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The Wire

Seasons: 5
Episodes: 60
User ratings: 241,927
Average rating: 9.3

Crime, Drama, Thriller

Baltimore drug scene, seen through the eyes of drug dealers and law enforcement.

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The Target
Homicide detective Jimmy McNulty observes the murder trial of a mid-level drug dealer, D'Angelo Barksdale, and sees the prosecution's star witness recant her testimony. McNulty recognises drug king-pin Stringer Bell in the court room and believes he has manipulated the proceedings, so he circumvents the chain-of-command by talking to the judge, Daniel Phelan, who then places pressure on the police department to investigate the Barksdale drug-dealing organization, which, McNulty claims, has gotten away with ten murders in the last year. D'Angelo is welcomed home by his uncle, Barksdale patriarch, Avon, who is frustrated with him for placing himself in a situation where the police could charge him. Nevertheless, Avon allows him to return to work, but in what D'Angelo sees as a demotion, he is moved to a low-rise housing project known as "the pit." Meanwhile, homeless drug addict Bubbles, acts as mentor to another addict, Johnny Weeks, in an ill-conceived scam with severe consequences.
User ratings: 3,751
Average rating: 8.0
The Detail
The witness who testified against D'Angelo is killed and the Barksdale organization is suspected. In light of Phelan's pressure, a detail is formed to investigate their activity in the towers and the pit. However, the detail's lieutenant, Cedric Daniels, is concerned with the quality of the team assigned by Deputy Ops. Ervin Burrell, while McNulty is concerned with the department's plan for the investigation, believing the approach of "buy busts" won't get them anywhere near the high-ranking members of the organization. The operation begins with Daniels' protégé Kima Greggs using Bubbles to identify who's who on the street. Meanwhile, McNulty and his partner, Bunk, try an unusual interrogation approach with D'Angelo, while Burrell tries to keep the death of the witness out of the press. Later, Daniels' suspicions about his team prove correct when an unauthorized late night foray into the towers by Herc, Carver and Prez goes awry.
User ratings: 2,977
Average rating: 8.3
The Buys
Prez's brutal actions lead to a minor riot, bad publicity for the detail, injury to Herc, and Prez being placed on office duty. However, when Daniels agrees to stand by Prez during the subsequent Grand Jury investigation, he gains the support of his father-in-law, Southeastern District commander Maj. Stanislaus Valchek, who loans the detail a surveillance van. As Homicide Major William Rawls tries to play down the witness motive in the recent murder, Daniels tells Burrell the case may take more than buy-busts to clear, but Burrell assures him he'll need only three weeks to obtain some arrests and put some "dope on the table." Meanwhile, D'Angelo gives young dealers Wallace and Preston "Bodie" Broadus a lesson about their place in the Barksdale hierarchy whilst teaching them to play chess, the detail gets its first look at Avon when Det. Lester Freamon obtains an old picture, and Det. Leander Sydnor goes undercover with Bubbles. Elsewhere, stick-up man Omar Little and his crew take advantage of security lapses in the pit, stealing the Barksdale stash. As Burrell forces Daniels' hand regarding a raid of the pit, McNulty becomes curious as to why the Barksdale crew are using pagers instead of mobile phones.
User ratings: 2,799
Average rating: 8.2
Old Cases
McNulty and Kima try to get some of the hoppers arrested during the pit raid to flip on their superiors. After punching Det. Patrick Mahone, Bodie receives a stern beating from the police. Waking up from his injuries in a Washington, D.C. juvenile detention facility, he manages to escape just as Herc and Carver arrive to interrogate him. Back in Baltimore, Avon discusses the loss of the pit's stash, and marks Omar and his crew for death, doubling the bounty when he learns Omar is homosexual, and fellow stick-up man Brandon Wright is his lover. As Stringer becomes concerned there may be a snitch in the pit, Burrell tries to appease Phelan, but the judge is unimpressed with the progress made thus far. Meanwhile, Freamon has a break-through regarding the crew's use of pagers, and, acting on a tip from Sgt. Jay Landsman, McNulty and Bunk investigate an old murder in which D'Angelo may have been involved.
User ratings: 2,683
Average rating: 8.3
The Pager
As Avon becomes concerned about his security, Omar moves his operation to the Eastside. Bubbles visits Johnny, but is disturbed by what he finds. The detail gets its affidavit for cloning D'Angelo's pager, and pen-registers on the pit phones, approved by Phelan and ASA Ronda Pearlman, but are puzzled at the nonsensical results. Prez begins to redeem himself in the eyes of his colleagues by decrypting the code used in the messages. Stringer warns D'Angelo there may be a snitch in his crew, and outlines a plan to snare them, as he and Avon prepare to take over new territory. Meanwhile, Landsman's instincts on the old murder case prove to have been correct, as the coroner connects the murder to two previous Westside drug executions. Following up on this new information, the detail learn Avon is using a strip club as a front. Later, when McNulty and Kima tail Omar, they are surprised where he leads them.
User ratings: 2,573
Average rating: 8.3
The Wire
Brandon's mutilated body is discovered in the pit. Wallace is horrified, and becomes even more unsettled after Avon rewards him for his part in the murder. McNulty tries to get back on Rawls' good side, who gives him one week to close the Barksdale case. The detail gets a wiretap running on the pit phones, but Herc is unimpressed when he learns the wire can only be activated when the phones are being used by known drug suspects, meaning they must be physically watched. Daniels clashes with Rawls over the approach to the murders McNulty and Bunk linked to the Barksdale organization, with Rawls wanting to get his clearance stats up by pressing weak murder charges against D'Angelo despite the unlikelihood of a conviction, meaning the detail would have to give up their evidence to Barksdale attorney Maurice Levy. Meanwhile, McNulty lets Omar view Brandon's body, whilst Johnny proves a bad influence on Bubbles.
