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Please note that the descriptions are originated from the first episode, and this toplist shows the first 500 results.

An anthology of the best sketches from the first and second seasons of Monty Python's Flying Circus (1969).
Episodes: 5
Metascore: 2,681
User ratings: 909,956
Average rating: 7.9
A maverick dancer risks his career by performing an unusual routine and sets out to succeed with a new partner.
Episodes: 3
Metascore: 1,821
User ratings: 460,413
Average rating: 7.2
A wicked king has taken over the Emerald City, and wants his daughter, Princess Gloria, to marry the horrid courtier Googly-Goo, though she loves Pon, the Gardener's Boy. The camera now follows two farmers placing a Scarecrow upon a pole in a cornfield. Meanwhile, Pon rescues a Kansas girl named Dorothy from the evil witch Mombi, to whom Princess Gloria has been taken by King Krewl to freeze her heart so she will no longer love Pon. An Indian princess conducts a ceremony to bring the Scarecrow to life. Pon rescues the cold-hearted princess and they flee in search of help, discovering the Scarecrow (who promptly falls in love with the princess) and Button-Bright, a lost boy from America. They come to the castle of the Tin Emperor, Nick Chopper, and after oiling him, he falls in love with Gloria. After a bit of a chase aided by the Sawhorse and the Wizard, Mombi turns Pon into a Kangaroo, and a slew of Fred Woodward's animals battle it out.
Episodes: 6
Metascore: 1,505
User ratings: 365,297
Average rating: 6.2
The story of a bride-to-be trying to find her real father told using hit songs by the popular 1970s group ABBA.
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 1,236
User ratings: 227,881
Average rating: 6.7
Good girl Sandy and greaser Danny fell in love over the summer. When they unexpectedly discover they're now in the same high school, will they be able to rekindle their romance?
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 1,158
User ratings: 231,180
Average rating: 5.8
Oilman Jan is paralyzed in an accident. His wife, who prayed for his return, feels guilty; even more, when Jan urges her to have sex with another.
Episodes: 3
Metascore: 1,148
User ratings: 173,446
Average rating: 7.6
A newly engaged couple have a breakdown in an isolated area and must pay a call to the bizarre residence of Dr. Frank-N-Furter.
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 902
User ratings: 123,180
Average rating: 6.6
A gangster sets out to fulfill his father's dream of becoming a doctor.
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 900
User ratings: 98,678
Average rating: 8.2
Former detective Nick Charles and his wealthy wife Nora investigate a murder case, mostly for the fun of it.
Episodes: 6
Metascore: 614
User ratings: 50,232
Average rating: 7.5
A woman from a village in Tamil Nadu marries a sophisticated city dweller and moves with him to Kashmir, where all is rosy - until he gets kidnapped by militants.
Episodes: 3
Metascore: 587
User ratings: 43,066
Average rating: 8.0
Bud and Lou enlist in the army in order to escape being hauled off to jail, and soon find themselves in basic training. To their dismay, the company's drill instructor is none other than the cop who was all set to run them off to the hoosegow in the first place! The boys end up having a whale of a time getting under the skin of their humourless nemesis.
Episodes: 6
Metascore: 465
User ratings: 30,506
Average rating: 7.1
Two friends wage bets for money and fun. There comes a time where they race to win the biggest bet, for they know that their lives depend on it.
Episodes: 8
Metascore: 461
User ratings: 34,892
Average rating: 6.1
Showgirls Lorelei Lee and Dorothy Shaw travel to Paris, pursued by a private detective hired by the suspicious father of Lorelei's fiancé, as well as a rich, enamored old man and many other doting admirers.
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 414
User ratings: 27,599
Average rating: 6.2
Rahul and Anu fall in love with each other, but before they unite, they have their own problems to deal with.
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 411
User ratings: 25,231
Average rating: 6.7
Bing Crosby and Bob Hope star in the first of the 'Road to' movies as two playboys trying to forget previous romances in Singapore - until they meet Dorothy Lamour.
