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The Tudors

Seasons: 4
Episodes: 38
User ratings: 61,733
Average rating: 8.1

Drama, History, Romance, War

A dramatic series about the reign and marriages of King Henry VIII.

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In Cold Blood
King Henry VIII, the young and ambitious monarch of England, prepares for war with France but is dissuaded by the diplomatic manipulation of his powerful Lord Chancellor, Cardinal Wolsey, who proposes that the King sponsor a "Treaty of Universal Peace." The harmony of the King's domestic affairs is threatened, however, when he discovers that Elizabeth Blount, the young and beautiful lady-in-waiting to his Queen, Katherine of Aragon, is pregnant with his child.
User ratings: 879
Average rating: 7.6
Simply Henry
Henry and his court look to sign the treaty with France, though tempers of both kings flare up at the summit. Meanwhile, Henry takes on a new mistress named Mary Boleyn, though he soon tires of her and Mary's sister, Anne, is summoned to the court.
User ratings: 695
Average rating: 7.7
Wolsey, Wolsey, Wolsey!
The King asks Charles to escort his sister, Margaret, to her betrothed and promotes him to Duke of Suffolk. The envoys from the Holy Roman-Emperor meet with Cardinal Wolsey and determine how to cement the treaty between the two nations. Anne catches the King's notice in a play. The Emperor is invited to the King's court. It is learned that the King of France knows of the treaty talks- and the Cardinal is quick to find a scapegoat. We learn more of why Anne's father and uncle want her to seduce the King.
User ratings: 634
Average rating: 7.7
His Majesty, the King
As a reward for his denunciation of Martin Luther, the Pope christens Henry "Defender of the Faith," but a brush with death causes the king to seek a solution to his lack of an heir. Princess Margaret marries the decrepit King of Portugal reluctantly, but the union is short-lived; Henry's desire for Anne Boleyn intensifies.
User ratings: 595
Average rating: 7.9
Arise, My Lord
The King makes his illegitimate son, Henry Fitzroy, a Duke and his heir, something that upsets Queen Catherine who feels her daughter Mary should be next in line to the throne. Wolsey reminds her that only a natural born son could take precedence over Fitzroy. The King also decides that little Mary is to be raised in a Welsh castle. Anne Boleyn continues to toy with the King's emotions. She clearly expresses her attraction to him but is not prepared to become his mistress. The King's sister, Margaret, returns to England after the death of the King of Portugal and their short-lived marriage. She and her lover, Charles Cavill, marry without the King's permission and are banned from court. The Spanish King betrays Henry by releasing King Francis of France. Wolsey has constituted a council to get the King's marriage to Catherine annulled. Sir Thomas More is completely against the idea.
User ratings: 559
Average rating: 7.8
True Love
Cardinal Wolsey travels to Paris to sign a new peace treaty with King Francis of France. As the Pope is being held prisoner by the King of Spain, Wolsey is hoping a conclave to be held there will give him the sole authority to decide on the legitimacy of King Henry's marriage to Queen Catherine. Queen Catherine meanwhile sends a message to her nephew, the King of Spain, that Henry is trying to divorce her. The Pope escapes from his prison and the conclave is canceled. King Henry is madly in love with Anne Boleyn, something that is plain to everyone around him. Sir Thomas Boleyn, Anne's father, and the Duke of Norfolk see their plan to topple Wolsey coming to fruition. They approach the Duke of Suffolk in the hopes of having him side with them. At a private dinner. Sir Thomas tells the King of Wolsey's activities in keeping funds from corrupt monasteries.
User ratings: 535
Average rating: 7.8
Message to the Emperor
Plague has struck in England, the so-called sweating sickness, taking its toll across the land. Sr William Compton of Warwickshire, the King's good friend, is among the first victims. With 300 dead in London in one day, panic begins to spread. He sends Queen Catherine to stay with their daughter Mary in Wales and orders Anne Boleyn and her father to return to their estates. The King is also forced to flee after several of his servants fall ill. There are as many as 40,000 deaths in London alone. Even Anne Boleyn and Cardinal Wolsey acquire the disease but both manage to survive. Meanwhile, having failed to obtain the King divorce while in Paris, Cardinal Wolsey tells him he is sending two young lawyers to the Pope to impress on His Holiness their interpretation of canon law. The Pope however decides to send a representative to England to make a final decision.
