breath.
User ratings: 101
Average rating: 7.6
Bubblevicious/The Bare Facts
Bubbles is tired of being the cute and wants to be "hard-core," but she takes it a little too far.
User ratings: 142
Average rating: 8.2
Cat Man Do/Impeach Fuzz
"Cat Man Do" The Girls save an innocent little Kitty from the clutches of an evil villain. Eventually they learn that Kitty is the true villain when he hypnotizes the Professor in an evil plot to take over the world.
User ratings: 91
Average rating: 7.3
Just Another Manic Mojo/Mime for a Change
In "Just Another Manic Mojo", Mojo Jojo's morning routine is disrupted by the Powerpuff Girls when their ball that they are playing with ends up in his lair. Mojo then uses this opportunity to try and eliminate his nemeses for good. In "Mime for a Change", Rainbow the Clown is accidentally transformed by bleach into an evil mime who can eliminate color and sound.
User ratings: 105
Average rating: 7.9
The Rowdyruff Boys
Mojo Jojo is so outraged at his constant defeats against the Powerpuff Girls that he decides to beat them at their own games, by creating The Rowdyruff Boys, who prove superior fighters to the girls.
User ratings: 172
Average rating: 8.5
Uh Oh Dynamo
Worried about his little girls' safety, the Professor creates Powerpuff Dynamo, a state-of-the-art protection system.
User ratings: 105
Average rating: 7.3
Stuck Up, Up, and Away/Schoolhouse Rocked
"Stuck Up, Up, and Away" Bratty little Princess comes to town and wants to be a Powerpuff Girl. When she doesn't get what she wants, the Girls will have to pay.
User ratings: 95
Average rating: 7.5
Collect Her/Supper Villain
"Collect Her" Lenny Baxter, a rabid fan of Powerpuff Girls memorabilia, collects every bit of Powerpuff stuff available. When he finally has everything, he decides to collect the girls themselves.
User ratings: 88
Average rating: 7.5
Birthday Bash/Too Pooped to Puff
"Birthday Bash" It's the Girls birthday, and they must deal with destructive gifts from their main enemies: Mojo Jojo, Princess the Amoeba Boys, and Him.
User ratings: 89
Average rating: 7.6
Beat Your Greens/Down 'n Dirty
"Beat Your Greens" When Broccoli Aliens from space invade Townsville, it's up to the Powerpuff Girls and all the children to take a bite out of crime.
User ratings: 96
Average rating: 7.6
Dream Scheme/You Snooze, You Lose
"Dream Scheme" The Sandman would like a little rest, so he puts the world to sleep. The Girls must battle him in his dreams to get things back to normal.
User ratings: 85
Average rating: 7.4
Slave the Day/Los Dos Mojos
"Slave the Day" When the Girls save Big Billy's life, he feels forever in their debt, and becomes their slave. When he begins to get in the way of their crime fighting , they allow him to save their lives so he'll finally leave them alone.
User ratings: 87
Average rating: 7.4
A Very Special Blossom/Daylight Savings
"A Very Special Blossom" When the Professor wants an expensive gift for Father's Day, Blossom makes the mistake of stealing what she can't afford (Pro-Excellence golf clubs) instead of giving from the heart.
User ratings: 84
Average rating: 7.2
Mo Job/Pet Feud
"Mo Job" Princess hires Mojo to devise the perfect plan to destroy the Girls, and they are quite shocked when they find that Princess has powers equal to theirs.
User ratings: 82
Average rating: 7.3
Imaginary Fiend/Cootie Gras
In "Imaginary Fiend", a new kid at school proves so unpopular with his classmates that he conjures up an imaginary friend, who turns out to be quite destructive. In "Cootie Gras", one of Pokey Oaks' students develops the cooties and everyone in school, even the Powerpuff Girls, are avoiding him. Mojo Jojo uses the situation to his advantage.
User ratings: 88
Average rating: 7.3
The Powerpuff Girls' Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever/Just Desserts
"The Powerpuff Girls Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever" It's raining in Townsville and there is no crime or villainy afoot. So the Girls must stay inside and come up with their very own Powerpuff adventure.
User ratings: 98
Average rating: 7.5
Twisted Sister/Cover Up
The girls desperately want a fourth sibling, and because they know how they were created, the girls make their own, who proves to be a bit more unusual than they would expect.