User ratings: 2,729
Average rating: 8.4
One Arrest
The squad decide to make an arrest when their taps reveal that the low-rise projects are about to be re-supplied. They get the runner and as planned, let Avon's man Stinkum get away. Avon is convinced there is a snitch in the pit but D'Angelo days everyone is clean. They decide to change their routine which messes up the police wiretaps. Major Rawls keeps the pressure on and McNulty knows he has only a week to report back to the homicide squad or he's out. Rawls is also after Det. Santangelo to either come up with useful information on McNulty or start clearing cases. He chooses the latter but his own way of going about it. McNulty and Bunk make an arrest in their murder case.
User ratings: 2,534
Average rating: 8.3
On an outing with his kids, McNulty manages to get Stringer's license plate number. Omar goes after Stinkum, who killed his boyfriend Brandon. Using information they've gotten off the wire, the squad busts someone who collects $20,000 in cash. The man turns out to a driver for someone with enough influence to get the money returned to him. The Deputy Chief hits the roof and Lt. Daniels fears for his career. He also orders the investigation shut down but Judge Phelan steps in.
User ratings: 2,513
Average rating: 8.3
Game Day
The team begins to trace Avon Barksdale's money and find that through a variety of dummy companies, he's invested in a wide variety of businesses and properties. They also find that he's been making fairly large political contributions. Omar is continuing his vendetta and this time makes a deal that he hopes will let him get Avon himself. Whe the squad learn from the wire of another money drop, Carver and Herc are sent to intercept it. They succeed but are short $7,000 when they turn the cash in.
User ratings: 2,609
Average rating: 8.3
The Cost
Orlando is still itching to get in on the action and tries to make a buy only to find that the seller is actually an undercover State policeman. Once arrested, he's keen to make a deal and finger Avon Barksdale. At the same time, the Deputy Chief is fed up with the length and growing complexity of the investigation and orders Lt. Daniels to set up a drug buy using Orlando as the go between. Daniels isn't too keen feeling they will get a conviction with the information from the wire. Greggs accompanies Orlando on the buy but walks into a trap. Greggs' confidential informant, Bubbles, has gone three days without drugs and decides to try and go straight. Omar meanwhile decides to get out of town for a while and goes to New York. McNulty reaches out to Wallace when he hears the young man was shaken by Brandon's killing.
User ratings: 2,928
Average rating: 8.6
The Hunt
With Greggs in the hospital on life support, the police pull out all of the stops in searching for the shooters. They start by bringing in the go-between who led Orlando and Greggs into the trap but find they actually have little to charge him with. McNulty is blaming himself for all that's happened and Major Rawls is surprisingly supportive of him. Greggs' fellow officers are all keen to find her killers but the Commissioner wants to stage huge raids, including one on the recently discovered stash house. Daniels and McNulty realize that someone in the squad is feeding information to the Deputy Chief. D'Angelo thinks he's had it when Stringer sends him off on an errand with Wee-Bay. Wallace meanwhile is living at his grandmother's but is staying in contact with his friends the pit.
User ratings: 2,604
Average rating: 8.4
Cleaning Up
Stringer reorganizes everything after the raids: no telephones, no pagers and more importantly, no dope now that their main stash has been seized. Avon and Stringer start to target anyone who could do them harm and are cleaning house. Shardene gets contact lenses and agrees to wear a wire at the club. With the wire dead, the Deputy Chief wants some of the men on Daniels' squad returned to regular duties. Wallace has returned to the pit but Stringer thinks he may be the snitch they've been worried about. Everyone is getting nervous about the squad looking into campaign contributions including the DA and Senator Clay Davis. The Deputy Chief orders an end to the investigation and the arrest of Avon Barksdale. Freamon and Prez finally figure out why Avon has been buying abandoned commercial properties. D'Angelo is arrested but breaks away from Avon when he hears about Wallace.
User ratings: 2,831
Average rating: 8.4
Greggs comes out of her coma and manages to identify one of the shooters. She won't play the game of fingering the second shooter, because she didn't see him. The police are rounding up the lower echelons of Barksdale's distribution empire. Bunk and Daniels visit D'Angelo in his New Jersey jail to see what information they might get from him about the murders. He's ready to tell them what he knows but a visit from his mother, Avon's sister, changes his mind. With their investigation coming to an end, McNulty suggests that they take what they have to Feds and Daniels agrees. They don't like what hey hear however. Daniels identifies the snitch in his unit who has been keeping the Deputy Chief informed of their activities. McNulty has a meeting Major Rawls who tells him of his fate.
User ratings: 2,750
Average rating: 8.4
Ebb Tide
When McNulty discovers a corpse in the harbor, he pays back the newly promoted Colonel Rawls by proving City Homicide bear responsibility for the investigation. Meanwhile, Southeastern District commander Valchek feels slighted when Frank Sobotka, the boss of a stevedore union, donates a more impressive gift to a local Polish church. Sobotka is determined to renew the docks, but in an effort to generate enough cash to curry political favor, he finds himself smuggling containers for a Greek criminal organization. When they fail to collect a particular container, MPA officer Beatrice Russell finds it, discovering the horrific contents. From prison, Avon sends Stringer on a mission to New York to find out what has happened to their drug supply, which they paid for, but never received.