User ratings: 524
Average rating: 7.9
Truth and Justice
The Papal legate, Cardinal Campeggio, arrives in London to deal with the King's request for an annulment from Queen Catherine. The Cardinal tells Wolsey privately that the Pope is sympathetic to the King's request but has a suggestion that may avoid a trial. He suggests to the Queen that she renounce her role and retire to a religious order for the rest of her life. She refuses and tells Cardinal Campeggio in the confessional that she never had marital relations with her first husband, King Henry VIII's older brother. Meanwhile, the King's sister returns to the court but it's apparent that her marriage to Suffolk is on shaky ground. She tells the King Anne Boleyn is cheap and not worth the cost he will have to bear. The King will hear none of it and makes it clear he will accept no compromise. Wolsey in turn against makes it clear to Carpeggio of the consequences should he fail to satisfy the King.
User ratings: 514
Average rating: 8.0
Look to God First
The Queen refuses to present herself or participate in the Legatine Council. Witnesses are called to testify that King Henry's older brother had carnal knowledge of the Queen during their marriage. It all makes for a great deal of ribald humor in the pubs and streets of London. Cardinal Wolsey grows ever more concerned at the possible outcome and realizes that his own future and well-being are at stake. Lady Anne Boleyn grows weary of it all and returns to her family estates not at all convinced that she and the King will ever be able to marry. Wolsey sends Sir Thomas More to a meeting in Europe of the Kings of France and Spain and the Pope. He returns with unfortunate news: France and Spain have settled all of their differences and together have reconciled with the Pope. England is now politically isolated. When Cardinal Campeggio announces that he is referring the matter of the annulment to the Pope for a final decision, Wolsey's failure is complete. He is dismissed from all of his office and sent to live in York. The King appoints a reluctant Sir Thomas More as his new Chancellor.
User ratings: 500
Average rating: 7.8
The Death of Wolsey
With Wolsey now banished to York and Sir Thomas More as the new Chancellor, the King appoints the Dukes of Norfolk and Suffolk as the presidents of his council, though Suffolk has little interest in matters of State. Wolsey is living in much reduced circumstances. He decides the only way out is to seek the assistance of Anne Boleyn and tries to convince her he is not her enemy. She rejects his appeal and he turns to Queen Catherine. Anne Boleyn begins to flaunt her authority in the palace. Thomas More for his part goes on a campaign of eliminating heretics. He begins to burn them at the stake and even attends their execution. All the while, Anne Boleyn has introduced the King to Lutheran writings and he begins to preach the need to reform the Church. The King's secretary expresses concern over the way the matter of the King's divorce has been dealt with and suggests that a theological rather than a legal solution is the better way forward. The King send Thomas Boleyn to Rome to present a new argument to the Pope.
User ratings: 546
Average rating: 8.3
Everything Is Beautiful
As he seeks the annulment of his marriage to Katherine of Aragon, King Henry VIII appoints himself the head of the Church of England. And Anne Boleyn insists that Henry remove Queen Katherine from the picture -- and Court.
User ratings: 477
Average rating: 8.0
Tears of Blood
The Archbishop's capitulation to Henry results in Thomas More's resignation and a triumphal trip by Henry to France to show off his new queen to Francis.
User ratings: 443
Average rating: 8.1
After Henry breaks all ties with the church and marries Anne, the Pope threatens him with excommunication and authorizes Anne's assassination.
User ratings: 425
Average rating: 8.1
The Act of Succession
Princess Elizabeth is baptized and the King decides that his first daughter, Lady Mary, is to live in the same house as the newborn. Knowing that many in his court do not support his marriage to Anne, the King proposes a new law that would make the children of his marriage to Anne the only legitimate heirs and require everyone to take an oath of loyalty to him as king and as head of the English Church. The Pope makes the jailed Bishop Fisher a Cardinal, challenging the King to torture or kill a prince of the Church. Sir Thomas More is facing financial difficulties in addition to issues around the oath of loyalty, which he refuses to take. He too is imprisoned. Queen Anne learns of the King's affair with Lady Eleanor Luke. A trumped up charge of theft forces her to leave Court. Queen Anne is soon pregnant again and her father suggests that the King should be allowed a mistress, though it should be one with little ambition.
User ratings: 420
Average rating: 8.1
His Majesty's Pleasure
Fisher and More continue to resist the coercion to take the oath and pay with their lives as Henry's ardor toward Anne subsides after her miscarriage.
User ratings: 460
Average rating: 8.5
The Definition of Love
When King Francis refuses to approve an engagement involving the baby but proposes one between Mary and the Dauphin, Henry begins to turn against Anne.
User ratings: 408
Average rating: 8.1
Matters of State
Henry warns Anne to stay out of state affairs, but her paranoiac fear of Catherine is only alleviated with her death and Anne's new pregnancy.