Episodes: 7
Metascore: 398
User ratings: 22,333
Average rating: 7.1
Believing himself to be jinxed, a man attempts to find true love, but instead gets caught in a web of lies.
Episodes: 3
Metascore: 392
User ratings: 28,460
Average rating: 5.4
A young musician, tormented by an abusive situation at home, must contend with a rival singer, a burgeoning romance, and his own dissatisfied band, as his star begins to rise.
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 321
User ratings: 18,689
Average rating: 5.5
The ups and downs of Florenz Ziegfeld Jr., famed producer of extravagant stage revues, are portrayed.
Episodes: 3
Metascore: 273
User ratings: 10,935
Average rating: 6.8
Sach has his picture taken in front of a bank, not knowing that a robbery is going on inside. When the police see the picture, they immediately suspect Sach to be one of the robbers. Slip and the gang soon find out who the real robbers are, and determine to find a way to expose them and prove that Sach wasn't involved.
Episodes: 48
Metascore: 269
User ratings: 10,785
Average rating: 6.7
A wealthy composer rescues unemployed Broadway performers with a new play.
Episodes: 4
Metascore: 260
User ratings: 9,645
Average rating: 7.0
A pair of sisters from the vaudeville circuit try to make it big time on Broadway, but matters of the heart complicate the attempt.
Episodes: 4
Metascore: 255
User ratings: 9,563
Average rating: 6.8
Living in Bangkok with her husband Sudhir and the child from his first marriage to her sister, Simran feels isolated in a foreign land and ignored by her husband. A chance meeting with an old flame leads to a renewed and passionate affair until she starts to realise how badly she could be damaging her marriage. Sudhir has indeed become suspicious and hired a private detective who gives him compelling evidence of his wife's deceit. Sudhir sets out to confront his rival.
Episodes: 3
Metascore: 244
User ratings: 10,862
Average rating: 5.5
When a capable dancer is provoked by the evil design of his employer, naturally he will be out to prove his mettle.
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 244
User ratings: 9,941
Average rating: 6.0
"Beach Party" was the first of of a series of seven related AIP beach party films. The others are Muscle Beach Party, Bikini Beach, Pajama Party, Beach Blanket Bingo, How to Stuff a Wild Bikini and The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini.
Episodes: 9
Metascore: 243
User ratings: 11,621
Average rating: 5.1
Various MGM stars from yesterday present their favourite musical moments from the studio's 50 year history.
Episodes: 3
Metascore: 235
User ratings: 7,251
Average rating: 7.6
After her destitute family is forced to sell her, a collie named Lassie escapes from her new owner and begins the long trek from Scotland to her Yorkshire home.
Episodes: 7
Metascore: 230
User ratings: 8,405
Average rating: 6.3
Sanjana and Aditya decide to give their marriage one last chance. They plan a holiday in Ooty, but they don't know that a strange figure is waiting for them to come.
Episodes: 4
Metascore: 223
User ratings: 9,527
Average rating: 5.2
A struggling young jazz dancer meets up with two break-dancers. Together they become the sensation of the street crowds.
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 213
User ratings: 8,416
Average rating: 5.4
In a small Russian town at the turn of the century, three sisters (Olga, Irina, and Masha) and their brother Andrei live but dream daily of their return to their former home in Moscow, where life is charming and stimulating meaningful. But for now they exist in a malaise of dissatisfaction. Soldiers from the local military post provide them some companionship and society, but nothing can suffice to replace Moscow in their hopes. Andrei marries a provincial girl, Natasha, and begins to settle into a life of much less meaning than he had hoped. Natasha begins to run the family her way. Masha, though married, yearns for the sophisticated life and begins a dalliance with Vershinin, an army officer with a sick and suicidal wife. Even Irina, the freshest, most optimistic of the sisters, begins to waver in her dreams until, finally, tragedy strikes.
Episodes: 13
Metascore: 210
User ratings: 6,488
Average rating: 6.8
Boxer Joe Pendleton dies 50 years too soon due to a heavenly mistake, and is given a new life as a millionaire playboy.