User ratings: 87
Average rating: 7.3
Speed Demon/Mojo Jonesin
"Speed Demon" The Girls accidentally fly the speed of light and when they arrive home, everything has changed. Fifty years have passed and the world has been taken over by Him, since the Girls weren't around to defeat him.
User ratings: 98
Average rating: 8.0
Something's a Ms./Slumbering with the Enemy
"Something's a Ms." Miss Bellum is acting very strange lately. And she keeps showing up at crime scenes. It turns out that Sedusa is back, has kidnapped Ms. Bellum and has been impersonating her in order to steal money and jewels.
User ratings: 82
Average rating: 7.5
Fallen Arches/The Mane Event
"Fallen Arches" A gang of old-time villains come out of retirement when they discover the town is being protected by little girls. When the Girls realize that they can't fight their elders, they must enlist the best superhero team of the past to save the city.
User ratings: 85
Average rating: 7.0
Town and Out/Child Fearing
"Town and Out" When the Professor gets a new job, the Girls have to move to a new town. They try to make the best of it, but it's just not the same. In fact, it's awful.
User ratings: 83
Average rating: 7.1
Criss Cross Crisis
A failed experiment on the Professor's part causes everyone in Townsville to switch bodies around. Mojo Jojo, also switched, tries to use the situation to his advantage.
User ratings: 82
Average rating: 7.4
Bubblevision/Bought and Scold
"Bubble Vision" Bubbles fighting has been really terribly lately and the Professor discovers that she needs glasses. Bubbles is humiliated by these huge, horrible things and never wants to see or be seen again.
User ratings: 78
Average rating: 7.3
Gettin' Twiggy with It/Cop Out
"Gettin' Twiggy With It" Mitch is told to take care of Twiggy, the class hamster for the weekend. But the Girls don't trust him and follow him home. When Mitch flushes Twiggy down the toilet, the Girls are about to attack, but Twiggy emerges bigger and badder than ever.
User ratings: 83
Average rating: 6.9
Three Girls and a Monster/Monkey See, Doggie Two
"Three Girls and a Monster" The Girls are once again in a furious battle with a ferocious monster. But Blossom and Buttercup can't agree on how to fight the beast and Bubbles just wants everyone to get along.
User ratings: 82
Average rating: 7.1
Jewel of the Aisle/Super Zeroes
"Jewel of the Aisle" A crook hides a huge diamond in a box of the Girls favorite cereal. He must figure out how to trick the Girls into giving him some cereal and getting the jewel back.
User ratings: 83
Average rating: 7.4
Candy Is Dandy/Catastrophe
"Candy is Dandy" When the Mayor gives the Girls some candy as a thank you for saving the day, the Girls become hooked on the stuff. They make a deal with a local villain to commit crimes just so they can get their treat.
User ratings: 81
Average rating: 7.1
Hot Air Buffoon/Ploys R' Us
"Hot Air Buffoon" The Mayor realizes that the Girls are doing all the work in his city for him. So he mans a hot air balloon and starts fighting crime the old fashioned way.
User ratings: 81
Average rating: 7.2
The Headsuckers Moxie/Equal Fights
"The Headsucker's Moxy" There's a mysterious villain in town who's sucking pertinent information from the brains of powerful people and committing crimes. How do the Girls trap this sucker before his next victim is drained?
User ratings: 85
Average rating: 7.3
"Powerprof." The Girls are so busy fighting crime that the Professor doesn't get to see them anymore. He creates a super suit for himself so he can fight crime with them. The Girls are having a great time with their dad until he starts cramping their superhero style. (22 Minutes)
User ratings: 77
Average rating: 7.4
Moral Decay/Meet the Beat-Alls
"Moral Decay" When Buttercup accidentally knocks out Bubbles' tooth, she learns that tooth decay does pay and soon goes on a spree knocking out teeth and collecting the cash.
User ratings: 134
Average rating: 8.3
Helter Shelter/Power Lunch
"Helter Shelter" Bubbles has a habit of saving helpless animals and the Professor is sick of it. When Bubbles brings a baby whale home, she and her sisters have a whale of a time hiding this new addition.
