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Seasons: 4
Episodes: 41
User ratings: 36,473
Average rating: 7.8

Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

The members of the Torchwood Institute, a secret organization founded by the British Crown, fight to protect the Earth from extraterrestrial and supernatural threats.

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Everything Changes
Police Constable Gwen Cooper comes across the mysterious organization known as Torchwood. While investigating their world, she finds technology and methods she never imagined.
User ratings: 1,174
Average rating: 7.6
Day One
Torchwood must stop a sex addicted alien as it leaves a trail of gruesome deaths in its wake.
User ratings: 1,019
Average rating: 6.9
Ghost Machine
When Gwen retrieves an alien object from a fleeing hoodie, she's haunted by a vision of a lonely young boy, as this action-packed series starring John Barrowman continues. As the team tracks down the object's owner, the elusive Bernie Harris, Owen experiences an even more terrifying vision and a long-buried crime resurfaces.
User ratings: 926
Average rating: 7.5
There's a dark secret in the basement of the Hub. Even Jack is unaware of it, but Ianto knows. And he'll go to any lengths, sacrifice anything and anyone, to protect what's down there.
User ratings: 1,019
Average rating: 6.4
Small Worlds
Jasmine is a withdrawn but intelligent child whose new 'friends' exploit her suppressed anger, and while investigating this, Jack encounters elemental enemies from his past that are determined to harm those closest to him.
User ratings: 886
Average rating: 7.3
Upon entering an apparently deserted village in the Brecon Becons, the Torchwood team is separated. Finding his people are the prey in a savage game of cat and mouse Jack faces a team of ruthless hunters far more skilled in surviving outside the confines of the city than he.
User ratings: 1,003
Average rating: 7.7
Greeks Bearing Gifts
The team is asked to analyze a recently discovered 18th century corpse with a hole in its chest. Meanwhile, a mysterious charismatic woman seduces Tosh and gives her an alien pendant that allows its wearer to read other people's minds.
User ratings: 850
Average rating: 7.4
They Keep Killing Suzie
When a series of murders are linked to Torchwood, Jack and the crew turn to the one thing that might be able to help: they resurrect Suzie Costello to piece together the puzzle. However, a strange connection between Gwen and Suzie brings Suzie back to life far longer than the gauntlet's record two minutes. Was this a fluke or does Suzie have other plans?
User ratings: 844
Average rating: 7.9
Random Shoes
The invisible spirit of a hit-and-run victim tries to convince Gwen to locate the 'alien' who might have been responsible for his death.
User ratings: 934
Average rating: 7.9
Out of Time
When a passenger plane from 1953 arrives in Cardiff in 2007 due to the Rift, the Torchwood team try to help three temporal immigrants adapt a new life in the city.
User ratings: 918
Average rating: 8.3
The team discovers a ring who are kidnapping Weevils - wild alien creatures that have come through the Rift and are hiding on Earth - which leads Owen down a dark path to confront the future of his own existence.
User ratings: 732
Average rating: 7.0
Captain Jack Harkness
Jack and Tosh arrive at an abandoned dance hall to investigate reports of strange music being heard from within. Jack recognizes the music as from the 1940's, and just as quickly they turn a corner to find themselves in the 1940's themselves. Tosh quickly learns that 1941 Cardiff can be a scary place to be Japanese, as Captain Jack Harkness meets a familiar name. Back in 2006, Gwen, Owen and Ianto frantically try to find their missing friends, though complications arise-- not just from their own inner demons, but also one Mr. Bilis Manger, the caretaker of this dance hall where nothing is as it seems...
User ratings: 1,000
Average rating: 8.4
End of Days
Opening the rift has had major consequences for the people of Cardiff and the world. A Roman soldier suddenly appears, as does a 14th century woman with the Black Death. Some of the Torchwood team see loved ones. Tosh sees an image of her mother who gives her a warning. Diane Holmes reappears and begs Owen to bring her back and Ianto sees his girlfriend. There are more Weevils on the loose. In this madness, Gwen sees Bilis Manger, whom some had seen at the abandoned dance hall. He owns a shop in the present day but is clearly serving some other purpose which only Jack Harkness can fight.