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 207
User ratings: 6,099
Average rating: 7.0
Set in Cincinnati at the height of the Great Depression, Kit Kittredge, a resourceful young girl, helps her mother run a boardinghouse after her father loses his job.
Episodes: 6
Metascore: 203
User ratings: 6,668
Average rating: 6.2
During Christmas holidays, the children of a small village split themselves into two groups and begin preparing a week-long snowball war. The rivalry opens up tension among group members, especially leaders Luc and Sophie.
Episodes: 15
Metascore: 201
User ratings: 6,601
Average rating: 6.1
The heir to a village elder's family squanders his inheritance and bullies all and sundry.
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 184
User ratings: 4,339
Average rating: 7.8
During World War I, a teenage girl begins a romance with a college student, but his unconventional attitudes cause friction with her father.
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 162
User ratings: 3,701
Average rating: 7.1
Dusty gets tired of all the smoke and light effects, wonders what happened to doing it the way that made him famous and happy. Takes a walk to find what seems to be missing and finds himself and his music again!
Episodes: 3
Metascore: 158
User ratings: 4,114
Average rating: 6.1
To save her father, a girl who always puts others before herself promises to live her life in a lavish castle with a strange beast.
Episodes: 7
Metascore: 132
User ratings: 2,960
Average rating: 5.9
One fish must find his destiny to save his home and the love of his life from a bullying shark.
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 131
User ratings: 4,187
Average rating: 4.1
The classic Mark Twain tale of a young boy and his friends on the Mississippi River. Tom and his pals Huckleberry Finn and Joe Harper have numerous adventures, including running away to be pirates and, being believed drowned, attending their own funeral. The boys also witness a murder and Tom and his friend Becky Thatcher are pursued by the vengeful murderer.
Episodes: 4
Metascore: 122
User ratings: 2,454
Average rating: 6.1
Bill Lowry returns just as his father is killed. He suspects Ballard and in the guise of the Durango Kid, starts robbing him. He gives the money to the burned out homesteaders but Ballard catches Nancy with the money. Ballard suspects Lowry is the Kid and tells him he has retrieved the money. Thinking the Kid will try to get the money back, he sets a trap for him.
Episodes: 62
Metascore: 120
User ratings: 2,190
Average rating: 6.6
When Phil Corey's band arrives at the Idaho ski resort its pianist Ted Scott is smitten with a Norwegian refugee he has sponsored, Karen Benson. When soloist Vivian Dawn quits, Karen stages an ice show as a substitute.
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 117
User ratings: 1,920
Average rating: 7.1
In an attempt to woo the rich women, two prankster-loving men becomes prime suspects of a murder of a woman.
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 115
User ratings: 2,131
Average rating: 6.2
A Police Commissioner's son comes under suspicion for being a jewel thief.
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 100
User ratings: 1,524
Average rating: 6.6
Three sisters scheme to reunite their divorced parents before their wealthy father marries a conniving gold digger.
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 96
User ratings: 1,305
Average rating: 7.0
A scatterbrained Brooklynite and her wheeler-dealer fiancé interfere in her level-headed roommate's love life.
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 89
User ratings: 1,226
Average rating: 6.5
A drifter lands a job as an officer in México City's elite motorcycle police unit and gets home with a mate of this unit. The mate is in love with a girl, but he and she are always making jealous to each other. The drifter and the mate get involved themselves in a fight to become the winner of conquering ladies and performing unit acrobatic tricks, interfering with their friendship and profession.
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 82
User ratings: 854
Average rating: 7.8
Countess Franziska "is kidnapped" by a band of robbers. However, her father is not willing to pay the ransom so Franziska changes sides.