User ratings: 2,387
Average rating: 7.8
Collateral Damage
With the authorities believing the deaths of the thirteen women in the container to be accidental, Russell is assigned the case instead of a CID detective. McNulty digs a little deeper, however, and again ensures the case goes back to city homicide, much to the entire department's chagrin. Meanwhile, Valchek strikes a deal with Burrell; in return for supporting Burrell's aspirations for promotion, Valchek asks him to set up a detail to investigate Sobotka. From prison, Avon secures a new drug supply from Atlanta. However, his relationship with D'Angelo is becoming strained.
User ratings: 2,226
Average rating: 8.1
Hot Shots
Concerned over how to provide for his girlfriend and their daughter, Sobotka's nephew Nick reluctantly joins his errant cousin Ziggy in stealing containers for the Greeks. Having returned to Baltimore, Omar recruits an unusual new crew. Bunk and Freamon are assigned the Jane Does, assisted by Russell. Meanwhile, having spoken to Prez, Valchek realizes Burrell has assigned humps to his Sobotka detail, and threatens to disrupt his campaign unless a new detail is assembled. In prison, Avon goes to extreme measures to deal with a CO who is hassling Wee-Bey and selling drugs to inmates.
User ratings: 2,150
Average rating: 8.1
Hard Cases
Sobotka chastises Nick for his dealings with Vondas, defending his own illicit activity as a means toward regenerating the ailing dockyard. Daniels agrees to head the new Sobotka detail, but only if Burrell promises him the detail remain as an internal MCU once the investigation ends. Burrell agrees, and Daniels recruits Greggs, Herc, Freamon and Prez. He also requests McNulty, but Rawls refuses to sign him off the marine unit. Meanwhile, Stringer learns the quality of the Atlanta product is far from satisfactory. In prison, D'Angelo confronts Avon, who wants to broker a deal to give up the drug dealing CO in return for a reduction in their sentences. However, D'Angelo wants no involvement.
User ratings: 2,125
Average rating: 8.0
Ziggy's inability to move drugs lands him in trouble when he falls foul of Eastside dealers lead by Prop Joe's nephew Cheese. As Carver joins the detail, it becomes apparent to everyone the operation is in existence only because of Valchek's beef with Sobotka rather than any real probable cause, and the team decide to make the investigation quick and simple. Believing Sobotka's money may be coming from selling drugs, Herc, Carver and Greggs hit the street for hand-to-hands. However, when Freamon arrives on-site, he recognizes Sobotka's possible connection to the Jane Doe deaths. Meanwhile, Sobotka's frustration with the Greeks continues to grow as he attempts to back out of their deal. Elsewhere, Stringer tells Avon about the poor quality of the Atlanta product, and, despite Avon's reassurances, continues to worry about D'Angelo's attitude.
User ratings: 2,073
Average rating: 8.2
All Prologue
With the detail beginning to realize Sobotka's money is not coming from selling drugs, Russell suggests it may be coming from smuggling containers, and the Jane Doe case may be part of the bigger picture. However, Bunk and Freamon are unable to persuade Daniels to fold the Jane Doe investigation into the Sobotka detail. As such, Prez and Greggs start looking into Russian strippers and prostitutes in the area, and Russell and Freamon begin to monitor container movements over the past two years to try to find patterns in missing containers. Elsewhere, Nick requests help from the Greeks in solving Ziggy's problems with Cheese, and Omar testifies in Bird's murder trial. In prison, D'Angelo has a heart to heart with Brianna.
User ratings: 2,368
Average rating: 8.3
Nick crosses the line into drug dealing, with the Greeks paying him in heroin for his smuggling operation. As Prez and Greggs continue to look into the human trafficking angle, and Herc and Carver remain on the street, Freamon and Russell begin to study the docks' live traffic using a cloned computer, having found a pattern of missing containers handled by Thomas "Horseface" Pakusa. By now, the detail know they are into something much bigger than they originally believed, and have set up DNRs on Sobotka and Horseface's phones, but without hard evidence of drug dealing, they can't get a wire approved. Sobotka muses on staying on for another year as union secretary, despite having already agreed to step down at the end of his term in favor of African-American stevedore Ott. Meanwhile, Prop Joe makes an offer to Stringer, who forwards it to a distracted Avon, but he is unwilling to discuss it.
User ratings: 2,042
Average rating: 8.3
Duck and Cover
McNulty deals with the disappointment of his failed reconciliation with Elena by returning to his old drinking and womanizing ways. The detail fill Pearlman in on their case; with evidence that Nick is dealing drugs, and that the Greek's driver, Sergei Malatov, is in touch with Prop Joe, they are able to get a wire approved on Malatov's phone and the Greeks' warehouse. Bunk is officially detailed and attempts to convince Daniels to push for McNulty's involvement in the case. Ziggy becomes increasingly frustrated with Nick's refusal to let him get involved in drug dealing, unhappy with being paid for doing nothing. When Sobotka decides to pay his bills, he is confused to discover his phone account has been flagged so as to not have service disconnected. With business faltering in the towers, Bodie is forced to consider moving his crew to new territory.