User ratings: 406
Average rating: 8.1
Lady in Waiting
The Pope excommunicates Henry, who recovers after a near-fatal jousting accident and begins a relationship with Jane Seymour.
User ratings: 408
Average rating: 8.3
The Act of Treason
As Jane Seymour's fortunes rise, Anne's fall. Several of those close to her including her brother are tortured into confessing treason and beheaded.
User ratings: 463
Average rating: 8.7
Destiny and Fortune
Anne goes to her death continuing to pronounce her innocence and that of the accused men.
User ratings: 547
Average rating: 8.9
Civil Unrest
Henry's new wife Jane urges him to reconcile with his daughter Mary while Robert Aske leads a pilgrimage of thousands against Cromwell's monastic reforms.
User ratings: 413
Average rating: 8.1
The Northern Uprising
The Duke of Suffolk is unable to defeat the rebellion militarily, so he resorts to lies and subterfuges.
User ratings: 369
Average rating: 8.0
Dissension and Punishment
Henry feigns reconciliation with Aske but ultimately has the leaders of the rebellion arrested; later he becomes ecstatic over Jane's pregnancy.
User ratings: 359
Average rating: 8.1
The Death of a Queen
Forced to recant, Aske is hanged in Yorkshire, Cromwell coerces Brandon to execute more rebels as examples, and Jane suffers complications in childbirth.
User ratings: 367
Average rating: 8.3
Problems in the Reformation
While a grieving Henry remains in seclusion with his fool coming to grips with Jane's death, court intrigue turns to political assassination in his absence.
User ratings: 366
Average rating: 7.7
Search for a New Queen
frustrated in his efforts to assassinate Cardinal Pole, Henry has his relatives executed while Cromwell supports a marriage to Anne of Cleves.
User ratings: 344
Average rating: 7.7
Protestant Anne of Cleves
Henry settles on Anne Of Cleves as his fourth wife but is disappointed with her attractiveness and blames Cromwell for his unhappy situation.
User ratings: 338
Average rating: 7.8
The Undoing of Cromwell
As Henry seeks to have his marriage to Anne of Cleves annulled and Cromwell removed, Bryan pimps teenage Catherine Howard as Henry's new mistress.
User ratings: 396
Average rating: 8.2
Moment of Nostalgia
Henry is proud of Catherine, his beautiful, vivacious seventeen year old wife, who buys silence from an old friend by making her a member of the court.
User ratings: 393
Average rating: 8.0
Joan Bulmer confides the Queen's sexual history to Lady Rochford who tells it to Culpepper and arranges for him to have a liaison with the neglected Catherine.
User ratings: 336
Average rating: 7.9
Something for You
While Henry prepares for a politically important trip to meet the defeated Northern rebels, Queen Catherine carries on her passionate affair with Culpepper.
User ratings: 328
Average rating: 7.9
Natural Ally
Catherine's buys the silence of an indiscreet former lover with a position in her chamber as her affair with Culpepper becomes more tempestuous.
User ratings: 316
Average rating: 7.9
Bottom of the Pot
An anonymous letter accusing the queen of adultery grieves Henry but suffices to order a thorough investigation by Edward Seymour, seconded by bishop Gardiner. After preliminary indications are found, the queen is sequestered, her household questioned in realistic fear of torture. Innocent persons are falsely accused and promises of mercy for those who tell the truth withdrawn. Ultimately, the adulteress, who went mad, Francis Dereham, Thomas Culpepper and lady Jane Rochford are condemned to executions including various degrees of ultimate torture. The royal counselors fear Henry's wrath for having presented another viper queen.
User ratings: 345
Average rating: 8.4
You Have My Permission
Henry allows Bishop Gardner a free rein in rooting out heretics and sets his eyes on the soon-to-be-widowed Catherine Parr.
User ratings: 315
Average rating: 7.9
Sixth and the Final Wife
After leaving wife Catherine as regent, a bellicose Henry invades France and lays siege to Boulogne in an attempt to regain his French provinces.
User ratings: 335
Average rating: 8.1
As It Should Be
Although Henry does take Boulogne, his troops are decimated by dysentery while back in England the Queen arranges to give Edward a tutor with Lutheran beliefs.
User ratings: 326
Average rating: 8.0
Secrets of the Heart
Surrey plots treason after being relieved of command, and as Bishop Gardiner's inquisition proceeds, it comes closer and closer to the Queen.
User ratings: 322
Average rating: 8.2
Death of a Monarchy
As Henry's health deteriorates, he grows introspective as various factions in the court try to position themselves for the seemingly inevitable succession.
User ratings: 494
Average rating: 8.8
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