Episodes: 3
Metascore: 80
User ratings: 1,095
Average rating: 5.8
The movie " Veronica " , a masterpiece of Romanian cinema in 1973 with actors like Dem Radulescu , Lulu Mihaescu and Margaret Paslaru is today a charming film for children. In a magical world made with dream scenery , always put husbands and exuberant energy , Veronica , a girl who grows up in a home for children, receives a birthday present from her fairy godmother , played by Margaret Paslaru a magic bag that will fulfill any desire . Veronica refuses to share this gift with other children and for this is punished by Zana . From this moment the dream adventures of Veronica become very exciting . New characters appear as Puss Danila , played by Dem Radulescu , goody fox ( Vasilica Tastaman ) , cricket , played by Florian Pitis and mouse in which we can see the role of George Michael. Elisabeta Bostan, iconic film director and writer of Romanian children waited for two years for permission to start the movie, filming in 1972 by launching a villa situated in the Prahova Valley , in ruins but gave Giulio Tincu life , high designer of his time .
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 79
User ratings: 792
Average rating: 7.8
This is the story about the great man of Olderdalen which starts as a simple shop-owner in the country and ends up as a tycoon in the capital (right after WW1.)
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 58
User ratings: 564
Average rating: 6.0
U.S. Marine sergeants Quirt and Flagg are inveterate romantic rivals on peacetime assignments in China and the Philippines. In 1917, W.W. I brings them to France, where Flagg, now a captain, takes up with flirtatious Charmaine, inn-keeper's daughter. Of course, Quirt has to arrive and spoil his fun. But the harsh realities of war and the threat of a shotgun marriage give the two men a common cause...
Episodes: 4
Metascore: 57
User ratings: 532
Average rating: 6.2
This is about the life and myths about famous opera singer Maria Malibran (1808-1836). She died on the stage.
Episodes: 3
Metascore: 51
User ratings: 368
Average rating: 7.0
French aristocrat Condemor and his assistant Lucas end up in the Wild West. A boy asks them to search for his lost father, who could reveal the path to a hidden treasure.
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 51
User ratings: 913
Average rating: 2.8
A pleasant down-home entry which casts Hersholt as the title doctor in the mythical town of Rivers End, Minnesota.
Episodes: 6
Metascore: 44
User ratings: 327
Average rating: 5.9
Episodes: 3
Metascore: 43
User ratings: 398
Average rating: 4.6
Kathleen O'Moore returns to her home in rural Ireland and becomes torn between the affections of Michael Rooney, a poor but honest man, and the wealthy squire with the power to make her dreams come true.
Episodes: 12
Metascore: 39
User ratings: 310
Average rating: 4.8
A high school student is mistaken for a famous radio singer who goes missing. Complications ensue.
Episodes: 7
Metascore: 29
User ratings: 120
Average rating: 6.8
A young singer who is drafted in Naples falls for a posh rich girl and forgets about his true love: his colonel's daughter. Will he get back to her?
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 28
User ratings: 131
Average rating: 6.1
As part of their public feud, Bandleader Bernie pretends a girl singer is no good so columnist Winchell promotes her in his column.
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 28
User ratings: 115
Average rating: 6.9
Jimmy Daley and Angelo Barrato are teenage members of a band who learn of a contest that they believe will bring them fame. Jimmy must fight the opposition of his father and his feelings for the lovely Joan.
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 28
User ratings: 111
Average rating: 6.9
A small time goon becomes a member of the legislative assembly; the story depicts a week in his life.
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 27
User ratings: 103
Average rating: 7.0
Rita, a vivacious co-ed is in love with her music teacher, a man who leads a double life - bespectacled professor by day and composer of rock songs by night. Will Rita win his heart?
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 23
User ratings: 92
Average rating: 6.0
Scattergood finds out that his neighbor, Elly Drew, is going to sell her home to support her son David, an aspiring playwright who is in New York City trying to get his play produced. Scattergood decides to loan Elly the money she needs and then travel to New York to see how David is doing. He finds out that things aren't quite as rosy as David has been telling his mother.
Episodes: 6
Metascore: 21
User ratings: 72
Average rating: 6.4
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 21
User ratings: 61
Average rating: 6.9
Episodes: 2
Metascore: 19
User ratings: 64
Average rating: 5.6

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