User ratings: 791
Average rating: 7.9
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Jack Harkness returns to Cardiff - in his own spectacular fashion - after his exploits with the Doctor. He refuses to tell anyone where he's been or what he's been up to and is immediately confronted with someone from his past, a fellow time agent by the name of Captain John Hart. He says he's come to Earth to collect three cylindrical explosive devices and enlists Torchwood in his quest. Jack Harkness is a bit wary of his old comrade and knows that he could be up to no good. Which, as it turns out, is exactly the case.
User ratings: 927
Average rating: 8.1
After a burglary in her flat, the only person left unharmed is Beth. The two burglars and her boyfriend were all severely beaten but she doesn't even have a scratch on her which leads Captain Jack to think that she's the one who inflicted the beatings. They bring her into the Hub for a series of tests and learn that her body has been invaded by a dangerous alien species. She's not aware of the creature's presence but it is gathering information in anticipation of an invasion of the Earth. When they find a way to turn off Beth's internal transmitting device, they awaken other members of cell who immediately go to a nuclear arms depot intent on causing mass destruction.
User ratings: 719
Average rating: 7.6
To the Last Man
With the upcoming demolition of an abandoned hospital, there is a rift in time that could possibly destroy the Earth. It all centers around Tommy, a young soldier in World War I who is taken out of the hospital where he is being treated for shell shock and cryogenically frozen by Torchwood. Once a year since 1918, Tommy is unfrozen for a day and a series of medical tests are conducted. He and Tosh have become friendly in the few years she's been there but it's now time for Tommy to go back in time and close the rift. He doesn't want to leave Tosh and his new surroundings, even if he only gets to see it once a year and it's left to Tosh to convince him to return.
User ratings: 720
Average rating: 7.9
When Rhys sees one of his company trucks overturned on the highway, he stops to see if he can be of assistance to the police. He's shocked however to see Gwen arrive with the rest of the Torchwood team arrive on the scene. Gwen doesn't see him and goes about inspecting the contents of the truck - large cuts of beef on their way to a processing plant. Back at the hub, they determine that the meat is of alien origin and trace it to a warehousing complex though they are unaware that Rhys is following them. He soon realizes that Gwen has been less than honest with him about her work. As for the meat, they are shocked by what they find.
User ratings: 704
Average rating: 7.6
Something very odd is going on at the hub. There is a new member of the team, Adam, who one would think has been there for years. Adam and Tosh are lovers and Owen has a far more positive outlook on life. Jack is suddenly having memories of his childhood. When Gwen goes home and has no idea who her boyfriend Rhys is, Jack begins to wonder if something is wrong. Ianto confirms that there is no mention whatsoever of Adam in his diary and Jack soon determines that Adam has been with them for only 48 hours - and has the ability to implant memories just by touching someone.
User ratings: 736
Average rating: 8.0
Jack welcomes Martha Jones to the hub to assist in the examination of a dead man who happens to be the latest of victims. The deaths have been attributed to suicide but a puncture wound in the victims eye suggests otherwise. When one victim of the attacker survives, Martha and Owen find ammonium hydroxide in her bloodstream, as was the case with other victims. They believe the attacker may be trying to destroy something in their bloodstream. As the attacks continue, they learn that others have survived and have been cured of major diseases such as diabetes or AIDS. It turns out they had all taken a drug known as Reset which has alien parasites. Martha is soon inside a super secret medical facility known as the Pharm.
User ratings: 699
Average rating: 8.1
Dead Man Walking
Jack finds the second resurrection glove and applies it to Owen so that everyone can say goodbye. He seems to have been resurrected permanently however, despite the fact that he has no pulse. The glove also seems to have a life of it's own and when it attach's itself to Martha Jones, she ages rapidly and is near death. The Weevils from whom Jack stole the resurrection glove want it back and they are proving to be a force to be reckoned with.
User ratings: 682
Average rating: 7.9
A Day in the Death
Owen's been dead for three days and finds it unbearable. He meets a woman contemplating jumping off a roof and reveals that there is nothing after death. He then tells the woman how he ended up coming to the roof.