User ratings: 75
Average rating: 7.3
Film Flam
"Film Flam" A sleazy director comes to Townsville ready to make a film about the Girls saving the day in their city. But this Hollywood-type wants more from Townsville than an Oscar winning film. (22 Minutes)
User ratings: 83
Average rating: 7.1
All Chalked Up
"All Chalked Up" Him tricks Bubbles into bringing her chalk drawings to life, who then reek havoc on Townsville. (22 Minutes)
User ratings: 79
Average rating: 7.1
Get Back, Jojo
It is Career Day at Pokey Oaks, and the Professor shows to the class a time machine and explains how he got into science and created the Powerpuff Girls. But Mojo Jojo overhears everything and uses the machine to go back in time to that specific time period in order to prevent him from getting into science at all costs. But the Powerpuff Girls also go back in time and are hot on Mojo's trail.
User ratings: 78
Average rating: 7.5
Super Friends
"Super Friends" The new girl next door learns its hard to be best friends with superheroes and soon starts hanging out with the wrong kind of kid-Princess. (22 Minutes)
User ratings: 81
Average rating: 7.4
Members Only
"Members Only" When the Girls try to join the all-male superhero organization, they learn that sometimes supermen aren't so super. (22 Minutes)
User ratings: 82
Average rating: 7.6
Him Diddle Riddle
"Him Diddle Riddle" The PPGs must solve a series of riddles by Him to prevent the Professor having to "pay." The entire episode is in real time. (22 Minutes)
User ratings: 81
Average rating: 7.7
Nano of the North
"Nano of the North" It's raining in Townsville, but this is more than just rain. These drops are really microscopic robots tearing apart the city and the Girls must fight with these creatures on their own level. (22 Minutes)
User ratings: 78
Average rating: 7.2
Forced Kin
"Forced Kin" A terrible, evil menace from outer space descends upon Townsville. The Girls must fight evil with evil but to do so they seek the advice of ...Mojo Jojo. (22 Minutes)
User ratings: 80
Average rating: 7.5
Stray Bullet
"Stray Bullet" In order to save an innocent squirrel, Bubbles gives him a dash of Chemical X, giving him some super squirrel powers. (22 Minutes)
User ratings: 73
Average rating: 7.2
Knock It Off
"Knock it Off" When the Professor's college roommate sees his brilliant creations, he decides to cash in on the popularity of the Powerpuffs. (22 Minutes)
User ratings: 82
Average rating: 7.6
Keen on Keane/Not So Awesome Blossom
"Keen on Keane" It's Valentine's Day and the Girls notice that Ms. Keane is all alone. Time for a little matchmaking. But who will the lucky fella be?"
User ratings: 77
Average rating: 7.2
"Power-Noia" (22 minutes) The Girls have become paralyzed by their greatest fears. Who could be behind such an evil trick?
User ratings: 85
Average rating: 7.7
Monstra-City/Shut the Pup Up
"Monstra City" When all the Monsters move from Monster Isle to Townsville it's up to the Girls to keep the peace.
User ratings: 72
Average rating: 6.9
Toast of the Town/Divide and Conquer
"Toast Of The Town" When the Mayor rubs on Chemical X on his head for hair growth, all of him grows and stomps through Townsville.
User ratings: 71
Average rating: 6.1
Burglar Alarmed/Shotgun Wedding
"Burglar Alarmed" A new burglar comes to Townsville and his first robbery is at the house of...The Powerpuff Girls?
User ratings: 70
Average rating: 7.1
Save Mojo/Substitute Creature
"Save Mojo" An animal activist group sets out to protect Mojo, ensuring that he can behave like the naturally evil monkey that he is.
User ratings: 75
Average rating: 6.9
See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey
In this rock opera, the Girls are outmatched by Townsville's villains. They turn to Gnomey to bring peace to Townsville in exchange for their powers, but, when the city falls under the rule of Communism, it's up to the Girls to stop him.
User ratings: 140
Average rating: 8.2
The Boys Are Back in Town
"The Boys are Back in Town" Him brings the Rowdyruff Boys back, protecting them from the Girls' feminine wiles.
User ratings: 80
Average rating: 7.3
Pee Pee G's/Boy Toys
"The Pee Pee G's" When the Girls wake up to discover their bed is wet, none want to admit that they are the guilty party.
User ratings: 69
Average rating: 7.1
Seed No Evil/City of Clipsville
"Seed No Evil" When a prehistoric Caveman thaws out in Townsville, the Girls must stop him from stealing the Mayor's seeds.