User ratings: 2,107
Average rating: 8.3
Stray Rounds
Bodie's new corner erupts into violence when the former occupants try to take it back. Rawls' responds with a series of large-scale arrests throughout the Western district, working in tandem with disillusioned district commander, Maj. Howard "Bunny" Colvin. As McNulty goes undercover as a john, the detail is confused at the lack of activity from the checkers, and realize they must have changed their operating procedure, with their wire on the warehouse now relatively useless. Meanwhile, Ziggy hatches a plan to make some money independently of Nick, and Stringer meets with Prop Joe to discuss turning over Westside territory in exchange for a cut of Joe's profits from his superior product.
User ratings: 2,122
Average rating: 8.3
Storm Warnings
Ethnic tensions over the next union secretary continue to build as Sobotka plans to run against Ott. Ziggy steals several cars from the docks and fences them to George "Double-G" Gleka. However, when he is short-changed, he reacts badly. The detail use satellite technology to try to identify the Greeks' head man. However, Valchek, who feels they have let Sobotka off the hook in pursuit of the Greeks, brings the FBI on board, exploiting their fears of terrorists utilizing the checkers' smuggling operation. Bodie is pleased with the new product in the towers but unhappy that Cheese is on his turf. However, unwilling to give up his real estate, Avon hires feared New York hitman Brother Mouzone to keep rivals off Barksdale territory. Mouzone's reputation is such that Prop Joe refuses to tangle with him, but thinks he knows one person who might have the ability to take him on.
User ratings: 2,343
Average rating: 8.4
Bad Dreams
The detail and the FBI carry out a series of raids, finding the Greeks' properties abandoned, but turning up cash and heroin in Nick's. They leave Vondas on the street, hoping he will lead them to the head man. Sobotka is later arrested when the FBI storm the union offices, with Valchek ensuring the press is there to capture it all. The detail try to get Malatov and the rest of the Greek crew to flip, but have little success, and Sobotka is more interested in getting to see Ziggy than in talking with either the police or his own lawyers. With the union compromised, the FBI has fulfilled its part of the deal with Valchek, and is uninterested in pursuing any of the Greeks, as they have no known connections with terrorism. Out on bail, Sobotka is stunned to learn Nick has been selling heroin. Meanwhile, Vondas hatches a plan to help Ziggy, so as to ensure Sobotka doesn't cut a deal with the police, and Stringer manipulates Omar into going after Mouzone.
User ratings: 2,617
Average rating: 8.5
Port in a Storm
As Herc and Carver consider their future, Daniels tries to talk Valchek out of charging Prez for punching him. With the FBI putting pressure on the union, Rawls demands a clearance for the Jane Doe murders, the Greeks prepare to leave Baltimore, and Nick turns himself in. The detail follows one final piece of evidence in Philadelphia, and Stringer cements his deal with Prop Joe, with Avon's reluctant approval. When Bubbles and Johnny Weeks are arrested trying to steal supplies from an ambulance, Bubbles alerts Greggs and McNulty to Joe and Stringer's alliance, and the newly formed MCU is handed its first case.
User ratings: 2,468
Average rating: 8.4
Time After Time
When the 221 tower block is demolished by Mayor Clarence Royce as part of Baltimore's inner city urban reform, Bodie, Poot and new Barksdale enforcer Slim Charles suggest new territory should be taken, by force if necessary. However, Stringer maintains it doesn't matter where they operate as long as they have good product. Meanwhile, the MCU is up and running, supplemented with Sydnor and Ofc. Caroline Massey. However, having spent six months with wires on several of Prop Joe's people they have nothing with which to make a case, and, as such, Daniels and Pearlman are considering dropping the wires and trying to get some of the street crew to role on their higher-ups. In the Western District, soon-to-retire Maj. Colvin is growing increasingly disillusioned with both the street scene and his own people, including Carver and Herc. Elsewhere, legendary Barksdale enforcer Dennis "Cutty" Wise is released from prison after fourteen years, finding himself out of touch with the contemporary drug game, while ambitious city council Thomas Carcetti attempts to ingratiate himself with Acting Commissioner Burrell.
User ratings: 2,066
Average rating: 8.1
All Due Respect
Omar and his crew resume their raids on the Barksdale supply, much to Stringer's chagrin. McNulty is shocked to learn of D'Angelo's death in prison, and is immediately suspicious of the suicide report. As Avon's parole hearing approaches, he and Stringer discuss how best to conduct business now the towers are gone, deciding that rather than starting a war, they will send people to negotiate sharing corners owned by other crews, in return for a cut from the profits from Prop Joe's superior product. However, when Bodie attempts to take a Westside corner owned by ambitious young independent dealer Marlo Stanfield, things don't go to plan. Meanwhile, Cheese participates in an underground dogfight, leading to the MCU making a catastrophic error. In front of the media, Carcetti pressures Burrell over the high homicide rates in the city. Elsewhere, having realized how out of touch he is with things, Cutty finds legitimate work with a landscaping crew, and Greggs finds herself increasingly alienated from Cheryl and their baby.
User ratings: 2,042
Average rating: 8.3
Dead Soldiers
Burrell and Deputy Ops. Rawls demonstrate how serious they are about their new directives to reduce crime by making an example of the Eastern District commander. Colvin pioneers an unorthodox solution to the Western District's escalating culture of drugs, and then proceeds to ruffle Rawls and Burrell's feathers at the weekly ComStat by refusing to manipulate his district's crime stats. Carcetti leaks information to the press about Royce holding back money to train new police cadets, and Burrell is placed in an awkward position when Royce proves determined to spin the situation to his own advantage. Omar and his crew decide to attack a Barksdale stash house, but get more than they bargained for. With the wires dead, the MCU is instructed to pursue a new target, much to McNulty and Greggs' chagrin. Meanwhile, as the Homicide Unit bid farewell to one of their own, Bodie's crew clash with Marlo's, and Bunk is given a seemingly impossible task.