User ratings: 688
Average rating: 8.0
Something Borrowed
Friday night: Gwen's late for her own hen party. This is because she's been chasing a man-eating shape-shifter, which bites her before Jack shoots it. Saturday morning: Wedding day. Gwen wakes up heavily pregnant.
User ratings: 659
Average rating: 7.8
From Out of the Rain
Jack has to deal with ghosts from his past when old fashioned traveling entertainers suddenly appear in Cardiff. Known as night travelers, they supposedly steal a person's last breath from them. Owen, Gwen and Ianto check out an old cinema where in the past there had been reports of rift activity. The cinema is showing old films and Ianto is surprised to seen Jack on the screen. Jack knows knows the dangers of the night travelers as he had been assigned - he refuses to say by who - to look into the troop. When two of the characters step out of the film and begin stealing victims last breaths, Jack comes up with a novel way of bringing their activities to an end.
User ratings: 667
Average rating: 7.1
Gwen's police friend PC Andy Davidson asks her to look into the case of 15 year-old Jonah Bevin who disappeared 7 months ago without a trace. She empathizes with Jonah's mother for whom not knowing what's happened to him is perhaps the greatest burden she has to bear and something she would not wish on any parent. Tosh is unable to find any significant rift activity for the moment when Jonah disappeared but surveillance video shows that Jack was there not long after. When Jonah's mother starts a support group for people who have had loved ones go missing, a huge crowd shows up and Gwen realizes that Jonah's disappearance is not an isolated incident. When Tosh finds an minor anomaly in the rift data, they begin to wonder if the rift might be taking people away. Jack however orders Gwen's investigation shut down and is clearly hiding something. Gwen refuses to obey him but is not prepared for what she finds.
User ratings: 685
Average rating: 8.2
As the team is trapped in the rubble of a building, their paths to joining Torchwood are revealed.
User ratings: 688
Average rating: 8.6
Exit Wounds
The arrival of Capt. John Hart bodes ill for Torchwood. Jack Harkness is shocked at the presence of his long lost brother Gray. Jack still harbors guilt feeling over losing his brother during an alien attack when they were children. All is not forgiven however as Gray has every intention of seeking his own form of revenge. With Cardiff in flames, Gwen takes charge of the police response while Ianto and Tosh go to the central computer centre. They soon realize that the nuclear power station's will melt down and Owen volunteers to go there. At the hub, Jack has to face a vengeful Gray.
User ratings: 797
Average rating: 8.9
Children of Earth: Day One
The children of the world seem frozen in time momentarily and then snap out of it and carry on as if nothing has happened. With reports coming in of the worldwide impact of the phenomena, Torchwood offers its services in the investigation. They are also looking to recruit a new member whom they recently met at a local hospital and who seems to be quite keen. A second episode with children later that day foretells the coming of what is likely an alien entity. Gwen discovers that there is one adult who was affected much as the children were it appears the aliens may have visited Earth in the 1960s. For Torchwood however, their offer of assistance is met by an attack by government forces.
User ratings: 1,210
Average rating: 8.9
Children of Earth: Day Two
In the aftermath of the explosion, the two surviving members of the Torchwood team are pursued by Captain Johnson and a squad of commandos. Gwen and husband Rhys eventually head for London in the back of a potato truck with no money after their accounts are frozen. Not realizing Jack was shot and presumably killed, Ianto Jones tries to locate him. Another message is delivered through the children saying 'we are coming....tomorrow'. Gwen contacts Lois Habiba in Frobisher's office and she confirms that it was Frobisher who ordered their deaths. Jack has regenerated himself but Captain Johnson has her own plans to contain him. Meanwhile, the authorities continue construction according to the specifications the visitors have furnished.
User ratings: 941
Average rating: 8.8
Children of Earth: Day Three
With the Torchwood team reunited, they take up residence in one of their former haunts. This is the day that the aliens - known as the 456 - have announced as their arrival. Gwen asks Lois Abiba to wear special contact lenses that will allow them to monitor what is happening. Home Office Permanent Secretary John Frobisher is assigned by the wily Prime Minister as the official go-between, thereby allowing him to keep his hands clean during the whole affair. This is not the first time the 456 have visited Earth and Captain Jack has had dealings with them before. The 456 arrive as planned and announce what they have come for: 10% of all the Earth's children.