User ratings: 71
Average rating: 7.0
Lying Around the House/Bubble Boy
"Lying Around the House" The Girls tell little white lies that turn into a big, bad problem.
User ratings: 72
Average rating: 7.0
Documentary/Girls Gone Mild
."Documentary" A film student attempts to do a documentary on the Powerpuff Girls and learns that catching these superheroes at rest is harder than he thought.
User ratings: 68
Average rating: 6.6
Curses/Bang for Your Buck
"Curses" When Bubbles overhears the Professor saying some bad words, the Girls add a whole new slew of adjectives to their vocabulary.
User ratings: 66
Average rating: 7.1
Silent Treatment/Sweet 'n' Sour
"The Silent Treatment" When the Girls go to see a silent movie with the Professor, they end up getting pulled into the film by the old time villain.
User ratings: 70
Average rating: 7.1
Prime Mates/Coupe D'etat
"Prime Mates" Back when Mojo Jojo tried to take over the world with primates, there was one monkey who didn't get his due-Mopey Popo. Now Mopey is back to try and be evil just as Mojo intended.
User ratings: 68
Average rating: 6.7
Makes Zen to Me/Say Uncle
"Makes Zen to Me" When Buttercup gets a fortune cookie saying that "Peace Lies Within" the most violent of Powerpuffs sets out on a quest for inner peace.
User ratings: 68
Average rating: 6.9
Reeking Havoc/Live and Let Dynamo
"Reeking Havoc" This year, the Professor's submission for the 2nd Annual Townsville Chili Cookoff is X-tra Special, but this X-tra Special ingredient doesn't settle well with Townsville's tummies.
User ratings: 68
Average rating: 6.8
Mo' Linguish/Oops, I Did It Again
"Mo' Linguish" Mojo is sentenced to do community service for Townsville and begins teaching English at the Learning Annex. Soon everyone is speaking in circles like Mojo and the town comes to a standstill.
User ratings: 71
Average rating: 6.9
A Made Up Story
"A Made Up Story" Someone is defacing all the posters and statues of Townsville with make-up. Can the Girls stop this makeover takeover or will they get the blush off?
User ratings: 74
Average rating: 6.1
Little Miss Interprets/Night Mayor
"Little Miss Interprets" When the Girls hear the Professor trying to make something out of sugar, spice, and everything nice, they are sure he's trying to create new little girls.
User ratings: 72
Average rating: 6.9
Custody Battle/City of Nutsville
"Custody Battle" Mojo discovers that the Rowdyruff Boys are back and is determined to show them that he is a more evil dad than Him.
User ratings: 73
Average rating: 6.8
"Aspirations" The Gangreen Gang is actually committing brilliant crimes. But behind every great gang, there has to be a great woman.
User ratings: 67
Average rating: 7.1
That's Not My Baby/Simian Says
"That's Not My Baby!" The Girls save a baby from a Monster attacking Townsville, but can't find the mother. Can these three superheroes manage to take care of one little baby?
User ratings: 75
Average rating: 6.9
Sun Scream/The City of Frownsville
"Sun Scream" The Girls get the ultimate sunburn and must try to fight crime despite their UV damage.
User ratings: 92
Average rating: 5.5
West in Pieces
"West in Pieces" It's the old west and Mojo the Kid has robbed the first bank ever and forced the sheriff out of town and it is up to the Steamypuff Girls to save the day at a high-noon showdown.
User ratings: 67
Average rating: 6.3
Crazy Mixed Up Puffs/Mizzen in Action
"Crazy Mixed Up Puffs" The girls must literally work as one to try and stop Mojo from destroying Townsville.
User ratings: 70
Average rating: 7.0
Roughing It Up/What's the Big Idea?
"Roughing It Up" The Girls and the Professor set on an old-fashioned vacation to the Townsville Swamp. Trouble is, Fuzzy and his nephews are there too.
User ratings: 70
Average rating: 6.3
Nuthin' Special/Neighbor Hood
"Nuthin Special" Frustrated with not knowing what her Special Power isButtercup Hunts to discover what makes her special.
User ratings: 70
Average rating: 6.4
I See a Funny Cartoon in Your Future/Octi Gone
"I See a Funny Cartoon in Your Future" The Girls have the rare task of fighting a Medium who is committing petty thefts.
User ratings: 72
Average rating: 7.2
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