User ratings: 2,034
Average rating: 8.3
Despite being urged to fire Burrell by State Delegate Odell Watkins, Royce refuses, pointing out Burrell's loyalty in taking the hit from the press regarding the cadet funding. Burrell, however, is furious with Carcetti for placing him in that position in the first place. An unapologetic Carcetti points out that not only does Royce now owe Burrell a favour, but Burrell got the cadets he needed. Despite being lectured by Freamon, McNulty and Greggs continue to ignore the MCU's new target and pursue Stringer. After Bubbles alerts them to the presence of Marlo, they assume Marlo is working for Avon. Meanwhile, Bodie is confused that Stringer has ordered no retaliation against Marlo's dealer Fruit, who led the attack on Bodie's crew. As Bunk continues to try to find the department's missing gun, Colvin unveils a radical new strategy - three abandoned areas in the Western District have been designated "drug tolerant zones." However, he has little success convincing the hoppers to relocate. Elsewhere, Cutty begins to question his decision to go straight, Pearlman attempts to prevent Avon's parole, and Stringer's investments in property intensify.
User ratings: 2,021
Average rating: 8.3
Straight and True
Avon is released from prison to find things have changed a great deal in his absence. With Stringer moving into legitimate real estate, and aligning himself with Clay Davis and developer Andy Krawczyk, the MCU conclude he is now so far from street level dealing as to be virtually untouchable as a drug target. Frustrated that his drug tolerant zones aren't catching on, Colvin approaches the MCU for information on mid-level dealers, with the aim to persuade them to order the hoppers to relocate. Stringer, supported by Prop Joe, launches a new initiative; the New Day, a city-wide co-op for dealers, so as to eliminate street feuds and the violence which attracts police. Meanwhile, Johnny tries to talk Bubbles out of snitching, Carcetti is outraged when a state's witness is murdered, and Cutty gets his first task for the Barksdales. Elsewhere, as Bunk tries to track down Omar, he is forced to resume looking for the missing departmental gun, Greggs follows Marlo, and Carcetti's attitude rubs off on his fellow city council Anthony Gray.
User ratings: 2,013
Average rating: 8.4
Marlo rejects Stringer's offer to join the New Day, and instead makes plans to go to war. Believing that Marlo is the new Barksdale enforcer, McNulty and Greggs try to pressure Daniels into switching the MCU target back to Stringer. McNulty's attempts to open an official investigation into D'Angelo's death hit a brick wall. As the drug tolerant zones begin to take off, Colvin unleashes his troops on the dealers still occupying corners, giving his men free reign to use whatever force is necessary to get them to relocate. Bunk decides he is no longer wasting his time looking for the missing gun, and switches his attention to the shooting involving Omar's crew. Avon is underwhelmed with Stringer's movement into real estate, and is more concerned with what is happening on the street. When he learns Marlo's crew ran Bodie's off a corner, he is furious Stringer didn't retaliate, and orders Slim Charles and Cutty to hit back at Marlo. As Stinger is forced to pay more money to Clay Davis to speed up the necessary permits for his condos, Carcetti manipulates Gray into thinking about entering the next mayoral race so as to divide the city's black votes.
User ratings: 2,020
Average rating: 8.3
Back Burners
A stern lecture from Bunk makes Omar consider his moral position. Having discovered he no longer has it in him to be in the Game, Cutty decides to go legitimate, with Avon's blessing. Stringer orders Bodie to move his crew into Hamsterdam to test the waters, but leaves Poot on a corner. McNulty goes behind Daniels' back, using his friendship with Colvin to get the MCU reassigned to the war between Avon and Marlo. When Daniels learns of McNulty's actions, he tells him he is out of the unit once the case is over. Greggs and Cheryl's relationship deteriorates further. As Colvin learns there has been a 2% drop in crime in the Western District, Avon is pleased to learn Marlo has pulled his crews from the street, and believes the war already won. Bubbles is shocked to witness the negative side of Hamsterdam, and tries to get Johnny to leave. When the zones produce an unexpected problem, Carver comes up with an innovative solution. Meanwhile, McNulty formulates a strategy to get information from the dealers' burners, Carcetti again speaks to Royce about witness protection money, and Stringer fears he may have a problem with Brianna.
User ratings: 1,975
Average rating: 8.3
Moral Midgetry
The MCU are stunned to learn Avon is free. Freamon and Prez get working on hacking Bodie's burner, and discover a traceable network. However, they are unsure how to get a wire onto it, as the phones are only used for two weeks before being discarded. As such, they attempt to track who has been buying the burners. Carver approaches Colvin with some concerns about the problems of Hamsterdam, including the ease with which stick-up crews are ripping off dealers, and the ex-hoppers who are no longer needed, but who are hanging around anyway, and Colvin suggests they use the hoppers as a defacto police force. Later, he shows Deacon around, but is surprised by his reaction. Carcetti continues to press for witness protection money, before getting an education in how to be a likeable politician. As Cutty turns to Deacon for advice about his future, Brianna and McNulty have an emotional discussion about D'Angelo. Meanwhile, Stringer continues to make in-roads in legitimate circles, whilst Avon hatches a plan to snare Omar, and vows revenge against Marlo for the drive-by at Poot's corner.