User ratings: 921
Average rating: 8.8
Children of Earth: Day Four
Now that they know what the 456 want, the government has to decide what they will do. They seem quite prepared to accommodate their demands but are unaware that Torchwood has been recording the entire meeting via Lois Habiba's special contact lenses. They deliver an ultimatum to the PM - who is under the thumb of an American General - resulting in Captain Jack and Ianto gaining access to Thames House. Captain Jack is determined to make amends for the choices he made when the 456 visited in 1965 and he flatly refuses to meet the 456's demands. The aliens' response is swift and deadly. There is little choice now but to give into their demands. For John Frobisher however, the choice he has been presented leads him to his own definitive solution to the situation.
User ratings: 1,001
Average rating: 9.1
Children of Earth: Day Five
Ianto is dead, and whilst Alice and her son Steven are released,Jack and Lois are arrested and Rhys gives up the tape of the cabinet meeting. U.N. colonel Oduya discovers the sinister link between the aliens and the Scots children who disappeared. The P.M. appears on television, announcing that next day all British children will be inoculated, the cover for their abduction and delivery to the aliens. Gwen and Rhys return to Wales, hiding Ianto's nephews and nieces and their friends as the military abduct lower class kids from the streets. Alice persuades Ms. Johnson to release Jack,who uses desperate measures to save the children,leaving him guilt-ridden. As a consequence the future of Torchwood is in jeopardy.
User ratings: 1,113
Average rating: 9.0
Miracle Day: The New World
Torchwood no longer exists. Gwen and Rhys have a baby girl and live on the seaside, away from the hustle and bustle of the world. When Gwen gets a call from her friend Sgt. Andy Davidson, she expects the worse. What she learns is that for last two days, no one in the world has died. Immortality however is not necessarily a good thing as at the current rate, there will be severe food shortages in less than four months. Rhys is not at all keen on Gwen starting any kind of investigation. Capt. Jack Harkness meanwhile is in the United States where he rescues a CIA agent, Esther Drummond, from an assassination attempt. Her partner, Rex Matheson was severely injured but like everyone else on Earth, cannot die. Esther believes there is a connection between Miracle Day and Torchwood and Rex heads to the UK to find Gwen. Jack realizes that while everyone on Earth may now be immortal, whatever has happened may have had the opposite effect on him.
User ratings: 2,400
Average rating: 7.7
Miracle Day: Rendition
Kidnapped on British soil and forced to go to the United States by CIA agent Max Matheson. Another agent, Lyn Peterfield, is clearly out to sabotage the mission and poisons Jack. It's left to Gwen, with a little help from Dr. Vera Juarez. At CIA headquarters, Esther Drummond is also facing enemies from within when she finds that she no longer has access to her computer. Dr. Juarez also identifies additional consequences of no one dying. Oswald Danes meanwhile appears on a national talk show and public relations specialist Jilly Kitzinger offers him her services.
User ratings: 580
Average rating: 7.6
Miracle Day: Dead of Night
The new Torchwood - Jack, Gwen, Rex and Esther - get a lead on a local warehouse where they find a large stockpile of pharmaceutical drugs. It's obvious that the manufacturer, Phicorp, has been stockpiling supplies for over a year, suggesting they knew Miracle Day was coming. At a hospital committee meeting, Dr. Vera Juarez is approached by Julie Kitzinger who does public relations for Phicorp. Max recruits Vera to go on the inside and find out what is going on. Oswald Danes meanwhile has taken to the airwaves promoting his ideas. There's a price to pay for being so recognizable however. Phicorp's plan soon becomes abundantly clear.
User ratings: 527
Average rating: 7.3
Miracle Day: Escape to LA
The new Torchwood team travels to California intent on launching an assault on Phicorp. Dr. Juarez tells Rex where he could get his hands on drugs, no questions asked. Torchwood's plan to steal data from the pharmaceutical giant does't quite go as planned. Meanwhile, health planners are looking to new facilities dedicated solely those who should have died but are still alive. One of the participants describes it as an old style plague ship. Jack puts a permanent trace on Oswald Danes so that he'll always know where he is. Danes has been doing his own research on Phicorp and is convinced they are under the control of someone or something that is doing a very good job hiding their interests. He also finds that he has competition for the limelight.
