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The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

Seasons: 2
Episodes: 28
User ratings: 6,500
Average rating: 7.3

Action, Adventure, Family, Mystery

The adventures of the archaeological treasure hunter in his youth as related by an elderly Indiana Jones.

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Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal
Professor Indiana Jones teaches two young boys to appreciate the history of art while visiting a museum be recalling his youth. He tells them how his father, Henry Jones Sr, was invited to give lectures all over the world in 1908, and, taking his wife and son along, invites his former tutor Helen Seymour to teach young Henry Jr. during the trip. On their first stop in Cairo, Egypt Junior, who prefers to be called 'Indy' and Miss Seymour were invited to join an archaeological dig by another former student of hers,T.E. Lawrence (who prefers to be called 'Ned'). There a man is killed and a priceless headpiece is stolen. Indiana finally caught up again with this jackal shaped artifact in 1916, after getting himself involved in the Mexican revolution while crossing the border with his cousin Frank. Having joined up with Pancho Villa, Indy became fast friends with Remy Baudouin, another revolutionary who originally hails from Belgium.
User ratings: 162
Average rating: 7.5
London, May 1916
While having a meeting with his financier, Dr. Indiana Jones is reminded of the great love of his life, Vicky Prentiss. He met her in London in 1916 when she was working as a bus conductor and he was trying to pick up another woman (a war widow to be precise). Indy and Remy had just arrived to enlist in the Belgian army and were waiting to be send to La Havre for training.
User ratings: 124
Average rating: 8.9
British East Africa, September 1909
Professor Indiana Jones visits the Metropolitan Foundation for Educational Quality where the Annual Celebrity tennis shoe auction and dinner is being held. He begins to entertain the snobby people at his table by recounting a safari to British East Africa in 1909. There, Indy became determined to find the fabled Fringe-Eared Oryx for former US President Teddy Roosevelt. He befriended Meto, a Massai boy around the same age as himself at the time. Despite their language barrier, they find out where to find the last remaining Oryx.
User ratings: 94
Average rating: 7.2
Verdun, September 1916
Old Indiana Jones lectures a so-called 'Pirate of Wallstreet' sitting next to him on a plane about the horrors of the first world war. The man reminds old Indy of the generals who casually send hundreds of young men off to slaughter in the trenches with each battle. Indy himself had managed to get a position as a courier, while his friend Remy had ended up in hospital, only to be ordered back to the front as soon as his wounds have healed. On a reconnaissance mission, Indy learned the Germans were bringing in two Big Bertha's, enormous howitzers to be used at Verdun.
User ratings: 77
Average rating: 8.2
German East Africa, December 1916
In a the waiting room of a hospital, Professor Indiana Jones recounts a harrowing time he had in Africa, December 1916. Indy was promoted to Captain and then ordered to cross the jungle with Remy and Captain Boucher to pick up a shipment of weaponry. Along the way his Ubangan Sgt, Barthelemy picked up the sole surviving child from a disease ridden village despite Boucher's orders against it.
User ratings: 72
Average rating: 7.9
Congo, January 1917
Being treated for a bee-sting to his toe, old man Indy recounts the time he spent in Albert Schweitzer's jungle hospital in Africa during the Great War. Schweitzer and his orderlies had picked up Indy and companions near death while attempting to bring a shipment of guns across the Congo. At first resistant to being treated by a German, Indy soon began to realize that Schweitzer was not interested in war, only attempting to cure people against all odds.
User ratings: 68
Average rating: 8.0
Austria, March 1917
Old Indy has posted a wrong parcel by mistake and is trying to get it out of the mailbox when a postal worker scolds him. He starts to tell her about the last time he had so much trouble delivering a package, during the Great War. Under the alias of Henri Defence, Indiana Jones was a spy in the Belgian Army. He had to safely escort two Austrian Princes to their family in order for their country to begin a separate peace treatment and deprive Germany of it's strongest ally.
User ratings: 65
Average rating: 7.7
Somme, Early August 1916
Old Indiana Jones scolds a rude young man in a donut-shop and tells him about the hell he went through when he was about the same age. In august 1916, Jones had enlisted in the Belgian army to fight in the Great War. After all his commanding officers have been wiped out during combat in Flanders, Corporal ' Henri Defense' (Indy's pseudonym) is left in charge of what's left of the 9th Belgian Infantry. They are assigned to the French 14th Company and dispatched into the Battle of the Somme.
User ratings: 75
Average rating: 8.4
Germany, Mid-August 1916
Old man Indy is arrested for assaulting a young man and thrown into a crowded jail cell. He immediately starts plotting his escape, just like he did in 1916 when he was captured by the Germans in De Somme. After taking part in an escape attempt on his first day in a camp, young Indy was sent to the maximum security prison at Dunsterstadt on the Danube.