User ratings: 2,125
Average rating: 8.4
Avon is stunned by Stringer's revelation that he had D'Angelo killed, but makes an important decision before he speaks to Brianna. Deacon convinces Colvin to introduce public health programs into the drug tolerant zones. Cutty decides to open a boxing gym for local kids, but comes face to face with the intricacies of bureaucracy when he applies for the permits. The war between Avon and Marlo leads to increasing discontent among the New Day, which Stringer attempts to contain. The MCU gets closer to getting wires onto the burners, but must move quickly to get them up and running before the phones are discarded. Meanwhile, two of Barksdale's people carry out an ill-advised attempt to kill Omar. When a murder takes place in Hamsterdam, Carver moves the body to protect the secrecy of Colvin's scheme, but Herc believes things have now gone too far. Elsewhere, Prez makes a mistake that could end his career, Gray decides to run for Mayor, and Stringer continues to have problems with his real estate development.
User ratings: 2,006
Average rating: 8.4
As the MCU adjusts to life without Prez, the war between Avon and Marlo intensifies, with deaths on both sides. When the New Day come up with a plan for a truce, they tell Stringer that if Avon refuses to accept, the Barksdales are out of the co-op. Brother Mouzone returns to Baltimore on a mission of revenge against Omar, whilst Omar is pursuing his own plan for vengeance against Stringer. Carver gets some frank advice about his failings as a police officer from Colvin, who is able to persuade the reporter that Herc called to hold his story on the drug tolerant zones. Meanwhile, he finally reveals his actions to his superiors. Burrell and Rawls are stunned, and Burrell takes the information to Royce, but presses the fact that Colvin has dramatically reduced the crime rate in the district. When the MCU's wires go dead after a few days, Freamon has an inspired idea as to how they can get a wire running immediately upon a phone being activated. Elsewhere, with the help of Watkins and Marla Daniels, Cutty opens his boxing gym, but finds the students' belligerent behavior difficult to deal with, whilst Carcetti begins to realise the immensity of running as a white mayoral candidate in a majority black city.
User ratings: 2,024
Average rating: 8.4
Middle Ground
Brother Mouzone confronts Omar. Cutty tries to convince Avon to help him purchase new equipment for the gym. As Burrell and Rawls try to formulate a strategy for how to deal with the drug tolerant zones, Royce decides to delay closing them down, believing they may be doing some genuine good. Believing Royce's delay is to enable him to work out how to blame the police department, Burrell leaks the story to Carcetti, who is keen to get Colvin's side of things. Stringer learns from Levy that Clay Davis has been lying to him, and has conned him into making financial contributions for no return. A furious Stringer orders Slim Charles to kill Davis. As the MCU's wires begin to yield information, they discover Avon and Stringer are not on the same network as everyone else. Believing that putting Avon back in prison is the only way to end the war with Marlo, Stringer gives Colvin the location of Avon's safe-house. However, Stringer is unaware that Avon has made a deal of his own.
User ratings: 3,088
Average rating: 8.9
Mission Accomplished
McNulty is devastated by the death of Stringer, believing himself to have been deprived the pleasure of arresting him. As Avon's people urge retaliation against Marlo, thinking he killed Stringer, a remorseful Avon reveals the truth to Slim Charles. Carcetti wrestles with what to do about the drug tolerant zones, and Royce continues to try to turn them into something more palpable for the media. However, when the press descend on Hamsterdam, he realizes his delay in shutting them down was a huge mistake. When he tries to shift blame to Burrell, he is shocked to learn Burrell more than ready to fight back. As Marla officially announces her candidacy for city council, Prez makes a decision about his future. Meanwhile, the MCU continues to listen in on their wires, hearing a great deal of talk about the war with Marlo, but getting nothing useful to use against Avon. However, when Colvin reveals the information given him by Stringer, the unit gets an unexpected opportunity.
User ratings: 2,521
Average rating: 8.6
Boys of Summer
With Daniels in command of the Western District, the MCU is now led by Lt. Asher, who is more interested in his upcoming retirement, and is effectively letting Freamon run the unit. Although they have wires on several of Marlo's people, they are surprised by the lack of bodies. What they don't know is when Marlo orders a hit, he does so in person, and enforcers Chris Partlow and Felicia "Snoop" Pearson take the victim to a vacant row house, kill them, cover them with quicklime and seal the vacant up. Following the Barksdale money trail, Freamon presses a reluctant Pearlman to issue subpoenas for financial records to several high ranking political figures - the very same territory that got the original detail shut down three years previously. Meanwhile, since the fall of the Barksdale empire, Bodie is operating as an independent dealer on a corner with little to no business. As Prez prepares for his new career as a schoolteacher, four friends, Michael Lee, Namond Brice, Randy Wagstaff and Duquan "Dukie" Weems enjoy the last few days of summer. Elsewhere, the mayoral election campaign between city councils Carcetti and Gray and incumbent Mayor Royce enters its final stages, and despite encouragement from his campaign manager, Norman Wilson, Carcetti is disillusioned about his chances of winning.
User ratings: 1,990
Average rating: 8.3
Soft Eyes
Herc's soft-duty job with the mayor takes an unexpectedly hard turn. Despite the potential damage to her career, Pearlman provides Freamon and Sydnor with subpoena ammunition for their 'grizzly bear' hunt in City Hall.
User ratings: 1,868
Average rating: 8.4
Home Rooms
With his lead dwindling, Royce resorts to extreme measures to stall Carcetti's momentum. At Bodie's corner, Michael proves adept as a runner, with Bodie and Marlo taking notice. A re-up bodega is put under surveillance by Omar and Greggs.