User ratings: 482
Average rating: 7.4
Miracle Day: The Categories of Life
Gwen heads back to Wales when she learns that her father has been transferred to one of the new holding camps. She has every intention of getting him out of there, but the military is in charge and they're proving to be more than a bit uncooperative. Back in the U.S., a similar camp has been opened in San Pedro. Along with the camps, governments around the world have adopted a classification system to ensure that those who should be dead, Category 1, are sent to the camps. This is all too much for Dr. Vera Juarez who travels to California to join Torchwood. Posing as a patient, Rex goes to the San Pedro facility while Vera gains access as a medical inspector. They cannot believe what they learn.
User ratings: 391
Average rating: 7.6
Miracle Day: The Middle Men
Knowing exactly what happens to Category 1 patients in the overflow camp, Rex uses a video recorder to document what is happening. Esther knows that something has happened to Vera Juarez and tries to learn more from the camp director, Colin Maloney. Jack meanwhile introduces himself to the Chief Operating Officer of Phicorp, Stuart Owens, who says that Miracle Day is something far greater than just his company. He suggests that Jack search for something called the Blessing. Having successfully rescued her father from an overflow camp in Wales, Gwen returns to Los Angeles but learns on arrival that her entire family has been kidnapped. The ransom: turn over Jack Harkness.
User ratings: 382
Average rating: 7.2
Miracle Day: Immortal Sins
Gwen has decided that the only way to save her husband, daughter and mother is to deliver Jack to the kidnappers as demanded. She's taken Jack prisoner and tells him she's convinced that it was something he did in his past that is at the root of miracle day. In flashbacks, we learn that Jack came to America in 1927 on a Torchwood mission. He befriends Angelo Colasanto and they are soon involved with bootleggers. When Colasanto realizes that Jack is immortal he takes him prisoner, subjecting him to repeated deaths only to have him revive. When Gwen delivers Jack as ordered, it's obvious that those earlier events are in fact the key to what is happening in the present.
User ratings: 413
Average rating: 7.4
Miracle Day: End of the Road
Jack and the others are taken to Angelo Colasanto's home. He's now a comatose old man but his granddaughter Olivia assures them all that he is not responsible for miracle day. He has however kept himself alive in large part because of Jack and has followed his exploits with interest over many, many years. He's not however responsible for miracle day. Olivia tells them of the three families - named Ablemarch, Costerdane and Frines - who are. Now back in the CIA fold, Rex doesn't quite realize there is a spy in their midst. Jack does however discover something interesting in Colasanto's home. In Texas meanwhile, Oswald Danes is preparing for a rally but isn't prepared for the news that governments are preparing for a new category of individuals to deal with people just like him.
User ratings: 382
Average rating: 7.4
Miracle Day: The Gathering
Two months have elapsed. Back at CIA headquarters, Rex is making progress trying to track down the three families. References to them are few and far between but he soon begins to think that there is a mole in the CIA. After her deportation back to the UK, Gwen has been working at keeping her father hidden from the government agents responsible for rounding up all Category 1's. Esther and Jack are hiding in Scotland while he recovers from his gunshot wound. They are all soon reunited and even Oswald Danes, also on the run, turns up. Collectively, they soon discover a connection in two places, Shanghai and Buenos Aires and set out to find the source of the Blessing. Jilly Kitzinger is already in Shangai having been drawn into the secret families.
User ratings: 381
Average rating: 7.6
Miracle Day: The Blood Line
Jack, Gwen and Oswald Danes are in Shanghai with Rex and Esther in Buenos Aires. They are at opposite ends of what proves to be the Blessing. The Families interest in getting rid of Jack is revealed as is the origin and meaning of miracle day. They realize that bringing miracle to an end will have a cost as some of those who have survived will most certainly die. Jack, the only remaining human, shows himself more than ready to sacrifice his life if that what it takes to end it all. One member of Torchwood will not survive.
User ratings: 520
Average rating: 7.9
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