User ratings: 69
Average rating: 8.3
Barcelona, May 1917
Professor Indiana Jones is about to lecture the Pennsylvania History Society when some trouble with his microphone stand leads him off into recounting a disastrous spy mission in which he was involved in May 1917. Jones had joined up with an international trio of spies plotting against their German counterparts in the neutral city of Barcelona. After his old acquaintance Pablo Picasso helped him get a job at Sergei Diaghilev's Ballets Russes, Indy devised a plan to forge a love letter written by the German cultural attaché to make it seem the man was having an affair with the Countess of Toledo.
User ratings: 70
Average rating: 7.9
Young Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Blues
Wyoming, 1950. Indiana Jones and his friend Grey Cloud have obtained a sacred ceremonial pipe and end up in a snow-logged cabin. When Jones finds a soprano sax, he is reminded of his college days in Chicago 1920. Indy was waiting tables at Colosimo's and had become obsessed with Jazz music. He managed to befriend Sidney Bichet who encouraged him to practice the soprano sax. But then Colosimo was murdered on the doorstep of his restaurant and Indy got caught up in the investigation together with his roommate Eliot Ness and young reporter Ernest Hemingway.
User ratings: 326
Average rating: 7.4
Princeton, February 1916
Old Indy meets a man driving a monster truck with the biggest set of wheels he ever saw at the gas station. He is reminded of his own teenage dream of driving the hottest car to his junior prom in 1916: a Bugatti owned by his then girlfriends father, Edward Stratemeyer. While trying to get the engine repaired, Indy and Nancy helped solve a robbery case from Thomas Edison's laboratory. It seemed German spies were after Edison's new electric motor.
User ratings: 81
Average rating: 7.1
Petrograd, July 1917
Prof. Indiana Jones points out to a museum curator that a picture of the Russian revolution is labeled wrong. He knows it for sure because he was there. Working as a translator at the French embassy in Petrograd, Indy had befriended a group of young Bolshevik students. On his 18th birthday, they took him to hear Lenin himself giving a speech. Unfortunately, the speech inspires them to a premature revolution attempt.
User ratings: 58
Average rating: 8.0
Young Indiana Jones and the Scandal of 1920
New York, June 1920. Twenty year old Indiana Jones is working backstage at George White's Scandals in 1920. Having just arrived in the Big Apple, Indy manages to woo no less than three girls in as many days: singer Peggy, poet Kate and socialite Gloria. He manages to get Peggy a song to sing by his good friend George Gershwin, Kate and her friends at the Vicious circle will review the show and Gloria's father helps out to back the show when White needs financial help.
User ratings: 207
Average rating: 7.6
Vienna, November 1908
Old Indy voluntarily visits a psychiatrist to prove he's still able to take care of himself (after getting himself stuck up a tree trying to rescue a cat). While there, he recounts a meeting with Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Alfred Adler in Vienna, Austria in 1908. The three of them were there to attend the world's first psycho-analytical conference. Young Indy asked them how to cope with his first crush, on Princess Sophie of Austia, daughter of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
User ratings: 77
Average rating: 7.6
Northern Italy, June 1918
Old Indy snatches a parking place from under the noses of two squabbling commuters, then begins to lecture them about something he learned while in the Italian Alps during the Great War. While working as a spy to get Austrian deserters safely to the allies side, Indy was wooing an Italian beauty named Guiletta in his spare time. However, another man was competing with him for the girl's affections. So, together with ambulance driver Ernest Hemingway, Indy planned to crush the competition by smothering Guiletta with presents and compliments.
User ratings: 50
Average rating: 8.1
Young Indiana Jones and the Phantom Train of Doom
November, 1916. Indiana Jones and Remy Baudouin have managed to get a transfer from the European trenches to the plains of Africa. On arrival they both receive a promotion to the rank of lieutenant in the Belgian Army. When they take the wrong train they end up in Moshi. Desprerate to join their unit in Lake Victoria, the two men bump into the 25th Royal Fusiliers, a unit of cranky old men led by Indy's old acquaintance Frederick Selous. Indy's passing knowledge of trains and fluent German comes in handy for the Fusiliers, who are about to go on a mission to find and destroy a Phantom Train that carries an enormous German artillery gun. After accomplishing their goal, Selous tricks Indy and Remy into joining his unit for another caper involving the capture of the German military strategist Colonel Von Lettow-Vorbeck.