User ratings: 1,909
Average rating: 8.3
With Freamon and Greggs moved to Homicide, Herc and Dozerman join Marimow in the stripped-down Major Crimes Unit. Cutty gets a 'custodial' job at Tilghman School mopping up truants, but can't make headway in his efforts to mentor Michael.
User ratings: 1,837
Average rating: 8.3
Valchek tells Carcetti that Greggs has been assigned the witness case, but Carcetti is reluctant to go public with the information, until Wilson suggests they feed it to Gray, letting him use it against Royce so as to further split the black vote, whilst also keeping Carcetti insulated from any negative fallout. When Royce learns what Burrell has done, he is furious, and decides to fire him after the election and replace him with Rawls. Over the protests of Daniels and Pearlman, Marimow co-ordinates a series of street-sweeps, hoping to catch Marlo with "dope on the table," as Bunk and Freamon continue to try to figure out where the bodies are. Chris advises Marlo not to go after Omar in any way he expects, and together they come up with a plan to remove him permanently. Bubbles is attacked by another addict, and grows increasingly frustrated with Sherrod for skipping school. Chris and Snoop try to recruit Michael as a soldier. At Tilghman Middle School, Prez struggles to control his students, but unexpectedly makes a connection with several of them, whilst Bunny comes up with an idea for how to single out the most at risk children for Peranti's study.
User ratings: 1,860
Average rating: 8.3
Margin of Error
Prop Joe manipulates Marlo into aligning with him and Slim Charles. When Rawls alerts Carcetti that Watkins has turned his back on Royce, Carcetti attempts to get Watkins to support his campaign. However, he must then respond to a potentially devastating smear campaign, and an unexpected offer from Clay Davis. As Greggs is partnered with Det. Edward Norris on the murdered witness case, Rawls tells Landsman there is to be no progress on the case until the day after the election. Namond is pushed into drug dealing by his mother De'Londa when the family are cut off by Brianna, who has herself severed ties with Avon. As Prez goes out of his way to help Dukie, Cutty is shocked to learn why some of his boxers haven't been coming to the gym, and the MCU's attempt to use video evidence against Marlo fails miserably. When Randy reveals his inadvertent involvement in a murder, Prez goes to Daniels for advice, who hands the case to Carver. Colvin's new "pilot program" is implemented, separating the worst behaved students from those more likely to do well in school. Meanwhile, as the city votes in the mayoral election, Marlo and Chris implement their plan for Omar.
User ratings: 1,923
Average rating: 8.3
Unto Others
With a bounty on him, Omar calls in a favor to Bunk. The election over, Royce and Carcetti make peace and contemplate their futures. At school, Prez tricks his students into learning math. Finally, Greggs uses 'soft eyes' at a crime scene.
User ratings: 1,809
Average rating: 8.4
Corner Boys
Bubbles accepts he has lost Sherrod to the streets. Pearlman is promoted to VCU head prosecutor by Bond. Carcetti visits the homicide department, who are mourning the death of their CID commander, and is met with a frosty reception. Later, he goes on a series of street-sweeps with the Eastern DEU but is unimpressed with their operating procedures, and approaches Rawls with his concerns. Marimow confronts Herc about the fiasco involving the arrest of Marlo at the train station, leading to Herc inadvertently giving Marlo the information Prop Joe needed to find out who in the department is working him. Slim Charles and Joe offer Marlo advice on how to deal with the New York dealers encroaching onto the Eastside. Colvin's use of corner logic in the pilot program is met with an enthusiastic response. Bunk investigates the Omar case, finding it full of holes. When Prez tries to alter his class curriculum, he learns teaching children is not necessarily the priority of the education board. Michael is devastated when his abusive stepfather, Devar, returns.
User ratings: 1,858
Average rating: 8.3
Know Your Place
Poot returns to the corner after a stint in prison--and is welcomed back. Carcetti engages in a testy budget battle with City Council President Campbell, promotes Daniels, and hits a snag in his efforts to relieve Burrell of his duties.
User ratings: 1,804
Average rating: 8.3
Not trusting anyone in the system, Michael takes his problem with Devar to Marlo. Carcetti's restructuring of the police hierarchy does not meet with universal approval as Burrell takes advice from Clay Davis, who then goes behind Burrell's back and promises to help Carcetti get rid of him. Meanwhile, Burrell is ordered to run everything through Rawls, but ignores the order and demands quality-of-life arrests to double in the next month, leading to civil unrest and dissent amongst the uniforms. Daniels uses the situation to test Carcetti's sincerity about fixing the department. Despite his recent success in class with his own curriculum, Prez is pressured to teach test material, as are Colvin and Peranti, who are summoned to speak with the area superintendent about the pilot program. When she sits in on a class, she is unimpressed with what she sees. After failing to protect Bubbles, Herc tries to make amends, but angers Bubbles by asking him for another favor. Marlo has a member of Bodie's crew killed for speaking to the police, and puts the word out that Randy has been doing the same. Carver arrests Namond, who reaches out to Colvin for help.
User ratings: 1,948
Average rating: 8.4
A New Day
Disturbed by the death of his crew member, Bodie becomes concerned about working for Marlo. Colvin experiences first-hand Namond's difficult home life and begins to bond with him, as the pilot program comes under threat from the education board. After Bubbles takes his revenge for Herc letting him down twice, Carcetti faces a dilemma when a minister makes a serious allegation. Randy experiences bullying from his school mates after word that he is a snitch gets out, with Prez, Carver, Freamon and Bunk quickly putting together Herc's involvement. Sherrod returns to Bubbles' shack. Omar learns Prop Joe, Slim Charles and Marlo are working together, and makes a difficult demand of Joe. Daniels takes over as CID commander, Pearlman joins homicide as their lead prosecutor, Freamon is placed in charge of a reconstituted MCU, and Valchek tells Rawls that Carcetti will never appoint him as commissioner, with Daniels instead being groomed for the job, something Burrell and Davis have already figured out. Meanwhile, Carcetti decides to bump police salaries 5%, and issues a new mandate for arrests.
User ratings: 2,017
Average rating: 8.3
That's Got His Own
Carcetti faces a crippling budgetary problem when he is learns there is a $54m education debt. His new chief of staff, Michael Steintorf, recommends a reduction in spending, including the proposed increase in police pay, but Campbell suggests he instead ask the governor of Maryland for assistance. The governor, however, presents him with a difficult choice. Prez and Dukie are both disappointed by Dukie's social promotion to high school, having become close in class. As the pilot program is threatened with closure, Deacon recommends Colvin take the issue to Watkins. Freamon's discovery of Chris and Snoop's dumping ground for bodies damages the homicide unit's annual clearance rate, and Landsman orders him not to search any more vacants. Meanwhile, Namond is ripped off by one of his own hoppers, but his reluctance to act leads to him seeing both his mother and Michael in a new light, and instead he turns to Carver and Cutty for help. Omar calls in the help of an old friend for his plan to steal the New Day's drug shipment from the Greeks. Dukie's family abandons him, and he moves in with Michael, who has begun training as an enforcer for Marlo. Randy is kept home from school for his own protection. Learning of Freamon's discovery, Daniels points out the stats can be blamed on Royce if the bodies are all found before the end of the month. Meanwhile, Bubbles prepares a tainted vial of drugs for his attacker, with unforeseen consequences.
User ratings: 2,253
Average rating: 8.5
Final Grades
In the Season Four finale, the bodies from the vacants pile up while Burrell offers his support to Daniels and admonishes Rawls for crossing him. A distraught Bubbles finds himself at his wit's end after his revenge plan backfires.
User ratings: 2,867
Average rating: 8.8
More with Less
Season Five premiere. As McNulty and the detail continue staking out Marlo's crew, recently promoted Sergeant Carver is welcomed by a cauldron of discontent from officers coping with unpaid overtime.
User ratings: 1,883
Average rating: 8.1
Unconfirmed Reports
Although he tells Sydnor the Davis investigation could be a 'career case,' Freamon keeps a wary eye out for Marlo, who takes care of some unfinished business and strikes a business deal with Barksdale.
User ratings: 1,780
Average rating: 8.1
Not for Attribution
Carcetti's master plan for the police department is leaked to the press, sending the brass into a panic. Marlo turns to Proposition Joe to help with an enviable problem. Whiting and Klebanow drop a bombshell on the newspaper staff.
User ratings: 1,811
Average rating: 8.3
Campbell tries to smooth out the transitions in the police department. The newspaper scrambles to confirm surprising news from City Hall, but lose out to the TV media in scooping a high-profile Grand Jury appearance.
User ratings: 1,871
Average rating: 8.4
React Quotes
Marlo forges an alliance with a drug connect, who shows him a new communications trick. McNulty's case gets increased attention from the newspaper, in large part thanks to the addition of Templeton to the reporting team.
User ratings: 1,805
Average rating: 8.3
The Dickensian Aspect
When Templeton fakes a phone call from the serial killer, McNulty uses it as PC for a wire. Having failed to convince Daniels to reopen the MCU to work the Marlo case, Freamon illegally sets the wire up on Marlo's phone, with the intention of attributing any information they get from it to a CI. As Chris continues to hunt for Omar, Bunk decides to resort to old-fashioned police work to try to make some headway on the still open vacant murders investigation. However, he discovers an error has been made with the lab work, making the case virtually unsolvable. When Carcetti delivers a well-received press conference about the serial killer, he decides to spin homelessness into a core campaign issue when he runs for governor. A search of Prop Joe's house turns up sealed court documents, leading Daniels and Pearlman to conclude there is a leak in the city court. Meanwhile, Marlo takes control of the New Day, promoting Cheese, raising the price of narcotics, doubling the bounty on Omar, and suspending all further meetings. Elsewhere, Templeton's star continues to rise at The Sun, with Whiting placing him front and center in their coverage of the murders, and when Freamon figures out Marlo is communicating by sending multimedia messages, it forces him and McNulty to go to extremes even they never dreamt of.
User ratings: 1,740
Average rating: 8.3
An unexpected call puts Templeton back in the spotlight--and gets McNulty more attention than he expected. Bunk bucks at Landsman when ordered to help with the force's most recent red ball.
User ratings: 1,769
Average rating: 8.3
Baltimore's renewed police commitment brings fresh recruits to Daniels and McNulty, starting with Carver. Facing a new political challenge, Carcetti is forced to make dangerous political deals.
User ratings: 1,941
Average rating: 8.3
Late Editions
With Steintorf ordering Rawls to initiate 'creative' remedies for the rising crime rate, Freamon's vigilance pays off with a promising lead, sending Sydnor and the department into overdrive.
User ratings: 2,212
Average rating: 8.5
Carcetti maps out a damage-control scenario with the police brass in the wake of a startling revelation from Pearlman and Daniels. Their choice: clean up the mess...or hide the dirt.
User ratings: 3,210
Average rating: 8.8
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