User ratings: 107
Average rating: 8.3
Ireland, April 1916
Although his daughter tells him that it's time to go to the Grandparents' Tea at Lucy's school, Old Indy would rather watch his soap and tell her about his stay in Ireland around the time of the Easter Rising of 1916. He and Remy had just arrived from Mexico and were waiting tables and washing dishes in order to get the fare to go to London. Indy tried to impress a girl called Maggie who assumed he must rich, what with him being American.
User ratings: 71
Average rating: 7.8
Paris, September 1908
Professor Indiana Jones attends the auction of a Degas painting 'The Woman at her Toilet' which he claims to mean the world to him. He explains how he got involved in a quarrel between Degas and young Pablo Picasso in Paris, 1908. While there, Indy befriended a young American boy named Norman Rockwell and together they learned to appreciate the nuances of modern art.
User ratings: 74
Average rating: 7.7
Peking, March 1910
During a Thanksgiving dinner, professor Indiana Jones entertains his great-grandchildren by recalling a visit to China he made as a boy. While his father was working with the Chinese translator Yen Fu, young Indy, his mother and his tutor went sightseeing with their guide, Mr Li. After visiting the Great Wall of China, Indy fell ill during a rain storm and the travelers were taken in by a poor Chinese family. Dispite his mother's misgivings, she consented to have a local doctor treat her boy using acupuncture.
User ratings: 58
Average rating: 7.5
Benares, January 1910
Old Indy attempts to enlighten a down on his luck trucker by telling him about the most extraordinary person he ever met: Krishnamurti. In 1910 The Jones family was attending a meeting of the Theosophy movement in Benares, India. Society leaders Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater pronounced a young boy named Jiddu Krishnamurti to be the next world teacher and possible messiah. Traveling the holy city, Krishnamurti explained to Indy about the similarities between all different religions. However, Miss Seymour was less easily convinced and became determined to expose Leadbeater as a fraud.
User ratings: 66
Average rating: 7.2
Paris, October 1916
While flipping through a gossip magazine at the supermarket, 93 year old Indiana Jones recounts his love affair with Mata Hari while visiting Paris on leave from the front in 1916. Unaware of Mata's involvement as a spy, 16 year old Indy became jealous when seeing her with other men, even though he admitted at the time that his feelings for Mata were not as strong as they had been for Vicky Prentiss in London five months earlier.
User ratings: 64
Average rating: 7.6
Istanbul, September 1918
Posing as neutral Swedish journalist 'Nils Anderson', Indiana Jones is trying to convince Turkish general Mustafa Kemal to form a separate piece with the allies instead of the Germans. His mission becomes jeopardized when he learns there is a traitor codenamed 'The Wolf' in his spy network. To complicate matters, Indy himself has fallen for Molly, a young American working at a Turkish orphanage, despite lying to her about his identity.
User ratings: 61
Average rating: 7.8
Paris, May 1919
Indy is in Paris working as a translator during the peace conference following the end of the Great War. He meets up with T.E. Lawrence once more but finds his ideals have changed a lot since the start of the war.
User ratings: 51
Average rating: 8.3
Florence, May 1908
Old Indy is challenged to a game of pool in a bar and recounts the time he first studied the laws of physics while visiting Florence, Italy in 1908. With her husband away in Rome, Anna Jones found herself enchanted by the persuasive opera composer Giacomo Puccini. Stricken by love, the impulsive Italian went as far as to ask her to leave her husband for him.
User ratings: 68
Average rating: 7.0
Prague, August 1917
Working as a Belgian spy during World War One, young Indiana Jones is reassigned to Prague where he is to receive an important phone call. Unfortunately his hotel room turns out to be unequipped with a phone. Indy heads for the Ministry of Telephones, where he learns that having to confront Czech bureaucracy can be quite a trial.
User ratings: 60
Average rating: 7.5
Palestine, October 1917
T.E. Lawrence suggests his old friend and pen-pal Indiana Jones (aka Henri Defense) for an undercover mission in Gaza, where Indy befriends some members of the Australian Lighthorseman Regiment. The British plan to attack Beersheba but have to cross a grueling desert to do so. To get into Beersheba first, Indy poses as an Arab trader and is accompanied by a 'belly dancer' named Maya.
User ratings: 83
Average rating: 7.6
Transylvania, January 1918
On Halloween, old Indy tells a ghost story to three trick or treaters concerning a mission he undertook near the end of the Great War. As part of a small team of special agents, young Indy was sent to Transylvania to find out why General Targo has raided a German P.O.W. camp. They soon found out the mysterious General had taken up impaling his enemies, just like Vlad Tepes used to in the 15th century
User ratings: 68
Average rating: 7.5
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